Ask Guru Gobbo #146

What all happened here? I was sittin' back, relaxin', and throwin' some hoops when a couple of guys, up to no good, starting makin' trouble in my neighborhood... by asking questions again. I mean, a monthly to weekly release is quite the jump in activity. Whaddup widdat?

- September 14th, 2009

  1. Kungfuowl
  2. Hi 47
  3. Kingdededesuperfan
  4. Youdontcare
  5. GigaNerd17
  6. Dedede-Daimyo
  7. Zeroslashj
  8. Pokemega32
  9. Steve Valor
  10. Supercomputer276

Have you ever met with the creator or at least some sort of Kirby developer.

Have you ever thought about making a game about Uncle Gobbo?

- Kungfuowl

Squeaky Bogg

1) I don't even know where one would begin to suspect that, especially since most the faculty at this site should be assumed, as with most all websites, to be punk American kids. Since the Kirby team is in Japan, there's a big disconnect.

2) Long have I considered it, but then I realized no one would play. Really, tho', you'd just tell people they're stupid, to search more, that their fan ideas are unfounded, that no one cares about Meta Knight in a Pengy suit, and that the Wii title is still delayed. That's not even action and adventure I enjoy, so why would anyone want to jump into those shoes?

Iv'e noticed in "Kirby's Air Ride" That the stages are kind of raondom. Like checkered knights Nebula Belt ect. why is this?

- Hi 47


If by "random" you mean "different from one another" and "I don't know what the word 'random' even means", then, yes. Yes, I'd say they are.

All Kirby levels, and most any video game level for that matter, works in this fashion. Sure, you have the clichés like a water world and the token ice stage, but a fiery frontier or sky place aren't to be overlooked, either. Some games have so many levels (or a need for different ones), they break out of the clustered classics and touch new ground. The themed stars of Milky Way Wishes had Halfmoon, which completely stands out against the dry "elemental" type themes set up previously. Super Mario Bros. 3 had a Giant Land for cryin' out loud. The Pipe Land was a bit more expected as the plumber has a history with them, but the giants just came out of the blue.

But, since Air Ride is a race world, the standard platformer level archetypes don't really pull the same weight. As of such, things like "Checker Knights" get pulled out. It's not "random". It's just not falling into tired clich´. Originality must be unplanned, unorganized, and sporadic nonsense! That's the only explanation.

i was watching a video clip on youtube from the kirby anime and i noticed that king dedede had a different crown than usual with several long golden spikes. can you please tell me why he is wearing this instead of his usual crown?

- Kingdededesuperfan

Squeaky Bogg

You most likely should pay attention to the clips you are watching as they have "details" or "information" at the side which tends to explain what they are of. At the least, the title should have clued you in. You saw the Kirby of the Stars pilot episode, I'm guessing (barring further supplied input). Not the first episode of the series but the prototype developed for a television series to show concept before any real details are nailed down. It was a five minute or so short with no talking, a rounded "girl" rather than Tiff, and a Wiley E. Coyote-esque King Dedede. It also featured Kirby inhaling and exhaling, not wearing hats, and working with his former adversary. And, in this, yes, he wore an actual pronged crown rather than his normal headgear. I mean, I've only mentioned this superior product enough times in these sessions alone, including recently.

That, or it was just a regular, boring episode where the king wore an actual crown for some reason pertaining to said episode. And when I say "boring", I mean "not some fancy, special, proto-type pilot", although if this case held true, my money would be on that horse.

1.- Why is this named "Ask the Gurus" if there is only one answering ALL the questions?

2.- Do you think that someone could make an epic story in a Kirby game?

3.- Why Kirby needs a snorkel in KSS, Kirby and the Magic Mirror, etc. if he don't use it in Kirby Adventure and Kirby 64?

4.- Do you think that ppl are stupid just because their names/nicks?

5.- Why do you think that Sakurai doesn't care about Kirby (I mean, JUST LOOK AT THE ANIME!)?

- Youdontcare

Squeaky Bogg

1) That's what you call a "relic". If you paid any amount of attention, that detail is fully explained on the very front page to this feature. The section is Ask the Kirby Gurus, and it originally featured Ivyna J. Spyder and Kirby Warrior. Two people, hence plural. It went away and then came back, but not outright and immediately. First it was "Help Nook" and then quickly overtaken to be "Ask Uncle Gobbo". It wasn't supposed to be turned into Gurus, but it's shoddy web management to have nearly identical areas on the same site. Please, ignore all those rubbled fan art areas. Who am I kidding? Those aren't even linked to. Now, I can't change the name of an existing feature, as that would lead to even more inconsistencies, and, besides, they are still here. Not in presence, granted, but in words. Both of their bounties of sessions can still be read and scoured for answers. They were Gurus, their knowledge remains, and so they can still answer inquiries.

2) Anything is possible, but the question truly is should someone do that? It seems that about every Tim, Dick, and Horton has tried their hand at writing a omgreal Kirby fan fiction that pulls the puff out of his soft, comfy environment and throws him into a dark, harsh world. The thing is, though, that such is not Kirby's way. Do I even have to link back to any of the numerous occasions where I've explained that he's a round ball that lives on rainbow color themed islands that make up a star shaped like a star and spends his free time eating, sleeping, dreaming, and eating? Story is just not Kirby's thing.

3) The snorkel is a stupidity safeguard. Other games don't bother to give Kirby the diving mask combo since (a) they do not feature hats, and (b) abilities can be used underwater. These "newer" styled games have a diving mask as yet another hat, signifying mostly use of the "Water Gun" and no use of the currently held ability.

4) A fun fact is that the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover" is actually "You can't always judge a book by its cover." Time and again, as psychological profiling has more than shown us, people are easily readable. To that affect, it is a piece of pie to get an accurate analysis from an individual solely using a provided handle. For example, "Kirby396893" is just an uncreative moron. "Metafanxxy" is oblivious to their idol being an over-sweated tool possibly has a genetic disposition. And... well, all further examples would pretty much be number strings and association with Meta Knight.

5) Sakurai got tired of the demand for sequels, I believe, for the most part. He started working on Kirby when he was nineteen years old, I believe, and he grew up. He probably, also, wanted to expand his portfolio a little.

1. Is the Kracko you summon in the Top Ride mode of "Kirby Air Ride" the same one that Kirby fights in the games? Or his he something else?

2. Is the 'Light' track in "Kirby Air Ride's" Top Ride mode in the same area as the 'Nebula Belt' track? Same for 'Sand' and 'Sky Sands,' 'Fire' and 'Magma Flows,' 'Grass' and 'Fantasy Meadows,' and finally, 'Metal' and 'Machine Passage.'

3. Does the city in 'City Trial' have a name? Or is it actually named 'City Trial?'

4. Does Squeaky Bogg have a backstory?

5. Do copy abilities have a "true" form? If so, would it be the ability orbs from Kirby 64, the ability items from Super Star, or the bubbles from Squeak Squad?

- GigaNerd17

Squeaky Bogg

1) Why, exactly, would it be anything else? Kracko is Kracko, except when "Co" or "Mecha".

2) ... What? ... Why? ... Where are you getting that from? Yes, those are the tracks, but who ever said each had to classified in that manner, if at all. It's an arbitrary attribute in the grand scope of things. Technically, you can slap any appropriate descriptor on those, and it'd still work. I mean, yes, as mentioned priorly, there are some standard motifs followed in levels, but they follow very set trends. Since when, ever, has "light" been a level theme? RPG magic element, yes, but theme? No. Besides, I'd think that Nebula Belt would just be space themed as that type of stage does come up in Kirby games (Halfmoon, Hyper Zone, Gamble Galaxy, Candy Constellation, etc.).

3) Nope, that's it. Well, it could have a secret name, but not one anyone knows of.

4) Yes, he was born out of resent for all the fan characters with the backstory of being the progeny of Meta Knight.

5) No, they do not. They, too, are arbitrary and anamorphic energies that change as suited or needed in a game. Bomb could be Poppy Bros. Jr., Foley, that new stupid clown seen in Wii screen shots, or blackness as seen in Crystal Shards. Whatever form is needed, it will be that in that game. If a hat is needed to represent it, okay, but otherwise nuts to it.

Greetings, Great Guru Gobbo. After such a long time, I finally muster up some new questions to be answered! I thankyou for your wisdom, and all the hard-wrought improvements your clan had made to the Resort :)

1) In the new Mario and Luigi game, Bowser's Inside Story, the Koopa King somehow gains the ability to "inhale" exactly as Kirby does, vacuum-style, and is the main focus of the game, supposedly. Not only that, but I have noticed in some scenes that many of the Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom have "inflated" into spherical versions of themselves, which look an awful lot like Kirby himself, even more-so than they normally do. You probably know even less about this than I, but wouldn't you say that the new M&L is ripping off the Kirby series?

2) Whatever happened to Kirby's classic appearance? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the pink puff's look has changed that much along the course of his games. It's just, I have grown to respect the earlier, less-bulbous and detailed design Kirby first flaunted: A larger, not-quite-so-round body, with smaller appendages, pointier arms, and scrunched in face with thinner eyes, a mouth with fat cheeks, and blush in the form of whisker-marks. Like Nintendo has done with 'Paper Mario' and 'Cat-eye Link', do you ever see them returning Kirby to his simple design of yesteryear?

3) Do you know the name of the large, black bomb/ contact mine that drops frequently in Pon and Con's battlefield? It looks like some fusion of Bomber and a Gordo. If little Tinsel had a name, then this monstrosity should.

4) Thinking way back (or at least to before a year ago... by the way, happy anniversary, Guru the Third!) could you please name 5-10 of the most influential/ most involved users that have visited and contributed to the Rainbow Resort. Oh yea, and they can't be on the current list of Staffers (not that they would be anyway, am I right? XD). I hope this is not asking too much of you, and wish you will not just snub this question off, because... I may be doing something... and the info would really help... that is all ^_^

5) Why did they change Coo's feathery hide from Lavender Purple/ Indigo in Dreamland 2 to just a plain Neutral Gray in Dreamland 3? You know, besides of just of how grossly inconsistent the series is, as a whole.

- Dedede-Daimyo

Squeaky Bogg

What is this? Ask 5 Questions Day?

1) Not really. I'd say it's just coincidence. Inhaling to eat something was not invented by Kirby. It's an old, established cartoon trait used by gluttons. As for the Toads appearing like Kirby, everything looks like Kirby. He's so round and nondescript that it's not too difficult to appear like him. Mostly, be round. Besides, you're tying a trait with one character to the appearance of some others, which really has no string between. We call this a "crazy, imaginary stretch", and, no, I don't know who else outside of myself says that.

2) Nope. That's progress. Move forward, don't look back. Unless it's planned to release a "Mega Man 9" for Kirby, I think the new, pudgy look is staying. Even Dream Land 3, in all its simplicity, had fat flippers over pointed paddles.

3) Tinsel was actually something. Even Gobbler's sidekicks, Pakurieru, are something. The little painting bugs in Canvas Curse, and the missiles of Heavy Mole (although not confirmed officially), and such are all something. Those giant bombs are just things. The coconuts thrown by Bonkers and cubes tossed by Mr. Frosty are nameless as they are simply objects. That giga-bomb does not have limbs or a face (no, the skull doesn't count). It's just a big, ugly bomb.

4) You heard it, folks, Daimyo is making another big ass picture~! Well, purely thinking of non-staff members, which bars any moderators, chat-ops, or even baggers, ... that really cuts out a lot. More like "all". Yeee. Before a year ago, there wasn't much in-site notoriety. No one really popped since, well, no one had a chance to. There was much less participation and such. In fact, the only name of merit that comes to mind is Minon for his gigantic fan work en devour in Kirby Cosmic Chaos. Anyone else who did stuff or contributed typically was absorbed into some facet of the site's working. So, with nothing else really to go on, one other name comes up: the fantastic fan artist, who is sometimes mischief, Aru.

5) Dream Land 2 was a vibrant and colorful affair due to it being on the fledgling coloredness in Game Boy. In 3, the colors were more pastel and muted. Everything was toned down, washed, and faded. It kinda was his original colors if you blanched them down a lot and turned it a bit more realistically colored.

1. As a response for the fourth answer of this question, I disagree with you. Kirby's music has always been inspiring to me and usually everyday I'll find myself humming a tune. Although his music is orchestrated in Smash Bros., I think it'll be great to hear similar music in the main Kirby games. I mean, if you paid attention to Super Mario Galaxy, the music present in the game was very well composed and played. Why is it that Mario should get an orchestrated and Kirby shouldn't? Well... beyond the simple, "Because Mario's more popular and he's worth more."

2. Speaking of music, if Hal decided to add a song (not orchestrated, like with lyrics) in a Kirby game, would you accept that? I think it would be fine, but it would depend on the singer, the lyrics, instuments used (ect., ect., ect.) and how many times they did it. Preferably one time and that's it. No more.

- Zeroslashj

Squeaky Bogg

1) Um, sure. Counter words never spoken. Alright. Regardless, I don't really know what you want me to add here. Simplicity and budget were already covered in the previous question, so your answer is already had.

2) My thoughts haven't changed on vocals within video games. They're still a distraction, still unfitting, and really wouldn't belong in a game series that largely built upon silent characters.

Who's that funny looking guy withe top hat on the Storybook page? And why is he telling me to wake up? Was the storybook all a dream?

- Pokemega32

The Ometon

... What?

Squeaky Bogg

Really, tho', that little odd ball is a reference to "Little Nemo in Slumber Land". There was an odd hobo man with a hat that read "Wake up". When Nemo saw this, he would, and got hurled back into the conscious world. Back in the day, the Storybook was greatly different from the regular run of the site and was considered a secret. It was treated like a myth or illusion, so, to get back to the main site, you would click on Flip to "wake up" and get back to normal. That, or he's the product of LSD. How am I to know?

How come Capsule J is redisigned in Super Star Ultra? Why not do it to Gim?

- Steve Valor

Squeaky Bogg

Why would Yo-yo Gim need to be redone? He was a fine example of an original concept. A one-armed robot with a shoulder in the middle of its face? Pretty unique. Capsule J1, on the other hand, was very notably just a blue colored Waddle Doo that picked up a rocket pack. That's a little sad. I mean, there barely was any change to this mould. The design team could have tried a little harder than that, and this is what J2 pulls off -- a fully new enemy.

Finally found something interesting(?) to talk about in the Gurus for once.

Numba One! (misspelling intentional in lame attempt to sound cool) I can think of a somewhat-plausible in-canon explaination for the renaming of Kaboola in Ultra, and it's somewhat obvious but as you know some people tend to be pretty thick. And that is this: they're not the same blimp. Balloon. Entity.

Really is pretty obvious, I think. The primary premise is in the size difference. In original Dream Land, Kaboola is, what? Twice Kirby's size when he's flying? Back to the future with Kabula in Ultra and, whoa! Definately more than twice the size. Five, ten, maybe twenty times? Unless Dedede took the time and money (so to speak) to massively upgrade Kaboola and rechristened her Kabula for no reason (which would put us dangerously close to the black hole caused by all the dense Meta Knight theories), I don't think they're the same creature, thus wouldn't necessarily have the exact same name. Your thoughts?

Numba Two! Assuming that both appearences of the Star Chariot in Ultra are equal in terms of power, this would imply that the stars Kirby gathers during Revenge of the King (and maybe Spring Breeze by extension) are, at least per unit, more powerful than the seven (eight?) stars in Milky Way Wishes, at least in terms of the power used to create the Star Chariot. Maybe the MWW stars have more total power than the RotK stars (thus why they are able to summon NOVA), but each former individual star is weaker than the latter. ...I'm overthinking Kirby again. Thoughts?

Numba Three! OK, this is an actual question. What is your general opinion on fanworks that place Kirby characters in the roles of other fictional media (i.e. my Kirby Wars comic), assuming they are decently executed? (To clarify, I don't mean a crossover in the traditional sense; I like to think of it as the characters in one fiction "acting out" the other fiction's story as if they were making a film of their own.)

Numba Four! (OK, now it's just starting to get annoying.) Just wanna say, even if it was your bro that actually made the Passport system, it's still pretty nifty. The automatic name fill-out on the Guru's form is pretty cool. Keep up the good work, both of ya!

- Supercomputer276

Squeaky Bogg

1) Or, you're entirely wrong as I've gone over this more logically, accurately, and simply before. First, they've changed a metric tonne of names' spellings in Ultra. Plus, as far as Japan is concerned, all of these names stayed the same. Only the interpretations of these into English has changed... for some reason. The same three katakana that spell Kaboola still spell Kabula. Then, everyone has gotten bigger. Size changes constantly. Dedede is how many times larger than he was first? And all mini-bosses went on a massive weight gain when transitioning into the "everything's bigger" generation. Well, except Phan Phan who actually shrunk to go into Ultra.

Plus, as I've said, it's outward redesign could be more attributed to it being more like a Kaboola's Revenge than some supposedly new boss. The "new boss, same gimmick" stuff flies when looking between Wiz and Paint Roller or to Lololo & Lalala and Pon & Con. Notice how appearances and names are wholly changed between both sets. It's not just a splash of paint and a phonetical equivalent. Only behavior is shared between these guys.

2) My thoughts are that you seriously need to re-evaluate the priorities in your life. For example, try getting a girlfriend. And, coming from me, this is more than a little sad.

3) Truthfully, it's like the "creator" had a complete vacuum of ideas and is killing time and brain cells with their murder to creative originality. I mean, it's one thing to do a fan work which is using beloved characters to have new adventures, but to get those same characters and put them into someone else's? Seriously. Girlfriend.

Repeat Response:

  1. GameQube asked why Kirby never gains any weight; Asiankid asked if his stomach was like a blackhole -- both have the same answer.
  2. Asiankid inquired if Kirby wore shoes or had red feet.
  3. Steven Morford wanted to know if the anime only abilities appeared in any games... Hm. I guess that solves it right there.

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