Ask Guru Gobbo #132

And on the seventh day, he created Gurus and it was -- wait, seven days? Whoa, what happened there? Spring Break or something?

- April 29th, 2009

  1. 888Chilly
  2. Rgijaba
  3. Tripp Best
  4. Samus Kirby
  5. Leint
  6. ShadowKirby47
  7. Capsule J3
  8. Mike "Pseudo" Kirby
  9. Jordan
  10. 888Chilly

how is it the easiest to use plasma on bosses

- 888chilly

Squeaky Bogg

... Um, what? You're coming at me like we were in the middle of a conversation. Who said that Plasma was the easiest to use on bosses? I sure didn't; I just searched through the archives for every mention of "Plasma" and came up with diddly.

I'm not going to disagree that Plasma isn't one of the easiest abilities to use to cruise through The Arena. With a nervous thumb, I can generate a maximum powered shot in no time and rain death upon my enemies. However, this doesn't give it the top spot. Frankly, I always thought things like Hammer, Bomb, and especially Yo-yo ranked higher due to heavy hitting, rapid ranged fire, and multiple strike attacks. Additionally, I think that most of Plamsa's greatness lies in the free floating Wisp helper.

I got bored the other day and read Kirby Warrior's first session, and there he said that Dream Land was one of the Rainbow Islands, as was shown in Kirby no KiraKira Kizzu (why doesn't anyone just call it Kirby Super Star Stacker or Kirby's Sparkling Kids?). I assume this is outdated information? While I know the games don't keep consistent geography, this seems a bit too weird...

- Rgijaba

Squeaky Bogg

The Rainbow Islands first appeared in Dream Land 2, where they were an island chain that made up Dream Land. Of course, one of these isles later became an entire one-fifth of the planet Pop Star. That's a one-seventh of a country to a fifth of the world promotion.

Anyhoo, yes, they don't like to keep consistency much in the lay out of Pop Star. Again, this isn't some epic, storyline driven series. If they want to move King Dedede's castle, change its shape endlessly, and have Whispy Woods appear in fields, forests, other forests, and different stars altogether, they'll do as they please.

Normally, a lot of their geographical quagmires can be confusing but still coexist with one another. No one ever said there couldn't be a Butter Building in Dream Land and Rainbow Islands. However, shrinking Dream Land from being the Rainbow Islands to just one of the Rainbow Islands is step that just has to make one shake their head. I wouldn't call this "outdated" information as, since it's newer than the only other mention of the islands, it's technically trumps the previous mention.

This sorta seems to go in hand with the downplay of "Dream Land" as a notable land and more focus going to the star itself, Pop Star. After all, focus on the realm of "Dream Land" is focus on the Kirby of old, and even Crystal Shards stopped that reference trend and went with the whole planet. Really, having Dream Land be this all consuming portion of Pop Star made next to little sense, and of all the ret-cons performed in the Kirby-verse, this is probably the most justified.

1. If Bonkers is an ape that has a hammer why does he throw walnuts? And the same for Phan-phan and his apples. I know the real answer would be 'so Kirby has something to attack them with', but I mean how do they choose those attacks.(I know they're really coconuts, but they look like walnuts to me.)

2. Why do you consider Phan-phan only half elephant?

3. Is Squeaky Bogg a species or just the one guy?

4. What happened to the ability review? I am why was it discontinued and where is the link to it, I can't find it anymore.

Of course Marx has a soul, I just killed it.

- Tripp Best

P.S. Tarantulas don't make webs.

Squeaky Bogg

1) Oh, good. I was about to say, "I'd call them coconuts since that's what falls and explodes from the trees on the beach scenes." Now, Bonkers probably throws a nut-to-be-determined for two reasons: it's a recycled graphic and it's something he can crack open with his hammer. Forget the fact that he's an ape and just focus on his ability. The hammer and some type of nut go perfectly with one another as it's great for breaking them. They explode, sure, but we'll ignore that for now.

1.5) Phan Phan, on the other hand, is a stupidity. The previous and better Rolling Turtle shot out little Rolling Turtles. Mama loves ya! These bouncing ammos went with the mini-boss and made perfect sense. Phanny's apples ... don't. Unless in Japan, elephants like apples more than peanuts, I don't know where it comes from. That likely is it; some Eastern culture thing that us dumb Westerners are oblivious to.

2) I say that Phan Phan is half an elephant 'cuz it is half an elephant. I don't mean this in some sort of genetic or hybrid manner, like "Phan Phan, the Ultimate Weapon: Half Elephant, Half Man, All Destruction". No, I mean the physical front half of an elephant like someone misplaced a guillotine blow on the thing.

3) Is anything a species, or are they individuals? I like to think that all of them are suppose to be more unique than a faceless drone in a Waddle Dee army. It's like how Final Fight had multiple Roxy enemies even though she was suppose to be an individual. They probably should be unique, but it's a game, so let's just have a slew of them, okay?

4) There was only a link to the Ability Reviews before since they were semi-recently updated by the Quick It standards. Once they fell into lapse, namely from lack luster participation, I just swept it under the rug. Besides, it was an effort spear-headed by that which shall not be named. I see it something like the "Fan Thoughts" section where it remains but is not openly acknowledged due to, well, not being too great.

5) I didn't say tarantulas, Tarantulus. That's a Predacon in the Beast Wars series of Transformers. You know, hence why I spelled it with "-us" at the end. And a capital T. Yes, I know tarantulas don't use webs, but this is a character who has a spider basis does make webbing and just happens to have that name. Actually, some taranula do make use of webbing, but that's besides the point. The more you know! ~~* ... About spiders!

I have been sifting through the archives and I want to know whether it appears you dislike or really dislike the following:

1. Smash Bros., and KRR's coverage there of

2. Animes

3. Sonic

4. Realistic Physics and Natural Laws applied to Video Game Logic

5. Questions about other videogame franchises

6. Questions concerning you(sorry!)

Also, are you the leader of KRR? You do this, the mailbag, fanart, fanfiction(?), Kirbypedia, Game coverage. If you aren't who is? TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER!

- Samus Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) I don't have anything against the Super Smash Bros. games, but I feel it is a series all its own. I think that Rainbow Resort should about cover it a little more in depth than a cameo. We should focus on the core Kirby games, the ones with his name in the title. As for our coverage of it, we're technically classic gaming, so I see us in the clear as far as responsibilities.

2) I never said once that I didn't like animés; I just don't care for the Kirby animated series. And, I guess, Naruto. So boring! I'm a fan of the Japanimation prior to when it all hit mainstream. Giant robots, chicks with guns, over-the-top fight scenes, and insane jetting blood. I shake my head when people call to mind children's programming upon hearing "animé" since, back in the '90s, it was quite the opposite.

3) Hasn't Sonic had entire downplays and last words given before? There shouldn't be any question on this.

4-6) These issues are each tackled in the Gobbo FAQ with an explanation as to why. I shouldn't have to touch upon something I put in the frequently asked questions since it was done for that very reason.

7) Don't be silly. I don't own Rainbow Resort. I'm just the last man standing at this current point in time. There's still many dogs higher up than me on the totem pole; I just happen to be the most vocal.

So I asked about the bed of spikes in the past, but how about this? If Kirby were to get poked really hard by just one sharp object, would he pop and deflate or would he bleed? I'm just curious to know how the creature would be living if he's got no blood flowing through some non-existent veins. Sure you could ride it off as "Oh, he's just a made-up character that's not real", but still.

And honestly, if DeDeDe really wanted to end Kirby's reign as the hero, when he gets Kirby in his mouth, why doesn't he just swallow him instead of spitting him out? I'm sure that would be justified as an automatic gameover.

Last one. What's in a pep brew? It is non-alcoholic, right?

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

1) Kirby would only pop and deflate if he was inflated to begin with. He's not a balloon that puffs up larger at times; he's a living being that can puff up like a balloon. His normal, walk-around state is not like one's lung. If he got another hole made in him (he does have a mouth and, allegedly, a nose), he would just not be able to swell up and, probably, bleed or ooze or do whatever out the new orifice. When he inflates, he tightly closes up his mouth to prevent any air from leaving. That's the only thing keeping him puffed up.

2) Kirby dies all the time, so there really couldn't be an automatic game over state. If anything, it'd be like a pitfall or moving scene pinning and result in instant life-lose. Still, they didn't want any foe to have a one-hit K.O. Also, knowing that King Dedede can inhale like Kirby and puff like Kirby, it should mean the regal could copy like him, too. Do you honestly think he wants to get any way like Kirby? I'd think he wouldn't dare risk it.

3) The real pep brew is just a caffeinated energy drink, I'd assume, to restore vitality and energize. Now, my running gag of "pep" brew, those suckers are more "brew" than "pep".

Who is MuchiMuchi? I saw his name on the Kirbypedia but he has no page. If he exists, I would like to know what he's like.

- ShadowKirby47

Squeaky Bogg

MuchiMuchi, while not fully detailed in Kirbypedia, tells about all there is to him. He doesn't get much more detail on the Dream Land 3 Friends' Page, although there is a picture. He's a Heart Star holder and has a crush on Chuchu. Outside of being a green spring thing, there really isn't anything else to the guy. It is a Kirby character, after all. Not much depth.

What would you never consider doing for a IF contest?

- Capsule J3


That will never be done is a totally open ended question. Everything is normally confined to stringent guidelines established by the existing canon creations in said grouping. There were six Animal Friends to work with, dozens of Mini-Bosses, twenty-some abilities in Super Star, and an army of Knights, all that served to good example to what was done and what should be done. And some folks still faltered off the path of that, so something like "... make a Boss/Copy Ability/Player" would probably never happen unless there was a long and explanatory statement included after those words to limit it down more.

I've just been wondering, when you die while playing as Meta Knight in Nightmare in Dreamland, Canvas Curse, and Super Star Ultra, is there a reason for him exploding with his mask flying off? That doesn't happen to him when he's defeated by Kirby in his battles.

- Mike "Pseudo" Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Well, Mikie, this is next to the same death scene that Kirby undergoes -- burst of stars and spinning, flying through the air. Meta Knight is going to reuse this scene near exactly. The mask probably flies off since, one, it flies off when he is defeated any other time, and, two, it makes it even easier to use the "I'm hit!" graphic of Kirby's no mo' energy animation.

Why is Master Green yellow?

- Jordan

Squeaky Bogg

Official artwork, while official, is often far off the mark. You have to remember that it's given us such blunders as "Meta Knight's sword not looking like his in-game weapon", "Kirby being white" (granted, only in America), and, most haunting of all, Poppy Bros. Sr.'s real face. It took them all the way until Super Star to make the Poppies look correct and not pink. That's about half a dozen games!

Anyhoo, as the twisted fate would have it, the unaired Kirby of the Stars pilot episode featured a green Master Green as just another instance that it did correct.

i just got the greatest idea. what if the community could submit cheats

im saying that it is kinda lame that this is a fan site with even kirby music on it and there is no proper cheat sections

plus only the fans know every cheat there is and all that is needed are some people who check the codes out and post them and users can even report a cheat if it is bogus

- 888chilly

Squeaky Bogg

This hardly comes close to competing for the "greatest idea ever". I believe chainsaw flails, rocket sharks, and she-nerds would like to have a word with you, if any of those existed. If only...

First of all, every Games' Page about has a cheats and codes section to it. They always have. You... missed that? There's not just going to be a large grouping of "cheats" for all games. That's game pertinent information which is, in turn, filed under the individual game's page. That's how the information is managed. Media tends to be shoveled into one big pile, but how-to and to-do tellings are typically related to the games itself.

Now, unlike those you see at "Cheatar's Liar" (typo or truth?), these are fully explained and don't have any "Mewtwo sextuplets using Strength one-hundred fold" type falsities. All of the cheats, secrets, sly doggeries, and even Game Genie codes are reported. Only really the '90s releases had most of those, so this mostly pertains to the older titles. Newer releases mostly just have glitches or unlockables, which are less hidden and more in-waiting. Cheats kinda died out with the internet. Hidden things are just no fun when everyone simply finds them out without even bothering to look for it themselves.

Anyhoo, it's rarely clear why there is not a cheats submission page -- they're all lies. These games have been out there a long while, and such instances don't surface much. Occasionally, something like a magically appearing Maxim Tomato show up that was next documented anywhere, but such happenings are slight and even more feint as the years piles. When you say, "Hey, send us in your cheats", you're just going to be collecting dust from inactivity, grievous jokes, or "I heard it from a friend" impossibilities. On top of that, secret sleuths at Game FAQs, which has compiled a lot of data from past and respected Resorters, got anything else covered.

Secrets aren't plentiful, they aren't abound, then aren't constant, and they certainly aren't had by everyone. Anyone can toss in a, say, fan picture or short story. One makes those up on the spot. Game secrets are in the same boat -- largely fabricated. There may only be ten or so in an entire game, but it has thousands of players. Such a mail box would only get the same letter several times, with slight erroneous changes, or junk mail.

Wow, I've really went on about this, haven't I? My point is clear, however, correct? It's not a great idea. In fact, it's a bad idea. On the entirely off chance that someone found something not reported in the FAQs, websites, or anywhere else, they'd probably raise the point in some manner of forum, such as the Forums or even here, and have the public verify the tale to be true if it even merits investigating. This is a long and unlikely series of events, especially for a circumstance that isn't likely to even come up.

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