July 14th, 2009

Welcome to KRR -- the place that isn't dying. And this is its life-support machine for lo' the past year, Mailbag~! Tilde-bangs are like oxygen, y'know.

Dedede Daimyo makes his glorious return to The Sack, and it is chock full o' art and the occasional nuts! Here's hopin' ya don't got allergies!

Hey, how'd this guy sneak into here? I gotta change those locks, dags-nabbit!

Diddgery is always around, and everybody loves him for it. Plus, he is soft and furry and probably a delicacy in several third-world countries. Mmm, mutant hamster...

Bimblesnaff is always around, but nobody loves him for it. He has an odd stench of death and not bathing. He desperately wishes he could be the Ometon, and has begun to style his 'do in such a manner... which I guess means more spikadees on his head?

- Ometon

Ometon's Worst Nightmare

On KRR I would like to see a animation of Squeaky Bogg trying to do the macarena.

Bimblesnaff, would you please say "Send Me one metric ton of fan mail."?

* killshot! * No one wants to see the macarena in any of its retched forms. You were not a tyke during that loathsome era of the wretched dance craze (I'm just going to assume). You have no idea the horrors it has done onto me. Horrors, unspeakable! Well, okay, it was just really annoying.

Metric ton? That's not even my catch phrase! I'll let a pro handle this one. That, or a spiny fellow who makes use of pr- * land smote *

My worst nightmare? The states of California, Virginia, Arizona, Utah, North Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Florida, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Oregon? And no, I didn't know that list by heart. * shifty eye mode *

Oh smiting, nobody even gets that since it is such a rarity in the Storybook...

Ometon's Nightmare

As a side note, I misread that first thing as "Squeaky Bogg playing maracas" and wondered why Bimbles got all upset about it before I took a closer look. I guess I should actually read these mails instead of just skimming them, huh!

Ora-ora! What's up with asking for an animation? Those are hard to do! Anyway, a still picture can probably best demonstrate Squeaky Bogg's macaca dance; you wouldn't be able to see his homestar hands going through the motions, anyhow.




Alright, the Ado ting... here are the facts.

I- Dreamlanders are small.

II- Ado is the size of other dreamlanders, so she must be abnormally small.

III- I was calculating how tall Ado would APPEAR to be to the other Dreamlanders if she WASN'T abnormally small.

IV- If Ado grew to 5'6", the average adult female human height, she would APPEAR to be 24'9" from the perspective of the average Dreamlander.

This was kind of a response to a previous Mailbag, where Ometon said that if he were sent to dreamland, he'd go a la Godzilla on the place. I used Ado because I felt like it, but this was actually more of a proof that, while a normal human would be a giant in dreamland, he/she wouldn't be quite THAT big.

Hovever, when I mentioned Ometon, I was talking about something else entirely. To be more specific, I was trying to pass subtle(?) hints that the Ometon character is probably a pervert, and would be frequently looking up the skirt of an Ado that size (Squeaky Bogg would probably do this too, now that I think of it). The quote was evidence of why I think Ometon is a pervert.


[ Bla bla bla bla bla, does anyone really care? This is the MB, not a Pokémon forum. You only made it through the first time so we could insult'cha~! ]

I was not asking which one you think is a more effective pick, I was simply asking what you thought was cooler, just from knowing that they are different.

Now that that's settled, onward to new bagging!

In a previous mailbag, Gobbo said that Kirby eats a Japaneese child in the Japaneese Kirby's Adventure Commercial. This is false. It's actually the Japaneese Kirby's Dreamland (1) Commercial.

Also, what does Ometon want with a Metric Tonne of Fanmails?

I will get back to you later with more Insanity.

The Ometon character?

Also, I don't want a metric tonne of fanmails. That is just what I (Producer Ems) stated in the KRR Radio when mocking the previous Mailbag staff, particularly that most of their answers were a simple "No" and that they became quite popular for only doing such.


#1. Mada-mada! You are totally missing the point. The dimension Popstar inhabits obviously distorts the actual proportion of real world objects to fit in accordance with the planet's general, all-encompassing size ratio. How else would you explain the appearance of Samus Aran in Dreamland 3, as well as the game's other 'extraterrestrial' characters such as Chamu & Goku, Donbe & Hikare, ROB (who, I will admit, is pretty big) & Professor Hector, all of whom should be giants if considered to be from the real world. No, Adeleine is simply a normal sized girl, albeit viewed through a 'Dreamland perspective'. You are looking at Kirby's world as if the logic of the Pikmin world applied to it; on many occasions, this theory has been debunked.

#2, etc. I hate Tentacool, but I love KRR Radio.


But that's the thing- you can't really say "which do you think is cooler, thing A or thing B" if the person you're asking has no idea what the difference between the two of them is. At least, that's not how I make a decision. For example, if I said, "hey, which do you think is cooler, Thomas's Pygmy Jerboa or Heptner's Pygmy Jerboa," you more than likely wouldn't be able to answer me because you don't know how they're different aside from their names. And truth be told, I don't know the difference between those two jerboas either, aside from that they live in different locations- just like the Sea Tentacools and the Cave Tentacools!

So in short, I can just catch both, and it's not like I even use Tentacool that much anyways. It's cool that you're making a ROM hack, though.


Yo, people.

1. Concerning XionGaTaosenai's calculations (which I will say now don't count for much, just to shave off the flames now)... I was under the impression that Kirby was a full foot in height (not to mention width), not just eight inches. So... I guess this question boils down to, which is it, a foot or eight inches?

2. The 2 is a lie! *shot* Sorry, been paying more attention to Half-Life and Portal recently due to the video game design class I'm taking, since Half-Life has been marked one of the finest examples of the FPS genre. Speaking of which, if you have played these games, what is your opinion of them? Myself, I haven't actually played them (from watching the Portal walkthrough I found, the puzzles would drive me madder), but I have had a somewhat smallish taste of the lore and it certainly seems very interesting.

Theme: Favorite beverage is a match between orange soda, Sprite or Sierra Mist (I personally don't have a preference 'tween Coke or Pepsi, nor care to have one), and whatever type of juice my parents buy (it's ALL good!).

And now there will be cake! Later!

1) Ah, the eight-inch foot~ In my opinion, it is the perfect size for a girl's foot. I may be obsessed with Asian culture, but even I consider three-inch 'bound feet' to be repulsive; big turn-off for me T~T* Weeell, I'm sure you know your calculations, after all, you are the Supercomputer.

2) I really don't care for first-person shooting games. At All.

3) A computer that drinks soda? You must be one of those room-sized, inefficient 80's modules. Not that I mean to imply any negative connotations, a'ight?

2) The problem with this is that you can't make jokes relating to Portal anymore, because it's been almost two years since its release and everyone is sick of singing "Still Alive." But anyways, I have never played any FPSes on the PC. I have played a handful of multiplayer console FPSes, but they're just not my type of game.


Is KRR going to live past the GameSpy expiration? I'm confused. It must live on. Please...

What is so confusing? The fact that anyone who mentions the GameSpy expiration mentioning it in the same breath with how KRR will move on?

Please point to me the place where any staffer, anywhere on this site stated "Welp, we had a good run! So long, suckas!" Didn't happen; neither will Rainbow Resort's ruination.

Obviously, it won't be on GameSpy anymore, and when we care to tell people what will happen, we'll tell you. Yes, KRR's staff is intelligent enough to inform its members exactly where it will be moving instead of just expecting all of their bookmarks to just magically update.

Although that would be pretty cool...


I'm bored right now, so I'll ask you guys a serious question right now...


Where's the gold nickel you guys promised everyone??

Well you guys I have the answer to all of your problems!!

If you think of a really good theme for a...um... mailbag, then you guys would be more creative and your brain will function better... or something like that...

See you, guys!!


1) How is that a serious question?! Anyway, nickles can never be pure gold. The most Au they could have is 75%, otherwise, they would not have enough of the element Ni to be called Nickel.

2) Noko-noko! Easy to call others uncreative and brain-dead, when your own theme solutions fail miserably! Besides, this 'sack does have a theme... something about what features fans would like to see on the site. Or was that the last one? Ah, who cares.

Oh, you'll get your golden nickel. But, you see, we only offer the assembly, not the materials. You have to supply a nickel for outfitting and the appropriate amount of gold to either plate it or fill the mold created with said coinage.


where can i find some pictures of silica

Ya know, I hear there's this thing called Google that has an Image search as part of it, and has for many, many years.

That monster's gonna give me nightmares.

Looks like there is some other generosity that knows no and needs some bounds... or support.



okay lol...

do u like kirby?

i dont.

i like mario better!!!

That video is amazing.

By the way, Kirby likes Mario and Mario likes Kirby.

Why would you be here and leave a bit in the site's mailbag if you don't like Kirby?

Airride_Master's Imposter

00.)Airride_Master will be back,as soon as he finds out how to get his cookies back.(don't have much time...)

1.)[subject:did you know?]did you know that I'm Airride_Master's real life friend?!?!?

2.)[subject:Why themes] So people could do them.


3.)[subject:Thanks] thank you for mentioning me in #65!But,why?

1.) A real friend wouldn't imposternate another friend. ...unless he was after som' dem delicious cookies!

2.) This non-question is getting too philosophical.

1.5) I think you mean, "NOT??"



It's a little known fact, but you can't say "taco" under GameSpy.com hosting. Not like we have to play by their rules any more. Sic semper tyrannis.

Um, if you can't say "taco," then how'dja just say it? Paradox'd!

Hey, at least you were Potadox'd~!


Oh, great, a Daimyo picture is next. Why do I even try anymore?



that guy that ate your socks

(they were tasty)


Can I work on the mailbag?

If i can, can i put it on a resume?

what happened to Project R.A.I.N.B.O.W? i dont wanna die

Thanks in advance


[+ |_|•:]

I love teh DSi !!

A-Dontokoi-Koi-Bushi!?! The only ones who get a taste of my tabi, are the ones who get broken jaws! Have fun eating the rest of your meals through a tube~!

Everyone knows the DSi is the DS for idiots :P

Why would someone just sporadically and non-nonsensically be allowed the honor of partaking in a session? Who are you, what have you done, and why should anyone care? The answers are no one, nothing, and no-no... I think.

It's the age old self-inclusion rule that holds up no matter what: if you have to ask, you don't deserve.

* sweeps Bazzoka under the rug *

That's right: That's where he's been this session. Under the MB Rug™.


1.)NO!Someone has impostored me! without permission!

2.)How do I reset cookies? no one in my house can help me!(I want to post...T.T

3.)What do you hear in this????

4.)The kace(kay-cuh) is alive!(or is it?)

5.)Who knows?Who cares?(c) Airride_Master

1.) Hiso-hiso... your numbering style is the same as your imposter's. If I didn't know better, I'd say you pathetically impersonated yourself for attention. We all know the real AM would never do such a thing!

2.) Go to the "Internet Options/ Properties" menu of your computer, and work it out from there. Resetting cookies can lead to dire consequences, especially if they are of the fortune variety, and you are in the Twilight Zone.

3.) Kirby asking for tadpoles? ...I prefer the cooler back-tracking of the famous rock group, Led Kaboola.

4.) Thuh- keyk- iz- uh- lahy

5.) "Who knows?" >Is easy to answer. Us mailbaggers know all! "Who cares?" >Is the real question. A handful of readers, at best...

4) Bundt

1) Obviously, Daimyo, the impostor knew enough to mimic his behavior to a T. Elsewise, what type of doppleganger would he be?

3) ... This is why YouTube should not be allowed to exist.

4) ... This is why stupidity should not be allowed to exist.

5) Not me!


You have themes so you can say you have them, even though you don't use them. But that's OK, right?

Q1. What language(s) do you speak?

Q2. What do you do in your free time? (That is, excluding Kirby games and answering Mailbag questions.)

Q3. When and how did you first hear about Kirby?

Q0. Hai! Just like me, with money! (Vaudeville Filler)

Q1. 私は英θͺžγ‚’θ©±γ™γ“γ¨γŒγ§γγ‚‹γ γ‘γ§γ™γ€‚ Whaha, that ought to throw them off... <_< >_> <_<*

Q2. In spare time, I do some manual labor. Luckily, my art schedule keeps me more than busy.

Q3. My first encounter was with the Kirby's Dreamland 2 Strategy Guide. I fell in love with the characters drawn there, so I bought the book, and actually purchased the used version of the game weeks later. I then sought out the Pink puff's other titles... I had to be about 7 at the time.

1) English, pig latin, and gibberish. I do that one dang well.

2) Drawing, writing, and horrible experimentation on small chi- I mean anima- I mean nothing.

3) The television commercial for the first game was my initial exposure to the cream puff.

1) I swear I've answered this one before, but I can't figure out which 'bag it was in. Either way, I clearly speak English, and I know just enough Japanese to say "Hello, my name is Diddgery. The weather is nice today, isn't it?"

2) I draw and write like these other guys, as well as bum around the internet. Oh, and video games. I'm still gaming!

3) I found my dad's NES in a closet one day, and Kirby's Adventure happened to be one of the first games I played.


First question: If you need Ideas for themes how about "Recent Rumors" to see what our loveable CPU Hal is up to?

Second: Who all does the mail bags?

a question I've often wondered.

Third: Would Krako's Revenge make a cool-looking boos to re-battle to you?

And Cool, did I hear DDD-Damiyo is taking requests?

Can I get your redition on my Kirby Humanoids?

Kirby: A somewhat short boy, Cacuasion implying his pink complexion, wearing only Cargo-shorts, a headband that changes based on abilities, and black fingerless gloves to enhance his new "Touch-and-Go" ability system.

DeDeDe: A large muascular man wearing a large red robe over a white Samurai garb. Never seen far from his hammer.

"The Twins": Ado and Adeline are the brother and sister combo who look just like their game counterparts. Ado always has his Notebook and pencil, while Adeline keeps a paintbrush by her side.

Meta-Knight: Though often portrayed as a young man, this Meta-Knight is an old man whose white beard falls under his, for some reason, up-side-down mask. Wearing black armor and his blue cape, he keeps his trustwothy sword, "Galexia" always ready for battle.

I hope Dedede-Damiyo draws these, I'd LOVE to see these in his art-style!

Lightning Brothers: Thunder & Lightning


I'm just going to say, I drew this picture for me, not for you. But, thanks anyway for inspiring me~

~Those are the real Lightning Brothers, Lei Gong & Raijin, at the bottom. Kudos for being the only one to directly request a pic from me this session!

1) How would Hal rumors constitute a theme? The themes are content you are to use in your letter submissions. Something like a new Hal rumor is the type of junk we provide to you. If people come here for information, why would they have any to give us to give to them!? Paradox!

2) Orgiho Sakkuro, the Northern god of mailbagging, is the driving force behind this feature on the site. That, or obviously the guy's at the top of each page. Is it really that hard to observe things up there, or does your attention span drain dry after scrolling down a screen?

3) This statement almost answers itself yet defeats itself in nullifying any meaning. You're inquiring if Kracko's Revenge would make a cool looking boss to- it doesn't matter! His appearance is already out there and established. Whether or not he is a good, interesting boss to have appear in a later title has no bearing on his looks alone.

5) Shouldn't King Dedede be a tub a la The Kingpin, not just a plain ol' muscle man?

6) Because nothing says "male character" like wearing a dress or being never-endingly expressed as female and exactly the same as character as Adeleine!

And if you thought the Guru Gun was not supposed to leave a stinging pain after firing, you're dead wrong. Dead.

A lot of people do the Mailbag, but I am the current postmaster. Looking for that to change, but with as much brouhaha and went into reformatting this session's mess, I dunno how I shall ever be able to leave... Y'know, without the MB returning to its previous smouldering-crater status.


I Heard rumors that Kirby will return this summer, and first time air on The CW4Kids. if it's real, please thank me for what i said.

BTW, Kirby is always coming right back at ya.

Why would anyone thank you for that? First, all it says is that CW has such poor shows in their line-up that they'd resort to a show that ended years ago to pad out the ranks. It's not like new episodes are coming out. They're just rolling through the old and tired episodes.

Second, now I have grudge through this horror keeping the memory of its over-all terribleness dragging down the Kirby franchise. Let it die already!

I don't know whether to thank or to shank you for profisizing such an event. On one hand, I'd kinda like to see Kirby on TV again,-- but the other hand is holding an active grenade!

The what-now?


Hey there! I'm curious,

1) What's Galax in Kirby Air Ride?


2)Will there ever be a Kirby Wii?

By the way, I tried joining the Art gallery, but its been at least 4 days silent on my Email, what's wrong.

I'm not a criminal... or at least I don't thinks so...

2) I'm gonna say "no."

3) You were approved five days ago. This is another reason I hate Coppermine Galleries; it's approval system sucks.

1) Uh, I think "Galax" is the Japanese name for the Nebula Belt course.

Criminals, also known as Art-thieves, are not allowed in the gallery. You could be one, without even knowing it. You will hang for your ignorance! At least, that's how they did it in Kyushu, right Cypress? (…)


1. Which of your attacks does the most damage in an RPG?

2. Have you ever been on an incredible journey in a giant network of caves?

3. How manly do you like your protagonists?

4. Would Kirby blend very well in a blender?

5. If any of you are programmers, how hard or easy is it to self-teach yourselves programming?

1) Short term, Land Smite, but my summoning Brass Golem has the potential to do the most over time if nobody kills or dispels it.

2) I find such journeys offensive~!

3) I like my protagonists to be unmanly as possible. Preferably chickly. Just chicks, actually.

4) I'd imagine Kirby would just get stretched and deformed a bit, but snap right back into shape after being removed.

5) Depends what you mean by "programming." A lot of people can teach themselves a language -- not easily -- with some success; however, that is sorta like knowing a bunch of Japanese words. Doesn't mean you can hold a conversation in it. Doing it and using it are very different thing.

I started self-teaching with Q-BASIC when I was twelve or so, and because there was no common internet access yet, I actually had to learn how to program. All this free source code and generators will be your downfall should you try them; they are short cuts with little knowledge building ability. Ever hear that examining source is a good way to learn. No. It isn't. Most people can't code, so looking over their stuff will just make you worse!

So, um, it is hard. Very hard. Doing it right requires having zero social life -- and that includes a social-networking life. On- and off-line, you must be completely alone, and you still won't even learn the proper theory for speed-ups and algorithms.

1. The Cricecannon is devastating, but has a lot of recoil damage, so it's not recommended. Also, it's not advisable to fire small creatures out of cannons.

2) I thought I was once, but it turns out that's just where burrowing mammals live! Ha ha ha.

3) They can be manly or not-so-manly, just as long as they actually do something. I find it hard to like a protagonist who only just serves as a window through which you can view the story of a much more interesting individual. Kind of like in The Great Gatsby. Or Final Fantasy XII.

4) Kirby would more than likely eat the blender before any tests could be conducted.

1) Technically, there's no meat behind my Acrid Blazer, in Ft standards of RPG, so the super-slicing, all-dicing Rumbl-o-Rampage would be my king-o-death dealer.

2) Once I did, but then these people were all, "Hey, stop desecrating our catacombs!" Stupid monks.

3) You don't want an overly masculine protagonist. That typically means their ripped and musclebound, which is just a superficial display of power. There's not struggle if your just handed a big plate of whoopin'. It's the conflict of an underdog that makes us like a hero or detoothed crippler, no matter what they may have done.

4) Open up a pack of balloons to find out for yourself. And set it to high, not put the cover on, and set it on an uneven surface. By the way, kiddies, get your parents' permission first so no law suits are bounced our way.

Finally, a fun letter!...

1. How about my Terracotta Army? They might be the most fragile un-dead troops to crawl out of the ground, but their numbers are simply overwhelming. Plus, they can pile up to shield me, so it all works well as an attack and a defense.

2. Been on a journey there? I lived and worked in the Great-Cave-Network-Monastery for four years! That is, until one day when a green demon came and defecated desecrated all over the monks. I was free at last, to say the least...

3. I like my protagonists elderly. That is a degree of manliness?

4. According to Adol's artwork, Kirby and others blend exceptionally well in Blender, isn't that right?

5. Domo~!

Eulb, AKA a guy you used to know

I'm Back from the shadowy depths of The KRR netherworld! as for who i used to be thats unimportant...

Why am i back? Here to tell that KRR will not be doomed! at least not while i'm around. For I will not let it die without me being the cause!

But i'm too busy to carry forth those plans for quite a while, and predict they may happen in 10 years or more. i don't really know since i have "other" business to tend to.

other then that i wish to ask why a silver sword would work on anyone? i know it would not on me or anyone i know.

until next we meet,

Eulb the warrior

Is that you, CuboneKing? I thought Bazz killed you in the last installment?! Well, if he didn't, I will this time with my Silver Sword of Lu Tung-Pin!

Silver Swords work best on Warewolves, duh!


How do you put pictures on your Mailbag submissions? I saw Diddgery do it on Issue #60.

Also, is Diddgery pronounced "Digg-jery" or "Didd-ghery"?

1) Computer magic.

2) It's pronounced the same way the "didgeri" in didgeridoo is pronounced. If you really need to hear someone say it to help you out, Strong Bad does it right.

Wait, you only ever saw Diddgery do it? Did all the other times Ometon, Daimyo, and I did it slip by you?

So that we shan't hear anymore on what I thought would be an obvious subject, Diddgery is a 'Bagger. He has sway around here. Of course the crew can pretty-up his letters so that the images display. We do have the power to alter a letter's appearance, y'know. Why do you think so many lady-types' letters keep going on about how they secretly love me?


Ooh, hello there! <: This is.. I think my first time I sent mail to the mailbag! It's nice to meet you all! I follow pretty much all of your mailbag issues, and they're pretty funny sometimes. XD

1. Do any of you play "Harvest Moon"? Any game in the series, even a spin-off like Rune Factory? :3 If not, what do you think of it?

2. What do you think of KRR's 'closing' and Kindar's appearance? Personally, I think KRR will live on for awhile, especially if Bogg's around to manage stuff too :D. But I'm really glad Kindar came by.

3. You probably get this a lot, but do you think you'll like Kirby Wii (given it ever comes out?)

That's it! Thanks a lot for answering :>. You guys are awesome, remember that!

0. Ota~, there sure are a lot of newbies writing for the first time, this 'sack! That is good, as oldbies tend to grow sour and moldy with age, festering in a corner until they eventually expire. Not that it's happening to me...

1. "If not", then with a completely uninformed statement, I see the Harvest Moon series as The Sims with gardening. Replace people with plants, and social interactions with stuff I would rather be doing. It is not something I'd normally try unless I had a good recommendation.

2. My sentiments, exactly. All you can do is to keep contributing the best you can, if you want the site to go on.

3. There hasn't been a Kirby platforming game that I haven't liked yet, and I expect KWii to be no different. There will be another; the only thing standing in the way is time. Time, and TBT Nurikabe.


2) It's kinda sad that people are just acting like, "Oh, hi, Kindar. See ya in another few years!" She really has set bad precedent, I guess, in the past. But this time, she's gonna say around... allegedly...

3) I don't think anyone has ever asked that, actually. Most people question its actually out-coming-ness. Do you want to make a picture of that, Daimyo?

Anyhoo, it sounded promising in the past. You have plenty of powers, three helpers, and stackability! That's probably the closest we'll ever get to having Animal Friends back.


1) Harvest Moon is one of those game series that I never bothered getting into. Kind of like Metroid or Castlevania- I have nothing against the games whatsoever, I've just never played them.

2) I'm going to take Kindar's word for it. She's always been reliable in the past, so if she says she's going to stick around and work on making KRR better than ever, it makes sense to trust her.

3) Unless something goes crazy in the development and they abandon all the stuff we've been shown, I have a feeling it will be a solid, enjoyable entry into the franchise.


It turns out that July the 14th is already a different Holiday: Bastille Day, marking some Important event in the French Revolution. Let's see...

"Bastille Day is the French national holiday, celebrated on 14 July each year. In France, it is called Fκte Nationale ("National Celebration") in official parlance, or more commonly le quatorze juillet ("14 July"). It commemorates the 1790 Fête de la Fédération, held on the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789; the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison was seen as a symbol of the uprising of the modern nation, and of the reconciliation of all the French inside the constitutional monarchy which preceded the First Republic, during the French Revolution."

Yes, I copy/pasted from Wikipedia. Sue me.

The meeting of French-Japanese.

Bass Steal

~You have no idea!

This one woulda went straight into the crank file if it weren't for Daimyo. Seriously, who cares about foreign coincident holidays with Mailbag releases? Mix with copy pasta, and you get a recipe for disaster!...rous pasta!



Green: Pidgeot, Alakazam, Rhydon, Arcanine, Exeggutor, Gyrados

Ulysses: Blastoise, Pidgeot, Beedrill, Golem, Mew, Machamp

Matel: Sceptile, Hariyama, Crobat, Sandslash, Sharpedo, Regice

These are 3 of the 8 Master Trainers I plan on having the player be able to fight after he/she beats the game in my Pokemon game. I need suggestions for the other 5 teams. So, what's the most awesome team you can concieve of pokemon-wise? Please no more than 1 Legendary per team, prefferably none if you can muster it.

2) Oh wait. This is a KIRBY fansite. well, I'm afraid to go anywhere but here and Youtube after the virus attack I had last winter, so this will have to do. But I feel kind of giulty sending so much pokemon stuff to a Kirby fansite. You guys okay with it?

I need to put SOMETHING Kirby here though, so... let's see...

I got something, but it's more gurus material. I'll come up with a Kirby something later.

The meeting of French-Japanese.

Pocket Monsters?! I have decided to swear-off that series for good. Really, how much further can the developers push the creative aspect of a game which already draws it's sources from every place imaginable? And how is Ulysses going to have Mew in his line up? I thought there was (canonically) only supposed to be one of that character.

You better be wary of YouTube as well. My sources say teh haxzors there are attacking Kirby fans, ruthlessly. LOL


I HAVE SOMETHING (Somewhat) KIRBY RELATED THAT'S MAILBAG APPROPRIATE!!! Although I KNOW I'm going to regret this...

Gobbo, in your ask the Gurus #50, you said:

"I would love nothing better [Than to Draw a picture of me disembowling Fumu], but I think the general audience rating of this site would prevent such a graphic depiction of gore and violence. A pity, I know. But, we can dream, folks. We can dream."

So wait. You can draw a picture of Ometon eating a rotting deer carcass (i.e. Mailbag #60), but not one of yourself eating Fumu?

Oh wow, I regret this already.

Yes, because even though it's been stated several times that Ometon is a separate individual and our pictures look nothing alike, I must be the one who drew the deer.

Besides, I called the shots as I saw 'em. It was 'Tonny boy who changed the game up. Thanks, sucker!

Ooh! Disemboweled. Whoops. I mean, she does look like a bleedin' bowling pin.

#3. Hoka-hoka ~Looks like you missed the ending image to Mailbag #63's Closing Statements.

It may not be Fumu, but now no one can deny the brothers mutual love for gore and disembowelment~!

(>_>* Ask the Kirby Gurus is obviously stealing all the good questions from Mailsack...)

The Mailbag has never really been at the same rating as the rest of the site, thanks to the previous crew. Fer cryin' out loud, those forum blokes pimped their harems here. Harems!


I agree with Gobbo that Sonic hasn't had a good overall game to his name since the Genisis, but the series has always delivered spectacularly to me in the music department. Take a listen to Spagonia's day theme in Unleashed. Rock instrumentation, upbeat, catchy melody, great syncopation, and violins. Spec-friggin'-tacular.

If it weren't for those horrible werehog levels, Unleased would have been amazing. I might've actually bought it!

Not even remotely a question. My views on Sonic: He used to tempt me, being a Nintendo-only-owner, but his appeal wore off over the years. Glad I avoided him.

Show of hands: who here wants Xion banned from asking so many freakin' questions in a row?

... you're lucky most of us don't have hands.


Hey Mailbaggers! Bimblesnaff, I assume you remember me from the mailbag...

Let's see, the theme is favorite drink, eh? Hmm... I guess I'm gonna say orange soda...

Now, questions...

1. How much exactly do you guys like each other? I mean, are you like friends on the site, or do you barely tolerate each others' existence?

2. In an addition to that question, how do Bimblesnaff and Daimyo continue to get along with so many contrasting views?

Gobbo complained over in the Gurus that assuming Haboki is a female broom is blatant 1950's style sexism. Daimyo on the other hand believes to the broom to be a girl and is definitely NOT from the 50's...

3. So, what exactly are YOUR favorite drinks?

Also, is there a reason why you struck my whole CamelCase comment from my last Gurus message, Gobbo?

To let the rest of you in on this, Bimblesnaff kept changing the capitalization in my name to PokeMega32, despite the fact that he clearly stated in Issue 91, and I quote, "Camel case is a stupidity."

Then, when I questioned him about, he struck it from the record and changed my name to Pokemega32...

*GASP* Bimblesnaff is sweeping his inconsistencies under the rug?!

0) The theme isn't really favorite drinks; that is just a joke theme.

1) From what I remember before I joined KRR but Gobbo had, Diddgery was pretty much the only member he didn't complain endlessly about. So, yeah, tolerate.

2) Little do you know that Daimyo is from the fifties, so your whole argument is moot.

3) I likes Cherry Coke and coffee.

4) Changing a name composed of words to look like, y'know, words just makes sense (unless, as I have mentioned elsewhere, you are Dutch). Problem is, your name has number in it for some ungodly and unfathomable reason. People: If the screen name you want has been taken, try originality!

Thusly, "Poke Mega 32" has no meaning whatsoever as it has floating numbers, so putting the spaces in actually makes it worse than just running stuff together.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the point at hand; simple fact of the matter is he gets tired of people asking painfully obvious questions. He only switched back to the lower "m" because -- guess what? -- he can't watchdog everything he types to conform wantwit user names into intelligible text as they should come prepackaged with the stuff!

1) I try to get along with everyone, because I want to be friends with everyone!

...Naturally, it can be kind of hard sometimes.

2) I always thought Haboki was a female, but I don't think I ever had much of a reason behind it. Maybe it's because Keke gives broom, and she's definitely a girl.

3) Water is everyone's favorite drink! Though I do enjoy lemonade and good ol' Dr Pepper.

1) It's not about who I tolerate; it's who can tolerate me!

2) Little do you know that Keke is in the same vein as such notable names as Mario's Birdo, Final Fight's Venom, and the Resort's Ometon!

3) Red creme soda. Strangely, I rarely seem to be drinking the stuff. But, hey, it's most beloved and not most drunked, right?

4) Simple explanation: I just cut the comment and made the change. No one reads Gurus to hear inane banter on name spelling. I try and cut out as much frivolous garbage as possible. For example, people saying, "Hey, I have some questions!" Really? Who would have thought that!

No, the submittal form auto-magically cuts out all case and caps the first letter of each new word. This is done 'cuz I hate when people make their names all capital letters or alternating in case. It just smacks of, respectively, stupidity and stupiderity. However, when people have camel case, or words that look like they should be camel case, I either separate or re-cap them as seen appropriate. If there's any numbers in the name, spacing looks down right stupid, so I go with the utterly hated camel case.

And this is exactly the type of meaningless, who-would-care tripe that I try to keep out of Gurus, but it's perfectly fine for Mailbag!



spiked bat to the face

No. You people only get one internet-meme-Kirby-combo picture per mailbag. Wasn't Blipper enough?! T_T


Remind me why we bother putting this thing out again? Blutty letters like this barely make it seem worth all the effort -- and this is the part that is active on the site?

I swear, the next letter better knock it outta the park, or else...


Theme: what is your favorite kind of beverage?

Sorry couldnt resist on this one...

That'll do, Doo.

That'll do.

Closing Statments: Well, the hand crawled back to five minutes from midnight. Hey, that is 'bout when I'm uploading this thing, too~! 'Course, I'm not in a race against a nuclear holocaust, or am I? ... no, I'm not.

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