Ask Guru Gobbo #156

It's probably the last G'rus of the year. Or, is it the last G'rus forever?!?! ... The answer is no. Unless I start poorly abbreviating it as "Gur'" instead...

- December 18th, 2009

  1. Shruggin' Rock
  2. Kirbystar9245
  3. Forever Cherry Kirby
  4. Koto Battle Fan
  5. Cloudodom
  6. Leirin
  7. Torkirby
  8. Roody Kirby
  9. Kirbyishot7
  10. Chapien

How come Kirby's the only puffball to copy abilities?

- Shruggin' Rock

Squeaky Bogg

What is this? Change the question just enough to get it past the Repeat Response filter of decapitation wrath for questions fielded in the previous session?

As was told then, Kirby is not unique in his copying of abilities. Such is even exhibited by other forms like Miracle Matter. The Animal Friends, too, show the ability to use the powers, although only Rick is the one who actually does the eating of the foes in the combination. Since it is never explained (like pretty much everything else in the series) if it's only the proximity to Kirby that allows this to happen, all that can be said is many people can copy abilities. It's like how King Dedede can inhale and inflate just like the pinkster -- many Dream Landers can probably do it, we just don't see them doing it. After all, how many puffballs plain are even seen doing stuff in the games?

1. Is Kirby & the Amazing Mirror the origin of the yellow, green, and red creampuffs?

2. Alot of my friends say that the white part of Kirby's eye is the pupil, but I think the black part is the pupil and the white part is a reflection to light.

3. Why does Kirby always say chickin in Spanish in the anime?

- Kirbystar9245

Squeaky Bogg

1) Yes and no. They appeared, technically, first in Nightmare in Dream Land. One of the "features" to the Adventure remake was the multiplayer possibility. This was more of just something thrown in, however, for the fun of it. The game didn't require the coordinated efforts of multiple people like some puzzles in Amazing Mirror. Additionally, there was no reason for their to be those colored copies. It's just further relics to the origins of the remake being intended as a new game all together. They had this stuff worked out so just said "Nuts to it" and still put it in. Of course, despite being there with no purpose, it's still just a Kirby game. Nothing is ever explained, or just poorly. So, they existed technically before Mirror, but only in the sense of "Nuts, we need a second player. Meh. We'll just recolor the main character." Sure, that's what they did in the following platformer, but they said why that was the case. Poorly. 'Cuz that's the best that'll ever happen.

2) You shouldn't be friends with people who have an IQ less than their age. I'm surprised they haven't choked on some wax fruit by now. Seriously, are these friends well trained dogs? I'd go with monkeys, normally, but I think anything in the primate family is familiar with identifying shine marks.

3) Since it's Japanese, it's probably not meant as chicken and is instead what poyo means in Japanese. Logic! Pass it on instead of swine flu.

1. After watching most of the anime series, I got to thinking: Is it really just a coincidence that Knuckle Joe and Silica look like brother and sister (same facial features), and that only Knuckle Joe's father (insert fan name here) and Silica's mother (Garlude) are mentioned?

Did the makers of the anime intend for the viewers to draw the conclusion that Knuckle Joe's father and Garlude were married with Silica and Knuckle Joe as their children? It would give a very good twist to the plot involving Sir Meta Knight as Knuckle Joe's father was killed by Sir Meta Knight, Garlude was speculated to by Silica, and both Knuckle Joe and Silica sought revenge after Sir Meta Knight.

2. Was episode 16 "The Fish Who Once Loved Me" in reference to a Japanese fairy-tale?

- ForeverCherryKirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) Saying that Knuckle Joe and Silica look alike has the same bearing as Joe and Tiff looking alike. That yellow bowling pin has as much if not more in common with that equally unfit character as the horribly stretch out redesign of the from-the-games character. Honestly. The similarities are more from the animators being lazy. That's it.

2) It's nice that you just toss it out there instead of giving some hinting to which of the countless Japanese fairy tales out there. Now, seeing as that haystack is far too much to search for and there's a general "fish love" motif in several cultures with merfolk, it'd take it more as a "pick a culture" story reference. There's a lot of fish in the sea. Punny!

1. Has there ever been a Kirby game that you think is "way too" easy even for a Kirby game? If so then which one?

2.In the Ask Guru Gobbo #04 July 19th, 2008 you said that it was unknown what has become of Shinichi Shimomura, the man who directed all the Kirby games that featured Dark Matter,Gooey and the Animal Friends and that it is unknown if his death is true or not(I didn't even know about this possible death of his, what was that all about?).

I just wanted to know, is all this still true even today? Is there really no new information on what has happen to this man and(asumming he is not dead)what he is doing right now?

- Koto Battle Fan

Squeaky Bogg

1) While a close running for game difficulty, Super Star was probably, honestly, the easiest. It lacked many of the hard thinking puzzles and, due to the wide assortment of attack possibilities and high damage techniques, battle fell flat in the challenge department while piqued in fun factor. Plus, you know, blocking. The only thing prior to the remake that couldn't be L/R'd were grappling attacks, which were few and predictable from a while away. I like how, for some speed run videos of the game, people boast "No Blocking" to show a real challenge.

2) All traces and mention of the man drop off around the year 2000. There's no mention of what happened to him after that or anything. If no information has migrated to the internet in eight years, the complete lack of any events surrounding or related to him wouldn't trigger any sudden appearance of "Oh, yeah, he's the what on that." No, with no mention or even the slightest hint as to his fate after all this time, it's not going to just abruptly appear any day.

Um, why is Kirby Warrior's staff page not in the Staff Info? If he is retired, how come he's not in the Retired Staff page?

- Cloudodom

Squeaky Bogg

This is what you really, really want to know? Yeah, it's probably not listed on the retired page since whoever removed him from the current page didn't move the name over. And is he even fully retired? I thought he was still a chat-op or something where I never bother to pay attention? Whatever the case, one thing is clear: it's not important.

1) Why is it that, in the final battle of Dream Land 3, Gooey gains little orange orbs around his body (much like that of Dark Matter in the battle)? They're made out of the same stuff, but Gooey never has the orange dots before or after the fight.

2) Also pertaining to that boss battle, is it possible for that fight to trigger seizures? I've never heard of it happening before, but I practically felt like I was getting one from focusing on that screen for several minutes. Especially since the clouds go by faster and faster...

3) How were the names of the extra characters in Dream Land 3 found out? It never mentions their names within the game itself and, at least to my knowledge, not the manual, either. A guidebook or something, perhaps?

- Leirin

Squeaky Bogg

1) 'Cuz Gooey needed to do something for the final battle.

2) Sounds like somebody is stuck in 1999. The whole Japanese anything causing seizures is just internet spread mythology. Snopes it. There was an episode of Pokémon that had lots of flashing that reportedly caused such, but only a handful of the reported hundreds actually had validity. The Hyper Zone scene just has colors whooshing by. No flashing. That's not photosensitive epilepsy bait.

3) Quite. They put out more guides and such for games in Japan that never cross the Pacific, including a Dream Land 3 guide. Thus, all that sort of information is known.

First, I apologize if any of these questions were asked. I did the best I can with the search, but didn't find the answers I was looking for.

1. In Kirby's Dream Land 2, why does Whispy Woods have swirly eyes and a mask over his mouth at the start of when you fight him?

2. In the title screen for Kirby Squeak Squad, why did they use Whispy as the backdrop?

- Torkirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) Statements that make no sense: apologizing if something's already been asked when a key phrase in the question, "swirly glasses", is easily searched for to get the answer. 'Cuz it only appears once... when the glasses and mask were questioned before.

2) Whispy Woods was probably used in the title screen since he did not appear in the game as a boss. He's one of those corner stone characters that should be in every game.

how can i do to make my account get better

- RoodyKirby

Squeaky Bogg

... What?! I don't even... I don't know... What are you talking about? "Better"? How? With what? It's not like any account, ever, in all facets of Rainbow Resort, have any type of locked away special features. All accounts are the same and at the peak of their goodness. When a feature or improvement is made, every account gets it. This isn't some type of pseudo-game or subscription based thing, after all. There's no reason to hold back.

Now, if by some off chance, you are referring to increasing your user rank in the Passport system, which would have been a much more direct question, that is a measure of standing in relation to the site staff. For example, Kindar Spirit is a founder, I'm a worker, moderators at the boards are labeled as such, and various others, like Mailbag answerers, are contributors or such. Still, that doesn't make your account any better. Still the same.

where is "my gallery" at? i can't find it.

- Kirbyishot7

Squeaky Bogg

Um... I assume this is related to the Fanart Gallery. When you log-in, in the upper-right corner is the title of the Gallery. Below that is various links. The first of which is "Home" which will take you back to the main page, the one you arrive at if you click that link. The one immediately after it, assuming you are logged in, says My Gallery, which leads to your albums of uploaded fan art. So, top of the page, with all the links, second one. After that, get an eye exam. You may be legally blind.

Alright, this is probably a question that not even YOU can answer, or anyone else, for that matter, but I have to ask:

How on earth are there enough people who are stupid enough to ask redundant, obvious, and completely misspelled and unreadable messages to you? I mean, the majority of all the messages on the Guruu's seem really stupid! I think it's sad that so many Kirby fans are so stupid.

- Chapien

Squeaky Bogg

Not... really. At least, I'm pretty sure not. I think, for the most part, people get the answers to important questions by just looking them up in the archives. A lot of the more recent (past fifty sessions or so) are a lot less hard hitting on average due to most of the A material already being used. However, since people want the sessions to continue, they send in whatever possible stuff can be scrapped from the bottom of the barrel.

As for the poor spelling and grammar, that's mostly a problem rampant all over the internet. Since the average age of a Kirby fan tends to be on the more immature side of the age spectrum, and on top of that many fans don't have English as a first language, spelling tends to be less than spectacular.

Repeat Response:

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  2. Pcfan10 asked what "would" Kirby's singing would sound like, even though he has and uses one in next to every rendition.
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  4. Rickard WB questioned my stance in the Ado/Adeleine debate -- it's the hip, new thing to re-ask.
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  7. George inquired "What is a Birdon?". Don't feel bad. I cried, too.
  8. Waddle "Boss" Dee wondered why Galactic NOVA moves towards Pop Star after granting Marx' wish.

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