Bimblesnaff Rants

There's a lot of stupid things in this world, and unfortunately, the Kirby series isn't free of them. Here, a sharp wit and sharper tongue shreds this follies or exposes them for what they are.

Squeaky Bogg

For Those of You Who Didn't Know - This may clear up a few questions and tell you who, what, and why I haven't been seen for a while.

Weee! Kirby! - After many long years, first opinions on the first true Kirby title for the Wii.

Spinning a Yarn - Opinions fly regarding the newly announced new title. So, here's some good thoughts.

Failed Fandom - Leave it to the professions. Please. For the love of Glod.

Without Further Ado - A painter pairing perdicament and identity crisis solved.

Through the Looking Glass - All you should have already known about Mirror World.

Brought to You by the Letter E - Taking gits back to grade school with basic reading education.

Kirby: Throwing It Right Back At Ya - Defining not only why I hate it but why it hates us.

Marx is the Sucx - A breakdown on the oh-so pointless and worthless boss of Super Star.

Meta Knight: Why We Loved Him, Why I Hate Him - A complete digestion of the rise, transformation, and fall of the reknowned fan favorite.

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Last Updated - July 3rd, 2011