August 7th, 2011

There was all this talk about a new mailbag coming out. I thought, "Wow, really? I haven't heard anything from anyone. And I'm supposed to sorta run the thing. Was I meant to get the ball rolling?" After more time spent talking to myself, I realized I had a serious psychological condition.

So, after weeks in therapy, I got my brain clean(er than it was, which really ain't saying much) and got to work on answer some questions. Which, took about a day to do. I mean, it's typing remotely interesting responses to questions. How is that gonna take over a month to do? ...

Hey, it's every/nobody's favorite green gumdrop. What's been going on these days with the not-really-a-Guru? Well, he's rolled out a front page picture automator, a fan comic actual directory, wrote some more of those zany rants, and ... um, hiding?

- Uncle Gobbo


If there was a new RR feature, it could be a contest in which the winning person gets to be a mailbagger for one mailbag. Or it would end in miserable failure and the winner would be some dude who is like "wuts mailbag"...

Question time (i'm sure you all love some of the ridiculous questions people send :P)-

1.In the new Kirby Wii game, do you think Nightmare should return or should there be an entirely new enemy?

2.Will Dedede ever get a chance to clobba dat dere Kirby?

3.Favorite book(s)?

4.No solid gold Kirby giveaway? then how about...a solid BRONZE Kirby giveaway!

5.It's a stone, Luigi. You didn't make it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

You know, I get that feeling of a miserable result. I mean, not just anyone can answer questions. Well, okay, anyone can, but that doesn't mean they do it well. Need an example? Step through the dimensional door to the horrors that could be! Or already have!

1) It's always an entirely new bad guy. The only exception to that was Dark Matter, but that was a whole string of games, a trilogy of sorts. No other boss reappears other than in a remake.

2) He does, on multiple occasions. It's called the final boss battle. Er, second-to-final battle. ... Once first time battle. Anyhoo, barring a flawless victory, the king can land a good number of blows against the pink protagonist.

3) There and Back Again. Nuts to Lord of the Rings, the first is the best, hands down. Skin changer and black Bard all the way.

4) No solid anything. Kirby isn't solid. In fact, I think he has a whole void inside of his puffy pinkness.

5) Luigi totally makes stones. He's a new age artist that likes to chisel down blocks of marble into a shape like a naturally formed stone. Isn't that something stupid that a modern artist would try and pull? Sounds about right. And, hey, the green garbed brother gotta do something while the more popular plumber is starring in games.


Poppin bottles in th...oh yeah well here is one of the worlds craziest kiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrbbbbbyyyy fans with new questions.

1)What would would the site look like if kirazy took over the site?(RRRRRUUUUUUUUNNNNN for your lives)

2)What would kirby games be like if your character/avatar was the star of the game instead of kirby?(my thoughts...waddle dees better watch out for bogg)

3)what did your avatar look like when you drew it for the first time?

4)Did you ever think about having a different avatar?

5)If hal laboratory and nintendo hired you to make a new kirby game what would the cover look like?(*stares at dedede-daiymo*)

6)What do you think my kirby avatar looks like?

Now if you'll excuse me I gotta make a fan fic about my idea for a kirby game called "kirby ***** *****"(thumbs up to you if you thought I was going to repeat the geico commerciel "I'M NOT YO DADDY I'M YOUR GRAMPA")

1) It would be very sleek and polished graphics all around, I can assure you that. Also, it would only be his comic. And space gerbils.

2) Damn straight! Well, I think the game would play a little like, oh, Tuesday Knight Titans. Or Squeaky Bogg Jammer. Wow, there sure are a good number of references for li'l Gobbo.

3) The complete history of Squeaky Bogg is a well detailed event. I don't think I have any pictures out there, but my online art gallery probably has the oldest possible pics up on it.

4) You mean a different one here or a whole 'nother character? Well, I'm trying out a new icon for that side box. That ol' water color pencil was getting stale. If you meant switching up entirely new character, the thought has crossed my mind. However, with the handle of Bimblesnaff, it's a little hard to switch from Squeaky Gobbo.

5) It would certainly not have slanty, angry eyebrows. However, the cover art would be dependent on the game title itself. It's not like I'm gonna force the appearance of a happy clown demon when the titular villain is actually an evil banana king. That'd be just nutty wrong.

6) I don't know why, but a Gameboy unit with a boxy, pixel face holding a magnifying glass. Maybe with one of those Sherlock Holmes caps.

7) Um... sure... That. Does anyone get this? ... Oh, right, I'm speaking to myself.




1. Have you ever updated the forums?

2. I would of asked for new music, and adding new info to other parts of the site.Will you?

3. I voted a RR Podcast to have Game Reviews but Ability Reviews got past. WOW. How come?

4. Was it really true that people were arguing about the control of Ometon? I new people will confuse. How could the site working without making it happen?

Off-topic! Finally.

5. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2's crazy puppies were making you giggle?

6. I bet you all can't scramble. Knig Deedde siedlhed at Kio'cmhas stchye.

7. How many Waddle Dee had Kirby hurt in all games.

8. What of your Kirby Wii Final Smash predict for a ability? Ice one should be a snowstorm.

9. Have you ever heard that Despicable Me was the best movie. If not, what was better?

10. What's your favorite Touhou character?

1) Updated the forums? Those really can't be updated. Well, to any real capacity. The version number can be increased. That's barely worth noting. No real significance to it.

2) Okay. You do that. I can't just make music appear. And I certainly don't approve of stealing it. So, I guess there's an impasse. That, or the need for less moral staff members.

3) Because... your vote can't oveturn all the other voters' choice? Unless you mean there was some type of error occurring. In which case... it was an error. Likely caused by an evil gremlin. So, you can either sit there whining about it, or you can go out there with an electric gremlin net and help be part of the solution. Is this a crazy diversion or just a great advertisement for Uncle Gobbo's Electric Gremlin Nets? Can't get enough of that UGEGN!Oh yeah!

4) This question was asked some time ago, but I think the utter absence of, well, everything from the Brothers' Regime at this current point in time is telling enough of an answer.

5) I only giggle at the fact that anyone would watch this movie of their own free will. I'd assume it'd make grand torture and certain be a test of mettle. For entertainment purposes, however? I'd rather read Mailbag #83 Classic!

6) Something about big D blocking someone's sickle.

7) That number is impossible to calculate. You'd have to ask all players to keep that total from all of their times playing. Since they were not charged with this task back in '92, you're gonna be hard pressed for the number. Better get crackin' on that time machine, Davy boy, or, I dunno, get a girlfriend so that this time of mental tedium won't come to mind anymore.

8) Those Big Poppa Power attacks haven't really been clearly defined as to their role in the title, so predicting what each could do is a little moot of a point. For the most part, however, it should just be big whatever the copy was of~! The super Whip has gotta be funny looking. I mean, big whip? Even if it were to just be really long, I think it'd be rather silly.

9) I heard it was a good movie, but no one ever laid claim to it being the "best". At least, no academies laden it with golden statues. Of course, do the pictures that ever win really deserve to? Methinks not.

10) Godzilla. Wait, no, that's not quite right, is it? Uh... Gouzilla?

Congratulations, Bimblesnaff, on alienating everyone possible with your silly, obscure gags.


Sup again. Just a random ? for the Otemon: if I wanted to change my name for my KRR passport/gallery, how would I go about doing it? I'm in charge of the podcast type thing?! Oh wait, just a new feature...well, obviously it would be spreading the love of Pokemon around! Who cares if this is a Kirby site? P:

But anyjoe (this is a typo, but it was cool enough to keep):

1)Can I provide my lovely voice to the podcast? :P

2)Wait, does HTML work here....? Let me see.

3)Could you draw your favorite Kirby character in the yarn style?

4)Time for a real question now. What are your feelings on the new Kirby game, as a Kirby fan? I noticed many things in that short trailer, including the possibility of Galbo returning as an enemy and obviously all of the enemies that do return, such as Pacto and Mumbies. Really excited about this!

-1) A question for the ottoman? It only needs to know to keep my feet up, comfy, and reclined. Don't go and start putting ideas in its head that it's better than it actually is. Furniture needs to know its place, and it's place is getting our butts in their faces.

0) Most people care about Kirby, I do believe. The collectible monster franchise can be squeamed over at on of the thousand Pokéfan sites that litter the web.

1) Podcast? Was that thing ever even done? I think the closest that it ever came was KRRR Radio since it fell into responsible hands. Of course, the lack of interest kinda made it never gain steam, which we needed to cook our vegetables so that we could eat. So very hungry...

2) Hypertext has always worked in letters. It has been clearly visible in the past. Most users just do not know enough true markup language to attempt it. Everything is now all ... I dunno, Facebook?

3) Yes. Yes, I could do that. I won't, but you only wanted to know if it was a possibility. That's some Djinn lawyering up on wishes I just pulled out on you, yo!

4) My thoughts on the upcoming Wii title (which looks to actually be coming out this time) was nicely summed up in one o' my rants: Weee! Kirby! Betcha didn't know I was still writing those things, huh?


i hav vrey impportan queston 4 u:

thank caarfuly on yor anser

do u vaule yur lyf??

Wow, how did a question with so little value, such poor grammar, and lousy... everything get through into the 'Bag? ... Oh, right... Like answerers, like questioners...


What colours does Kirby turn into.

Now, some people would probably answer this by just saying, "There's lists out there." But, really, what good does that do someone who wants the information given to them? Obviously, they aren't googling it.

So, the short answer is listed in each Color Spray for the two games thus far that used them. Long answer would have to include all the player variations and differences from gaining abilities, including the peach from Adventure, blue from Ice, red from Fire, brown from stone, purple from Ninja, etc. Most the others are repeats from colors already possible from other means.


Sup, broskis. This is the Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder with a special episode of Z! True Long Island Story! Woo woo woo, you know it!

Today, i'm gonna be having an interview with my bros at Kirby's Rainbow Resort! But before I start this, I have something to say for myself about this site about some game series, which coincidentally is the theme of this party.

Glod, if you're listening, bro, this site could use a little more Long Island spirit. That's why i'm recommending a feature in this site which can give your favourite Kirdy characters a new look which is similar to my look!

But enough about that, I have some questions to ask these Quirby fans.

1. Do you think "The Situation" Mike Sorrentino will ever reply to my challenge, laid down in a recent episode of Z! ?

2. Does this Yirky guy have any chicks with him?

3. Will that little blue goth cheer up, get a girl and start partying and fist pumping with his bros like me?

4. Can I please get a push now?

Wow, great answers, mailbag cast! I'll be sure to buy Shirly's epic Wool if I ever see it!

This has been Z! True Long Island story with Zack Ryder. Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!

Ah, PC Fan, we can always appreciate you doin' stuff that only three folks at ol' RR will ever understand, and two are involved in this very conversation.

0) Giving a Kirby character darkened skin with spiked hair? Wow, it'd be like turning them into fan characters!

1) That reality TV phony has nothing on the L. I. Iced Z. It'd be a quick Broski Boot followed by a Rough Ryder for the one-two-three.

2) Kirby has all the chicks. There's nothing the ladies love more than the color pink. Swap out that purple headband for a pink one, and I bet even you -- with your already saturated chick count -- can hit the dance floor with even more hotties.

3) Well, Ometon has the hair spiking down, but I'm afraid he has no fists in which to pump. As we both know, that's a crucial part to gettin' the dames. That, and killer abs. He also lacks those. And, well, anything that isn't a head.

4) Squash matches are like a push, right? Then get ready for a autumn filled with nothing but bouts against butternuts, Z!

Well, Ryder: take care, spike your hair, and make Gobbro your next Broski of the Week. You know it!

Chaos Kiwi

Hi hi. Sup? I have an idea. Like was requested. In the theme thing. Yes.

1) My idea: A store! You know, like t-shirts or something. Or plushie Squeaky Bogg. I'd buy one.

2) If the store did come to fruition, what would you sell.

3) Do you still consider Pluto a planet?

4) You meet a clone of yourself. What do you do?

5) Team Fortress 2. You play it?


7) Sign your answers in the most awesome way imaginable.

+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+

|C|h|a|o|s| |K|i|w|i|

+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+

1) That makes two who would! I actually did look into the costs associated with having a large number of Squeaky Bogg dolls sewn up in a not-so-sweaty shop overseas. I still don't know if I could push the minimum order number, tho'. A t-shirt would be good, but then I'd have to have a good picture of the non-mouse Squeaker made. Mostly, I think there is a clash between the integrity of the site and personal financial gain, which should be kept apart. Of course, that's not saying that merch isn't out on the internet as we speak...

2) The only thing that could be sold at a Rainbow Resort store would have to be completely original and non-copyright infringing. So, anything Kirby, Kirby based, or even the site name couldn't legally be plastered on anything sold. That matter aside, I would assume that any article offered by Zazzle or kin would be on the list. Mostly shirts, hats, buttons. If the stars are smiling upon us, that Squeaky Bogg plush...

3) It's not even worth questioning its status. Everything in space is just a giant rock. Planets, by original definition, are just lights in the sky. Pluto could be seen. It goes around the sun. It's a planet. Really, it and a whole slew of others need added to the list. I mean, we acknowledge the terrestrial planets (the first four) and the gas giants (pretty much the rest), and Pluto is fully acknowledged as a dwarf planet. The name is right there! So, why aren't these things recognized as being in the count? Politics, that's why.

4) I would say, "Hello, twin of mine," as I do every day. Wait, who talks like that? That can't be right. I'd prolly sock him in the gut and tell him to stay out of my food.

5) I think I did, once. At work. We aren't too professional around here.

6) Spinning bird kick, and avoided with a side serving of boots to the face.

7) Boy, I may break loose enough so noting a fine feat. Nah, I probably won't. Or did I already?



It's sad that one bad Q got added to the bag. Not everything needs to be cleared for landing. Of course, only a discerning taste, one concerned with entertaining the public reading this, would care about whether or not a single word letter got the green light.






Hyper Weasel

Well, I put as much effort into it as could be expected.


You know I'm new to KRR (as a user) and all I have to say is wow this is the best fan site i've ever been to(So far.)Shameless flattery aside here's my question.

1.Have you ever wondered what a Kirby rpg would be like?(and yes I have seen KWRPGII i mean one by Nintendo.)

2.Do you ever wonder what Kirby in 3D style platforming would be like?

Now that I'm done annoying you guys with these ridiculous questions you can go back to insulting members like me. Chao!

0) There's some words that are really make other sites feel bad.

1) I can't say how Nintendo would make the title, but I've expressed before what a Kirby RPG should be like. I've probably done it more than that, too. Just go the Gurus search and scan for "RPG".

2) I haven't wondered, personally, but others have wondered through me. Three 3D in Kirby would be difficult to say the least, mostly due to targeting his foes.

3) You bumbling imbecile! It's Italian, so the word is ciao. Rrraaagggeee insuuultiiing!

King of Pie

Hey, mailbaggers, got some questions for ya!

1. Did any of you get a 3DS?

2. Bimblesnaff, you should really do some more mini-animation shows about Squeaky Bogg, like, you shold create some Halloween episodes.

3. Do you think that Dark Matter will make a return on the new Kirby Wii game?

4. Also, I think that the new feature for KRR should be game reviews and reports on upcoming Kirby stuff


1) I lack a 2DS. Behind the times~!

2) What an odd type of episode to propose. The only animation I really did was the still-frame Guru Gobbo's 100th Session celebration. Kirazy (various mailbags) and The Ometon (Where's Bogg?) are the ones with flash who do a much more accurate job of "animating" Squeaky Bogg. I'm just a schmuck.

3) Doubtful, as I've stated many times before. I have a lot of banter to the why and hows in my discussion of Kirby's Dark Matter Trilogy and how it tends to be downplayed. Of course, I also said that Kaboola wouldn't make a come back, and Super Star Ultra proved me wrong. Kirby seems to be reconnecting with his roots. Still, I'm not expecting anything like that. If it happens, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

4) Up until about a month or two ago, there were no reports to give. Now, that's all the site does!


How does your rank go up?

I believe you are referring to the now defunct Passport System (newly removed feature~!) with it given ranking. Typically, the name is for titles within the site, like Forum Mod or or particular parts of the site. Users, though, could rank as Super Users or Contributors. The prior is users of notoriety who are very active on the site and participate frequently. The latter is just what it sounds like -- help add to the site and you are cool beans.


Dear fellow Mailbaggers,

I realized that kirby's epic yarn is a bit too easy due to the non-death thing. But it is fun to edit my room in fun ways! My question is as follows: What themed yarn room would you have in real life like in kirby's pad in kirby's epic yarn?

Um... you know... the one. Where there's, um... yarn. And it's all... made of fabric? Okay, I still don't have a Wii nor this game. Sue me.

Wait, I can get sued for working at this site and not having the title? Why wasn't I told this when I signed up! Fine print? Damn you, tiny font!


One: Whaddya think about the new Pokemon Black and White games? ------Two: Anybody here like the Beatles? If the Kirby characters were the Beatles, which would they be?-----Third: Which Kirby character would be Adolf Hitler? -------------Yeah, weird questions. BTW I really like the name Didgerry.

1) I think it's another title in a franchise I haven't made purchases towards in many years. My interests waned in the metallic generations, and now they are back to colors and remaking second editions. What's gonna happen when they have to remake Ruby and Sapphire? They'll have to remake both those and Red and Blue. A damn money machine is what that is.

2) Yes, the Beatles were a great band, and they've been a great band since before that video game introduced them to the current youth. I've been riding yellow submarines since my age was single digits. Which, to elaborate clearly, was in the '80s.

3) I ... I'm too uncomfortable to answer this question. Also, it made me too uncomfortable to answer the previous question fully. Cop out~!

4) Do you? 'Cuz I thought liking something meant you'd at least spell it properly.

Just Some KirbyFan655

Who are your 2 favorite animal friends? One from Kirby's Dreamland 2 and one of the new ones from Kirby's Dreamland 3. Mine are Rick and ChuChu

Everyone loves Rick. I think that's mostly since he's the cutest and most versatile. When he gained the ability to stomp baddies as well as wall climb in Dream Land 3, he truly became the best thing since Sliced Bread 2. From the latter trio, I like Pitch. He's a little different than the other friends, and a lot of his ability combinations seem to amount to the same thing, but it's nice being able to be small with a pet.


Hei, mailbagist. How yar' doin'? I'ma doin' good. Well, HERE THEY ARE:

1)What would you do if there were Flying Squirrels bombing your town?


3)Do you know any other languages other than English?

4) What's your views of the Libyan Civil War?

5)Do you know what my name means in Latin?

6)What's your favorite sport? Mines wrestling.

7) Been to a different country other than your own?

Well, thats it. But, IT'S BUTTER TIME!

1) I'd get Boris & Natasha on the case. Those two know how to deal with squirrel and moose.

2) My assumption is that this references the animated series. Well, for those new comers here, I ain't exactly what you'd call a fan. However, I still know enough to give valid input. King Dedede, in his fat, southern sheriff persona, is quite the moron. So, he was stupid and let it out. That's why.

3) I know some Latin, but can only speak Igpay Atinlay.

4) Is that thing still going on? Regardless, tyrannical dictators are never a good thing. Who would ever defend such a thing? Besides King Dedede. Yes, I made it relevant!

5) Well, I'm guessing the start has something to do with eating, and the end looks like suffix denoting a feminine individual, so I'd say The Fat Lady~!

6) To partake of or just spectate? 'Cuz as much as I like gymnastics, both artistic and rhythmic, I can't even touch my toes.

7) I've barely left my tri-state area let alone cross over into other countries. Burrowed myself into a fine rut, and I plan to stay there, thank you very much.

8) Butter time does not exist. Either get some peanut and jelly in there or hit the road, Jack!


I have a confession to make, regardless of how painfully obvious it was. When I did some of the game sections stuff around a year ago, I admit I was doing it mainly to grab attention and to inflate my own ego. I feel bad for not doing more and ultimately disappearing from this site almost completely. I just didn't really have that kind of mind set and still don't. I'm sorry for not continuing to do stuff and I hope you can forgive me and my horrible laziness.

Well, there's two important things here to note. The first is that you realized and confessed your sin, which few people ever do one of. The second thing is that you at least did something. How many folks parade around without even a minor contribution under their belt?


I'm not exactly sure if I've sent a letter in already, so if this is a second one, ignore it, please.

1) Do you guys have a Mailbag theme song? If so, what is it? 8D

2) Got a favorite pairing for the Kirby series? If you do, what is it?

3) Do you have a Kirby hat? I do~

4) What do you imagine a Kirby game for the 3DS as? Are there any concepts you would include?

Feel free to put hate on me! Kthx

1) Mailbag. It's the Ma-a-ailbag, Whose crew is many and rag-tag. It's a slew of blokes, Who will make jokes, At your slightest folly, But please remain jolly. It's all in good fun. Boy, I want a cinna-bun. Nuts to this song, I want one of those. Cue the chorus! Mailbag. It's the Ma-a-ailbag! It will bag you up, oh!

2) Frankly, I like Con and Pon. Those fuzzy animals are alllright. Wait, you don't meaning pairing like... that, do you? Aw, nuts. Now folks think I'm a furry. Ew...

3) Nope, I didn't even know they made such a thing. Why does Japan get all the cool stuff?

4) I'd imagine it'd be a 3D remake of Kirby's Dream Land 1. Wait, no, that'd just be silly to do. I mean, why would someone do that foolish thing? ... Oh, right...

5) Your free one-size-fits-all hate is in the mail! You know, the postal mail; not electronic.


What ever happened to the drawing board that used to be here? I know it's been a long time since it was up, but I never got an answer as to what happened to it.

You mean... the Oekaki? Far as I know, that thing has never budged an inch and has always been linked to right from the main page. Also, it will grant you three wishes, makes you look two sizes smaller, and makes the single best chilli in the Northwest.


Hey, guys! I changed my name King of pie to this name, since Doopliss is my favorite Mario character.

To the questions!

1. For the new site feature, maybe it's time for Bimblesnaff to make his Squeaky Bogg cartoons! They're comedy gold!

2. Have any of you seen Rango, or Despicable Me yet? They're both awesome!

3. Can't wait for the new Kirby game! Since its part of the Dreamland franchise, do think Dark Matter will return?

4. What's the worst movie you've ever seen?


1) Refer to King of Pie response #2.

2) I've heard praise for the latter, nothing about the prior, and caution about not standing on the highest tier for the ladder.

3) It is? Oh, that stuff about "Return to Dream Land" was the actual name. I thought folks were just throwing that title around. Well, then, in contrast to the answer I gave to ... you, I guess, it may be possible -- depending on the course of action that the game follows or the name is implying. It could be suggesting merely that things are picking up right after Kirby gets back from Ripple Star after doing in the dark one for the final time. It may just be implying a back-to-basics after Epic Yarn. Or, the name could be declaring that all that muddled mess from the start of this century is buried and in the past.

Frankly, I do not know what the main villain could be. The story is, if what we've been told is true, a space traveler who crashes on Pop Star. The pieces of the vessel are searched for with the help of King Dedede of all people. Unless the unlucky wayfarer ran into some glob of Dark Matter to give him his crash course, I don't think the evil eye could be behind this storyline. Of course, the Kirby series is one of, "Guess what? Secret bad guy outta nowhere!" moments, so one can never truly tell.

4) The most just awfully bad, no redemption movie was Catwoman. What a piece of junk that was.


what is your favorite kirby boss

Kaboola is my favorite boss from any game. And, yes, it's double-o. Only losers spell its name with a "U", losers like Super Star Ultra's translators. Feh! It was just seventeen years ago. You think the guys could have checked the previous sources for proper spelling.


Hey-lo! Just have a few casual questions for you guys.

1. I've heard from some places (including this site) that Kirby's 8 inches tall. Where did that info come from?

2. Where did the Interactive Fandom link go? It doesn't seem to be anywhere-at least not on the main page.

3. What would be the best article of clothing to have Kirby's face on?

0) Yo, these questions are mighty casual. They're sporting tees and jeans up in here.

1) Super Smash Bros., I believe, originally claimed the data in the fighter's profile. I believe it was later re-stated in commercials aired by FOX Kids or whatever cartoon block the animated series was broadcast under.

2) The link to Interactive Fandom was solely within the Quick-It front page update notifier, as well as archived updates. Since the flow of updates from users dwindled to nothing, the Quick-It was taken down from display. Having a "most recent" from months ago looks pretty bad. Time was that thing was popping multiple times a week. Oh, those were the good ol' days... from earlier this very year. Still, I believe a link to IF can always be reached by trudging through to the Fanworks Directory.

3) Unless sporting a pear shaped body, the face could only be accurately portrayed on a domed cap. Besides, no one wants to get an eye full of jiggling blubber with that cute smile.

kirby wii fanboy

so how does it feel that Kirby Wii is ACTUALLY being released?

That is a misnomer. The Kirby title for Wii being released is a wholly different game from the original then Game Cube title back in '05. The original game looked more like Super Star with ability based allies and enemies. The new Wii rendition sports more of a Dream Land feel to it, as well as several bad guys, which is why I guess the name reflects that point as well. Yes, it is a Kirby game for the Wii that, yes, follows the more traditional Kirby game play (that meaning not Epic Yarn), but it still isn't that Kirby game that was never released, and it never will be. King Dedede was the bad guy in that title, and he's a helper in this one. Worlds of difference.


Hey everyone! I'm your usually-friendly not-from-this-neighbourhood yo-yo wielding robot guy!

I was extremely lucky last week and somehow managed to get into a little expo in LA called E3... And I may or may not have played the two new Kirby games! They really reminded me of how much I love Kirby, which is sorta what inspired me to come here...

Now, some questions for you guys:

1. What do you think of Kirby Wii from what you've seen so far? What are your guesses/hopes as to the plot, and the title (which may change, because just tacking a "Wii" on to the end would be a tad boring)?

2. Bandana Dee wields a spear in Kirby Wii. One of his moves involves spinning the spear around above his head so fast that he can fly like a helicopter. My question is this: How totally awesome is that?

3. The guard move from Kirby Super Star (you know, that thing where Kirby goes into a defensive pose, flashes white, and takes less damage from attacks) returns in Kirby Wii. I thought that it was a really useful and clever ability in KSS, especially against bosses. What’s your opinion on the move, and its inclusion in Kirby Wii?

4. Do you ever feel sorry for Wispy Woods? I mean, he’s just sitting there in his forest, minding his own business, and then Kirby shows up out of nowhere and beats him up! And to make matters worse, Kirby does this, like, once a week! I mean, what did Wispy ever do to Kirby?

5. If you had an army of Kirbys like in Kirby Mass Attack in real life, what would you do with them?

-1) Hey, as far as you know, I do reside in Mecheye. Prove me wrong, internet, other than the location being wholly fictional an' all.

0) Wait, Yo-Yo Gim was playing a game series that he was a part of. Did the universe just implode on itself from that happening? Regardless of the reasons, you, sir, are envied.

1) Can I just point to my gushing over the title again? I think I shall.

2) I did not see that in any trailer, but if that's the case, it's totally rad. It's so rad, it can change to lion, fish, and eagle forms without expending any magic bars.

3) Yes, blocking. I just call it blocking. That's what it is in fighting games, and that's what it reminds me of. Anyhoo, for the most part, I felt that the ability to block cheapened the game. I guess they stiffened the rules for what could and could not be defended in Ultra, but Super Star Classic was just way too easy when you didn't have to try to stay alive. For one thing, the ability to void damage at any time makes defensive abilities nigh worthless. Stone rocked since it could save you from a blow, and hefty about a Parasol was like carrying a shield. I felt that Squeak Squad got it right where, if the player could foresee a collision, they could squat to hang onto their ability and/or chest. Some means of stability or safeguarding is fine, I think, but if it's absolute protection at any time, the challenge rating falls sharply.

4) Whispy Woods cost Kirby a bundle on Warp Star insurance, not to mention all the Tookey droppings that had to be washed off. Or, as it more actually is, the tree often is holding a Twinkling Star, part of the Star Rod, or fragment of Dark Matter. There's always a reason for the confrontation.

5) An army should be more than ten, in my book, and if Kirby is normally a few inches tall, I'd probably mistake these smaller versions for gumballs and, well, I really like gumballs. Needless to say, the army wouldn't be marching for long.


Woah I havent been here in what, 2-3 years?

You guys won't recognise me.

ANYWAY, this sites layout hasn't changed.:|

Do you guys like onigiri I MEAN JELLY FILLED DOUGHNUTS?

Yeah, thats right.

Do you like Gnocci?

How do you feel about me NOMing on your mash potato filled with pillows with a Kirby by your side?


Narhwals or unicorns, which do you prefer?

Do you like MLP: FiM? :D

Do you like Weird Al? He has a new cd.


Sorry, for the randomness, but I was just born like that flying octopus.



P.S As you may have not tell due to me not speaking of this such as what the heck am I saying anyway I like Maskless meta Knight too much.

1) You'd win that beat!

2) Changing layouts is what sites do when they have no substance. They change up to the latest scripts that only work on next week's browsers for the sake of being hip and in-the-now. Rainbow Resort had its layout changed to be wide-screen, and outside of that, nothing really needs done. It's not broken, so it doesn't need fixed.

3) Jelly is the second best thing that can be put into a doughnut. Creme is the first one. No, wait, gold is. No, a genie lamp!

4) A YouTube link? Meeeh. I refuse to partake of any non-Ryder media at that site.

5) I don't know what Gnocci is but will safely assume not.

6) Your sentence structure is more what worries me than your om-nom-noming. What is filled with mashed tatters? My pillow? Why is Kirby there? This is like some messed up dream. Except I'm fortunately not in my boxers.

7) Narwhals are real while unicorns are pure fiction. Cricecorns didn't get into this list, however? For shame!

8) I've heard good things about My Little Pony, but I haven't bothered to learn when it is aired in my area. Or what channel. Or to get up that early. Or to take out the garbage. Or to get dressed this morning...

9) I had Weird Al cassettes. No one can question my love for the satirical sultan.

10) Repeated mentions of the same foodstuff comes out more like formulation than random spoutings. Pepper in some floor board wax and glow-in-the-dark crayons to maximize your stupidity.


i cant go on the message board it says i have to log in but i try and it says my user name/password is incorrect and i tried to change my password and it sayed im just changing it to what it already is so i know its not my password any ideas?

How could you change your password to the forums without first logging into them? Try, instead, to use the "forgot password" link to get emailed a new one to whatever email address you registered with. That way, it will be reset and will have to work. Otherwise, you are confused about being a member of the forums. Are you sure you ever registered and aren't mistakenly using another user name/password combo to try and log in? If you were given the option to change it, that seems a likely case.

Closing Statements: Hopefully, you have looked into the void and seen the empty pitch as what it is -- cold, blank, and unpleasant. Let the Gobbo Ray be your source of light... shortly before it blows a hole through whatever intergalactic vessel you are traveling in to view said void.

Theme Alert! Who boasts a better 'Bag? Would you rather it go the way of those other guys, or do you wish for Uncle Gobbo to hop back in the captain's chair on this star ship warp-nining into Romulan space? If that sentence didn't win over your vote, then nothing will!

Wanna send your own letter to The Rainbow Resort Mailbag? You can! And this link actual works when I posted it 'cuz I check for that sorta stuff. You know, being a webpage designer who cares an' all.

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