Guru Gobbo FAQ

What follows is the needs-to-know for how to go about asking a question, which really isn't that much. Mostly, it is about what not to do!

  1. "What can I ask Guru Gobbo?"
  2. "What should I ask here?"
  3. "How many or often can I ask?"
  4. "What is the physics behind this?"
  5. "What's your favorite...?"
  6. "I have a non-Kirby question to ask."
  7. "You're wrong!"
  8. "Kirby Warrior said something else."
  9. "How old is this character?"
  10. "When will (something on the site) be updated?"
  11. "Squeaky Bogg is so cute! I want to hug him."

What types of questions can I ask Guru Gobbo?

- Casual

Squeaky Bogg

The past Gurus each had their area of specialty, but I'm more of a jack of all trades (and master of none). You can feel free to ask me about anything, be in related to the Kirby video games, animated series, characters, history, fictional universe, theories, speculations, anything about this site, or opinions. As long as it relates to either the pink puff or this site, it should fly. If its mindless garbage or gibberish that doesn't even ask a question, you will probably be ignored. This is a Q&A outfit, not a soap box. Inquire or get out.

What type of questions should I ask here?

- Concerned

Squeaky Bogg

While previously stated that I will answer about any question thrown at me, it should be worth answering. If you can find the answer on your own, do it. This site is an information repository, after all. If you want to know who what was in a game, check the Games Section for the title. If you are curious about something from the animated series, dig into the Anime Section first. If its not trivial, then come here.

How often or how many questions can I ask?

- Calculator

Squeaky Bogg

You can ask a question every day, assuming there is that much you want to know. Don't feel you have to send in a question. I'd rather get a small number of good questions rather than a large number of trash.

Quantity has caused trouble before. If you have a few related questions, feel free to put them all out there at once. If you have a couple that aren't related, you can still flop them out there in one lump sum. If you have a few dozen questions, then you'll incite my rage.

What is the physics behind this Kirby event or happening?

- Confounded

Squeaky Bogg

Remember, it's a game. If this can answer your question, then don't waste my time asking it. A lot of people ask about how something in the games could physically happen or the science behind some occurence, but, seriously, it's a game, and a children's one at that. It's whimsy, magic, fantasy, and a dash of "who would ever ask that?".

What is your favorite...?

- Curious

Squeaky Bogg

Stop right there. No one cares. I don't care. No one else cares. You shouldn't care. When I put "opinion" on the table, I meant my own interprutation or view of certain events, not my personal preferences. Those aren't relavent, they aren't interesting, and no one should care.

I have a non-Kirby related question to ask...

- Cliché the Hedgehog

Squeaky Bogg

Then I don't have a question to answer. If it isn't related to Kirby or this site, then ask it somewhere else. Other franchise are not my concern, no matter how related to Kirby it is. If it is not about Kirby or related, then it'll get pitched.

You're wrong! This answer isn't true at all.

- Cocky

Squeaky Bogg

Probably! This whole "guru" role kinda sprung up on me by surprise. I don't pretend to have all the answers as I really don't. Mistakes have been pointed out in the past, and I'd rather be corrected then have them sitting around and being wrong. Just point it out to me, I'll admit my incompetence, amend the error, and move on.

However, make sure that you are, in fact, right. Nothing is worse than calling me out on false grounds. You'll be in for quite the lashing. Even if I am wrong, I'll lawyer up and argue that my case is right just to make you look foolish. Don't think I wouldn't!

Kirby Warrior/Ivy J. said something different than you.

- Callous

Squeaky Bogg

Previous Kirby Guru Kirby Warrior probably has and will have more conflicting statements with what I throw out there. A lot of these issues are speculative and not plainly stated by the creators of Kirby. As of such, it is open to interpretation. A lot of Kirby Warrior's answers are single lined responses that give you the bare bones. Mine are long lists of examples and supporting occurences that are meant to show why an answer is so, not just what it is. Hopefully, I can convence folks to my side.

How old is any character?

- Clueless

Squeaky Bogg

First off, why does it matter? What value is held in an arbitrary count? Second, to what system is this age to be held relative to? A year on Pop Star is a lot different than a year on Earth. To that same effect, they aren't human. They could be thirteen trips around the sun of your pick, but how would that translate to the human system of measurement? The most that could come from this type of question is a broad grouping, such as "young adult" or "child", which anyone can already tell anyway. So, don't ask this.

When will the so-and-so section of the site update? It's been forever! Gah!

- Impatient

Squeaky Bogg

Asking when a section or feature is going to be updated or debut won't get it worked on any faster. A lot of the time, it's out of my control and further out of my knowledge. How am I supposed to know when someone else is going to do work, or, more accurately, when they will actually do it. And, if it is something I manage, the answer is probably "soon enough". So, please, be a little more patient.

Squeaky Bogg is so cute! I want to hug him.

- Cute Fangirl

Squeaky Bogg

Aaawesome. That aside, while I do like getting fan mail, this isn't really "Squeaky Bogg's Question Corner", or at least not yet. Squeaky Bogg is a fan creation, and of un-epic proportions at that. Only fan projects at grand scales, like Kirby Warrior RPG or Kirby: Cosmic Chaos, deserve to even be acknowledged in these sessions. Squeaky Bogg is just an adorable avatar. He's not in the games. Don't ask about him. You can still, however, build a personal shrine dedicated to him or send him cookies.

Last Updated - September 30th, 2009