December 28th 2009

Welp, only three days left in '09, so of course Nintendo delivered on their much-hyped promise and released the new Kirby game, right? No? What a surprise~! I was so legitimately expecting that thing that I totally didn't put up a sarcastic countdown on the main page until it was not released!

Welp, onto the Mailbag!

Kirazy is back! Is anyone surprised? He is only the greatest thing since to hit the 'Bag since sliced bread, which I somehow think he is responsible for. Fun fact: He is also a few centuries old, apparently. While sittin' with a loaf one day, he said aloud "These things should be smaller, dag-nabbit!" And thus, he uncovered the secret to immortality. Simple as that.

Horned hamsters are not immortal. They fall prey to cannnons quite often. Still hasn't stopped Diddgery from venturing into our neck of the woods. Maybe he'd be more afraid if we relocated back to the sea where cannons are a bit more prominent. What do we got out here? Snare vines? Puh-shaw!

Bimblesnaff is not immortal, but he can artificially increase his life span by devouring innocent souls. It only works when he does so with a swig of Pepsi's newest marketing failure, tho', so I don't look for this guy to be around much longer.

- Ometon


OK. The theme is Kirby Wii, huh? I guess I'll quote I'M' Meen and say it will be released in a hundred years!!!!

(By the way, I won't know if my attempt at using HTML actually worked until this thing comes out. It's been so long since I last used it!)

1.- If you had a mouth in your back (just like Mawile), what kind of stuff would you do with it? Is Ometon going to jail because of his answer?

2.- It is a known fact the Happy Mask Salesman is displaying an Elvis and a Mario mask (among others) in his backpack. If you were HMS, what masks would you display?

3.- This one is not so much of a question. I dislike Christmas. People get all stupid and are willing to stomp other people just to get a stupid present and if you did not buy anything you end up looking like a bad guy. Nothing to do with the fact I'm an artist and thus I'm broke. Anyone agrees with me?

4.- Some sessions ago it was stated that kids today like classic gaming because of all the retro feel and because modern gaming now sucks. I, however, present you another reason why some youngsters like me prefer the old school: money. According to my age, I should have been around the time Super Mario 64 was new, but due to a lack of money, I could only afford NES games. Thus, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Mappy have a lot more of meaning for me than, say, the first Smash Bros. or so. Anybody agree with me (again)?

5.- Anybody around there has played Mischief Makers? If you think Mother is underrated, take a look at that N64 gem (don't take me wrong, I myself am a starmen.netter. It's just the community standing for Mischief Makers is really small. Really really small).

Have a nice day or whatever time period you choose or deem appropriate.

1) Man, that just reminds me of this one documentary I saw about conjoined twins, and there was this one guy whose conjoined twin was just an extra face on the side of his head, so he had two mouths. It was horrifying.

5) Shake shake~! Good times.

1) I saw that one, Didge, but the two-headed baby was far creepier. Note: the heads were not set neck-by-neck. *shutters*

2) My own face! Talk about blowing someone's mind.

3) I like Christmas but hate it as well. Gifts are annoying on both ends of the transactions. Thank goodness I don't know people.

4) So... you're asking a question about being related to as a younger "gamer" to a pool of people known to be of the higher age bracket? ... Looogiiic!

1. I snorted milk out of my noes when I read "Is Ometon going to jail because of his answer?". Which was... rather disturbing because I've never drinken milk in my entire life.

2. The Random Isanity's Face!!! and the joke lives on~!

3. I disagree with you so much, I've decided to call you Jeniffer.

4. Agree with you? Heck, I can't even decipher what your saying. You kind of lost me there. Kirazy isn't the brightest bulb in the drawer.

5. I've never played Mischeif Makers. But I agree with you however, Jeniffer, that Mother is definately over-rated.

1) Tisk, tisk, Laki Al. I'll just be getting an extended sentence.

3) I rather dislike this entire time of year. "Hey everyone, be happy!" "Okay." Why does that work again? Is it the frostbites?

Alpha CuboneKing

*pulls out silver bone* You expect me to thank you for that picture? I was being killed in it! Oh, wait a minute, your sword hit CuboneQueen, my archenemy. So I guess I should thank you.

Darnit, I upgraded to Alpha mode for nothing.

*withdraws silver bone*

And could you guys kill Eulb for me? He's MOCKING me. Hey wait, this silver bone had a purpose after all... *slices off Eulb's head*

And now to go and hurt that donkey over there. And Bimbles, I am not a moron. That donkey is.

You have not seen the last of me...

0) Cubone Queen is your archenemy? Sounds like some buddies got marriage troubles.

1) Oh, yeah, "Alpha mode" ... That means nothing to everyone.

2) Kill Eulb? I'd give him money if I could!

You're no Bucky Katt, that's for sure.


Do you need help with the scanlation project yet? I have some works in the scanlations business and I really love Kirby. I can make the edition part, i don't speak/read japanese. Cheers, excelent page.

What, someone who doesn't know Japanese wants to help with translation? What exactly is there to contribute? Get scans, translate text -- and I don't see no offers to send over scans there.


Hey guys, I've got some questions for you.

1. What's your favorite minigame out of all the games?

2. Do you have a Wii? If so, do you use the Check Mii Out Channel?

3. What is your favorite comic strip?

4. What copy ability do you think is the best (not final, or limited use) and worst?

5. Favorite action figure as a kid?

Thanks for answering!

1. Egg Toss was Boss. It was so trivial and easy, how could you NOT love it? I really hate all the new, crappy mini-games on the DS, and whatnot. Or actually maybe Megaton Punch.

2. I do have a wii, and I've done it once, but it was kida boring.

3. I like Garfield, Foxtrot, and Get Fuzzy. They're great, check 'em out all of you. Kirazy Kommands you.

4. Well, mine would be Star Rod, but you greedily took away that option. I guess I might have to go with Beam. Actually, only SuperStar Beam. When Beam is in any other game, it kinda sucks. My least favorite? Ball. Honestly, it is just useless.

5. Hmm, how odd. A question asking the 'Bagger for their favorite of something? How delightfully creative! I'm... sorry about that.

"Favorite action figure as a kid?" What makes you think I'm not a kid? I'm 7 years old. Got a problem? Wanna fight about it?

1) Crane Fever was my favorite, but I haven't had long enough time to appreciate the li'l gems in Tilt 'n' Tumble (as I've only recently purchased it). I do know this, tho', it is no where to be found on any system greater than 16-bits. Bah! What a suck-fest those duds are.

4) Backdrop to both. "Kirby slams his opponents with awesome wrestling moves! And always falls off cliffs!"

5) Uh... prolly something like Supernaturals, Lionheart or something? I dunno. Hologram-chests, yo, with glow in the dark weapons to boot.

1) Megaton Punch, probably. Or Tamasan's minigame in Dream Land 3, you know, with the different-colored Gordos.

2) When that channel first came out I used it a few times, but I quickly grew tired of it.

3) I think I might have answered this before, but I'm too lazy to try and look through the archives. Regardless, Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite newspaper comic strip, followed by Foxtrot and Pearls Before Swine.

4) I want to say UFO, but that's limited to one level so I guess it's not allowed. In that case, the best ability is Hammer, and the worst ability is Sleep. No surprises here!

5) The Megazord.


plz add this to my other question.

In mailbag 63, a guy asked a question

"1. zero 2. must die who,s with me?"

You guys thought that he meant zero as a question, I think he meant

"I think zero 2 should die. Who agrees?"

Also, will there ever be a guide as to how you get the shotzo and such in your collection room?

umm........ money anyone? It's all at the bottom of the lake! seriously!

I don't think we were really confused as to what the guy said as much as we all just wanted to insult him. Please learn, like, sense.

Your collection room fills up by visiting. For swear, from all my years online, this is the first time I've ever seen the visit-to-get-stuff gimmick receive so much questioning. It isn't that hard, people!

Part of being a mail-bagger is insults. I can't speak for the sack-ers themselves, cuz I wasn't in that mailbag, but I'm pretty sure we all know Ometon and Bimblesnaff's true passion is to insult people.




I would make some questions.

1.What if Cook Kirby cooked the world?

2.Is Block Kirby a code or a ability without Action Replay?

3.What is your favorite final smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

4.Will there there be Kirby games in the future?

5.What is your top 3 worst nightmares?


1. We'd die. 'Nuff said.

3. Samus', probably because of what comes after Samus becomes after the final smash~!

5. Nightmare #1: Kirby get's "Shadow the Hedgehog"-afied/.


Nightmare #2: My Wacom breaks.


Nightmare #3: I can't think of any more humorouse nightmares, so please enjoy a dancing Kirby.


1) The dude is eight inches, the pot is probably two foot, tops. The world is how many miles? Cooked in small portions, I think the Sun going blackhole is a more immediate threat.

2) It's just Triple Star. "Block" is merely a coded in relic never removed while the game was being programed. It doesn't technically exist.

4) Probably. You really can't ever rule out a game series. Rygar laid dormant for how many years, and then came two follow-ups. Kirby, also, has had a new game in the works for five years. It's just a matter of if they'll ever give it to us.

3) Solid Snake's. It's showtime!

4) New Kirby games have been coming out pretty consistently every two years or so. Sure, they've all been for the DS and have varied quite a bit in quality, but I'm certain there will be another game announced next year as well. Keep your fingers crossed~!

Abdi LaRue

How do you type with boxing gloves?

How do you keep from ending your life?

'Cuz then the rest of us would be happy.

That's right. I went and answered for him. 'Cuz he's swingin' off a rope by now.

R.I.P. - Abdi LaRue; B. No one cares, D. Today, I guess.


Haha, I'm so funny, I should do stand up.

Are you some kind of robot?


whats a gaggle

The sound you'll make when choked to death for asking stupid questions that a dictionary can answer.


Greetings Sir 'Snaff, Sir 'Ton, Sir 'Razy, and whoever else may be around this session.

I have to say I'm not surprised there's still no news on Kirby Wii. HAL's been taunting us since that original video and batch of screenshots, and that was ages ago. I must admit, as cool as it would be to actually fight Mecha-Dedede 2.0, or wield the Clean ability again, it's pretty unlikely we'll ever get the chance to.

Moping and whining aside, here's my question.

Since most of the mailbag staff consists of artist, I have to ask: What are your artistic inspirations? Like, what artists inspired your current style? Any comic books? Animated series?

1) See, folks, he gets it. And that's why W.A.H. is a cool bean and gets a special trophy.

No, you're re-using previously made and unfitting images from earlier mailbags!

2) All of my art dealings came from my older brother. I began out trying to draw like his styles but, as it was started so long ago, it developed into its own thing. Now, there's pretty much no trace of that left.

2. Artists? Who here is an artist? I don't see no artists 'round here. You're crazy. Or, better yet. Krazy.

Anyhoo, moving on... I don't really have a huge inspiration. Maybe, I guess, my inspiration is kinda the stereotypical flash art seen everywhere, you know, it looks like this.


Gather 'round one and all for Kirazy's worst pic ever

2) Lots and lots of comics and cartoons. It's why the only things I'm good at drawing are sparsely-detailed animal things! If I had to peg some specific influences... Disney movies and Calvin and Hobbes, probably.

2) Why is it that Kirazy is the only one who bothers to do art around here anymore? Oh, right, we're lazy. Er, I mean, hazing the new guy! Whoooooo! Carry our workload!

As for inspiration, no one. I never really tried to emulate anyone, and really have to question where my current style came from now. May explain why it sucks so much, tho'.

Diskmaster, behind his console.

Something's been troubling me a bit lately.

Who would win in a fight, Kirby or Him?

(Yes, I've been playing a lot of L4D2 lately.)

I hate mailbags.

Well, Him is an average sized human, while Kirby is 8 inches tall. And Kirby clearly would be unable to inhale him, so pretty much, all Him has to do is stomp the lil' guy into oblivion. But that wouldn't be very nice.

...Would be damn funny though...

Kirby would win. In the Dining Room. With the revolver.

Revolvers even up a lot of fights, actually... And my definition of a "fight" is "murder," apparently.


I tried to be part of the staff, but when I submitted it, it said the server was not found.

Applying to the staff? Wait, are you referring to a super old, more obsolete staff application form from years so long ago that the very cogs that turn the internet have probably been reworked since then?

Yeah, that doesn't work. Mostly since it isn't supposed to still be on the site even. Gotta purge that out. 'Cuz, you know, this site doesn't need more staffers. It needs loyal patrons.


can i have a mailbag



Mailbaggers of the legendary mailbag I bring a message to YOU!

1. What is your favorite kirby theme song? (Yes, I know you've answered this, but hear THIS )

2. What did you think of THAT?

3. Have you seen the French dub of the kirby anime?

4. How do I type with bo- *SHOT REPEATEDLY*

1) The first one. Wow, old school guy went old school. Saw that one coming.

4) Shooting is too swift and painless a death. I'd go with the Chinese "Death of a Thousand Cuts", personally. And well deserved.

I don't quite get these letters. I mean, it's been stated so many times that none of the 'baggers really care much for the anime, and yet these sorts of questions keep rolling in. What's the point?

2) Monster. Nightmares. Et cetera.

3) As The Didge just pointed out, we do not much care for the Japanese or English version. A French version? Prolly the same, but with a baguette. Or a beret. All Frenchies got those, right? (Also, pencil-line mustaches.)

Komodo kirby^(^.^)>

I'm so mad right now! I've tried to comment on the gallery but nothing works! I've made an acount but it won't let me log in! So I try to make a new acount but it says this acount already agsists, don't get me wrong I love kirby ^(^.^)^ but It dosen't want to let me on I've checked my password several times and my username so WHATS GOING ON!!


You know, bimblesnaff, maybe this guy doesn't love kirby ^(^.^)^

Realease the Squeaky Boggs!

Doesn't it say on the Passport registration page that the Passport account is not linked with the message boards or fanart gallery?

Suggestion: read things.

2nd Advice: emailing someone the question didn't strike you as a more immediate answer source? On top of that, who else here would be interested in your technical problems with the site? You know, if you define "technical" as "illiterate". (Just giving the rest of us something to enjoy from this letter.)

Chibi- Pohatu

Well, since this my first time at the mailbag, I might as well set up a not-very-much-used question.

How obnoxious do car commercials get on Popstar, do ya thinks?

Just asking.

Oh, they are the worst! For one thing, since I've never seen anyone on Pop Star with a car, they're trying to sell ya nothing for all that dough. It's like a scammer peddling swampland in Florida.

Note: Uncle Gobbo does not watch, care for, or even acknowledge that the animated series exists and features at least one automobile per episode. Screw that noise.


1.When is Kirby Wii gonna be out?

2.What would be the release date of Kirby Wii?

3.Why did Kirazy eat the earth?

4.What do you in a bag?

Last question but this is Mario-styled question.

5.What is your favorite power-up all time in the Mario Series?

(Mine is Hammer Mario)

See you later!!!

1 & 2) So... the big thing on the front page saying "KIRBY WII COMING OUT NEVER!" that linked to the Kirby Wii game page that featured the most up-to-date info on when the game would come out, which was still never, didn't give you a clue? Guys, I think this guy doesn't know how to read. It would really be a waste to bother answering the rest of what he says since he obviously wouldn't know what we're saying.

4) The structure of this "question" just backs up my "doesn't know how to read" statement.

3. Why does anybody do anything?

I was hungry...

4. Can I make another trophy, Bimblesnaff?


5. On a less hilarious note, my favorite power-up is the spring shroom in mario galaxy.

3) Kirazy ate it 'cause I really did not have any sort of avatar to use for his MB pic. Nobody even knows what he is supposed to be, but legend tells that a Secret Form lies hidden in the, um, future or somethin'.

And that was a pic of his, and it was funny, so it became his icon.

4) What do I in a bag? Go to more jail for the answer~!

5) Tanooki forever.

The Random Insanity

Cool, I got answered. So then before I get started, I have to say congrats to Kirazy. And don't worry about my face, the duct tape is holding.

As for my whole 'Kirby's Rainbow Republic' thing, that is what I thought the name of this site was when I first came here, and I still get confused by it... Not that you care, but it helps to explain myself.

On to the questions then.

1. What would you say is your greatest accomplishment in life?

2. What motivates you to write for the mailbag?

3. I'm still somewhat new, so bare with me here. Is it a high honor to be insulted by the mailbag crew, or is that just me?

4. Are you at all shocked that nothing insane has made it's way into my letter?

5. Are any of my questions actually new? As in no one has asked them before.

Well thats all I got for now. Until next time.

-The Random Insanity

1) Having gotten a fan girl. Yeees.

2) Procuring more than one. Yeees.

3) Ew, you want us to bare with you? You sick freak! This is a children's site. Isn't that right, über-pervert Ometon?

0. Duck tape holding? Not for long, buddy :D

1. Stealing your face.

2. I dunno, it's sorta' fun. ...and then Gobbo and Ometon are all like No way dude!

3. Still somewhat nude? What... Why would you tell us that?

4. Neither insane, or random. Way to go, The Random Insanity, or should we call you the

2) I've been doing it for two or three years now and I just can't stop! I think I have a serious problem.

3) Maybe if you're into that sort of thing.

4) I'm pleasantly surprised that someone who goes by "the Random Insanity" isn't filling their letter with "SPORK!! LOL IMMA CHARGIN MY MUDKIPS DO YOU LIEK PIE????"

5) Probably not, but I'm not going to look through the archives to find out!

1) Li-ife?

2) Keeping it from being a public chatroom for people who allegedly visit the site and instead an idiot box for people who actually work here. Makes sense by my math. And my math is impeccable. See?

1 + 2 = a birdy

4) The most random thing for an insane person to do would be to act completely competent and sane and unlike moronic internet teenagers. I am not surprised at all. In fact, I encourage you with a golf clap. Good show.

5) Some were about you, and I doubt anyone has asked about you before in the bag. Because you suck and other sorts of insults and make-funnery.

redd xx

1)how old are you guys?

2)why do you work with this stuff if some kids come here and you seem to care and you just think they are annoying (like (in my opinion) bimblesnaff)

3)why can't i see things i post on this site(like comments)

4)what is your favorite kirby game(i hope this question wasn't asked already)

5)what's your favorite kirby charecter(besides the puffball himself)

6)how can i be useful right now (bimblesnaff don't answer i know it already)

2) Since when do we ever seem to care?

3) Um... beg pardon?

6) You could try useful questions. For example, favorite anything? Guess what? Asked before!

1. I'm somewhere between 8, and 80. I lost track a two years ago, though.

4. Nope, never has this question been asked, just like sarcasm has never been in a mailbag. But my favorite Kirby game is probably Dream Land 3. Why else would I base my Krazy Komic on it?

5. Waddle Dee. Don't look at my artwork though, it says otherwise.

1) Too. Punny!

4) Last time, the time before that, the time before that...

6) No one ever asked my favorite type of bear...


Kirby Wii isn't coming out?! Meh, we all knew it was gonna happen.

1. Why is everyone blaming Nintendo for it not coming out? Hal. Laboratory makes Kirby games, not Nintendo. Nintendo just publishes them.

2. What do you want for Christmas, or if it's already over what did you want for Christmas?

♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (Or Chanukah), Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever the hell you celebrate and a Happy New Year! ♪

Doh! I forgot Boxing Day!

1) Miyamoto is notorious for delaying games that "could be better", a sway he has imposed on several Kirby games, even the first. So, in way, he Nintendo could be wall in the way.

2) For Kirby Wii to get: a solidified name, a solidified release, and actually come out.

3) Hah. That's funny. Like anyone celebrates that one.

Detective kirby

I just wanna ask some question, this is for my report book, as a detective I maybe/must asking some question

1. where do you go in this holiday? playing and sit at the front of computer?

2. I like playing the true arena, by the way how fast you finished the true arena? Me? my fastest time is about 8 minutes

3 how about the arena?

just that! however happy new year!

1) In the holiday? I was not aware that it had spatial representation.

2) You are not very good at asking questions, Detective. You are talking about yourself more than about your interrogatees.

3) Never played, thus why I just deflected the previous question instead f answering.

1) Much like the pearl fish, I reside in the dank nethers of the yuletide, emerging at night to feed.

2) I gotta say, you ain't much of a detective. Are you sure the squad didn't give you some busy work to keep you from bumbling the big case going on, who iced Capsule Johnny? I'll help ya out and nudge to those J2 scum.


hello, if you had the chance, would you actually want to keep a pet KIRBY? i mean, what if it was being ABUSED? then wouldnt it be all mean and stuff?

i dont want to be rude or any thing, but, i seriously think that it would EAT you!

to ?????????????????????????????????????????????

from rebekah*kirby.poyo

your friend :)

Eat me? Not if I made the first move and Gremlins'd the gluttonous glob into a s'more!

You say this pet Kirby is being abused. However, it is your pet Kirby. Therefore, aren't you the one who is abusing your pet? And if so... what's wrong with you!?


A pet Kirby would be pretty awesome. Besides from the eating me, and all, you know, besides that.


Kirby Wii was pretty great! I played it and even Lettuce Played it. The graphics weren't quite what I expected, but I never care too much for graphics.

...what? What do you mean that was Kirby 64 and I downloaded it off the Virtual Console!?

Ooooh. That would explain a lot.

1. Here's a question that's probably been asked... or has it! What holiday do you celebrate during December! I celebrate Holiday! Holiday is a totally non-offensive holiday name!

2. Oh and in checking to see if said question would have been asked to this... generation... of mailbagging? I guess that's what it's called. Pretty much it seems that the 25th will be one year since the last pre-Bumblesniff deal and then apparently at some point Needle Gooey took over it. Starting with 65, it seems. This has nothing to do with my point, but basically in February (what a hard month to spell) there should be a "Super 1-year Anniversary of stuffs since a thing happened".

That makes sense, right?


Yeah I reread it and it doesn't make sense either. I'll go and fix it.

Oops that's the Send It bu

1) Happy Merry~!

2) Since I coded the whole new MB, Bimblesnaff got all grumpy and growly about having to use a programmed dealio instead of pretty basic raw stuff like he does for Gurus. I began packing the letters first while Gobbo made the updates (since I had no CuteNews privileges), but then I started doing this, too, just for the sake of speed.

As for doing something special... probably not. There are so many better variables to take into consideration for extravaganzas, typically those which involve round, shiny numbers instead of arbitrary points of transition. There've been tons of crews, after all.

What was that one reign's anniversary celebration called? Oh, right, their second~!

A-nooo. I got "all grumpy and growly" 'cuz you kept on saying "You used that letter? Why'd you put that one there? Don't do that, it's stupid. Do it this way." Which led to "If I'm not doing it right, then you do it." That worked out a lot better, tho'.

1. Christmas all the way! Deck the halls, beyatch!

Bernd huysman

Are you hoping for a return of dark matter (or zero two) in kirby wii, so the game would be return to its roots. or do you hope for a new villain?

I am hoping for both Dark Matter and Zero², but certainly not regular Zero.

He knows what he did...

I would honestly be ecstatic if Dark Matter and Zero were to strike again. They're the has-beens of the old age of Kirby, so we all might as well give up hope, and die alone.


One of the only pieces of information on the almost imaginary title is that King Dedede is in the driver's seat for villainy, something about him stealing the Warp Star. While normally the puppet to evil-doing in the Dark Matter Trilogy (look that stuff up in Gurus), I think they wanted to give the recurring regal a more honored seat as the main antagonist to coincide with the then going-strong animated series.

Would I like to see a true return of the dark one? Of course. But, for reasons that I couldn't have stated more (really, search for my countless blathers on the subject), I know better than to expect such.

And, technically, Dark Matter isn't in Kirby's "roots". He didn't come until, what, the fourth game? He's actually down on the chain. King Dedede, now that's old school. Plus, it'd really make up for him being the lame first boss in Squeak Squad. What mockery!

I think it'd be a safe bet to assume that at the end of the game, it turns out Dedede was possessed by Dark Shadowbad or whoever the final boss is this time.

This just in! Information and concept art, totally real, has just been leaked and posted about the new Kirby Wii main villain. Rrreeeaaal!!!

Closing Statments: Hey now! What does Bimblesnaff think he's doing releasing information about the Wii title? He's worked here long enough; he should know that Rainbow Resort staffers horde the knowledge for ourselves, kept safely in a giant metal vault while all you peons suffer your infernal lives without any knowledge of the new game at all! Mwa-hahahahahaha!

Theme Alert! 2009 saw a lot of changes for Kirby and Rainbow Resort. Okay, just Rainbow Resort. Kirby stayed in the same limbo it has been most of the decade, but that year had one major flaw: it's zeroes touched! The upcoming 2010 doesn't suffer from the same issues with its very separate nils, so whaddaya think this new year will bring?

Wanna send your own letter to The Rainbow Resort Mailbag? You can!

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