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UpdateA Belated Gurusday100% -0+

So, I believe this was supposed to be put out there at the start of the month, not the end of it.

Like any self respecting individual, I place the blame squarely on everyone who is not me. And, I dunno, aliens? Wear your tin-foil hats, kiddos!

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 3:14am Jul 26th, 2016
UpdateArmor Up60% -0+

Being the start of the month -- and long overdue in any case -- it's time for the Interactive Fandom that everyone just knew was gonna be coming:

Robobot Armor Modes!

There are a good number in the latest title, but some Copy Abilities were left out. Let's see if the puffball fan community can fill in the blanks.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 3:00pm Jul 2nd, 2016
UpdateAssorted Odds and Ends66% -0+

All vowel-starting words in the title. Does that count for diversity, 2016?

There's been a lot of lot-of going on as of late -- all of it minor and most not warranting an update itself. However, enough tidbits have been amassed to compile some monstrosity and a of banter (sounds like my thing!).

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 5:13pm Jun 18th, 2016
UpdateGurusday Tuesday (Part Two... sday)37% -0+

This ol' gray mare, she ain't what she used to be. However, she can still pull a cart. What does that mean? Well, apparently, that here's the second installment of newer new Ask the Kirby Gurus! With more, um, answers!?

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 2:12am May 17th, 2016
UpdateThe (Actual) Return of Gurus80% -0+

Here comes the real return of Ask the Kirby Gurus. It may seem like a short go of things, but I've packed a lot of meat on those thin bones. Guess we'll see if this is a flash in the pan or the start of something long lasting and beautiful, like -- oh, what's that thing? Marriage? Of course not. A tattoo, that's it! Flaming skulls for the win, kiddies.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 3:23am Apr 26th, 2016

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