Ask Guru Gobbo #22

There are many questions, but almost all of them secretively asked the same thing: "How many questions can I fit into one submission without tickin' Gobbo off?"

- August 11th, 2008

  1. Chimera
  2. 888 Chilly
  3. Confused Person
  4. Singing Kirby :O
  5. Vinny Boy
  6. Speedy
  7. Error Taxi
  8. Anyonymus
  9. Prophallus

1.why does kirby lose his power when he get hurt

2.does kirby eat gum

3.why do the spray paint change kirby's color

4.what if kirby ate wikipedia/every marvel comic you have a limit of questions one can ask at the same time many questions have I asked completey you prefer 1 question at a time or all at once

8.why is gobbo blue and green

9.does kirby know sonic

10.does he knew luigi

11.does he know yoshi old is meta knight would you feel if hal made a kirby party game dark matter evil?

15.mind use the jaw drop?

16.what wuold happen if kirby ate this question old is king dedede

18.what is the difference between meta knight and dark meta knight

19.kirby and shadow kirby

20.what would happen if kirby

21.does kirby know wario

and sorry about sending a blank question it was an aciddent but it wasn't the first one this getting annoying

23.will ask later

- Chimera

Squeaky Bogg

1) Kirby loses his copied ability when hit by a foe since the mimicry process applies an energy to Kirby's body, a force that is present on all enemies. When a foe comes in contact with Kirby, even if they do not have a power, these like forces create a repulsive reaction that dismisses the copy ability energy from the player. Not really. I'd say that, as with any skill, it takes concentration to maintain. Getting hit disrupts this control over an already unwieldly force unnaturally being applied to Kirby's body. This causes the ability to escape from him.

2) Kirby consumes other people, bricks, and explosives. I would think that chewing gum would fall under the list of things he'd eat.

3) Spray Paint changes Kirby's color since, as paint works, it applies a new colored layer over the previous surface color. This is the sort of thing, however, that shouldn't be taken as "real life", even for a game that's about a gluttonous marshmallow that lives on a star. These sprays are found along such things as sound tests. They don't really meet in-game practicality. It's more of a fun, bonus thing.

4) If Kirby ate Wikipedia or every Marvel comic book, he'd become very ill for different reasons. For the latter, since that was a lot of paper. The former, 'cuz it's a lot of bull.

5) There isn't a limit since I thought people would have self control, but now I'm considering one.

6) Thirteen before this spree, nineteen at this point in time, and thirty-five by the end of this.

7) I prefer related questions or partially tied together questions all at once. I don't mind getting combos, so long as they are within reason. I think your list of twenty-two is a little bit of a stretch.

8) Gobbo? You mean Squeaky Bogg, I assume. His color scheme comes from the time-test combination demonstrated by folks like the Incredible Hulk and Green Goblin. Of course, his colors are purple and green. It is a bluish purple, I'll admit, and it might seem more of a blue on different monitors, but it is intended as violet.

9, 10, 11) He's met them all in Super Smash Bros., and this is the only place, to date, that he has. Well, unless you count a background in Super Star that features Luigi.

12) Meta Knight's age can only be gauged as when Adventure came out. Since he is not from Earth and is not human, calculating his age in those proportions are meaningless and pointless since it is unknown how they compare. He can be placed, allegedly, at being between a young adult to middle aged, depending on which version of the character you go with.

13) I feel a "Kirby Party" game would be a cheap knock-off of the Mario Party series, and they already got enough of those to not need an imitation.

14) Yes. His actions are selfish and self serving without regard for others. This is the true definition of evil. Well, in Dungeons & Dragons it is.

Squeaky Bogg

15) I think I could afford to use two for this response.

16) See answer #4 and reference Wikipedia.

17) See answer #12 but change the end range older.

18) Dark Meta Knight was an evil copied version from the Mirror World. He was evil and, well, darker, as his name suggests.

19) Shadow Kirby, on the other hand, was not evil and was just monochromatic. ?Allegedly, he is just like Kirby but from the Mirror World and didn't wind up saving the day.

20) If Kirby ate that, nothing, he would be just as well off as he would be any other situation.

21) See answers #9 through #11.

22) A little bit, yeah.

23) Thank goodness!

hi its me again

i want to know if there has been a game that whispy woods was not the boss

PS put a jawdrop squeaky bogg on mine

- 888 Chilly

Squeaky Bogg

Whispy!? Yeah, he was not a boss before, but mostly recently. He hasn't appeared in Amazing Mirror, Canvas Curse, or Squeak Squad. While his clone, King Golem, was in Mirror as an apparent attempt to make a tougher version of the tree, the attempt failed and neither has been seen since. Who would think that the tactic of standing there would be easily thwarted?

Hey there Mad! I was just wondering:

1)In both the games and anime, Meta Knight's sword is referred to as Galaxia. However, in Amazing Mirror, it is called Master. Did they want to elaborate on the name?

2)In Nightmare in Dream Land for the GBA, you can play as Meta Knight in the Knightmare mode. However, you cannot fight Nightmare with the Star Rod. Is it because the Star Rod is considered an ability that only Kirby can use as opposed to an all-powerful item, or did the creators not want Meta Knight to steal Kirby's thunder?

3)For the game Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, 02 has bloody wings(as shown in the credits), band-aids(?), a halo, and thingy that comes out of it that you have to hit. I cannot see where the design came from. However, I have heard a rumor that Sepiroth(sp? I don't play a lot of Final Fantasy.)styled bosses were popular to use back then. As an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing guru, do you think this is true?

- Confuzzled Person

Squeaky Bogg

1) "Galaxia" was the blade's name in the animated series. Was. As time went on, they figured it ought to just stick. This is why it is Master in Amazing Mirror yet becomes Galaxia in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This are the only times that I know of where his weapon bears a name in games. Also in Brawl, Meta Knight actually is wielding the fang-sided sword rather than his traditional straight-edged blade. So, a way of looking at it can be that Galaxia is spike-sided while Master is his original tool of the trade. Only time will tell which version he will carry into battle in the future. If sprites stay the game's way, I'd think Master since those tiny projections don't mash down in pixels too well.

2) Meta Knight cannot fight Nightmare with the Star Rod for a simple reason: they didn't make the sprites for it. I'm sure you could go on and reason the outcome, but, quite simply, you need to use the Star Rod to fight Nightmare, and programming an additional Meta Knight into the game in addition to the already once-used Kirby situation for a bonus mode on top of a bonus mode that most people probably would never get to the end of, hhhhwwwwwwwaaaaah, would just not be a wise investment of time and resources. Whew, what a sentence!

3) Final bosses in video games really do like to go over the top, especially in a lot of role playing games. They just escalate into impossibly complex deities that blow up worlds in their wake, yet the brave little boy can still beat them. Hm. The bloody wings and angel symbolism are just "Ain't it cool?" religious based motifs with no real meaning other than, well, yeah, coolness. The bandage on the head does puzzle me a bit. I would get it more if it had some more ties with the halo, like if it wasn't there and a replacement was or it being there hurt him. The cactus tail now, that's a real puzzle. It just seems to have flown out of no where. The only thing I can remotely tie it to is Marx. He did sow cactus strands in his final battle and- wait a minute! Wings with polygon shapes? Cactus pillars? Marx and 02 combined! Lolz. That's a complete joke, of course.

This 3rd question has a user commentary in Session #31.

How can I IM Ivyna J. Spyder?? I'm actually one of those later Kirby fans who had no idea who the heck Kirby was until Air Ride came out, does this mean I'm weird? As for my questions:

1) When will the main Rainbow Resort page be changed?? It's been the same for a while...


3) What happened to Kindar Spirit? Has she been captured and taken away by a giant evil bird?

4) Do you happen to know the circumference of the sun?

This is long. Sorry. Can you use the Jaw Drop Squeaky Bogg? PLEASE?

- Singing Kirby :O

P.S. Is it weird for (very) young people to go on this website? *cough*

Squeaky Bogg

Why do people request this so much!? There, fit the face. Now, Ivyna J. Spyder can be contacted via IM with her screen name, her name as just stated. That's how nice people do it. They pick a name, and it's the only one they use.

Now, there's nothing wrong with getting into Kirby at any point in time. Well, okay, I guess a thirty-year old man happening upon and falling in love with the series would be a bit odd, but anyways. Kirby has been out for, what? Sixteen years? That's a lot of time for new generations of fans to roll in, and hopefully there'll be a lot more.

1) Whoa, those past things weren't even numbered questions? Well, anyways, gold the third color does not be. At rainbow's end is where true treasure lies.

2) No where!

3) While your bird scenario is a good candidate for where the site's webmistress may be off to, Kindar Spirit, unlike myself, has a "real life". I guess those mythic beasts are more than fantasy. Anyways, I don't follow weblogs or keep current on people's personal lives, but she has matters to attend to in the real world. There's enough staff here to keep her throne warm.

4) 4.36 million kilometers. That's four whole gigameters, yo. I ride it metric styles 'cuz I'm a scientist. But, for the Impericalists out there, 2.7 million miles.

As for your closing statement (dang, you got them coming from both ends), no, I don't find it odd that young folk come here. I find it more odd when someone my age is found lurking around. I try to maintain an accommodating environment since it is known that Kirby can attract the underaged crowd. However, as for the forum, that's more a gray area. I won't even mention the chats. I mean, really, I find that place offensive, and I'm disgusting!

Hi! It's me again. I forgot that I'm Vinnyboy, not Vinny Boy! My nickname has one word.

1. If Sakurai wants to develop another Smash Bros. game, what newcomer(s) that you think will appear? (Any character you like. Mine is Knuckle Joe because since he was an Assist Trophy in Brawl, he will be no longer assist, and he will fight other character.)

2. In the anime, how come Fumu/Tiff and Kirby were nice each other?

P.S. I had my weirdest dream. The Subspace Army (Spoiler Warning!) took over Dream Land. I saw Tabuu from the Subspace Emissary and he wants to absorb his power and rip the entire area apart. Suddenly, Kirby and his knight appeared. They beat all the armies, but then Kirby battled Tabuu. He used the Star Rod to defeat him and save Dream Land. And that's all when I woke up. (I'm sorry to spoiler everything. Please forgive me!)


- Vinny (no space) Boy

Squeaky Bogg

I put the space in yours and other folks' names since its proper writing. I use the handle "Mad Goblin", but my actual user accounts are without the space since you cannot put spaces in there. It's two separate words, however, stuck together. Now, when people splice my other handle into Bimble and Snaff, that's not right. That's not two common words taped together. I could be like calling someone "Leo Nardo".

1) When I think of all the classic NES titles, they've covered a good deal of characters. I can't actually think of any Nintendo characters for them to use, but I could sure name some I'd like in there. The rider from Excite Bike, which his wheels, would be pretty cool. The Boy and His Blob could be a crazy duo character. I don't know if the big N is still in good terms with Taito, but I would love for Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble to be there. I really pin those previous mentions as being good ol' NES characters even though I know some moved on to other systems or weren't even really NES exclusives.

2) Kirby was about nice to everyone who wasn't King Dedede or a demon beast/monster. Fumu/Tiff, I know, however, was a bit of a drag on everyone. She was probably kinder to Kirby since he was only an infant. People are always nicer to babies even though they deserve the least kindness. Poop and expect someone else to clean it up? That doesn't fly for me, so why are you any better?

...You're still updating daily stop it dangit! X_x;

Anyway, I noticed in a bunch of posts that all 'cyclops' enemies have beam attacks..

And in another post you mentioned Scarfy as the only exception..

But isn't it true that, until aggrivated by trying to suck him.. Scarfy has TWO eyes? Maybe that's the reason why he's the eye-beam trendbreaker :)

- Speedy

Squeaky Bogg

Well, yes, I mention that it is only the transformed Scarfy that breaks this trend. And, it is true: by not having a true, wholly cycloptic nature, he escapes the rules of the norm. However, since he's only ever one-eyed for a matter of seconds before exploding, no one is really sure if it can shoot beams or not. It's explosive tendencies are more dominant, which is why a scan with the Copy ability leads to acquiring Crash, so it could be masking a lesser presence of Beam. Or, as is more likely, not.

I feel like I'm bothering you with these too often... this is more of a recomendation/site question...

I noticed a lot of people seeing connections or something between Earthbound and Kirby. That got me thinking me of how Densetsu no Stafy (sorry, the would-be English titles are controversial) is a lot like it, whilst being completly different. That makes no sense. It's just, the "animal helpers", bright graphics, simple gameplay, being owned by two different comapnies, and music that make them seem similar, whilst, in reality, they're completely different other than that.

Which also got me thinking. Do you guys rip game music yourselves for the music and sounds section, or do you get it from elseware? Because I can't find anywhere to ge Stafy music, and I realised it would be related to Kirby music, and checked, only to not see it and think of asking this question.... (sorry to bother you again!)

On a different note, how exactly did Kirby know Rick and friends in Dreamland 2? It seemed that he just knew some animals all of the sudden, or else he rescued them and became good friends shortly after....

- Error Taxi

Squeaky Bogg

I am familiar with Stafy. Others have pointed out the similarities between the two series to me before, and I agree. Actually, I confused Stafy for a Kirby character, Mr. Star in particular, and let it in a Frontpage Picture. I mean, I would have let it in even if I knew, but anyways. I didn't even know that Stafy had the animal companions. Of course, Little Nemo the Dream Master had the same, and "dream" in its title, and I would call that game, too, very different than Kirby.

As for music and sounds, I do not know where or how they are acquired. I deal in information. Ripping and acquisition is something I don't necessarily like or come close to understanding. I would assume it is ripped, but that's just a guess.

The reasons for Kirby's Animal Friends was dwelled on previously, and that wasn't even the guy's question! I would assume that Kirby already knew them and was pals with the three pets and Gooey. When danger came, they were all assisting Kirby which led Dark Matter to imprison them since they aren't as much as threats when alone.

Why is it taking so long to get A episode of the "kirby of the stars episode"(as the page calls it) up?

- Anyonymus

Squeaky Bogg

The subtitlings are Ivy's work. It is taking so long since she apparently stopped working on them. Bug her to get on them if you really want to see them.

Oy. I am now putting this right above the question submission box. It has been asked so many times already. I thought that "Is Metaknight kirbys brother?" would be a more common submission.

I saw Sonic Rules' Question in the last session, and boy, I have to ask why you're getting bombarded by Sonic the Hedgehog fans. Look, the fact of the matter is that the Blue Blur used to be cool, and that he isn't so much anymore. He hasn't been cool since the Dreamcast (you so-called "Sonic fans" remember that system right?) perished in 2001, and ever since Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the GCN, Sonic suddenly stopped being a good series as his fanbase has suddenly grown to be full of emo weeaboos who like to recolor Sonic sprites and claim 'em as their own work on DeviantArt. That's probably one of the reasons not many people like Sonic anymore! OK, that and games that've been less memorable since the 16-bit era. By the way, to any Sonic "fans" out there, we liked it better when they called him Dr. Robotnik in the US, and not Dr. Eggman. Eggman makes him sound like a Mega Man villain that took less thought than Top Man.

Sonic the Hedgehog really did used to be cool, back when he had black eyes. Now he's doomed with an eternity of mediocre-to-bad games with a fanbase as rabid as a Scarfy. It's a shame, really, his last good game being Sonic Adventure 2 (on the Dreamcast, of course), and then once SEGA became a third-party developer, they start giving him a bad name by putting awful new characters in glitched up environments with an out-of-control camera. Now we got Sonic & the Black Knights and Sonic Unleashed... both of which seem to try to appeal to the Twilight Princess freaks. Face it, people, the little guy is doomed! Dooooooooooomed! And all y'all can do is trace official artwork and claim it as your own!? Sheesh!

Now, a Kirby-related question... uh, I can't think of anything. I just wanted to comment on how incredibly asinine Sonic's fanbase is, and ask why they're bugging you (non-flamers or not) on a Kirby site. Oh, wait, I got one: Which Kirby logo do you like better? The classic one (up to Tilt 'N Tumble), or the modern one (Nightmare in Dream Land and over)? Personally, I prefer the old one.

- Prophallus

PS: In case you were wondering, I'm Bimblesnaff (imposter), Spicoli, Dashing Super Guy (skipped), Little Timmy (skipped), and Colonel Flanders. I just wanted to spice up your Guru Dojo because I think it is a fun, entertaining way to bring Kirby's Rainbow Resort back to it's updating roots. Happy 20th, Bimblesnaff!

Squeaky Bogg

... Awesome. That, that was wonderful. I really want to think of something to add to it but, yeah, that pretty well sums it up. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who hates seeing a green hedgehog sprite that gets tagged as an original character. They're always green, it seems.

I would agree with you in wondering why the Sonic fan base is so defensive here, but then I remember all the ill words I've spouted against the hedgehog over my short time here. Granted, a lot of it was just to drive a point home into the all capital letter writing, elite typing morons' heads. I embellish a little big to get my point across, I'll admit, but my salt shaker of cynicism got a loose cap as they kept on coming. But, again, that was beautify and well put. It wasn't a question, and this ain't an answer. This is just an applause right now.

Oh, but there is a question! The logo, yes. I think it would be obvious where I stand on the matter: old school, all the way. I know its tired and predictable, but that's the mothers milk I was nursed on. I can't blame them for going for the new logo and lettering. Everything was spicing up their font to make it more appealing. The round, simple bubble letters are little bit lacking. Plus, those probably were designed for the game's original 8-bit depiction. The lowest they go now is 32, so they have some room to stretch their wings. The titles are the face of a franchise, and it has to stay fresh and edgy. I think Strong Bad did an email about that, in fact. That's right, Homestar Runner is a creditable source for me.

Oh, so all of those in-character questions were you. I couldn't tell if Future Bimblesnaff just inspired some folks to make crazily fun submissions or if the same guy was coming back. I did want to post Dashing Super Guy. I loved it, but it sat in a gray area of going too far with ridiculousness and didn't make the final cut. For those wondering what they missed, the charming man that Kirby ate in an old commercial came back to challenge Kirby, only this time he had been training for the fight. I hate to say that I don't remember what was said in the Timmy letter. In truth, Flanders almost didn't make the cut either, but it was so well written and detailed, I had no choice. But now that your secret is out, there may be imposters! I'll have to give you a code word to slip in so that I'll know when I'm getting a Rolex instead of a Rollecks.

I really wish I read through the list and saw this one earlier to have included it in #20. I got it the 8th, I'm guessing, and it isn't seeing the light of day until now. That just goes to show how this section has grown. Well, Prophallus, I thank you for your amazing contributions. I'm glad that you and the others enjoy this segment so much. This is why I sped things up to daily, much to some people's protest. Here's to another twenty sessions and more! ... See, that would have meant more if it actually were #20.

And so ends the longest session to date, a full 2KB over the previous contender. So, that's a wrap. If your wondering if there's gonna be a tripe thing, Q #9 was the bonus tenth question/answer. Nothing more was needed after that.

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