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Rainbow Resort GalleriesSpecial-purpose galleries for use by the Rainbow Resort site.
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5,353 files in 11,685 albums and 2 categories with 16,756 comments viewed 4,149,047 times

Random files
DK Kirby580 views7 commentsKimmot92
sleeping kirby407 viewsthis was an icon that i had made for a game i was making but abandoned(sigh)but here it isplasmakirby
Utsuho Kirby608 viewsAnother Touhou Kirby. Took long enough.

Ichirin Kirby had Kracko, so I added a little Bomber skull to this one.
The cape background image is shamelessly taken from a Wikipedia page.
1 commentskrackocloud
Scarfy1755 viewsThis weeks last sculpture update is Scarfy, in his normal state. I didnot make a transformed Scarfy yet. He is a round, floating creature that doesn't like to be bothered. Any touch, inhale attempt, or even from just facing away from him sometimes, will cause him to wig out and chase Kirby, with the intent on blowing him up. Unfourtionatly for Scarfy, Kirby usually escapes in time, which causes Scarfy to blow himself up. A little known fact is that when the Copy ability is used on him, he grants Crash. Anglep is his relative.1 commentsDedede-Daimyo
To KindarSpirit503 viewsAs a Christmas Precent of course. X3

I want to say thank you for creating this gallery. We have so much fun on this gallery and we want to thank you for bringing this gallery alive. Did this at the HHQ Oekaki a long ago but decided to upload it here. So yeah, Merry Chrismas! =D
5 commentspurplegallysgph
Speeding on a Warp Star281 viewsI don't know what he's chaceing, I think he's chaceing an enimy that disturbed the peace in Planet Popstar.2 commentsKirby-4-ever
Meta Knight Ultra2275 viewsWave 2 of my Ultimate Kirby Super Star Sculpture Series. Sorry for the delay, but the holidays disrupted my schedule a bit, and, who really expected me to work my butt off non-stop to hastily finish this set for no benefit to myself? The extra time spent will show in the upcoming masterpieces. These will come at a more reasonable rate, so I do not immediately hog the whole Fan Creation Showcase from all other wonderful artists. I believe I'll remake this sculpture in a style more similar to MK's victory pose as seen at the end of Meta Knightmare Ultra, in he future.11 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Kirba (Computer Style)590 viewsShe is the amazing Kirba.
Kirba is the female in the Kirby`s race (The puffballs or i don`t know the name of his race), she is very similar to Kirby, although she have a red ribbon over her head and eyelashes, her color is the same of kirby.
She have the same power of Kirby, the power of "Inhale", she can inhale anything and she can get the power of the things that she inhale.
She is very friendly like Kirby, although she is more shy than Kirby and also she sleep much time like Kirby (as kirby she is a baby).
She can obtain the same abilities of kirby, although there are few abilities of Kirby that she can`t get it but also she can get abilities that kirby can`t get.
For example:
Fire, Ice, Cutter, among others (Abilities that both can get)
Metal, Magic, Stone, among others (Abilities that Kirba can`t get)
Fairy, Diamond, Heal, among others (Abilities that only Kirba can get)

And when Kirby and Kirba are together, are a invincible team.
Note: In KAA she can play as the 1º player or as the 2º player.

I thought in draw her in the computer. I hope that you like her and this new style.
4 commentsKiroscarby

Last additions
Wave988 viewsIt's been a while... as you can see, I have improved my art a lot since 2016. Drawn this month on Colors! 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.BeanbonFeb 12, 2018
Emperor D'roar, Empress Ph'ness, and Qinion1428 viewsMy entry to the latest Interactive Fandom contest here at KRR.
D'roar is a Dragon, Ph'ness is a Phoenix, and Qinion is sorta both, sorta a Qilin (Kirin).
They rule the empire of Midland.
They are my babies. I love them. Don't eat my babies!
Everyone go submit to the IF contest now or you are terrible fans and Kirby hates you.
Sorry, I'm beat~

(Stolen background is stolen-- Wikimedia Commons Fair Use)
Dedede-DaimyoJun 19, 2017
KSSU Style Susie918 viewsI tried to mimic the art style used for Super Star Ultra's promotional art.1 commentsLunarHalo24Feb 22, 2017
Purple Doo687 viewsAnother test doodle.JuluneFeb 03, 2017
Kirdoodle884 viewsA simple test drawing done on my new tablet.JuluneFeb 03, 2017
Fanmade Kirby's Rainbow Resort logo! :D435 viewsAfter looking at the logo for kirby's rainbow resort for longer than usual, I decided to draw my own take on the logo :DCyanHyprPsychicJan 28, 2017
Kirby And The Amazing Mirror Wallpaper435 viewsReupload cuz I accidently deleted my fanart album. Derp.CyanHyprPsychicJan 28, 2017
"Kirby Kirby Kirby! Savin' the day! Kirby Kirby Kirby, he's here to stay!"394 viewsreupload. derp.CyanHyprPsychicJan 27, 2017