Ask Guru Gobbo #59

"Dopty-dopty-doh. I think I'll lazily answer some questions today as I probably only got a small handful that should take no time to push aside and massive flooding crush!" You can always tell when a new Kirby game hits the shelves at ol' Rainbow Resort. I tell ya what.

Prepare for an onslaught of questions mostly related to, you guess it, Kirby Super Star and, more specifically, its Ultra update.

- September 25th, 2008

  1. Curious Guy
  2. Party Boy
  3. Rgijaba
  4. Pompadour
  5. Leint
  6. Max
  7. Nintendo Fan
  8. Rgijaba
  9. Curious Guy
  10. Darocoth

i bought KSSU and its great! i found something that you would like, there's a cameo of kaboola at the start of revenge of the king! Oh, and theres new treasures that replaced old ones! they are: three star staff (triple star) the cell phone, machine parts (the two similar parts of hydra) , and uhhh something else. also, they merged all four season hearts into one. now for some questions. wait, i dont have any... uh.. oh yeah marx laughs more normally, and whoa, wierd levels for revenge of the king. and the 3-D cutscenes are cool! ^_^

1. do you think sword ability is a little too close to link with the master sword?

2.why would some idiot store a dime in a treasure chest? yes, i know its a game, but still...

P.S. meta knight ultra is really meta-knightmare ultra. uh-oh

- Curious Guy

Squeaky Bogg

1) I believe the similarities with the Master Sword and the Sword ability were intentional. They didn't just accidently put Kirby in a green, long cap and give him a sword that shoots when at full life. Besides, that has nothing to do with the Master Sword. In old school Zelda, Link shot out glowing swords when at full life with any blade level. Anyhoo, this was done as tribute, with a wink and nudge, to the Nintendo classic.

2) The treasures each grow in worth as the cavern progresses. While, monetarily, only worth ten cents, the coinage is actually the rarest type of dime ever: a dime. On Pop Star, that means something. To them, it's some fancy kind of Earth relic. Sure, they traded it for some legendary final weapons, but those things are a dime a dozen. Dimes? Those are, like, not a dime a dozen, despite being named in the phrase. Odd birds, these Dream Landers are.

Anyhoo, I know I've probably implied enough times that I did not, and probably will not for a while, buy Super Star Ultra; however, I am keeping abreast of the game's many revelations at various information sources, mostly being the Forums and Plas Durock. So, a lot of facts are already well known. Somehow, I wish I would have stated this earlier. I fear for what the future holds.

srry i didnt include this in my last question and i know ya really pissed but get over it

but really where can i see episodes 95-100 (jappenese subbed)

yay you do remember me

- Party Boy

ps KSSU is out now find so why dont you get it

pss srry i screamed at you in last question

psss are all of my stupid questions annoying you

Squeaky Bogg

1) Okay, this question coming at me every week or so doesn't make the answer suddenly change. If there was a place to see them, believe, I would not only tell you, I would post it on the main page of the site to end this infernal recurring night terror. That's the kind where you are trapped in a personal hell inside your mind. The human brain is amazing! Sleep tight, kiddos.

2) Now, I've said many times why I don't buy it: don't have a DS, don't really need a remake, and don't really play much video games any more. Well, not nearly as much as i use to. Lousy job.

I feel too bad about not asking an acctal question, so here are a few:

1.Is the name of the new Capsle J realy J2?

2. In Kirby Super star ultra (great, great game 5 stars!) there are these enemys who look like Flamers, only neon and glowing without the holes on the side who throw balls at you. what the heck are they called?!

3. When will there be a Kirby Super Star Ultra gallery? I want some formal art of Jungle Bomb, Gator, J2, and the neon things!

4. The Paint Roller and Wheelie where in the animated seires?Well, what exactly did they DO? i'm going to assume they were Holy Nightmare Co's demon beasts.down with NME!!

5.What happens if you run out of time in Revenge of Meta Knight?On that note, how do you unlock Revenge of the King, Meta Knight Ultra, and Arena in Kirby Super Star Ultra?

P.S. What ever happend to the freakish Ice Cream Island Crew?

- Rgijaba, self proclaimed evil gueinus and lord of pudding pies

Squeaky Bogg

1) It would appear so. Everyone refers to it as Capsule J2. I haven't heard any other names for it outside of just plain ol' J2. The helpers are all named, or at least should be, at some point in the game. They were before if not told on their ability icon. While I've seen pictures of J2, I haven't seen anything with a name next to it. The lousy Japanese magazine scans just reads "Helper" next to all the helper's pictures. Bah! Anyhoo, yeah, I'm pretty sure that's right. Like, 95% certain. That's a comfortable margin.

2) This one here, folks, is a reeeal odd ball. Now, the main site doesn't mention this guy. Nothing does. I had to dig into the dark, dangerous world of Japanese webpage to find it. After a while, I stumbled on to a massive list of Kirby game enemies, ranked by game they first appeared in. This way, all Super Deluxe foes were grouped off to one area. I could tell who most of them were, but one escaped me. MAJIKARUSUIPAA was its name. It was described as having a round body and an opening lid that unleashed an attack. Yeah, that sounds like the guy, and a quick verification proved it. It is the right foe, right now. Now, here's the clincher. For those of you who aren't familiar with romanization, it is what English word a Japanese equivalent is trying to mimic. So, while some may look at that and see gibberish, I've hit it with a few rocket hammers and, sad to say, the name is certainly this: Magical Sweeper! You can cry now.

3) These things don't just magically appear. In fact, i don't even know where they come from. Normally, official art is distributed form some official source, or scanned out of promotional magazines and booklets. I don't really manage that stuff, never have. The crack staff team, and a lot of Ivyna J. Spyder, normally handle that importing. Writing, coding, and drawing is my schtick, not acquisition of foreign materials. I usually view a lot of that stuff as stealing. Anyhoo, there is a posted Gallery for KSSU, but it is very lacking due to that being all that was revealed at the official E3 unveiling. In the meantime, patience.

4) I am down with the NME. Word up. Represent. Uh! Recovering my dignity (like that's possible), Wheelie was a part of a race track episode. I don't really know what he did. Raced, I assume? Sources say that he was actually Beat (Fang in the States), a motorcycle gang leader who was actually a Nightmare creation, despite his Cappy-esque appearance. He transformed into the Wheelie Rider after his normal means of transportation crashed. Paint Roller, now, was a monster sent to Dedede since of his oafish view on art. The skating artist caused havoc in the art museum until Kirby stepped in and fought him painter versus painter. Like in the games, this foe made crude scribblings that could jump off the canvas and into real life.

5) I have never run out of time in Revenge of Meta Knight, and I don't know if anyone ever has. You'd have to suck pretty bad at the game to go that slow. My assumption is game over. As for unlocking the further sub-games, the typical way to unlock things is to complete the previous sub-games, either flat-out or with 100%. It's a stepwise process: complete one game, open up another. Continue. Again, this game just came out. Solidified info on it won't be certified for at least a week. You asked this the day after it came out. Patience.

6) Freakish? Anyhoo, the Ice Cream Island Crew were just a fun stunt. They didn't go anywhere as they never really were to begin with. But, if you want satisfied, they went back to the Ice Cream Islands to beat up Skainter with the help of Paint Roller. Death to the lame names! You're next, Kabula.

I am too busy playing Kirby Super Star Ultra to think of a proper greeting! So I'll just say: Hello!

I know you have had your doubts about this game. Like if it would be easier, especially in Great Cave Offensive. I'll tell you that it's basically the same other than the fact you know what area you're in. I didn't think it was easier to find treasure.

So far, everything else seems the same as the SNES version, besides graphics and animation.

Now onto the question!

Do you think the Kirby series should be all "RAR EAT AND RUN" with colorful backgrounds and lotsa music, or do you think the series should be more simple than that?

The games that are more of the "rush and eat" style would be Dreamland, Adventure, Super Star, and really, all the GBA and DS games.

But then, there are Kirby games that are not quite like that. Kirby's Dreamland 3 and 64. I cannot say the same for Dreamland 2, because I have nearly forgotten what it was like. Heheh.

Kirby's Dreamland 3 and Kirby 64 are not fast-paced. I don't know about you, but I never felt rushed playing them. I actually wanted to play around some of the stages for a while, before I ever wanted to finish.

To add on the question, do you wish for another "Dreamland 3"-styled game? Despite the chance of another game like that being slim, would you think it would be a nice break from all of the new Kirby installments that try to be "epic" and "fast-paced"?

- Pompadour

Squeaky Bogg

"Eat and run" isn't the simplist scenario?

I think they both have their place. The blurred action from Super Star is nice, but so is the more quizzing and lulled pace of Dream Land 3. The race paced games would throw a barrage of abilities at you, but the Dark Matter saga required you to think and plan what power you would need to get what pet to get what power to get what pet to get the collectable treasure of the stage. I know that when wanting some quick fun, I'd pop in Super Star as that is what the sub-games were designed for. Blow through the Arena and see how many tomatoes you can keep unused. Good stuff.

However, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. That's why there's the Mounds bar -- I mean, the Dream Lands. I agree with you. In these games, you loaf around more and see what your pets can do with power. Sometimes, you just find yourself picking off foes with a remote control Pitch. It's more laid back type of fun and murder. I think a lot of it has to do with the explosiveness of the attacks. Super Star had everything shooting and bigger. What'd you get with a Rick? A balancing act. Kine? How about a plunger popping out of his mouth. Hah! These games were made to be more charming than charging. What that means, I don't quite know, but you get my point. If there is one. Maybe?

Bottom line, variation is good. You don't want every title to be the same. Get some fast, get some thinkers. They followed Amazing Mirror, which I think would lean more towards the thinking side with its scavenger hunt, with Squeak Squad, which can be beaten easily within hours. Fat pope followed by a thin pope, it's a classic strategy.

Howdy!!! It's me again!!! First off, since I don't own a SNES, it's been a joy to get KSSU for the DS. One thing I found quite nice is that even though they don't have Castle LoLoLo, Dynablade has got a nice Castle LoLoLo theme for her boss battle. I found that quite nice. They also name the areas in Dynablade now! :D

Now for some questions.

I dunno if you could answer this or not, but you may remember my question about how at the end of Kirby's Dreamland how when it shows the back of the Dreamlanders, I said it may be a possibility they may be Dees. Well when I beat Spring Breeze on SSU, their color schemes looked a whole lot like Waddle Dees. At first I thought many red Kirbys, but their shoes were orangy like Waddle Dees. Any thoughts?

You think Kirby wears makeup or is he always blushing? Why else are his cheeks always so red? Don't tell me he had an accident with a paint can or a perma marker...

Do you think Kirby could be properly used as a garbage disposal?

Which enemy in the Kirby games do you think has the best overall design?

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

0) I don't know why or how, but those areas in Dyna Blade did have names. However, this was just a poorly circulated tidbit of information, probably mostly seen on the Japanese side of things. Still, it is nice that they give more information. What is it? Candy Mountain and Marshmallow Castle? You can really about piece these together just by looking at the old backgrounds.

1) Believe me, your question was the first thing I thought of when I heard that. They are Waddle Dees, now. This is a retcon, a change made to make it look like another event never happened previously. They were quite obviously not Waddle Dees back in the day. However, at this past point in time, Kirby wasn't "unique". This notion of his singularity has become more pressing with time, yet oddly less pressing as they push more of the multi-colored Kirby multi-players. Basically, if it's not Kirby, a player, or Meta Knight, they'd like it not to be what Kirby is. I should be mad that they did that, but they could have made them all Cappies. Now that would get me angry, and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry... Wait, nerts, I'm already green and purple. I can't hulk out if I'm already hulked out colors. Bah!

Was I saying something? Oh, right. Waddle Dees. Now, I said before that, in Dream Land I, the backs of these shadowed figures are too pale to be those of Waddle Dee. They are same shade as Kirby. However, in Super Star's Spring Breeze, I just noticed (since I had to look up a screen shot since I haven't played it in a good while), that they are reddened. This, however, is from the light cast by the setting sun. It's evening, and it also helps obscure what the figures might really be colored. Now, here, they could be taken as Dees, too, but the lack of outlines makes the graphical elusion that they are to be obscured and not accurately reflected in this light. I, however, have a sneaking suspicion that they purposely did this as a stepping stone.

I know that, once the sequels started rolling out, they wouldn't want to have any other "Kirby" characters, despite doing this a lot with Keeby and Meta Knight, but a whole horde of them would be an overkill. So, blur them out in the remake of the first game, and then seamlessly transition them to Waddle Dees in the remake of the remake. You sneaky dastards!

2) Rosy red cheeks are a classic symbol of healthy and merriment. He's a strong lad, that Kirby, and is vibrant as they come. People wore make up to imitate this natural glow, but now we've about near forgotten about the origins of the mask: to keep evil spirits out of your body. Laugh now, but that one ain't gibberish. Ancient Egypt ruled!

3) I dunno, I think my Kirby has better use as a floor sweeper. I tried putting my junk in there before, and it stopped running. Apparently, the real ones don't just make matter disappear. Of course, the real ones are just vacuum cleaners. Yes, I had to explain that one to make sure people got what I was saying. I only want to seem so insane to people. I got to set some limits.

4) Oh, jeez, I could spend hours digging through that one. There are so many enemies, and so many that I love. However, to abbreviate the list, I think Marx is king. The foolish clown turned megalomaniac has some great work on him. His creepy, ever present smile, those eyes that stare through your soul, and rockin' rainbow glitter wings with an artistic golden frame make him a composite nightmare/masterpiece. Wrap that all up in a bow, which he happens to wear, too, and paint it purple. Classy.

Back in one of the ancient Ask the Gurus sessions, Kirby Warrior briefly mentions the cancelled SNES game Kid Kirby. I'm writing in to mention that a bit more information about this hairy incarnation of our beloved pink puffball has appeared on the Internet. Would you happen to know anything about Kid Kirby that has yet to be mentioned on KRR or any other site?

- Max

Squeaky Bogg

I've got nothing. This is really the first I've ever heard of the game. That's not really surprising to me, either, as the game appears to be on level with Avalanche: it's not really a "Kirby" game. This seems to be yet another part of the Kirby world missed wholly by Rainbow Resort's game section just like the scan card games. I mean, sure, Kirby is there and in the title, but it wasn't a product of Japan or HAL. What was she, a Scottish production from the makers of Uniracers and Lemmings, DMA? I'm not saying the game looked bad, and the curly haired young Kirby does look amusing, but it probably wouldn't have been on par with the other titles. Still, I wonder what it would have been like. The in-store demos were apparently ready to ship, so they obviously got pretty far in its making. But, yeah, I have nothing to add as there probably is nothing to add more than what that link offers. The game is a ghost, and those are it's only faint remains.

How do i sign up for KRR? i really want to be a member!

- Nintendo Fan

Squeaky Bogg

Sign... up? You have to be more specific. There are several site features that you could be referring to as they, sadly, all operate under a different functional service. The forums just have a simple "register for an account" link that should be all but impossible to notice. It's by any sign in box. The same applies with the other likely culprit, the Cute News update comment box. So, even if that is not what you were referring to, any feature that requires you to log in always has a link that says something along the lines of "Register a new account" next to said sign ins. Well, except for Kirbypedia. That's currently staff only.

i felt too bad about not asking questions, so i was going to sent some. but my computer froze!!i sent some again, and you didn't post them?! this si the last time i'm sending these!

1.if Wheelie and Paint ROller were in the animated seires, what did they do, exactly?i'll assume they were Holy Nightmare Co's (down with NME!) demon beasts? the new Capsule J realy called J2? Kirby Super Star ULtra (great, great game 5 stars) there were these enemys in the Great Cave Offencive's Sub-tree area who looked like flamers,only multi'colored and without the holes. they open up and throw balls at you. what the heck are they called?!

4.when are you putting up a Kirby Super star Ultra gallery?i want to see art of Gator, Jungle Bomb, J2, and those neon things!

also i asked about art of smaus cuz i'm realr, realy lazy. but i went ahead and found some. her power suit is kewl!

- Rgijaba, an evil geinus who\'s getting annoyed today...

Squeaky Bogg

Look familiar? Yeah, this is what we call one impatient dude. I mean, really. The Ask the Gurus was coming out at a new, slower, every other day schedule. If it took two days to get a question answered on a daily schedule due to lagging, what do you think an every other day schedule would lead to? Faster responses? No. Questions are answer in the order received in the given time allotted. Same formula as it always was. When a full cache isn't filled, the session is put off until the next day for if the quota is met. Recently, that's been more slowed than normal.

I got someone else who did this, too, just assumed I skipped over them and they re-asked the same thing a day later. Something to remember: if I skip over your question, it's because it was poor. Resubmitting it isn't going to make me answer it any more than the first sending. This goes in line with those "What would Kirby do if in WWE?!" questions. That's not a question, that's just stupidity. But, really, I think you types need to learn some patience.


... Patience.

Squeaky Bogg



... Patience.

Squeaky Bogg



... Patience.

Squeaky Bogg



... Patience.

Squeaky Bogg

Pati- Wait, your en-oldening picture is you getting a cup of joe?


Hey, I only have these two sprites. What's your excuse for using this reference that is impossible for anyone to recognize?

Squeaky Bogg

... none...

whoa! forget a cameo, you can FIGHT kaboola! you're on the star chariot though and they spelled him kabula. oh and that other new treasure is the KCC paintbrush. and thank god no collecting treasures in meta knightmare ultra. plus you can save. and playing as metaknight is much more than just a sword ability!oh yeah and the 2 old subgames? they're there. just not multiplayer. and i am not giving away what you face at the end of metaknight ultra. but i will tell you it is awesome.

1. do you ever wonder what metaknights favorite food is?

2. does TAC stand for something besides being cat backwards?

3. don't you think when TAC is charging his punch, it looks like he's giving, ya know, the "signal"? (middle finger)

4. do you still like kabula now that he has a mad face with sharp teeth on him?

- Curious Guy

Squeaky Bogg

0) Okay, so, I know I stated it in this session, but, just to reiterate, I'm current on the revelations of Super Star Ultra. Nothing you say here is anything new that I haven't heard already in the forums or from other sources. This isn't a venue for you to tell me information but for you to inquire about it. It's nothing against you, CG, but I'm just making it known during your air time. Since that's out there, all future "Did you knows" will be cut for brevity's sake.

1) He loves the polar opposite of a tomato, which I assume is some kind of green vegetable. Wait, do they consider tomatoes fruit still? They did when I was learning the food groups. Oh, man, does that fact alone date me? But, to accurately answer the question, no. No, I do not. Ever.

2) T.A.C. stands for nothing, or, at least, that's the official stance. It is merely just "cat" spelled backwards. However, spelling it like that makes it seem cooler than if not. Just look at Gip. If it would have been G.I.P., then it would have only been three-quarters as lame. Still, that's lameness in leaps in bounds, bounds like the awesome Bounder it replaced.

3) I've never seen him charge it up, so I can't say. I'd say this is a classic case of Turtle Finger. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would look to be flippin' the bird every time they pointed or held up a finger. Thing is, they only had three, so it was hard to get around this fact. TAC just has a small, deformed hand with nubby fingers. Its hard to look like he's doing anything else. That, or he's readying the deadly chicken beak strike (that's real). Really, tho', the game is too new for me to be able to cross reference against screen shots and such, and since I don't own the game, I can't verify what it even looks like. *

4) Not as much, no, but I'm really just glad they put her back in a game. "Him"? Huh. That's the first time I've seen 'Booly referenced by the masculine gender. Normally, folks do female if not neuter. If your wondering why, the original Dream Land instruction booklet stated, "Kaboola will have you scrambling to dodge her constant attack of cannon balls." A lot of folks had this stick whether or not it was suppose to be the case. I'm sure that Kab-new-la will be called a male by the newly exposed peoples since they've never heard of the blimp before, as is the general trend with calling things.

* This question has a follow up in Session #64.

Will the fan art ever be back!!??!! i need to express my creativity!!! when!!!when!!! WHEN!!

- Darocoth

Squeaky Bogg

It could be soon, it could be a long while. I guess it depends on when Disk gets around to it. Until then, patience!


... Patience.

Oh no! We aren't doing that again!

Until next time, remember, if you weren't handled today, just wait until next time. You're probably going to be answered. Until then, just be ... well, I don't think it needs said any more.

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