Fan Thoughts is the section of the site where your opinions get voiced. Did a certain Kirby title pick your brain? Have a view about something unexplained? Think you know a character's motives? Think anything that you want to share with others? Tell it to world; Here, the floor is yours. Talk about anything. Anything except abilities. Those go in the Ability Reviews. Back to the rest, if you want your voice heard, mail an entry to the KRR Staff!

Thanks to SiR6 for the inspiration to create this section!

Fan Thoughts Object Key
Game Review Game Review
Review Other Review
Theory Theory
Complaint Complain
Response Response
AJ Texas 22
Kirby, Meta Knight, and Nightmare Theory
King Dedede and Nightmare
Anime Complaint
Kirby's Future
Importing Games
What's in a Name
Baby Charmander
Response to Toad 126 and Kirby Volt's Anime Complaints
Meta Knight: Why We Loved Him, Why I Hate Him
Marx is the Sucx
Kirby: Throwing It Right Back At Ya
Brought to You by the Letter E
Through the Looking Glass
Without Further Ado
Weee! Kirby!
Spinning a Yarn
And the rest...
Meta Knight, Good or Evil?
Of Penguin and Nightmare
Kirby's Speech
Haly K
Klonoa and Kirby Similarities
King Waddle Dee
Marx - What Is He Exactly?
Origin of Kirby
Anime Complaints
Is Waddle Dee Evil?
Lion Rocker
Mirror Shield
Giant Asteroid Theory
Mirror Kirby
Decrease in Abilities
Fan Games (and the Lack Thereof)
Four is Better than One
A Few Critical Flaws
What is Shadow Kirby Like?
The Ultimate Crossover
Revortay Alphray
Meta Knight
Kirby's Adventure / Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland Review
Where Did King Dedede Come From?
Are T.A.C. and 0² Girls?
Hi-Jump Kirby
Tornado Kirby
Ice Kirby
Parasol Kirby
Sword Kirby
Beam Kirby
Bomb Kirby
Ball Kirby
Cutter Kirby
Crash Kirby
Super Cute Kirby
Kirby's Anatomy
Response to Emerald
Mario and Kirby's Origin
Toad 128
Anime Complaint
Kirby: A Neglected Character?

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