May 31st, 2010

No time for idle chit-chat this time around; I am mad pressed for time after finally getting my new internet set up by a provider who will remain nameless (but does begin with a "V" for "very slow installation times"). Don't worry, though, 'cause we have plenty of shiny new (and old!) faces to distract us from the troubled (in multiple ways!) puppeteer behind the scenes. These are the blokes you know and love and the ones you should get to know:

Diddgery is in the 'Bag this month. Sure, that isn't his face over there, but I somehow got confused during the introductions last go and thought he was here (isn't he always?) instead of Qtie, one of my favorite members. Isn't my face red? And grotesque, but isn't it always?

Kirby-RS was an odds-on favorite to win the Front Page Challenge for June. Will she actually pull it off? Hey, wait for tomorrow to find out!

Bimblesnaff, bla! I hear he officially changed his name to that, too. Next.

Originally known as Gold Kirby, the typo-tastic Glod is an old-timer around these parts and a Mailbag veteran to boot. This is his first appearance since our own little Infinite Crisis, which is why he is no longer in his Glodzilla form. Infinite Thingermajoos can do that kinda stuff, don'tcha know?

Dedede Daimyo is back to chew gum and take names.

... Wait, I think I messed that saying up. Both of those up, actually. Oh well.

- Ometon

Steve Valor

Gimmicks vary. Depending on the game, gimmicks can be either good or bad. Like the Light and Dark World in TLoZ: Triforce of the Gods (Link to the Past). That was a good gimmick. 1. When Meta Knight is hit in KotS: Story of the Dream Fountain, why does the background ripple? 2. What was the point of Marx Soul? He absorbs the pieces of NOVA. He needed to be metallic and more demonic, not just restyled. 3. Sorry about the whole Daimao situation. I have bad memory with things like that. It wasnt until afterwards that i found out what Daimyo ment. Sorry DeDeDe-sama. 4. When playing Dairanto Smash Bros. X, i notice that Knuckle Joe sounds like a b&#$@ and Meta sounds Spanish! Wth is up with that?

2. Because he is highly overrated, duuhh~ (Ohh, I'mma get some hate mail for that, won't I?)

4. ...Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Oh. I assume the voice actors weren't paid enough, but that's just my crack theory.

2) Marx Soul exists so the player would have a special boss to fight at the end of the True Arena.

0) Good and evil versions are cliché and tired. I like the Oracle of Seasons take on the matter with its four different varieties. Now dems some fancy gimmicking.

1) You see, any time wounds are inflicted upon Meta Knight, it breaks reality. He's perfect, and God doesn't bleed. At least, it's this opinion held by all fanjerks that makes this happen. Their combined will is that powerful.

2) Marx Soul was a giant, pointless load just like Marx. For further details, see Marx is the Sux. Just as his predessesor was a hastily, poorly thought out, thrown-out finish to the original, Soul had even less thought and concern behind him to wrap up the remake. I think it was intended that way: one piece of junk to follow another.

3) No forgiveness! Apologies are meaningless, but building a time machine and fixing the past is golden. That's why it's such a common expression, often abbreviated AAMBBATMAFTPIG. Ahmb-bat-maft-pig. Wow, I'm surprised how well that accidentally worked out. I mean, that's why it's such a wide spread expression.

4) Saying voices sound like they sound is a little like questioning the color of the sky.

0) The most interesting kinds of gimmicks are the ones that carry-over to later games in a series. It's fun to spot them, and then try to identify their origins.

1) Maybe because they are in Ripple Field? Hatcha! Anyway, perhaps said pun converges with Orange Ocean at some point...?

2) I want to draw this so bad... but I just don't have the time. T_T

3) That's Okay. You actually foresaw the word-play I intend to use in my upcoming Picture Fiction just don't hold your breath in anticipation. I was going to give a sneak-peak of his appearance, but I don't want to spoil it, and as I've said, no time...

Aww, alright. Here's a parody image >>

4) You don't know what Daimyo means, yet you call every game by it's Japanese title? I smell a faker, and it's not just me.


Gimmicks are good if used correctly.

1. Who here thinks that production of Kirby Wii would be faster if KRR developed it?

2. Seeing as how Bimblesnaff's head explodes often, how high are his medical bills?

tres. What are your opinions on 2012?

ruof. Who was the worst mailbagger to ever be on the mailbag?

pie. I am surprised Bimblesnaff has not made a picture of him murdering Gip.

1. ....It might, but probably not much, you know, unless you know any workers who AREN'T lazy.

2. One can imagine it gets rather high...

3. No.

4. Meeeeeeee!

1) It'd go slower, considering that none of us have a Wii dev kit.

3) It's a year!

1) Here's how I think the course would go: Amb-bat-maft-pig and have it released on Game Cube as it shoulda been.

2) You know, the thought has never crossed my mind. How much did that last bill run me- What the?! Exploding Bogg

3) It's a bad movie.

4) You!

3.1412...) Actually, I made one where Bounder was presented in a cooler light while it donned a dunce's cap. It'd only disgrace my mace to get his unworthy blood upon it.

1) It would go faster if the KCCh team developed it. Wait...?

2) They are as high as the gobbs of grey-matter splattered about the ceiling.

4) I can't speak for the baggers that came before me, so I'll just say, one of them~!


OMG,Leeme think of a gimmick.I have one.I was playing Kirby`s Adventure but my computer browser froze.Then it standbyed.I clicked it and my ability was gone.So I decided to buy Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland.

1.Kirazy feels good in his 02 costume.

2.If your think about Stone Kirby,would he squash you?

3.How many times have you played Kirby Super Star Ultra?

4.If you`re using the Star Rod,do you love the ability?

Non-Kirby questions are up?

5.Why is Hitmantop in the mailbag now?

6.If you looked at my last post,would you LOL?

OK,now for the grand question that is to the topic.

7.What is REALLY a gimmick.

2. I don't think he would squash me just from thinking about him, but Stone Kirby is all about squashing people anyways. So I guess if he saw me as an enemy, he would squash me.

3. Not sure really. I loooove Revenge of the King though, so that's probably the one I've replayed the most.

4. I always hated the special abilities during the final boss fights of Kirby games, but that's because most other boss fights I find easier to do with just inhaling/spitting.

5. I think Topmonhit was a temporary mailbagger, but I dunno how this stuff works anymore. I'm not even sure if I'm doing this right right now.

6. I don't lol at anything. Loling is terrible and it's bad for you.

7. People often get angry at gimmicks in gaming, but I think that's how gaming moves forward. People thought the Wii/motion controls were gimmicky back when it first came out, but now it's pretty well-received.

0. Interesting story, I suppose?

1. I bet he does.

3. Too many times, then again I don't have anything else to play anyways. :c

6. Maybe.

7. LOLOLOLOLOL!!1!one Google it.

0) I... what? How is that a gimmick? Or interesting? Or believed worth sharing with others? I think that just is a clipping to serve in the case of "Why everyone's voices are not equal or deserved".

2) Only if thinking about him at Ice Cream Islands.

3) None! Still don't have a DS, kiddies.

4) You can only love the doubly self-titled Stick.

5) Why is it that people are utterly blind to the fact that in the Mailbag's Update blurb, in the session's introduction, and in the final words all mention a rotating cast of characters and why they are in? The answers are all around you, people. What good would it do for us to repeat this stuff if you obviously don't read? Rabble rabble rabble! Fuming Bogg

6) I have at least half a brain, therefore I do not and never shall "lol".

7) Coming out to the ring with a pair of garden sheers and sayin' you're a barber.

0) The word you're looking for is "glitch??"

2) If your think about Needle Kirby, he will poke through your thought and cause a rift in the space-time continuum, this destroying reality.

3) Once. After getting 100% and beating Helper To Hero with every character, I was done.

7) Oh, you know!

0) Emulators are piracy, people! Always support the official release.

1) Taylor-made by Daimyo and his uncreative thinking~

2) It is best not to think of such weighty-matters.

3) I played until my DS battery died a thousand deaths and the charger was drained of life.

4) Love it or hate it, the game forces you to use it during the final battles.

5) Just so some trace of my art was able to invade his guest-session.

Wadd the Epic Dee

The Wadd thinks gimmicks are a menace to societies of every kind made by mystical demons to secretly encourage you to sell your soul to the unseen overlord of another dimension so he can use them in order to initiate the up and coming apocalypse involving many, many deaths.

Anyways, this question is for the Bimble Bros.: Out of all the mail baggers you have worked with, who has been your favorite one to bag with?

The Epic Dee wishes you luck keeping any sanity.

Don't we, like, get asked this question all the time? One time with one new person does not warrant a change. Ask after we have 5+ in 3+ bags.

0) “The Unseen Feudal-Lord of the 4th-Dimension” ~the Epic Gimmick?


Hey, what the heck is... is... uh... what's-his-face. Ometon?

Oh sorry my computer went back in time and picked up the first letter I sent to Mailbag.

1. There's a game called Gimmick? Well, let's just do a quick wikipedia ch...


2. Anyhowzit, Prank. Just... the enemy Prank. What are your thoughts on it?

3. Anyway Kracko has appeared in more games than Meta Knight it should replace Meta Knight as the third main Kirby character YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS???

4. And finally, until I can remember that question I thought of and forgot, Bimblesmurf, make a drawing of Squeaky Bogg as a smurf, or give me dea...

ls on used cars. Yes.

I never really cared for Meta Knight much, so I'd be okay with Kracko taking his spot, I guess.

2. A violet bunny thing that pull pranks on Kirby, I don't know, oddly one of my favorite enemies.

3. Well, any character dressed up as Meta Knight can replace him. It's true you know!

Isn't he just adorable?

2) Prank shows up in one game and that's about it! I'm not as attached to it as I am to enemies from, say, the SNES games, but I guess Prank's better than some of the other new enemies.

3) So do Whispy Woods, Waddle Dee, Bronto Burt, and other recurring enemies and bosses. "Third main Kirby character" doesn't make much sense, anyways- and main character status, however you define it, isn't based on how often a character appears. For example, I'd say Gooey counts as a main character, and he's been in a whopping two games with a playable role in only one of them.

That said, a game where Kracko has a playable role would be interesting.

1) I was shown Gimmick by Resorter Prophallus long 'go, so there's no eye sh- bleeding for me.

2) Prank is one of the most interesting enemies to interact with and follow, right next to Droppy. I've actually studied them extensively for the 'Pedia article of Prank. Mmm, unwanted details to its exactly movement pattern. Now that's excessive!

3) I'm with Didge. Who said Meta is third big-dog? You're only making that statement since he's playable in Brawl, but that's only because all other candidates are either poorly shaped, immobile, or lacking of any type of attack variation. Of course, the masked one is more playable than any other character, being so in three true titles. Of course, two of those are remakes and his runs are only rehashing the already rehashed game play. So, in a way, he's doubly worse. So, where am I saying I stand? Team Broom Hatter!

4) I think he was originally asking me for dead body parts. Just a hunch. Topmon is a ghoul, last I checked.

2) Flagship is Prank to Kirby games.

3) That is the best pic, Sheep-man.


Hey, Bimb-y, Ome-y, and possibly Didg-y. I like dem gimmicks, after all I AM a devoted viewer of something filled with gimmicks.

Anyway, the Kirby gimmick I loved best was the milky way wishes gimmick. It made things alot easier for me during that mode, and Ksqsq's ripoff couldnt compare to it.

My favourite gimmick match is TLC, boston crab death match bloodfilled Chris Jericho on a pole money in the bank match, duh.

So, questions nao.

1) When's world peace coming so that everyone can look like hippies?

2) Why is it that if you eat some crisps, you feel like drinking?

3) Why am I so bloody curious?

Bai, mairubagu-des~

2. Now when you say 'drinking', I assume you mean alcohol, but I'm not sure. With me, eating crisps doesn't really give me the desire to drink, so you might want to see a doctor or something.

3. Now now, curiosity isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just means you're always on the search for knowledge!

Good luck on your travels, pc-san~

1. As soon as the world stops being stupid.

2. Possibly. I drink with just about any meal, preferably Mountain Dew, I guess.

3. Not that it's a bad thing. Most of the time.

1) And have chicks not shavin'? Yeah, you keep hoping for that to hold, weirdo.

2) Crisps are salty, and salt has dehydrating properties, hence the desire to refuel.

0) Diggy works if you really need to give me a cutesy nickname. I have to agree that the copy pedestal thing in Milky Way Wishes was pretty cool, even though having Copy kind of negated the whole thing.

3) You're a cat.

0) You are the GimmicKing, pcfan.

1) Once everyone starts looking like hippies, then there will be world peace.

0) How can Jericho get the briefcase and apply/have applied the Boston crab if he's on a pole?

1) I already look like a hippie, and there certainly is no world peace. In fact, I am prolly an instigator more than anything else, so I am actually contributing against the stuff in spite of my appearance!


I had never heard of the game Gimmick, so I looked it up. Sounds a bit hard.

Anyway, I gots more questions!

0.1)Whats your favorite movie?

0.2)Whats your favorite anime?

(ok, done with those. On to Kirby!)

1)What do you think Kirbys favorite enemy is?

2)Whos YOUR favorite enemy?

3)If you could have any one character eliminated FOREVER from the Kirby series, who would it be?

4)Do you think Kirby ever has a sugar rush?

Meh, I'm done for now. Have a great(looks at watch)(watch is broken)eh, lets just go with Day.

I can't really say what my favorite movie is. I've seen way too many of them! And I don't watch anime, but of the ones I've seen, I think Baccano! is my favorite.

1)Kirby's favorite enemy is probably Chef Kawasaki because following the good Chef's murder and the cannibalization of his body, you take on his role as a chef and can make yourself even more food. You pull various creatures into your pot and completely transform their bodies into various foodstuffs, including juice, watermelon slices, and turkeys. How you get a watermelon slice from a Bronto Burt's body is beyond me.

2) My favorite enemy? Cool Spook for sure.

3) I'm actually pretty okay with most characters from the Kirby series. At least, at the time of writing this, no one immediately comes to mind.

4) What do you think the invincibility candy did?

0.1. I don't watch a lot of movies, but some of my favorites is Pulp Fiction and anything with the Marx brothers or whatever.

0.2. Again, don't watch a lot, but I do like Keroro Gunsou/Sgt. Frog.

1. Batamon.

2. Simirror, Birdon, Waddle Doo... A lot of enemies.

0.1 + 0.2) Spirited Away.

1) Kirby and Waddle Dee are the best of friends when he's not eating Dee's brethren!

2) Some of the more obscure ones, like Cool Spook, Peran, and Jungle Bomb (is that really his name?)

3) From the games, nobody. From the anime... well, too late for that one.

4) Kine made an animation about that.

0) I do not have a favorite "anime". That's a term for post-98 swill that flooded out from the Orient. I like Japanimation, mostly The Slayers. Comedy/action/fantasy. It had it all.

1) Apollo or Polof. One is literally candy and refills life while the other leads him to a secret room of power ups.

2) Blopper!

2.diddgery) Its true name is [ジャングルボム] or Jangurubomu. That's Jungle Bomb. Yep-yep.

3) It's never too late, my horn-ed little friend! I'll purge them myself!

4) Isn't that the entire point behind the Invincibility Candy item?

0) Samurai Pizza Cats is good Japanimation!

1) Zebon, the enemy that always helps, and never hurts! Except when they shoot him the wrong way, causing frustration, block a vital path, or spit him in a hole or spikes, though that may just be cannons.

2) Sasuke, Klinko, Floaty the Drifter; Penguins love their Parasols, Whaha.

3) I would purge Phanphan, Fire Phanphan, and all other related eyesores/ Rolly replacements.

Chaos Kiwi

I have never layed Gimmick. But I type with my beak, so ok. Anywho, I like gimmicks, unless theys are emus or mangos! Emangu, if you will.

1) How do YOU type?

2) Godzilla vs Cloverfield. WHO WOULD WIN?!

3) Emangu. NOW.

4) Congradulations! You evolved into _______!

5) What is your fave holiday?

6) How do you think the world will end?

1) Home Row or die. Actually, that's not true all the time for me. I just kinda committed everything to muscle memory. So I'm good at typing without looking at the keyboard, but I don't always have my fingers in the home row setting.

2) Godzilla, because the Cloverfield thing is barely ever on camera so I can't judge it.


5) Shlodday.

6) I won't be around for it, so it doesn't really concern me.

1. I sometimes looks at the keyboard, sometimes not, I peck at the keyboard with my fingers, I don't use the whole homerow biz.

2. My money goes to Godzilla.


Looks suspiciously a lot like a Chocobo.

5. Fourth of July, valid excuse to blow stuff up and light your lawn on fire by "accident". (And maybe Christmas.)

6. Me.

1) Yeah, I don't hunt and peck, either. I clock some serious WPM, too.

2) I'm not even going to dignify that alleged question with a response for the sheer ridiculousness of the comparison. This is G-country, yo.

5) All Hallows' Eve.

1) With my fingers! NEXT QUESTION

2) Are you seriously asking this? NEXT

3) Uhhhhh NEXT

4) CongraTulations! NEXT

5) International Talk Like A Pirate Day. NEXT

6) Sun gets really big and eats it. DONE

1) With boxing gloves~! Come on, you lazy bums!

2) *Guffaw*

4) A legal adult!

5) Today, May 31st, Memorial Day, and coincidentally, my Birthday :)


gimmicks? ask pcfan he's bound to know, and that gimmick game looks like kirby with the fun drained out of it XD.

well any way a while ago I was reading the offical nintendo magazine and to my surprise there was a review on Kirbys Dreamland 3 (I had already played the awesome game) and my face went =D...BUT THEN!

the review said the game lacked thrills, was repetitive and was short D= but the final sentence was the one that went to far and that was "this is an example how to not make a kirby game." I then thought they ether mistakened the game for another crappy game or did'nt bother playing an animal friend, and I stuck by my own good opinon on the game =P

and there ends the Angry Aussie GHOST rant.

I thought KDL3 was pretty good. I would say the way to NOT make a Kirby game would be like Kirby's Dream Course or something like that.

Huh, I'm not the biggest KDL3 fan, but I think a review like THAT wasn't necessary.

That's obviously the opinion of someone with no attention span. There's two camps in Kirby (well, for the purposes of this explanation, at least), and one of those camps must have the flying-around, fast-pace, button mashing that came with the like of Super Star or Mirror. They simply cannot accept that a button is hit once and only once to attack and find such as "boring". This is the same type of people who don't read books and watch Deal or No Deal.

Australian Nintendo Magazine, you are dead to me! DEAD.

That reviewer obviously set his or her hopes too high. When KDL3 first came out, Australia missed their chance to play due to no PAL release of the game. Now, after more than 10 years of waiting, they finally got to play it on Virtual Console, and what do they find, but a Kirby game that is unlike any of the past few years. Spoiled by their ignorance. They'd know how great a game it was if this was still a decade ago. And now, I plug my DL3 Emaki.


Behold, I have returned. With... COOKIES!

On the subject of gimmicks. Just about anything new that's been added to a product that wasn't there before can be called a gimmick. Yoshi, Tails' flight, Rush, and many other well loved features of games are technically recuring gimmicks. Gimmicks are definitely not bad.

Now, I've got some questions for this bag of fun. Each answered question will get a cookie.

1. What do you guys use to talk with eachother while you do the mailbag?

2. How do you start a mailbag in the first place?

3. What is the most stupid crossover you've ever seen in your life?

4. Are there any Memes that you enjoy?

5. If you could add a new gimmick to the kirby games, what would it be?

Just leave your name and address and I'll see that you get those cookies. ;)

This person has the right idea about 'gimmicks'!

1. Generally we talk on IRC or through other secret methods. My favorite Secret Communication Technique is telepathy. I'll try sending a message to Diddgery right now! hnnnnGGGGGGG

well, he'll get it eventually.

2. It all started long long ago. We actually used to do it on the forums and then post it on the site later.

4. I hate memes once they get posted all over the place.

My address? Hmm...

123 Fake Street

City, State 12345

0. And all of those cookies will be mine.

1. Well this being my first, I don't really know besides private messaging.

2. Magic.

3. Anything to do with Naruto. Hmmm... Not so sure.

5. Dunno if I would add, but I think bringing back animal helpers back might be pretty cool.

1) I think someone is thinking that we assemble the bag like the old crew did. Quite not. We do not need to all be in the same place to compile a Bag. All we need to do is log in at our convenience and answer whatever letters we feel. No waiting and barreling into IRC to sloppily build the feature and that. Don't even know why you know it was done like that.

2) The magical Ometon fairy flies by our windowsills and taps us with his Mail Wand to let us know- ... actually, I'm just gonna stop there.

3) Kirby x Kirby (anime).

4) None.

5) Items. Like, little accessories or such that you could carry with you, sorta like the stomach bubbles. Of course, these would have persistent effects, like a Mint Leaf giving stronger air pellets if not freezing pellets and the like.



glod! That's not family friendlu!!

2) Exactly as 'Snaff described it.

3) Probably the infamous Dragon Ball Z x Diary of Anne Frank fan fiction.

4) At the moment I'm liking the one where Guile's theme goes with everything.


I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed your last Mailbag, Diddgery.

0) I concur.

1) E-mail. That is, if I have any too-big-for-the-page-pictures that need to be included =P

2) Good question... Sometimes, for me, starting is the hardest part of MB.

3) Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue.

4) I have stopped following any of the current memes.

5) More playable character options...? Not really a gimmick, but they should give it a shot sometime.


gimmicks huh... well... I LOVE THEM! especially my PC, which is a dinosaur in the tech world, the game gimmick? neva herd ov it. but anyway,

1) what is your view of pie?

2) and cookiez?

3) and meh?


5) why isn't pie a name?

6) am i hungry?

bye bye!

1. Pie's alright. I'm more of a cake guy myself. Unfortunately, Portal made it so that you can't talk about cake seriously on the internet. IT'S A LIE LOL

2. Cookies are pretty good too. I make a mean batch of oatmeal cookies.

3. Meh.




bye :)

0) How is your PC a gimmick? It's a PC.

1) Don't forget glod that "pie" has been a TOTALLY RANDOM!! joke word for the longest time, which made cake the retreat for sane people. But because of Portal... well, there's other pastries, I guess. Like tarts. I don't think tarts are jokes.

2) Cookies are always good.

4) You are a terrible person!!

1. Is good.

2. Depends what kind.

3. No.

5. It might be in some parts of the world.

6. Maybe you should go find out.

0) With everyone talking about the game, Gimmick, I am amazed at how closely people payed attention to the theme notice this 'round. I've surely never heard of it. Of course, going by the content of letters like this, I realized they have to, adhere to the theme, for they are too plain and randumb to form adequate questions.

Etc.) In summation, I dislike cookies, cake and pie, but I do like the name Pai-no-pai-no-pai/ Tokyo-Bushi

3) Based upon the prior two questions, ya ain't rankin' too high with me.

2.Glod) You think you do, huh? Well then, I challenge you to an oatmeal cookie battle~! How, I don't know. The rules, aren't really that clear. The outcome, haven't put any thought into. Any progress or follow through, probably not.

4) Just because a cake was responsible for the death of your parents doesn't mean you should had on it. That's, like, dessertism or something, and that's just plain wrong in this day and age.


Hello,mailbag gang!!! since you answered my first question(which was the fourm thingy)I felt sooo awsome!Now,since I could get used to this on to questions!!!! 1)what would happen if kirby swallowed a goomba? would it just be a normal enemy to him?(Example:waddle dee) 2)I have been this site without a membership for a long time until I found a passport. What do you think about this? 3)Here's what I think about gimmicks.Gimmicks are just gags created maybe by a prankster in 1890.They're just plain troublesome.

1. Considering Goombas are pretty much the Waddle Dees in the Mario world, I'd say no ability effect...

2) Do you mean, you don't have a passport? That is very wise of you. The passport system is just a tool the higher-ups use to lull site-goers into a false sense of security, so the admins can spy on you and check to see when you are actually here and not contributing words or art like I should be doing. Or so my inner conspiracy theorist tells me.

1) Does this thought even warrant validation from others? I mean, the basic baddie from one game series transplanted to another shouldn't gain super powers and be promoted to a boss or something. You literally step on it like a bug. It is not special.

2) Nearly everyone was on this site for a long time without any site-based membership, as that's only come in about the last year of the decade the site has existed. However, if anyone frequently visits this site and hasn't registered for an account, Sorida, then what's your problem? Every time you go to do anything, it throws in your face "Hey, sign-in or register?" The only thing it takes is securing your identity. Oh, wait, that's not a cost. That's a benefit.

3) Sounds like someone looked into word origins. Or made stuff up, I dunno. Too lazy to find out if there's any validity to that.


Gimmicks are gimmicky. XD My favorite gimmick is the security captcha-thing guests have to answer. It's the best one ever. XD

Anyway, this is for Bimblesnaff:

By saying you are ignoring a question, aren't you in fact PAYING ATTENTION to it? D8

...I sure hope Bimblesnaff's head doesn't explode again... ;D

Ok, now for my MAIN question:

How come in Kirby and the Crystal Shards, Gordos themselves are always invincible; and Stone Kirby, Super Stone Kirby (Stone + Stone), and Sculpture Kirby (Blade + Stone) are invincible when transformed; yet Gordo Kirby (Stone + Spike) isn't invincible when transformed? D8 It's really annoying, because otherwise I could beat all the bosses in the Boss challenge in under 5-10 minutes. D8 Please tell me! I really want to know! D8

Our captcha thing is pretty awesome, I have to say.

Because that'd just be wallhax.

No-no, Sh'irb, you've got it all wrong! First of all, Gordos are only invincible if you consider them an enemy, while they are clearly an obstacle. Stone, Double-Stone, and Sculpture Kirbys are only resistant to lowly enemies; mini-bosses and macro-bosses snap the player out of their Stone-state. The mock-Gordo transformation is instead made by mixing Bomb and Needle, and is as invincible to bosses and the like as the Stone transformations. And finally, I wasn't even aware you were allowed to battle the boss challenge with abilities. That is usually reserved for plain, pink Kirby, only. Guru-gun-HA!

0) My head has already exploded once today, so there's nothing left to go boom. You know, unless someone wanted to have my tail rupture.

1) Looking like a Gordo doesn't make one a Gordo. I can stand on one foot and hold up my arms to call myself a tree, but it doesn't mean I'm made of wood and photosynthesis.


Do you think that gimmicks(that is what I call it, im not sure if that is what it is actually) are enough to keep a game series fresh? Like Super Mario has a gimmick each game, making it different from the first, like how mario is in space, how yoshi was introduced, and FLUDD(that was a pretty bad gimmick though...). Likewise, in mario RPG games they introduced the babies in one, and made you go inside bowser. What gimmicks have been in kirby? I suppose that storing abilities in kirby's belly is one. Another is probably the animal friends. You know what I mean right. Well I am saying to my friends that Madden and Call of Duty are pretty much the same games overall, and they usually say that games like kirby are pretty much the same too. Do you think that games without gimmicks are overall the same game as the previous?

I would say that the main reason developers introduce 'gimmicks' is to keep things fresh, yeah. If you keep re-releasing the same game each year, only slightly improving the graphics, engine, and character roster, you seriously get things like Madden. At least Call of Duty manages to have more missions each time and a different story.

Yes, Madden and all sport games are always the same, less the change of the teams stats. This means there is, technically, no reason to even buy the game as you're effectively re-buying what you already own.

If Mario didn't do things like FLUDD, despite it's disapproval among most fans, then the sequels would just, what, Mario Bros. 3 but with different levels. Yay?


Well gimmicks are cool to the planet but when are they going to come up with a game called "What do you think about DeDeDe, is he an idiot or a friend!"

More than likely never, I wouldn't buy a game with a crack title like that.

I'd buy it if it meant having a playable Dedede. Playable, in that he has a competent control scheme, and isn't just a disembodied head or dependent on a Wheelie-chair to get around.

See any flying pigs through a frozen hell? You'll be able to pre-order when you does.


¡Hola!¿Comó está hoy? I think gimmicks are good, unless used too frequently.

1)If you could make a Dark Matter Trilogy style game, would you bring back Zero and Dark Matter or just Animal Friends?

2A)Speaking of the friends, how do you think Pet Partner (has turned/is turning) out?

2b)Did you think my entry (Bloosh the Mouse) was good? Was it different enough from Rick to make up for the similar species?

3)I'm not trying to rush you Ometon, but when Avatars are up are they going to be posted on:


3b)Mailbag questions?

3c)Anything else?

Sorry for asking if you haven't decided yet.

4)I beseech of thee Omnipotent Ones to create something for amusement.



1. Probably just animal friends, although maybe Zero since I've had an interesting idea of how he'd come back, but I know you people aren't interested.

2B. Controls seem interesting, although I think the design could be a little more interesting, not trying to be mean though, eheh.

1) I'd bring back the animal friends and Gooey, but I'd rather have a new villain than Dark Matter and Zero again.

1) Animal Friends weren't even in all of that established Trilogy (truthfully), so you'd have no choice but to continue the only established recurring theme in each title if it were expanded to a quadrilogy.

2) I'll be covering that soon enough in the wrap-up this Friday-ish.

3) I'm not Ometon but already typed out a three. What's a back-space key?

4) My divine presence have crafted an enchanted krill who can dispense yogurt in any desired flavor. Oh, you meant something that you can enjoy via internet. Well, tough luck with that, buddy.


Really a gimmick is a good idea but who envented it? Albert Einstein? I mean come on it's just weaird how some people just don't make up this stuff!

Um. I don't know who "envented" it, but I hope are trying to ask who invented the definition and the works of the word gimmick.

When in doubt, use Google. I don't know.

Princess Peach: she's ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom for a reason...

I thought it was 'cuz she's so ho- * spin jump'd poof! *


The best gimmicks are the ones so cool that they ascend from their gimmick status and become staples in a series. I mean, copying abilities in Kirby games could have started like that, but it proved effective and now is a gameplay element you cannot remove (unless it's a puzzle game...).

1.- If the Ometon was a Pokemon, would he be super effective against Dragon types?

2.- Am I the only misfit who likes "Quick Draw" better than "Samurai Kirby"?

3.- Would a Bimblesnaff action figure sell decently? If so, would the Spiky Ball be sold separately?

4.- Since people are renaming DDD Daimyo with any word that starts with the Japanese prefix dai-, can be add Daisuki to the list the artist's alter egos?

5.- Why does the KRR spell check say Ometon is not a word? Is it turning against its master?

6.- Has there been any sidequest in a game that has made you pull your hair off in frustration? If many, what is the first that comes to your mind?

7.- Which one do you think is the most beautiful Kirby music. Note that pieces such as Sand Canyon and Zero Two's themes are fun and awesome respectively, but not beautiful, just to improve the context here.

Oh boy, I think I overdid it this time...

6. Final Fantasy X. After a long, hard day of playing blitzball for five hours, glod decides to take a break from it to ride his Chocobo around the Calm Lands. Mid-race, he is pummeled with birds and blitzballs, due to his greed and desire to pick up red balloons. After he's done with that frustration, he goes to the Thunder Plains to dodge lightning bolts. Only 200 to go... 100... 50... 25... What's that? You sneezed and failed to dodge that bolt? Start over!

yeah getting the best weapons in that game was a huge pain.

7. Checker Knights from Kirby Air Ride will always have a special place in my heart.

2. Yes. No.

3. Probably not, but I'd buy one anyways.

7. Grape Garden or Rainbow Resort stage themes.

2) You're not alone. I was pretty upset to see Quick Draw replaced with Samurai Kirby in Nightmare in Dream Land! But then again, I wasn't happy with anything that they changed in that game... Oh no, I'm a fanboy!!

4) I'm holding out for Dedede-Daikon.

6) I don't usually attempt those sorts of sidequests, simply because they make the game stop being fun. But there have been exceptions, and the first that came to mind is the most recent: the Lost Sanctum in Chrono Trigger DS. It is undoubtedly the absolute worst part of Chrono Trigger, and it didn't even exist until the DS remake!

7) Agreeing on Rainbow Resort, though I have to give special mention to the ending theme from Kirby's Adventure as well.

0) Even puzzle games like Block Ball and Dream Course try and cash-in on Kirby's over-played gimmick!

1) If the Ometon was a Pokemon, he would be super-effective against the female types. Or vice-versa. Whatever's funnier...

2) I actually like Quick Draw a lot, but nothing can replace Samurai Kirby. Take that, Nightmare in Dream Land!

4) Arigoto~ yes, much honor! Daisuki means “to like very much”, so I approve. If I had the time, I would construct a Dedede-Daikon as well.

5) KRR has a spell-check?

6) Yes, just today. While replaying through Klonoa on the Wii, I found the extra missions (once the game is beaten 100%) that involve air-jumping the enemies over instant-death lava to be near-impossible. The whole time I was thinking, this would be so much easier with Kirby's ability to fly instead of Klonoa's weak flutter, and Kirby's inhale instead of Klonoa's puny air bullet. X(

7) I especially like the lyrical version of Rainbow Resort.

1) Wild Ometon uses Spike Cannon! Or, some sort of icicle barrage attack. Is there one of those? I don't know. I'm at a Kirby site. I shouldn't have to be up to date on another series.

2) Hey, let Japanophiles have their bottle. They can only get a dose of Japanese culture in, oh, everywhere nowadays.

3) Due to the severe choking hazard, and overall unfit-for-children state of razor sharp points, I do not believe it'd be able to get sold... in the States...

5) Does KRR have a spell check? That should just be your browser's spell check, which isn't influenced by the website it is at. Just, you know, the browser. That, or, the name is just universally associated with "wrong".


Okay how long is this gimmicky thing going to go on?! I am tired but someone should beat up DeDeDe

soon or I'm going to go mad!

Maybe you should go beat him up yourself. :c

I'll stay on my guard.


1. whats the deal with the passport items?

2. about gimmicks i really don't have much to say

I don't have much to say in response.

1) I believe Kirazy made a picture for just this occasion-kind-of-question...

I don't have the ability to link to such greatness.

1) Ometon, radioing Ometon. You are green-light for Land Smite.


Gimmicks? Um...gimmicks are good. Yep, good stuff.

I just have one question this time around. How come so many people assume meta knight is 50,000 years old (and plus) just because the anime says his sword is? Just because his sword is that old doesn't make him that old. He doesn't even act that old.

Because people can't read.

No, people assume he is old as they strictly state that he is that old. Of course, they only allude to "hundreds" and maybe "thousands". Example, Kirby was meant to sleep for two-hundred before awakening. By comparison, a young adult would be at least near the one-kay mark. Fans just jump on any hints or traces of numbers presented and, yes RSheep, don't pay attention a lick. Truthfully, you can't say how old he is other than a certain 200+.

Of course, if I watched/cared for/bothered, I'd probably be able to ball park that number more. But, he does act that old, seasoned, and mature in my opinion, and in the battle of your opinion to my own, mine isn't associated with a fruit. Victory?


Okay they had better swich this thing rigt now or I'm going to make a gimmick that will make there brains change it!

And just how many times are you going to ask questions about the gimmick theme?

Patience, young lady.


Gimmicks? As long as there isn't too many or too one sided, I guess their okay. Then again, gimmicks will ultimately SCREW YOU OVER one way or another.

The game Gimmick? Never played it and don't plan to.


1) Where did you get the inspiration for your usernames?

2) How many times do you get pointless questions like the wood chucking one? (AND IT JUST CHUCKS ****ING WOOD!)


Typos fuel my name.

1. Well my Sheep Man alias is obviously from the robot master Sheep Man from Mega Man 10.

My other main alias, Kirby-RS, is obviously a combination of 'Kirby' and my OC name 'RS'.

1) Didgeridoo - doo + being eleven years old and not knowing how to spell "didgeridoo" in the first place = Diddgery.

2) All the time, forever.

1) Dedede is a great name. I'm an Asian-aficionado.

2) Here's your sign.

1) D&D gnomish bard player character and the desire to not have a handle already taken anywhere else on the internet.

2) Never~! ... in my dreams...

Lost Hero

Gimmicks are like girlfriends: You have a lot of fun with them, only for them to start calling you in the wee hours of the night and taking photos of you sleeping. In short, I forgot where I was going with this.


1. Why wasn't Meta Knight in the "Best Mother" poll? It's blasphemy, I tell you.

2. Have any of you heard of The Decemberists? If not, then here you go.

3. Write a poem. Nobody does that here.

4. Project RAINBOW?

Thank you for your time. Have a happy... whatever day it'll be when this comes out, if ever.

1. I'm about as surprised as you.


I am the Sheep Man

That's what I am

I am the Sheep Man

I've got the master plan


Sheepy, that's just E.G.G.M.A.N. from Sonic Adventure 2 with your name substituted in place of Robotnik's.

Oh.... Darn. :c

1) The polls give the illusion that the site is being worked on. Their updates get more comments than real updates.

2) Not Asian enough for my tastes.

3) A Haiku:

Lost Hero's a jerk

Spoke the curse of P. RAINBOW

Mallet to his face.

3) Daimyo really set him straight. / That Lost Hero fellow there. / Between the Knight, the polls, and Project, / I'll join in the carnage, too. / Let the mace fly like a brakeless semi / Into the face of this person guy.

I went with a free-form, unrhyming, unstructured poem, also known as not creative, insightful, or a poem~!

Lord Deguass

Gimmicks? Like toast?

...No? Then I have nothing to say on that matter.

However, I have a question that actually isn't utter nonsense.


If an issue arises in the Fanart Gallery. How does one contact the Gallery Admin?

Well, we made it pretty far before I had to do any clean-up this session at least.

Gimmicky toast? That stuff is the least gimmicky stuff of all stuff! The only thing less gimmicky would be the untoasted variety of toast.

I suppose you should just contact anyone listed as a Gallery Admin on the staff page. We have emails posted there for a reason. You'll be made blameless for this one, 'Guass; I have a firm history of stating how user unfriendly the whole Coppermine operation is.


Gimmick = FALCON PAWNCH!!!!!


1- Can I Falcon Punch you?

1.5- If so, will it feel good?

2- Do you ever doodle on your hands? I have a smiley face on my left palm that's all like :D

3- What would happen if Kirby replaced Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana? (not that I like the show Oo)

5- Did you notice I skipped 4? :D

1. No.

2. Used to all the time, not so much anymore.

3. I'd say the show might suck less, or more, since Kirby is there. (If you know what I mean.)

4. My what an interesting question! Well you see-- *voice chip malfunction!*

5. Yes.

Falcon Punch is a signature move, not a gimmick.

1) Do you honestly think someone will say yes to this?

2) The only think I doodle on is paper.

3) Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure you don't.

2) No, but I used to write test-tips on my fingernails. =P

4) Is it just me, or as the letters come in later, do the submitters tend to depreciate in brain cells? Certainly~!

1) If you mean the smash drink made from avian slurry, then hit me with a glass, P. Pi!

3) Even acknowledging that there is a show by that name, in my book, is knowing too much about it.

4) I agree, Piyo, that is the meaning of life.


Ohhh, so you know of the game called Gimmick? That's the NES game that stars a cute little plushie saving a little girl from other, troubled plushies that kidnapped her, right? It looks very fun and cute! Hopefully, we'll see it on the VC someday...

Speaking of VC, the original KSS came out on it today (or the day I wrote this letter anyways)! That should be a cause of celebration for everyone here, right? Anyways, I anticipated it for such a long time and I never even gimpsed at a video or gathered much info on the game. All I knew was that it was apparently a great Kirby game and I needed to get it someday. I eventually got the DS version, KSSU, but something about it... didn't feel quite right. I was waiting for the original SNES classic and playing a DS remake instead... hmm. So I promised myself before buying KSSU that I would also buy KSS for the original classic feel. Maybe I'm overthinking this a little. They are essentially the same game, right?

But playing the SNES version at long last... felt VERY different from the DS version. I don't know how or why, but I'm having a lot more fun with KSS than I did with KSSU! It just makes me feel much happier for some reason! Could it be the bigger screen? The much-better sound quality and volume options (there's always something indescribably beautiful about SNES quality music...)? The original art design of the entire game compared to the improved version? Yep, those definitly help! But there's also something deeper about it. I feel just a bit more... "soul" put into the original? Okay, maybe that was a bit far fetched. But yeah, there's definitly something deeper to be felt from the SNES version of KSS, and I'm extremelly happy to experiance it at long last. I'm also extremelly happy that the DS remake didn't affect my eventual feelings for the original so much after all.

So yeah. Put simply, I'm enjoying the original KSS a lot more than the improved remake. What do you guys think of that? Have you ever found yourselves in this kind of situation with KSS or any other game that had a remake?

Final Fantasy 4 has had at least 3 remakes that came out in the US, and I've had a little bit of what you're talking about on the most recent two releases (the GBA and DS ones). The DS one feels very polished, like it's the definitive FFIV release, but there are also certain things from the GBA version that I miss, like the ability to switch out characters. So yeah, remakes aren't always superior to the previous versions, I can totally understand that feeling. I'm sure there's another example that I'm not remembering, too.

I dunno so much about full-on remakes, but with video game ports? Certainly. A lot of SNES to GBA ports feel a bit odd to me. Yoshi's Island for the GBA has six bonus stages, but Yoshi's original noises were replaced with new soundclips of his Yoshi's Story voice. All the Final Fantasy game ports have a superior game script to the SNES ones, but by being more faithful, much of the old script's charm was lost. The music also wound up taking a hit- for an example, compare FF6's boss theme on the SNES to the GBA port. And Donkey Kong Country... well, that one's just bad.

Since I have no friends with which to play Super Star, and that my internet connection does not allow for me to access the Wii shop channel, this realization is somewhat underwhelming.

All I can say about the question at hand is that, no matter if the game is a remake or the original, I prefer to play on a TV screen and controller, as opposed to a damned hand-held. I mean, sure, they're portable, I get that, but unless the game significantly utilizes the touch-screen or whatever, I just won't enjoy it as much as a console release. The next chance I get, I'm buying Kirby Super Star.

Closing Statments: Wow, that wasn't bad at all! I need to get so many guests that I don't gotta do nuthin' more often. After all, I was listed as the Worst Mailbagger unanimously in Kirby320's question. Or did I edit all of my votes out of the final product? Oh well.) The important thing is, we all learned that there are no important lessons to learn from gimmicks.

Theme Alert! Summer's comin'! With that comes beaches, ice cream, vacation, dumbening, and blutty heat! How do you stay cool? And hopefully, it won't involve Mr. Frosty's unfortunately and unflatteringly highlighted cheeks. "Mound" is not the right body type to be wearing pants that tight~!

Wanna send your own letter to The Rainbow Resort Mailbag? You can!

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