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Rainbow Resort GalleriesSpecial-purpose galleries for use by the Rainbow Resort site.
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5,380 files in 15,182 albums and 2 categories with 16,758 comments viewed 4,524,489 times

Random files
Shady's City444 viewsA gift image for a friend ShadyIMG

featuring his little mascot Shady
in this own city that he patrols on his shadow flame pretty convenient way to travel
2 commentsMoon-fennec
Mr Shine & Mr Bright433 viewsMr Shine, Mr Bright and a starfy, from the Butter Building section of my Kirby's Adventure stand.pogman
Baby Kirby393 viewsOMG kirby have baby lol :) 2 commentsKirby4life
Waddle Dee Emotion Animation676 viewsThis is pretty self-explanitory.

Ah, and I just registered at this site. Hello, all.
7 commentsTMH
Heavenly King Dedede3579 viewsKing Dedede (Daimyo) as one of the four Heavenly Kings of Buddhism who guard the cardinal directions. Waddle Dees pose as Oni, which he stands on. Inquire if you'd like to know more... Look at this people! The watercolor and ink combine on the page for a true work of art! Excruciating details ARE excruciating! This took alot of time, concentration, and skill to craft (as do all of my works) but, believe it or not, is not the reason I have been gone for over a month. My old motherboard had been fried by Zen, the intergalactic robot-ninja, and I had to battle the forces of good and evil to enact revenge! Now I have returned to the Rainbow Restort with a head of Zen, and a shiny new Toshiba Sword, forged in Japanese Hell and ready for new art-endeavors. The mailbag after this next one will surely feature me, so Rainbow Resorters, give me all you got! I will cut-down whatever you send with a slice of my pen. Watch your backs! I'm taking requests.11 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Blade Knight, Star Rod Kirby, Con (front)461 viewsThe star rod Kirby looks pretty bad...
Con was made by my Mum (Mom for you Americans).
1 commentspogman
How to draw Legless bodies410 viewsI wanted to make a reference on how to create bodies with no legs and big feet, just like most characters in the Kirby anime.

The respective images goes to Nintendo, Hal. Labratories, and [link]

Hope I did my best.

(P.S. I traced the body to get a clear reference, I am NOT recoloring or making an FC out of this base, and I suggest no one else to do the same. This is only for educational purposes.)

2 commentsArrol
Ball of Yarn2329 viewsEveryone wants Kirby's Epic Yarn! Wish I had a Wii.1 commentsAdol

Last additions
He is angry and so am I40 viewsI don't think I need to even mention the bacon rule anymore because KRR truly is dead at this point. Forums, gallery, main site. It's all inactive.

But hey, it's like Kirby himself said, even though the times are kind of tough, moping won't be enough.

Now, you may be asking, not enough to do what? Umm... I guess it won't be enough to revive KRR? I've certainly tried all these years.

Even if everyone else leaves, though, I'll stick around.
BeanbonSep 19, 2022
168 viewsIt's been a real long time. Well over 10 years since I've touched this site overall, but when I learned the return of this place, I figured I'd do something for nostalgia's sake. It's rather unlikely that I may post again after this but who knows.

But I wanted to show like a poster idea for my Kirby Anime side story based on the character Knuckle Joe called True Might.
ArrolAug 11, 2022
Versus Zero296 viewsoh god [the eye] is comingkirby-kaabii-poyoJul 20, 2022
254 viewskirby-kaabii-poyoJul 20, 2022
136 viewskirby-kaabii-poyoJul 20, 2022
Bundle of Kirbs26 viewsmany lil boyskirby-kaabii-poyoJul 20, 2022
Kirb10 viewsa kirb i did a few years agokirby-kaabii-poyoJul 20, 2022
Milestone Super Stars141 viewsMy last drawing for the Front Page Picture Challenge (six years ago) was never added to the site, so I’m trying again.

This drawing should be roughly the correct size and the correct format this time.

This drawing is self explanatory. It was made to celebrate the anniversary of both Super Star and its remake.

I really hope this picture gets added to the front page. It is Kirby’s 30th anniversary, after all.
BeanbonJun 23, 2022