January 18th, 2010

Happy one between zeros year every-every! Y'know what the new year will bring the old 'Bag? Nothing~! Now onto the same-old same-old!

Um, except with, y'know, a new person. Curse my own words proving my other words wrong!

From the IF Contests and Gallery comes newcomer Qtie4U and her cuddly Cooky avatar! Her screen name has been made light of here before, because she sent in a letter and, well, I'm here. She ranges from fairly to very awesome.

This guy still has a job here? I've been throwing my spare change at him!

This guy's still alive? I've been throwing poisoned spare change at him! I don't think he ever got over that little spat of eating quarters.

- Ometon


Hey, hey, hiddily do...

Anyway, if you do start having more new people to the mailpouch than just one person, there might actually start being more "what is your favorite attack for the stone ability in superstar", that would be mostly aimed at the new person.

Therefore, I'm not really going anywhere with that except this:

What is your favorite anything?

Now that that's out of the way, why is Kirby's Dreamland 3 just a worse version of Kirby 64 with better characters? Okay maybe I was just outta practice but having to go through an entire level, losing at a minigame, then having to go through the entire level again 8 times is a dumb idea.

Oh, wait, that's what retro games were made of, wasn't it? Dying at one crucial point at the very end, and having to go through the entire game again due to a lack of save features...

Okay I'm done with that. Anyway the next year will bring kitties and sunshine. 2011 will have constant clouds and dull suff. 2012 will have raining ducks.

0) I suppose that could be the case, but I'm sure that by reading the usual reactions to "what is your favorite _____" questions the average mailbag reader should get the hint that they're not exactly the most creative or interesting things that could be asked. By the way, Stone's best attack is falling on things.

1) My favorite flavor of slush-based beverage is blue.

2) Shut your filthy mouth.

0) No wai, Didge! Stone's créme o' crop is undeniably Turbo Stone! It's like stone, only faster! ... *cough*

1) I adore nothing more than the spicy flair Mongolian offers. That's, uh, for buffets... Why did I pause there? Odd...

2) Dream Land 3 is awesome. Yes, the mini-game repetition gets on my nerves, too, but it's far from the worse out there. I mean, several games from my time (I refuse to call them retro! I just call the nowadays "garbage") expected all that from the player with no saving to boot. Really, players just got spoiled.

3) I beat all that sullen suff is what causes the ducks to leak so badly. Wait a sec... liquid coming from ducks? ... Eeew!

0) Isn't there only one attack with stone ability? I use stone as an attack and as guard. Or did you mean form? It'll be probably the rare Mario statue.

1) Favourite anything? I love songs of Owl City now.


2) Sorry, but I've never played Kirby 64. I did play Kirby Dreamland 3 and I enjoyed it.

0) Super Star tried to merit multiple Stone uses, such as dropping from the air and making stars rise up on either side, and the aforementioned Turbo Stone which I think just made you petrify instantly without any transformation time.

1) I think Simone Simons ranks as my favorite anything right now. Yeah, a metal mezzo-soprano vocalist! Aren't you shocked I didn't answer something like this?

Violated Rules


Umm... I havent posted on a mailbag before so lets see what happenz.

1. Do you like cheese?

2. Who was the hardest and who was the easiest final boss in any kirby game you have played?

3. What is you favourite flavour of ice cream?

4. What is you favourite kind of bear?

Sorry if i am being annoying.


1) I like it, but it doesn't like me. It puts sugar in my gas tank, keeps giving me crank calls, and egged my place last Halloween. Why won't it love me?

2) To me, the most difficult final boss stretch is in Dream Land 2 with possessed Dedede and (Real) Dark Matter (Knight). Having to get up close and personal is much harder than just shooting at the boss. Easiest is Super Star just 'cuz of blocking. "Oh, an easily avoided unblockable black hole attack? How will I ever survive."

3) Peanut butter cookie dough. If you thought that just using plain ol' dough was good enough, you need kicked in the face.

4) It liiives! Keep in mind, folks, that "panda" and "koala" are not bear types. That being said, mine is teddy.

1) I'm neutral towards it.

2) Agreeing on DL2 having the hardest final boss, but I'm going to say Dark Zero in Squeak Squad is the easiest.

3) Mint chocolate chip.

4) Teddie. Or Horned Teddiursa. He may be my evil doppelganger, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate him!

1) I like cheese, but not all types of cheese. Doesn't cheese contain a lot of fat? I actually shouldn't complain. I live in Holland (CHEESE COUNTRY!) after all and I'm not fat.

2) Hardest: Galactic Knight (vs Kirby). Easiest: Wispy!

3) ICE CREAM, YEAH! I prefer the fruity types!

4) Panda, definitely. They're so cute! I don't care if they're lazy! Wait!? Pandas are no bears!? Awwwww, too bad. :(


Why arn't I getting my activation email? I've had it resent like 7 times but it won't come. Its the same for the forum activation email, so

I can't post in the forums. WHY???

It is probably coming; your e-mail service is just spam blocking it. While I would like to fault your service for spam blocking legitimate e-mail, I think I'd rather fault you for being on the internet in 2010 and somehow not knowing to whitelist an e-mail address you aren't receiving an activation e-mail from instead of trying resending seven blutty times! Honestly, man!

Because there's no better way to get an immediate response to your technical issue than asking a bi-weekly feature that is intended as entertainment. Who that visits Rainbow Resort doesn't want to read about how you can't get an activation email. Those easily registered by knowing basics are just on the edge of their seat to get juicy letters like this.

Seriously, we need some sort of technical FAQ here. Oh, wait, they could just email any staffer for an immediate response. Nevermind.


Well, I hope these questions won't be considered lame...

1. Do any of you have a favorite spectator sport?

2. What's your favorite fire enemy?

3. What do you think of side scrolling shooters?

4. Finally, do you have a least favorite ability?

0) Well, I got some bad news for you, spontaneous children friend.

2) Ifrit! Oh, no, wait, Efreeti! He's so stupid yet awesome at the same time, and that type of combo can't be broken.

3) Abadox forever, yo. Get that princess outta that planet's butt! Of course, it's only 50% side scrolling shooter. The other half is top-down shooter. As long as it's not first person shooter. Shudder to think...

4) Wheel. Have you ever told yourself, "Boy, I sure wanna use Wheel in an area that wasn't designed for it!" No, you haven't, and that's why it's stupid. And, yes, I do hold the power to answer for you.

2) I'm gonna have to go with Q*Bert Hothead.

3) Never really cared for them, and probably never will. They're just not my type of game.

4) Freeze always felt kind of pointless to me.

1) Er... Sport? I have no knowledge of sport, sorry. (and I suck at it pretty badly)

2) Burnin' Leo, I think. Because you can be friends with them! (Yaay!)

4) Copy, you can only copy things, which is boring. (KIRBY CAN ALREADY COPY!)

1) Pro-wrestling is considered a sport, right?

2) Fire Lion

3) Side-scrolling anythings are better than the otherwise-scrolling varieties.

4) I really hate bomb. Gotta loathe abilities that shoot over the intended target.


Hello, real superheroes of America. Wait, you guys are mailbaggers, not mailmen. 2010, eh? Kirby Wii will finally come out! On February 30th, of course. It will also bring the start of a new decade! Um....yay?

1. What was one of the worst theories about Galacta Knight you ever heard?

2. What was the most memorable Kirby game music?

3. What was the most memorable boss battle?

4. What are your New Year's resolutions?

Happy New Year!

0) It's nice to have dreams, isn't it?

1) Either the one that XionGaTaosenai quoted a few sessions back, or any theory that makes Galacta Knight out to be Meta Knight and/or Kirby's relation.

3) I'm assuming you mean from the Kirby series (and even if you don't, I'm going to go with it anyways since otherwise we'd be here all day). Uh, let's see... Meta Knight in Adventure definitely qualifies, as does Masked Dedede in Super Star Ultra and Ado in Dream Land 3. But I think I'm going to have to go with Dark Matter in Dream Land 2 for potentially being the most difficult boss fight in the entire series.

0) Hey, don't think I won't bribe calendar companies to go and add days to the second month. I don't have anything else to blow my income on. Of course, since everyone has already printed and sold said day counters, I'll have to investigate this time travel phenomenon. But, by the time I crack that nut in twenty or so years of devout research, Kirby Wii probably will be out. ... Who am I kidding? Time to hit the books!

1) I've deleted so many from Ask the Gurus that they've all blurred. One of the most ridiculously horrible ones involved the son of Kirby and Meta Knight (I wasn't asking) traveling back in time to be sealed away by NOVA. Of course, that might have been a joke Ometon or I made about how bad fan theories got.

2) Green Greens is the only terrain that demands respect with its theme. Rock, rock on.

3) Cut those dark orbs, boooyyyeeeee. Why am I talking like that?

4) To complete any unfinished information or out of date pages at this site, in sections that I am versed in, before next January.

0) I'm sorry for not being an American...

2) THIS!

3) Probably Meta Knight in Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland. I can't beat him with a sword!

5) You too Happy New Year!


1.Have you seen District 9? Did you like it?

District 9 was a good movie, even if it wasn't the movie I was expecting. I prolly woulda liked it a lot more if garbáge like Parks and Recreation didn't make me so blutty opposed to those pseudo-documentary, single camera setups.


Hey,it's me again.Yeah that bear trap stopped me for a while but then I remembered I don't have feet...but anyway nobody cares about that so on to the questions.

1.What's your favourite kind of bear?

2.Are you happy now Bimblesnaff? Are you happy?

3.Gee prisons these days eh? Letting Ometon use a computer is ridiculous isn't it?*Gasp*Unless his prison IS the computer! Wait this isn't much of a question...

4.Ometon why are you in prison?

5.Why were we told there was going to be a new crew when it was just Kirazy? Don't get me wrong he's funny but you should have said new guy?

6.Do any of you read Terry Pratchett's discworld books? Or any books?

7.Draw something. I COMMAND THEE!

Oh no I'm rambling. I feel old!

8.Must...fight...insanity...WHAT IS THE SQUARE ROOT OF DENTAL FLOSS?

Well I'll just be leaving now. You don't have to look that pleased! Anyway if you want to stop me coming back you'll have to come up with something more imaginitive than bear traps(how did I set them off without feet anyway?). And no Bimblesnaff, death of a thousand cuts won't work. I HAVE NO SKIN! Bye. Please don't hate me.

2) No, 'cuz someone already asked that question, and asking twice makes me a sad panda. PS: I'm a panda.

3 & 7) Ometon in the Computer

8) Dental floss is a linear object and thus is naturally one, meaning that its ²root is 1. Or hamburger.

9) No feet, no skin. Dude, you sound like a bleeding nightmare. Literally bleeding, too, given your listed lackings.

5) Forgotten

7) Yes I will, SIR!

6) I've read the first three Discworld books. Planning on reading the rest later. Though I'm a bit disheartened that you had to ask if any of us read books in general. Of course we read!

7) something

1) Sad Pandas are my favorite bear-type. Regular pandas are not, in fact, bears, but sad ones are.

4) I misread "yards" for "feet". Jail for me againe~!

7) Best. Something. Ever! Why isn't that (some)thing mopping up the competition in Simply Ungifted right now?

I haven't drawn any full color manga lately, so I thought I could draw this one.

Oh, wait. You're probably a guy? ._.

Sorry for drawing this. Maybe Ometon will like it?



Want to know what's happening to the Hoshie no Kaabii epicsodes? This is what one of the Kirby fans said- "A while ago at the site Kirby's Rainbow Resort there was this lady known as Ivyna J Spyder (commenly known as Ivy) who did the subbing. Over time she slowed down, and now the episodes as pretty much at a standstill. The last episode (done a year ago) was episode 66. One day I hope that either someone does the job or I can do it for them. Many people, like myself, fear that the rest may never be subbed :(" ~luvkirby4ever on You Tube

What kind of Kirby stuff do you have? (other then the games)

Can I see Bimblsnaff (I think that how you spell it) explode? (go boom)

I seen some of you on DA. >:3

See ya! :D

1) I think that person asked me what the dealio was and pretty much took that text straight out of my Gurus reply. I mean, some of the phrase sounds like how I said it. Wait, how is that a question? You're telling us what's happening on our own site? I think we've been aware for some time now.

2) Games. Oh, other than. Uh... game booklets?

3) No. My head only goes boom when confronted with an outlandish or unbelievable circumstance or proposal. You should know that by being an exploding head fan.

4) What the!?

That was from an unrelated brain aneurysm.

2) Um... My drawings...?

3) What's so great of seeing someone explode...? I'd rather draw Gobbo with my famous cute face!


2) A few years back a fast food restaurant- Wendy's, I think- had kid's meal toys that tied in with the anime, so I have a few of those. And then I have a few plushes and little figurines. And some other assorted things, too... I'm such a geek.

4) Oh great, the one thing I've never wanted: a creepy stalker.


Hmmm... I think that 2010 will bring in a record number of repeat questions in the guru section AND in the mail bag! XD

So, how do YOU think Kirby would fare against the following PowerPuff Girls characters?

1. The PowerPuff Girls,

2. Him,

3. Mojo Jojo,

4. The Gangreen Gang,

5. The Amoeba Boys,

6. The RowdyRuff Boys,

7. Fuzzy Lumpkins,

8. Princess, and

9. #2, #3, #7, and #8 at the same time (AKA the Beat-Alls)

Please Please PLEASE answer this question!

I must know!

*puppy dog eyes*

Oh, and how do I submit ar- *sliced by final cutter*

Since when do any of us use Final Cutter? I don't recall pointies and prickles doing any slicing-dicing.

#) Since Kirby is eight inches tall, all Power Puff related characters could just step on him.

Man, I hate these types of questions.


Hello those at the mailbag, I humbly request you answer my questions.

1) Do you ever use the KRR forums?

2) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

3) What is your favorite pokemon, and what would happen if it was swallowed by kirby?

Yours truthfully,


1) Rarely. Once I realized the special staff board had next to zero activity, I stopped visiting daily. Then weekly. I think I'm near monthly?

2) How much kicking could your face endure before withdrawing the inquiry?

3) Kirby would become likened to said pocketed monster. I mean, doesn't he just wear Pikachu's scalp in Smash Bros.? That but not yellow.

1) I've never did, but I just saw it once.

3) I don't like Pokémon, I'm too old... Some cute Pokémon is good enough for me. I think Kirby will just get its ability, like SSB.

3) Twenty-six. Still like Pokémon.

If Kirby ate one of 'em li'l tykes, he'd get an endless stream of games with roughly the same gameplay each time, a bunch of auxiliary side-games, and a horrible anime with grating characters. Soooooo Kirby would just be more of the same, I guess.

1) The forums and I go way back. There was once a time where I was actively posting nearly every day. Nowadays, though, you'd be lucky to see my lurking, let alone actually posting.

3) What're you talking about, Qtie? You're never too old for Pokémon!

I think I've said it before a few times, but since it bears repeating my favorite is Slowbro. Slowbro-Kirby would have the Shellder as a hat-- no wait, that'd be Slowking. Then I don't know. Stop asking silly questions!


I am a girl. And I love Kirby. That's all I'm telling you.

1. I don't understand how in Kirby Squeak Squad, Kirby can use paint to make himself a different color. The pores on his skin would close up, and he wouldn't be able to breathe. And the paint would chip off.

2. If in the Amazing Mirror and Air Ride there are many different "Kirbies", what would you call them? Kirbies?

*I think Kirazy, Ometon, and Bimblesnaff are the funniest people on the site. Just saying.

1) You're questioning realistic properties in a game about a flying marshmallow and lives on a star? Besides, the stuff is "color spray", ain't it? Not paint. It's more like an artificial tan spray.

2) Kirbies, also spelled Kirbys in the Amazing Mirror booklet.

3) You mean, there's other people?!

1) Pores? Kirby has those?

3) Funny v. Not Funny

0) I could see that with your name only...

3) I'm sorry again for being lame!


0) Because your screen name contains "girl", I assumed you were a dude. And because you told us you were a girl -- and this is the internet -- I am still going to assume that you are a dude. And old one, too.

3) This is going into my file to prove the theory I have that anyone can be in the Mailbag and thought of as funny, despite actual effort put into it. Well, 'cept Kirazy, who is actually funny.

This is the reason I try to keep the crew rotating and fresh; it prevents the old Mailsack's celebrity problem. I really gotta automate the last leg of this Mailbag thing so I can unqueue myself as well.

Lost Hero

2010 has a 1/3 chance of chaos and peril rising from the very gates of Hell, and a 1/6 chance of the land of ponies and magical adventures coming into reality. Either way, I'm staying inside.

With that out of the way, let's move onto the questions, shall we?

1. Who do you want to meet most in the world and why? (girlfriends are excluded for sake of variety.)

2. What's your favorite type of bear?

3. Why in the world do people ask you questions that are in no way related to Kirby?

Thank you for your time and patience. I'm sorry if I made any mistakes in grammar and/or spelling. Have a nice day!


Lost Hero

1) Oh, trust me, I'd have no intention of forming a relationship with her- * Ome-spiked *

2) Bearalei. Inside jokes are go!

4) Apologizing for grammatical error? Don't ask for forgiveness. Just don't flub it.

0) What about the other 3/6ths? Is that the chance 2010 has of ceasing to exist? Waitaminute, it is already 2010! * poof *

Bimblesnaff 2) Gruh-roh~!

3) Consult Mail Bag generation current - 1 for why.

Actually, it started before them, but I still like to blame them for everything I can. Solar flares? Last Mailsack crew~!

1) Oh, there's all sorts of people I'd love to meet. The real issue here is figuring out what I'd even say to one of them upon our meeting. I can be as vague as I want, shut up!

3) That's the main difference between the Mailbag and Gurus, isn't it? Gurus is your one-stop Kirby question destination, and the Mailbag is... well, it's the Mailbag.

4) I love how the people who have the least reason to apologize about grammar and spelling problems are always the ones who do.

1) I would like to meet A-- THAT'S NONE OF YOU BUSINESS!!

Just so it's clear, my rightful birth name is A Hyphen Hyphen. >_> <_< >_>

No, no, no... I seriously don't like Bimblesnaff.

Beat Up


Hi moneybags- (-lvl-)

I've always wished for 2010 to be brighter than 2009. Yesterday was sunny for odd reason...(-ll~)

-My buddy made a theory that the Green Greens in Melee and Brawl was actually planned to be a Panel De Pon-stage, falling blocks representing the two-player mode.

Heck, it even has a rainbow leading to stage from background, referencing at Lip running on rainbows! (Or Yoshi in Tetris Attack)

Mountains below might have been the lands of other Popple Fairies-

So, what do you think?

By the fact that no one (else) answered this letter, I'ma guess the current crew don't know what Panel De Pon is. This is just like all those times when the previous crew would get all confused and not knowing what a question asker was asking: Of course, back then, such questions were about Rainbow Resort...

LakituAl (or JugemJenny for Kirazy!)

If Kirby Wii comes out this year, I'll hug Ometon, I swear!

1.- Hey guys, what is your favorite kind of bear?

2.- Do you have any favorite flower?

3.- Is it wrong of me to have a favorite flower?

4.- If your food drops to the floor, do you follow the "3 second rule" or you just leave it there?

2) Mine's chocolate!

4) Considering that rule is complete fiction, I throw away food that falls onto the floor more often than not.

1. My, my, these questions aren't so original!

2. I don't know. Some pretty flowers? As long if they're colorful!

3. Of course it's not wrong to have your favorite flower! Why should it be?

4. I actually follow that rule, but now Didgi says it's not true, I think I won't follow that rule anymore.

(Didgi, do you mind that I say that? It's much easier that Diddgery! Didgi sounds cute too! :D)

0) Ometon typically allows hugs from Jennies. Don't let me down, Nintendo~! Although not so much the Als... or Aljennies...

1) The same question again? What is this, a new meme I don't know about or something? Which I guess would make it any meme?

2) After careful consideration, I have determined that my original response is too horrible to state here. Instead, I shall simply state -- with one extra layer of abstraction -- that my favorite flower is a letter of the alphabet :D

4) Publicly, food on the ground is unsanitary and disgusting and should be thrown away or to the birds. Privately, floor soup is still tasty.


"No touching zeroes? This is madness!" "Madness? THIS - IS - 2010!!!" *kick*

Sorry about that. I couldn't think of anything witty to say. You insults are justly deserved.

1. If the universe doesn't end by the time that Kirby Wii is released, what do you want from it?

2. What's your opinion on the power-combo system in Kirby 64? Why do you think it wasn't in any more games?

3. Kirazy, how come you're the only one who does awesome pictures anymore?

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to blow myself up with an explosion of fireworks that will be visible from several countries. Ciao.

0) That remark is so unworthy, it doesn't even deserve our mocking.

1) Everything I've said before! No, really, there's four-at-once action and stacking. I'm good. I don't hold unrealistic expectations like it'll be the fourth in the lost Shimomura era.

2) They don't do anything like that anymore 'cuz, shock, there's more than eight abilities. Pets were effectively power combos. Rather than piecing and mixing, they opted to just give the player a flat-out choice of what ability to use. Want Laser? Don't get Spark and Chuchu. Just grab a Laserball. And don't anyone think for a second that Squeak Squad had any type of power mixing. All it did was add "elements" to abilities. Nothing spectacular.

3) Hey, yeah, directly ask the individual who is not any of the people encompassed by the situation. Winner! Anyhoo, Daimyo did awesome pictures 'cuz he went crazy with effort in them. Kirazy has a tablet and thus can pic-make on the fly. The Bros. Bogg both use traditional mediums, meaning first we gotta draw it, then ink it, then other stuff, then scan it, then fix it, blah. It's not worth going through that trouble for most Mail Sack jokes which can be summed up in a few words. That, or maybe I'm cranky and old. Hey, you kids. Get off my lawn!

Broom Chase

Whoop whoop whoop!

1) Just having a Kirby platformer on a home console again is good enough for me.

3) I... I draw stuff in MS Paint sometimes......

0) XD

3) I'm sorry... I'm addicted to KRR chat right now.

Waitaminute, KRR chat? Why wasn't I informed of this on your Mailbag application? And why don't you look anything like the picture on your application? And why did I make up a fake application for you with Simone Simons' head superimposed over Simone Simons' body?

Time to unveil the new Cooky Cannon! Diddgery, would you do the honors?

Cooky Cannon


There is a rumor that Kirby Right Back At Ya! will be redubbed by a different company.

Huh. At first I thought, "What a load of utter garbage. I haven't heard anything about that." Then I remembered, I don't care about that. So, I looked into.

Yep, folks. There is truth behind this. Isn't not written in stone, but you have to remember just how old this series really is. FUNimation, who does do entire re-dubs of animé, possibly may do this and possibly uncut/in the right order.

But, like I said, nothing is certain on this. It could blow over and never be. Even as it is, it seems they'd only release the series on DVD, not air them. Frankly, I'm indifferent. It wasn't oddball Spanish accents that ruined the show for me.

... maybe if they at least got the King's name pronounced right, tho'...


how do i figure out the chatroom feature? im confused. i guess im just used to the old one when krr was hosted by classicgaming. would appreciate alil help. thanks!

Um, I was not aware that anything had changed with the chat room since KRR moved hosts. At all. I mean, still at the same place; still the same page. Are you simply not updating your bookmarks or something that remarkably negligent?

I just went in, and it worked fine. Of course, you need to have a Java plug-in in your browser (fairly standard) and you have to accept to run the Java application (may require some minor security privileges), but it works. I guess some super-strict parental controls could keep you out, tho'. These wouldn't have anything to do with the move, per se, but would rather be coincidental.


K, I have a few questions/other:

1. Why is kirazy doing all the drawing? Although, I love his artwork, I like seeing all of you draw.

2. K, who bets kirby wii will come out within the next decade?

3. Why does HAL keep making spinoffs, when they could be making KIRBY WII!?

4. Why don't people follow your guide lines?Wait, then it wouldn't be funny never mind. scratch 4.

BYE!!! -Gooey(not the old admin. I bet you know that!)

3) Spin offs? Is this the '90s? The only games made within the stalled title's time were a remake and Smash Bros., which I don't think heavily invested the Kirby team. They haven't been pouring out ball game after ball game like they did in the last decade, so that's not distracting them.

4) It started purring. What a friendly number four. Too bad I'm allergic to four dander and will have to take it to the pound.

5) See, that's the problem with overly generic user names. I'm not blaming you. I'm blaming both of you.

1) This is the mailbag, not the art-bag. That's why we make mail! Wait, that doesn't make sense. Welp, time to officially rename this thing the Word-Bag~!

And doesn't KRR have a gallery for that other sort of thing? And from all members instead of just a few blokes who usually scrawl and poorly scan stuff? *cough* Gobbo and me *cough*

2) Ten years is a long time... I'm still not putting money on it, tho'.


Hi all. So first off, the theme. What might this year bring for Kirby? ...Hmm, it goes without saying it probably won't bring Kirby Wii. But maybe it'll bring another great Kirby game like Kirby Air Ride 2! ...Maybe that's a bit too hopeful, but you never know. He's gotta appear on the Wii (outside VC) sometime soon!

Y'know, I tried sending a question to Guru. Though it wasn't directly responded to, I think I still got an answer all the same through a responce to someone else's question. So, uh, thanks! But seriously though, is there a big difference between Mailbag and Guru? Bimblesnarf seems to be a bit more serious in Guru, but other then that, I could've asked the same question here and had it possibly answered by more than one person! So can you tell me what the DEFINING difference is between Guru and Mailbag?

Also, this is a little late, but I really want to thank the Daimyo! A few mailbags ago, he actually drew something based off one of my friend's letters. I personally believe that having the Daimyo draw a picture based off your letter is the highest sign of honor you could possibly recieve here. So thanks a ton for bestowing said honor upon my friend, Daimyo!

1)Frankly, we all thought that Kirby had to appear on Game Cube "some time soon" before the Wii came out. You know, outside of Air Ride. On the subject, the general consensus I got from that game was that it wasn't that appreciated.

2) The defining difference used to be that Gurus was:
• Informative
• Entertaining
• Released multiple times a week
• Pertained to Kirby
• Was cared about

Then, the second shoe fell (don't ask what was the first) and I moseyed on into the Mail Bag with all the wackiness. However, as about all the good questions dried up, the releases spaced apart. Now, it's pretty much just a wait until the Guru hole has a wall built over it once again, never to be opened.

3) I think a greater honor is being bitten by me!

Bite PB

You're welcome!

redd xx

back again i am.

1)bimblesnaff,...what's your favorite beaar?

2)can kirazy make another...i dunno... 50 comics or something?

3)i read the comic guidelines and it said "try not to use sprites from 2 different grafic..whatevers" and i want to know,what if thers's a sprite on 1 bit thing only and i was doing another bit comic(for example if i was doing a 16 bit comic and i wanted to use chuckie but he's only 8 bit)?

now coment time!(not exited)

ometon what you said last time for mailbag,that was exactly what i was talking about,you don't care (and forget about my old q. 3)

bimblesnaff,... your welcome(qustion 1)

and then we must depart for now ... x cakes to you all (you eat them) (they taste delicios)

4) Yeah, nice to see you get jokes. In case you are morbidly confused by what this bloke is babblin' about, it is redd's letter from last time without making any reference as to context, which is really handy for those viewers just tuning in.

At any rate, we obviously do have some amount of care since we are here instead of going the easy route and doing nothing; we just do not care for the annoying sorts and instead give them short, sardonic answers. Really simple, really. After all, we're in it for the gold nuggets and not those other kind.

And it is really hard to forget about your question three when I answered it already. I wish the rest of the world worked like that...

"That sandwich will be one-fifty."

"Nah, I'll pass. I already ate it, sucker!"

1) Any bear who will eat people for asking this.

2) I'm afraid the Kirazy comic has been discontinued. Instead, stay tuned for Kirazy Interpretive Dance.

3) The suggestion was meant in that some folks do it all the time with backgrounds and characters mismatching just out of sloth. Of course if an only old character where to appear they'd have to be an older sprite. Of course, here's my real suggestion: ... Don't make a sprite comic.


Yo, Mailbaggers! It's nice to finally send in a question to this hillarious group.

But enough flattery, time for the reason that I came here in the first place.

Kirby Wii, the stacking element looks like a great idea, and I'm certain that it'll be a fun game, but really, isn't it really just the same Kirby formula reused with a new gimmick? And that was only what we saw back in the old trailers. Perhaps the reason that it's taking so long for them to release the game is because it's entered some sort of Development Hell trying to come up with something really innovative, like a true 3D Kirby experience.

This is all theory of course, which leads to my first question.

1. If you had a say in the matter, would you accept the current product of Kirby Wii expanded into the full game? Or would you rather continue to wait while they finished something like a well done Kirby 3D?

2. If you could add one thing to the Kirby Universe that would be in future games, what would it be?

3. Likewise, if you would remove one thing from all future games, what would it be? (Guessing that Boggy wants to ditch Metaknight or Gip.)

4. What original name would you give Kirby Wii for it's release? (Rather then just overused "Name" Wii)

5. Would you play an extra Kirby mode in any Kirby game with helpers, where you play through the entire game as a helper of your choice? Like a cross between Metaknightmare and Helper to Hero.

6. If so, who would you pick?

7. How did you get to be on the Mailbag in the first place? (Squeaky Bogg and Ometon obviously get by with their stunning good looks and rapier wit.)

8. Gobbo, Back in the older G'ru pages, Ometon would just pop up out of nowhere and say, all together now: ...What? And you would also have witty comebacks and alternate personalities talk with you while you answered questions. You don't seem to do that much anymore. You just seem bored and irritated. As Ometon would say... Why? did mounds of boring, lazy Noob questions burn you out?

9. Last one, do you find intelligently written questions to be a breath of fresh air?

0) It's nice that you read Gurus/Mailbag and quote me. I've only mentioned how many types of developmental road blocks that are certain explanations? Anyhoo, it's not going to be any kind of 3D experience. The game is 2.5D, just like Crystal Shards was -- all the depth of 3 but the laid road of 2.

1) Truthfully, I'd rather they released it for Game Cube. Who knows what type of snags they hit when trying to fix it into Wii-Mote functionality. The game simply, at this precise moment in time, be unable to just be thrown out onto shelves. I mean, it's almost a Kirby tradition that he gets about the last title released for a system before the next Nintendo console comes out. Should have stuck to the trend.

2) I'd like characters other than Meta Knight to get a possible player spot. One can only wonder what would have happened if Crystal Shards actually followed through on the Dedede, Dee, an' 'Deleine as fully playable.

3) No, Meta Knight is fine when used right (villain!), and even Gip wouldn't even be minded if he didn't exclusively appear in remakes to steal Bounder's spot. Of course, there's no real titles left for that to happen in, so that wish is already granted. Nay, the embargo I would want enacted is no animated series references. I don't care how deep or faint. Just... just no.

4) The name's pretty much reflect what is involved in the game (at least, that's consistently so in Japan) Dream Spring, Squeak Squad, Crystal Shards, etc. As the game isn't really in-line with the Dream Land series to warrant a #4, until some solidified details on the basic storyline is known, a name would be pointlessly stupid to fabricate on zero information.

5) Here's the thing about that: you're pretty much playing the game, founded on getting multiple abilities, with one. Going through a re-hash of the Arena works in that respect as it's a time trial and test of skill. In Meta Knightmare, entire parts of levels are cut off or changed. His weapon is changed to have pounding, breaking, and igniting abilities. They're honestly bending over backwards. Or, the player could just snag Beam and keep holding on to it. Sounds easier.

7) People quit, I stepped in. My good looks is what kept me in this spot.

8) Gurus took a nose dive once I got in Mailbag. Most my zaniness and such was directed here rather than there. Additionally, I use to take just about everything that came my way. Now, I throw out a good deal of utter stupidity as I scrape by trying to salvage the professionalism and name that Ask the Kirby Gurus once held. I... assume it had some at one time. Plus, the bottom-o-barrel questions ain't helpin' my mood.

9) Nay, inquirer, I find them not to be identified as a gas but correctly structured word groupings.

0) I'm not sure if we're ever going to get anything better than City Trial in Air Ride. It's a shame, but what can ya do.

1) I'd be cool with it as-is so long as it just comes out. I mean, it's been nearly a decade since Kirby's last platformer on a home console, anything would be nice around now.

2 & 3) I'm agreeing with Bimblesnaff on both accounts- especially the suggestion of other playable characters besides Kirby and Meta Knight. Playable Dedede, anyone?

4) Kirby Forever.

7) I did the right thing at the right time for all the wrong reasons.

9) Just because a question is intelligently written does not mean it's an intelligent question. Keep that in mind, okay?

8) Back in the day, I was a secret. I was simply that "blue and white spikey thing" instead of the Ometon. Technically, I still am a secret what with all the secrecy surrounding me. Yup, that's the reason I drive around in an unmarked van -- secrecy~!

Closing Statments: Huh, nothing horrible rounded off this session. How unusual. Of course, enough horribleness ensued during the 'Bag itself, so I guess all's good (or whatever the opposite of that is -- what am I, a thesaurus?).

Theme Alert! It looks like we're coming up on Valentines Day. I freakin' hate Valentine's Day. In the immortal words of Philip J. Fry: "I forgot to get a girlfriend again." And yes, I know it is still a month away as of this writing. Doesn't change a whole lot.

Instead, the theme will be bears. Now that I tell you to talk about them, you prolly won't. And why aren't there more bears in Kirby? Remember that Panda(man)s don't count.

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