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Answers, questions, a bologna sandwich, and three people who call themselves "Kirby".

- March 29th, 2009

  1. DeDeDe-Daimyo Fan
  2. Rat Kirby
  3. Game Qube
  4. Error Taxi
  5. Kirazy's Imposter
  6. Squeaky Boggs Taste Good
  7. Question Kirby
  8. Explosive Kirby
  9. Leint

Why do some mini-bosses turn into a staple, (Mr. Frosty) and others fall into the hazy category of frogoteness?

P.S. Could you please tell ddd-d about my name!

- DeDeDe-Daimyo Fan


1) Mini-bosses fade away for the same reason a lot of enemies fall into obscurity -- age is everything. The characters who appeared in Kirby's first two games pretty much had themselves rooted into the series as their sprites were recycled across a bunch of titles. Mr. Frosty later appeared in Pinball Land, Block Ball, and Dream Land 2. Someone like Fire Lion didn't get that reuse, excluding the remake reappearance and specifically targeted Nightmare in Dream Land/Super Star Ultra remake reuninion mini-boss bunch.

Truth be told, only really Mr. Frosty had that much exposure. The only other real contender would be Poppy Bros. Sr., who also saw a lot of titles. Bonkers sees a lot of the platformers, any game with Hammer as he's its next-to-only source, but never appears outside of the action/adventure genre. Most all other mini-bosses get a single shot or two and no more. Some, like Bugzzy, give the illusion of more appearances since they happened to be in one of the two titles that have remakes, if not both.

2) He reads this section, I'm pretty sure, so he'll see it. I don't really speak with the guy, really, despite working with 'im.

Q.1 Why are some games remade like kirby's dreamland (twice)kirby's adventure and kirby super star?

Q.2 Where did master green, waiyu,yuki,blocky,efrite,and the broom guy go? (i dunno his name)

Q.3 What is the most powerful ability? (other than 1 time ones and final abilities.)

- Rat Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) Dream Land was never actually "remade". An abbreviated form of it was included as a subgame within Super Star, but when a whole quarter of the game is missing, or five-eighths depending on your take (that'd be Extra Game in addition to the cut-and-combo of Castle Lololo with Float Islands and the removal of the brief level repeats in Castle Dedede), it's not really a true remake.

Anyhoo, Adventure was only remade since HAL was caught with their pants down with the sudden falling out with Sakurai and didn't know what to do with their developing title. Super Star was only upgraded to an Ultra variety since precedent was already established with Nightmare in Dream Land and the DS revamp could rake in more cash from decade older audience than a Wii Virtual Console port ever would.

Additionally, since HAL seems to hate the works of Shinichi Shimomura and holds ill to his creations, those titles aren't going to be repackaged and presented. Also, they clash with the animated series' style, something that Adventure was molded into and Super Star inspired a lot of. So, since they snub the Dark Matter Trilogy and couldn't feasibly remake anything released this decade, they've remade all viable platforming candidates.

Or, the "TL;DR" version: HAL likes making money while synergizing with the animated series, which in turn makes more money by pull fans of one medium to the other.

2) I think this answer was given in either the previous statement or the previous question.

3) The most powerful ability, undoubtedly, is Smash, but it's a one-night-only act. It combines the other two warring candidates, Hammer and Stone, plus more versatility. Since it isn't as universal an ability, I wouldn't say it should be considered in the running. It was kind of cheap and broken, purposely so, but not broken like Tornado was in Squeak Squad. Totally biased!

Pound for pound, I would honestly put Hammer at the top of the list. It's a heavy hitter and packs a serious wallop, not to mention it has Oni Slaying Fire Strike! That's, like, what? A two hit K.O. on mini-bosses? Outstanding!

do you thin kirby will ever end up in a T rated game of his own (I'm excluding the smash bros. series). I sure hope not but do you think it will happen? I'd be outraged even if he had an E10+ game.

- Gameqube

Squeaky Bogg

Really? Eating and killing the cuddlies of Pop Star doesn't constitute the "10+" suffix? Not even the arrow skewing of Angel? I never really paid attention to the ratings, really. I thought even Mario had the ten for "animated violence" or some bull like that.

But, I'm with you. I don't want nor do I believe that Kirby will ever stray into any of the higher ESRB ratings. Now, if Meta Knight ever gets a break away title, which I also hope never happens, it may get a higher rating.

What type of platformer game would you call Kirby? I'd say it's like a travel game, what with all the interesting places and locations. While you are questing on an adventure, you're still spending a lot of time just traveling through rooms with no point. As in there's no switch to press, no key to get, and no map/magical item to collect in every single room. And that's what makes me call it a travel game with some action in it.

Also, what was your first experience with Kirby? For mine, I remember seeing a commercial for what I think was Kirby 64. The lady was talking about how he's invincible because he can gain his enemies' abilities, and until I understood video games really well, I thought he as so obscure because he was the greatest video game character ever. In other words; he was so overwhelmingly powerful that people played other games because playing a game with Kirby was like not being able to lose...

- Error Taxi

Squeaky Bogg

1) That'd be an "adventure" game. Adventure covers the journey process, such as travel. A real travel game would be like Oregon Trail. It's honestly traveling from point A to B. Kirby is still in the action/adventure genre.

2) My first real experience was borrowing Dream Land from a friend, but, prior to that point, I just remember seeing the commercials on TV. They seemed kind of acid trippy. You had a dough ball spitting things at a tree. A tree! It wasn't even an evil, devil tree of any kind or haunted oak. No, it was a straight, smooth, almost friendly timber. That's really all I remember about the commercial, too. Puff, tree, and spitting. I thought, "Wow, it's not just a game that wants to be Mario. Seems interesting!"

What do I want to know? u tell me? I'm here to waste your time.

kiddin, ok, why does 02 bleed and not 0? Also, why don't u email kindarspirit to come back to update games?

- Kirazy's Imposter


1) Zero does bleed. He gets the pie slit like splits surrounding his eye and launches out crimson ovals. Then, when defeated, his eye blows out and flies around, erupting in a burst of red. I'd call that "blood". That, or its cherry pie filling.

2) Kindar Spirit is a little, oh, occupied with "real life", something I'm ignorant to. But the last few times I tried emailing her, there was no response. That was, I believe, close to a year ago. Yeah, pretty well buried in matters of realness.

in ssbb, mk's side special is drill rush... what game is it from?

what's the point of sleep ability?

why was togezo, bounder, and rolling turtle replaced by needlous, gip, and phan-phan?

Why did they make ribbon kiss kirby in the end of kirby 64?

- Squeaky Boggs Taste Good

Squeaky Bogg

1) That skill would be displayed by the Master ability in Amazing Mirror. Since Master is Kirby picking up Meta Knight's weapon, the two go hand in hand. Also, Dark Meta Knight may do that in the battles had with him, I don't remember. The Master bit is enough of an answer.

2) Sleep allows the player to see Kirby's sleepy face.

3) Togezo was probably replaced due questionable legality and its similarity to Spiny from Mario Bros.. Bounder could have very well be done in since it was "too human". Around the time of Amazing Mirror, you notice the likes of Knuckle Joe and Poppy Bros. fading out of the scene. Could be? Rolling Turtle may have been replaced since it wasn't as cute as the elephant option. But, now, the more likely real reason was that Nightmare in Dream Land was not suppose to be a remake. It was supposed to be a new game (of course with nothing like that title, which it is named no where close to in Japan), and enemies are often changed between titles, like how Hothead was swapped out for Burnin' Leo and then returned. Similar enemy behaviors are nothing new. The Wiz is just Paint Roller while Lololo & Lalala have had their motif shared among how many bosses? Answer: a lot! It was probably more of a "whoops!" than a "nuts to those guys" that wound up sticking.

4) It was a nice gesture kiss, or as I skillfully put it, a "congratulatory smacker". It was kinda like "thanks" or "job well done". Haven't you ever played the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game? (rhetorical!) April O'Neil does the same thing when you save her.

1. What are good questions to ask? I mean, I know what NOT to ask, but what is an example of a question that doesn't annoy you(not implying your not justified in your annoyance)what are good things to avoid besides what is in the Gobbo FAQ?

2. If the dev. team of HAL suddenly decieded YOU, Bimblesnaff, could work on the creative team of an upcoming Kirby game, what would you suggest to put in the games? If your name is in the credits would you use your real name only, or your real name and your nickname?

3. Do you think Nintendo will give the Kirby franchise's next new game to a new dev. team? Do you think, if this dev. team was high quality, would breathe a breath of fresh air into the Kirby franchise? Or would it ruin the whole series FOREVER? Who would you choose? I'm sort of torn between TOSE (Familar with bright happy graphics and platformers), Artoon (same qualifications as TOSE), or some other company. They have done it before, and I think they will do it again.

4. Do you think they have held off on any new Kirby games in a 3D platform because of HAL's preoccupation with Smash?

- Question Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) There's no such thing as a question I'd prefer, just the ones I wish I wouldn't get.

2) This sounds like one recently received. Really, I'd just say, "More animal friends!" and run the franchise into the ground. And of course I'd use my real name in the credits. I have my real name posted on this and other sites I work on. It's not like I hide it.

3) I'm... not really familiar with any development teams. I'm pretty sure the one pulling the current shift will be under heavy review. "This game took how many years to complete?" "You kept on delaying it. I was finished ten years ago, somehow." "Silence!"

4) If anything, Brawl helped with Kirby's 3D game since the models, I do believe, were the same. So they had more incentive to get those frameworks done. Recycling!

I'm not sure if you know this, but are there any Kirby Manga/comics in English? If there are, can you tell me which stores sell them? So far, I've seen some in Japanese. I can't read it though! Thanks, Bimblesnaff!

- Explosive Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

There are none that I've ever heard of. The only Kirby comics or manga are published in Japanese and translated by fans. Some are here, but there's not many. Then, of course, there's the German Nintendo Fan Club Kirby comic, but that doesn't count for more reasons than there are in the world.

I know it has been asked before (and by me too *gasp!*), but it's been a while and since you made some more, what's your favorite Bogg icon that you've made now? I'm personally loving the Valentine's Day special one.

If Dedede, or say any big baddie for that matter, really wants to stop Kirby, why don't they just put everything up against Kirby all at once? Like say have Kracko, Whispy, and everyone else just ambush the pink puff so he can't fight back. After all, if its just him and one boss, he can take them down, but put him up against say 20 at once and overwhelm him?

Has Kirby ever tripped over his humongous feet yet? I'm not including Brawl, but I can't remember if he may have had a cutscene or something where he just tripped. If he hasn't, kudos to him for not falling flat on his face from feet almost as big as his body.

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

1) I do not believe that Evil will ever be usurped in my book.

2) The thing is, no one ever plans on Kirby interfering. Dedede, by all real recent accounts, is less bad than good. He never really planned on Kirby trying to do anything. It just happened. Also, typically the sought after prize is broken apart and protected by different bosses, so bringing them all together is almost a recipe for disaster.

3) While King Dedede falls over, I don't think the puffball protagonist ever had any trouble with them. It must be his lower center of gravity.

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