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Chat Operators

Those who enforce the rules are called operators or "ops." Although the enforcement of the rules are up to their jurisdiction, obvious abuse of power will not go unnoticed. If an op abuses their power and you want to make the other ops aware, alert another op or make a complaint!

Super Ops

Operators who hold more power than the other ops, and basically run the chat. If you have a question regarding the rules or the chat in general, you should consult one of them.

  • Bagel
  • Amika

Regular Ops

Additional operators who enforce the rules, and are likewise there to make the chat a better place. Show them some respect. After all, they spend all their free time loafing around in some chat room for your benefit. Someone should show them respect~!

  • glod
  • Magi
  • DrNK
  • Disk
  • Joshi
  • Shiro
  • Disaster
  • Wildrows
Last Updated - June 27th, 2010