June 19th, 2009

Welcome back, every-every! The Mailbag is such a hot commodity now that -- guess who wants to be a part of it? Nobody~! Well, we'll try to make due.

And first person to offer up their services gets the axe... to the face. Second gets it worse.

Bogg is always in the Mailbag now. He originally gave the feature its first coding overhaul since it was created, and got one measily sit-in for his efforts back then. Feh.

Diddgery may very well just become a regular regular instead of a break-taker. I'm getting too tired and too hated to find people who want to be here.

Dedede Daimyo had some computer-related woes but came back in time for the 'Bag. He opted to still sit out, tho', and I now hold a grudge against him.

- Ometon

Bag Fulla Ice

(The updates slow as if friction applies to the internet. The sky reddens as a green blob tries to hold up a huge rainbow that seems to be fading away. The "site" will be sucked up by a cliche void unless people joking about how the "site" is coming to an end will keep it going.)*reads theme* WHOOPS... Erm,

1. I can't really see this site closing, but I can't really think of a future at the moment except updates 'bout future games. I think the lack of Kirby games has a BIG part in this rainbow apocalypse.

2. Hey, was the storybook a metaphor? I mean about poor Bogg ALONE KEEPING UP the RAINBOW bridge, where the END(future) was "nowhere"? Also, did Bimblesnaff write that one?

3. Squeaky Bogg, Gobbo, Bimblesnaff, Mad Goblin, make up your mind!

4. Well... I shall go ate my bag full of ice, resulting in multiple brain freezes. But I'll melt it with my warm person. Ality.

1) This site isn't closing. It was in danger of somehow rusting, confuzzling computer experts everywhere since this place is just a collection of data and bases, but dagnabbit, if I said it almost happened, then it almost happened!

Nothing has changed at the Resort, really, other than more 'Bags and less excuses. For the most part, the visitors have changed; they are on summer vacation now, largely, and are much more sensitive to the fact that Kirby's new game is in developmental Hel.

2) What? Taking the Storybook as a metaphor? Never~! It is obviously just a happy and cheerful romp, according to most's comments concerning that furtive feature.

Your view on the end is a bit off, tho', as the true ending is explained, without symbolism or interpretation, when you attain it.

And as clearly stated in the Storybook by Ometon himself, I created it.

I dunno, if I've learned anything from high school English classes, it's that everything is a metaphor.

You're a metaphor.

3) It's been been "Bimblesnaff" for a good many years now. I don't go by Mad Goblin, rightfully, on any of my accounts here, but it's still a nickname. People have those, ya know, like Uncle Gobbo and such. And, Squeaky Bogg is the name of the character I use for my avatar, not a handle ever used by myself. I know that creative distinction and titles is a stretch for some folks, but such callings really aren't rare. I could pile on a lot more than two, if I wanted to.


I think it's really awesome that Lei gets to mailbag now. :D

PS- She's my BFF In real life. 8D

She doesn't get to be in the mailbag now; she got a guest spot for two sessions, as is the limit for people who don't actually run the thing. My guess is that'll be her last run, too.

That girl was way too verbose. She even topped the normal rant-king Bimblesnaff that last session, too, responding to pretty much everything she could get her grubby little mitts on, including some "answers" which were just "Ask this other guy~!" who had, in fact, already answered the question! She just placed her responses on top (as she did with seemingly every letter) to, I dunno, talk more? I don't quite understand her motives. Other 'Baggers have no problem not responding to a portion of the letter; dunno what hers was.

Sixty-five was the fewest letters answered in the new 'Bag yet possibly the longest! That isn't what the Mailbag is about; if someone asks "What are your favorite sammich?" you don't go into the finer points of a turkey club; you draw a picture of fowls gettin' down to some techno music with the caption "i donez umberstandds teh quesshuns~!" People are in this for some sort of entertainment or site informative value, not to get to know random blokes. All about efficiency.

Aww, but I already made the welcome banner for Aru...

Aru could sometimes be mailbag~!

..Uh. I guess, um.. huh.


First time for mailbag, figured why not and spread some of my insanity elsewhere outside of gurus.

Anyways, I figure you guys have themes for the same reason you had Project R.A.I.N.B.O.W. It's because um... uh... I don't know where I was going with that.

Anyways, I got some questions so let's roll.

1.)Are there any intelligent characters in Dreamland? I have yet to see a character with a college degree let alone a high school diploma.

2.)Favorite movie genre, name it.

3.)If you were able to run your own country, what would you do and which country would you make suffer for trying to initiate a peace treaty with you?

4.) If a train left station 1 at 4:00 going 60mph and another train left station 2 at 5:00 going 70mph and Joe the hobo hitched a ride with Tuck the bum on a broken down steam boat, what would you do for a klondike bar?

5.)Favorite RPG/Series?

6.) Lastly, you got a favorite Zelda game? If not for shame, everyone should love a man who isn't afraid to express his masculinity in a short green skirt.

Anyways, wanna say that I've enjoyed reading these mailbags and the sessions at the Gurus. Lots of fun and love the witty responses. Keep up the good work everyone.... and Bogg.

0) Blutty 'el! We were doing soooo good. I was about to dust off those old new files until you mentioned the dreaded PR again. Diz had just buried that long since stinking corpse. Do you people not want new features on KRR or somethin'?

1) Adeliene is studying abroad for art; that implies some sort of edumacation. Doc is definitely educated what with all his contraptions. You really didn't put much thought into this, did you?

2) The kind that are TV shows.

3) My country would have no interaction with other countries. Dem guys is chumps and wrong in every fashion.


5) I don't understand this question. Are you asking both for favorite RPG series, favorite RPG and series (assumedly game series), or are you somehow implying that RPGs and series are interchangeable.

6) Link to the Past trumps all.

7) Is it possible for you to begin a paragraph not with "Anyways"?

1) Forget the higher educations. I don't even remember seeing so much as a grade or preschool on that star. Start with the basics and then work your way up.

2) People always seem to be sweating "powerful performances" or some type of dramatic dealer, but I never see the point in that. To me, it's all science fiction. Why would I want to see a believable event that theoretically could happen? Give me giant lizards wrecking Tokyo!

3) Trust me, with what my country would do, none would want to form an alliance. It'd basically be like saying "We're horrible, too!"

4) I'd shave a monkey.

5) I'm actually quite fond of the Tales of series. Action oriented battles equals better than button mashin'.

6) It's called a tunic, people. For sooth, man, learn a little about medieval dress and customs.

7) I go with "anyhoo" and may affix a number to the end to keep it fresh. Yes, I do believe that makes me better.

1) Graduate Cappy

2) Actioncomedydramaromance.

3) My government would be overthrown in roughly twelve seconds. Probably because it'd just be me, and I'd be cowering in a corner while the coup d'etat forces take over.

4) Turkey Club

5) Asking me to pick a favorite RPG/RPG series is way too difficult, since I like every RPG I've ever played to some extent. ..Except for Riviera: The Promised Land and Evolution Worlds. Those were just plain bad.

6) I'm particularly fond of Link's Awakening and Majora's Mask.

bernd huysman

How long do you think kirby wii wil gonna take

if its not dead. and do you think that the 5 years that it have take to made it wil guarantee that it wil be awesome!

Five years on a project would nigh-on guarantee awesomosity if said five years were spent working on said project. However, the thing jumped from one system to another, requiring either a massive rework of the code to utilize the improved potential (else not live up to prior mentioned awesomeness) or be mostly new stuff altogether.

This sorta Developmental Hell usually means a project will be canceled, or just effectively canceled due to delays. Isn't that right, Duke Nukem?

Legend of the Stars, as it was once known, has had a Japanese set release of 2009 but no state-side mention. There was supposed to be some mention of it at this years E3. That sure was a bust.

Regardless, I get the impression that the game will probably hit the Orient at the year's end, or not, and then American shores in twenty-ten. I also suspect, after all this time, that Waddle Dee will be the most powerful enemy, Kirby will be replaced by Blopper, and that my coffee was switched with Ometon's "special brew" this morning.

Wait, it's been five years? Seriously? ..Dang.

Topmonhit Again!?

If this letter gets tossed in I'll be convinced you don't get all that many letters! And for the theme, obviously I'm not actually around here, I'm more of a 5th party or something, so iono. All I know is that on a global scale the answer's NOTHING

...Looking at Mailbag 64... Isn't it funny how almost anyone who plaid video games, or dare I say it, played video games, in the N64 era things of the N64 if anything is followed by a 64?

Speaking of the N64, isn't Pear Stair 64 the greatest game ever?

Oh crud I don't have a list started here. Just... just follow the paragraphs.

...Gooeeeeeeey. I miss Gooey. Wait, I wasn't around for KDL3. ...I miss him anyway. Oh, a question! Doth thou think Gooey would've been perfect for Kirby Canvas Curse? I MEAN, HE'S A BLOB!

Oh, one more thing:

...I have calm.

1) We get very many letters. Well written? Not so much.

2) Plaid videogames, eh?

Plaid Videogame

5) Gooey? Who cares about that load. He could never carry a game by himself -- or a series. You are an idiot for having that idea as it is the worst idea ever, and anyone who even thinks about featuring him in the lead of a game series should be shot out of a cannon. Pfft! A Gooey game. I bet if someone tried to make garbage like that, no body would play or even know that it existed.

Now, as for Canvas Curse, how could he be featured if he had no limbs to lose? Isn't that why all the protagonists were there in the first place?

6) I have clam, too. Oh, wait, you said... never mind.

17) I tried following along; I got lost, hence the sombrero.

We've fallen on hard times. ..Well, to be more specific, I've fallen on hard times.

Hobo Diddgery

Living in poverty isn't fun, guys.

poppy bro fan

how did marx collect all the peices of galactic nova ?! but the energey make's sence so was the energey from them or space i already know that marx came back to life after that.

say is there gonna be zero 3 in any new games about kirby or poppy bro jr. well i think some other guy should face...the horribale...the evil...ZERO 03 ahhhhhhhhhhh...well how do you think zero 03 is gonna look like in the next kirby game?

I don't get get it! how could kirby fall down into a cave!? I was playing kirby super star ultra and when I saw a cutscene that kirby fell down into an underground cave can't kirby mover!? Either the makers forgot kirby could mover or they hought it would be funny? But it was funny that kirby's eye's were like what the HECK!!!!!!!!

I never I mean I never played kirby: canvus curse so what is the story line did drawcia put an evil spell on kirby or what well I know the main bad guy or girl or it but I don't know the whole thing so did a prophacey came that whoever was the hero whould lose his feet and arm's or what I wish my aunt had the game.

here is one thing I might freak out about so is poppy bros sr. really poppy bro jr's older brother...or...sssissster because I looked in the bottom screen of kirby super star ultra and it said vs. poppy bros sr. p.s. I laughed when I putin p tiwce! :D

1) He... didn't collect anything. What happened to Marx at the end of True Arena was a cosmic flub and chaotic rebirth. It was a one in a million long shot, like one solid object syncing with another to pass perfectly through it. Marx had no input on the event. He was kinda dead, after all.

2) You start off questioning if it could be and then shift into the mind frame that it already is. You can't back door ideas like that to people who are trained question readers. Your tactics fail against our grade school edumacations!

Anyhoo, 0³ is only the product of every-other fan fiction out there but will never exist in cannon. I mean, why would he be in a cannon? He's make terrible ammo. He'll never be canon, either.

3) Mover? Mover?! I think you meant "hover", but now we adopt mover as this 'Bags new fun word.

Kirby fell down the hole probably 'cuz he was thinking of food and not paying attention. As we learn at the end of Great Cave Offensive, rocks fell down over the hole and prevented his exit. This is why he could not simply fly out.

4) You know, we do have game pages that detail the basic plot of all the games and- under construction? Yeesh, we oughta change those to "need constructing". The "under" implies something has been worked on with them.

5) Sr. is the universally accepted abbreviation for "Senior", not "Sister". Plus, what type of idiot could name someone "Poppy Brother Sister"?

1) Marx collected them all by traveling across the land, searching far and wide. Each piece of NOVA, to understand, the power that's insiiiide~!

2) 0ł is an abomination.

3) I can mover. I mover all over the place! Just not right now, because I don't feel like it.

4) The story of Canvas Curse is pretty simple. Kirby was really hungry so he ate his arms and legs. Then he regretted eating his limbs and embarked on a quest to find a sorceress that could give him his limbs back.

5) Poppy Bro Jr., the younger brother of Poppy Bro Sr.? Unpossible!

3) Kirby lacks the ability to mover out of caves. Know how when you mover to the top of the level, there is nothing there but you still can't mover any higher? That's what was at the mine shaft.

5) Dream Land: The only place where Juniors aren't the children of Seniors, but rather their siblings and occasionally the same individual aged slightly!

Not Squeaky Bogg

Hey, I mid Glod! And RMD! What happened to them?

Apparently, you mid'd them.

RMD and glod... though they may be gone, there is one place you can always find them... and that is in your heart.

I'm mid'd about this who situation. Am I using that word right? Mid?


Did You Know:

1. A Diglett, the world's shortest Pokemon, can breed with a Wailord, the world's tallest Pokemon.

But anyways


2. Does Kirby have swine flu?

3. Do any of you mailbaggers have swine flu?

4. Does kissing a pig prevent swine flu?

1) They are both mammals, so that makes perfect sense to me.

1?) Don't we all? Good thing they brought him back from the dead. I knew that sniper's bullet wouldn't last for long. Although I may be getting confused...

2-4) No. Now send us one metric tonne of fan-type mails. Well, send after sterilizing all your mails of porcine diseasery.

1) Face it, 'Ton, no matter how much you try to rationalize it for yourself, you still don't got a chance with another human being.

1-3) I think all of this is just a diversion -

4) - to make his actual worry less noticeable. Oh, you sick freak of nature, you.


what do u think is the best kirby game ever made and why are all the kirby games kinda the same T_T

Well, the games are all part of the same series. All game collections are related. Every Mario game has shared elements as do the Sonic, Mega Man, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Bomber Man, etc. When they greatly deviate from the established trends, that's when the fans cry out against it and it returns to normality.

Really, what type of question is that? "All the games have Kirby eating, spitting, and copying powers. Try something else. Ugh!" Yeah, how dare he follow his gimmick. Shame.

I dunno, Kirby Star Stacker was pretty different. As was Kirby's Avalanche. And Kirby's Pinball Land, Kirby's Block Ball, Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble, Kirby's Dream Course, Kirby's Super Star Stacker... See what I'm getting at here?

If complaining about games being the same were a valid argument, we'd only have one Guitar Hero and one Halo.

In a perfect world, I guess. Kirby at least got powers, pets, and partners.

:emaN ruoY

:sreggabliam eht rof tnemmoC/noitseuQ

This is only funny looking at the submission page, but when put into the Mailbag, it really loses all value. You just look like a crazy person. We wasting our time with it?

Backwards talk apparently even got tired for this guy one line in. Good for you!... for quitting~!

ˇ?? s,?i ????? si u?op ?pisdn żo??? ??? ??b no? ?,upip


I am a cat!

I thought you'd be a kat. Or a Land.

Are you the cat that swims in the ground?

He's a land who wastes both Baggers' and readers' valuable time, time we coulda spent poaching the last of the landkat.


hello sup

1 what is kirby supposed to be

2 if kirby had his on TV show would you watch it

3 whats up with that music television lol i mean mtv

1) A cute, round, heroic puff. What you see is what you get, folks. I'm not gonna say he's a marshmallow dumpling filled with helium. Although...

2) Uuuuuuuh, I suggest you know anything about Kirby from this decade and check back.

3) The "up" is that Music Television only allots a few scant hours in the wee hours of the night to actual music. The rest is common youth culture refuse.

hi how are ya

1) He is what he is.


3) Some people, yo.

1) Answer me what the frick kinda name "chin" is first.

2) In whatever alternate universe the cartoon doesn't exist, I'd still think the hypothetical show would be tainted.

3) MTV used to have Beavis and Butthead; now, it is just worthless.

Kid Niki

I was wondering, have you ever had a Kirby-related dream? I never have, but Squeaky Bogg was in one of my dreams. He didn't do much, though.

Thank you in advance for answering!

I refuse to answer your letter just to make your thanks in vain.... Aw, blutty 'el!

Curse you, Squeaky Bogg, not pulling your weight in other people's dreams. Why do you think I bought you that joke set and an elephant seal for? A snack? ... Hey!
Joke Set

Get this image in your dreams, or nightmares!

At least one or two, but I can't really think of what they were about off the top of my head.


I got AWSOME news!!! Nintendo have confermed when the Kirby Wii's commeing out!!!Go to a video I made on you tube a month ago! Also, what happened to DDD-D, is he okay? He haven't been here in a month.


Wow, never saw those before, especially not on a page that was more navigable, higher quality, or implied release on the Game Cube instead of the Wii since they are so old.

So you took the IGN screenshots from five years ago and threw them in a video with screenshots from other games, set it to music, and that means... what, exactly? That you know how to use Windows Movie Maker? I wasn't really expecting much from someone who can't spell "coming" but.. dang.

Plus, now E3 has skated by with no word of Kirby Wii. Am I right? So, the contribution was in a rare double vain! At least you still have the booby prize.

Princess Tetra

Err... hi again Mailbaggers. A couple quick questions today.

What is your favorite Kirby COMMERCIAL? Yeah, that's a question I'm sure nobody else has asked. No, they probably have. Eh. Mine is the Amazing Mirror commercial, but the American Squeak Squad one is close behind it. Did you know they actually had someone render the characters in that commercial that was NOT Japanese?

Also, what is the worst/most humorous dub episode title to you? They're all so bad it's funny.

1) My favorite commercial is the one I remember best, the Dream Land 2 one. Nothing beats Kirby walking into a bar and beating up bikers. Of course, the Japanese Adventure one has the puff eating a small child.

2) To know that, I would have to be familiar with, oh, any of them off hand. I'm not polluting my mind with that garbage. Besides, the titles are mostly puns on pop culture, movie titles, or plays on phrases. That's what all American cartoons and many television programs do. It's not like it's limited to just Kirby.

The best Kirby commercial -- hands down -- has gotta be the one for Adventure. There was nothing really good about it, just one things wonderfully horrible~!

King Dedede's name was horribly mispronounced in it. No, not that tired old battle between the correct Deh-deh-deh and the idiotic Dee-dee-dee; his name was pronounced a new third fashion that everybody (except the announcer) will agree was wrong: Dee-deed, obviously breaking it up into only two syllables and taking the terminal e to be silent. Hy-larious!

Favorite commercial? I dunno, since as a rule the American ones were horrifying until the 21st century, and the Japanese ones were strange until.. well, they're still kind of strange. I guess the Japanese Amazing Mirror is pretty cute. That's right, I'm going with one of the newer games! I'm craaaazy!!

Though I also like the Kirby's Dream Land 2 commercial, since it has Rick beating up a biker. Don't tell me he wouldn't do that, because he totally would!

Mailbag 65 contributer

Hello mailbag/sack ers!

Tto teh questions

1. how come Ometon`s picture is chuckling?

2. How much do you pay (or we pay) at the mailbag?

3. Do you use MSN alot?

4. Where do you gixes live?

5. Why is the site only copyrighted till 2008? Come on, it's already halfway throgh MAY!

the end?

1) Which picture of Ometon are you talking about? 'Cuz, I gotta say, you must have an odd interpretation of laughter.

2) The Mailbag pays in all the cheese you can imagine. Unfortunately, this cheese is purely fictitious, so there's no actually value on this. It's a nice thought, tho'

3) I mix super nougat rarely at best. It is a dangerous process involving fission, fusion, and Funyuns. I don't want to go into too much detail to prevent anyone from trying this at home.

4) Gixes?

5) Why are you copyrighted till 2008? Face!

Tto? Tto? ..Well, at least it's not as bad as commeing.

2) I always find it amusing that people think that this is an actual job, and we get paid for doing it. Or rather, Bimblesnaff and Ometon get paid, since they actually do things on the site. I'm just a freeloader~!

3) I rarely watch the news.

4) Let's see, according to Urban Dictionary, "gix" is a multipurpose, nonsensical word used to censor other swears.

...Well then.

1) Ometon is normally pictured with a frown since his spikes prevent him from being hugged. If he ain't sad, he's prolly being a creepy pervert, which is very different than chuckling.

2) I'm supposed to get paid for that?

3) I have, like, one person on my MSN Messenger contact list. I know more people than that who use MSN, but they all have better instant messengers they can be reached on instead.

4) I live inside my own head. Or I just have a skull full of tiny people with tinier people inside their skulls. I often forget which it is on account of having an infinite progression of more miniature mes in my brain.


Themes are here for the people who actually care(not that I do) to respond to. But, how can anyone care about a theme to a part of the site that really isn't Kirby-related?

1) What's up with the crazy songs appearing in Pokemon? I can understand the Distortion World and Giratina battle themes, but the others added in Platinum sound a bit off.

2) Have any of you guys tried spriting out? I have done some Kirby stuff, but I mainly splice, edit, revamp, and devamp Pokemon sprites.

3) Which of the Kirby ending themes are your favorites? ...I think I may have mangled my grammar there...

4) Do you hate exams/standardized tests, or are they just annoying?

5) I'm pretty excited about Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. What about you?

6) Is Dedede-Daimyo here for this mailbag?

7)can i has my shney nikel noa? :D

2) I draw. So, you know... Why would I bother.

3) Nothing tops the end to Revenge of Meta Knight. Go, horns!

4) Heh. Exams. Yeah, I remember those bein' a pain. I laugh merrily at your years to come of them. Hrhr, I say. Hrhr!

5) Who would ever be excited about remakes? "Wow, I can pay the price of a new game to get a game I already bought years ago with piddle extra features. Or, I can just play that game I bought about ten years ago for free."

6) Do I even have to spend long discussing how empty a question this is to ask? I mean, really?

1) Man, Pokémon has always had bizarre music since the very beginning. Have you perhaps forgotten Cinnabar Mansion?

2) Devamp? Is the theme for this bag "make up your own words?" Because I'm starting to assume that it is.

3) A tie between Kirby's Adventure and Milky Way Wishes. Both are very nostalgic for me.

5) I'm the opposite of Bimblesnaff here, but that's probably because I am just another cog in Nintendo's money-making Pokémachine. Totally shameless.

2) Spriting: because lacking any discernible artistic ability shouldn't mean you other people's work can go unruined! Stick Pikachu's tail and ears on anything and it's a masterpiece~!

4) They is very bigoted of you; what if someone here loved standardized tests? I was married to one for a brief period in the late sixties.

So, to answer you question, I hate standardized tests.

6) Daimyo's here in spirit for this session -- the same way Kindar is here at the Resort only in spirit for eternity~!

Shadow Kirby (Sh'irby)

Hi, I was just wondering...

What is the funniest scene involving Kirby you have ever seen, whether in a game (including SSBB) or the Kirby of the Stars anime?

I always liked the stage intros from the earlier games, but I'd be hard pressed to pick an absolute favorite. It's a toss-up between Sand Canyon and Orange Ocean.

I prefer Ice Cream Island's intro. Imaginary Waddle Doo laying the hammer to a dozing Kirby is pretty priceless and outta nowhere.

The funniest scene was that time a Kirby character felt the need to explain a nickname next to their regular, unoriginal name as tho' people actually cared.

The funniest scene had to be from the cartoon. Remember that time they pretended the series wasn't going to focus on Kirby anymore, but rather two uninspired, squash-shaped whatzits that had absolutely no business being in the franchise, let alone the focus of it? Oh, that was a hilarious hundred episodes...

Explosive Kirby

Is it just me, or is KRR kinda slowing down? There seems to be less artists in the gallery and a lot less updates. I hope KRR doesn't end. I visit this almost every day!

There is this thing called "school." Mayhaps you've heard? When it is out, a lot of people don't spend all day on their computers, which is actually school computers.

Conversely, you'll see a lot of new blokes drop by, who are those without constant or common internet access during the school year. They won't be so vocal, however, since they won't be permanent.

So, in reality, every website slows down during these months (or at least those with a primarily underage patronage). The rest of the apparent slow-down is from 1) Daimyo and Aru being absent from the gallery and 2) no junk updates being made on the main page. Seriously, old crew would be like "I made toast, KRR. It was burné. I eates it anyway."

Once again, I'm going to have to say that part of the cause is that there really hasn't been much Kirby info to talk about. Our gracious hosts here are doing the best they can to keep the site afloat as it is, what with things like If... and frequent Guru updates.

If you want to be part of the solution, you could try to draw some stuff for the gallery. Unless you're not an artist, in which case you could write fan fic-.. huh, wait a minute. Is anyone even in charge of fan fiction anymore?

Theoretically, I'm in charge of the fan fics. I, uh, I think? In truth, I think ol' RR needs the helpings of a forest fire -- a wide spread of destruction to take out the old, rotten portions of old areas to let new life flourish.

Translation: "Ew, horrible HTML-manship. I hope no one wants anything done here."

... Hm, I at least should replace Ivy's email address there. I guess my stake at that sector is only theoretical.


Themes are necessary so that it gets people to lean in a certain direction when contemplating what they should write to the Mailbag. Me? Both physically and mentally, I can't stay in one place for too long, so themes are a bit too structured for me.

1. I find Kirby has gotten just as silent as Metroid has. While Metroid is even less touched upon than Kirby, since he has a wider appeal that reaches out to veteran fans as well as younger gamers who think the colors are pretty, both series have been neglected anything new and crisp. Don't get me wrong, KSSU was top-notch like the original. But it was a remake and not an entirely new game.

2. Do any of you guys BS with friends on a regular basis, whether it be here in KRR or elsewhere on the internet/in real life?

3. What are typical days of yours like?

4. What do you think of the internet as a whole?

5. If you could own any kind of firearm, what would it be?

1) I'm going to have to disagree here, considering that Metroid had a new console game released hardly two years ago, whereas Kirby's last major console outing was Air Ride a whole six years ago. And since that was a spin-off... yeah. Kirby's pretty much become a handheld-only series.

2) Nah, I've never played BioShock.

3) Well, the first thing I do is talk to corporate, approve memos, lead a workshop, remember birthdays, direct workflow, my own bathroom, micromanage, promote Synergy.. you know the rest.

4) The internet: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

5) Wepon.

1) Kirby has wider appeal than Samus? He's a bit too new, just a bit, to be veteran (that's '80s style and he was clear '90s). Just 'cuz he was around before you were born (I'm taking) still doesn't mean that those alive don't remember, and they bitterly separate the classic from the modern. The '90s falls into the favors of no one!

2) Fu-reends? Ruul-laaf? What are these lies you speak of?

3) Computer/television, work, computer/television, sleep, battling the immortal Dream Lords in the realm of Fantasy using my Avatar Spirit, and repeat. Maybe taking my medication is suppose to be in there somewhere. I guess I miss that one more than I think.

4) Step one: go a public rest room. Step two: enter a stall. Step three: need I go on?

5) Double barreled shotgun. Nothing more is needed.

2) I Bachelors of Science'd with real-life people all the time when I was in grad school. That's what you meant, right?

3) Has it not been well established yet that I am a real-life hobo?... with a Bachelors of Science degree? That's what makes me unique; most of us have Art degrees~!

4) Speaking of art degrees, here's why I don't have one:

5) Could own?

Oh god Diskmaster again, get out the shotguns

So, it's been a ... week, month... oh heck, I forget, the home is still a mess, though I'm enjoying my partial retirement, it feels incomplete. I mean, I still have the forums, I still have the oekaki. I still somehow maintain them from my little retirement home thanks to the wonders of the internets.

... how the heck am I going to finally close out my connections there. I mean, I plan to basically abandon the forums when phpBB-3.0.5 is out (to leave an upgrade point from), and I'm not even sure what I want to do about the oekaki if anything at all.

I guess the main problem is that I want to leave, but I can't. I force myself to leave, but there's always going to be something that goes wrong or something insignificant I want to fix.

tl;dr: I think I have OCD.

Yeah, we forget how long, too. Things are just so busy. Not here, of course, since Kirby totally got snubbed at E3 this year.

As far as the oekaki goes, I'd just continue taking the dregs scared away from the Coppermine Gallery. They're your problem now, sucker~!

tl;dr = "Think little; drink rum."

Hey, now, Disko, don't go encouraging our site farers to early alcoholism! That's what peer pressure in high school is for.


You don't have themes. Explaining things is not a theme.


Yet the letter you sent in relates to what you called "not a theme." A topic which incoming letters concern? That makes it a theme. You're just provin' my point right here. In fact, since most other attempts for themes usually get ignored, this makes it some sort of super theme.

I think somebody owes someone else an apology. And, um, money. Lots of it.

You mean, you to the trollop you disposed of in the dumpster out?


Okay I have some questions

1.what is your favorite color?

2.How do you feel about chicken?

3.What toppings do you like on a pizza?

Thats all and May StarClan light your paths

1) Yes.

2) Chickens are overrated. I mean, healthy? Who cares about eating something that isn't chock full of saturated fats?

3) Anchovies, bacon, and pineapple. Of course, not all at once. If that were done, then you'd wind up with a fourth topping: whatever you ate before!

1) The answer to this question is hidden somewhere on this page! Can you find it?

2) They're nice birds. They also taste delicious.

3) Whoever came up with the idea to put pineapple on pizza deserves some sort of award.

1) Um, blue. Why did everyone else object to this question so much?

2) Ew, that's disgusting!

2) Um, I reread your question, and I apologize. I got something wrong the first time.

3) Anchovies and extra-cheese, which absorbs the anchovies flavor to become some sort of, I dunno, double-anchovies?

4) I don't know who this May StarClan chick is supposed to be, but she isn't lighting my path.


Long time reader, first time caller here.

(1) What are your favorite television channels?

(2) Question for Daimyo: what kind of colored pencils do you use?

(3) What is your favorite music by decade?

(4) Cheese or bacon?

(5) What are your favorite RPG games or series?

(6) Do any of you have a favorite art style?

1) USA Network is the best channel -- which could be because of Burn Notice alone. It has a heap of other shows that put it over the top, tho'.

3) I have never heard of that band.

6) Real art over digital or tracing, also known as manga. Zing!

0) Hooking up the mailbag into phone lines was the best idea ever! And all it cost was some severe shocks, a two story fall, and a few months of jail time!

1) Well, I certainly am not going to say Cartoon Network. Ever since the fall of Toonami, and I mean far before they ganked it from the line up, that place was going down hill fast.

3) My favorite song by Decade is Enough Already. It's also my least favorite and their only song I bothered listening to. I'm sorry, but dude power punk-pop? No think you.

4) Both!

5) That answer already appears in this answer set. At least, it should, barring some cosmic event that fissures the questions in twine.

6) Actual art and not stencil images. I call that "anime" style. Shut up with the "Ometon said it already." I've been spreading this message for years.

1) I find that if I even bother to watch television, I'll watch the Travel Channel. In particular, I'm a fan of No Reservations, Bizarre Foods, and Man v. Food.

And I'm just going to ignore the rest of the questions because I have no desire to answer any of them. Sorry~!

Cool Blue Dude

1. What's up, doc?

2. If you had to be someone's underpants, who's (whose?) You be?

3. Why be sane?

4. What have I got in in my pockets?

5. What are your thoughts on the economic crisis?

P.S. You do themes as a failed attempt to keep the classic feel.


1) Wondering why I bothered to include this letter. Oh, right, the blutty theme.

2) It'd be whose, not who's, which would be "who is You be." I'll get an English tutor who'll be commeing mover tto you later this week.

3) I assume to stay out of asylums. I find that most people prefer not to be in them.

4)2 -- oh, wait, I'm mixing up my nerd references.

S) Do you remember a time when people acted as tho' they had all the money in the world and everything was fine? Of course not -- it never happened, even during the times that are now considered booms. No matter how good or bad things are, idiots are still gonna mismanage and waste their money.

The moral of the story is: shut up and stop whining, you durn scene kids.

PS) Why is the reply to the theme an afterthought?

PPS) I'll send you your nickel. First, you need to send me a self-addressed envelope with stamp affixed. And after paying about a buck in combined postage, then you'll get your precious nickel.

1) Your viral infections!

2) I'd be the underwear of a nudist. Sucker! I out-thought you! ... which, really, I shouldn't be bragging about.

3) Sanity is a chore, and one you don't get an allowance for abiding.

5) "Hah! Suckers."

PS) I wouldn't know what fecal material felt like.

whispy the 1st

you keep doing themes because...you like waffles?


1 whats the worst thing you ever read?

2 whats the most awsome desert ever?

3 would you rater be shot out of a canon or

launched out off a catapult?

0) Curses and crush us! I forgot that shiny nickels are worth $111.95 more than their non-shiny counterparts! Why did I make that promise?

1) Later.

2) Gobi, fo' sho'. Sorry, other Bagger Blokes, but I got to it first~!

3) Catapults involve much fewer explosions, but you'll live to hit the ground. A cannon may kill you upon being fired, depending on the design, before you hit the ground and definitely die. By my math, one death scenario is more than two. I'd still go with cannon, tho', for fun.

1) You guessed it~!

0) The continuation of themes is tied to the favor of square baked batter? Who knew!

1) The worst thing I ever read had nothing to do with atrocious spelling or grammar. I mean, that doesn't have to do with the readability of something. Okay, it does, but it's more on the person being an idiot who doesn't know how to write thing properly that leads to the problems. The worst thing, I believe, that I ever read came from Rainbow Resort's own forum. It was some type of "RP" with the most over-the-top use of overbearing evil and clichéed phrasing out the bum. It wasn't spelled wrong or composed terribly but honest to goodness written like garbage.

2) Ultra-curses!

3) Rater be shot out of a canon?
Rater Canon

I completely forgot about that ass-butt! Actually, I was just retching over it the other day, but vaguely consider that to be writing.

I change my answer. Bonus points for idiots actually liking it.

0) Are waffles becoming one of those things? You know, the kind of thing that 12-year-old kids like to say because they think it's so darn zany and random, like "pie?" That's a bit of a shame.

1) So many choices... I'm pretty sure that I can think of at least few examples of fan fiction that can be found on this site that are pretty bad. Including my own- everyone's their own worst critic, and I'm no exception.

Though the thing Ometon linked to is pretty awful as well. You know there's gonna be a problem when you see "magicks".

2) Probably Antarctica. It's just a giant frozen wasteland! Plus, penguins.

3) I've experienced both, and neither are very pleasant.

Waffles have been on of those "random" things. I remember when cheese and pie were wearing thin, back even when I was in grade school, they rose to power. Of course, as trends go on the internet, it's just a constant repeating ebb.

Now hopping back to the mentions of the suckiest-fest, the unbelievable horror that is that contrived tripe was actually topped by none other than the same author in a piece that made me want to shoot myself. Nothing wacky and over the top like be impaled through the head by a marlin or crushed by the long lost last giant sloth. That would take too long, and it was too painful to acknowledge for even a millisecond longer. So, of course, you must share my pain! Blue star dragon, end the pain of my race!
Blue Star Dragon

Closing Statments: Well, that was almost painless! I guess this makes three in a row on the main page now, huh? I told Bimblesniffer to start at least announcing the beginning and ends of his IF contests, but nooooooo!

Theme Alert! This may have come up before in the 'Bag, but now, we can actually do something about it~! What features would you like to see on Rainbow Resort? I already know which ones I'll implement, but, hey, us guys need something to insult.

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