July 26th, 2009

Good-bye, GameSpy! A vale to you, ya interstitial ad-placing jerk! We're kickin' off our departure in style by throwing this place a bash! And by "bash," I mean heaps o' insults, of course!

Everybody is coming back to say farewell, and by "everybody," I mean the people from the Mailbag since we've taken over, and by "since we've taken over," I mean some scraps that Diskmaster left behind.

Leirin Potadox Jr. is back, for some reason. Yeah, she's the granddaughter of P0tad0x, what about it? And she's a Junior, too, for some reason. Isn't there a female equivalent of that?

Diddgery does little and still remains the most popular 'bagger. So, of course, we all hate him for it and are going to try to slay him with a silver sword. Stay tuned~!

Bimblebimbler Bogglesnaffle is so not his real name that it isn't even funny. For that reason, ninety Gurus questioners have probably called him that exact miscombination before.

As per normal, Dedede-Daimyo put way too much effort into today's mailbag. I mean, the pics are too gigantic to even be placed inline on the page, and how often are people gonna come back to see them? That's why all of my pics suck! Yeah, that's the only reason. * shifty eyes *

- Ometon


Hello Guys. I'm new to this. I think you guys rock too :D

I got some questions.

1. Do you guys celebrate the 4th of July?

2. How do you guys make a site like this?

1) I think all current blokes on the bag roll respect the 4th since the nefarious sea dog of the British Isles is on voyage. Anyhoo, I celebrated it like I celebrate most things -- foooooood.

2) We didn't make a site like this. It was a arduous, decade long struggle by Kindar Spirit and the other early staffers who, for the most part, have moved on in their attention to other things. The founding matron is making a comeback, like Rocky minus the indistinguishable dialogue.

1. I celebrate 4th of July. I am American, after all. My family wanted to go see the fireworks soo bad, so we drove all the way down to to the Oceanfront. Once there, my dad parked the car illegally in a food-store lot, (God-forbid he find a parking meter!) and spent half the night worrying about it getting towed, which caused my mom to get upset. They both left the beach to try and fix their mistake, just before the finale commenced. Relieved of my overlords, I could finally watch the spectacle in peace!

2. Contribute. Now, send me one metric ton- *freezed* Ometon!

1) My friends and I celebrated by blowing up a cheap chunk of plastic we got from a Burger King kid's meal. Happy fireworks!!

2) Very carefully.

2) Up until the end of last summer, most of the site was made with straight-up HTML and CSS. Good lord, even my site on Angelfire had server-side includes on it within a year, and the blutty thing was just as old as this place! The lack of technology has been taking an apparent toll on this decrepit, aging, and falling-apart site, too.

And the answer to "How do you guys fix a site like this?" is -- according to most staff members -- leave! Thus why new people are mostly at the helm nowadays.

1) Unfortunately I didn't do anything festive for the Fourth of July (because I was at Anime Expo), but it was still a fun day anyway. ;) Plus, the neighbors are still launching fireworks for some reason...

2) With a heart full of desire. Uhh... I don't know!


Hey, what, in your opinion, is the best Kirby game you ever played? Mine would have to be Kirby 64. (I'm asking just cuz')

Sa yoi-yoi! Probably Kirby Super Star Ultra, because of the game's great replay value and wide variety of playable characters, even if it is just a remake.

The best I've played is Dream Land. It's just an entirely different play by comparison with its clean-cut mechanics and strategic based battle.

Kirby's Dream Land 3 is the best in terms of gameplay, graphics, sound, story, and animal helpers. No I am NOT biased!

Adventure is long the first time, but not too long to prevent playing its hard mode without saving. That length without some gimmicky maze thing and having to try and find which rooms are still blinking prolly puts it over the top for me, even with its distinct lack of animal friends.

Like Daimyo, I gotta say Super Star Ultra. It has such a good level of replayability, the awesome Helper system, and my personal favorite copy ability -- Yo-Yo!



Hi do any of u read NC comix if not here is a link

Yea! I remember those from, like, 8 years ago, when the Internet was new to me... The place still looks as pitiful as ever. :P

I remember coming across "Which Neglected Mario Character Are You?" buttons a long time ago, and I thought that it was strange to see things like a Bugzzy on them since they are not Mario characters at all. And then I found out it was for a sprite comic, and after reading a few of them I decided it was not for me.

There's only one good thing left on that entire site, and it's not NC.

... and I'm not even sure it can be even called good anymore.

Also if Sean Kelly ever reads this, I never really liked him.


"When your powers combine, I am Captain No!"

I only just stumbled upon those fairly recently from all these people taking character quizzes.

...Oh man. Still running after all that time. Pretty incredible.


Hello guys! I love this site, and I read all the Mailbags...I just now decided to send something to the mailbag XD. Anyway here are some questions:

1.What is your favorate game series? (Besides Kirby XD)

2.Do you liek Mudkipz?

3.¿sıɥʇ ǝʞıl ǝdʎʇ noʎ uɐɔ

4. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

5.Is this a pointless question?

6. Favorate flavor of pie?

7.Is sailor waddle dee awesome or what?

I love kssu, It should never die!! dont let the flame die out!! Kirby Forever!!!

1) If it hasn't been made clear from the many bags before this one, I'm loves Pokémon. Other big favorites are MOTHER, Fire Emblem, the Legend of Zelda, Ace Attorney, and good ol' Mario.


3) I already did, back in 'bag 66.

5) As a wise man once said, "there's no such thing as a stupid question, until you ask it."

6) I don't like pie.

7) Sailor Dee and Bandana Dee are definite contenders for the best characters in the Kirby franchise. They're so brave...

1. Ganbare Goemon: The Legend of the Mystical Ninja. Only 4-out-of-like-20-games have been released outside of Japan...

2. I disliek that Lungfish/Mudskipper-mon. For someone who reveres Pokémon, such as yourself, you discredit the series by repeating these pathetic, stale memes. Shame.

3. あなたはこのようにタイプできますか?

4. You messed up! It's supposed to be, “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.” If he already had the ability to chuck wood, your question would still be total garbage! Also, give the homophones some recognition!

7. Sailor Dee does absolutely nothing other than whine the entire sub-game, and then Oh-nos!, gets killed in the end, when the Halberd crashes. Bandanna Dee, on the other hand, actually puts up a fight and is shown to live through the battle to watch Dedede enact his revenge on Kirby. In short, Bandanna Dee wins, Sailor Dee fails.

1) Probably Zelda. I've played more and enjoyed more of those games than any other series, which I probably don't own many linked together. Note: I don't have anything Wind Wakery, which is why I can still make this claim.

2) Lick Mudkip
Wait, what? Liek?

5) It's better than a pointed question!
Pointed Question
Ah! It tastes terrible!

7) I think that slapping a hat on a faceless character and calling it a new character is pathetic no matter where it happens. It's not a distinction! It's headgear! "Look, this one has a bow on it. It's different, not really, but deal with it." Well I say no!

1) I feel like I'm closest to the MOTHER series when it comes to things other than Kirby. I really felt like the games spoke out to me. Close behind are Legend of Zelda and Super Mario.

2) I haet Mudkips FYI.

3) Encore plus de charabia?

6) I'm not really huge on pie but I guess apple pie is a winner.

7) He's pretty cute, though I like the Bandanna Dee better since he actually got the guts to fight you (and failed miserably). And that's just adorable.


kyoutendouchi! The Daimyo is back! Are you answering this Mailsack?

Farewell to Gamespy? I have no fond memories of them, with their constant advertising. Why do I want an HP Printer or to play some Flight Simulator?

This first one is for Dedede-Daimyo, if he is in this session:

1) デデデ-だいみょさま, youtube ビデオは かわいい です.

Sorry if the grammar is off, but I haven't written in Japanese in a while and my computer doesn't have asian scripts, so I copied-pasted the kana from Wikipedia. I also refuse to use Google translate, seeing how it mucks things up.

2) What was your least favorite thing about the Gamespy hosting?

3a) What's the best part about being a mailsacker?

3b)Is it being able to fire a cricecorn out of a cannon?

4) What happened to the hobo after that one session(that I don't feel like searching for at the moment)?


Hah...more meme time. Well, so long Gamespy hosting! Now the site can prosper without your unneeded help.

2) Does that even need to be said? It's obviously those intrusive, cutting-in, appearing right when you least expect
it inappropriate ads that plague the host!

4) Ometon absorbed him to become even more loaded with bummy goodness. He's now thrice the scary drifter, having already started at second level.

0) Konban wa! Hey, I use a HP Printer/ Scanner for all my artwork. You want one because I set a good example!

1a) Kura-kura, I can only guess that you are complimenting me on my tremendous assortment of Youtube Ondo videos. Yes, for music I like, one only has to go see my one playlist.

1b) You did well. Except "Dedede-Daimyo" is usually written デデデ大名 And, thanks for using the honorific "-sama". I feel so important~

Cheap translators are cheap. A good Japanese translation service can be found here.

2) Hai! I think up my fan-art gallery submission descriptions on the spot, they are not written up beforehand, so it sucks when I am finally done writing one, click "send", and there is an Ad. It corrupts the data, I guess, so then I have to start all over. Good riddance, GameSpy!

4) He's being treated for severe head trauma due to a wayward Cricicorn Cannonball. Whaha~!

1) Thanks for not using Google Translate or Babelfish.

3) The best part is making children smiNOT THE CANNON

5) H-how did you know my weak spot?!

2) Gonna go with what everyone else thinks and agree it's the ads. Nice illustration, Bimblesnaff -- it's completely accurate!

3a) Really just joining in and tackling questions. I also get to make dumb obscure references absolutely no one will get.

3b) *Grins happily at Diddgery while hoisting up a Shotzo*

4) He was eaten by 4chan.

5) Diddgery was sent into a massive coma! Diddgery was defeated! YOU WON!


I won't be giggling at the session number. I giggle enough at the highway near my area with the same exact number and even more at the fact when people mention it by name so seriously all the time.

Anyways, I'm hitting you guys up with some serious questions hear, so don your best armor as these blows may be hard.

1.) How do you convince Kirby so spit something out? He ate my baby sister a few weeks ago and he won't let her out.

2.) Do you collect anything and if so, what?

3.) I once had a pet enchilada, but when I left the room and came back, it vanished. I'm wanting to know what happened to it.

4.) Do you think it would be wise for the Nintendo villains to have a gym? I mean, so many of them are so fat. Like Kraid, DeDeDe, Bowser. Apparently, I feel like Nintendo is sending a message that unless you have a red cap with an M, being fat = being evil.

69.) *giggle*

5.) Are you naughty or nice?

This? This is nothing! Wait twelve sessions from now with guest baggers Leirin and Aru! * Bimblesnaff is sent to hell-jail * That's right. I need separated from all the other forsaken souls for their protection.

1) Baby sisters are overrated. Why, take my twin brother Ometon for example. Things would be much better without her around, always girling things up and thinking he's prettier than me.

And so, Bimblesnaff jumps from creepy, to insulting, to creepy in the same response.

3) I had a pet chinchilla that, uh, didn't suffer the same delicious fate.

@Bimblesnaff's) "I'm not locked up down in here with you; you're locked up down in here with me!" Heh. The only thing 81 is going to remind anyone of is the People's Liberation Army. I laugh wryly in your general direction.

1.) The question should be, do you really want her back. I mean, after a few weeks of churning in Kirby's gullet, spitting her out won't help her. Bones, baby.

2.) I collect art I make. That is to say, I hardly throw away anything I create; but why would I? That would be a total waste of time; but then, I might actually save some space!.

4.) I would suggest it. But, I think villains like displaying the extra weight because it makes them more imposing enemies. Whaha!, Just picture a skinny Bowser... Hey, I think I will~! Vegan Villains!

5.) I am naughty, in a nice way.

*equips any sort of armor with "of Kings" at the end of its name*

1) Oh dear, this is quite a predicament. Perhaps you should climb in and do some investigating yourself. Good luck being stuck in outerspace forever!

2) Indeed, I hoard metric tonnes of Kirby merchandise, if that counts. Especially the games/manga.

3) *licks fingers* Wait, that was yours? I am so sorry.

4) Oh gosh, you're making me picture some sort of horrible Nintendo commercial featuring villains exercising, encouraging kids to "get active!" Gah.

Top! Mon! Hit!

I've been thinking recently about Kirby 64. What did you think of the holding-enemies-over-your-head feature? I was thinking recently "That's really a cool feature they had, but the fact you could mix abilities and it wasn't with an animal just kind of overshadowed it." I'd like to see that in more Kirby games, just because it's fun to see which enemies do different things above your head.

(Wow, it's not often you see a mail that's doesn't have at least some idiotic rambling or just plain randomocity.

...that's not another sign of the apocolypse, is it?)

Bimbleboy presents: Four Signs of the Apocolypse!
Apocolypse Signs

I've never actually gotten to experience that feature first hand. I actually didn't even know it was a feature until just a few years ago. You're wholly right when you say it's completely overshadowed.

I thought it seemed like a fantastic idea, however. Being able to just hold a foe would let the player use a part of every enemy, or at least a lot more than those who offer copy abilities. It could really be expanded, too, should they ever want to revisit that concept.

It was fun to hold enemies that could do stuff while you held them, like Glunk and Bronto Burt. I agree that it would be great to see a revisit of it, since it was pretty cool.

Ha Yassho, Makkasho! A Bumber hat is only complete when you add a Flora! Aside from my Hanagasa Ondo reference, I agree that that was a pretty cool feature. You can swim fast with Flopper, snip left-and-right with Kany, and soar across the sky with Pteran (prolly inspired the many 'Glide Kirby' submissions to IF). The best one has to be when Sandman crumbles all over you, though.

Cool Blue Dude

I have only one thing to say to gamespy. "So long suckas!"

I am your worst nightmare Ometon.

Humm... for a while, on the Front Page Updates, I erroneously suspected "Cool Blue Dude" was the Ometon, in disguise, based of a few of his remarks. *Forgive me, forgive me!*. I'm sure I know he's not now. At least, I think so...

Didn't we already cover Ometon's nightmare? It even got top bag billing last time!

Yea, Sonic the Hedgehog is my worst nightmare too.


I'm extremely indifferent to GameSpy's hosting. All I care about is that this site lives on, as it's the only blutty decent Kirby site out there! And I include the official site in that!

Bah, I have to ask meaningless questions now, right?

1. Do you like Chinese (food)?

2. Your thoughts on this?

3. Did you know that the only human instinct that's been found so far is the instinct to like sweet things?

4. Can I have a picture of Ometon and Bimblesnaff fighting a werewolf?

5. Why is my letterbox filled with cannoli?

6. Lamp oil, rope, bombs? You want it?

7. I see what you did there last mailbag, with that picture of Lupin the 3rd. What's your favorite episode?

:)........(22.7 seconds later) :D

*flies away*

1) I used to not care for Chinese food (or any other oriental food, really), but I've been trying to broaden my horizons when it comes to food, which has led me to discover that I'm quite fond of it!

2) He's called the Super Tough Pink Puff for a reason.

3) Thanks for sharing.

7) I like Lupin III, and yet the only thing I've really seen of it is "The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure."

0) Official sites are rarely worth their net-weight in net-dung, also known as blogs. Zing!

2) Beef hormone injections. Agree with them now?

4) As the fake Mailbag figurehead, I decree that all baggers partaking must make this picture. You know, with Daimyo last 'cuz, really, he'll just own us all mad-likes. I'll kick it off with a most stunning battle.

... Er, yeah, I got a little carried away. It was supposed to be longer, if you can believe it.

Wait, we all have to do it?! Uh, give me a second...

Bimblesnaff and Ometon fight a werewolf

There we go! See, they're... they're fighting.

1. I used to like Chinese food, exclusively. But one must understand that most Chinese food Americans love to consume is loaded with excess oils/ fat and sodium. This was not the way I wish to go. Only steamed vegetables, fish and bean soup for me. Accordingly, I love Mongolian food very much.

2. That must be from the episode with the steroid-infused Pep-Brews the kids love so much now'days. Also, Jetix? It was bad enough that the show had to come on both Fox/4Kids and the CW, but now it's on a third channel?! The corporate exect's sure love pimping this dead hor...se~!

3. I'm not so sure about that... It may not be on instinct, but I have tempered myself to not crave the taste of sweets. However, sweet girls are another matter~ *Aiya! Sumimasen!!* Anyway, instead of going after sweets, why not grow to appreciate the many subtle flavors of bland foods?

4. Whaha~! I gratefully follow my Shogun's orders, as if they were sent straight from the gods, themselves! Ganbare Gobbo! Mailbag Force pt. 2!

5-6. Looks like Weegie's been in your mailbox, in hopes of getting “Lotsa Spaghetti!” The Fat merchant has eaten your cannoli.

7. My favorite episode of Red-jacket Rupan Sansei is the two-part episode entitled "Kookie Kabooki" which, depending on our session, may-or-may-not be of significance to our awesome mailsack. I also like the episode, "Now Museum, Now You Don't", because it focuses around one of my favorite artists, Toshusai Sharaku.

3) I'm pretty sure there are some other human instincts; otherwise, there wouldn't be a whole lot of humans, if ya catch my drift.

4) Dude, really? I gotta follow that up? I just never have it easy... Well, here it is.

1) Indeed! I just had some a few days ago. It's good stuff.

2) That's probably going to haunt my dreams for sure tonight.

3) Wow, that's hard to believe. Sweet things are nice on the occasion, but you need other flavors to balance it out. Also, I can't stand having a massive load of sweet things all at once. All in moderation!

5) Man Daimyo, you beat me to the Weegie. Erm... well, I certainly didn't take it!

6) I have no need for explosions, but Loid does! Bring on the boom-bombs!

Kid Niki

Hello! I apologise in advance for my stupid questions. I promise I won't be so stupid next time!

1: What fighting style do you train under? I have attempted the style of the crossdressing fox, but I still need practice.

2: Who do you call when you want some pepperoni?

3: Will the interactive story ever get a sequal? It was very cool!

4: If given the choice, would you join Dedede's army?

5: If given the choice, would Dedede join your army?

6: I made a Goemon-themed ripoff of the interactive story. Ometon, if I let you eat it, will you not sue me? It tastes good: it's got Omi-chan in it!

7: If you owned a pet Batamon, what would you do with it? For bonus points, what would you name it?

8: In some of my dreams, Kirby got the ability to turn all enemies into Squeaky Boggs, Mario shot a laser at Naruto, a princess of a bunny-filled land emailed a distress call to me, and Arale Norimaki mooned me. Should I get help?

Eleventeen: Do you get annoyed when people like me try to be funny but fail spectaculary, and thus reveal their inner stupidity? If you do, please do not hesitate to unleash your anger upon me.

I would thank you for answering, but that caused Ometon not to answer last time, so instead, I'll say this: just call for the Elite Beat Agents if Cubone King returns!

Hope you move the Resort somewhere good!

0) Since there isn't a search function for the Mailbag (unlike the one I made for Gurus for just this purpose), I have no idea to which stupid question you are referring~! Consider this a free pass!

1) I didn't know deviantArt was a fighting style...

2) Ghostbusters! I call them for 'bout everything, tho'.

3) Sequel? No, that line has ended. Other, disconnected episodes? Yes.

6) Eat a story? What? I think grammar is going to sue you for that bomb.

7) I would name it "A Kirby" just to see Bimblesnaff's head asplode.

11teen) Switching from numerals to text all the sudden is one such example. Excelsior~!

1) Not touching this one with a 39½' pole.

2) Oh, oh, I know this one! Samurai Jack!

5) Huh? What army? I-I don't know what you're talking about! Ehehehe...

7) I would probably try to figure out why it would always show up away from Kirby. Batamons are the most enigmatic!

9) Not really. It's only frustrating if their attempts at humor involve internet memes or the word "pie."

1) I am skilled in deadly art of running away quickly.

2) I give a shout out to Ronny. He has a number! Inside joke-onos!

4) I dunno. His troops are nefarious, black hearted, and without a conscious. ... I think I'd make general.

7) Head Go Boom

8) There's not enough help in the world.

Ha iya sasa! You, Niki Yanchamaru-san, have plucked all of the strings on my metaphorical Sanshin just right! I now dedicate a picture encompassing all of your questions.

> > What I said < <


1) Why is GameSpy leaving hosting?

2) Why is Kirby so pink?

3) Why has KRR made anotehr URL already?

4) In the show Kirby Right Back At Ya does channel DDD stand for DDDigital?

5) Why has Kirby been so known?

6) How did bazzoka get in the mailbaggers once?

7) How did Dedede and all the other bad guys survive? Relief of more cartoons coming?

I hope i did not bother you for all my questions.

1) Why don't you ask GameSpy that question? Seems they'd know the answer better than we.

2) Because pink is the color of infant souls. The more you know~!

3) No, the URL is not "www.anotehr.com"; KRR has registered another domain name (or a domain, since none was ever registered before, for some reason, thus complicating the move unnecessarily with unpreparedness). When the more than forty-thousand files get transferred over, it'll be opened to the public.

Yeah, former staffers apparently used this place as their personal garbage bin, but with unlimited memory and Kindar's want for speed, I'm not sorting through the trash yet.

4) If the final "D" stood for Digital, what would the other two denote?

5) Because known is the color of infant souls. Waitaminute...

6) a) By awesomeness. And the implied b) No, you're not even close.

7) I'm more interested in how those suck-tastic pipe-nightmares Tiff and Tuff survived... more than one episode.

8) Seven questions? You ain't even close to the worst offender! Check out Gurus sometimes.

2) It's because he filter-feeds on brine shrimp. The beta carotine in the shrimp gives him his characteristic pink ti- no wait that's flamingos. I get them confused sometimes.

4) Perhaps it is short for DeDeDe? Just a thought!

5) Why has ??? not make sense?

6) It's a secret to everybody.

7) Dedede's not really a bad guy. He's incredibly selfish and something of a jerk, but he's got a good heart. As for everyone else... because!

7) Good question. How could anyone survive the relief hell of more Right Back at Ya' cartoons coming this summer to the CW4kids? It's enough to make even the most maddening bad guys heads 'asplode.

Head Go Boom

2) It all happened one day when the pearl-white puffball walked into a strawberry factory, ended up on the conveyor belt, and... the rest is history!

4) It stands for "Dedede-lightful, Dedede-licious, Dedede-lectable"~

7) Through the power of love. ...Not likely, no.


GameSpy was a great host for KRR, and I respect them for that. I've had loads of great memories on this site, and regret not helping as much as I should.

Do you need to have significant knowledge of HTML to help with the site? The fanfiction section seems dead, what with Ivy no longer updating it; if it were simply enough to edit pages on the site, I would like to volunteer for that position (that is, if KRR manages to find a place outside of Gamespy).

Significant? No, although it helps. The big problem, in my opinion, is that people don't even know the basicly-basics, like how to put together a URI that doesn't involve the domain every blutty time. It is just like using a shell. Don't you kids do that anymore? What do you mean nobody uses DOS?

The fanfiction area is dead because -- like any other area that seems dead -- nobody is sending in content. We can't just make stuff up. No wait, we can, but we have better things to do, like... this? Hmm.

With any website now, there is a lot more server-side technology than ever before, and after a decade of existence, KRR finally caught up and started using PHP. Wait to use concepts most do in their first year of web design, largest Kirby fan site ever~!

The new concept is going to be staffers who are just generally good people, although basic webmastering knowledge would help a bunch, too. Since most can't (and shouldn't) be trusted with code or access to the code, management software is going to be implemented for whatever features we feel like. Yeah, that's right -- no more stupid e-mailing content to admins: Fanfics, reviews, and articles of every sort are going to have an army of approvers judging what is up to snuff, and which snuff should get top billing. That is a judgment call, and that is something you can't learn from a book in twenty-one days.


Good day, gentlemen and.. well, whatever Gobbo and Ometon are. Actually, I wonder if any of you are even remotely gentlemen, but that aside.

First off. GameSpy, eh? Yeaaaah I hate them. No fond memories, just annoyances. The name pops up in like half of my favorite multiplayer games and frankly I DO NOT WANT GameSpy. I'm glad you guys managed to find hosting on their site, but that's about all that's good about GameSpy.

Anyway, I have no Kirby-related questions, what with being a long time fan there are little things i want to ask, though I do have a question for you mailbaggers.

How do you keep up?

I mean, you get both the intelligent questions now and then, but there's enough other mails out there. Last mailbag had 2 or 3 POKEMON MEMEs, instead of actual questions. What's up with that?

0) Bara-bara, I'll have you know, that I am a perfect gentleman! You have to be one if you are a Daimyo; what with all the court-procedure and tea-ceremonies, and all that stuffy stuff.

1) I too have equal dislike for our former host. I will admit, however, that all was not so bad under it's roof. The Ads, tough annoying, were at least organized to where you could get around them without extreme burden. And the GameSpy prefecture, though completely indifferent towards our Rainbow Resort municipality, was at least free of taxation. No one understands me.

2) I keep up by slaving non-stop for one entire day on a never-ending line of mailbag questions. I wonder to myself, is it really worth the tremendous prose and picture effort? Then, like these other guys, I realize that I don't have anything better to do, so I slave for another full day. Tote that mail~; lift that bag, etc~!

0) I believe I'm classified as some type of fungus while he's categorized as generic "slime". Sadly, that's actually an improvement to where he stood last month. He's been cleaning up his behavior as of ... before this Mailbag. Back to single cell he goes!

That's gentlewoman to you, bub! Neh, just call me Lei.

1) I agree with all the flaming over Gamespy's constant, page loading-halting ads, but they weren't the worst... toward the end there I kept getting pop-up ads whenever I loaded a gallery page, sometimes 8 per page!

2) The mailbag is like this rope, y'see. We're all hanging on, trying to climb our way to the top. Dumb questions are like a faint wind trying to blow us off. Meme questions have made us almost fall off before. Dude, I am getting one heck of an awesome picture in mind.


I heard about your website being shut down. I was wondering, can't you just get your own web address like www.themushroomkingdom.net ?

Apparently, the Mailbag is all about sending in letters and reading abso-freakin'-lutely nothing on the whole blutty site! How many letters last time addressed this very notion and were quickly shot-down by the Baggers?

Sh'irby also thinks that a web address holds the site's content as opposed to an actual server or hosting plan, so you shouldn't expect much from someone whose name can't help but make me think of sherbet. That'd be a better name. Be like Tripp Crazy and listen to my nomenclature suggestions. After all, a guy with a name that most people don't even know how to pronounce has to know what he's talking about. Otherwise, where did I get this hat from?
Smart Hat

... Even I'm confused about how this response developed...

With questions like these, one would ponder why we still do this. If it weren't for the Brothers' Bogg, and their sharp-tongued rebuttals of retribution, I would have quit long ago. Thanks for saving face!

Dude, getting your own domain is much harder than it looks like. It costs. Clearly Sh'irby 'ere has not undergone the back-breaking experience of owning a website, eh? *is suddenly Canadian*

Lurker Without Posts

Who was the girl with pigtails in the top right of the macarena picture? I don't seem to recognise her, but maybe I'm not thinking hard enough :|

That would be Chao/ Chamu from the Famicom Disk series Yuu Yuu Ki. She cameos in both Kirby's Dreamland 2 (replaced by Ms.Blob outside of Japan) and in Kirby's Dreamland 3; Sand Canyon.

Outside of Grill, I tried to include female characters who had appeared in more than one game (so no Ribbon), and could actually pose what little appendages they had. Lurk Moar.


1. It's been great to have my letters read by complete strangers. Just letting you know that I appreciate that you set aside time to read and respond to numerous readers.

2. Do you like traditional gaming with boards and game pieces? Perhaps a couple of cards thrown in?

3. How important is dialogue in stories?

4. How do you make your favorite snack?

5. Should there be a Kirby game involving time travel?

6. Tell me the adverse effects of white bread.

1) You actually gotta have your letter heard by complete strangers, too. That's worth something, too, right?

2) There is a game by Robert A. Kraus (creator of Chakan: The Forever Man) called Dragon War, which is a board/card game. The board is made of cards. It is awesome.

3) Depends on the type of story. And how good the author is at writing dialog. Like everything in literary or otherwise stories, it is all about pacing.

4) Go to a store; plop down money.

5) What do you mean? One already did! Remember when they went back in time and made Adventure suck?

6) It involves poo...

1.Finally, someone said it. That compliment is just what I needed to make it through the rest of this mailbag.

2. I do like the traditional board-gaming. It's always fun with me, because when I play, instead of game pieces, I use my clay sculptures to move about the tiles. I'm a cool guy like that.

3. I try to go for quality and quantity in my dialog. But sometimes it's good to keep it simple and brief.

4. With store-bought goods, as well. Not many people go and make a snack. Nuts or dried fruit is usually enough for me.

5. Speaking of Kirby's Adventure, there is another instance of time travel in that game. Rainbow Resort, do you know what I am referring to?

6. Increased chances of genetic illness, birth defects, stunted growth, and still birth. Wait; those are the adverse effects of white inbreds~! I know that I could have provided useful info about switching to whole-grain bread, instead, but this is funnier, right? *Mada-mada! No! I'm a-sore-sorry! Tasukete!*

2) Key to the Kingdom is the best board game you'll never play! ... I'm guessing!

4) I go into an orphanage and- Oh, wait, I can't spread those details for legal reasons.
Heart Eater

5) I remember there when Sakurai himself went back through Kirby's history and spit on the legacy of his own creation by rewriting its origin. Thank goodness that wasn't actually a game. That branch remains pure.

But, really, why would Kirby have to time travel? There's nothing he couldn't do in the present that could be done in the past or future. The Pop Star plots aren't really entwined enough to make use of temporal trips. I guess Kid Kirby was about the closest way other time periods would be seen in the games. And, no, they'll more than likely never try this again or with another character. We don't need the adventures of young Meta Knight, alright?

1. D'aww, you're too kind. Oh wait... I don't actually do anything [helpful].

2) I more-so played board games 'n all that when I was younger. Winner puts it away was always a rule that really, really took away my motivation to do well.

3) Dialogue's not always a heavily-necessarily element in storytelling. I mean, look at WALL•E! Awesome film with little dialogue.

4) Fruit, yogurt, crackers. I really don't do anything fancy.

5) That could be pretty cool, if they pulled it off properly, of course. Maybe something like Sonic CD? ...Or not.


*forces self out from under the MB rug*

I'd like to say thanks for letting me in that thar mailbag that one time. Fun. If you ever need an extra mailbagger for no reason in particular, *points to self* you can find me wherever :V *shot*

On the note of saying goodbye to Gamespy, as long as KRR is alive, I don't care too much :V

So... yeah... Nyaa~

Since Diddgery isn't around to give you a overwhelming letter of recommendation, I'll vouch for you. “I think Bazz is a pretty cool guy. eh be asian and doesn't afraid of anything.” Anyway... are you sure you want to help save the mailbag? My guess, ...no.

The fact that you were a feature in the waning summer saga of Mailbag Force speaks for itself. Or does it?

And, yes, self-questioning a statement does make it comical. No matter what.


It's a shame KRR lost its hosting. I pray nothing bad will happen. I recall first coming here. I was completly shy. But this place looked different. I remembered seeing the HnK being subbed, contests being made, and Kirbypedia being born. I always loved the forums too.

If I can:

1. What was your greatest moment here on KRR?

2. Which person of the KRR staff did you admired the most?

3. Did you ever took part of KRR's contests?

That's all for Arrol.

0) If KRR had registered a domain name to use on this host like any good and large site does early on in its life, dropping nigh-infinite hosts wouldn't matter 'cause you, the viewer, would not be affected. At least we won't have this problem again... I think. I knew letting a random passerby having the rights to our new domain was a bad idea!

1) My entire '08 run was fairly fantastic since no one even knew that I did exist yet I did more work than any real staffer on the site. Good stuff.

2) The one that actually did work instead of just complaining about how no one else did work. And yes, that logic is fraught with irony.

3) I plead the fifth.

1) I really liked how last summer the site saw that great new universal account system that- Oh, wait! Sooorry!

Really, tho', the best thing will be the move from GameSpy hosting. That started out fine but quickly grew into a gnawing infection that made it a chore to even browse the site.

2) You gotta admire Kindar Spirit above the rest, having seeded this place from a humble AOL home page. It's easy for folks like me to waltz on in after all the sweat and labor to just dust and polish.

3) I took part in the Ability Art Contest of '06. Yeesh, that was three years ago?

1. My Kirby Super Star Ultra Emaki was the bomb when it was first reviled, last Christmas. Around the same time, I was cranking out 2-D pics like nobody's business, and my 3-D sculpture series was just debuting. Ahh, the Golden Age~ Now, my Emaki has been banished relocated to the rarely encountered Front-Page Picture Page, and my art output has dwindled down to mainly no-extra-effort sculpture photos and an 'Essence pic, once in a blue moon. Have I really slipped so far?!

2. It is no secret, I admire Kindarspirit, Supreme Empress of KRR, the most, though contact with her is rare. I also highly respect the shogunate of Bimblesnaff and Ometon, as well as my other fellow mailbaggers.

3. Yes. All but 2 of Bimblesama's Interactive Fandom contests, and perhaps one of the earlier KRR contests, before I joined officially.

1) Joining the oekaki about four years ago was fun. Met lots of cool people. Though perhaps being on the gallery has been a better experience, since that's when I really started improving my artwork.

2) Kindar Spirit is a legend who will live on forever. She is immortal! She worked hard and was always so friendly. Plus, she founded the site. I think that's the best thing you can do for KRR ;)

3) Some of the "If" contests, though the only one with a decent entry was the Ability contest. Derp.


Issmybirthday! Yay! Since Daimyo's taking requests, hrm... I would like a picture of Tetra from Wind Waker please :D

Anyway, onto a bundle of generic questions.

1) Any of you tried checking out the Klonoa series? I gotta say, I'm a pretty big fan of it. Especially Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, though I've only ever played it in Japanese. (Like the MOTHER series)

2) Favorite flavor of ice cream? If any of you even eat that stuff anymore. Gah, I'm really a child of the nineties!

3) Can any of you play an instrument? I will BAP MYSELF IN THE HEAD if I have already asked that before. 'Cause it sounds eerily familiar.

4) If any of you have tried Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, is it any good? I doubt Rare's ability to keep the game quality up to par with the N64 ones, but I need to stop being such a Nintendo purist.

5) Y'know, after all the ninjas in Kirby Bimblesnaff mentioned, I suddenly realized that the Kirby series lacks pirates! (I prefer pirates, anyhoo.) The closest thing you get is Captain Stitch, and he's not even in costume!

6) What webcomics do you guys read? I just read Brawl in the Family, Awkward Zombie, and 2P Start.

As for the theme: I don't particularly like GameSpy. The sites they've hosted are good, but the service, meh. Random ads all the time.

Also, I have a theory. You know how the Happy Mask Salesman in Majora's Mask carries a mask of Mario's face on his bag, right? Well, what if he beat Mario, took the mask (which just so happens to be a Transformation Mask), and now every game from 2000 onward stars the Happy Mask Salesman in disguise and not the real Mario! Weird. Like all my other theories, such as Twink being a descendant of Geno. Hyuk.

1) No. Metric tonne, plz~!

2) Mint chocolate chip.

3) If you didn't ask this, someone else did.

5) Now I know this was just asked -- not even that long ago, either. I even made mention of how Captain Stitch should be dressed as a pirate, too. You win the Pay Attention - Ask the Gurus Awards~!

8) Or they are just different games with different continuities. Hel, even Link has trouble meshing his story together within the same blutty series.

2) If? I don't want to go over how many cartons I've topped off in the last year by myself, or the average time spent on each one. If your guess was measured in days, nope!

Seriously, tho', I used to be torn between the fabulous cookie dough and the delicious peanut butter, until I discovered Peanut Butter Cookie Dough!

3) As per your own stipulation, please send in footage of you bopping your head. Otherwise, you're a liar!

5) Somehow, I never used to see the diving mask on Blipper and thought it wore a bandanna, eye patch, and had some type of snout.

But, there's pirates on Pop Star. Why, the whole of Orange Ocean is a harbor of ships and crew. Granted, none of them are out-right buccaneers, but it is close. Plus, the stage's leader keeps up, sorta, the gimmick in his Revenge with his flying battleship. Captain Vul was sorta piratesque, right? I guess more sailory.

6) I read too many, I hate to admit. Most I should probably stop reading as their just boiled down and tired. There are two that I'm proud to say that I keep on regularly: the amazing Goblins and Sinfest, which I shan't be linking to, and the first has occasional and probably current excessive violence!

0) Happy belated Birthday!

1) Hai-hai, In fact, I purchased and dominated the new Wii version the day it came out in America, based on yours and Aru's recommendations! I have found it to be a fantastic series with an appealing message, similar to the Kirby games.

2) Yea, don't eat that stuff anymore, is right. Except for soy-based ice cream, which is gladly accepted if available.

3) Prevent a concussion! You must have read this question before, because we surely have. I wish to one day learn to play, or simply own, such Japanese instruments as Shamisen, Taiko, or Shakuhachi. Can't play for jack, though.

4) The character designs are horrible compared to their less-edgy N64 versions, and I don't much care for the change in genre, either. I loved the first two B&K games, but changing the series from action/adventure to build/race is a step too far for me. Plus, I don't own an Xbox.

5) Totally. The Gordo family was meant to be pirate-oriented. I know this fact from an awesome story I once read. Maybe Stitch could team-up with Tetra~?

6) Read very few, and not even consistently... I would rather make my own-- but I can't even do that right!


Egads! GameSpy is coming to an end! After many wonderful years, too. Damn! I first discovered years ago while going through ClassicGaming, which was an awesome site where I was able to discover other cool sites like TMK and KRR. This truly seems like the end of an era...

Lettuce break the tension with some questions.

I. What is your opinion on the movies of today? Let's say, post 2000. Personally, I think they reek. Only a handful of good movies out there that have been made past the year 2000, but I'm sure many people disagree.

II. Bimblesnaff, I read some of your rants and raves on one of your sites, and I couldn't agree more on some of them like Mary Sues, Pepsi, and how everyone's an idiot. You should continue these, no doubt.

III. I wonder what the brothers would look like fused together... Omebogg... Bimbleton... riviting.

That's all for now. We shouldn't think of this as the end of an era, but rather, think of it as a new beginning!

0) Um... no. Game Spy isn't going anywhere. Classic Gaming isn't going anywhere. Only their free hosting of piddle sites like this (not their A-lister "planet" sites) is biting the dust. No one ever said anything else, and I don't know what rancid mouth you plucked that from.

1) It only seems like that since Hollywood has some vendetta against anything made earlier than that and is either remaking or sequeling it with extra garbagé. That's high end trash, it is.

2) What? Don't tell people about my actual site! Then, someone might go there. Why is traffic bad? 'Cuz it'll just go back to zero in a week!

Really, tho', I am supposed to do more. I've just been horribly uninspired as of late. I have been leaning some ire towards the way of Kirby affiliations recently.

3) A fusion would half to be named Bomegon, of course. I'ma gonna hafta draw'a this now, ain't I?

0) Mmmmm, lettuce break.


1) I don't even like pre-millennial movies. I'm just not a movie person, but yeah, they do seem to be getting stupider. I blame computer graphics. Who needs effort when you have a horrendously pixelated and obviously fake monster?

3) Lei + Twins

That'll learn Daimyo for tryin' to steal my pervert thunder. He may be the king, but I am the master~!

1) I agree, most movies have really lost their touch when compared to classical cinema. The only movies I can say I enjoy now are that which have been made by Pixar! They continue to be good, unlike regular Disney.

Also, Bimblesnaff, what about Watchmen?

3) Squeaky Ometon??

Most movies are stupid, not all. Besides, it doesn't really count when the movie was the most celebrated graphic novel of all time.

I mean, they butchered it and it was still awesome. That's more a testament to how wonderful Watchmen's graphic novel was than Hollywood's ability to not suck.

Closing Statments: Also, sometime during this Mailbag session, I set a time bomb on GameSpy. We're leaving you; you aren't leaving us! And in case it hasn't been drilled in enough, Kirby's Rainbow Resort will live on, and the next Mailbag will be streaming live (in text format, and not streaming) from our new host! Stay tuned!... to the next episode of Mailbag Force!

Theme Alert! When the blutty 'el are we even going to be moving? I sure don't know. May be more than the normal two weeks. I guess next time, we may be havin's leftovers! I hope you like letters that are so unfunny and old that we've never been able to make use out of them! Maybe I can program a robit to answer some of them...

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