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- July 27th, 2008

  1. Awesome Kid
  2. Party Boy
  3. Poyopoyo the Second
  4. Pokemega32
  5. Doore1337
  6. Super_Kirby
  7. Sharnay
  8. Dodongox
  9. 888chilly

I have 4 questions:

1:In Kirby Super Star Ultra, will all the stages be changed to fix the errors that can happen in them, or will Nintendo just fix the errors?

2:What is Chuchu, exactly? Is she an animal or just a blob of jelly or something?

3: Whats with all the one game only foes? (Marx, Drawcia, Squeak Squad etc)

4:What ever happened to all those cool Super Star abilities like Wing, Jet, and Plasma?

- Awesome Kid

Squeaky Bogg

1) I would assume that any glitches would be smoothed out before releasing the game, but for every glitch that is fixed, there's probably gonna be another potential problem that will pop up. Just like with the Adventure to Nightmare in Dream Land port, the game was almost exactly shifted over, but there were some very recognizable differences between the two even outside of graphics and copy ability usage. I've never played it, personally, but just the changes in game play that I saw in a few stages within Butter Building amazed me.

2) Chuchu is, by best guess, an octopus, not a blob. See this past answer/question set for more information regarding thoughts on Chuchu.

3) A one-game-only foe makes more sense than a recurring foe. Once a foe is defeated, they should be, oh, defeated. It adds value to what was accomplished. Dedede, after being beat, turned good (sorta). Nightmare was banished. The Squeaks haven't had much time to show whether or not they'll come back, and Dark Matter? Well, he was involved in an epic trilogy of games that were all directed by the same man, Shinichi Shimomura. He seemed to push for certain characters to be used, such as the Animal Friends, which no one else seems to want to touch.

4) Those abilities never returned since the general system employed within Super Star never came back. All of the Kirby titles try and create a different feel of play, especially with their powers. You could have a large amount of possibilities or a more limited number that could be mixed with one another or Animal Friends. Super Star went the route of abilities with a high degree of variation within themselves though control pad combinations. While some later titles picked up some of these, never the same scope of involvement was duplicated. That's the factor that makes Super Star unique from the other titles, it's "gem", if you would.

ok dude why does dreamland still accept kirby as their savior if when he saves dreamland he kills most evrybody and does more damage than the bad guys

- Party Boy

Squeaky Bogg

Most of the baddies beaten are either henchmen of Dedede or under control by Dark Matter. However, there are a good number of times where he's just plowing through numbers of innocents. I agree, it doesn't make sense. However, he fights for the greater good. If he needs a Wishing Star on another moon to get the celestial bodies to stop bickering, then he's going to mow down anyone in his way. When he wanted his shortcake back- well, that wasn't for the greater good. But, hey, if you saved the day as much as he has and your afternoon snack was suddenly disturbed, I'd be a little more than ticked off, too.

YOU FLUSHED MY QUESTION DOWN THE TOILET?!?! That's ok. Anyway, is Kirby Super Star Ultra the exact same thing as the original but for the DS? Also, will it be sold at Super Target?

- Poyopoyo the Second

Squeaky Bogg

I didn't mean to flush it. It just... sorta happened. Actually, it was a bit of stupidity on my part. I go through and wipe clean the question cache every so often once it gets too big. Normally, this is done while reaping the questions or after they have already been answered. This time, I did it during. Being a fool, after saving over the file, I closed the opened version of the old file that I was taking information from. Yep, I'm six kinds of genius.

Super Star Ultra, as detailed in Rainbow Resort's coverage of the game, is just a remake of the original plus some multi-player mini-games, two new modes of play, and maybe some other nifty pluses. But, yes, it is essentially the same. As for where it will be sold, I would assume wherever video games are sold. If that includes Target, then yes.

You mentioned in a previous session that something in the Japanese version of one of the games said that Dark Matter wasn't evil. He was just trying to make friends.

Could you possibly elaborate on that, and what game it came from?

Also, do you think the director of Dream Land 2, 3, and 64 had anything against Meta Knight?

As he wasn't used in anything except Super Star during the time those games where released.

- Pokemega32

Squeaky Bogg

That Dark Matter factoid is one of those floating bits of information. I do not really know which title it is focused upon as the concept itself is very vague and hard to understand since its not clearly translated. The gist of it is that Dark Matter just wants to make friends. However, he is really, really bad at it. So, his attempts at friendship (playing together, getting along) generally turn out as taking over people and making them do his bidding (to play together, get along?). Yeah, that's close enough, right?

I do not think that Shinichi Shimomura had anything against Meta Knight, per se. However, he tended to stick with some set pools of characters. Meta Knight, at the time, was a non-established character. His then-single-appearance in the franchise put him in the same league as Heavy Mole. Additionally, the whole fight sequence with Mety clashed with the overall easygoing and slower paced trends Shinichi liked to employ. Also, Meta Knight really can only have his awesome potential when there is a Sword ability to dual him with, a ball that I personally feel Amazing Mirror and Squeak Squad dropped. Boo. Now, I actually like the fact that he wasn't in these games since, as I once feared, people are now putting more focus on Meta Knight than Kirby. I'm surprised HAL hasn't done like Capcom with Mega Man X and Zero or Sega with Sonic and Knuckles and given the second guy his own spin-off titles.

1. Why is your username "Bimblesnaff"?

2. Why do you think the anime used "poyo" instead of the "regular" baby sounds? I've never heard a baby say "poyo".

- Doore1337

Squeaky Bogg

1) I use the handle of "Bimblesnaff" since it is a unique, found-no-where-else user name. My old handles, including Beany Joe and Mad Goblin, were too often used. This one came from the name of a Gnomish Bard I played in Dungeons & Dragons when they first crossed over to 3rd edition. I then started using it for various characters as a filler until a real name could be found, and just got around to liking it and sticking with it.

2) Poyo was probably stuck with as it is something definable. You can't reproduce "baby sounds" and have people know you mean Kirby. However, if you see "poyo", it can instantly be associated with Kirby. It's like the golden arches. See them curly yellow bends, and you know it means Big Macs are ahoy. That's recognisive pairing (which really isn't a phrase), an advertising tactic.

Off topic, I once heard a baby say poyo. I rightly smacked it and told it to straighten up. He learned his lesson.

how did waddle doo's get their beam attack?

- Super_Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Waddle Doo's always had their beam attack. Much like how Kirby inhales, Poppy Bros. Sr. throws bombs, or Flamer ignites ablaze, it is a natural talent they have. Well, in Poppy's case, it's his natural talent to somehow store those endless bombs. Anyways, yes, they are a just an innate ability. They are born with it. It comes with the territory of Doo. In a similar fashion, the same goes with Whizzer, Peezer, and Kracko in Dream Land. Pretty much anyone with a large, singular eye blasts the beams. I think the only cyclops to break this trend was transformed Scarfy. It must be something with the eye.

This question has a follow up in Session #22.

This question has a correction in Session #46.

How old is silica and knuckle joe?

- Sharnay

Squeaky Bogg

While it's not my forte, Silica's age can be compared to the ownership of Galaxia by Meta Knight. Obviously, she must be older than the time her mother has been dead, the same as the time Meta Knight has held the sword, but this shouldn't be too much time more than that. With how Joe and Siria act, their ages would be placed in late adolescence with Joe probably falling a bit younger than Sirica. However, without knowing the aging rate of their species, no time frame can really be pinned to them. For example, the Kirby/Meta Knight race ages very, very slowly. Additionally, what time would be used to measure it? I mean, a year on Earth is not a year on Pop Star which isn't the same as a year on whatever world they came from. No, it's quite a pickle to quantify, but qualifying it sure is easy. Teenish!

How does the storyline of kirby go along the lines here?

- Dodongox

Squeaky Bogg

Um... what? I guess, basically, the story line of Kirby is as follows: When King Dedede decided to snag all the food in Dream Land and, in that, the Sparkling Stars, only Kirby was non-lazy enough to do something about it. I assume the other Landers just moped about it while trying to eat grass and dirt instead. Since Kirby thwarted the King and recovered the food and stars, all the other Landers said, "Shoot, you're gonna do that any time we have trouble." So, as more perils came, Kirby kept being volunteered to get to the bottom of it. Whether it as absent dreaming, the disappearance of the Rainbow Bridges, or troubles on distant stars, Kirby was the go to guy. So, the moral of the story, kiddies, is to never try at anything. Otherwise, folks'll make you do stuff!

what is a poyo

- 888Chilly

Squeaky Bogg

Poyo is just some stupid sound made by Kirby so that the television series could instead be about two stupid brats that no one should care about and an oddly out of place, ethnic speaking Meta Knight. I mean, why would anyone want to see a Kirby series about Kirby? No, let's rob him of the ability to speak so that he cannot truly be the focal point of the series.

And that is what poyo is, a damn shame.

A million points to anyone who can tell what that opening statement was a vague reference to.

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