March 29th, 2010

Alright, we're back on schedule! Too bad Gobbo and I used up all our stored updates, and there's nothing else to bad out these 'Bags anymore. Hmm, I guess I could officially debut that collaborative writing section... nah!

We at The Bag wanted to know what you thought Peps were Brewed from. Vitality? Energy? Something comical? (Hopefully...)

Enough chit-chat, onto the introductions!

Bazzoka is now a full-fledged staffer here at the Resort. Kudos to him! Where others complained and made false promises of doing, Bazz actually did. He's got more in the pipeline, too, but is really scatter-shotting all of the targets at RR, which makes it difficult to lump up his works as a single update.

Diddgery is still just a guy who is awesome and not quite a staffer. Oh well. Awesomeness is still good, right?

Bimblesnaff may or may not have exploded his head and died multiple times. If he shows up to this session, hey, I guess he is still alive... for now. Never know when he'll go boom again.

I was worried about participation in this 'Bag, so I threw Leirin in for good measure. Way, that sounds cruel to her. She's a pretty good Bagger, actually, and hits all the high-points I look for. Keep that in mind, 'cause next time is newbie time again~!

Yup, that's everyone. Why, were you expected oh my Glöd! Who is that on the horizon?!

Debageldond is the second-in-command on Kirby's Rainbow Resort, and called so only due to the fact that he didn't found the place like Kindar. He is currently the reason KRR even exists right now, paying the out-of-pocket expenses to keep this place up and running. Oh yeah, he's a Legend in these parts, too.

Since when did the brass start populating these parts? Uh-oh, I hope everyone was on their best behavior for this 'Bag...

Ah, who am I kidding? I'm fired already, aren't I?

- Ometon


Hey! I have a few random questions for ya! the rainbow resort offense still going on?

2.which do you prefer? hot dogs or corn dogs?

3.what about burritos or tacos?

4.anybody happen to live Louisiana?

5.why can't I think of another question?

what's your favorite game (besides any of the kirby series)

6. what your favorite old show?

b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-That's all folks!

1) Isn't it called, like, the Rainbow Resort Offensive '05 or something really out of date like that? And the posted treasure list hasn't been updated for years as well? I think the answer is easily inferred by my rhetorical questions.

2) Sticks make everything better. Just look at stick people. They're much more enjoyable than regular bozos.

3) This... this question seems vaguely inappropriate. Almost Freudian... Er, I mean, tacos. Tacos all the way.

6) Ack, so many to pick from. I guess I'd have to go with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It may suck to watch them now, but that stuff was pure gold in the '80s.

2) Corn dogs are arguably worse for you, but they're so good!

3) I am not really a fan of tacos. They're too rigid, and because they're open it's easy for food to spill out of the taco shell. Burritos all the way.

5) Looks like you did! Congratulations.

6) Being a couple years younger than ol' Gobbo, most of the old shows and cartoons I hold affection for are from the '90s. For the sake of narrowing it down I'm gonna say Courage the Cowardly Dog for cartoons, and Are You Afraid of the Dark? for live-action shows.

Oh, and Legends of the Hidden Temple for game shows.

2) Hot dogs are more of a special treat for me instead of the typical lunch I'm served every single day like corn dogs, so I prefer them!

3) I have burrito-phobia, if such a thing exists.

5) Ehh.. Zelda games or the MOTHER trilogy. Actually, this is just a loaded question.

6) I used to enjoy watching episodes of Full House or The Cosby Show. Also some of the late-90's early-00's Nicktoons.

1) No.

2) No.

3) ffff okay i like tacos

4) No.

5) No.

5a) Marble Madness

6) Lots of choices, but I'll go with Star Trek: The Next Generation and Rocko's Modern Life.


1.can I send you Kirby emoticons?

2.will you use 'em in the picture gallery comments?

No streak is going pretty well today.

No. Just because I'm 99% certain that they'll suck. Hell, the ones that are in there right now go beyond cover well beyond anything people ever want to express. All they ever do is "wow" and "smile". Frankly, they annoy me with how they are only used in amounts no less than ten in a row. Ugh.

And that's exactly why no emoticons will be around once the Passport system reaches its greedy tendrils into the Gallery.


I say a pep brew is made of random garbage from nintendo's "leftover ideas for Kirby games" bin. They take a handful of crap from it, and stuff it in a bottle. Which is also what happened to Kirby Wii. They used up Kirby Wii making the pep brews for KSSU. Well I might as well ask a couple questions:

1.When they make the next Kirby game, do you think they should invent Zero 3?

2.Do you think Nightmare should return to the series?

3.Would you like to see another 3D Kirby 64 style game? (I sure as hell would)

4.Any of you ever played the Paper Mario series? If so, which was your favorite one?

5. -off topic (:P)- Favorite comic-cat? (Garfeild, Bucky Katt,Mooch, etc)[I personally prefer Bucky xD]

6.If they made another Kirby game for DS, would you want it to be another remake or a whole new game?

2) No boss ever returns. Dark Matter was an exception as he appeared solely in a trio of games all directed by the same individual in a row. Everyone just comes and goes. Once gone, they're gone.

6) Who would ever want a remake to be specifically made? That's like saying you want to be punched in the head.

1) After looking at the variety of fan ideas for Zero 3... nah.

2) Nightmare's kind of a weird one to pick when asking about a returning end boss. I would've guessed one of the fan favorites like Marx.

4) As a general rule I love all of the Mario RPGs- despite being divided into two offshots they consistently have clever writing and enjoyable gameplay. My favorite of the Paper Mario series is probably The Thousand-Year Door.

5) Bucky Katt?

Bucky Katt flashback NO.

1) IMO we should just leave the first two alone.

2) Not really. I thought their defeat in Kirby 64 felt perfectly satisfying. Rather, I'd like one of the exclusive bosses from DL2 and 3 to return.

3) Oh heck yes! It's been ten years, people!

4) Love Paper Mario... weirdly enough, the third game might be my favorite, for its uniqueness.

5) I like Krazy Katt (li'l ainjil) and Mooch ;)

6) Oh, I think it's kind of obvious we all want a new game! :P I mean, it's not even a particularly long series and yet there are several remakes...

1) Zero 3's tears of blood following his horrific defeat signified the end of an era. While Dark Matter doesn't emote very much, rest assured that the utmost agony was experienced with full realization that it would never know the true meaning of love.

2) No.

3) Sure, I liked Kirby 64.

4) I adore the Paper Mario series, but I really prefer the older two games to the interesting but for me somewhat less enjoyable Super Paper Mario. I've been hankering for a new Paper Mario game for a while.

5) Is it weird that the only one you listed that I recognized is Garfield? And I had a minor obsession with Garfield when I was about 8.

6) A whole new game. Remakes can be fun (everybody loves Pokemon HG/SS), but no Kirby game really needs remaking and the series desperately needs a breath of fresh air anyway.


we all know what pep brew is made out of! =D

love, care, happyness, artificial flavors, hylium, bicarbonated water from the fountain of dreams and the stuph gobbo gets on.

question wun: would air ride on DS be awesome?

question too: gobbo loses my mail every time he

runs to the post office =(

question fwee: why can I play through spring breeze with my eyes closed

question fawr: whats the sites motto?

from the Australian kirby fan no one cares about =P

wun) Perhaps if they actually made it a proper racing game, sure.


fwee) You still have nothing on Helen Keller.

fawr) [something clever]

Too) He'd prolly stop "filing" your letters in the trash bin if you stopped putting return spaces in the middle of sentences.

Fawr) "Under Construction". Hrhr.

0) I think Gobbo's stuph consists mostly of hylium.

1) If they based it wholly around the main racing mode and excised City Trial and that other one that nobody plays, it could be all right. I don't think I would care much for a new Air Ride but something is better than nothing!

3) Because it's ridiculously easy. Try playing through Kirby's Dream Land with your eyes closed. Go on, I dare ya!

1) That might have potential, maybe if it was controlled similarly to Mario Kart DS.

4) What, me worry? Yes

Wadd the Epic Dee

The Epic Dee is here to grace you with his epicness.

To be with the theme, the Wadd would probably guess that Pep Brew is made out of nothing but liquid sugar and caffeine.

Now to waist your time by saying: ON TO THE QUESTIONS OF EPICNESS!!!

1. Does Kirby believe in chivalry as much as the Wadd does? he has only attacked two girls in the series...

2. You wanna know how to look epic? put on a bandanna and hold a giant hammer... What do you mean I look like arena dee? His bandanna is blue and mine is green.

3. Who else here likes rice?

4. Now that Bimble took the way of the coward(bet you can't get that epic reference) and quit the guru's, how long do you think it will take for a new guru to appear, and who would you prefer it to be?

Now I must continue my epic training of inflicting epic pain upon my epic body to build up my epic stamina... epic!

The word epic makes it impossible for me to answer any questions other than saying that I also like rice.

-2) Including "epic" in your handle means you are far from anything described by that temporally abused word.

-1) They'd just call the stuff "cola" if that were the case. Try again.

0) Waisted time, huh?

Waisted Time

... Well, they all can't be golden...

1) Only Meta Knight displays chivalry. Kirby is a hot head who acts without all the information or care for the consequences. See Kirby's Adventure and Squeak Squad for examples. And, if you mean only in the suck-tastic cartoon, he's an imbecile infant and can't make such decisions.

2) No, that's how you look totally inspired and lame. Guess again.

4) Didn't I make it clear in the final Gurus? I didn't do anything. The public stopped caring and stopped asking questions. Plus, frankly, I was sick of people acting like it was my fault that a session didn't come out for weeks at a time. Geez, you know what is the only factor affecting session's releases? You asking questions that aren't appalling!

5) The word "epic" was already ruined. You, sir, just ensured that it can never be used to describe anything ever again. Thanks a lot. Now, the olden adventure stories have no name to go by.

-1) Flat, thick cola at that.

1) Kirby has also attacked every female enemy ever put in front of him; we could go by that to say he is some sort of abusive chauvinist. I mean, he isn't, but it has 'bout as much source material as your chivalry claim.

3) Breakfast and dinner, yo. That stuff is versatile.

5) Quit being such a blutty self-promoter. I should have the mind to censor out your name so you won't get credit for this massive shill you have subjected us to.

The word "epic" makes me want to hurt people. Why don't you go post a LOLcat with the text "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" while your busy exploited pointless internet fads that anger regular blokes?


Numbered for easy access! (Because it sure ain't for the flowing of it)

1. Pep brew is probably a less-concentrated Maxim Tomato drink. Why do they call it Maxim, anyway? Why not Maximo Tomato! Then it'd rhyme! Sorta...

2. So. ...uh... where has cheese occurred in the Kirby games?

3. Next: People all the time seem to be all the time askin' stuff about pet Kirby (which I like to think works as both singular and plural!) So I must ask: Would you rather have a pet bea... ver, or a pet Mario?

4. Also also also Bazzoka's icon reminds me of the Pokemon Croagunk too much, MAKE IT GO AWAY MAKE IT GO AWAAAAAY

5. Anyhowzit, you won't mind if I submit a story I [will have] made that takes place in Kirby lands but the main villain is Mario related and it involves such a long-winded and intricate plotted timeline universe that no one will understand it RIGHT RIGHT OKAY THANKS BYE

1) It's a maximum tomato as it brings you to full vitality.

2) The Spark/Ice combo in Crystal Shards chucks out cheese, I do believe. Also, in the assorted food items from Super Star the sandwich and hamburger could have a slice on them. There's also something that could be pie or some sort of quiche.

3) Pet Mario? Isn't that, like, an indentured servant?

4) I'm not seeing it. And what's wrong with Croagunk!

5) Oh cool. Crossovers. Have fun with that, I guess.

1) Liquid catsup? Ew...

3) Hey, I want a pet Mario... unless you have to take care of it as much as a virtual pet.

5) Holy cow, new fanfiction on the RR? Well... good luck, anyway.

1) I'm gonna go with warm root beer, personally.

2) I'd be surprised if there wasn't some somewhere in Squeak Squad.

3) I want a pet mafia boss, personally.

4) Croagunk has the ability to poison you and beat you senseless. I'd stay away.

5) Good for you.


pep brews? that's an easy one.

step 1: kill a unicorn.

step 2: take off it's horn.

step 3: rip off it's tail.

step 4: go through Ometon's trash and take all of it.

step 5: wake up from passing out and go collect sweat from people who are rescuing gnome Chompski.

step 6: grind up Ometon's stuff and pour into unicorn horn.

step 7: tear off some of the hairs on the unicorns tail and drop them in.

step 8: pour in the sweat.

step 9: stir it.

step 10: pour into container and call it pep brew.

step 11: realize Ometon's trash was actually his precious bolngings.

step 12: ???

step 13: profit.

And they say expansion of media is bad for kids!

A bolnging? What is a "bolnging", exactly? Hm...


I don't know what it is, but it seems to have some sort of math function. It prints out a list with numbers on it and puts an X by anything over seventeen.

I don't have any trash that isn't burned. Where I come from, we calls that "evidence."


'Ello! I'm new to the mailbag, so....


I think a Pep Brew is made out of:

~Artificial flavors

~Soda Water

~Apple Juice

~Watermelon Rinds

~My Foot! (Just kidding)

Now for my questions!! :D

Are they supposed to be related to the theme? Cause I don't know.

1) What are your usernames? I can't see them...

2) Do you like chocolate milk? XD

3) Is Mailbag work hard? I mean, hard... yeah, I don't know. T.T

(Bimblesnaff only!) 3.5) Why is your name Bimblesnaff? I've wanted to know for a while...

4) What is your favorite soda?


6) Who's your favorite character from the Kirby anime?

7) Dobbey's sock!

~PiePiyo :D

1) Aren't all the included Bagger's introduced at the top of each session? Are you really that oblivious?

3) It's difficult when people think that a question can be .5'd with a completely unrelated question. Headache!

3.5) Why is your name "PiePoyo"? Oh, right, you aren't imaginative!

6) N/A. That's like asking for one's favorite type of Antarctic reptile.

3) It's only as hard as you make it.

5) Meta Knight is celibate. There, now we don't have to worry about those questions anymore!

7) Oh cool, I've read Harry Potter too.

I'm telling you, it's just lukewarm root beer.

1) Debageldond.

2) On occasion.

4) (Cold) root beer.

5) w-what

6) no me gusta

7) Snape's dysfunctional childhood!

0) Wow, this "ask the askers" really has backfired on us in terms of hilarity potential. We can't even rebound of this stuff! A frog wearing a sombrero would be funnier than "My foot," fer cryin' out loud!

2) Most chocolate milk is actually chocolate "drink," which is akin to some cheese being "sandwich squares." I prefer my skim on cereal, in recipes, and few places else.

4) Peach and Creme are both good. Strangely, I know of no Peaches and Creme soda. Huh.

2) Only when it's from the chocolate cow!

4) mmmhmm I guess Sprite. None of the others stand out for me much.

5) Not the fangirls, that's for sure.

6) Silica is p. cool

Cloudodom (AKA Steve)

Hello, not mail(wo)men. It'd get interesting if you were mail(wo)men though. Wait, no it wouldn't. Anyway, the recipe for Pep Brews is actually split in two parts with Kirby knowing one half and Gooey knowing the other. Or maybe I was getting confused with the Coca Cola recipe. Anywhuddat, do you think that games Dreamland 2 to Kirby 64 should be their own saga, instead of a sequel to the original Dreamland? I mean the original was about King Dedede stealing foodstuffs and the others were, Dark Matter and Zero possesing people? Anyzoo, s-see you l-later, alligator.

1) So it's Kirby that knows Coke's secret. It all makes sense now!

2) Uh, I've been doing that for years. How many times have I said "Dark Matter Trilogy"? Pretty sure other people have as well. Still, naming something in a direct line of names tends to get more recognition from browsing consumers. This typically only goes on for about three. After the third, for some reason, the suits either feel that the establishment has been founded or that the daunting number might scare people off.


It`s made of Coca-Cola and some pieces of candy, chopped into bits.I now answered this question,What exactly is a Pep Brew made of?I think Ometon is not correct. Oh well.

My good sir, I think you're wrong. It's obvious that Pep Brew is made of helium and magical air! How else can Kirby keep inhaling in all of his games and sounds so high-pitched all the time? He can't so he forces himself to inhale these abominations called "Pep Brews." They also have happy pills in the form of air so he's always so optimistic. A side effect is constant hunger.

I would respond, but I do not know what exactly I am incorrect about, so anything I say would probably be as word-salady and trippy as Bazz's already ineloquent retort.

Instead, I'll just say "No, David123, that's you!"


Waddle Dee

Hello Mailbaggers. Ready to answer pointless quizzical questions for the enjoyment of people you don't know? No? TOO BAD!

After researching for a staggering amount of time (i.e. about 2 minutes), I've finally figured out what the Pep Brew is made out of. Because the actual way of explaining the complex measures and ingredients of the Pep Brew are highly confusing, I've summed it up in a crudely drawn diagram (I'm no drawing expert! You took the two/three best drawers!).

Now, time for some pointless questions!

1). Besides Kirby, what other video games do you play?

2). Altogether, how many pictures, drawings, and animated .gif files were made for the Mailbag?

3). Is it just me, or does someone here want to smack me on the head?

Wow, that's a lot of text. I guess I'll stop here...

1) I'm a fan of the Monster Rancher series, which I completely forgot about until recently, which is why I've eBay binged on all the titles I forgot to buy. Who needs new games?

2) No, you count those. I have better things to waste my time on. Like, uh, giving fish to my Pixie. Eat, my precious. Grow strong.

3) That's true as long as I'm in a room with anyone possessing a head.

1) Sort of predictable Nintendo fare along with really obscure/old games.

1, 2, 3) Too many.

That's gross mang. Why would Kirby want to eat Waddle Dees. That's cannibalism! Oh wait~

1)Ready for this? A ton of rhythm based games that isn't Guitar Hero because Guitar Hero isn't about timing, it's about how to impress your friends and proving you have no life :V

2) It's over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAND!... I couldn't resist. It was just too tempting. Don't judge me! No one understands me! *runs away*


Pep brew is made of Pep... and Brew.

And Pep.

And Brew.

Maybe some Pep.

And, don't forget Brew.

1. What are Maxim Tomatoes make of?

2. >9000?

3. What would happen if Kirby inhaled some antimatter?

3b. What if Kirby inhaled Phoenix Wright?

4. I heard there's a new Kirby game called "Kirby's Dreamland 2". Is that true?

4b. And, there's supposed to be a new Kirby game coming out for N64, too, right?

0) Take you long to think of that one?

1) Tomatoes... and some Maxims. Which maxims? "Don't write garbage for the Mailbag to answer." I do believe King Solomon dropped that li'l nugget.

2) In this one case, 9001 is not greater than 9000.

3) He'd 'splode like anything else that comes into contact with the (anti)stuff.

3b) I'd be happy that all his fans would be sad.

4) I hope this is just a joke, 'cause there are those out there stupid enough to make such a statement. Time to get ready to smite...

4b) Phew. Dated system. Obviously a joke. Not a funny one, but it still spares mass smiting.

2) is actually less than 9000. I think you have your signs mixed up.

3b) Pretty sure you can find the answer to this in a couple of seconds by searching the internet.


seriousl, i have no idea what a pep brew is made of. (seriously, I'm glad galactic knight 09 did'nt make that speed pep joke out of that, do you agree? anyway, mango has to make more comics cause i'm a big fan!!) by the way, you know torkirby's final comic on the nightmare in dreamland thing? well, that "no butt to your pants" joke was SOOPAH FUNNY! XD XD XD XD XD

If I remember correctly, Shikakusuika (Mango) official put it on hiatus for who knows how long and is working on her own little series, Kiwi Blitz.

Also, the joke was some delicious soup that makes you laugh? Dood, I should totally check it out!


Pep Brew's got ELECTRILYTES! What are electilytes? I don't know, but they're extremely AWESOME, and Pep Brew is FULL OF THEM and they help PLANTS GROW which is why you should drink PEP BREW and not water because water is from the TOILET and I've never seen PLANTS GROW OUT OF A TOILET!! *spike ball'd*

1) Electrolytes are apparently never spelled the same way twice.

2) Are you marketing this drink to plants?

3) Surfer plants who find the screaming of awesome to be, indeed, awesome?

4) I've seen a plant grow out of the toilet, so onto my free brew I go~!

Mmmmm, human flavored.

I don't want to comment on the letter but rather shall nod to the fact that "spike ball'd" is the recognized means of punishment in Mail Bag. Hooray! I've become a force of destruction!

Squeaky Bogg with Mace


Hello again. Firstly I think a pep brew is made of pep. And brew. And zombie livers.

1.How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

2.Bleeding problem? Really Bimblesnaff? You didn't notice that the first half of my name is Spook? Although I suppose you probably do have more important things to do than read names.

3.Nice drawings you responded with by the way. Thanks for those.

4.Draw something horrible happening to Tiff. It might make Bimblesnaff happy.

Well that's all for now. Back to the closet for me!

0) That's like saying that a woodchuck is made of timber and guys named Charles... and zombie liver.

2) Technically, the latter part of your handle has more credibility to you not bleeding as it is, you know, wholly inorganic and never been otherwise. Now, I was familiar with your handle, but it's your handle. That guy over there named after a color and some video game character is not actually that character. It's just a name. It's just a name.

4) I can never be happy.

5) Really, Spook. It's no fun to make the obvious comments when you just lay them out for us.

Chaos Kiwi

Hello there! Chaos Kiwi here agan with some stuff.

1) Pep brews are made of old newspapers, artifiial flavoring, and Squeaky Bogg's acid.

2) What if ometon could turn invisible?

3) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

6) Avacado?

7) Do you believe in aliens? Have you ever met one?

1) Who's been stealing my spit for profit!?

2) It would very bad for everyone. And by "everyone", I mean you know.

4) Insightful!

7) From a biological stand point, the universe is too vast and too old to have not cooked up the recipe for life another time. Then again, the components for single cell life are constantly reassembled but never actually "activate". Where was I going? Oh, right. Yeah and no.

3) I think you answered that question for me!

2) It would be very good for everyone. And by "everyone," I mean me~!

6) Could you phrase this in the form of not a waste of time?

7b) Yes.

7a) No. Green dude said he needed to "borrow" my car, and it was the last I ever saw of it. How was I to know he wasn't trustworthy? His suit was made of tin foil!

3) Shapeshifting powers would be cool.

6) I am not a fan!

7) Extraterrestrial life more than likely exists, but it's got better things to do than hang out on Earth.


Hey there! I'm here to speed this mailbag along with another pointless question!

No seriously though, what IS pep brew made of?

In all truth, I'm fairly certain it's just your run-of-the-mill energy drink. Caffeine, sugar, etc. Nothing really magical about it; just vitalizing liquor.

And 0.01% feces.

It lives~!


Here goes a dangerous one!:

What are your thoughts on the Twilight series?

Vampires. In daylight.

It's a sunny day in hell when the Harry Potter series is more accurate to traditional folklore.

Yeah, that doesn't touch upon the heaps of other garbage vomited out by this tween rot, but it's all been said before and hold an obvious repetition by any male on-looker. So, my concerns are on tackling the unspoken reasons for lynching the author of this atrocity.

Twilight represents almost everything I hate about everything. Not quite, but it does a better job than most.

To be entirely honest, I have to admit, I don't really know what the big deal with this Twilight series is. It's just a bunch of bishonen vampires, complete with sparkly background built into them when they're in sunlight... kinda.

ANYWAY, fact is, I don't care for it and if one of my friends actively mock it, I will gladly join with the laughingness.

It's terrible. Next!

I've never watched or read it so I'm not allowed to say anything. Next!

I concurr. Terrible, and next.

It's so bad, I don't even know what it is! Next-sai!

Wow, I didn't even think half of youse were in this session! It's official: the Twilight property is so bad that blokes'll come outta the woodwork to mock it! (Or neutral all over it -- way to go and ruin our outright negativity, Leirin.)


Well, considering that Kirby drinks pep brews, I'd say they are made with care, lots of love and watermelon flavoring, and only the kindest and sweetest creatures can drink it. (No, not even you can drink it, Snow White.)

I'd immagine Pep Brews to be the exact opposite of a monster energy drink: mild and fruity.

Now... on with the question...

1. Why must the U.S. make Kirby look so angry on the box art these days? Are the Japanese the only people that recognize being happy is a GOOD thing? Are there really that many Americans that don't like smiley heroes that the U.S. has to wipe off Kirby's trademark cheeriness in order to sell it?

2. If Kirby were in pokemon, do you think he'd be a legendary or just an ordinary pokemon?

3. If mario and luigi visited King DeDeDe's castle, do you think they'd mistake the waddle dee's for goombas and start jumping on them?

4. Ok I know questions 2-3 are kind of rediculous, and I'm sure all you mailbaggers cringed when you read them, but I'm just curious: with all the crazy questions you guys get, are they actually considered normal or are they really crazy after all? (Because if they are crazy I'll shut my mouth and stop asking questions like that.)

Thank you so much for your hard work. And thank you Bimblesnaff for putting up with my rediculous questions when Ask the Guru existed.

-1) Well, it's about time someone put that trollop Snow White in her place! Take that, you pasty wretch!

1) Have you seen Japan before? They have adult lunches that are shaped as cuddlies and rainbows. It's mostly a culture preference. There, he can be pink and tough. Here, he has to be pink but tough.

3) That identity mismatch would only arise if they started popping Cappies like Mushrooms.

5) Nien!

2) Jigglypuff

3) Hm...

Goomba and Waddle Dee

...Nah, I don't think so.

4) Questions that link Kirby to another video game franchise are pretty commonplace, actually. As a side note, Red Iculous is a good colour.

A cloud rider with identity an gender issues known as LakituAl

Pep Brew? It is what it says on the tin: They extract the peppiness out from other animals and scatter them in bottles for emergency use.

(OK, I know that was a horrible joke. Please, have mercy!)

1.- Do you dress in green in a regular basis?

2.- Do you like gladiator movies?

3.- Do you know if those stupid "cleaner" carts for NES actually ever worked?

4.- Could Mountain Doo outsell Pep Brew? Or are they by the same company?

5.- Do you think clowns really want to DESTROY US ALL?

Hello, I must be going!

3) Kept mine in good working order.

4) Seeing as Pop Star doesn't appear to have any sort of economy or currency...

0) You should probably see a psychiatrist about that, Al.

1-5) No.

0) Why are animals the primary source of pep? And where exactly do they store this pep? And do we even want to know? More importantly, does the FDA?

1) Only blue here.

2) Kung fu tournament movies beat gladiator flicks any day of the week.

5) Destroy us all! Destroy us all! Destroy us all~!

6) Good bye, Bizarro!

1) Did someone say green? I wear it all the time!... if I had more green clothing.

2) *insert witty, yet cunning pun because I can't be bothered to actually think of one*

5) De-oh wait, Ometon already did it... Well uh... I better get those oranges, right guys?

5) Clowns are very misunderstood creatures. If their tears could be harvested for electricity, there would be no need for alternative energy research.


Pep brew= Frozen processed cow turds, spam, and whale blubber

1.who be doin most of the babysittin on dis site?

2.Daaaahhhh. I was raised bah a cup o coffee

3.which do you prefer more: Homestar/Strong Bad or Kirby?

2) This would explain your utter lack of cohesive thought.

3) So, we're here at a what? Homestar Runner fan site or a, duh, Kirby fan site.

And now a Q for U: Why, exactly, does someone with a Tolkien handle talk so much about a Brothers Chap cartoon?

I remember when I first learned about Homestar Runner, too. Good times, back then.

Skip Sheffield

Howdy there, mailbag! My name's Skip Sheffield, and if everyone's ready, can get a yep yep yep?


A yep yep yep?


A yep yep yep?

What it do.

Shoooot, you guys are mighty good question askers, but I remember my mama makin all sorts a' stuff for me, it may have been just cause it was the bottle, but 'far as I is concerned, Pep brew is V8.

Oh wait, mailbaggers, my pro, Will'um Reeeeegul is callin on me, bye!

Yep yep yep, what it do!

Skip Sheffield

How is anyone even supposed to respond to these pcfan10 Kirby-wrestling fusion letters? Well, I suppose like this:

Easter Bugzzy

Nonsense for nonsense, I say. Well, I guess I kept the wrasslin' theme, at least. The rest? Prolly due to what my brother termed "Make Smackdown! Better Juice," also known as a real life "pep" "brew"~! It's just puroresu references all over tonight!

KRR really needs to stop offering free booze in exchange for mailbag submissions.

And in exchange for mailbag answering.

... No, wait, don't stop that one~!.

Gilbo the Green

Dear Mailbaggers,

I am glad that I now am able to contact such esteemed individuals via such a simple system as this. More to the point, I will not hesitate in my questions or my answer to Mr. Ometon's inquiry.

The Questions:

1) Are there any reptile enemies native to Dreamland? I seem to recall a severe lacking in such creatures.

2) What is your standing on Kirby's red feet? Are they his shoes, or the real deal?

3) What would happen if Kine ever accidentally swallowed Kirby while in action? Anything sketch-worthy?

4)Is the tiny curve on Ometon's face his mouth, or (since he seems to be able to split in half and go Pacman on people) just some line?

And finally, the answer to the Pep Brew inquiry:

Pep Brews are made of sunshine, rainbows, the dreams of unicorns, and cola. Lots and lots of cola.

With my purpose done here, I bid all of you in the Mailbag "good day".

1) Galbo, Pteran, Ice Dragon, Rolling Turtle, Gator, Chameleo-Arm, Mr. Lizard-Head... need I go on?

2) Great, you killed Bimblesnaff. What'd ya mean he hasn't even replied yet?

3) Kirby and Kine

4) The Pacman-style is just a joke; the line is a mouth.

5) My guess is that the ratio of cola to non-cola is 99.9% plus a tenth of a percent. It'd explain everything~!

1) In Smitty's defense, Dream Land is devoid of anything scaled. Tur-tur didn't arrive until Adventure (plus, I guess, the turtlesque Spiny/Togezo), Ice till DL2, and old school Super Star if not DL3 for the rest. So, in a way, the questioner is partially right. Oh, no wait, they're just horribly unaware. Nevermind.

2) Do I really have to put the head-go-boom picture here again? Or even link to the oh-so-referenced answer? That was back in, like, Gobbo's Gurus one or four, and got dug back up every month. I'm pseudo-retired from that. You can look it up.

Picture? I'm in the mood this time!

... What? You said sketch so I gave you a sketch!

2) They're high-heels, everyone knows that!

Closing Statments: Alright, the MB is getting back on Picture-Track! And by that, I mean less. I really should start looking into that whole Art Bag concept, tho', also known as the soon-to-be-most-popular-segment-on-this-site.

Theme Alert! Have you seen those forums? Cool beans are caring about the place now, running one of the best rules/tag lines I've ever seen in the place: KRR is a Kirby site! In a rare act on my part, what are your forum thoughts, if any? Be they new, old, borrowed, blue... wait, I think I'm getting mixed up with something else.

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