Ask Guru Gobbo #117

Hey, didn't I just make one of these? Well, believe it or not, here comes another one. Included is much long-winded off-topicness. Try to count how many tangents I go on! (Hint: it's at least two!)

- February 27th, 2009

  1. Stewie
  2. ...
  3. ShadowKirby47
  4. Waddle Doo Dah Day
  5. Game Qube
  6. Meta Girl
  7. Crazed 4 Kirby
  8. Prince Flarema
  9. Telegram?
  10. Fluffy Missingno.
  11. Mike C.
  12. A Pink Masterler

Is the UFO of the Kirby Air Ride City Trial event supposed to be Destrayar of the anime? It looks a lot similar, even though it does absolutely no damage.

- Stewie

Squeaky Bogg

Nnno. It's... it's just a flying saucer, plain and simple. Of course, the Destrayar looked like generic flying saucer, too. Still, no. No characters or things, that I am aware of, have crossed from the animated series to the games. Waddle Dee may take up spears, a monster downloader may appear in a background, and Meta Knight may have Sword Knight and Blade Knight as men at arms, but nothing substantial has crossed that margin in that direction yet. The City Trial UFO just looks like a UFO to me, and that's probably all it is -- a generic saucer-shaped space craft.

In the Great Cave Offensive, how does Kirby get his Band-aid?

- ...

Squeaky Bogg

You needed this explained? Have you never watched a cartoon before? You make me cry twin waterfalls. It's a more-than-common cartoony event that, when a character is injured, a bandage appears from no where to cover the boo-boo. I never thought anyone could call that into question. It happens all the time. Besides, this is the same guy who spontaneously manifests hats from thin air, not to mention endlessly producing bombs and cutters. Those should be begging more curiosities than the lure that made you bite. And, even still, they're pretty stupid questions.

Why has no one done anything to update the Kirbypedia since September?

- ShadowKirby47

Squeaky Bogg

The 'Pedia has been getting updated, despite what the front page of it states. This mis-sync of information is stemmed from one of many factors that I never cared for regarding the informational deposit. Whenever anything is changed in any templated wiki, the change is recorded. You can see it right now, and it may even be specially linked right there on the main page. However, it was somehow decided that all created pages should be noted, despite already being automatically listed, in another file somewhere. Then, that file is to be subsequently diluted into archive files, and so one.

When I was unemployed and jamming out articles like mad, the added redundant stupidity was something I could tolerate. Mostly, all of the files were recently edited, had their formats remembered, and were constantly flowing to give an active appearance. Now, it's quite different. I don't know where those mystery files are, not that I really care as they were garbage and wastes of space. Next, with all that other stuff on my plate, articles flowed out rather sparcely, and noting that some obscure enemy's article that barely has any information in it came out doesn't really seem important. Moreover, none of the updates I made ever seemed to spark people's interest. In fact, I've been directly told that many times. There's a Meta Knight article and pages for all of the copy abilities. That's most of what people care about.

I have been making updates to it. It's just a pain to go and say in an additional means that I have been doing such when that is already taken care of. There's a lot of things that are set to a way before I get there, and if I had my say, they'd be very different. I can't change them now, so people just have to deal with it.

ready -> i was wondering... why did kirby destroy nova?-> nova didn't really do any wrong, it was marx, so why?-> heh, writing like nova is fun. but anyway, why

- Waddle Doo Dah Day

Squeaky Bogg

NOVA was granting Marx' wish -- to rule Pop Star. That's not something done by just waving a wand. NOVA had to go over and force Pop Star to be under Marx' rule. Pretty much, he was takin' it over. That's why he moved towards Pop Star, that's why the Sun and Moon put aside their petty squabble to save their shared point of orbit, and that's why NOVA had to be Ol' Yeller'd.

by sugar houses I mean the white triangles with black squares in them

- GameQube

Squeaky Bogg

Instead of "sugar houses", I would have included that in the last question you submitted. For one thing, they ain't anything like a house. Never mind that they aren't sugar. They're tiny, hand held food. Totally not a house.

Best I can tell, your culturally uninformed vocabulary is trying to describe a rice ball, onigiri. I'm actually a little shocked that you don't know their proper name seeing as they appear in about every animé nowadays, and we all know how much those are shoved down modern culture's throat. Anyways, it's just a triangular packed shape of steamed rice with a seaweed (or nori since I'm being all Nippon savvy) with a pickled plum center.

These jelly-like innards often allows more Americanized shows to pass them off as doughnuts. I think Pokémon is the greatest example of how far trends have evolved. In an early episode, the things were, as said, called doughnuts, but as the series progressed and Japanese culture became more wide spread and otaku grabbed the nation, they just said rice balls.

Are they ever going to come out with a new season of kirby? Cuz i really miss watching it.

Will they ever reveal Meta Knights face in Kirby:Right Back At Ya?

- Meta Girl

Squeaky Bogg

The show is over. It ended years ago, September of 2003. The run was just one-hundred episodes. They haven't made any more or even thought about doing so since then. If the series were to "come back", it'd probably be like the traditional follow-up season to any other animé. It wouldn't be "Kirby of the Stars" but "Kirby of the Stars: Flash X" which would kinda be like the first season only slightly different and with better animation or a handful of new character and villains. At least, that's how they rolled back in the day. Oh, series suffixes, how I miss you.

Anyway, as there is no further episodes, no. Meta Knight's face is to forever remain hidden in the animated series. The truth, as far as that leg of the series is concerned, will forever remain hidden.

Are there any new Kirby games coming out soon? And in regards to that, is it possible to get Kirby game soundtracks anywhere? And if so, where?

- Crazed_4_Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) The next game on the horizon, as it's been for a few years now, is still Kirby Wii. There isn't really anything else to look forward to since Ultra came out last year and the VC version of Dream Land 3 rolled out. Now, it's just another, oh, nine months of breath-holding for the game that refuses to be released.

2) Soundtracks can be found where any foreign merchandise can, eBay. That, or, if very lucky, a Sun Coast store or something. I wouldn't think any store in America would be too likely to have such a thing. On-line auction is probably your best bet.

It's been a while since I've come up with a question to ask, and this one might not be all that good, but I've been wondering.

Can the Kirby series be considered one of Nintendo's gaming powers? If it CAN be, I'd assume it's a bit low compared to Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, etc. I still think it is, but I've been a little unsure. What's your take on this Bimblesnaff?

- Prince Flarema

Squeaky Bogg

The proof is in the pudding, pink pudding. Since that doesn't make any sense, I'll word it as "Kirby is one of Nintendo's most successful and longest running series."

It's somewhat a little strange to think of Kirby as such. After all, the "big names" are folks like Mario and Link. Many people know those two, even those who aren't that into video games presently or ever. The same goes with the comparitive new contender, Pokémon Pikachu. They're just stars. Before Super Smash Bros. came out, a good number of people didn't know who Kirby was. In fact, the forums here had a topic about it. I can relate. The Ice Climbers were kind of a mystery to myself as I never really played their game. Like Kid Icarus, they were just classics and had years to their name. Outside of that feat, nothing made them grand or stand out.

Despite Kirby's mild obscurity, popularity was the reason the puff was chosen for the game. Before the N64 came out, Kirby had launched five platforming titles, not to mention his multiple and varied off-shoot games. How many games do most characters get? One, two if lucky. To come back time and time again is really a statement. Iconic figures like Fox McCloud, Samus, Pikachu, and Ness were included in this mega-star loaded title. They all had hugely popular games, series, or cult followings, and Kirby was picked to mingled with them. It could be seen something like being upgraded from the kiddie table to eat with the grown ups.

But, really, let's look at things by the numbers. Star Fox had two games released, the original and 64, and two games canceled. And he's from '93, younger than Kirby. Samus had three titles: the first, Return of Samus, and Super. At least she's from the '80s. Earthbound was a game. The rest of the titles in the Mother series didn't have Ness. Sure, the games had a very devoted fan basis, but it is relatively a lightweight by comparison. And Pikachu, well, despite being newborn, had been catapulted to the limelight in no time with the late '90s Pokémania. How many generations had they even completed at this point? I think Gold/Silver was just starting.

Kirby is the ultimate example of a "under the radar" video game star. He's a veteran by comparison, ranking third in title count at the debut of Smash Bros., right after the big M and non-mustached L. While people proudly grow up and continue to support those names, Kirby's overall childish appearance, unfortunately, emblazoned him with being a "kiddie game", so his fans are new rather than returning.

He didn't really get much credit then, and I still don't think he gets much acknowledgment now, but not for lack of effort. Several Smash Bros. appearances, an animated series, and even Nintendo doing some nation-wide stunt at his last games release. There's something to be said when a game nearing the big two-oh can keep on drawing new players, even if the old ones move on.

What was this about? Oh, right. So, yes, I'd consider Kirby one of the big-N super powers. He's may not come off as seasoned as some of the more notable names, but he's one of the longest surviving video game characters ever, not just in Nintendo. He's bridged console generations and rather consistently pumps out titles. Credited with it or not, he's one tough cream puff. Angry eyebrows. Grr.

*TELEGRAM!!!* It's from your Unnamed Arch Enemy!

... Wait... This isn't a telegram...!

IT'S HIM!!! And his Niece! She smiles and waves.

Anyways... SB's UAE walks over...

...And sighs and looks at the ground...

...Wait, huh?

"I'm giving up," he says. "I'm giving up my desire to Destroy you... I realized my attempts have all been fruitless. I don't think I'll ever be able to defeat you, so I came here to tell you. I'm giving up... I won't be attacking you again..."

Sad, looking at the floor, he starts walking away, slowly.

"Cheer up Mar- Eep! I mean-"

"It's okay... I don't need to pretend I don't have a name anymore..." Suddenly, SB's UAE Turns around. "By the way, my name is Martell. Raider Martell." He turns back around, and leaves. His niece stays there though.

"Oh, uh, um... Squeaky Bogg! While we were here, I actually had a couple questions for you!" she shrieks. "Okay, so first... You know how some of the enemies in KSSU are actually replacement of other enemies, and there are also some new enemies? Do you think these enemies were actually enemies that were set to be in the new Kirby game, before it was changed into a remake? Maybe Galacta Knight was originally going to be a completely different character. Maybe not... What do you think?" She looks around. "Also, for my second question... Have you heard about thing thing called 'Project Sora'? Nintendo has teamed up with Masahiro Sakurai's studio, Sora Ltd. to produce a new game. Little is known 'Project Sora', except that Sakurai has said it is not a Smash Bros. title. Iwata referred to it as a totally new experiment that will appeal to core players. The game is slated to be released in 2011... What do you make of it? Well Okay, um, I better go quick! Bye!!!" She runs out towards Sque- ...towards Raider.

- Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Enemy... No More.

Squeaky Bogg

1) Super Star Ultra had a lot of duality to it. The "new enemies", for the most part, weren't really new. They were either replacements for older characters, like Gip and Bounder, or deserved updates, like Capsule J, aka Waddle Blue, to Capsule J2. The rest of the lot were, for the most part, just done in the spirit of Extra Game from the original Dream Land. Actually, that's why they had Revenge of the King in the first place. It was Extra Game. Rather than just change some of the characters, they went all out and did them all, nearly.

They didn't stop there, however, and spread those tentacles to all the other sub-games, giving newer forms to the toppest of bosses -- colored variants, Jewel, Soul, and, in my opinion, Galacta. The one boss Meta Knight could never face before was himself. They coulda just dug up the evil mirror double, but adding more to him can't be complained about.

Those enemies were all made because it was a remake, nothing else. I think you're getting mixed up with Nightmare in Dream Land. That one was suppose to be an original but wound up getting screwed over and started the abominable trend of remakery, not Ultra. That one was very much so premeditated.

2) Sora, I have heard about, and that's all I've done -- heard about it. I know not fully what it is, but enough details are known to know what it is not. Yes, it isn't Smash Bros. related nor Kirby bound, so, truthfully, that's where I can stop. If it doesn't relate to the puff, then this website doesn't have to be concerned about it, and there's plenty of other websites out there that cover up-to-date video game news better than some guy who still clocks more hours on his NES than any system made this decade.

OK...I have a serius question.

Well, everyone who come's on here seem's to be a HUUUGE fan of KIRBY...but that's NOT all! It apper's as if a lot of them have 'grew up', so to say, with him.....Having played him since early childhood.

Soo here is my question, call it stupid/petty/childish, whatever...

Is it possable, to become a HUUUGE, and DETECATED Kirby fan, in your ADULT years, no less, even if you've NEVER been into him/grew with him during your 'childhood' (this could even include the TEEN years...) AT ALL?...and that's all I need to know.

Love, your pal, The Fluffy Missingno. (a Pokemon fan as well, yes...)

- Fluffy Missingno.

Squeaky Bogg

Everyone knows that Missingno. has feathers, not fur. It's "Bird" type, after all.

Truthishly, no, I don't think it's likely. The people at HAL will say the same thing. Sakurai designed Kirby to be for beginning gamers, which typically translates to youth. If I hadn't been a fan of the puff since grade school, yeah, I'd probably be biased against him. Super Star did pretty good to raise that age cap, I'd imagine, but Kirby is like a G rated movie. Nothing makes a G rated movie bad, in any way. However, that text next to the "G" might as well read, "This movie is totally lame and no one will see it." They even make family movies PG a lot of times now since they need to spice them up.

He just doesn't have that much appeal to easily snag 'n' bag older blokes. Someone like Mario could pique some interest without the individual feeling they had to hide it away from their friends ever finding out or else receive a label. It's really more an American thing than anything else, I'd imagine.

Depending on your knowledge of the Japanese language, how hard would you say it would be to translate a single episode of Kirby of the Stars? I was recommended (by fans) to one on your staff who goes by the name Ivy.

- Mike C.

Squeaky Bogg

Very, very difficult. Translating mangas is taxing enough for people. I believe the best example of Japanese' difficulty comes from some who was learning the language while living in Japan for several years, mind you, and still couldn't truly speak it. Common sentences, sure, but a real conversation? Nope. While results may vary, or said dame may have been a blockhead, it's still regarded as quite the demanding task.

But, now, if you were "recommended", then I can only take it that you have translating experience, and fans directed you to Ivyna J. Spyder to help hasten that work flow. If that's the case, then I'd imagine you'd be pretty well off with translating the bit. I know a great deal more of complication is added to the matter when you have to actually affix the text to the screen at the appropriate times.

Since I'm not her, that I know of, I'd recommend speaking to the anime guru herself for more info. Contact her via AIM at IvynaJSpyder or email her at lucrecia84INSERT AT SIGN If she still uses it, I dunno.

Well, I came here with a rather...mmm...SERIUSLY question. It's not Kirby related, DOES relate to the color pink, soo please bare with me.

WHY is the color pink considered a 'weak', and, 'passive' color? Is this because it associates with cuteness, which in terms, associates with babies, who are also weak and passive? Also...

Why is it 'wrong' for guys to like the color pink, or, overall, CUTE things in general? Is there a certfain emotion that's triggered that makes you 'weaker' and more 'passive' when you like/look at these things? If soo...why? Why do people HAVE to get that way? It's soo dumb...

And uhhh...yeah. PLEASE answer this. I need to know....thanks.

~A fan of the color pink...yeah, har har har, it's very 'funny'. Meh...

..Oh, and, the LAST come it's OK for JAPANESE guys to like cute things, and the color pink (OUTSIDE of what's 'ok' over Kirby and Mew), when, it's almost like a TABOO for men over here in the states? A friend of mine said it's much tougher school systems...but, is that really true? Is that enough to 'by-pass' the 'emotion' that make's us 'weak' when we look at 'cute' things, or, even KILL it?

I...I think i'll end this now. I hope I won't just get laughed in the face for asking this....i'm just REALLY confused about all this. I really don't see ANYTHING wrong/weakening about liking CUTE things! Nothing. Maybe my brain's half dead, though....

~Your pal, a fan of the color PINK.

- A Pink Masterler


Babies aren't the issue. It's women! * onslaught for sexism * Hey, that's not my opinion. It's just the historic and biologically linked notion. Pink and reds in general are associated with ripened fruit or the rosy color of a healthy face. This have connections to the latter of the hunter/gatherer system while the other is tied to general nurturing. This stuff actually has had research done on it, really. I'm not just sayin' things (for once...).

Anyhoo, while that's all sound and as well rooted as women using their full brain to process information, having better smelling, and a plethora of other advantages the fairer sex has to boot, dames are still associated with weakness. Yeah, wrong and discriminate as it is, it's the truth. An average smaller body size and weight leads to a less capable frame for physical tasks. That's just physics right there. People see pink, they think women, and they tag "weak" to it. Not saying it's right, just sayin'.

Anytwo, the entire pink boy issue has been raised before. And, I think just priorly this session, I stated how things fly differently overseas with respect to what is how. It's an opinion of society and a cultural evolution. You can't really just say, "Pink is a manly color" or "pink is neutral" and just have it happen. It's been processed into minds over generations. Over in Japan, they have super cute mascots for everything. They're desensitized to it like Americans are to violence. The worse then would be a combination of the two -- desensitized to adorable violence!

Aww... decapitation.

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