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Rainbow Resort GalleriesSpecial-purpose galleries for use by the Rainbow Resort site.
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5,366 files in 14,017 albums and 2 categories with 16,758 comments viewed 4,475,070 times

Random files
Ball Doo778 viewsBall Doo bouncin' around. I decided to do this one in Canvas Curse style because I think it fits the Ball ability very nicely.3 commentsmetadoo
Trident Knight464 viewsThis is Trident Knight, evolved form of Trident. He appears in many games of epic Kirby's Saga, as: Kirby's Adventure, Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland, Kirby Super Star, among others. He is a honorable knight and with his jet pack any opponent that appear in his way can't reach him. He belongs to the select elite of warriors known as "The Meta Knights", this mighty elite is commanded by the legendary Meta Knight. His skills combined with his electrified trident create an amazing energy that can light a big bulb in few seconds. He has one of the best speed of all warriors, apart of his jet pack that allows him to reach high speeds and his oriental training that allows him get a great agility, his aerodinamic armor makes that move be easier and more agile than with other kind of armors. This create a great quick combo that becomes him so powerful. Also, the moon in his helmet allows him to recharge energy from the light and reunite them in his trident, making it more powerful.
For all these things, for his mighty trident and for his skills he gets the sobriquet of "The Oriental Lightning" because he defeat you more with his oriental moves so quick that makes that he be a lightning. Some of his abilities are: hit with his trident to electrocute the opponent, throw his trident to clash it against the opponent, use his jet to lauch himself to hit with his trident, give simultaneous hits with his trident, release the trident's electricity in the floor, shoot a spark from his trident, among others.
Apart to belong at G.S.A. and be one of the best warrior of all, he has an important role with the "Meta Knights". This powerful elite has the mighty battleship Halberd at their disposition. Trident Knight is the attendant of the Engine Room of Halberd, he inspect the correct operation of the mechanic devices in all Halberd (engines, gears, boosters, rockets, turbines, among other things) without his important role on Halberd, it hasn't work as a Battleship, even it can't fly. Trident Knight is a great warrior but together with the other Meta Knights they can defeat all enemy that appear in their way.

Lives in Galaxy Soldier Army and Battleship Halberd (in it he travels around the universe).

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby Aura Adventure
2 commentsKiroscarby
Dedede's256 viewsI drew 2 dedede's today. The one on the left is based on kingdededescribble.png and the one on the right and at the bottom is kingdedede.jpg. I drew the bottom one a few years ago.pogman
Journey Diary -23-1002 viewsDal
What could have been...667 viewsJust an experiment with a different way of colouring~kirbykawaii2105
Dream Land's Heroes687 viewsDone in openCanvas 4.5.09e. I really love how the fire came out on Fire Kirby.5 commentsWeen
Paint-look Kirby612 viewsThis one's reeeaaally old, I was about 14 years old and MS Paint was everything I had :D
Damn, how proud I was for making the eyes look somewhat realistic^^
Coral Kirby144 views1 of them i made up.spaceadam1919

Last additions
Sectonia Soul156 viewsShe can't hear you anymore
//In other news I can post here again?? Goodness I'm so glad this place is still around!!!!
Marxie2132Dec 31, 2020
Sparkle (lies)4302 viewsCreated December 7, 2018Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Hat4176 viewsCreated December 10, 2018 (probably)Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Disdain162 viewsCreated December 10, 2018Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Nervous217 viewsCreated December 14, 2018Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Happy169 viewsCreated December 22, 2018 (probably not)Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Wings116 viewsCreated December 22, 2018 (probably)Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019
Fan Boss643 viewsCreated December 22, 2018Micue KirbyJul 10, 2019