January 25th, 2011

No, you disappeared for four months.

Honestly, people. All it took was a kick in the bum from Kirazy to remind me that this thing existed. Not exactly like I hide my IM-y sorta stuff. Just enter the locked basement guarded by a tiger...

RS is also known as Sheep Man. Hey, you can't make this stuff, unless you are RS, obviously, and assumedly with some liquid inspiration.

Three guesses as to what Kirazy does a lot of this session?

Three guesses as to what Daimyo does a lot of this session?

Wait, didn't I just write that? Oh, no, I didn't. Well, almost. Yeee, raised bars much?

Sure, Bimblesnaff may draw a lot in this session, too, but he is known more for doing those other things, too. Which things? Atrocithings. Portmanteaus make everything less horrible~!

- Ometon


After a year or so, the kirby maniac is back! I have a few questions:

1)Kirby should get more experience on sorcerers. He's been turned into a ball by Drawcia and into yarn by yin-yarn.

2)Heck with it, Kirby should just not act so cute and simple. He should be more cooler and passionate, Do you agree?

3)These last two questions could make Kirby more popular if they come true. Am I right?

Who? :v

2. But... That's part of Kirby's charm!

3. I... I don't know? I'm perfectly fine with the way Kirby is right now.

0) Yeah, we know the feeling.

2) "Cooler and passionate"? Do those two even go together? What are you, a conflicted tween-to-twenty-something lady-type? And why would you want to change the character traits which make the character what he is? That is like saying you don't want Gooey to be a googly-eyed, vapid blob.

3) The last question, definitely not, especially in Japan where the Kirbed One banks on cuteness. The second-to-last... I don't see how that would even affect popularity. For the most part, it would just give the li'l guy less plot devices to work with.

1) Yes. He did have that done to him. ... Is... is there anything else to even say about that?

3) In the next Kirby game, our heroic puff is transformed by the Walrus Wizard into some kind of doughnut. Why? ... Does it even matter?

3.Questions... can't... come true!!! aaaa

Kirazy's mind=blown.

1) A duel to the death between Yin-Yarn and Drawcia! Which wizard/witch will win!? Art Battle

That's right, KRR. Epic Yarn's the theme and art style for this session. Now maybe I'll get all my pics in on time.

redd xx

i was wondering ometon, what is your avatar/charecter supposed to be? i can't tell were it's face is and it looks like a sonic the hedgehog thats in kirby canvas curse without a face!

You gotta love the complete inability for people to recognize a form that isn't hammered into their skulls as a slight modification from a copy righted character, such as a Kirby with a hair piece. For example, people sometimes think that Squeaky is a flame or liquid based. No wonder most people use that as their Pop Ava-star.

'Ton strikes me as quite Cubist in appearance, If I do say so myself. Bog, on the other homestar-hand, is semi-Surrealist. While I would never want to pass judgment on their characters, being in art-college gives me the right to artistically critique them with no restraint.

Bi-colored ball with eyes of opposite color in each hemisphere. Six blue spikes. Frown. Tear drop.

Just don't go by the joke pictures of him, like where he opens up and the zigzag pattern becomes teeth.


I was originally going to send this to Gurus, but I felt it didn't fit considering there weren't any actual questions and odds were Bimby was gonna mock me anyways, so might as well go the whole ten yards (hey, mocking is acknowledging, after all).

If episode 16 does draw some basis from a Japanese folktale, it's most likely that of Urashima Tarō, the Fisher Lad. I've provided the link so I don't have to explain the story itself.

However, in my opinion it's more of a passing resemblence. Aside from the fact that the sea creature in the story is a talking turtle aside of a talking sunfish (the former is much more alleterative), in the story the boy goes into the sea instead of the fish coming up onto land. In the folktale the two fall in love, and in the anime... well, they don't end up hating each other at least. Oh yeah, and the original doesn't have a deranged penguin and a snail in a submarine trying to tear up the ocean floor for a palace or whatever (natch).

So while there is some resemblence between episode 16 and the tale of the fisher lad, it's more of a passing resemblence.

Again, very common theme. The same thing happened in The Slayers where a man fell in love with a fish-woman. It's probably happened in more animés. It probably would happen in more American shows if they ever ventured into fantasy instead of police dramas. And I guarantee that every culture probably has something close to this tale. Hell, West Side Story is about the same thing, isn't? It's not as drastic love transcending air to sea, but the gist is the same.

However, without an existing prior knowledge of extensive Japanese folklore, or a very comprehensive book, it's impossible to just happen what exact tale could have inspired this. A generic theme, nameless players, and zero details other than a fish or merfolk being involved makes the chances of finding this slim. And by that, I mean, "Screw it. I'm not looking for it. Why should I care?"

Daimyo to the rescue! (searches for an hour for a definitive answer...) Damn. Well, for as knowledgeable as I am, and for as many books as I have on the matter, I can't say for sure that any Japanese folktale syncs-up with episode 16, but a few come close. For example, sea-to-land love tales can be found in stories revolving around Ningyo (little mermaids) and stories of maidens who have lost their lovers at sea. Tales of coveting the riches of the deep relate to stories of the Pearls of Ryukyu (the Dragon Kingdom) and corrupt rulers seeking more land. The legend you mentioned has only the slightest connection to the episode, and only in the extended version of the tale. However, since your link has died, I have been motivated to make a small comic detailing the greatness that is Urashima-Taro.


Hey you mailbaggers! It's Randomfannoneofyouknow with a new name (pfft, like you care! I'll probably get a snarky comment just for that) which is (hopefully) more creative. Let's see, theme. Um...whatever Dreamlanders put in that stuff must be strong! I'm guessing sugar, caffeine, and whatever the heck else is in Red Bull. It's probably a mix of allthe different energy drinks out there. Now, onto the questions! (which I will try to make a bit more original than others. Hey, I did say "try")

1. What would you do if Ometon got a girlfriend that actually loved him back?

2. What if Bogg really did have a nose (glow in the dark too!)?

3. Why don't you people ever respond to your own theme?

4. Is it just me, or are the weather people always wrong when predicting snowstorms?

5. Where did you think up all your names? I know how Bimblesnaff thought of his but what about the rest of you?

Well, that's it for now. But I do have a brain teaser for everyone. Here it is!

The sentence belowis a lie.

The sentence above is true.

Try to figure that out! Oh, and I'm also attempting a couple fanfic, one starring Bogg and Ometon. They get whizzed off to Kirby anime land (aren't you happy Bimblesnaff?) and it will be complete with Kirby, some other baggers, and snarky comments. Tell me if you have any ideas! I already decided that Ometon automatically meets with Kirby and the other two who ruined the show and Bimblesnaff goes with the demonbeasts qnd keeps insulting DeDeDe (I do say it like Day) and Senior Noodle Arms (what's with the leaf?) Bye!

0) Blech, this nasty Pep-Brew is waaay past its expiration date. Recycle!

1) Surely then, the whole KRR site would collapse, with Ometon having something better with which to devote his time.

2) He'd have another means with which to shoot fire beams, upon the utterance of the accursed “R” word.

4) A weatherman is needed in KDL3's Iceburg. Sudden flash-blizzards and insane-avalanches ahead!

5) My handle's like the most genius pun ever! (end sarcasm)

*[snarky comment]*

3. Because we have letters to respond to instead!

4. Probably just you. Heheh.

5. Kirby. Because I like Kirby games. RS is just a name of a Kirby character I have. Therefore Kirby-RS.

My other username Sheep Man is just based from Mega Man 10's Sheep Man.

1) I wouldn't do anything, mostly because this would obviously be the dream of Ometon and I wouldn't be in control of myself. He'd wake up soon, tho', and with that moment of happiness return to being the sinister Omenonus, the soulless monstrosity who- Wait, is he already that way now?

2) I'd be able to smell things... in the dark!

3) 'Cuz... we don't submit letters?

4) Weathermen are just professional shruggers.

5) Funny that someone else specifically asked how my name was gotten alone. The proximity of the two is creepy.

6) At first, I was all, "How dare you!" but then you mentioned how you say the king's name as not "Dee" so now I'm coo' with it.

Señior Ñoodle Arms wields a leaf as that is what the ass-tastic blunder "Galaxia" looks like to me, a big ugly leaf. At least they make the weapon look somewhat formidable in the games when its side is fanged.

1. Things that should be saved for the rated X mailbag.

2. Stylish~!

4. Weathermen? Weathermen!? YOU SEXIST B- Oh no, you said Weather people. Carry on.


Kirby Crazy





0) Oh, so that's what happened to Randomfannoneofyouknow, and that's where Sorida came from. Man, that's what I get for filing away letters in the archive for nearly a year.

1) Wait, does this mean I've had girlfriends who don't feel anything for me? (Other than hatred perhaps/definitely.) I don't know if those are called "girlfriends." Look up the word "unrequited" in the dictionary (or your local laws and statutes).

2) Didn't he already?

4) Weatherblokes are right sometimes, but it is only by chance.

5) The creature which constitutes my Dream Land avatar (which has been established comes from an unreleased web game of mine intended for very young children) didn't have a name, as the project was intentionally light on those word things. Bimblesnaff simply referred to it as "that emo thing," to which I would reply it was not emO, and thus the Ometon alias was born.

6) So it is true that a particular sentence belowis some lie? (Whatever "belowi-ing" means.) Thank you for informing us, Li'l Miss Grammar!

Oh, I'm sorry, Kirazy: Indeterminate Size and Non-specific Gender Grammar~!


Well, I've been "reading" the past Ask Gorus of Unc' Bloggo, though [I'm going to continue to butcher everyone ever's name hooray] technically when I say read I just mean skimming through for anything wacky that isn't actually really question-related, or at least serious question-related.

To the point, because I haven't been thus far, if you were to--I'm not even going to mention anime, except for right there, but if you were to peg a certain species to be placed in a "civilized" or "town-like" construct in the world of Kirby, what species would you take for that?

And I will accept multiple species as an answer. Unless you go with an aptly-named "[Blank] Town" like good ol'...

Uh... Toad Town. From the mostly Mario RPGs. Of course, even Koopa Village had a Toad and then a few Bob-Ombs came to live there.

Maybe multiple species isn't a good way to get an answer besides "everythiiiiing!" Oh well!

There's many who would fit the bill of "towning", at least better than Cappies did. Let's take a look at the 'shrooms, shall we? Forest faring fungi. What part of that says they'll live in towns or even built structures when they roam the wilds of Green Greens?

No, you can look to just the next stage to find, guess what? A castle. Putting aside the spooks and haunts, you can Broom Hatter. Skip ahead to Bubbly Clouds and its somewhat built pillars to get a dose of Sir Kibble. Anyone with metal, armament, or clothing really could be seen in a possible village setting. You know who doesn't seem like they'd do that? Mushrooms. They'd live on the underside of fallen trees. Any plant or animal is more of a wilderness dweller than a settlement maker by my book, and my book has pop-up pictures and large font, so you know it's good.

Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, those guys in the anime weren't even real Cappys. I mean, where the heck are their mushroom caps?! Nothing more than hollow Haniwa statues to fill out an equally empty an unfulfilling series, in my opinion. Dream Land is filled with hundreds of other more interesting characters they could have used, but didn't, because they either got turned into the monster of the week, or were overlooked in favor of hideous original abominations. That is one of the things I enjoy about Kirby fandom; working with what you have, through limited alterations, can potentially create something brilliant that is still in the life-blood of the original source.

Kommando Kirby

Er... Not sure how this goes, but

1) Why do all the mail baggers have to draw?

2) Who would you say has the best drawing style? (I vote Kirazy)

3) What's the diffrence between Gobbo and Bimblesnaff? I can't tell.

4) How come Ivy isn't subbing andymore Kirby videos? Project HnK seems to be falling apart at the seams.

5) If you guys could be featured in a movie, as Ometon, Gobbo/Bimblesnaff,Kirazy,De-De-De Dainymo,Bazzoka, Diggidary (forgive em about my bas spelling) and the other mailbagger that is the only girl in the group (It's not that your not important, I just can't remeber your name) what would it be about and what genre do you think it would be in.

6) Could you guys make a flash short about KRR?

1. Nope

2. Sekori before she disappeared off the internets. Kirazy's is also really neat.

5. I'm a girl.... Then again I don't really do these often to really be part of the crew, as far as I am concerned.... But um... A film? I'd just think a short animated film of the Mailbag Manga in the comedy genre would be neat.... But that's just me. (Also it's spelled Diddgery.)

6. Maybe if I had any basic knowledge of Flash.... and a copy of Flash. Even then I'd be a lazy butt about it.

1) Because!

Anyhoo, we don't have to draw; we choose to. Artistic ability and creativity is naturally linked to the personality sought for filling out a seat on this exclusive board.

2) Kirazy is really the only one who has a distinct style to which that could be claimed.

3) One is a nickname. Why is this so difficult for people to understand?

4) Wasn't that covered, like, in one of the early Guru sessions I did that was constantly dragged back up as a reference to why subbing was on the slow-go? The answer is yes. Ivy lost interest in Kirby.

5.1) You know, there's two different girls who have frequented the Bag as of late, not one.

5.2) Bas Speillng

6) Flash is a pain to make. Someone else would have to swallow that pill.

1) No. I choose not to draw... this time.

2) With much false-modesty and mob-mentality, I cry Kiraizy!

4) Uh, because Minon is...? Give the gal a break, she just released one at the end of '08.

5) Hooray for Mailbag Manga~ :} & Boo for bad spelling (My name has only one hyphen and no spaces-- But at least I was remembered)!

6) Do this, Kirazy. De'Daimyo commands it.

1) I would rather the MBers draw less. A small part of a very large feature is an unwise thing to stick a bunch of time into. If someone ever calls back to a great piece that was drawn, they would have great difficulty trying to relocate it, too, since it is buried in some archive. An occasional quick-sketch is fine as it often puts over a gag, but it should by no means be a focus of the Mailbag; words should.

2) Daimyo's style of officializing everything is difficult to top. However, I'm gonna be a renegade and say Glod. Did you ever see his drawings? No? Well then, you can't disagree with me, can ya?

5) Doesn't the Mailbag have five lady-types in its roster? And doesn't this question really tie in with the next?

6) I just wiped the FAT of my Windows XP partition; I don't be accessing my Flash-having operating system for quite some time.

1. Cuz drawings ffuuuunnnn. No, I won't be drawing to answer this question.

2. Aw fer gawd's sake. You guys are gonna give me a swelled head. I nominate Dedede-Daimyo.

5. What genre? I'm thinking tragedy.

6. Consarn it, you guys owe me, fer takin' the bullet here!

Duth Olec

Good news, Ometon!


Your "tidbit" about "Galacta Knight" from "Mailbag" 87 finally "made it" onto a "Wiki"!

(I expect by the time this letter is read it'll be gone, but then again I don't hang around that place so I don't know if they're really lenient on that sorta thing.)

At the very least you could get some desires to smash your head into your monitor from reading that for about five seconds. Is it serious? Is it a joke? I don't want to know!

Wow, that was 'bout three months ago, and the info is still tickin'. Way to go, 'Ton. You've befouled the internet!

... more than usual~!

Whaha-hur~ It's as if the Forums ate the Fan Thoughts section >_

TV Tropes? That ain't no thing, possibly not even a chicken wing. This will require more investigation/buffalo sauce/bad jokes.

Just let me know when one of the Kirby Wikis takes that li'l nugget. And why wouldn't they? Everything else is just blatantly copy-pasta'd from Rainbow Resort, too. (Yes, even still.)


1. can you make a top 10 of your fav. kirby Characters?or you like them all that you can't choose.

2. what is awesome about Dedede-Daimyo?

3. what is awesome about Bimblesnaff?

4. what is EPIC about kirby?

1. I like a bunch of characters! My top favorite is King Dedede. (I'm still waiting for a part in a Kirby game where Dedede beats up everything!!) Kirby himself, of course, too. Other eight include...: Pitch, Nago, Chilly, Birdon, Sirmiror, Biospark, Capsule J (The first!), and Gim.

2. He is, as I and my friends would put it, a "gud draw".

3. No clue! (Heh.)

4. I am unsure how to answer this. Probably because the word "epic" was plugged in there.

...Kirby's Epic Yarn was epic I suppose? It's a good game, in my honest opinion...

1) [1] Blopper! [2] Broom Hatter [3] Mumbies [4] Ice Dragon [5] Trident Knight [6] Con (but not Pon) [7] Heavy Mole [8] Squish-aaah! (that's the way I always read it) [9] Kaboola [10] Dark Matter (Knight form) [X] Dagnabbit, I needs more slots!

2) His pictures are poidy.

3) Absolutely nothing.

4) Cool things aren't "epic", not since they've ruined the term and robbed it of all significance. Jerks.

1) I'd like to say I fancy all the characters equally, as I try to respectfully include each in my arts. The Top Ten, Truthfully~

King Dedede, Bandanna Dee, Rolling Turtle, Bugzzy, Jumpershoot, Saske, Klinko, Burnin' Leo, TAC, Bakasa.

2) I am just a soulless art-machine, apparently.

3) Linguiztic skillz & laughs.

4) I blame the Yarn.

1. Apollo, Polof, Pacto, Nidoo, Burnin' Leo, NZ, Mariel, Nruff, and good ole' Waddle Dees.

2. Dedede Daimyo?!?! He's God's gift to Rainbow Resort. Dayum can he draw. And he prolly has other characterists which we don't care about.

3. Bimblesnaff's awesome in every possible way. Every way.

1) Waddle Doo, Gooey, Kine, Kracko, Keeby, Mikarin, Tamesan, Axe Knight, Mr. Frosty, Bugzzydroppychillysimmirorpuffytogezoyukiponbutnotcongalbowow did I run out of choices fast.

2) Daimyo has the correct proportion of talking about it and being about it.

3) I think Bogg was the first fan character ever to be an original design which actually fit into the Dream Land-scape. Shines some light onto the inner workings of his mind. (You'll need it, too; dark and scary in there!)

4) Yarn. That is titularly epic about Kirby.

King of Pie

Hey guys, got some questions for ya!

1. Do any of you have Kirby's Epic Yarn yet?

2. To Bimblesnaff: draw Kaa (that creepy snake form the Jungle Book) wrapping around a hypnotized Squeaky Bogg

4. What would it be like if Ometon was in War Of the Worlds?

1. Yep! Played it, beat it, it's a good game! Lovely soundtrack.

1) I was going to, but I still needed to get a Wii... and then I got a little side-tracked... So, no. Not yet. I'm a horrible Kirby fan...

2) What am I? You're servant performing your every whim? Oh wait, I am.

4) He's finally done it. After swearing it for years, he's finally gotten around to doing it. Killing. Us. All.

1. Kirby's Epic Yarn was an astounding. If you haven't played it, you deserve to be tarred and feathered. Kirby-RS! Dedede-Daimyo! Hold Bimblesnaff down!

2. Yarn Kirazy says we don't freakin' take requests.


4. Cool. Pretty cool.

1) I've had it since before its release date, yet I only really got to play it over winter break. That said, 100% complete and thoroughly enjoyed it, are my sentiments, exactly.

3) What an obscure and humorous request, whaha~

Kirby Rider

Back. 5 (or something). Draw yourself made of yarn! 6. What's your favorite BGM in Epic Yarn so far? 7. Draw your favorite cast member that you've seen so far

5. I drew something like this before? I'll just put that here then.

Yarn RS

6. I've heard all of it, and I'm tied between Frosty Wheel and Outer Rings stage themes.

7. I do not know what you mean by cast member exactly, so here's a Gordo instead.


About time for more pics~~~

5) Yarn DDDD

6) Tankbot Theme really gets the player in the mood for action! Also, Gourmet Race was a good choice for Castle Dedede.

7) Dan Dan

5. Wait a minute...

Wait a minute...

6. Meta Melon Island's theme is simply amazing.

5) Yarn Bogg

7) I guess this guy. It's about the only thing that I can recall seeing that made me go "coolies". Of course, *cough* I still haven't played it...


Hi! I'm new to this and I read that I'm supposed to ask "Epic Yarn" related questions? OK, I have a couple... Possible spoilers ahead.

1. Why yarn of all things? They could have come up with something else couldn't they?

2. Although I HAVE NOT played the game, I have seen several cut scenes on Youtube and I must ask... What did they do to Meta Knight? I can't take him seriously in this game. Quotes such as "Kirby, forgive me! I blame the yarn!" and "Patching... And stitching everywhere...? What kind of monster could do such a thing?!" make me laugh and make me want to bash my head into a wall at the same time.

3. What is the point of Yin-Yarn taking over Dreamland? Because according to one cutscene, even HE doesn't know what he's going to do with it.

4. Does Dedede REALLY have an uncle or did they just make him say that for no reason?

5. Not exactly a question, but when Dedede said "No one can hurt my Waddle Dees!" I cheered, but then he said "Only I can hurt my Waddle Dees!" and made me want to smack him.

I hope this wasn't annoying or anything. Thank you for looking over my questions!

1) Well, the game was originally "World of Yarn" when being developed starting the second-flute character Prince Fluff in the lead rather than the iconic puff. Much like Dream Course, Nintendo thought that the concept was a little weak and strengthened it with the star power only available from a pink marshmallow.

3) No villain really knows what they're going to do once they take control. It's just an empty ambition to strive for, like Atari games with no end and only a high score. Basically, it's a hobby.

4) Everyone has an uncle. Always.

5) Heh heh. Oh, that King!

1. Because it originally wasn't a Kirby game and they put Kirby in so it would sell better. Not that's I'm complaining, I think it's a good game.

2. Cutscenes and script are silly, but....

3. Because Dreamland is a nice place and everybody likes nice things.

5. Oh, that kingly charm!

1) I'm still waiting for something like “Kirby's Play-Doh Land” where a ceramic sorcerer transforms all of Dream Land to plasticine and it's up to clay Kirby and his sculpey sidekicks to form themselves into different sculptures and abilities in order to center the world, thrown out of balance on a giant potter's wheel. Hell, if they're going for more arts-and-crafts-based-games, this one is a no-brainer!

2) And the script in the anime didn't make you want to do this more?

3) A hobby? Like knitting? Sure, he just ran out of space to put his junk in Patch Land, and wanted a bigger canvas to work with.

4) They were basically holding a gun to his head when they made him say it. Who would argue?

5) Oh, that Daio and his tendency for child/labor/abuse~

1. Dedede-Daimyo's idea is actually the best idea I've heard all day. It'd be claymation Kirby!

2. Yes. Kirby's Epic Yarn's cutscene's made me cringe. But Meta Knigt was never s'posed to be super serious... or someting, I dunno.

3. Didn't you know?! Yin Yarn has a compulsive hoarding disorder. Yes, he hoards planets.

5. He should have said "Only Kirazy can hurt my Waddle Dees!"

Fighter Dee

Why all the enemys are yarned?

Because it is a yarn world.

It's a Yarn, Yarn, Yarn, Yarn World

You heard it here folks. "Yarn" can now be used in the form of a verb.


Kay, before we begin, let's have some Yarn Waffles.

*Clears Through*

1. Why aren't you updating the Kirby Epic Yarn menu? It's been out for more than a MONTH already!

2. What would Kirazy look like if he blew up into yarn?

3.There's Yin-Yarn behind you...?

4.Did you finish your Yarn Waffle?

5.Uh what is your favorite land of Epic Yarn? Mine is Treat Land!

1) Shouldn't you be asking that question about Super Star Ultra or, more sadly, Canvas Curse?

4) Something is wrong with my waffle!

2. No, YOU'RE rehashing pics!

3. Whew, thank god it's only the easiest boss in Kirby history. I thought we were gonna have a problem here. Like having freakin' Whispy Woods behind me.

4. It's sitting in my yarn-colon getting broken down by my yarn-stomach acids.

5. Probably Space Land, cuz it has Tube Town, the greatest level ever.

3. No, there's only a box of science stuff with it.

4. My cat ate it.

5. Hard to choose since they all have their own special charm to them, but my favorite is the last world... Not spoiling it for those who haven't got there yet. Uh.

Joshua Jimenez

Why don't you continue with project HNK? I know it is a lot of work since I make videos myself. (though I do not know how to make subtitles)

Nor can I speak japanese. (but I want to learn it)

therefore I can not help.

Yes, it is a lot of work. No, very few people know how to translate Japanese. Those who can never want to offer help. Moreover, I nor anyone I know of who does put forth effort really cares about that series. 'Sides, Ivy said she'd finish it... eventually.

Whaha~ I chuckle deeply at poor Joshua's wordings :D Like a landslide of futility/failure.

Dear President of Earth:

There are a lot of problems on Earth. Please make this not the case. I know it will be hard work. I don't know how it can be done, but it should be. So do it.

Signed: Well Intended, Horribly Misguided

Duth Olec

Hey Bimblesmurf, is this what you spend your free time doing?

Or is that what you started doing Guru for?

I really did think of you when I first read that. Is that good, or are you getting a bad reputation for being grumpy and spiteful and... green?

...green. Like the Grinch, and like Oscar the Grouch. Is green just a universally accepted color for a grumpy person? Grumpy and green do both start with G. We've got your Grumpy Green, Abhorrent Azure, and... Copper Cricecorn. Diddgery's on the KRR single-cent, right?

I'm sorry, I... started babbling. Spite, hate, color-coding.

1) That's more of why I stopped doing Ask the Kirby Gurus, actually. Too depressing. Anyhoo (ah, that brings back memories), my free time has been spent battling the quizzical beast known as ... "real life". Or at least some facade of a doppelganger of the fiend. Either way, I'm happy.

2) Green is a sour color. It's the same shade of unripened, non-sweetened fruits and general bitter vegetables. It's not easy bein' green!


Hello, Mailbagists, and I suppose my message has at least a little to do with Epic Yarn (since it's about a game different from the Kirby norm).

Have you heard of the Wii game "The Munchables" (by Namco Bandai)? If not, then you'll probably want to Google it before reading this.

Personally, I think that "The Munchables" could actually work well as a Kirby game. For instance, "The Munchables" involves a hungry creature eating their enemies in order to prevail in their colorful environment (just like Kirby, although it's much more of a focus here). Both Kirby and this game are also reportedly easier than the usual sort. There are even a couple abilities (albeit temporary) in "The Munchables".

So, add a couple more abilities, as well as a little shade of Dream Land, and I think this switcharoo could actually work! What do you think? ;)

(This also set a spark for a theory of Kirby's origin, but maybe I'll put that somewhere else)

I did not investigate The Munchables before writing this, but from your description, and from the fact that the game is by Namco, there is no doubt in my mind that said title is just another entry into the Pac-Man franchise. Moreover, I see this Kirby ripoff, as you call it, as a re-envisioning of the movie, The Untouchables, with Pac-Man as the detective attempting to bring down the mob of Ghost-Monsters, led by Al Clide-pone, and their business of bootlegging Power-Pellets. Also, they all have Lunchables-brand TV-dinners for breakfast. There, KRR! Have I met my krazy kount for this session yet!?

Soft Cookie

I got Kirby's Epic Yarn for Christmas! My big brother and I fought Squashini together, and... that part with the giant bomb really caught me off guard when I realized we couldn't move.

1. How do you think Kirby spends his Christmas?

2. What was your favorite part of Epic Yarn? Did you think it was as epic as the title said it was?

3. Do you like decorating the apartment room?

4. What do you think would happen if Gooey went to Patch Land?

5. Do you think Squashini is creepy?

6. In response to Leirin, yes, I DO want to know what Chet's Duct Tape of Doom does.

And thank you Dedede Daimyo for the arms and legs you drew for me. I can facepalm now!

0) "That part". Descriptive! Now all the class knows what you're talking about.

1) Eating, sleeping, and not realizing what day it is.

4) They'd have to do a lot of laundry. Slime everywhere.

2. Favorite part? I guess that would be realizing that there was a whole 'nother world after Space Land.

3. Nooope. It's about as fun as a punch to the forehead.

5. I think he's pretty awesome. Creepy? No.

1. Eating all the Christmas sweets. Because that's all I really did.

2. The last world. I dunno if "epic" is fitting, but it's a good game!

3. It's okay I guess, wish you could do more with it though.

4. I dunno! All I can imagine is his tongue being one of those yarn whips Kirby and Prince Fluff use.

5. Nnnnot at all. He's pretty cool, honestly.

0) It caught me off-guard at first, too. You just have to rotate the D-Pad until free, then whip at the bell until the beads stop flowing. Lastly, do not be in range when that bomb blows, buddy!

1) He visits Prince Fluff for a holiday getaway in Snow Land. Seriously, I played that world for the first time right before Christmas, and I swear the spirit of the season had me by the jugular.

2) It's a play-on-words/ multi-pun that kind of falls flat, especially given the age of their target audience. The Japanese title, Keito No Kaabii (Kirby of Yarn), is much more direct.

3) No, it's quite the chore. But I do like reading the descriptions of the thousands of patterns and nicknacks there are to collect about the game.

4) If Gooey is there, then that means Dark Matter is not far behind. I predict a full-scale invasion, and much color-bleeding.

5) He doesn't really go along with the theme of his world... Might he be the Trick-in-Treat Land?

6) That Duct Tape is actually her special mending-agent, The Gauze. And there is nothing that gauze cannot fix.

7) You are welcome! You can also go kick yourself~


What ever happened to Kirby (Wii)?

Nothing, really. Since a Kirby game did come out for the Wii (which was an entirely unrelated production by a different studio, etc), the heat was taken off of the untitled title. They never really touched on its fate, exactly. It has been, what, six years now? That's not to say that it won't have some future, but ... most of us kinda gave up on that game years ago.

No clue! Haven't heard much from it since it was announced, I'm pretty sure. As much as I'd like to stay enthusiastic about the game getting FINISHED, it probably won't....

(I will eat a hat if it does get finished.)

Eat a hat? Normally, the expression is to eat yours. In that case, I get to pick which hat...

"Kirby just became Needle Kirby!"

"No he didn't. He just got spiky things on his head. Wearing something doesn't change who the person is. That is like saying I became Winter Jacket Loser Thing."

"Which loser thing are you again? Tiff or Tuff?"

"Does it really matter?"

It seems like I was going someplace with that but got bored halfway through. So, in order to answer your question, welcome back, Kirbymaniac, although that really is more of a question than a statement.


Don't you hate it when you say something, then later come up with something better to say or an addition? Just add this to the previous letter I sent if you want though I can't say if that would ease it up or not since I don't know how it works.

At any rate, Mailbag needs a theme song. I suggest this:






Yes, I do hate when that happens. But oh well...

...But yeah. I don't think I'd describe myself as random?

Expecting a Animaniacs theme song ripoff?

Too bad! I did my own thing. Take that, establishment!

I'd prefer one that didn't use the term "random" (as it makes me angry and shoot fire-beams from my eyes and nostrils) and wasn't just a knock-off of the Animaniacs. Obviously, it should play upon Tiny Toons!

0) Yeah, like when someone clearly labels himself “Topmonhit”, then goes to great extents to rename himself “Duth Olec” only to forget moments later. Do not tell me that you sent this before you did that!

1) We may not be random, but we do adhere to the Wheel of Mailrality~!


Closing Statments: Hey, lookit that! A comic fit enough to be its own entire entity at this site tucked away into a lesser feature! No one everyone loves the 'Bag so much; it is like ninety features rolled into one!

Theme Alert! It was mentioned today (er, whenever that letter was actually written) that the Crew could hit the Big Time and do the movies! There has been lots of talk about podcasts being tossed around, too. Could the beloved 'Bag survive a media transplant? Just because you like our crazy words/pictures does it mean you'll like our voices? Do you people even listen to podcasts, let alone want to listen to one about Kirby every week? Do you have any suggestions for the brains trying to spearhead this operation? (Trust me, they need 'em!) Would a movie be anything more than a bunch of stills? (Kirazy sure ain't Flashin' more than a minute!)

A mailbag about mailbag? Shouldn't existence implode or somethin'?

Wanna send your own letter to The Rainbow Resort Mailbag? You can!

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