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Yawn. See that? That's what you'll be doing if you don't put on a pot of coffee right now. I chew past the ear and onto the skull, getting at the sweet, sweet gray matter within.

- August 3rd, 2008

  1. King Dedede
  2. Meta Knight Fan
  3. Chimera
  4. Taxi
  5. Gradius Master
  6. Curious Guy
  7. Curiouser Guy
  8. Spicoli
  9. Phantom K

How come Kirby always beats me up!? I mean, ok, I was greedy when I stole all the food from Dream Land, but I haven't done anything wrong since then! Why did he go and beat up all my loyal followers when I broke the Star Rod? I helped everyone from having terrible nightmares! So Kirby just comes and starts burning me and freezing me?! Then most recently, he just comes right into my castle and starts beating me up! I DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING! Then these crazy mouse guys come in and take all my stuff!

I don't like that there Kirby, that's why I was evil in the anime; so I could get my revenge!

- King Dedede

Squeaky Bogg

You are correct, in character questioner. However, someone already beat you to that punch. It's true that Kirby often acts rashly and without regard for the consequences. However, that is not why the animated series had King Dedede as a villain. They chose the King because he is more iconic a character. The glutton has been in every title but Amazing Mirror. He's pretty well associated with being the foe of Kirby since most of these titles are barely canon puzzle or sport-like games.

However, it's more important to note that the show is not the game series. The show just skimmed the top of the game's wealth of backstory and character development and ran with it. What you see on the surface is what more people are likely to identify with. Painting the King as the hero and Kirby as the fool would not set the series off in a good direction. You never want your star to be tagged as an idiot.

Meta knight should have his own game right? Kirbys to stupid to have another game

- Meta Knight Fan

Squeaky Bogg

Meta Knight does not, in any way, shape, or form, deserve his own game. At least, not yet. I made light of this before. Mega Man X and Zero are right in this same boat. In a similar situation of games, where the lead character, who copies the powers of his foes, is outshone by the "cooler" and secretive rogue, who wields a blade. Capcom did not just say, "Well, let's toss out a game with Zero as the lead," right off the bat. They took their time. Zero was preceded by, in my opinion much the cooler, Proto Man. He never received a spin-off set of games even with eight Mega Man (classic) titles. Do you know how many Mega Man titles there are now? Way too many. I don't even know how it's possible for one company to make that many game titles. It's maddening!

Back to Zero (Kirby site, what?), he was originally designed as the replacement for Mega Man when the series crossed over the Super Nintendo system. Basically, he is Mega Man X. They went against this in the end, however, and just made him X's partner. It took three titles before he was even a playable character option in Mega Man X3, and, when he was, his game play differed greatly from X's. After this, it took nine years for Zero to get his own title, Mega Man Zero on the GBA. Capcom liked to make new twists to their games when going onto a new platform to shake them up. Zero was their answer for the GBA (not counting the RPGish Battle Network).

But that lends to my point: there's a ton of titles. Granted, they try to vary them. Legends has more of an RPG feel to it while still keeping the Mega Busting. Battle Network took this concept further. And so on. There's only so many times you have the blue bomber run around and shoot stuff. But, what if that core aspect were changed? Zero wields a sword. He doesn't copy powers and instead progressively powers up. Etc. Instantly, you have a different game experience, and, for a franchise that's twenty years old that's oozing with titles, that's saying something. Zero deserved it.

Now, let's look at what Meta Knight does. Uses a sword. Flies. Wears a mask. Attracts fan girls. Kirby already does those first two, plus more. To make a Meta Knight game would be to make a more tightly confined Kirby game. Now, if HAL made the countless series and titles in the franchise like Capcom has for Mega Man, it could make sense. However, at this point in time, it would be total pandering, shallow, and in bad taste.

There already is Meta Nightmare Mode in Nightmare in Dream Land. That should give you a good idea of what a Meta Knight game would be like: permanent Sword ability. It's not like Kirby has any plot-centric games that would deeply explore more into the enigma that is the masked warrior. No. They barely explain why most of the games happen in the first place. Unless the title were to be some whole re-envisioning of the basic fundamentals of the Kirby game basis, there shouldn't be one. So, if you want to play Meta Knight, just spray Kirby with some blue and get the Sword ability. It's effectively the same thing.

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head1.wasn't project r.a.i.n.b.o.w supposed to been finished in july?

head2.could you use that angry emotion in my question

head3.what would happen if kirby ate a radioactive spider/you/ a chimera/or himself

p.s. I'm the same chimera from all other questions including the 3 you answered in one session except the one who asked about the sleep ability

- Chimera

Squeaky Bogg

1) Well, Mr. Lion Head, I'm afraid that I'm not responsible for Project R.A.I.N.B.O.W., truthfully. The idea was thought up by Disaster Kirby and proposed months ago. Since there was time between his proposal and when he started it, I and probably more staff members were under the impression that he had some of the work done. Nope. I was just announcing regular Mailbag episodes which still had to be made and then even missed said schedule by a day. N was the Help Nook which he didn't feel that he could do so I volunteered for it. That evolved into this little thinger right here, in case you are wonder. A's Ability Reviews were another thing that I kinda stepped up to since he didn't feel that he knew enough about all abilities in all games to handle it. Granted, neither do I, but I added the piece of fan submittals to keep it fueled in the areas I lacked. RSS was just something tossed up. None of the staff members know how that works. So, by the whole spectrum not meeting its deadlines, that's 'cuz it's been flying by the seat of its pants. Diz kinda bit off a little more than he could chew since he (probably) thought more staffers would get behind him. I'm supporting him with what I can, but I can only do so much.

2) Goat Head likes the angry Bogg, an apparent crowd favorite.

3) Señior Snake Tail, we all know no abilities would be gained if Kirby consumed a radioactive spider. One must be bitten by such an arachnid in order to obtain any power. No, probably as with Mariel, he'd lose a vitality bar. If he ate me, I would be very sad and, probably, dead or in a bubble. If he consumed a Chimera, however, I believe that the Fire ability would be gained. Mythologically, that beast had a searing breath of flame. It would fit right in. If Kirby ate a duplicate of himself, I've always thought, he would gain an extra life. I mean, he can't really get any more Kirby than he already is.

As a side not, I apologize for that Sleep question in the past. That was part of the lot of answers that I lost to time and my own incompetence. I tried to piece together what I thought I remembered correctly. I guess I stuck that to the wrong name.

Someone asked about the Bronto Burt trophy saying that he (or she) was a bird. Didn't Sakurai look over this? I think I read somewhere that he double checked the information on the trophy descriptions, even if the information seemed obvious to him...

And, since he created Bronto, I would assume that information was right, unless he didn't check the trophy descriptions and some random staff member did it. Or it got lost in translation and the English version says Bird while the Japanese version says something else.

Either way, I'd assume Sakurai wouldn't get information wrong on characters he created, that just seems a little... odd....

- Taxi

Squeaky Bogg

Like you proposed, it most likely was a translation issue. He probably looked over the original trophy descriptions, yes, but he can't pour himself into every regional version. That'd be maddening, if even possible. That's a lot of tongues to master.

I am especially confused by the fact that the trophy, itself, mentions Burt's "clear wings" right after calling him a bird. That was a real dropped ball. Who ever was responsible for this blunder probably wasn't too good at English.

Hi! Nice to meet you.

I was just wondering, what was 4Kids thinking when they made the anime? When I first heard of it, I was psycked (excuse my spelling), but when I saw the first episode, I hated it. Meta Knight had a freaking spanish accent? Bleh...

Also this is totally off topic, but have you ever played a shoot-em-up called Gradius? Just wondering...

See ya!

- Gradius Master

Squeaky Bogg

Thank you! Yes, many fans disagree with Kirby: Right Back At Ya, but 4Kids is not the ones who made it. The animé, in keeping with the definition of the word, was produced in Japan. 4Kids just ported it over and butchered it. Regardless, I do not think either is that good all in all, even if the original stands heads over the dub. Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who still and has always watched Saturday morning cartoon shows.

Additionally, I have played Gradius. I was a bit curious about why such was asked until I saw your handle, then it all made sense.

On the ability reveiws page where are all the final abilities? (love-love stick, master, star chariot, star rod, etc.)

- Curious Guy

Squeaky Bogg

The "Final Abilities" do not have much reviewing to be done for them. You do not get the option of using them as they are required at the end of the game, for the most part. These would be a more specialized review format and wouldn't be categorized under the more standard abilities, especially since each appears in one game each. No, they would, if acceptably produced, fall under the same grouping as Ouch! and would probably be a comparative study at that.

There is a follow up to this question in Session #15.

since, at the final battle of kirby 64, agianst 02, he has wings, a halo, and a happy face at the start, do you think zero may have posessed an angel and thats how 02 was born?

- Curious Guy

Squeaky Bogg

The angelic appearance of 02 has been covered before and it is chiefly just a cool looking motif. However with the happy face (previously and wrongly covered), it seems like a total psyche out. You enter Dark Star and are expecting this big bad, but then you see a big, round white thing. It has a halo and wings and smiles at you. Then, bam, the red breaks out. Red eye, red tipped feathers, and lots of attacks.

I don't think Zero possessed angel, no. That reason, however, is that Zero doesn't possess stuff. Zero is the controlling force behind Dark Matter, and it is this that does the taking over. Dark Matter does, however, get more powerful each time he is seen. He starts as a swordsman and progresses to an ominous eye. This eye progresses to a gigantic, creepy eye. After that, the eye sprouts the angelic features. This could be representative of divine perfection, a god-like state of power that Zero has reached.

'ey li'l guy! For a li'l dude such as yerself, you sure do know your Kirby. Uh, like, that's a good thing.

Now a couple of questions.

One, wouldn't it be groovy if there really was an orange ocean? Or even the ability to make your pool orange? I think Orange Ocean is one of the greatest Kirby levels of all time, it'd be nice if there were somewhere willing to color the water orange.

Two, do you know if Ivyna J. Spyder, one of the retired gurus, will ever get back to subbin'? Also, do you know if she's *ahem* available? ;)

Enjoy the last month of Summer, and hit the Float Islands, Ice Cream Island, Orange Ocean, and all of those other beach, island, and ocean-theme Kirby levels! Catch ya later!

- Spicoli

Squeaky Bogg

1) The Orange Ocean, best as I can figure, should be orange juice. With all the food names (vegetable, ice cream, butter, grape, yogurt), I would assume each terrain is associated with that in some how. I would think that the ocean, by effect, would either be orange juice or very watered down orange drink. Very, very watered down. But, yes, it would be great, assuming the citric acid didn't cause stinging pain in any mild abrasions or cuts.

2) Ivyna J. Spyder has made it known that she's lost her overwhelming interest in the Kirby series, particularly drawing it, but she still seems to be around. Whether or not she will ever complete the subbing, I cannot say. As for her, ahem, situation, she is one of those good people that doesn't bore the rest of the on-line world with her personal life and other such personal issues. So, I haven't a clue and cannot make an educated guess as to what.

If I had to, though, by piecing together what I do know about her outside of being/having been an avid Kirby fan, which is limited to liking and owning lizards and breeding cockroaches and worms for said reptiles, I'd say yes! She's taken. Who could she not be? What even slightly geeky chick is not generally taken?

I think enemies exploding is more of an artistic thing to show that they've been defeated than them actually dying, the main reason being that recurring characters (The Squeak Squad for example) blow up upon being beaten, but are seen again later, whether in the same game or in another game. Another reason is that enemies tend to respawn when you leave an area. Maybe in the magical world of Popstar people just blow up upon running out of energy and reappear when they get their energy back, or maybe a bunch of unconscious bodies covering the screen was just a bad idea.

- Phantom K

Squeaky Bogg

Yes, typically a Rated "E" game wants to shy away from the pile of corpses. That tends to earn you a bit more on the rating scale. Mixing death and cartoony violence is a fine art attempted by many video games. You don't want brains and guts to be flying out.

As for magically reappearing, sometimes the same enemy will duplicate in that location without actually being defeated. No, this is really just a game gimmick. No one really knows what happens to the common or even main enemies in video games. It especially gets confusing when the foes are particularly large, such as on a massive scale. Conservation of mass suggests that they can't just vanish into nothing, but that's generally the case.

This question has a related answer in Session #16.

And there ya go. Plenty of junk skipped over and still a lot of talk. But, here, I'll give you an example of what was missed: "Bimblesnaff beats babies!" Yeah, nothing much. Everyone already knows these things.

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