Ask Guru Gobbo #97

Open session-me! ... and I'll never pun again.

- December 1st, 2008

  1. Kirby Kid
  2. Sharnay
  3. 02
  4. Dancing Kirby
  5. Huil
  6. Meta Knight Fan
  7. Kirbyfield Monster
  8. Kirby Kirby Kirby
  9. Fait
  10. The New Guy
  11. Kirby Kid
  12. Dancing Kirby
  13. Plopcorn
  14. Scarfy
  15. CuboneKing
  16. Zlf2008
  17. Meta Knight Obsessor

hey bimblesnaff. how many abilities are their on kirby's dream land 2 if when you count kirbys copy abilities and the abilitys he gains from his animal friends. 2 is wikipedia to be trusted i hope it isn't because i toatolly disagree with things it says. but then again i did right my report straight from it. huh oh well. kirby kid signing out

- Kirby Kid

Squeaky Bogg

1) There are seven abilities and three additional functions of each for a grand total simple math product of twenty-eight.

2) Wikipedia is, for the most part, flawed and muddled when it comes to Kirby. In fact, Rainbow Resort's forum has an entire stickied topic just chronicling all of their flubs when it comes to the puff ball. Such a broad basis information source should only serve the purpose of general information and basic facts, not all of the in depth details it tries to fill itself with.

1: Whenever dedede's castle gets destroyed by massive powers such as mike kirby, how does it get fixed so quickly by the next episode?

2: Does sir ebrum's, lady like's, tiff's, and tuff's rooms get desroyed by mike kirby too?

3: Where do lololo and lalala sleep in the castle?

- Sharnay

Squeaky Bogg

1) If you look, while the castle is falling to ruin, only the central, domed mass is crumbling. There's only a few seconds of this, but nothing else is shown collapsing. The outer structures still stand and are unfazed by the crooked crooning. Also, since the castle was reshaped into an amusement park, a lot of it would have had to been rebuilt or at least restructured to resume its original function. Or, it's a cartoon.

2) ... Yes. He went on and destroyed them later. Kirby is pure evil.

3) They are more like dogs, floating dogs, and just sleep where they might, probably suspended in the air in Tiff's room or the what not.

I know how old you are! You are 28 years old!

Im sorry for that... haha! Anyways...

1. So what's the deal with the mini squeaks? How does darroche recruite all of those mini-mice? Or does he have a special machine that creates them? Or am I just babbling? But seriosly, how does darroche get all those tiny mice?

2. In Kirby Dreamland 2, or 3, can you use Kine out of water? I wouldn't know, I've never played those games, and I hope that I will someday.

3. Where did the creators of Kirby EVER think of Meta Knight's wings??? They just randomly thought, "Hey, lets give Meta Knight wings at the end of Meta Knight's revenge!

4. Besides, if Meta Knight has wings, why didn't he fly of the Halberd when it crashed? I don't think he flew off, but he might of, I'm actually not sure.

Thank you! Oh, and I'm sorry about that age thing! hahah!

- 02, not ZeroTwo

Squeaky Bogg

0) Not an A student in math, I see. If I was ten in '93, and it's only been fifteen years, barring any temporal anomalies, three more years wouldn't sneak up in there and jump me.

1) The Squeakers can just be looked at as Daroach's Waddle Dee. It's just a plentiful minion type. Doc, in fact, is one of them, just white colored with glasses and a mustache. They don't need to be artificial to be so plentiful. There is a ton of Broom Hatters and no one is asking questions.

2) Yes, Kine can be used outside of the water. He moves slow and handles poorly when out of his element, and this is why the fish is a crucial part of getting a lot of Rainbow Drops or Heart Stars when there is no water around. They like to stick it to ya.

3) I'm certain it wasn't done "randomly". In fact, nothing good ever comes from "random" thoughts. It was a well formulated decision based on past trends and the direction the character was heading. He was already rather dark, especially in Revenge of Meta Knight, and membranous wings are the flight method of choice for anyone who isn't angelic.

4) I ... never... expected... to see... this... twice. At least you acknowledged that he was already flying.

I bought a copy of Kirby: Squeak Squad at amazon today. It had a big picture of Kirby smiling on the front of it. Then I went online to read about it, as I happily anticipated playing, due to me getting my first DS for thanksgiving, and I read people said they didn't care about the frowning Kirby on the front. I then wondered, did I just buy a bootleg copy? Please help me!

Thank you!

By the way, you don't have to spell out my name when your adressing me, just call me "Dancing Kirby"!

- <(o_o<) (>o_o)>

Squeaky Bogg

1) It isn't necessarily bootleg. Only the American cover had the angry eyebrows added on. You could have just purchased an international version or British release. Although, I believe it was called "Mouse Attack" then.

2) I do not spell names. They are automatically supplied to me in a block of HTML code that I just copy. Easy as that. I sometimes skip over even looking at them.

Does KRR have a page on Kirby Wii? If so, how do I get to it? I'd really like to learn about it

- Huil

Squeaky Bogg

Well sir, there's these link things on the left of the main page, grouped by category. Clearly labeled is a segment "Games" that then goes on to list all of the Kirby titles by their system released under. As for Kirby's Wii (formerly Game Cube) title, there's no page as there's no information to put on one. It's in production limbo~! There're bits and pieces scattered across the site, but these nuggets are nothing that couldn't be gotten from watching the official trailer, now years old. See the trailer's video here.

first; sence dreamland has a king, why do the have a primeminister. second; are blade and sword knights star wariors. is meta knight feresure a'nt somea have a latino haritage? is the grate kabu a stone or a tree trunk [meta knight rocks]

- Meta Knight Fan

Squeaky Bogg

1) Monarchies commonly have a prime minister. Look at England. The crown is, in truth, just a figure head. When they know enough to know that they don't know how to run a country, they delegate out the responsibility. And, really, does King Dedede strike you as the wise ruler type?

2) No. They are not. The pair are just sworn to loyalty to Meta Knight since he saved their life. They aren't Star Warriors. Out of the main cast, only Kirby and Meta Knight are among those elite few.

3) Meta Knight does not have Spanish heritage as he's not from the planet Earth. Only human beings and certain dishes can be called Spanish. Meta Knight is a galactic warrior who has never heard of Spain, nor has anyone he's ever known.

4) While Kabu is traditionally said to be made out of stone, the animated series gives him a textured surface that looks more like a chunk of wood. However, even there, they say that it is comprised of stone, despite the appearance.

I'm here again. I'll get right to it:

1)In Milky Way Wishes, how do Pop Star's bosses get on the other stars?

2)Do you have Kirby Squeak Squad? If so, what are your thoughts on the Ghost ability?

3)Do enemies survive being swallowed by Kirby?

4)What is Dedede the king of exactly? There is almost no civilization in Dreamland, and all he does is sit there, stealing, and getting beat up by kirby. What makes him king?

- Kirbyfield Monster

Squeaky Bogg

1) It was all part of a bad guy relocation initiative to get all the thugs and evil doers off of Pop Star. Or, it's a game, and they wanted to re-use the same bosses.

2) Nope, don't. It sure does look neat, tho'.

3) 'Fraid not. They die like the dickens. It's been told in the mangas how Wapod, the ghostly Dee from Dream Land 3, is the spirit of the eaten an' beaten back for revenge. Them be some dead baddies. Cutely dead~!

4) You aren't familiar with ruling powers, are you? It's a very common motif to have a fat, lazy, more-bad-than-good king sitting on the throne. It's, like, the number two bad guy in folklore after an evil wizard. Kings didn't do much a lot of times. Sure, you'd have your warrior king who rode out into battle with his army, but he stayed far behind his men. Most are born into the role. All of that cushy living makes them soft and weak in body and will. Peasants would resent their ruler since they'd toil while he'd plump, so their tales demonized them. It's not like, after all, that they attended to pressing affairs all day long. They probably sat there in robes and chuckled at the court jester.

What do you think is the best out of the Kirby puzzle games?

- Kirby Kirby Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Well, there's only two -- Avalanche and Star Stacker (as Kirakira Kizzu is essentially the deluxe version of the latter). Since Avalanche isn't even really a Kirby game, and since Star Stacker is awesome, yeah, that's my winner. I'd get crazy far in Insane level Challenge mode.

One gripe I have for the Kirby series is the lack of immediate but gradual satisfaction achieved through completion of parts of the games. You complete levels, you beat a boss, YAY! You're at the next world. But you don't really feel any satisfaction until you beat the boss. At least in the Mario series (specifically Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World), you actually see Mario travel along a road to the next level, perhaps even reaching a fork in the road so you can choose which level to play next. In other words, you see progress in your adventure.

I'm aware a map feature is present in Kirby Super Star's Dynablade and Milky Way Wishes, more notable in MWW, since you can actually play the levels in any order.

What do you think?

- Fait

Squeaky Bogg

Maps serve their purpose -- allowing the player to take more control in the path taken. Super Mario Bros. 3 and World had distinct effects from one level to the next that would open up paths and alternate routes that led to even more secrets. Kirby had this in Adventure/Nightmare in Dream Land, only he still platformed around a scene rather than changing to a top-down map view. Bonuses like mini-games, copy abilities, and full health were offered to the player if they wanted to deviate from the linear game play. Most Kirby games, and most games in general, don't need this. There's no point to run around on a map if nothing comes from it. If you have to get from point A to B and there isn't any C, D, or E, then the player should just be ushered along directly. I don't think there's anything wrong with this. It's just the manner of the game's play.

I was looking over the site's section on Kirby's Dreamland, a game I've never played, and I wanted to learn about, when I saw the japanese art for the game. Kirby appears to be holding a star rod of some sort in the art. I do know that there's no star rod in Dreamland, so I wanted to know why Kirby is holding it? Was the star rod already planned for Adventure? What's the deal here?


- The New Guy

Squeaky Bogg

It would really help if you gave some trace as to where you saw this. Saying the Dream Land section doesn't really narrow it down. Providing the URL is best. From what I can see, scanning through all the pages (although not fine tooth combing since I don't know exactly where to put focus), I see nothing. I can only suspect that you somehow wandered out of the Dream Land part and into the Adventure part otherwise.

hey bimblesnaff i have some questions about the warpstars in the game 1 are some warp stars faster than others 2 are the warp stars living things 3 if they are what would be the signs of one dying 4 are there warp star farms 5 has there ever been some sort of air race in dream land if there has what do you think kirby would choose a high tech air ship like meta knight has or a warp star. thanks kirby kid signing out

- Kirby Kid

Squeaky Bogg

1) Warp Stars are, pretty much, Warp Stars. They have variable speeds and can cruise quickly or blast off with a sudden burst.

2) No. They are about as alive as the magic carpet in Disney's Aladdin. They are animated, they react to situations, but they are mostly just empowered ... stars. It's like several magical items with minds of their own. They aren't essentially alive but still possess characteristics of life.

3) A Warp Star about to expire would probably start to lose its luster or blink. The one that crashed through Dedede's castle just shattered to pieces. Oh well.

4) No, they are stars. They just come from the sky. Or, I dunno, orphans' hearts. Pair them suckers up with the forbidden arts to get just about anything you want done.

5) You've... never heard of Kirby's Air Ride? Really? I mean, it was a title for the Game Cube, wide release.

Hey, it's Dancing Kirby here to ask, when will the results be in for the miniboss mayhem contest? I'm looking forward to the next contest, and being new to this site, I can't wait to contribute in the third "If You Could"

- <(o_o<) (>o_o)> a.k.a. Dancing Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Probably this week, at least come this weekend. I wanted to give the last few submissions time to be digested and rated accordingly. I also wanted to get nearly all of the submissions a picture made. I say "nearly" as there are two I purposely am glibbing over -- one on the basis that the description was junk and the other because, well, I didn't care.

Does Kirby shower?

- Plopcorn


Yep, in star showers~! Hyuk-yuk-yuk!

Is the sleep ability pointless?

how do you get a B-rank in storybook?

my highest is a D.


- Scarfy

Squeaky Bogg

1) The Sleep ability is not pointless. It was best put in a poor Japanese translation: "It allows you to see Kirby's sleepy face." If that's not point, then why bother with anything? Oh, and in Squeak Squad it could be upgraded to heal. But, mostly, sleepy face.

2) You get higher ratings by doing things better. Generally, whatever you are doing now, don't repeat. Repeating the same actions will lead to the same result -- failure. So, switch it up. If you went left before, go right. Also, explore options fully.

Remember back when the questions were good?

Oh, god! Some of my friends actully think the very first Kirby game was Kirby 64! The thought the first nintendo system was the 64! The have no clue about the NES, SNES, Game & Watch, or Game Boy! Please tell me they're idiots!

- CuboneKing

Squeaky Bogg

1) Ooo, Ceekay just laid down the burn.

2) This doesn't surprise me. It should, but I've been about shocked out. This is a common view when people, by whom I mean "new gamers", not that there ever was such thing as old gamers, are introduced to a pre-existing series. People tend to be pretty self centered and only acknowledge things out in their time frame, even despite the now abundant means to easily learn about anything's distant past. The real kicker is that the title is Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. How many games have that long winded of a title for their first game unless its some very complicated RPG? Let's take a look: Glover, Banjo Kazooie, Super Smash Bros. Games didn't mention "64" unless there was a previous non-64 title of the game. So, yes, your friends are stupid. You shouldn't be friends with people that dumb.

hey bimblesnaff

sorry ur tired of hearin questions like this but i need this for an ability review

what is the name of the wolf that gives you animal

- Zlf2008 AKA Party Boy

Squeaky Bogg

Wolf? I've always taken it as more of a generic mammal, mostly canine with traits of rodents such as moles and rabbits. Wolves are sleak and graceful. Gaw Gaw is stubby with fat paws primed for digging. Unless you mean the larger version, Gao Gao.

Okay. Here I go.

In the manga

Meta Knight is mussy and to lovey

King DeDeDe seems eviler than Nightmare

kirby is somehow Nightmare's creation(explain that)

Everyone seems so stupid.

Tell me why? why couldn't they keep more atruibutes of the original characters?

Kirby is cute, how old is he? I mean hes like 5 but could be a lot older cuz his fighting abilities.

Who does Meta Knight's voice in Super Smash Bros?

- Meta Knight Obsessor

Squeaky Bogg

1) I don't think you mean the manga. You seem to be describing the animated series, or anime. Manga are comics; anime are animations. I agree, however, that everything is changed and stupid. That's why I don't like the animated series and compare it to the Super Mario Bros. Movie which was a far venture outside the realm of the video games. This is the same thing -- skim some basic ideas off the top and fill in the rest of the detail, which is about all of them.

2) Nightmare creates all sorts of minions and powerful creatures with abilities. One of these was Kirby, which isn't that far fetched. His creations sometimes turn on him and don't obey orders, which was the case with Kirby. Really, when you think about it, he's not too different from the monsters sent out, just missing the brutal training, age, experience, and warped mind.

3) Kirby is a young child in the animated series. For reasons on why I should be allowed to punch any else who incessantly re-asks this baseless question, see Session #08. And now it goes and gets FAQ'd up in here.

4) Meta Knight's voice actor in Brawl is Jay Ward in English or Atsushi Kisaichi in the original Japanese. Yeah, I've never heard of him, either. He also does Wolf and the narrations for the Metroid parts, I guess.

Repeat Response:

  1. 888Chilly asked about the unreleased "Kid Kirby" game.

Is there an invasion happening tomorrow? I've been too lazy to check on its status. Oh well. We shall see.

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