Ask Guru Gobbo for the Last Time

Hey, everybody. It's time for a long awaited, completely uncared for round of Ask the Gurus!

- March 1st, 2010

  1. Bimblesnaff

Stop doing this already, ya shmuck!

- Bimblesnaff

Squeaky Bogg

Yyyaaayyy! After way too long, the final leg of that which shall not be named comes to a close. I've set this criteria up before, long ago, and it's taken over a year for it to finally happen. Not only did I fail to get a full cache of questions in one full month, but I got no suitable questions. And, let's face it, the one's that have been flying for the last thirteen months haven't exactly been high quality. This feature should have been let go a while ago, and now it's getting put to a proper rest.

However, let us not remember the dragged out, horrible end days and, instead, reflect upon the more active, fast and flurried start of this gig. This unwanted and thrust-upon role turned Bimblesnaff from an unknown and obscure staffer to being mistaken as the one who owned Rainbow Resort by some. It churned out updates at an every-other if not every-single day rate for a great stint of its early days. It brought to light many facinating aspects, troublesome quandries, and, of course, spiteful and fiery wrath.

And then, I got Mailbag. So... that pretty much screwed this place. The two existed side-by-side for a time without incident for I actually made updates. The amorphous letter container couldn't even keep up a promised bi-weekly schedule by individuals who spent all their time sitting around in the chatroom all day. Meanwhile, I was taking cracks at Q's, cracking wise, and cracking the silence that had grown between "staff" and site goer.

I didn't begin with "Ask the Gurus", oh my no. It used to be the Help Nook (for about a week) before becoming my own creation, Ask Uncle Gobbo, a more informal, solo answered, and rapid release segment that planned to actually open interactivity on the site rather than just rolling over the internet's latest meme. It just got balled with Gurus for, well, ease in site management, mostly. After a good long while of fun and some time to cool off, the reputation of Gurus needed saved, and since I was hopping over to Mailbag, there was no need to do the same thing twice.

And that really still was the problem. Well, that, and people would either 1) ask the same questions over and over, 2) ask why there needed to be two segments, 3) complain about the segment had changed or slowed (as though I could control the rate that people asked decent questions, ya gits!). Still, there wasn't a true need for two Q and A segments, especially when most all questions have been asked. Most all. You'd be a fool to believe that every single one has been asked, but I'd say ninety percent have been. Considering that ninety percent are bad questions to ask, we're left looking at a very small figure and not much to worry about being missed.

And, with that, Gurus is sealed up once again. Does that mean it's gone forever? Of course not. The last time when Ivy and Warrior packed up, it was at a time when most all had been discussed. After that, time passed and new Kirby games came out, and those always bring new curiosities and questions. So, who knows, maybe it'll be back in a year or two and maybe with a new staffer at the helm. As for right now, I'm tired and this gig sucks royal.

Repeat Response:

  1. Chaos Kiwi asked how Dark Matter possessing people is any idea of friendship.
  2. Game Qube wanted to know what Waddle Doo did if lined up in Whipsy's Pinball Stage slot machine.
  3. Chibi-Pohatu doesn't pay attention to things stated last session and re-asks questions already stated. I mean, he asked where Gooey went.
  4. Waddle Dee wondered how to gauge his fan comic's worth.
  5. Kirby Of The Stars inquired to the strongest copy ability.
  6. RoodyKirby questioned if those are shoes or feet -- and no one revive this argument. It's dead, alright?
  7. Master GreenGreens wanted to know why Meta Knight -- you guessed it -- blows up Halberd.
  8. Master GreenGreens asked dumb stuff about Kaboola/Kabula. It's all probably in here.

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