Welcome to the fan creations directory page. Chances are, you wound up here by accident. No worry, however, as this page can take you to the place you see. Listed below are all the great fan contribution areas kept on the site. Take a gander and get appreciating the wonders of Kirby fandom.

Fan Art - A wonderful showcase of art and creative works by fellow Kirby fans in a wide range of mediums and styles.

Fan Comics - A collection of adventures featuring Kirby characters, panel by panel. The styles are as varied as the casts starring, from sprite comics to hand drawn, the pink puffball himself to original fan characters.

Fan Games - The Kirby series is a great one, but with only a game out every year or two, it leaves fans craving more. Luckily, fellow lovers of the puff have banded together to create their own games inspired by the hero of Dream Land. Come inside and play a Kirby game you never knew existed.

Fan Fiction - The more creative side of the fanbase, this showcase features the literary works of Kirby lovers. Lush adventures through Pop Star expressed in word are abound in this area, although I don't think they are quite as wordy as I'm being right now.

Collaborative Writing - KRR has its own interactive fan fiction writing section, for some reason. You can enjoy a good read, written by multiple members of Rainbow Resort, or write for a story yourself!

Fan Movies - Sometimes a still image isn't enough to capture the heart of a scene while words fail to capture the essence. When this is the case, it's time to go Hollywood! ... sorta. Animated shorts (and longs!) of the Dream Landian and fellow friends can be watched right here.

Cosplay - Believe it or not, some people out there want to dress up as Kirby. Even more shocking, they aren't just jumping into a giant rubber ball. Personally, I think that's a little inaccurate, but the costume designs are still amazing. See it for yourself.

Sir6 Ability Reviews - This prime member of Rainbow Resort dished out all sorts of thoughts on the copy abilities held by Kirby, and even went to cover them all. No stone was left unturned. Every game, every variation, and even what came of it in the animated series. This guy meant business.

Ability Reviews - What Sir6 started spreads to other fans and patrons of the site. Get the skinny on what they think about the many wonderous abilities held by Kirby in all this titles with a more focused view.

Fan Videos - How is "video" different from "movie"? Subtext, maybe? These are less artistic but still creative multimedia content that focus on the puffball and his world.

Frontpage Picture Challenge - Every month, a competition is held to change the front page image of the site. It's kinda a subdivision of the fan art, but it's none the less impressive to see. Check out the past winners or look at the rules for entering your own piece.

Interactive Fandom - If you could make a ... How many times have you thought that? Ever had a creation you wish could have been in the Kirby games? Well, so have all these people. See what they wish could be stuck in Kirby games. It's interesting stuff.

Ability Fest - Good ol' Disaster Kirby manages this collection of fanart dedicated solely to portraying the many faces and abilities taken by the Glutton of the Stars. I mean hero, hero!

Rainbow Resort Election '08 - The Resort is trying out politics, and what a disaster that is! Everyone is trying to be the next... whatever is being elected? Vote, promote, and dig a moat (why not?) in this electoral race.

Last Updated - December 11th, 2020