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For a change of pace, this round of contest, being the holiday season, I wanted to be a bit less work. A lazy cop out? Whatcha talkin' about? Rather than make up something new, I want to hear something old. What have you made for Kirby previously?

This whimsical story time was inspired by Leirin who made mention of adventures a Kirby character named Lay would have, yarns spun back in childhood. This made me remember the good old reason that the Interactive Fandom was even created -- to tap into constructs of years past. Even I've been mostly failing at this. I remember years ago, early mid-90's, these crazy concoctions. I've had a boom of Kirby creations in the last few years, mostly because of this site, but, back in the day, I didn't make these things with the same goal in mind. They just came about for fun.

I remember my buds making a furry friend named Kiki the Raccoon to some shade wearing, cool puffball dubbed Dolby and the planned paper game worlds they were to trek through. I recall wishing that Glunk and Bounder could have their powers taken, for some reason, and that Blopper would come back to offer his frosting toss as a copy. Weirdest of all, I recall and my still have the picture for a snail enemy and Kirby using his ability. These were all just some of the things I recall made up for Kirby. A lot didn't have any real practical thought put behind them, but there they were. We did it for all sorts of games and things. There were no "fan" creations back then. This was before forum RPs and avatars. It was just messin' around for the fun of it.

So, my question to you all is: what did you imagine in Kirby games? Enemies, items, powers, characters, bosses? A wife for Mr. Frosty? An eye who stepped forward and accepted the title of Kracko Sr.? ... Some variation of Meta Knight, most likely?

There is no real rules for this one. I'm really just curious. You can submit brief examples or long narritives of your past practices. The only things I really ask is that: 1) try to make it more a narrative than a long list, and 2) things you did in a fan fiction or the sort within the last year are not tossed in. Try to reach back, far back as possible. I don't care how silly or even embarassing it is.

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Last Updated - October 12th, 2009