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Manga Bogg

* cue dramatic music * It is I! Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Enemy ... once more! That crafty Squeaky Bogg may have survived my first attempt at annihilating him, but he won't be so lucky this time. Rather than creating a copy of the fiend with a bucket of black paint and Fallout Boy CDs, I've decided to cut out all of his weaknesses and create the perfect version of the little wretch. Behold, Magna Bogg! Hey, wait second. That's not "magna" at all. It's manga! Ultra curses! I made a typo in the formula! Now he'll just speak "engrish" and plot points that make no sense.

Wait, the formulas used to create these Squeaky Copies work off of spelling? That doesn't sound very scientific at all.

- October 5th, 2008

  1. Why Do You Care
  2. Nega-Bogg Fan
  3. Sonny B
  4. Not Freaked Out
  5. Angelica
  6. Theorizer
  7. Pompadour
  8. Death Kirby
  9. Leint
  10. SuperComputer278
  11. Waddle Doo
  12. Error Taxi
  13. PokeMega32
  14. MetaKnight7
  15. Chimera
  16. Dedede-Daimyo

Whats The Point of The story Book it's impossible!

- Why Do You Care??


... What?

I'm Nega-Bogg's 1# Fan!

Holy crap! You can track IP addresses? That's really cool! Anyway, will Nega-Bogg get more animations/faces in the future? And is there a certain pattern on your level annoyance and the Squeaky Bogg face? Or is it sort of random and spur of the moment.

- Nega-Bogg Fan

Squeaky Bogg

1) IP tracking really isn't that fancy. It's a basic PHP function, which is how the submitted questions are even recorded. It was incorporated to proof against imitations when Potato Soup Man had an imposter.

2) Nega Bogg was wholly done as a spur of the moment, fun twist. He won't be getting any more frames, just like the Ice Cream Island Crew.

3) Reason? Pattern? Does that sound like anything normally done around here? No, it's all just spur of the moment. Actually, the entire Nega Bogg thing was pre-planned by just some questioner weeks ago.

In Kirby 64, when you fight Adeleine, she paints some minions to attack you. All of them are identifiable... except one. There is this one enemy that Adeleine created, between the Mumbies and the Ice Dragon, that is brown with a red center and all pixelated, in a 'censored' way, not the 8-bit way. What in the world do you think that is?

- Sonny B

Squeaky Bogg

Since I do not own the game, all I can see of it is what can be found on-line. And, yeah, it seems to just be a big, ugly blur of pixels. I cannot say much more than that. Sorry.

Ha Ha! I win! the secretly hiding bogg is now defeated! I made it fast enough this time and smashed him in the face with my cursor, leading me to the secret story page, which i added to my favorites. Now i no longer have to see that smiling squeaky bogg quickly look out and hide again and feel guilty for not being fast with the mouse!

- Not Freaked Out, 'Cuz I Win

Squeaky Bogg

... What? Oh, wait, it's not the line of mine.

Why isn't Meta Knight ever shown without wings in Kirby Right back at ya?

- Angelica

Squeaky Bogg

I think you are jumbled. He is only shown without wings in the animated series. His cloak is the only thing present in the show. Wings were only used in the unaired pilot when Meta Knight was a bad guy.

You know... Nega Bogg isn't very evil. Why... he's basically the same as Squeaky Bogg...

It's like shadow Kirby and normal Kirby from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror! I'm a genius! I figured out your little Kirby copying! Yay for THEORIZING!


1. In Great Cave Offensive, why is it Kirby makes a complete circle in the giant cave, and winds up back where he started, but for some reason there's a warp star? Did Kirby know there would be a warp star there? Why did he have to make that huge circle if he wanted to get out so bad?

2. Why do all of the end mini-movies inf Kirby Superstar Ultra involve the sunset? I think it's kinda... really corny.

3. Will there ever be a remake of Kirby's Dreamland 3? Will there at least ever be Kirby's Dreamland 3 for the virual console?

4. I've never really watched the anime... Who is Escargoon, and where the hack did that talking snail originate from?

5. How could you say that Kirby's evil in Session 67! Kirby has saved the world from complete peril sooooo many times, that when he's taking a one second break from defeating darkness in, (Kirby Squeak Squad), and suddenly, a completely random team of stupid mice steal his lunch that he's worked so hard to get the chance to eat, you can't blamne him for runninf across the country side in a fit destroying enemies that would try to destroy him, if he didn't kill them!!! Hrrph!!!

...Ohhh... way to end on a positive note, Theorizer... Hehe...

- Theorizer

Squeaky Bogg

0) Nope, he wasn't even my doing. It was entirely inspired by other people. Negative Bogg, Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Enemy, all were from other people. I just hodge-podged it together.

1) The Warp Star in Great Cave Offensive is located below where Kirby starts off. It has to break through some layers of rock to get out wholly. Plus, Kirby was on his way to the pit for some adventure anyways. Why else would he pack the hard hat and pick? So, since he was already going there, why wouldn't he make use of the trip?

2) Pretty much, yeah. The sunset is representative of a finish, the end of a conflict. Of course, when you put so many back to back, it really brings out the cheese.


4) Escargoon is King Dedede's right hand man, or horribly abused henchman. He has no origins from the games. He was purely made for the animated series.

5) It was a heel persona session.

Hello again! I've been trying to think of another question to ask you, and this one came in mind.

You know in Kirby Super Star, when Kirby flies around in the Star Chariot, shooting inside Nova? That whole level seemed so un-kirby to me, and the music was very different from the usual Kirby sound.

Did they parody something? A space shooter in that very style? If so, would you know what game it was?

Either way, it was still a pretty nifty stage.

Thanks again!

- Pompadour

Squeaky Bogg

There wouldn't be any particular shooter game it would have been based on. After all, they are all so similar. No, this Heart of NOVA battle, at least that was its name when I played it, is just themed after the Mint Leaf battle with Kaboola and the Star Rod battle with Nightmare. They just wanted to make it something fancy and made it a shuttle rather than a held weapon.

Has anyone ever saw a fumu giantess pic anywhere? oh and why is in 4kids dub is that they made a movie but japan didnt get it?

- Death kirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) I can certainly say that I am clueless to what you are referring to and cannot find any matter related to it.

2) It wasn't really a movie. In America, they just grouped together the last episodes and packaged it as a movie to make it seem more special.

Hi! I'm back and ready for some more questions! Let's hope you're here for more answers! It is your job!

So you stated that the worst power that Kirby had was the wheel. Well I want to know, what the most useless ability is in a Kirby game?...well, what your opinion is. I'm betting between sleep and light.

Have you ever had a Kirby related question that you never knew the answer to but wanted to find out what it was?

If Kirby didn't have the job of going and saving... or destroying the day depending on which game, what kind of job do you think he'd take up instead?

Do you think that there is a limit as to how high Kirby could fly into the atmosphere?

Do you feel Galacta Knight will become another overrated character in the Kirby verse, only standing second to Meta Knight?

Well, I've decided. Since I'm sure his birthday is within the next 365 days, I'll be sure to go and get Bogg something special for his birthday. Perhaps a special mace to settle those newlywed arguments.

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

1) The most useless power, yes, is Sleep. Sure, it offered you health in Squeak Squad if you had the upgrade, but, in all the other games, the only point it served was to be cute. At least Light helped you get hidden switches. Sleep, nothin'.

2) There's plenty of those. That's a lot of the real questions I get. I don't know that stuff and have to find it out. Outside of that, though, there's nothing I wonder about. If I want to know, I find the answer.

3) I don't really think anyone in Dream Land has a job. They are far too lazy. If Kirby were to be employed, I think trash removal would definitely be an option. I'm sure the obvious option of taste tester would be argued, but, really, do you think anyone in on Pop Star actually savors what they eat? Nah.

4) I think the only limit to Kirby's flying height is when he would tire out. On a Warp Star, he can soar out of the atmosphere. No worry of air supply. By right, it would be easier to fly the higher he got up.

5) Galacta Knight is the Meta Knight to Meta Knight. He's even pink to be like who Meta Knight was the antagonist for. However, it's too early to rule whether or not Galacta Knight will even make another appearance. After all, it took Meta Knight how long to fully blossom, and Marx never got a chance to shine outside Super Stars, which were over a decade apart from one another.

6) Whoa, now. Let's not drag weapons into marriage disputes. That stuff ain't nice or right.

First, concerning your response to Sir Meta Knight in the anime, to the best of my knowledge he was never referred to as "Sir" in the dubs. Only in the Japisodes (OK, that's dumb I know), using the -dono suffix.

Speaking of the anime, that leads to my question: what parts of the anime do you, shall we say, dislike the least?

- SuperComputer276

Squeaky Bogg

This is since our animation is the superior excellence. We do everything better and cooler. The American lower version could never keep up.

But, all feuds with the series as a whole have been aired. Baka! That's aimed at either the series or myself. Is not really a problem.

why do you always say folk?

- Waddle Doo

Squeaky Bogg

Folk is just another way to say "dudes" or people. Folk is just a synonym for the right priority. You got a problem with "folk"?

Hey, I think I have an idea as to how Ado and Adeline were mixed up... The Japanese would spell Adeline like "ADORIN", since they have like, no "du" sound, or, they don't use it for foriegn sounds too much.

Anyways, now that that's been said, do you think it was a good idea to change Kirby's sprite in Super Star Ultra? That's what made stuff like the sleep infested room in the Great Cave Offensive so much easier. He's smaller, with a smaller hitbox, and despite their graphic changes, I think it changed the gameplay slightly...

That and I miss the original sprites...

- Error Taxi

Squeaky Bogg

1) Someone wasn't paying attention to when I already covered the Japanese spelling of Ado and Adeleine. I really when an old ghost is dug back up with nothing really added, 'cuz now the new theories will come on in.

2) There going to update the sprites with a new game. They pretty much have to in order to not seem lazy. That stuff would fly with the old Game Boy graphics, but, back then, they made a new game every year. Nowadays, they have a pace that makes redesigning sprites more needed. Plus, I think Kirby is enough of a draw now that they can afford it. Back when, maybe not so much.

Thnaks for posting that Faces of Gobbo page!

But I'd like to know, where did that freaky Manga Gobbo come from?

It creeps me out...

- PokeMega32

Squeaky Bogg

Wai wai! That's not true. Onegai! I'm sugoi! Your accusations are baka! So forth. Other generic otaku phrases.

Sorry about the last one, i was just unsure about this whole guru thing since even doubts struck you. anyways, just curious, but what game did Metaknight originally appear in? (i would love to know)

- MetaKnight7

Squeaky Bogg

Meta Knight? Hah! That inferior swordsman is a hack. I could best him with my superiorly crafted katana in a straight dual. Regardless, his first appearance was in Kirby's Adventure where he lorded over Level 6, Orange Ocean.

1.what would happen if kirby ate a vacuum.

2.what is the history of ometon.

3.who is the record holder for the most questions.

how many icons(all of them) are there.

4.why does king dedede still all the food in spring breeze

5.what would happen if kirby ate pac-man

6.what would happen if kirby ate the universe

7.what would happen if kirby ate poison

- Chimera

Squeaky Bogg

1) I'd be out one vacuum cleaner, that's for sure. Vacuums don't have powers, and Kirby already sucks.

2) The Ometon was a force cut from the heart of darkness and fashioned from the tears of elves. These two conflicting forces created a heart and soul in the otherwise soulless being. But, this was in an alternate dimension which was another life for both of them. Also, it was his sister. Does it sound enough like a manga plot yet? Robots and aliens are involved, too.

3) You still are champion with twenty-two at once and who knowns how many total.

3.5) There's a page of all the faces now. You can count, right? I know I can. Ichi, ni, ... um... tres?

4) Dedede Daiou took all the food in Spring Breeze for the same reason he took it in Dream Land, which, technically, are both the same event. He's a greedy jerk.

5) The world would be less one Pac-Man. That's okay. We still have, um... Pacé-mon! Go, terrible barely-a-pun!

6) Well, I believe we would all be dead then.

7) Then just he would be dead.

Hello Gobbo and Bro! I am here once more, with some questions that are hopefully more preferable and thoughtout than some of the recent submissions you have gotten as of late...

1) To clear up (or perhaps complicate) the Galaxia/Master debate, I noticed that in Kirby Super Star Ultra's Meta Knightmare mode, MK usually carries the plain looking sword. However, the power meter that is on the bottom screen is clearly depicted as being the many-toothed Galaxia (or that larger Amazing Mirror sword). What is really strange is that when Meta Knight either does a rapid stab or shoots a sword beam, the Galaxia image actually comes out of his regular sword. If they could graphically put in an after image of the more detailed sword, then why cant they just make up their minds and pick one or the other?! Also, Sword and Blade Knights' swords have that single-toothed look, so it can't be that difficult. (After this answer, there should be no more discussion here regarding MK's sword!)

2) I can say for a fact, that my favorite addition to Super Star Ultra was Revenge of the King. Not only does it bring back classic characters and scenarios, it has character development shown in Revenge of Meta Knight-esque dialog throughout the final level! My question is, if you can answer it, why does the "Great King" wear that metal mask in the final showdown? With it, he kind of resembles Bowser.

3) We are both mature people, so this next question deserves some serious and non-offensive thought: I always thought that Wham Bam Rock in KSS was meant to resemble some what of "Black-face", but the KSSU version has him looking sort of like a tiki. These would be representative of two different cultures, which is odd they would do such a thing, but I can understand them wanting to change his look based on the modern implications of such a depiction. Then I saw Wham Bam Jewel. So, I don't really know what to think.

4) In Meta Knightmare Ultra, during the Revenge of Meta Knight scenarios, MK deliberately destroys his own battleship! I know that through the entire course of his subgame, MK beats up his friends and acquaintances in order to train for the final battle, which is really intemperate, but I can't understand why he would want to take out his loyal crew and Halberd as well, unless he wanted to un-do the wrongs he'd done in RoMK. I don't think you can say that the director just had him do it to move the game along, because they actually animated the scenes in, and altered the part so you don't actually have to face another MK. Plus, who was piloting/commanding the takeoff of the Halberd then?!

5) Now for some questions regarding everyone's favorite game, Kirby's Dreamland 2. At the beginning of Whispywood's boss fight, why is he disguised with a surgeon's mask and swirly glasses? Also, are the bosses you fight in that game all possessed by Darkmatter, or is King Dedede the only one? Ok, one more: there are minibosses named Blade, Butch, and Masher in KDL2. Their resemblance to The Meta Knights is uncanny, yet Meta Knight himself is nowhere in this game. Do you think that it is possible that Darkmatter created these three based on MK's henchmen seen in Kirby's Adventure?

6) Do you have any ideas for another Kirby "If You Could..." Creation Contest? I actually have a few ideas for new Airride/ racing machines/ characters that HAVE NOT BEEN DONE YET. If you can't tell, I really like making Kirby art and take my work seriously. Anyway, I'll be waiting for any new happenings at KRR in the future, with anticipation!

Thankyou again for answering these questions. I think that it is better for people to wait until they come up with good questions until they need to ask them. Also, it is not the number of questions which are asked that make a good session, IMO, but the manner in which they are asked, and the quality of the questions. Peace.

- Dedede-Daimyo

Squeaky Bogg

1) I've actually made note of teeth on other blades, but the energy replications of the saw sided sword is news to me. Really, I just don't think they know what they are doing. They have one image one place, the other at another place, and inter-splice the two constantly. They could have easily, by now, picked on way and stuck with it, but no. They keep seesawing back and forth between the two like they are kicking around what color to paint their bathrooms. They come to some conclusion to see what either would look like in actual application, but still wind up indecisive, so now they have a bathroom with two colors of wall. Raarg! Of course, it's Meta Knight, so I really don't care much about what, why, or how come. That clipper of concern sailed off years ago and was gunned down by Mongolian pirates. That's right, land locked nations can have pirates. Who are you to deny them of an occupation?

2) I don't actually know why King Dedede was put into a metallic masquerade, but I have a unsettling gut opinion of it. When I first heard it, I had my initial reaction, and as more information came, it only seemed to be more plausible of a case. Let us count the ways: The Revenge, a darker, less friendly and happy way of Kirby; a metal mask worn over the face; offering up Kirby a hammer, the same weapon used by the king; dialogue taking place between villainous characters, a la -- yep, you guessed it by now, probably -- Revenge of Meta Knight. The name, the style, the motifs. Revenge of the King, I believe, outside of being good ol' Extra Mode was a sponge off of the masked sword man's game, if not him alone. It's like a parasite, leeching off what factors made it unique and original. Ripping off your own game? Man, that's a new one. Revenge, darker themes, masks, offering weapons. These aren't just mild coincidences. Those are straight up similarities.

3) Tiki/Islander/Pacific nationer faceness, yeah, I can see that. With the get-up and attire, of what is visible, Wham Bam definitely is suppose to be modeled after some type of tribal deity thing. Of course, can one point a finger at visual racial insensitivity when there's T.A.C. standing right there? Truthfully, tho', I just think such implications for big Rocko are coincidence. It's a shadowy figure, so this masks most of it in black. They wanted some key facial features, the emotion points, to be visible to, of course, show emotion. Animation 101 as well as the aspects exploited by animé, exaggerate the eyes and mouth. Well, Bammy's mouth is shut most of the time, so pronounce the lips more. I truly believe there was no slander or insensitivity meant in the design. It's just a big ball of "How else are we suppose to?"

4) I guess you could say what better way to test your strength, and that of your crew, by taking it on yourself? Yeah, I know, it's really bogus. Really, I think it is explained as simple as they wanted Meta Knight to be able to play through the entire game. I know they cut out the battle against himself, but that is one minor edit. Cutting out the entire sub-game of Revenge of Meta Knight would probably incite more fans than the less than logical demolishing of his own warcraft. As for the commander of the ship, I would think Captain Vul would handle that.

5) "Everyone's favorite"? I know it's my favorite, but I believe there'd be more than a few people to disagree with that statement, or who would possibly ask if such a game even existed. Anyhoo, the swirly glasses Whispy wears are puzzling to me, even now, but the surgical mask is really more of a muzzle to keep the crazy tree under control. At least, that's what I got from it. And the only foreign explanation I get is "mask and glasses", so it doesn't seem to be lightly culturally concealed in any way. If its a reference to something deeply buried, I can't find it.

Anyhoo, it is taken that the bosses, as well as all the enemies, were under the control of Dark Matter. And, even if not, they would have been under orders of the King who was under control of Dark Matter, so they would be forced to act evil or in an impeding way to Kirby regardless.

Blade, Butch, and Masher are not actually mini-bosses. They are just regular enemies, but, much like Mumbies, they cannot be defeated by simply inhaling them. They still take one hit, be it from an air pellet or a star bullet, to take out. Anyhoo, only Butch has any real connection to The Meta Knights as he is exactly like Ax Knight, particularly the design seen in Adventure. Masher actually looks nothing like Mace Knight, and Blade, even if he could be compared to Sword Knight as he certainly wouldn't be paired with Blade Knight (ironically!), has no connection to the crew as the crew, in its truest definition, lacks a swordsman in its ranks except for the one wielded by the guy at the helm, Meta Knight himself.

There origins, however, I do not pin on Dark Matter or anything that spectacular. No, it is probably more like how things with Dark Mind went: the game makers wanted to use something like the Meta Knights but didn't want to actually use them. After all, they weren't being summoned by Meta Knight and didn't have the pack orientation that they did prior. Plus, they could be inhaled, had a different member count, and a type of armament that wasn't even included in the original batch. There's a lot more reason for making a similar but different enemy as in this case than there ever is for making an identical but different enemy, like goes for Gip and Phan Phan.

6) There actually is another If You Could... already written up and on the books, as well as the outcome to the If You Could Make An Animal Friend, which have actually been lying around for a few days. I've just been, well, occupied for the most part and haven't been able to push those through. I have a feeling my schedule will free up soon, however.

Repeat Response:

  1. Some Random Idiot wanted to know if Ometon was related to Squeaky Bogg.
  2. Enoc wanted to know about the Block Ability.
  3. Enoc also wanted to about any other unused sprites.

Well, I guess that's the end of me, Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Enemy. Who would have thought my poorly contrapted schemes would have failed?

And who would have thought that after a month, I couldn't be able to think up a better pay off to this whole event.

Yeah, it was pretty weak. Hey, wait, what happened to Manga Bogg?

Oh, I got tired of him. So, he wound up in a blender.

... Huh. Okay, well, anyways, have this memento. It was suppose to be a detonator to some killer death ray, which if you think about it doesn't make any sense, which explains why it didn't work.

Hey, neato! So it never- * KABLAMO! *

Oh! So I put the explosives in the detonator. That must have been sticking up the button. No wonder it wouldn't press for me. You must have loosened it up and - ... ew. I'm getting out of here before the cops arrive.


Uncle Gobbo got exploded! No, really. He won't be in any condition to answer let alone breath under his own power for a while.

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