Ask Guru Gobbo #100

It was just another day at Kirby's Rainbow Resort, until an Unnamed Arch Enemy had different plans in mind...

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- December 6th, 2008

  1. Meta Knight Fan
  2. CuboneKing
  3. Nick E. Lodeon
  4. Capsule J3
  5. Kirbyfield Monster
  6. Leirin
  7. Prince Flarema
  8. Guest
  9. Kirby Kirby Kirby
  10. Prophallus

is the leader of nme, you know not the sellsman but the guy him self that makes monsters, is he in a game, is it true that there is an episod of kirby were King DeDeDe has art from earth like the mona lisa, if its true then wich episod is it, is it also true that every thing that kirby eats goes to another damention, and fianly is it true you don't have a ds

- Meta Knight Fan

Squeaky Bogg

1) You refer to Nightmare, who has appeared in such games as Kirby's Adventure and the remake, appropriately timed for release near the American debut of the show, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. So, yes, he's been in games, at a titular character and the final boss, not to mention the what the game revolves around.

2) The episode with the stolen Earth artwork was #77: Dedede's Monsterpiece, the episode with Paint Roller.

3) The stuff he chows down on doesn't go to another dimension. Inside of his stomach is just a space-time defying, extra-dimensional pocket that can account for more volume than should be allowed in a given amount of space. It's just advanced theoretical dimensional physics, nothing drastic.

4) No, I do not. I've only said it enough times.

5) Punctuation includes periods, folks.

100th session Gobbo! How did you last much longer than Kirby Warrior and Ivy?

Why is Amazing Mirror so much easier to younger brothers? I only have 4 pieces and my brother totally beat the game!

This was weird. I haven't played Canvas Curse for awhile but then I finally played but my save file was empty. 2 weeks later, it was back! Have you seen bigger glitches?

- CuboneKing

Squeaky Bogg

1) I didn't. I only do, on average, ten questions per session. The past crew did a lot larger of a dump but would spread it out over time. I don't know either side's technical numbers of questions.

2) Video games are always easier for younger kids, it seems. I can stomp my older brother, for the most part, in a lot of games, but then I have cousins half my age who can mop the floor with me. i think it has to do with the younger generations have more exposure to video games. They start playing at an earlier age and gain more skill at them in doing so. But, really, I think you just got whack skills, yo. I'm undoubtedly older and can blow through all of Amazing Mirror in one sitting.

3) At first, I was going to guess that your battery backed memory kicked the bucket, but then the save file came back? That's a new one to me. I have no idea what that's about, but I'd count my blessings.

Hey! You don't have to be mindless and without self-respect to watch Spongebob! It's one of those cartoons that people of all ages can also find humor in!

For example, the episode where Squidward tells Spongebob to be normal and he goes to work in a cubicle. That's meant for older, working people and parents who're watching with their children! According to KRR math, you're 28, so you're more likely to find humor there than that tyke Kirby.

(To keep this related, would Gary be a good animal friend?)

- Nick E. Lodeon

Squeaky Bogg

1) No, Spongebob is one of those shows that stupid little gits who don't know better and brain dead pot heads enjoy, for the most part. Now no more on the corner panted nitwit. Just like with my Sonic bashing, shaddup already.

2) You pull that botched number from a questioner who I belittled for being so atrocious at arithmetic and even gave the offset to how off he was on my years. So, you repeat it? You nailed it on the head with "According to KRR math", alright -- botched, wrong, and incorrect.

3) Okay, so I shouldn't be surprised of this since you quoted stupidity that I blatantly labeled as such, but then you go on to ask a question which about follows the same lines as a question previously said to be unanswerable since the nature involved something unfamiliar with and was not Kirby related and thus did not warrant any concern. Congrats, Nick, you win the Centennial Session Spectacular award for stupidest questioner ever . That's saying something, too, considering that there's, oh, a thousand questions probably buried in all these. Wear that badge of shame with pride.

If you were kirby and you had to eat one of the animal friends, which one would it be?

0_0 I dunno. Anyways,

1) How in the name of GOD do you beat the true arena?

2) What do you think is the most overused internet fad?

3) If Tuff And esargoon (JERKS) Got in a fight, Who would win?

4) If there was a kirby movie by Uwe Boll, what would it be like?

- Capsule J3

Squeaky Bogg

1) There is only one Animal Friend that is considered food by most cultures -- Chuchu. Really, she's asking for it. Someone needs to lure her over to a plate of rice so it'll be sushi time.

2) Ninja-anything. Wait, what does that have to do with Kirby?

3) We would win, the spectators. No matter what, one of if not both will be hurt deeply in the end, and we will be thusly happy. Oh, man, that'd be sweet...

4) Horribly over the top, unfitting, inappropriate, and why would that even be asked? The guy makes no reason, blinding action flicks. I don't see how a bubbly, pink puff would even be put into his vision. Kirby would probably be cast as a female clad in ... pink leather... with guns that shot star shaped bullets? Hey, at least that'd be somethin' like it's suppose to be.

I have a feeling that something's gonna happen....

1)Why is Dark Nebula called Dark Zero in Japan?

2)Why does Kirby say Poyo in the anime?

3)Is it just me, or do people get possessed by giant floating eyes alot in Dreamland? Dedede and Dark Matter, Darroache and Dark Nebula, etc.

- Kirbyfield Monster

Squeaky Bogg

1) I think you mean why is Dark Zero called Dark Nebula in America. Asking why a character had a name in the original is backwards reasoning. Dark Zero is thusly named as he's, allegedly, linked to Zero. He's like the last, weakened remnants of Dark Matter and Zero wrapped in a box. They either didn't want the association with Zero in the American one, as that entire branch of the game series is kinda ignored, or they wanted more relation between the big bad and the level he appeared on's name, Gamble Galaxy.

2) Kirby was requested to not speak by Masahiro Sakurai and "poyopoyo" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for a toddler's wobbling.

3) All of these forces are essentially the same driving force -- Zero. He's a one-eyed monstrosity that takes control of things, so that's what takes over things. That's not even connecting point A to B, that's just point A.

I don't mean to be a total jerk or anything, but...

Somehow, I think this temporary 6/5 thing for Aru and Dedede-Daimyo is a little unfair to the other users. I will admit it myself, Aru and Daimyo are INCREDIBLE artists, and they certainly deserve the boost. Yet, it makes me feel even wimpier. They know they're already insanely good, but it makes me and the other artists feel somewhat mistreated. If Daimyo or Aru are reading this, please know I do still think you guys are fantastic, but I just feel bad about myself now. XD I'm just a kid, I can't compete with their talents!

Anyway, something relating to the games:

I've encountered a strange audio issue in Dream Land 2. I'm not sure if this is just my copy of the game, but if you do something other than hopping or inhaling, usually it pauses the audio for a bit, then it picks up again, right? Well, at a certain part of the Cushy Clouds theme, if I do something to stop the audio, it makes a really shrill noise before picking up with the song. Again; is this just my copy?

- Leirin

Squeaky Bogg

1) Hey, don't look at me. I didn't implement the 6/5 rating. To me, that's like weighting GPA 5/4 or even, more stupidly, 6/4, and I've been screwed over far too much by that system to ever propose something like it. I agree with you, though, that it's a rather whacky system, but you have to understand why it was incorporated -- those artists got all fives. So, I guess to make the all fifen system have some scalability, an extender was applied to the votes. Also, I think it was added to show that, well, it could be added. Oh, phantom of Rainbow Resort. Work your crazy magic.

2) That certainly is a new one. That sounds like a glitch on your cartridge. I'd guess it's gotten some dose of damage to it or needs cleaned.

Only one simple question from me today.

How do you defeat the "Jump" minigame, in Kirby's Dreamland 3.

How many times must you jump?


- Prince Flarema

Squeaky Bogg

The jumping mini-game must be successfully played through, meaning not landing on a bad spot, ten times consecutively. It's a lot easier than the previous mini-game gauntlet, I'd say, considering that's fifteen triumphs total in a lot more challenging.

100 sessions!

Anyways, I (finally) have some questions.

1)When do you think you will stop making sessions?

2)When you get to the door in Wander Across Total Oblivion, if you ask Ometon how to open the door, he runs through and leaves you behind. Why?

3)Will you ever make a Strong Bad E-mail spoof session?

- Guest

Squeaky Bogg

1) When I stop getting questions, or good questions. I'd probably pause it rather than stop it, at least first. Unlike the other Gurus, I'd probably actually get back to it. ... Maybe not.

2) Heh. Yeah, he does. That's pretty funny.

3) No. I respect the work of the Brothers Chap.

4) What's with the short popped Qs, yo?

What's the best ability and Helper to have against Marx Soul in Kirby Super Star Ultra?

- Kirby Kirby Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Can't say, never played it. I can cover facts for games I've never played, but I can't give opinions that would only come from playing on them.

Yeesh, is this how the first venture into triple digits will go?

Yo, Bimblesnaff! Just last summer, you just started out on your Guru job, and now look at you... from one to a hundred, you've came all the way to your one hundredth Guru session! I mean, holy ****, and all it took you was half a year. I must say, I am thoroug-

Future Bimblesnaff: Oh, enough of your hoohah. What about me!? Something happened to me in session 151! I do NOT want to talk about it. At all. It is too gruesome to even bring up.

Spicoli: Like, woah! One hundred sessions in half a year? You could master the waves with that time, baby, maybe even, like, half. Oh, and thanks dude, for telling me about Ivyna. She's a babe, man. Shwing! You rock harder than Fast Times, dude.

Colonel Flanders: Wha? One hundred sessions? 'Snaffy, mah boy, you've done it. In my one hundred and thirty three years of guttin' them Tookies alive, I have never seen such a thing happen, and quickly, might I add! For your reward for excellent service, I present to you a year supply of my classic recipe fried tookey. Yumdiddlyicious! As for my buffalo penguin, the idea was practically flawed and it didn't turn out too well. Oh well. Keep it goin', youngin'!

Bon RaWontaine: In a world where milestones occur more often than not, one creature with Homestar arms dares to have one... he's Bimblesnaff, and he's ready. To. Answer your questions! Shane Cantu is... Bimblesnaff! Rated N for Not Safe for NYONE!

Ms. Bimblesnaff: Snaffy, sweetie! When you're done with your one hundredth Guru special, can you pick us up some chinese food? I'm tired of Pop Star Fried Tookey! Love ya, darling! Oh, congrats on one hundredth. ;)

... yeah, okay, you heard 'em. Nothing else I can say except to keep on keepin' on, don't look back, yadda yadda. Here's hoping you can make it to two hundred by Q2 2009.

- Prophallus


Yeah, I really don't have anything to say on that, either.

Well, that sure was... something, I guess. I think this means that the giant kill-bot won't have to kill-bot me, now. I dunno exactly how that thing was suppose to work. It was suppose to be a golem, but, really, how does a nefarious rival who has fem-bots and misfiring laser cannons get the juju, clay, and true name of God to place under its tongue to conjure up a golem?

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