Journy of Kirby Extra


Look familiar? This screen shot came out in 2005 to tease us for the "upcoming" Game Cube release. Four years ago. Four. The title was delayed so much, they shifted it over to Wii. Well, today, we say forget that junk!"

Rainbow Resort tries to bring you the lastest in Kirby game news, and here's a fresh leak. What follows is totally new, totally real screen shots for an upcoming Wii title. Know how "Legend of the Stars" has been taking so long to come out that they could have made an entirely new title? Well, apparently, they did just that. Let's see what they managed to get by security. It's not much, but it's more than has been getting out lately, am I right?

The game is tenatively titled Journey of Kirby Extra. It is to be the first fully three-dimensional Kirby game. The tough puff can travel, fly, and fight on all sides, up and down. He travels through the five corners of Pop Star (it is a star after all) to collect the "Legendary Items". Since we always just condense game titles to a more suitable, four letter abbreviation, we'll just call it, oh, JOKX. Or, if you properly abbreviate words, use an "E".

It is JOKE

Oh, hey, wow, it's Kirby! Floating around through a colorful landscape. I see a Waddle Dee, too. Look at those gorgeous polygon graphics in 3D. It's stunning what can be done nowadays. And there's the official seal of Nintendo on the bottom corner. Who could counterfeit that baby. Official fo' sho'.

It is JOKE

This is who you all wanted to see, am I right? 'Cuz he certainly isn't who I care about. It looks like the Halberd has risen again and so has his Meta Crew. If Trident Knight is present, the others cant be too far behind.

It is JOKE

What's this? Is that King Dedede? No, really, I'm asking. Is that King Dedede? It could be a bear.

It is JOKE

I think they're running out of ideas for hats. It doesn't even look like they're trying any more. The accompanying text said this is the new look of Cutter. Hey, it was a duckie before. How is a panda cap any different. Ravens and writing desks, folks.

It is JOKE

And this looks like a spoiler for the final boss battle. It looks like Kirby to the fourth power and another Zero-esque, one-eyed monster from the dark, sunless abyss. He looks a little strange, however, almost like he's... a ... bag of ... potato... chips.

If anyone bought any of this, even for a second, then you really ain't that bright. It shoulda been known before clicking in.

I am sometimes mischief.

Last Updated - March 32nd, 2009