Ask Guru Gobbo #101

And so starts the run until the next milestone: 1000 sessions. Hey, I work on numbers that matter. No one cares until then, you got it? Theoretical projection: 2012! Just in time to endorse the republican running for the White House. Went there, four years early, no regrets.

- December 7th, 2008

  1. Cheesy
  2. Meta Knight Fan
  3. Theorizer
  4. MetaKnight7
  5. Rgijaba
  6. A Wikipedian
  7. Nickolas The Bold
  8. PokeMega32
  9. Lexperiments
  10. m190049
  11. Huij
  12. Sam J. Ogden

um... in carrot castle, the map is still all flashing and i have all treasure chests. Anyways,

1] How do I submit comics to the site, cuz i sent some almost a year ago and they are still not up!!!

2] Is king dedede a penguin?

- Cheesy

Squeaky Bogg

0) Well, according to the information you gave me before, that is the treasure you said was missing. Don't know what to tell you. This FAQ has a table saying what item is located in what location, and going back to main FAQ page has maps of all the levels that tells where they are.

1) Fan comics are submitted, as said on the Fan Comics page, by email to the address given as an attachment. Or, they can be submitted to the Fan Art Gallery, preferably if they aren't sprite comics. I mean, there are some there already, but I'd prefer real art go in there.

2) Oh, hey, yeah, that's funny. Re-ask the first question I ever got. Already been done, not funny then.

first off congradulation of the 100th sesion. ok i herd that the voice of meta knight and blade knight is the same guy and he had a band; what i the name of his band, what is the name of dreamlands primeminister, i didn't get a good looke of nightmare so if you have a pitchure of him i would like to see it, if meta knight gets into a fight with general grievas [ from star wars episod 3 revange of the sith] who do you think would win, finaly iherd that sword kirby is the most powerful of all the kirbys what do you think mr. guru man person.

- Meta Knight Fan

Squeaky Bogg

1) That individual is Eric Stuart, and his band is, unimaginatively, called the Eric Stuart Band.

2) Dream Land has a Cabinet Minister, not a prime minister, truthfully. The dub botched this like several other things. His name is Sir Parm in the original, or Ebrum in the dub.

3) Pictures and info of Nightmare and his crew can be found on this page. You can find information, pictures, and several other general bits of information in the Anime Section. It's probably a lot easier to browse these few pages for this very superficial information than to ask it here. You know, probably.

4) That's a ridiculous proposed battle. General Grievous is a giant, deadly fighting machine. Meta Knight is, what? Eight inches tall? I know he takes on some pretty big enemies, but this would be like Andre the Giant taking on Godzilla. ... That would be an awesome match!

5) Sword isn't the most powerful ability. I think you mixing the time Kirby was wielding Galaxia, which was effectively the same as Sword but... more potent. Mike and Star Rod, however, packed much more power and destructive, the former at Meta Knight's own admission.

I got a question on the "If You Could Recall Something" contest. Can we send art on out Recalling? I've been drawing all of Dee's abilities and such, along with box art for Dee's Adventure, and I'd like to get it up.

Sorry. I know you hate my questions on the "If You Could" section!

- Theorizer

Squeaky Bogg

Actually, they are probably some of the only notice those things get.

Yeah, you could have art provided for it. I just didn't want to have to try to think of how to come up with images for every entry. They could be so variable that I didn't want to have that trouble. It was scheduled as more a low and lazy recon.

About DeDeDe, It bothers me that people call him King of Dreamland. He is not the king of Dreamland! I remember it as (and I quote), "King DeDeDe, Self-proclaimed King of Dreamland"

...or something like that. Well, I could self-proclaim myself anything. Though, in reality I will STILL be 19 year old guy in college that works in a stockroom. Hey, what can I say? I'm weird. But, then again, normality is a false view of people. We are all different, thus no normal. What was my point again?

OH WAIT! I remember now, Why would anyone call DeDeDe The true king of Dreamland?! Like you said, the Dreamlanders are lazy, so when DeDeDe declared himself King of Dreamland, nobody CARED. Err... well Metaknight seemingly did. At this point its getting rather TOO long. Goodbye and Good luck!

- MetaKnight7

Squeaky Bogg

The "self proclaiming" is a matter only in the animated series, just to make clear. I believe, as the story goes, King Dedede just sort of wandered to that land and said, "Sure, yeah, I'll take it." That, by right, makes him King. That's how things worked back then. Stick a flag in it and claim it for the crown. Old timie explorers did it all the time. He just did the territory claiming himself. Stakes are a frivolous thing. You can just claim anything, but what makes it yours is keeping it yours. That happened a lot as "uninhabited" land would get double claimed for two crowns, but blood or barter would solve those disputes. Dedede kept his land his, mostly likely from the lack of competition. So, he would be self proclaimed king. A rightful king is one who either seizes power from another or is born or wed under their name. Starting a royal blood line is a lot trickier of business.

Well, I had no plans to ever return, but now that you're answering questions about the Story Book, I have one final question for you! And that is: what do you have to do while encountering Fire Lion to get that B ending ranking? Also, I really didn't expect that li'l video of Bogg and his Unnamed Arch Enemy.

- Rgijaba

Squeaky Bogg

Yeah, I just stopped caring at some point. I think it was when Project RAINBOW thing fell through entirely. Wander Across Total Oblivion had a theme of poking fun at it's lack of progress, but when the crux to the gag left and it wasn't as openly obvious, I just said, "Nuts to this" and started acknowledging it. By then, the initial fun and secrecy died down. You don't want to blow the surprise for people who hadn't had the chance to learn it for themselves. That'd be like getting the ending blown to a movie during the previews.

You have to beat Fire Lion. I thought that'd be obvious. I mean, what you ask isn't a direct question or strategy but more of a cheat to get through. That's just lazy. I will give help on it, however. Take with you a weapon and some friends. They'll be of big help as you go for the kill.

Gobbo, thanks for getting back to me on that... and of course, a belated congratulations on triple digits. I'm quite impressed at how quickly things go around here. Anyhow, I've got a few more questions for you (all of which are things I'm trying to add and delete from "the Wiki").

1) Is there anything more than rumors that Kirby Wii could possibly exist? I keep looking and all I find are really, really old things from last year saying "It'll be released by 2008!" (We see that didn't work out), and rumors in gaming blogs. Anything substantial out there?

2) If you can answer this one, than you really are a guru... okay, so "BS Kirby no Omotya Bako Baseball" was some Japanese SNES add-on game awhile back. It's listed in your site, actually... but I digress. My question is, well, I read somewhere once that it was one in a series of games. Can you validate that? Or is that a bunch of baloney?

3) And this one is just of curiosity: what makes you enjoy Kirby so much? I've always been more of a Mario person myself, and to see someone so dedicated to the series is frankly a bit surprising and perplexing to me. I must know more!

A pleasure as always.

- A Wikipedian

Squeaky Bogg

1) There's no question of about whether or not Kirby Wii exists. That's a known fact. It's real, it's out there. The question is only if it will be released at any reasonable point in time. That's what everyone is holding their breath over. I'm right there with you, too. The last update had on the title was early '08 about it being released sometime this year. With less than a month of that promised time frame left and absolutely no mention of the game at E3 by Nintendo, not that I think much of anything anyone cared about got much mention there, I'd say things are bleak. Those old reports on the title that you speak of are all there really is on this game within the last year. The fans are the only ones who seem to care about it, not the parent company. This title is just stifled in limbo. It just seems to go through cycles of piqued interested and crashed hopes with its watchers, who ravenously await the slightest shred of information to gorge upon like wolves. Ravens are now wolves. Keep up, class.

2) Closest I can tell from what you heard is a misunderstanding. I'd guess. Far as I know, there's only one Kirby baseball game, being the one stated. However, there's a ton of BS games out there, but this was just the title prefix for the Satellaview, standing for "Broadcast Satellaview". I'd assume someone heard that it was one in a series of the BS games and got confused. ... I'd guess. From the most complete lists of BS games that I've been able to find, only one Kirby game appears on the list. There's lots of Mario, some Zelda, but just one Kirby.

A Message from Bimblesnaff of the Future

It came to my knowledge, just days after posting this, that Rainbow Resort's own forums had been growing a topic since late November on all the other BS Kirby no Omotya Bako games. Every list only seems to mention "Baseball", but there's a good dump more of other simple ball and hole related games, including "Arrange Ball", "Cannon Ball", "Guru Guru Ball", Pachinko, Hoshi Kuzushi, Pinball, and "Ball Rally", totaling the games to eight. Read more and see videos of some at the Kirby no Omotya Hako topic. Oh, yeah, since the "B" character is about the same as the "H", they can apparently be interchanged or at least easily mistaken. That makings finding out things easier.

Returning to the time period of the past...

3) I like Mario, of course. Mario was the super star back when I got a NES. I remembered jamming the pipes with the plumber back on the Atari. And it was "back" for me then. That was, like, a fifth of my current life's span. Proportionally, that's huge. And I liked all of his titles... up to Super Mario World. After that point, I kinda stopped buying new Nintendo consoles.

Anyhoo, I love side scrollers. I mean, I'm old -- that's our style. Kirby pretty much kept this formula going. Even when 3D, he's technically still 2D game play. Another winner with Kirby was simultaneous game play between a first and second player. When you have a twin brother, that sort of stuff helps a lot. Otherwise, the other one just sits there and watches the other one play. I'd ask why we did that, but I still do that. How the game is played aside, Kirby is just so damn adorable. I've always liked cute, round, squishy things.

Now, when you stand the two next to each other, both have similar things to offer. Now, in my favorite Mario game, Super Mario Bros. 3, you had all sorts of crazy suits to power up with. The stupid problem was that you couldn't easily get these abilities. A Hammer suit was like a big foot sighting, and only available near the end of the game. And Tanooki? It was just a fuzzier Raccoon with an added statue effect. What a cop out. And let's not forget that Kuribo's Boot. One level. Now that's a gyp. Kirby, on the other hand? Tons of variety, first off, and right off the bat. The first level in Adventure offered as many abilities as Mario had through an entire game. That's what I call choice. I love the construction of game play, and I enjoy being able to vary it. It's the one true way to play the same game like new.

Anyhoo x2, when you go and look for Mario fans and fan sites, you get lost. There's a bounty of them out there, and plenty of good ones. Mario Mania is still wide spread and rampant. Kirby, however, being a "beginner" game, is often abandoned by many fans. I mean, who wants to support a pink puff? The fact that there's so little American support for the guy makes me say, "Hey, I could actually do something and get notice for it." That's a big part of it, too. Being able to make a noticeable difference across this great big web has a lot of meaning. If there was a lot of heated competition on the Kirby game scene, then I'd probably say, "Hey, that's cool" and work quietly on my own site. Quiet, in deed. I think it may have gotten a hit yesterday -- shock! I probably should be working more on the game information, as is my true dedication, but... you know. Or not.

Hi, it's me again. Just have a couple minor questions to ask this time around.

1. Should Kirby have voice acting? I mean, since you complained so much about how he basically speaks nothing but baby gibberish all of the time in the anime yet in the mangas he speaks full dialogue, would it be wise to experiment with Kirby, give him some more personality and depth, make him a more interesting character and more likeable than he already is?

2. Why do you hate Chuchu so much? From what your previous posts have implied, you appear to loathe the adorable little octopus. Also, i LOVE the Sand Canyon opening cutscene from Kirby's Dreamland 3-when Chuchu slapped Gooey and looked like "Oh, sorry..." all innocent looking, i laughed my butt off.

3. Should Pixar make a Kirby related film? Y'know, family friendly? CGI? Voice for Kirby or should there be minimal voice acting like WALL-E? Great portrayal and nods to the games? Absolutely no ties to the anime whatsoever? What do you think the plot should be like?

4. Should Kirby games have fully orchestrated music? I mean on the scale of Disney's Fantasia (The original 1940 one, not the 2000 sequel) Have you ever seen the final segment of it called "Night on Bald Mountain"? It's ****ing incredible. You can find it on youtube-it's split into two parts-first is just called Night on Bald Mountain, the second part is called Ave Marie. Imagine Kirby with that kind of fantastic music...

- Nickolas The Bold

Squeaky Bogg

1) Yes, I do complain that Kirby doesn't speak in the animated series a lot. In the animated series being the key note in that statement. The games, unlike a televised program, are not dialogue driven. With the exception of the Super Star's Revenges, talking and even explanation are of no worth to little worth in the games, as they should not be. The only talking a good platformer needs is a set up to the game and an ending. "Onoz, save the day. Yay, you did it." You don't need Kirby speaking in between. That doesn't add anything.

2) I hate Chuchu because, when I first saw her, I had no idea what she was. "What is this sack of ugly? 'Chuchu'? Is it... gum? This thing scares me." That's probably the bulk of it. Once I had the flapjack octopus revelation revealed to me, it all made sense, but the initial reaction damage was already done. She just looks like someone wasn't trying and scribbled a lump and put a bow on it. She actually is quite fun to use in the games, but, also, I bet the same with bards and gnomes. If anyone ever saw a Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player Handbook, they'd know why those two are forbidden from being used...

3) If anyone could pull off a Kirby flick, Pixar would be the one. They have a great grasp on three dimensional cartooning. Their fat people surface modeling technology would translate great for getting a grip on Kirby's flipper to sphere joint actions. Really, though, I'd want to see a traditionally animated Kirby movie before a 3D one. That'd be tops.

4) I think the Kirby soundtrack is great now. I mean, it sure would be awesome with a full orchestra, but what wouldn't be classed up with such? Outside of the final boss battle, there's not too many scenes that call for such a drastic and intense atmosphere. Typically, I'd think you'd be too busy trying to beat the boss to really notice the music. The symphony works well for games like Final Fantasy where you don't need to to make immediate, action oriented decisions... and have a gigantic budget.

Hey Bimblesnaff!

Congrats on your milestone!

1) Is it possible to not run into F'room in the Story Book? And are you supposed to reach the B rank ending?

2) Are any more storybooks going to be added?

- PokeMega32

Squeaky Bogg

1) You can avoid F'room. That's why it tells you for the F ending, "Hey, try not to find these two bozos. They're no good," in some fashion. Hey, it even took me a good many times to not fall into their pit of despair. In fact, I did it by complete accident.

1.5) Yes, B is the best. There is no A. The B ending even tells you of this. That is the best you can score.

2) There's supposed to be one about the Red Diamond hoax. I have it planned out, but it needs to be more intelligently designed. Plotting those things out is harder than I thought. Possibly expect it sometime over Christmas?

Wait, When kirby beat kracko in the anime and inhaled lightning, how did he turn into sword kirby instead of spark kirby? I don't get it.

- Lexperiments

Squeaky Bogg

I cite that one happening as when I gave up on the Kirby cartoon. I even go out of my way to roll my eyes over it eating lightning to get Sword. As to why it happened, it happened because it's total bull. It doesn't make sense and it can't be explained. Well, I suppose I could say that Spark is suppose to be actual sparks and not electric current, but they haven't followed that line of reasoning since Dream Course. Spark is now just "Electricity with a Shorter Name". No, their choice cannot be defended, and I've defended far worse atrocities. Instead, I can only say that the animated series is stupid -- completely brainless stupid. It, obviously, hates common sense, lines of reasoning, Kirby, all which is decent in the world, you, me, puppies, sun shine, candy, and itself.

Ack, there I go and got going again. People, you know I'm not supposed to be encouraged about thrashing the show. It's just too easy.

That thing on the top of Session 100...

I can't see it! D=

When I look at it, it says "Click here to download plugin", with what looks like a blue lego-block on top. When I click it, it searches for a couple seconds, than it says, "No suitable plugins were found. Unknown Plugin (application/octet-stream)"

...What do I do!? D=

- m190049

Squeaky Bogg

Well, luckily, you aren't missing much, I'd say. It's an embedded movie file. If your browser didn't suppose the embed feature, it should have provided a link to the file. It is, however, a Windows movie file (.wmv), so I don't know how that would load on a non-Windows computer. The best I can suggest is going around the embed and just viewing the Session #100 Introduction directly. I've added this to defaultly display on the top of the page just in case it actually does help.

Uuhhhh, is the new Recalling thing where you talk about your past ideas even a contest??? If not, I'm feeling veeeeeery gyped, and surprised.

- Huij

Squeaky Bogg

Not really, no. As it said in the introduction: I was feeling lazy, I was curious, and it was a cop out. Maybe I just have more interest in seeing how people's minds work, probably because I have to think of how to make this thing stretch out for as long as possible and need insight to what people have done. This was the original idea behind it, after all: to get what people thought of. When people make things "fresh", I dunno. Something seems off, so I need to try to find the handle on this boiling kettle to move it to a different burner. Stove top metaphors: proof I started drinking too early today, or not soon enough! To a lesser extent, the "contests" run about two months, and this will serve as a spacer to stretch out till January where they can regularly occur in two month intervals to evenly fill up a year... assuming I can think up enough to get that far...

will there be a space kirby?

ive done loads of drawings of my own kirbys!


- Sam J. Ogden

Squeaky Bogg

I cannot say if, throughout all time, there will ever be a Space ability for Kirby. I'm not psychic. It's known that there is Water ability in the progressing Wii title, but no other future abilities for the puff ball are known. There's a forum member at the site with the moniker Cosmic Kirby, and that's about the closest thing.

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