March 10th, 2010

Whoa, what gives? A Mailbag for St. Valentine's Day closer to St. Patrick's? You would think that I were either some flaky, irresponsible jerk or traveling the American road, living in hotels with horrible wi-fi!

The important thing to remember is that the theme this time isn't Valentine's, but rather bears. Yup, bears. Whodathunkit? Well, me, obviously, for some reason. I'd normally blame the upcoming St. Patty's, but that inconvenient notion of time debunks that theory. Could the spirit actually flow backwards through time? Won't know until I try~!

Oh, right... this thing first.

Like the glutton for punishment I am, Kirazy makes an epic return to make everyone else look worse. He even has his own comic series going strong to boot on top of this side project.

Good ol' Four-Dee has his own comic work which put everyone else to shame -- except for Kirazy, who actually become stronger because of it! In celebration of his work, Mailbag Force reunites for this 'Bag!

Diddgery is the most popular member of Mailbag Force. He is also the oldest. Connection? Probably. People will like stuff better the more they are around it. Heck, I even think people are starting to like me, and I suck!

Bazzoka was banned from the 'Bag for a time for refusing to spell his name correctly. He keeps insisting that it is spelled correctly and that the artillery is misspelled. Bygones were made to be bygones for the reunion, tho'. Afterwards, he's dead to me.

Token lady-type Leirin agreed to be on the Valentine's edition only if I agreed not to be the creepy old guy I am on the inside and, well, outside, too. I lied, so she's here and stuck now!

Without Gurus around anymore, this has become Gobbo's primary place to spout all things ranty and generally sarcastic. Now, you can ask game-related questions here, but to more of the same result!

- Ometon


In noticing the "Best Match For Kirby" poll for Valentime's, were any of you actually expecting Meta Knight to get as many... apparently serious(!?) votes as he did?

For every series... there is a dark side... a fanbase... that no one wants to see...


No one would ever expect... a King Dedede... AND A BEAR!


I'd like to dream that it was the tilde-bang~! that got the Knight the votes. Sadly, no, people just suck.

Pair up every single fictional character in the most ridiculous possible match?

Kaaaan do!

(Mothers, lock up your children, for some very intense, disturbing artwork follows. Possible side effects include death, explosive diarrhea, and sneezing... in that order!)

1. Kine + Gooey!!

2. Galbo + Ice Dragon!!

3. King Dedede + Gordo!!

4. Lalala + Marx!!

5. Kirby and...

Well, if the question was “Who would be the best match for Kirby” with the emphasis on combat instead of compatibility, which it isn't, Meta Knight probably would be the tougher match than the other fairys, friends, and females. However, as has been stated, people suck. Blob would have been the only true match.

Beautiful Blob

>>Also, Whahaaaa! Nooo!? I have been beaten by the awesomeness that is Kirazy~!

The poll results distressed and disturbed me. We all know the true answer is... Gooey

also, EVERY fictional character? Oh nutballs...

Yeah, this got enough talk already. I don't think we need any more creepin' into the Creepbag-- I mean, the Mailbag... for now~!


Hey, if the "Quick-it" feature ever gets updated, you should put both Gurus AND Mailbag on quick-it, so that updates could be saved for... actual updates. That would be a good idea. Probably.

Anyways, I'm going to make an assumption that the lack of mailbag updates recently is the theme for this mailbag, when it comes out. Frankly, I'm fine with waiting. Updating the site from the ground up undoubtedly takes time, and with the comments on updates and the Gurus section, I still have places to lurk, and set examples of being intelligent and civilized that the other lurkers can follow (I'm really trying to clean up my act after Mailbag #68, so even I'm doing my part to improve this site).

I would also like to take this moment to lob a lit and gift-wrapped bomb to the whiners out there. After 2 years of this feature dominating the site, it would be oh so fitting for this to be absolutely abandoned for another 2 years to teach the idiots a lesson. Like I said, I can wait (I have patience). But while I fully support you punishing those who throw tantrums, I will take this opportunity to make sure you know, Ometon, that the mailbag was not at fault for the stagnancy of the "old site", and should not be treated as if it were. Exacting vengeance on a institution that doesn't deserve it is not wise.

So, anyways, I just wanted to get up on a soap box and give my supports and warnings on the matter. I wait with bated breath for the Mailbag to continue, but I can wait for a long as it takes. So here's to KRR! May it go another 10 years even better than before!

Well, I do use the "stop complaining for it or else I won't do it" logic as an excuse to work on other things. Secret things.

Hey, when did you become cool? Or, at least presentable. I guess the answer is five months ago when this was asked.

On the ball, we is!

Oh. Wow, this is pretty old. We really need to clean out the mailbag sometime.

Mailbag letters

Hey, it isn't my fault people were being unusually on-theme for a stretch. We only throw away the garbáge 'round here.

The best example you could set for any lurker out there is, Never say/type anything, and people will not know how stupid you really are. However, I must go against my own advice and admit that this letter was actually pretty good. More words of wisdom that you probably already know based on your rant-- Repeating what other people say that makes them cool, will automatically make you cool by association.

Airride_Master's Imposter

*Gets tossed in for no reason* Oh, Hellon. Wait! I mean HELLO! Bah. From now on Put A picture of me When i appear (or not,Please do 1st choice) Well, on to questions?!

1.)[subject: of the A's] Why the $%&@ does K-4-E always put so many A's in his words?!

2.)[subject: wait,WHAT?!] Wut is thes questiun!?

Backwards is everything!oh-no! [QAGYBENNBYF:subject] half and a two.)

2 and three questions.)Read above thing backwards.

3.)[Subject:Theme] Halloween is awesome. I'm dressing up a Maxwell(from Scribblenauts)!

4.)[subject: Cry?] I'm I anything like A_M?

5.)[Subject:Oh-Sizzle!] Gotta run! A_M is here!

5 and three fifths.)[subject Poop!] He has memes!

0) The audacity is immeasurable. In fact, change your name to Audacity Master, as that is truly what you rule. What have you ever done to deserve honor above the rest of the visitors to this place? Besides, do you really need to have a specially made picture. Here, I'll save everyone the time: Picture Kirby. Now, picture him painted blue. On a Warp Star. There, no picture needed.

Wait, you're Air Ride Master's Impostor? ('Cuz Air Ride is spelled spaced and the preferred spelling of impostor is with an O). See, I couldn't even tell. That's just how obscure and overlooked you are. Yeah, people are really clamoring for you. The public loves ya. At least regular Air Ride Master Prime has some type of publicly made-known caricature, uninspired as it is. How are we supposed to know (1) what you look like or (2) who you even are?

[0-9]) What are these, a bunch of SPAM email titles or something? Are you having a stroke? I'm am bewildered. Is this supposed to be amusing? You know what, I think we will put a picture up whenever you post, just to remind people what you are and stand for.


I didn't say it'd be flattering.

Oh, yes, I'll draw this guy a picture! With pleasure, heh, heh!


1) Guy makes a point, sorry to say. Kirby-4-ever really should use a spell-check...

2-?) Now you have lost me... But! Three can play at this drawing game, and since the game is Chinese Checkers, you are now the honored Shou-Xing! Marvel at his flamboyant longevity~!

Shou Xing


I've just been in the mailbag and I'm already writing a mail!

This subject interest me! XD (Please explain them too)

1. Would you like a boyfriend/girlfriend?

2. What type of boy/girl do you like?

3. If you had a boyfriend/girlfriend, what would you do with him/her on Valentine?

4. Do you like someone?

I'm sorry if I'm too personal! Excuse-moi, pour être une fille! (If that's correct French.)

Now some 'normal' questions:

5. What do you like more, cats or dogs?

6. What’s your favorite candy?

7. Do you like cute things? :D

8. What makes you sad? (And what will you cheer you up?)

I’d be happy if you all answered them. Thank you!



1) We all like to dream of the impossible, don't we? What do you mean it's not?!

2) Ones that don't like me, which covers about them all, which covers my tastes perfectly!

3) I haven't had to worry about a Valentine plan yet, and I certainly ain't gonna start with a hypothetical one.

7) Cute things? You mean like your Squeaky Bogg's Patented Cute Face?

Horribly Ugly Bogg

Mine eyes! They burn!

8) Losing eyes; regaining eyes. Thank you, experimental gene splicing procedure with a newt. You were worth the months laid up in a hospital and the buckets of excess mucus.

1. Cue Ometon...

2. Cuuuue Ometon...


4. I like lots of people. Dozens. Hundreds. Perhaps you should define "like".

5. Dogs! I have three! Dogs are actually friendly! Cats are just, well, lumps.

6. I'm going to refrain from making any more candy puns, and just spit out "Starburts".

7. Do I like cute things?


I wanted to 'bag with you! Aww... (Kirazy=sad)

1, 2, 4) That sounds like a suggestion~!


Yeah, I was way ahead of you there, Kirazy. Just not, y'know, in time and/or space.

You want us to answer all of them? Uh... well, okay, I'll try.

1) Someday.

2) Someone.

3) Something.

4) Some... uh... somewhere. You know, like that song from An American Tail. "Somewhere, out there~"

5) I don't really like one more than the other. They both make for great pets. Though, cats are somewhat easier to maintain than dogs.

6) I skipped answering this one in an earlier letter, so, uh... I'm pretty fond of peanut butter cups.

7) Yeah, I like cute things. So what, wanna fight about it?

8) Lots of things; lots of things.

So there you go, I answered all your questions. I hope you're satisfied.

It appears to be some sort of dating survey...humm?

1. Would like a girlfriend

2. Do like girl type

3. If a girlfriend was had, would do her on Valentine

4. Do like no one

Just like a Yon-koma comic! That I will not draw because I have no time, and I don't want to do time~!

Uhhh TOO TOUCHY FEELY FOR ME. And I'm the only girl in this 'bag, too.

5) Well, I love all animals... but I'll agree with Didge that cats are easier to keep than dogs. And cuddlier.

6) Candy corn. Which doesn't taste a thing like corn! Who names this stuff, anyway?

7) Sure, but I find certain things cute that others wouldn't, so it depends..

8) Blue skies and sunshine; doom and despair (yes, in that order)

Chaos Kiwi

Hi. Chaos Kiwi here, and bears? Sure. Why not.

1)What do you think would happen if ometon had legs?

2) Can you beat someone up with your bear hands? *shot*

3) Cabbage?

4) What is your favorite type of bear?

5) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

6) What is your favorite question you'vve ever been asked on mailbag?

7) Panda.

1) A pair of running shoes would have to be packed by all the skirts at uniform requiring schools. Dems aren't points, kiddies. They're tentacles!

2) Bear Beat Down

3) Cabbage Beat Down

4) Bear Punch

5) Bear Beat Down

6) How am I expected to remember that far back? That could have been, like, over a month ago. I don't even remember what I did yesterday. I think it involved drinking paint thinner and getting hit on the head a lot. I guess we'll never know for certain.

7) Panda Beat Down

Bimble-sama! I bow to your greatness. I could never construct such amazing pics as those, but may I instead try my hand at the amazing Chaos Kiwi? Groovy!

Chaos Kiwi

1) ...WHY did you give me that mental image?

2) Dude, I don't even know how to snap my fingers.

3) Should not have been made.

4) smokey

5) But boys are icky!

2) I... I have Cricecorn hands.

3) Lettuce.

5) But girls have cooties!


Dear Mailbaggers,

Could you please spare a kind word for a man with no heart?

And about those bears.

Grizzo is a bear. So there is no problem.

1) I may have a kind word in my pocket and -- oh, no, sorry. It's lint. You can have if you want. I ate enough already.

2) No one ever said that Grizzo wasn't a bear. They said that there should be more bears in the series.

I'm pretty sure you can't live without a heart. Unless this is Kingdom Hearts and you're a Nobody or something, in which case I should stop making video game references!

Hearts and Bears, humm... You are a Care Bear! Seriously though, the Kirby series has plenty of ursine residents. Just look at ClimberGuy/Bounder, the most awesome panda/koala/pandala bear of them all! Whaa? Not really a bear?! Wellthen, how can you make sure Grizzo is in fact a bear?!

I Heart'd You

Good 'nuff?


Bears? I love bears! Especially when they aren't tearing apart my innards. (and I know one of you guys will want to draw that!)

Anyhow, onto the q's.

1) What's you favorite type of non-bear? Koalas vs Pandas time!

2) Does Diddgery and bears live together? He can eat the bees and then the bears eat the honey(if I understand the natural diet of Diddgery correctly).

3) How do I join the mail...nevermind. You guys probably don't want me anyways.

4) Horned Teddiursa is absolutely adorable! I just want to know if I can pet him.

5) Uh...I ran out of questions, so the first person to respond to this can ask the question for me. :P

AND that's all folks! If you guys see the nurse, tell her hello for me! [/animaniacsreference]

2) No, you don't understand the natural diet of bears correctly. They eat the sweet, sweet larvae by my understanding of it. It's just old timie folks thought they were after the honey since, well, it's honey. Everybody loves sticky sweet.

3) It's not like there's some sort of dark, mysterious, and possibly/certainly disturbing ceremony to get in... Really.

6) Judging from that ripping you're gonna get, you'll be seeing the nurse first.

1) Water bears.

2) The bears would probably eat me once I get through with the bees. Honey-covered Cricecorn is considered a delicacy among bears, I've heard...

3) It's a secret to everybody.

4) Since Horned Teddiursa is my doppelgangar, I feel I should speak on his behalf. *ahem* No. No, you cannot pet him. He doesn't like being touched.

0. You'd think so, but, no.

1. Gummy Bears. Num num num, good eatin'.

3. SuperYoshi in the mailbag? That would be awwweessoomme! Not up to me tho'. Wish it was.

5. I... can't think of anything either! XD

0) Uki-uki, Waku-waku~ I have inspiration! Yes, I would very much like to draw this! Yatta!

Supaa Yoshi

1) Why only koalas and pandas? What about raccoons?! Red Raccoons are cool 'cause they look nothing like raccoons and instead looks like foxes.

3) How would I know? It's not like I just magically got in without any prior abilities or anything to show for if that's what you're thinking! I'm just cool.

5) Is lightning an electricical thing? Yes. Yes it is.


Hello Mailbag Force!

1. Facebook or Myspace?

2. If Kirby had nose hair, would you eat your hat?

3. Robotnik or Eggman?

4. What is your favorite candy bar?

5. If you had 9000 wishes (and not over that,) what would you wish for?

6. Have you guys heard of DJ Steve Porter? He does some really awesome remixes and you should look him up on YouTube.

7. Was Dedede-Daimyo eaten by a bear?

8. There are penguins in Argentina.

9. If all of you guys fought each other, who would win?

10. Why does the porridge bird lay its eggs in the air?

Well, that's all my questions for now. I even got in a bear-themed one! Toodle pipski! (insert here D:)

1. Facespace. Actually, scratch that. Mybook. Wow, that really was a childish joke...

2. I'd eat his nosehair. Yes, that's disturbing.

3. Eggman! His name makes me giggle!

4. Shut up, you, "Butterfinger"! Sorry, I must've "Crunch"ed your spirits. <"Snickers">! ...So to answer your question, Hershey's.

5. I dunno. Preeeetty much all I have to say there.

6. Yeah I've heard of him. Three and a half seconds ago when I read his name, but ye', I heard of him.

7. Yes. He wrote the entire amazing mailbag manga in the belly of a bear. True story. Ask Daimyo.

8. Really? How interresting? Please tell me more! (I'll stall him, you guys call the funny farm.)

9. The Krazy Kirazy with his off-the-wall Kirigibal! (Ridulously-Huge, Laser, Bomb-o-Nuke included!)

1) Neither! Both can go die in a hole :D

2) No, I'd tah ruoy tae. See what I did there? I don't get it either.

3) Why not Roboeggmanik? Why? 'Cause I'm cool like that.

4) Dunno. Maybe something crunchy like... oh what's it called. Oh yeah, 3 Musketeers! :D (Really though, I like Crunchie too)

5) Boring. It's not fun when you can wish for everything you wanted and have spares!

6) Nope and... well, I guess I will.

7) Heck if I know, I've been too busy with video gam-I mean finding the evil CuboneKing.

8) But are there penguins in... CANADA?

9) Obviously me. I mean, I'm green, I have a weapon... wait, that sounds familiar.

10) Who knows? Birds are strange, strange creatures. *flies away*

I have a feeling I should have just answered only like 3 question. I would've been cool like that.

Also, you gotta love that ear-bleeding acapella songs.

3) Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. A compromise everyone can accept!

7) No, no, you have it all backwards. Dedede-Daimyo eats bears! He does so to absorbs their bear-strength, which is then channeled into pure artistic mastery.

8) Do I look like an ornithologist to you?

9) Whoever wins, we lose.

...Well, except for the winner, I guess.

4) Zero. Pretty sure that's one of the few white chocolate bars out there, and white pwns all. Ono! I'm confectionarily a racist!

6) Or, since it's just an audio file, people should go to a site that presents his work as such rather than a multimedia file. And that, folks, is why I punch YouTube in the head. ... Uh, just scroll up to one of those bear-punching pictures. I don't feel like re-putting it here, 'kay?

0. Hello Blu Kirby Girl!

5. You know how everyone wants to wish for more wishes? I'd wish for less wishes and do more on my own!

7. Why, yes, I was eaten by a bear. A polar bear. 'Cus I've been frozen, freaking frigidly freezing my fundoshi off! And now, no one will draw a commemorative pic of yours truly.

10. So lucky dragons below can cook-up some fresh, egg-drop porridge, to feed the middle kingdom for thousand years!

1) Noooo! I shall not submit to either.

2) I'd eat my hat if he had a nose, period.

4) Wonka's Triple Fudge-Mallow Candy Bar. In real life? Kit Kat.

5) I'd wish that the whole world would be happy for once. Why's everybody looking at me like that?

8) There are Argentina in penguins.

9) This is the ultimate showdown / Of ultimate destiny / Peverts, horned beasts and fanatics / As far as the eye can see


on wikipeda it said Kirby 64 was rerelesed for the ds

All in all, that statement is about as reliable as Nintendo themselves saying that Kirby (working title) Wii is coming out anytime soon/ last year. And now, I shall anticipate the K64DS greatness that will surely someday come. Surely...

Wikipedia also told me I can use a wiener dog to save humanity from destruction. Source?

Hmmm, and what is the problem with using Wikipedia as a source for anything factual again?


Add this to Kirby: Right Back At Ya! on and it is called, "As of 2010, the show must go on for all eternity!"

Oh, right, any idiot can say any idiot thing they feel like.

I've had just about enough of your Wikipedia bashing, Ometon!

...I'm a fan.

Wikipedia Fan

~Nevar Furgit...~!

Well, that's no good...


Hello mailbag crew! Bears? I think we need a polar bear to accompany those Pengi and Corori. Hooray for inaccuracies~! Waitaminute, Valentine's Day Mailbagre I-is that what happened to the old crew? Anyway....

Go go go useless question starter!

1. Why is there a hand in Bimblesnaff's mouth? Did he get it from the hand drawer? Is it from one of his victims? Is it my hand?

2. How are you faring/baring with the winter weather?

Oh and remember: Kirby Wii will have bears in it......

1) Because I have the magical ability to know what you are referring to with no hint whatsoever. I have crazy stuff flying all over all the time. How am I supposed to keep one nonsense from the other without some sort of hint.

3) So, when you do give hint to what it is you are referencing, you fail to link to the right one? The bear appeared in in the next image, didn't it? Oh, wait, the actual page mentions that it could be a bear in the text. Just the image alone tells people nothing about a possible bear. Completely unhelpful.

You gotta give people something to go off of, Steve. Sewiously.

0) Oh hey, another one of Kine's animations. Like you don't see those all the time in forum signatures!

2) It's not too bad, actually. 'Sbeen warming up more as of late.

3. You are right, however! It really is me in the future, after I absorb the bear-strength and channel my powers into a 3-minute MS Paint pic! ...And put on the Daio's clothes...and about 50 pounds.


Valentines? I'm too busy to think about that. Australia Day comes first! (For Australians)

But I guess that already Valentines...What will you do for 'Tines Day?

If you were to travel time, would you rather get a Time-Travelling Delorean or freeze until the year 3000?

How many times do you bash your head on the keyboard?

Have you ever typed on a Wii? (You don't have to own one!)

Have you ever feel like throwing a hanheld consle or a console's controller in rage? (E.G GameBoy, N64)

A question I ask frequently ask" Cake or Pie? *hopes gets high for pie*

When was the earliest age you learnt to cook? (If you have learnt it)

Have a fun day!

I must say, typing such things is trivial on such a console that is the "Wii" you so speak of. What are these "things" you may ask? I'll leave that to you.

But in a more serious tone, I did rage throw a couple of times when I was younger. Mostly handhelds and at my bed. Though, I admit, it wasn't such a good idea, with the bouncing and the flying and the crashing on the ground... at least I can still play stuff on my GBA and DS :V You wanna know why? 'Cause I'm cool like that :V

Also, cake. Even though it's a lie. But I still eat it. It was very... hollow, one might say, but it was exquisite and hope to eat more.

Also also, I learned how to cook when I was in grade 9 and... hold on, my kitchen is on fire again.

3) Frankly, I don't think Earth is sticking around for another thousand, so I'll take the slick ride.

5) Unless I enjoy breaking into other people's homes, yes, you should have to own one.

I was FROZEN today!!!

>It's funny because, this wasn't even from the movie you were referencing.

>I own a Wii, but typing would be futile because my internet service won't allow me to put it online. I'm missing all the good Virtual Console games! Accursed Mobile Broadband.

>I like to cook, but only if I get to eat some of the meal too. Sure, it's fulfilling seeing my family enjoy my edible-efforts, but I'd much rather be full than filled~!

4) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Also Thursdays, Tuesdays, and on the weekends. Hey, that's every day!

5) It is weirdly difficult. Also, autofill is no help.

6) I heard a story of someone actually doing that, and they broke their DS (and the game) and had to get it repaired. Yikes...

7) It kinda depends on my mood. Generally speaking, it'd be cake, but I like pie for Thanksgiving better.

8) I never did learn.

9) Hey thanks buddy!

Love Parallelogram

For Ometon: If "Love Generation" was of interest to you, what do you think of Girls Generation? The youngest are 19 in this picture, but I can find some from a couple of years ago if you want.

I just got me a new wallpaper!... for my house~!

They seem like the Korean version of Rebelde. Also known as an awesome version of awesome~!

Oh Ometon. Thos are so your mannerisms.


Hey, you're getting his perverted gimmick crossed with my perverted gimmick!

"Gimmick"... yes... and that is what you will all believe.

Doki-doki You have raised a fine clone army, Parallelogram, but they are no match for my righteous silver sword! Once unsheathed, I will plow through each and-- Erah, wait. Just for The Ometon? ;_; *wha* He always gets all the Love!

Good golly, how many of these things exist?

LakituAl (Jugem J. for Kirazy and Aljenny for Ometon. Wow, I think I have an identity crisis!)

V. Day's happiness would be so much more enjoyable with Tourette's Guy Valentine Cards (r), wouldn't it?

1.- Why do you dislike ChuChu so much!?

2.- What do you do in case somebody starts quoting Monthy Python non-stop?

3.- How do you kill sun-resistant vampires?

4.- When the avatar function is made available, do you think there will be a ton of Kirby look-a-likes, or people will actually put effort on them?

5.- Did you get any plush bear for Valentine's Day? Or lollipop? Or a rock? Something?

2) ... Join them! I'm a lumber jack and I'm o-kay. I sleep all night and I work all day~ He's a lumber jack and he's o-kay. He sleeps all night and he works all day~

1) Mostly 'cuz I had no idea what she was. Looked like Kirby's sister after a trip through a microwave oven. Yuck.

2) Quite! "She turned me into a newt." "A newt?" "I got better."

3) Stake, holy water, bowie knife (that's what iced Dracula, yo), garlic tainted blood. They're really quite easy to off.

4) I don't think creativity will increase just because they have the option. I mean, people, right now, could have literally anything but choose to put Kirby in a bad wig. Feh!

5) I got exactly what I wanted -- left alone!

1. You see, Jenny, I dislike Chuchu mostly because she's so freakin' hard to draw. Already hard enough to draw anime eyes squeezed onto a kirby-sized octopuss amoeba leave very little room for expressions, or movement. Her overall structure confuses me, and I find her to be difficult to draw without looking too maniacle. Plus she's a tool.

2. Now for something completely different.

4. Lets face it; the avatar function will never be. Pardon my pessimism, but I'm just very, very doubtful.

5. Bimblesnaff! You forget your cactus wife as noted in 'Bag 72!


1) On the contrary! I think Chuchu's great, regardless of what the polls say.

2) "This parrot is no more! It has ceased to be!"

3) Fire.

2. Everyone in the western world just loves Monty Python... simply because they are ignorant to the greatness of the comedic genius that is Mr. Ken Shimura! Just who could forget the wonderful 8:00 Drifters or the fabulous Baka-Dono (other than those who never even heard of those programs; i.e: everyone)? As you can see, he's had a big influence on me~

>>Also, a Valentines Day, as I would have it>>

Baka Daimyo Dono

1) CHUCHU DEFENDERS FORCE. Call now if you are 18 or older.

2) Typically I don't care because frankly I have no clue what they're talking about!

4) I am suddenly feeling very guilty.

5) I got the cutest teddy bear I'd ever seen attached to a balloon that floated for two weeks after. Yowza!


Hello KRR mailbaggers!

1. Why aren't there more bears in Kirby?

2. Why is Valentine's so stupid?

3. what does it take to be a mailbagger?

4. also, what does it take for a question to be answered?

5. who else forgot to get a girlfriend again?

1) You can't have more of X in an alphabet, folks. It's large grouping of several, varied entities. There's not going to be a large population of any one type. There's not many fish. There's not many birds. There's not many cows. Or any, I guess. Moogong is half cow?

2) Valentine's Day isn't stupid. It just seems to be if you are either single or have a needy girlfriend.

3) If you gotta ask, you don't gots it.

4) Surprisingly, not much.

5) Futurama quotes for the winningness. Shpluh!

Wait wait wait... what about me? I asked. Oh right, I'm awesome, that's why. Oooohohohohoho~

1) Ask the Bear Unions. Yeah, they got those.

2) That's what I want to know, although it would be far less stupid if I were far less alone. Then all you solitary suckers would be the stupid! Oh, you pathetic, lonely losers hanging out on a Kirby site on Valemtimes day~! Oh, wait... it isn't even Valentine's anymore...

3) Just do whatever Bazz does, apparently.

4) You would think a question mark, but typically, it is not necessary. Helps, tho'.

5) I would like to retroactively point out that I was the one who originally smattered that Philip J. Fry quote on the MB main page.

Galactic Knight 09

Hiya! I have a couple of questions for you, like usual.

1. On the theme: If you could name a new species of bear, what would you call it?

2. Also on theme: Do you like the Grizzo enemy?

3. Off-theme: What do you think of my comics?

4. Off-theme: If you had a pet Kirby, what would you call it?

Alrighty then, you guys rock! Bye.

1) Cuddle bears. It'd lull people into a false sense of security around them.

2) Does he do anything to make you hate 'em?

3) My reaction upon reading "with increased attack and defense". Hey, I don't have a tablet. Cut me some slack.

Reallies, tho', the only thing I can say on your comic is on it being on KRR. Anywhere else, and I could judge accordingly, but since it's here (and you told me otherwise when you submitted to me), the only thing that I see is more to do with Mega Man in the last ten strips than with Kirby. You could pretty much have a Sumo Bro. there, and most the comic would proceed unchanged. It is an utter failure of a crossover comic, which its title boasts it to be. In fact, I'll probably stop posting them all together. This ain't a Mario or Smash Bros. site; it's a Kirby site. You were told that at the start, and close to a hundred in have barely shared the limelight.

And this is all just a superficial dissection (which I'm heartlessly making public) without even touching deeper into unsavory matters. That's how vicious and unrelenting I am when it comes to judging things upon request.

4) That's a little like saying, "If you adopted a seven year old, what would you call it?" Kinda has a name already.

1) Bear panda. Just to mess with people.

2) He's not really that remarkable. He takes a lot of hits, but that's about it.

3) It kind of reminds me of the sprite comics I used to make when I was younger. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

4) Jigglypuff. Just to mess with people.

1. Hans. Heh, heh. Get it? Bear Hans? ...that wasn't even a Kirazy original punchline.

2. I actually though Grizzo was kind of lame. Oh well, different people like different enemies.

3. I love your sprite comics! What's best about your sprite comics is probably the lack of blotchy sprites, lack of absolute aimlessness, and lack of giving up. So basically, it's what the comic's lacking is what makes it so wonderfully awesome! I guess.

4.Kirazy Jr. Love it!

1. I would call it... Sapporo Bear!

Sapporo Biru

2. I like his RotK replacement better. All hail the Year of the Galbel!

3. Ooooou. That is cold, Bimblesnaff. Making an animation and everything... but I can one-up ya`~! I've only read maybe 10 at most, and then only hastily. From my completely uninformed analysis, I wouldn't mind if the series ended without another pixelated-addition. Of course, being a traditional artist, I have a pretty strong prejudice against sprite comics, in general.

4. Batamon-- just to see Bimblesnaff's head explode.

Aaaaaand that's why I normally leave it to the experts.

Kirazy isn't allowed to play anymore.

Come back when you start sucking as much as the rest of us~!

1) Naked. Pfffhh Naww.

2) We need them in more games! :P

3) I've yet to read them; the same could be said of about 3/4 of the comics on this site.

4) Kirby. Just to-- wait, huh?

Waddle Dee

Hello everybody! Kind of a random theme you chose. Bears? You could've at least had the theme as "Why I think Valentine's Day is a stupid holiday for dumb people." But, that's not up to me (at least, not now).


1). Who is the awesome-est in the Mailbag crew? Please explain.

2). Can you describe the Kirby games in 3 or less words?

3.) Where the heck are my pants? Oh wait, I'm a Waddle Dee. I don't wear pants. Well, if I did wear pants, where would they be?

Thank you for wasting your time for the enjoyment of others.

1) ME! I. Slay. Were-wolfs. Therefore, I'm most awesome-est. Or Diddgery. I mean he's cannon fodder that still lives. How awesome is that?

2) Kawaii desu ne? *is shot multiple times* W-what? It's technically only 3 words!

3) Somewhere hidden in some intricate puzzle in a chest, hoping one day that you'd come back to open it and wear them once more.

1) The Ometon for rigging up the ability for this easier bagging and keeping things at a barely acceptable PG rating.

2) Round, cute, awesome.

3) Hey, now! This is a family website, despite The Ometon's best efforts. Clean up your act.

Oh, wait, you're right. None of them are wearing pants. Well, it looks like Kirby just shot up from an E to M rating. Thanks a lot.

1) Everyone's awesome in their own way. In other words, Diddgery dodges the question.

2) Strange, funny, heartrending.

...No, wait, that's MOTHER 3.

3) You don't need pants if you don't have any legs!

1. Personally, I love Ometon. Mostly so I can use him to make sick jokes without actually looking perverted myself! And that is very handy! But yeah, Ometon and Bimblesnaff can be extremely funny in the bag. Clap clap clap for them.

2. I, don't, and know.

3. Well they couldn't have gone far, they don't just get up and walk away. ...Unless you're in them...

Wow, the one in which everybody actually answers all of the letter's questions!? Who'd have thought?

1) Leirin and/or Qtie4U. Because they are girls and are therefore awesomeness-deserving. 'Nuff said.

2) Pickup, play, repeat.

3) You wear your pants on your head, your shoes on your ears, and your bra on your eyes. Reference? You are King Nikochan!

1) Leirin and/or Qtie4U. Because they are min- errr, second thought... never mind.

2) Well, let's see here, the three basic actions are sucking up enemies, and then either swallowing them or spitting them out at other enemies, so I shall instead end this answer right now.

3) With the way this response has been trending, I really shouldn't touch this 'un.

1) Diddgery <:3c

2) Fun, simple, offbeat

3) Oh, my painted ants! Oh my sainted pants!

Goodness, you're right Daimyo, a letter that has all of its question answered by all the recent mailbaggers... Well, almost. That's insane.

... And again, I would draw a picture, but I'm not in the drawing mood |V


I haved somed questioneds fored you'd!:

1: Does anyone like valentines day here?

2: I never got why everyone was obsessed bears here.

3: I like bare.

4: Is omneton leaving?!!! NO!!!!

0. I haved somed ansurs fored you's!:

1. Its kind of a lame holiday. Pretty boring.

2. Neither did I. (Just play along)

3. It's funny, normally questions end in question marks. Hmm.

4. No. He clearly isn't. I'm not even going to bother with thinking up a snappy answer.

1) I am a fan of discount Valentine's Day candy the day after Valentine's Day.

2) If I had to guess, I'd say it's because they are a strange combination of "cute and fluffy" and "800-pound killing machine."

4) Omneton? Who's Omne--



1: I am omniscient! I know for a fact that no one here likes Valentines Day! Do not question the Daimyo!

2: Everyone is obsessed bears here because bears are the only ones who could obsess over a star-shooting, pink-puff.

3: Yoisho! That's what I like! Give the homonyms some love!

4: No! He is... coming?!!!

1) Hey, free Sweethearts boxes. Enough of a reason to like the holiday.

2) Who are you calling obsessed, pal? We just have a bear theme park, bear t-shirts, bear vinyl action figures and collectibles, bear cartoon show, and-- no, you might be onto something.

4) omg he change NAEM????

2) Truth told, everyone isn't bear obsessed. It was just comedic response on part of me saying, oh, two bags ago that of all the "What's your favorite...?" question types asked, "bear" was never the terminator to the inquiry. Thus, as testament to my awesome presence, the fans answered in droves with a wave of bear related and centric letters.

I control all. Mwahahahaha~!


3) I think Omneton likes bare ...

4) Where am I going? Oh... right...

Now, this 'Bag has more than exceeded the number of inline pictures it should have, so you're just gonna have to imagine my caricature in agony and a lake of fire. Oh, the humani-hilarity~!

One Losing Hope

Do you guys believe that Kirby is going to die in favor of other game series like Pokemon, Mario, and such?

The Game Overthinker, first introduced in Mailbag #67, has exactly the answer you are looking for! (Just be sure to watch the last five seconds, at least.) May not be suitable for youngsters.

Kirby will only die when I sacrifice him at the top of a mountain to appease the sun god. Until then, there's pretty much a fifty/fifty that he'll actually get more games. Probably more like seventy/twenty-nine. The last percent? Yep, sun god food.

Yeah, I think he will. I think this because Kirby... sucks. *rimshot*

... I feels a sense of deja vu. Creepy.

In my opinion, Yes. Very much so. Honestly, a new pokemon game is announced every 2 months. Meanwhile Kirby Wii has been in game'r limbo for far too freakin' long! Get comfortable Kirby!

Goodness Glaciers~!? Deja-vu, for real! I can not believe how old this letter is; It has survived from the past, long time ago when I last bagged! And here, I thought you guys just deleted my words! My opinion has changed somewhat, from my initial comment-- I see new Mario and Pokemon games in the near future, but where is Kirby?

I'm afraid so, though I'd like to think otherwise. Even if it doesn't survive as a franchise... it will survive... in our hearts.

How can you guys all be so pessimistic? A new Kirby game's come out every other year for quite some time now! Sure, KSSU was a remake, but... if all things go well, there should be a new Kirby game on the horizon.

...I hope...

Soft Cookie

I haven't been to this site in some time (I'm not even a member but I love this site and I love Kirby) therefore I'm not sure who will be answering this mailbag. But nonetheless, I am a large, round, chocolate chipped green cookie with a face, that sits in an ice cream cone. And I am happy to grace you with my minty presence.

1: Speaking of Valentine's day, if I were to see Kirby, I'd ask him if he'd be my Valentine♥ (as long as he promised not to eat me if he got too hungry...)

2: Who's your Valentine?

3: I think Gooey needs more love. Do you?

4: That Wander Across Total Oblivion thing is fun! (I will admit though, that out of desperation, I did use Bogg to break my fall at one point. Sorry if my cone stabbed you too hard) What I'm asking is this: Why is that creepy, creepy Chet guy holding a roll of tape? (or as the story put it, his Duct Tape o' Doom) Is it perhaps, something to patch up the sound barrier with just in case he breaks it with his incessant rambling? *laughs histerically*

5: Who's your favorite character in KDL3? By that I mean the characters that give you the Heart Stars, not the Animal Friends.

That is all. Take care, all you men who are unworthy of my nonexistant hand. *laughs again*

3. Don't worry 'bout that, Kine's love will be sufficient, as shown earlier.

5. My favorite is probably Caramello, the egg dude who wants to count the Gordos with faces. He's coo'.

5) I'd say Pick, but she kind of counts as an animal friend, so... the mushroom, Geromazudake. What a mouthful of a name!

1) Asking Kirby not to devour you is like telling the sun not to rise.

2) Well, seeing as I'm currently within Kirby's stomach sac...

3) Gooey, and all the rest of the cast under his same directorial umbrella known as the Dark Matter Trilogy cannot get anymore love for Nintendo gave 'em the cold shoulder. Search for it in Gurus. It's hard not to find one answer explaining it.

4) Curse my spongy, soft form making the perfect pitfall peril prevention!

5) I like the snail. No idea why... His name is too long and cumbersome to even bother with, so I shan't.

Soft Cookie

I will draw you! Kakikukeko~! Take that Kirazy!! I'll show you who can cram the most art into a single mailsack session!

...Aiya!? Still not enough to overcome your immense numbers? Oh well, just you wait-- Until next time, Kadget, next time~!!!

0) Don't mind if I do. *KRUNCH*

1) The last Valentines Day of your life

2) My Valentine is happiness! *more crickets*

4) Son, you don't wanna know.

5) I like the angel and the Chuchu fanboy.

Closing Statments: Ugh, I gotta make a separate Artbag feature to eat some of this Art. Youse guys are gettin' in the way of our words! Can't you see how popular words are on this site? Just look at the rampant activity in the Fan Fics area!... oh, wait.

Theme Alert! Well, we may very well breeze right past Patty's Day, too, before the next release. In any event, I am going to ask you, the reader, a question: What exactly is a Pep Brew made of?

Wanna send your own letter to The Rainbow Resort Mailbag? You can!

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