April 19th, 2010

Today, we asked you, our loyal reader, about the forums. I went in without any assumptions about the results we would get. Let's watch! But first! The introductions!

Bogg murdered two other Baggers to get top-billing again. Don't worry, tho'; in Dream Land, they should be back to healthy and unharmed when you next re-enter the scene.

Diddgery, like Bimblesnaff, is around a lot, and I am running out of gimmicky things to use in his introductions.

Um, not him. Bogg just killed him.

Not him, either. He would be the obvious number-two on Bogg's hit-list, wouldn't he? Well then, who do we have left?

Wait, what? What?! Topmonhit? Did we just go to the most recent Mailbag and skim the first name we came across? We did? Well, at least it has an explanation...

Topmonhit got here by following the general MB rule: he participates in KRR and doesn't suck. In fact, he doesn't-suck to a degree done no justice by my lackluster introduction here.

- Ometon

Lord Deguass


The Forums are full of awesome. But I'm rather reluctant to comment anywhere without an avatar of some kind.

Have no fear! It will be wholly original!

(My Username is taken from one of my very own characters. I write stories.)

I'm failr ynew around these parts, so I still have yet to figure out how to send art, create an Avatar, and so on. But knowledge comes with experience, or was that wisdom? Whatever.

1) Why are so many people clamouring for another installment of the Dark Matter games? There is nothing more they can do to poor Zero to make him more twisted.

2) How many obscure questions do the mailbaggers have to deal with?

(Like this one.)

3)When can we expect the release of "Kirby Wii"? I don't like waiting.

0) You sent art by using the Fan Art Gallery. Depending on whether you mean the message boards or the passport, you use the Control Panel to put up an avatar or that feature isn't implemented yet.

1) I believe their is the scourge of 0+0. Oo! Scary!

Besides, people don't want another Dark Matter game for more Dark Matter/Zero (at least, I don't think). They want the return of the game play, the charm, whimsy, Animal Friends, and pool of combo-copies. Those are the selling points to the titles. People wouldn't care about a series for the last-five-minutes appearance by the gloomy one.

2) You're reading them. You can't count? Hah! You're secret shame revealed!

3) Never~!

Oh, my characters are taken from my username...

1. They could put Zero in a game where you twist the remote or system to do stuff. And you play a bunch of minigames with Zero. And Zero gets a jaggedy zig-zag mustache. And says "wa" a lot. There, now it's even more twisted!

2. Are you saying 2 or 3 are obscure, because neither one of them seem very obscure.

3. 2009. Well, you can expect it any time you want, it depends if you're optimistic or pessimistic. Me, I'm lookin' to 2597 for its release.

Steve Valor

1. Is Dedede a Daimao or a Daio? He doesn't seem to evil to be a great demon king. 2. How come Mr. Frosty is called Flosty in Amazing Mirror? I can understand the romanji, but how come?

1) He's a Daio, "great king". The term of "Daimyo", which is what I think you mean, is a feudal lord. That pairing with Dedede was popularized by Rainbow Resort's own member of the same name.

2) "R" and "L" are interchangeable in the Japanese language as neither really exists. So, since NOA is a bunch of dummies who can't just, you know, look to how they did it before, they thought, "Hey, you know what is a good idea? Making the name not just be the English word that describes him." So, as per normal, stupidity is the reason.

Steve Valor

Forums are awesome, hands down.

1. What are tiff and Tuff? And why are they called that in the English Hoshii no Kirby anime?

2. Why is Dedede a Daimao? He's a Daio! To be honest (no offense to DededeDaimyao), only Koopa, Ganondorf, and Piccolo can be called Daimao! The penguin isn't evil enough.

3. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

4. What are your thoughts on Dragon Ball: Evolution?

1. They're illegal aliens. That's why they had to change their names when they came to Amer-icka.

2. I think I figured out what a Daimao is after checking The Worst Place On The Internet. Umm... but I'd rather just call it a Domino. So I will. However, I was not able to figure out what Daio meant either with Google or Wikipedia, so I'll just pretend it has to do with stocks. I was not aware King Dedede followed stocks! Is he any good at it?

3. She kidnapped Woof, and now Waldo needs your help to find his dog! But watch out, because Wario—I mean Odlaw is up to no good! Also Wizard Whitebeard was shmattered into pieces and you must find his pieces in the dungeons and bring him to the fountain and he will open up the next world if you solve his jigsaw puzzle. And I'm sorry British people but Waldo is a much funnier name than Wally.

4. Dragons aren't real, balls are okay if they're like a kirby, and evolution is too logical for some people to accept it.

1) Tiff and Tuff are never explained. They aren't Cappies and they aren't explained. They're names were changed as Fumu and Bun were considered too "foreign" (I guess?) and siblings always need stupid rhyming or matching name sets. Of course, the real answer is that they didn't use any thought in the process, when naming or fabricating the characters from the dankest sludge found in a trucker's rest stop.

2) Whathell? You already asked this. You're answer is up thar some already. He's only ever called Daio. Never even saw that other one until you said it.

3) The last place anyone would think of looking: San Diego!

4) Evolution isn't real. It's a load of layperson hogwash. Polygenesis is the actual scientific theory that isn't full of all those holes. Of course, you'd have to be the slightest bit aware of biology to know something like that, which is why the world continues to sing the praises to a man who didn't believe in genetics.

Oh, wait, the leg of this question was about DBE. ... Never heard of it.

Charles Darwin: the only scientist to flat-out make crap up and still be considered a "scientist" for it. Mendel's scientific process? Nah!

And this is why I hate anyone who labels themselves as a "scientific" type who admittedly deifies evolution -- 'cause then ain't know the first thing about it.

Plus, you forgot that Darwin was also really racist. Like, Nazi racist.

Wait, wasn't this supposed to be about the forums or something? What a horrible start we're off to! Hopefully, the next letter will set us straight...

Chaos Kiwi


1) Can you rate your like/dislike of me? 1 being the most hate, 10 meaning you like me a lot.

2) *Scarred for life* Imagine if you combined Ometon, Squeaky Bogg, and Didgery.

3) QUICKLY! What is the current battery life left on your computer.

4) Who's the funniest member of the Mail Bag Force?

5) Who's the best looking member of the Mail Bag Force?

6) Any summer movies you're looking forward to?

1. No. No, I can't.

2. No. No, I can't.

3. Plugged in at 100% right now.

4. No. No, I can't.

5. No. No, I can't.

6. No. No, I can't.

4) Funniest...? Gobbo! No, Ometon! Wait, Digdi! Ack! Can't decide again!

6) Toy Story 3!

1) Don't really have much to go off of, so ... Q!

2) Putting Didge into Bomegon? He's already over-loaded as it is!

3) It's... it's a desk top. Infinity?

5) That's one good lookin' Bagger.

6) What comic movies are on the horizon? Iron Man 2? Yes!

5) Oh that 'best looking thingy' has given me an idea! XD What have I done....

3] Wouldn't that be more like zero, since you unplug it and poof it's dead. Unless... it's a zombie! Or are you saying your computer is literally just the top of a desk?

Desk Top

You could sell it to the tabloids as ancient cave desk drawings of computers long ago!


I believe I have found a remarkable and fascinating event: the birth of a meme.

Hopefully I can use this opportunity to study the growth and development of these phenomena, Gaining insight that we here at the mailbag could put very effective use to.

I can only hope said insight can be used to find a way to eradicate memes.

Don't we, the new vanguard, only mock, knock, and block the mindless use of stupid internet fads? Unless, that is, the tradition was born here. And, sometimes, mischief.

That means, no, I didn't and refuse to watch the stupid YouTube video, as I do whenever anyone sends me such a link.

The Random Insanity

1. What would you recommend for someone who wants to make art for the Gallery but doesn't have excess to a scanner? Is there some sort of site that you could point out?

Uh, what type of site am I expected to point to for lack of a scanner? It's not like you can press a piece of paper up to a web form and have it get read. Do you need the name of an electronics selling site so that you can buy a scanner? 'Cuz, I gotta tell ya, this really ain't the place to be asking that. Actually, the entire situation you're in sounds more like a Google issue as it has nothing to do with Kirby or this site in particular.

Or, as can be loosely inferred by your vague and gappy questioning, do you mean something like an Oekaki, those web applications that you draw straight into? 'Cuz KRR has one of those. Linked to on it's main page. You... you probably see it every day.

Maybe you could make photos of your drawings, but that might that a lot of space. Good luck!


I will now attempt to ask questions never asked before!

1: What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word "blargledash"

2: What is your opinion on how atoms work?

3: If you're riding a go-kart that is going at 100,000,000 miles per hour what kind of engine are you using and how are you staying on it?

4: Have you ever broken the laws of physics?

4.5: If you have what was your punishment?

5: What would happen if everything in the universe spontaneously combusted?

6: Have I managed to ask a question that hasn't been asked before?

1) I think of Blarglesnorph Yuum, which actually is a name I've used for a character opposite non-Squeaky Bimblesnaff Bogg. Bet ya weren't expecting that one, huh?

2) Atoms are a bunch of freeloaders. They do nothing while all their subatomic particulates do all the heavy lifting.

3) The engine is a seat belt, and the vehicle is powered by a strap. We've had it wrong all along, people!

5) Well, I don't think anyone would know anything about that, nor would we, seeing as all things would be combusted and all. Tree falls in a woods, yo. I think universal demise would carry the same.

6) Yes, but they still utterly failed to relate to Kirby, the website, the given theme, or anything to such effects.

1. Blaargenhaargen,

3. If a train going east travels at 30 miles an hour, and a rocket ship directly above it flies downward at 200 kilometers per minute, when will the airplane reach San Francisco in three hours?

4. I think my very being in the mailbag breaks the laws of physics...

4.5. We'll see!

6. A noble attempt, but it was like trying to make a new taste sensation by putting ketchup in milk.

1) The thirteenth dimension, of course, as that is what it's named.

2) Um... M-theory. Thirteen dimensions got my vote.

4) I only break the fleshier laws.

4.5) I'm writing this from jail, aren't I?

5) What do you mean what would happen? You just told us~!

6) Before when? If right now, then no -- some guy named mrgameandpie just asked those questions at the top of the screen. Tough break, kid.


I have seven questions. Seven is my lucky number.

1) Would Kirby make it as a spy?

2) If Kirby met Starfy (the Legendary Starfy Game) would they kill each other or have fun and play?

3) What about YOSHI???

4) I like cake. Do you like cake? Kirby likes cake.

5) Can Squeaky Bogg go boom for me? PLEASE?

6) I know how to make Gobbo go boom...what's your favorite Kirby ability?

7) Kirazy is REALLY FUNNY!!! He makes me say LOL in my head all day. Does he make you say LOL in your head all day?

0) Seven is universally considered a lucky number. It's redundant to say it's personally yours.

1) He's too brightly colored to blend in with a crowd. Assassin, maybe. Unstoppable death force, possible. Spy? He's no Michael Weston.

4) Kirby loathes cake. So much, in fact, that he hunted down the Squeak Squad to the ends of Pop Star just so he could murder one of the strawberry short variety. What? Did you think that knife and fork were silverware? Nay! They were his tools of torment!

5-6) Well, it's not crash. So... like, I wouldn't boom by association. Why is that supposed to ... I don't... arg! The pain!

Bogg Boom

7) I don't say "lol" ever. I have a brain.

1) You chose a horrible counterargument there, 'Snaff. Kirby could so go Burn(ing) Notice with his master-of-impersonation abilities. Besides, Kirby loves yogurt. Or possibly is yogurt. And everyone knows that he's friends with Bruce Campbell! What? You didn't know that?

2 & 3) There would be no survivors...

2. Well, let's see. They're both relatively easy-going, friendly, and... well, maybe if Kirby mistook Starfy for a star-shaped noodle they'd fight, but otherwise they'd probably get along.

3. I don't know a YOSHI, but I do know a YOSHI. with a dot at the end. Don't believe me? I don't either!

4. I think I'm going for a fruit pizza for my birthday instead of cake...

7. The only way I'll put a capital O between two capital Ls is if a capital LIPOP comes after it. That said, he doesn't seem to make me laugh for some reason. Except the April Fool's joke, I like things that are terrible on purpose for some reason.

1) Hmmm.... Dedede Daimyo made me into a spy, so why not Kirby! XD

2) Have fun of course! They're both heroes!

3) Well, I do think that is possible. They both can eat things from a distance. Maybe they would have a food challenge!

4) Oh oh! I do! :D


It's 4:56am, so I'm sorry if any of these have already been asked yet. I'm not prepared to read through 74 sacks of mailbags.

1-Why doesn't anybody ask any proper questions around here?

2-What should I get, Kirby's Dreamland 2,3, Kirby's Adventure or Nightmare in Dreamland?

3-Why do so many people come up with so many excruciatingly awful theories about Galactica Knight? He's a knight. He was sealed away because he was powerful. THAT'S ALL! It's just like making up a story of why Wham Bam Rock lives in a pit. The lack of knowledge of internet users is depressing. My eyes burn with the sin!

4-What's the point in having both the Mailbag and Ask the Gurus? They both answer questions, and the answers are released in a few months or so.

Why are they both here?


0, 1, & 4) Gurus is about information; things said there are meant to be looked up in the future, thus the search function. The gurus would get mad at you if you asked a stupid, tired, repetitive, or improper question.

Mailbag is all about infotainment~! (My spell-checker didn't flag "infotainment," and I die a little inside.) If you ask something that has been asked before here, it doesn't matter so much as the answers will be different. Properness also isn't an issue as the answers won't be serious, anyway.

2) 3

3) Galacta Knight is an ashamed Marx who died his skin and put on a mask and timetraveled and learned sword-fighting from Meta-Knight in the future who is Kirby grown up. Expect that wonderful tidbit to corrupt Wikipedia by the end of the day~!

0, 1, & 4) Why is it that everyone says this exact series of statements and questions yet think they're the first?

Just 0) You don't really have to have gone through 70+ bags. The feature rotates its staff a lot, and it an entire flush of staff again 'round twenty back.

2) The third in the Dream Land series is largely regarded as better than the second, and mostly the same. Nightmare is just remake garbage in comparison to Adventure. So, really, the question is just between those two, and it matters more what type of game you'd personally prefer. A more action oriented game lies in Adventure while a slower paced, puzzle game can be found in DL3.

3) People would never go monkey-ape on a Wham Bam origin thinking spree. They only care when Meta Knight or a faux-Meta Knight is involved. Fan goobers (that's the gender neutral form!) just love that stuff. So much, in fact, I had to set the record straight on the Kirbypedia Galacta Knight article, just as was done with Meta Knight. Let the rumor, false-words, and fan fluff die!

3. Once upon a time, deeeeeep in a cave, there lived a society of lobsters. These lobsters were fairly peaceful, often loved to paint, and had a golden king. However, one day, a small quake opened up a hole to their society. This hole was discovered by the Meta Knights, and when they explored it, they found the society of lobsters. The lobsters were attacked and their king kidnapped, who was then roboticzied into a robot. And thus came forth Heavy Lobster.

Just a robot built by the Meta Knights? Ridiculous! Preposterous! Downright silly!

2) I would choose Kirby Dreamland 3! Because you have those animal friends!

3) It burns!


I am stalking you!!!!!!!! I know stuff!!!! The username the site has for Livejournal.com is brainbow resort!!!! haha!!!!

1. How does that make you feel?

2. Your table in the code for the mailbag page is breadcrumbs.... why?

3. Why isn't there anything funny in the source code for the mailbag page? I thought raw mailbag would have been funnier... :(

1) That thing is used as much as the Facebook group, but is far older. Does that make the LJ better or worse?

2) Every top-table on KRR has the identifier "bread crumbs." Those are the trail of directory links at the top bar of the pages here.

3) What are you talking about? The layout is a freakin' table! That's pretty hilarious to me -- especially since it so doesn't need to be in the slightest. Good ol' legacy stuff...

0) How can it be considered stalking if the link to the Live Journal account is given on the main page? You don't invite stalkers openly.


My question is: How much of a kirby fan are you. Like I know that you run a kirby fan site, but would you buy kirby plushes, have kirby on your dektop, bake a kirby cake... that kind of kirby fan.

Cakes are already round. What's the challenge there? It's bunny cakes or bust! Ometon certainly agrees... with the latter. Don't we all~?

I don't own any Kirby merchandise outside of games since the only stuff State-side of the fluff's face is related to that televised terror. I'll pass.

No, I've been doodling the li'l dude in my notebooks for over a decade and have been holding his series in higher esteem than all the rest of the now classics that were birthed during my youth. That's the fandom that matters. Not what you buy, what you do.

You mean the obsessive kind of Kirby fan? Well, I don't buy anything I won't get any use out of. I have nothing on my desktop to save .01% of computer memory. I don't usually bake things. Of Kirby, I'm probably just a normal fan...

I want to see someone make an Zero cake with cherry filling. Then you just have to get someone to cut it and then the filling will all gush out and everyone will scream and have nightmares about it for days! AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH

Errr... Yes, I do like Kirby and I do want some plushies, but they don't sell them in Holland! I love plushes! Oh wait! I'm a plushie! Does that mean I love myself...? @__@)

It means you're a narcissist. Snapple.

C.W.R. #1

I bake Kirby cookies. They probably look as bad as they taste.


Hi there highly-praised Mailbaggers! I'm going to use that cheesy line that other people use: Long time reader, first time sender. As for the theme: who the heck follows the theme? But I will by saying this, the Kirby series doesn't bears when you can beat up an overly obese penguin thing. Without further ado, to the unoriginal questions!

1. Bimblesnaff do you get mad when people call you Bimblesnarf?

2. About Kirby Wii, is HAL either

A. Being lazy with production

B. Already dumped the project and like to see us Kirby fans suffer

C. Are making the game amazing after about six years of work

D. All their computers crashed and their trying to make up lost time

E. Kirby characters were mad Sakurai left and started attacking HAL

F. Can't believe you would read this far

so that's it for my questions and please don't insult me for spelling errors, I'm typing on an iPod.

1) I never notice anyone doing that, so...

Ellipsis is the answer.

2F) Neither can any of us.

3G) I can never understand that whenever someone has reasons for spelling/grammar errors (awkward typing device, English not their first language) is when it comes off without any horribly noticeable problem. Browsers pretty much come with built in spell check, people!

I guess iPods don't, 'Snaff. You shilled out all that money for something that doesn't even include a feature I got for free with my SeaMonkey? For shame...

Also, the answer is A. Always A...



Although I know you probably weren't in charge of this, what happened to the KRR Daily Comics? They were awesome and I miss them a lot.

And this comes to mind almost two years after they stopped why?


How i can become a member of the great Mailbag?

I have no idea, but it must be something I did!

1) Be known for something on some facet of the site.

2) Don't be hated across the majority of said facets.

3) Construct a sentence with more grammatical prowess than "How I can".

4) Never ask. That makes you seem needy, weak, and ensures you'll never make it. Even tho' it worked for Bazz. He did have some heavy seniority on his side, tho'.

Being self-serving is always a mark against you, too. This is Kirby's Rainbow Resort, not Generic McGee's Unrelated Properties Piggybacking On A Kirby Site... Land.... or something.

And I'm pretty sure Bazz had some talks with Diddgery about getting into the Baggin' Biz before that Q he sent in made it happen.


high fructose corn syrup and rainbows, obviously.

so what kind of music do you folks listen to. also: suddenly: you are the little girl. wat do?

1) Classic rock, alternative, classical, and metal: folk, power, symphonic, heavy, etc.

2) Ometon, no. Don't say it. Don't think it. Just stop. Stop now.

I listen to what I like, and I like what I listen to. I pretty much blur the lines of genres and categorize things in either I like it or I don't. It's just most of that is video game-related because I don't go out of my way to look for new songs, so I listen to what I've heard before while doing other things.

(Wow, this one was leftover from the last bag, wadn't it?)

Well, Top', at least you aren't acting like "video game" is, in and of itself, its own genre of music like most would. That would be like saying "movie soundtrack" is a genre of music, you other idiots who aren't Topmonhit who as already established here is not an idiot and man do I need some commas in here but I thought they broke up my angry flow so I decided to leave them out!

1) Um, oh yeah, ditto 'Snaff. Maybe throw some grunge in for good measure.

2) Okay, fine, I won't. So suddenly a little girl, eh? Is that what happened to all those forumers with little girls as their avatars? It is some sort of disease or communicable curse or something?

1) I'm still addicted to Owl City. I'm even a member of his official site. XD This song is very catchy too.

2) I'm already a girl, a s-small one too... But I proud of being so small! I fit in boxes!

C.W.R. #2


Dern Irish!

1) What is the most untolerable, terrible, uninspired movie you've ever seen? Space Chimps for me, maybe

2) What is the worst holiday?

3) Have a favorite Christmas movie/special/cartoon/etc.? I like Rudolph and Olive... (out of season questions are go!)

4) Favorite bagger? (Don't put yourself, man)

5) The most humorous (as in: bad) fan character for a video game, movie or book you have ever seen?

6) Favorite rhythm game?

7) What would happen if Kirby ate the Lucky Charms leprechaun?

8) Any artists you'd say have visible influence on your work, if you draw? You can see a bit of the Charles Schulz in my style...

1) Catwoman. Wow, that was a terrible piece of crap. I remember actually saying during the movie, "And this is actually a movie." Knew it was gonna be bad and only saw it because of that reason.

2) Arbor Day. I want the day off work for dem trees, dammiz~! What have those hippies been working for all these decades? We don't even have tree themed candy or Peeps. Pull your weight, you stupid logs.

5) Too many. Just. Too. many.

8) I don't think my art shows any hints or traces of anyone. Learned to draw from my brother, and those influences were trace at the start. All drowned out by now.

2. National Tapioca Pudding Day. Hate that stuff!

4. I could go with the obvious joke of “yourself, man)” or actually answer it. Probably, of the ones I've seen since I began reading (about ten bags ago), Bimblesnaff or Ometon!

5. Oh gee. How am I to answer that? Insert all recolored Marios here? Because in my time, I've seen a lotta those. Luigi, too. For all intents and purposes, recolored yoshis at least have the advantage of it being a species. Whoops, Mario cloned himself 200 times.

7. Magic Kirby?

1) 'Spangas', but this is a Dutch kid's movie. Everything was predictable! My eyes hurt of that... I was dragged to the cinema with that. I went with my class, and it was even this schoolyear! And our class didn't even win against those little from 8 to 10!

2) I don't know, really. Most holidays don't even make sense. My brother says that Jesus comes back to earth to paint eggs when it's Easter.

4) Dedede Daimyo! Wait, Kirazy! No, Leirin! Ack! They're all awesome! Ive chatted with some people here, some not. I really can't choose.

6) Elite Beat Agents!

8) Influence...? M-Maybe that I've d-drawn my boyfriend lately a lot...


Sup, Noobs

Okay so this is fairly important. How does one dismantle a timed nuke strapped to a walrus' back whilst five billion feet under water?

Thank you for time.

Thank you for wasting ours.

... jerk.

Gotta say, if said bomb is at said depth with said loser, then I say let it go off. We'll be safe up here on the surface, and the world will be less one Choo. Win-win!

I'm pretty sure the diameter of the Earth is less than five billion feet. In fact, I'm pretty sure Jupiter's at least estimated diameter is less than five billion feet. Therefore, you must be on one huuuuuuge planet.


When will you update the fan fic page?

1) When a fan fiction is submitted.

2) When said submitted story doesn't make me weep like an onion.

Much like the recently re-boarded up Gurus section, nothing ever really goes away at KRR. People just stop caring about it. Like an organism, the unused limb atrophies and withers.

But, really, people don't really do fan fics anymore, from what I've seen. This is mostly 'cuz people don't write anymore. Rather, they "RP", which normally is an abomination to what crafting a story is. For examples of such, see the Collaborative Writing section, set phasers to "kill", and blam away Author #13 (that hack!).

The art of literature is a dying one, and with the current "Face Book Generation" and their "lol whats proper riting capitol letters spelling grammer or punktuation", frankly, I'm glad for it.

Er... well... this is... certainly... ironic... I was set up, wasn't I!? Someone get me an axe! I'll show you hack!

All right, so maybe I should revise my stuff. I only do that for important things. (Then why am I looking over this comment?)


Even though this is minor, I'm still curious.

On the Gurus' "Faces of Gobbo" page, the face of Squeaky eating a cookie is labeled "Cookie," but the face of Squeaky AS a cookie is labeled "Cooky (sic)."

Was this intentional?

Quite. Why would I do an action unintentionally and replicate it?

Squeaky Bogg was created first, and was believed to be the only occurrence or reference to the baked goods. However, in a sudden inspiration from the holidays, Squeaky Bogg was created. Technically, if you dig through old cooking books from the middle of the last century, cookie is spelled with a Y. Why wouldn't it be? Cooky (sng.), cookies (pl.). However, somewhere down the line, I guess, people forgot how to reference them singularly, and they just hacked off the S and kept the -ie.

I, on the other hand, just had two images with nearly the same identity and thus file name. So, I just shrugged and went with the alternative spelling. I couldn't have gone and renamed every occurrence of "cookie" to "cookies", after all. Well, I could, but it'd be stupid.

And I hope people realize just why Gurus came to a halt. I mean, questions about image file names? That's barely worth asking.

Wait! Gobbo is eating an cookie! Why don't I have one...!?

Oh, wait, you're eating C-Cooky...? Don't eat me!

C.W.R. #3. That's three Cooky Witheld Responses. Why were they all witheld? 'Cuz it was too obvious~!


Hello mailbaggers.

1. Why has Aso not been in a bag since bag 62?

2. What is your LEAST favorite bear?

3. What would you do with a pot of gold?

4. What ability would you want to see return in a game?

5. What ability do you not want to return?

And that is all. Ciao.

1) He quit. Kinda why I came in #63 and said, "Well, he quit and I takes over, yay!"

2a) Bears are no longer the topic of discussion, funny, or relevant.

2b) The one that keeps swiping my pic-a-nic basket!

3) Well, I certainly wouldn't be able to smo- oh! You mean the treasure. Well, I guess you can connect those lines...

4) Backdrop/Suplex. Don't give me this "It was just in Ultra" crap, either. It hasn't been in an original game since '96. That's a longer time span than the age of many of this site's patrons, fer cryin' oot lewd.

5) Laser. Shoot a straight traveling shot forward. Boooring.

3. I'd donate it to Mailbag. No, I am not trying to get points here!

4. That depends. Some abilities waver in and out. The last game to feature Needle was Kirby Canvas Curse, and Kirby Air Ride before that. Beyond that, you never specifically said it had to be one that hasn't appeared recently. With that in mind, Hammer. If you want one that wasn't in the last non-remake game, Needle. If you want one that hasn't been in a non-remake since before the Game Boy Advance, Fridge. If you want all that and not a combo ability, you're askin' for too much.

5. Uh... Metal. Invisi-cap would be better. Wait, what? You might say Metal is a Stone you can walk with, but as it's useless against mini-bosses, it becomes more of a liability.

3) I would give it to the police! It might be fake gold!

4) Mirror! Mirror was very useful and handy.

5) Metal, because I miss stone....


G'Day, Mailbaggers!

Ah, here comes that Blaze again....

Should I go on the forums? Honestly, I ain't a forum gal.....

Did I just answer my own question?

What are your thoughts on the 3DS?

Have you heard about Sony stealing Nintendo's ideas....AGAIN?

Can you draw something for me? :D

What is/was your fave tv show? Mine is Rocko's Modern Life!

Have you ever seen H R Pufnstuf?

What is your fave musical instrument?

Am I asking too many questions?

Have you ever read video game related webcomics besides Brawl In The Family?

Summer or Winter?

Did you know that the square root of cake is cream?

Did you know that the right angle of cake is pie?

Dogs or cats?

Birds or bunnies?

Am I still asking too many questions?

Cake or pie? (no matter what I shall always ask this question :P)

Have a Super Terrific day! (Or night)

A'Day, Person!

1. Blaze? The Cat? Or Blaze Island in Nunavut, Canada?

2. I don't. And I am a forum person. Or a person... on a couple forums... only because my super-acquaintances are there.

3. Perchance!

4. I call it the DS3 to be wacky, but it's caused me to run into some confusion. With that said, it's there. Not much is known about it. Can't have much thoughts on that beyond speculation. I speculate Kirby's Dreamland 3 will be remade for it.

6. Well, I could... Oh gee sorry I'll never draw again.

7. Animaniacs, without even having to think about it.

8. Heardofit.

9. Accordion, for a raisin I dont undrstan...

After that everything got pixely and wasn't able to type right anymore. Then when I woke up it was all deleted. Or, I didn't want to answer the rest so I made up some excuse.

5) There you go! I drew these Mailbaggers, because I didn't draw them this session.

7) I play piano, but I like violin too.

8) You can never ask too many questions, sir! People normally have to wait months till their questions will be anwsered.

10) I hate them both... Winter is too cold. I always have to cycle to school. Last winter, it was minus 9* C! It was slippery and I almost died. About summer, too hot and too many mosquitoes.

12) Well, a pie or cakes would normally cut in 8 pieces. So, if you would 360 devide by 8, the awnser would be 45! >:3

13) DOGS!

14) BIRDS! (Because I'm allergic to bunnies, sadly...) Oh wait, I'm a (sort of) bunnie!

Thanks! Have a Super Terrific day too!

1) Blaze as in the female character from Final Fight. You know, the one that is female, unlike Roxy and Poison.

2) "Gal"? Huh. Learn somethin' new ev'ry day, meguess.

3) You did unless you're actually a boy. In that case, problems!

4) The gimmicky 3DS just means a price drop to the regular DS so that I can finally (and cheaply) buy one.

6) How about some blaze for the Blaze?

Acrid Blaze

Whaddaya mean that I drew this before you asked your question and just put it here with no real cause? Oh, you didn't say that. Uh, in that case... carry on.

7) Project Geeker, 'cuz it worked last Tuesday.

11) I'd prefer something that was original. People going through such large scale productions with a borrowed idea is a little sad.

16(14)) Truly, Qtie has the worst fate of anyone!

18) And, no matter what, I'll ignore it.


I'm not much of a chatter, so I haven't seen the forums. Now, on with the questions:

1. About how many hours of work do you guys put into the site every day?

2. What's the best question you've ever been asked on mailbag?

3. This one's for Squeaky Bogg: Why have you been sleeping on the updates so much? Is Bimblesnaff working you too hard?

4. This one's for Ometon: Everytime I look at you I see a tear drop falling from your left eye. Why does it never fall?

5. What would the oddest villian duo be? I vote Meta Knight and DeDeDe because their personalities are so different.

1. 237. Inter-dimensional stuff. Or I'm just horribly confused.

2. This one! What do you mean that doesn't cause a never-ending, logic-defying loop? Gaddfern it.

5. Well, if we can choose characters from different series, Meta Knight and Fawful.

1) One, maybe two. Don't do work on it every day (not since Gurus expired). Most of the stuff is oiling gears to keep things moving along.

2) That'd be assuming we got any good questions. Oh, wait. We're supposed to pretend that we enjoy doing this. Er, every question is my favorite!

3) If I recall, the sleepy face followed the drinking face. Put two an' two together to get five!

5) Ice Dragon and Boh! One's frosty, the other flaming. One is adorable, the other makes you stab out your eyes.

4) The teardrop is a pattern or coloration on the Ometon's skin? just like any of his other blue parts. As such, it cannot fall as it is not technically a tear.

5) I would go for big-bads here instead of lower-down on the food chain like Bimblers did ('cause then we'd obviously have Ado X Adeleine for maximum maximization~!). The oddest would have to be Dark Matter and... Dark Mind! Dark Matter possesses his second-rate half-breed knock-off. A horrible game ensues. Someone lay down some dough for a second-rate game generator and make that unoriginal fan work happen!


I don't really post on the KRR forums, cause I didn't know they existed 'till now.

Ok, on with the questions.

1. What is the Collection Room and the point of it?

2. Do you hate fanon?

3. Are you tired of waiting for Kirby Wii to be released? (I know I am)

Thats pretty much all I can ask. I'm pathetic, aren't I?

1. I hear it's for the upcoming KRR war. Divided into two sides, the side with the most supplies and ammunition will have a leg up on the pile.

2. Why do I want to shout "FANON PUNCH" now?

3. Geduld. Wait, patience is another name for Solitaire?

Ehh, not as pathetic as some people...

1) The collection room is a place full of collected items. It's purpose is to hold collected items. Seriously, why do people scrutinize this feature so much?

2) I hate bad fanon that re-writes existing canon. Of course, at that point it is no longer "fanon". 'Cuz it's crap.

I'm not waiting for anything. My hope was boxed, shelved, collected dust, and lost in a house fire some years ago.


1)does only staff get doodled avatars?

The Cloud

And that is why only staff (or important people, I reckon) get "doodled" avatars.

I have to say I keep doing more drawings than I expect.

Right now, avatars are only displayed on updates. If anyone else received an avatar, how would one even know?

There is a slight problem with image tonnage if they were displayed for comments; I'd either have to put fewer comments per page or, well, do what is being done right now.


how you do the website ? i try to do 1 but i dont know how ! and how to do a website with classicgamming ?

You're not a very funny kirby.

Classic Gaming doesn't host websites anymore, not small ones anywise. They announced a halt to that about a year ago. Hence why we aren't there anymore. You know, now we're all free of horrible ads and what-not. Instead, we just have the horrible Ometon!

Anyhoo, this really isn't the place to instruct upon website creation. Read up, learn HTML, and, most importantly, have a purpose. Most people don't have websites 'cuz they lack anything to contribute. Point in case, blogs. Nothing of worth in those~!


Unless someone's playing a prank on me, I heard something amazing recently. Apparently, my friend Topmonhit actually made it to the Mailbag staff!! That's unbelieveable to someone like me! I'm still not quite sure how it happened, but it's amazing to see someone like him working together with guys like Bimblesnaff, Ometon, Diddgery, Daimyo, and the rest! I can't wait to see what'll happen! So all and all, CONGRATULATIONS TOP!!!

So, uh, something else to talk about... I think a lot of us have gotten Pokémon HG/SS by now.

Do you guys have it?

If you have, how far have you gotten? Me, I just cleared the League for the first time.

Things you really like about it? Me, I love how you can finally directly interact with your pokémon outside of battle.

Personally speaking, I find this game to be much better than the 4th-gen games. Not very surprising since this is the remake of 2nd-gen we're talking about, but still!

Call me crazy, but I have this knack for not re-purchasing games I already bought the ten years ago.

oh god why me

Y'know, if part A is answered "No," the rest of this letter just gets "Not Applicable." You certainly know how to write 'em~!

Also, it is pretty hilarious how half the 'Baggers you mentioned aren't even here this time.

Well, I guess he did mention "and the rest!"

♫Are here on Mailbag's Isle!♫


um...no. but hey, i have a few questions for YOU.

1) who actually runs this place?!

2) why am I not a character in the kirby games?!


4) and why is dedede an idiot?! not dedede-dynamo, dedede. XD

thankz a ton- but only if u post zis!

1) That is a strange one to answer.

Kindar Spirit is the founder of this site. She created the better heap of it but hasn't been around as much anymore. However, if you compare her to the founders of most sites that I've seen through the years, she is around a lot more than those disappearing dastards. If there were no Kindar, there would have never been a KRR.

Debageldond is the co-legend of the site. He is its legal owner right now as he foots the bill for RR's hosting. To keep it short, there would be no KRR if there were no Bagel.

Bimblesnaff pretty much runs the day-to-day operations of the actual site and plugs any cracks. If it weren't for ol' Bogg, the site would have disintegrated into only satellite features like the 'kaki, forums, and CuteNews used solely as a blog long ago.

Diskmaster is the guy who runs those satellite features like the oekaki and forums. Yes, still. No, he didn't retire. What would make you think that? While the other attractions were in flux, Disk was responsible for keeping the forum ship afloat. If it weren't for Diskmaster, KRR would have no recognizable faces.

Then I do the non-boxed custom coding and site management stuff. If it weren't for me, KRR would still be here -- just slightly less convenient... * cough * Granted, a lot of you reading this right now prolly wouldn't be as bringing back the Gallery and other features led to a big rise in membership and activity here. Normally, newbies woulda just sank into the forums and then forgotten that the main site even existed! Yup, we're hording 'em to ourselves now. Serves you right for not linking back here, Forums! Don't act like you are cognizant...

3) No.

1. Despite Thy Ometon's answer, the actual people who run this place is YOU. For it is the fans that push the site forward, fans that keep the site going, fans that keep the site alive! Without you, the site would cease to exist!

Well, maybe it would without you, but, y'know...

2. Oh, okay, you can be a character. You can be Dedede.

4. See question 2.

2) Well, you could take a part in those If-contests. Making yourself as a character. I know it won't make you a character, but if the people will like it. It could be a good idea for a character.

3) Well, you said 'please'. :)

4) I'm not sure if he's an idiot. Sometimes he's an idiot (anime) and sometimes he wants to help Kirby (Nightmare in Dreamland).


I don't care about the forums. Not a single bit. Yet, I bet it's gonna be awesome for other people, so, Kudos for the forums. Yay!

1.- Can you sing?

2.- In your opinion, what is the most mediocre Pokemon ever (in the case you have not played Pokemon lately, you can just mention one (or twenty) for being ugly).

3.- Leirin knows about Paul Coker Jr.! Now she is my second favorite octopus, just after ChuChu! Take that, Octllery! Oh, this is supposed to be a question... I know! Who is your favorite octopus (or squid, for that matter)?

4.- Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

5.- Any Spyro the Dragon fans around here?

OK, I'm done with this. Tengan un buen dia.

1. Well, I can do something similar to singing, but you might want to cover your ears for it.

2. lucario

3. Aww, Octillery is pretty cool. Then again, Wooper dashed right past it as my favorite water Pokemon when I realized it's like the cutest thing ever. Oh, your question. Um... The Conqueror?

The Conqueror

Takin' over the universe one planet at a time.

4. Yes, if by "Turkish" you mean "American" and by "prison" you mean "clothing store".

5. I played the first 2 or 3 games. But fell off the series when I transferred to Nintendo.

Uh... yeah... Tetris an' bean dye to you, too.

1) I can't dance, I can't sing, I'm just standing here selling everything.

2) I never saw mediocre Pokémon. Well, except for the ones I use. Everyone just recycles the same faces again and again in competitive circuits, which is why I hate the game now more than I did when the just barely had enough viable legendary-types to make a full team outta the cheapos. Bah, feh, and resentment!

3) Nyupun owns all.

4) Isn't that just called "Turkey"? (Man, I hope we don't have any readers from there~!)

6) Gesundheit?

Closing Statments: So about the forums? Not really hated, not really loved: it was apathy. People who go to the forums go to the forums, and the people who come to the rest of the site come to the rest of the site. I don't why it would be any other way; you have to click through the main page and through a splash screen to get the forums, and there isn't even a way back once you get there! Good lerd, there are affiliate programs with better cross-linking than that set-up!

Theme Alert! Gimmicks are good, right? What is your thought on gimmicks? What about the game Gimmick? What is your favorite type of gimmick match? (I'm talking to you, pcfan!)

Wanna send your own letter to The Rainbow Resort Mailbag? You can!

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