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A note to our younger visitors:

You should always check with your parents before entering any chat room, including the one here at KRR. You should never give out any personal information to any user, including KRR operators. No one in the chat, including the operators, should ever ask you for any personal information. If anyone does so, you should alert an OP in the chat, and if one is not available you should ignore them, or log off.

A note to parents and guardians:

Because the chatroom is hosted on a server outside of the site, we can not 100% ensure that the content of the chat is PG. The rules are much more lenient in the chat, and may not be suitable to your preferences.

The forums are a much more supervised, safer place for our visitors to chat.

Chat Rules

These rules are for KRR's and your very own well being. By enforcing and following these rules, we can ensure that the chat is a safe and fun place for everyone. While the basic guidelines of behavior have been detailed on the previous page, please take a moment to read them and note that they can and probably will change as the need arises. Most of it should be common sense and curtosy.

Note: Esper.net, our server, has its own User Policy. Remember to keep it in mind.

Respecting Other Chatters

No Flaming or Trolling - Do not insult or intentionally offend any other member for whatever reason. Also, "egging people on" and provoking them or any kind of comments that are intended to offend or even incite flaming are equally intolerable. These situations will be judged based on the severity of the situation and will be dealt with accordingly.

No Newbie Bashing - Do not mistreat or lead on a member of that chat just because they are new or you don't like them. Furthermore, if you don't like someone, ignore them. Action will be taken against those who constantly stir up trouble for the reason that they don't like "n00bs." Everyone needs a chance to grow in the community.

No Spoilers - Really. It's plain rude, especially if it's about a new game/movie. Ops will retaliate in whatever way they see fit.

No Impersonation - We're not entirely intolerant of impersonating others, but the ops will not tolerate extreme cases in which there are multiple accounts with the same name. Also, if the person being impersonated is seriously offended and the impersonator does not stop, the ops will step in.

Respecting the Chat

No Flooding - This is basically common sense. 4-5+ lines of the same text, random letters (asfd, poguih, etc...), or ASCII (text) art will not be allowed. Also, do not intentionally repeatedly enter and leave the chatroom, as it is considered flooding.

No Bad Linking - Posting links to websites with pornographic or material meant to otherwise offend will not be tolerated.

No Swearing - Questionable language is not particularly frowned upon, but if someone takes clear, visible offense in the use of language, please refrain from using such language, regardless of whom it was directed at. This includes swearing and crude innuendo, pending on the situation. Ops are obliged to enforce this rule if problems persist.

Occasionally, there will be certain events in the chat such as a trivia or role-playing game. In these cases, be courteous to fellow chatters, and if you do not wish to participate, try not to disrupt whatever may be taking place.


Kick - A member is kicked out of the channel, and can still rejoin if they wish. Used to punish chatters who cause minor incidents. More of a warning than anything, but it gets the message across.

Temporary Ban - A member is denied access to the chat for a set amount of time. This is used in the case of a chatter causing multiple minor incidents or a single major incident.

Permanent Ban - A member is denied access to the chat for an indefinite amount of time. Chatters will only be permanently banned for causing several major incidents.

Last Updated - March 11th, 2010