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UpdateBeginning To Look A Lot Like Mailbag #8690% -0+

Up on the rooftop, Reindeer paws

Out jumps the keeper of mutant reindeer that have paws instead of hooves

And also Mailbag #86

Did you miss Mailbag? No? Well, you get it anyways.

That's right, after nearly a whole decade of KRR going without a proper Mailbag, it makes a triumphant return to close out a year during which KRR was mostly going without KRR~!

Posted by Mints on 8:07am Dec 24th, 2020
UpdateYou Gotta Fight... For Your Right... To Write100% -0+

"Is this guy trolling us now with all these updates?" you might be thinking.

And would be correct.

Anyway, as a bit of a throwback to when I would make updates that were actually just pointing out really old features I had coded a long time ago, I am finally announcing that -- after eleven years -- I am removing the experimental status from the Next In Line collaborative writing system which I secretly added to this site and actually managed to be used all the way up till the time of my(/its) removal.

The above was a single sentence. I'm not putting the best example forward.

This was actually one of my favorite things I've ever created, and now that there is no one left to poo-poo it, I am affixing it as an official feature of this site so that it will never be lost again!

Posted by Mints on 10:53am Dec 11th, 2020
UpdateUpdated Header?!100% -0+

Y'know, this place has had a gap on its main page layout since it was still hosted on GameSpy, where it was supposed to accommodate a banner ad.

Might as well take this opportunity to throw up some fun, seasonal imagery.

The main page features artwork from Leirin, and all of the other pages feature Aru's classic art.

Just putting it here in case anyone has any questions whence they came.

Posted by Mints on 7:16pm Dec 4th, 2020
UpdateCanceling KRR is Canceled100% -0+

Don't mind me. I'm just unbreaking the site and gallery, as per ush... uzh?... Fine, usual.

The host made a few changes that broke a lot of things, so I've had to spend time figuring out what things those even were so that I could spend more time fixing them.

Sure, Forums and Oekaki, too. Why not?

Posted by Mints on 5:58am Dec 1st, 2020
UpdateMarx's Return - New Fan Comic57% -0+

User Matthew250 recently started a comic, and it's pretty. I know, right? It came across my desk (still delusional about being in an actual office) some days ago, but I was holding off in case more pages were gonna get finished. But I think Matt may have been holding off on any further until what was went up. I blinked first.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 10:54am Apr 14th, 2018

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