Halloween 2009

Boo! Did that almost word scare you? No? Then what if I told you I was hiding in the bushes? No, seriously, check. I'll wait. In the bushes. Which is where I am. I'll be there all night. I brought a sandwich.

Dedede-Daimyo sure does write a lot for a guy who spends all his time drawing. I mean, when you stack the art on top of everything he writes, is there anyone who puts more effort into this thing that Daimyo? Poor sap...

Bimblesnaff has been really busy runnin' his current Interactive Fandom contest recently. Running it into the ground, but still.

Diddgery has been really busy, um... not being a hamster? I really don't know what he does. Mayhaps it involves a fixed wheel?

Leirin got a level up! Leirin evolves into... still not an octopus? Oh, we shall win yet. Just you wait, you soon-to-be Octo-Blob...

- Ometon


Yaaay~! Mailbag Force! (I like it very much, even it's a bit harsh for Diddgery for playing a bad guy! Sorry, Didgy!)

Anyway, the questions:

1. Ever made your own word? What is it and what does it means?

2. If you have any brothers or sisters, are you a good brother/sister to him/her?

3. Can everybody in the Mailbag Force fight? Do they have a special move (combined)? That would be so cool!

4. Do you have pacman-shoes? :D I've got it!

5. When you're in trouble, who would you call?

6. What's the lamest Kirby-character?

7. Why is Ometon so perverted? This is a Kirby-site, so it should be for kids too. (although, it can be funny)

8. Which laugh do you prefer? 'Yohohoho!', 'Sasasasa!' or 'Phepepepe'.

Those were my weird questions!

PS. I love all the drawings in the mailbags!

0) Hey, Didge is the one who has lycanthropy rooted in his past. The writer suggested "werewolf", so I rolled with it.

2) Neither of us can even have the word "good" directed at us. You know that.

3) We did have a combination form, a la Voltron or Power Rangers for you younger folks, but the police had to intervene with Ometon's placement in the whole thing. Plus, you know, then Leirin got the restraining order and all.

4) I don't really own any video game clothing, be it old or new school. That's mainly something worn by those who didn't even play the old school games. Doing so is like broadcasting "I'm a jerk. Hate me." When dudes do it. Dames can pull it off. They can pull it off fine.

5) Ghost Dusters! They're perfect for tidying up my specters, which is the deepest my trouble gets. Uh-oh. House is on fire again. Gonna have to build more house again.

6) Are we talking in all canon or strictly in one media form? Anyhoo, Haley. There is no reason for it to exist. It doesn't do anything! It just scoots forward. It could have been a specially AI'd Bronto Burt and no one would have noticed. Why did it have to be a new enemy?

7) Chooch broke down those walls when he introduced his harem. Thanks for setting a low bar, ya pink pussy, you. [Editor's Note: Pretty sure that was Dr. NK, as Chooch has never 'Bagged. I think the line still stands, tho'~!]

0) No hard feelings. It makes sense, I guess- my old avatar was a werewolf for a while. Plus, it was entertaining to be depicted in a not cuddly and adorable fashion.

2) I try. Can't guarantee I do a good job, but I try!

3) Most likely. My special moves would probably involve bees and cannons and all those other related jokes that have cropped up.

4) I have bought a Starman shirt before. I have a lot of video game shirts- I guess that makes me a jerk. Which, honestly, doesn't come as much of a surprise.

5) The Elite Beat Agents.

6) Dark Nebula, for being the most underwhelming final boss of the series.

8) Brook, most definitely.

1) I didn't actually "make" the word, per-se, but I use "intercal" to describe people who stress getting facts correct.

3) Team Blast~! It would probably be a huge combination of inside jokes rolled into one, powerful formation.

4) At the moment, the only video game-related clothing I own is an SMB3 shirt. And unlike how Bimble described most wearers of old-school game clothes (which I agree with), I actually love retro games.

5) The Elite Be-- oh, you're no fun, Didge.

6) Again, the words (letters?) were taken right outta my mouth; Haley has always seemed rather... pointless.

0) I'm always the de facto bad guy.

1) INTERCAL is a joke programming language, Lei. You didn't make that up. Sqiggle Wow~!

4) Lei loves games that came out before she was born. Why do the youngin' keep doing that? It isn't our fault that all of you games suck.

6) Benny is pretty king when it comes to being lame.

7) Don't worry about my perversion; it is for the kids!... By which I mean it is done in a subtle way as not to offend the young visitors of this site. Of course. Subtle~!

Wai-wai~! I like Mailbag Force a lot as well, but this session comes out in too little time to make a proper comic. Therefore, I'm going to skip all of your Q's and just go right to drawing a Halloween-Themed MBF Group Picture.


Hi, actually I wanted this together with the other mailt. Oh well... I only have one question

A long time ago, I asked Uncle Gobbo a question about that Gooey and Venom (from Spider-man) look like each other. So my quesion is:

If Gooey and Venom fought with each other, who would win?

I think it would be a draw.


I think that Gooey is 8" tall and Venom is a brain eating homicidal maniac. If "draw" is Dutch for "complete homicide", then yes!

Cloudodoom (Not Cloudodom)


NUMBER ONE! If you were forced to dress up as something for Halloween, what would you dress up as?

NUMBER TWOoo~ How did Hallow's Eve become a time to dress up and eat candy?


1. What is your favorite type of bread?

2. Do you like crunchy peanut butter?

3. What is your favorite kirby ga-AH! IT BURNS!!!................................................................

1) Forced? Like anyone has to urge me to dress up; I love it~! I am a little old for that now, but I would still like to go as a Kabuki 'Lion Spirit'/ Burnin' Leo Hybrid.

2) As I see it, in my own messed up way, Halloween is a time for honoring the ancestors. The descendants dress-up in ceremonial attire, and go about requesting alms in the memory of the deceased. Giving generously pleases the spirits, but being stingy or refusing to put-out will cause bad luck to befall the person, and the Yokai will get 'um.

1. Whole Grain/ Hemp bread

2. It's the best kind!

3. Not into the pit!!

1) I would dress up as what I am dressing up as, and that's Adeleine.

2) Same way Christmas turned into opening things from giant boxes and stuffing things into socks.

1) The Homemade kind~!

2) How do you guess these things Cloudodoom golly gee you must be some kind of genius!!

3) Yeah, there you go. I'm the one who blew that blowtorch.


A cuestion friends.

What is the objetive of Mailbag?


How i become a member of Mailbag?

I hope that you answer my cuestions

I wish I had the slightest clue what to tell you.

Originally, the Mailbag was a Q & A on the Rainbow Resort site. It was run by its staff, and it filled a combination role of help, Kirby Gurus, and entertainment. It later turned into pretty much Pointless Palace from the RR Forums, headed by the major players from Pointless Palace in the RR Forums -- not site staff, for the most part, unless their major employ was the 'Bag itself. During this era, they did pretty much the same stuff they did in the forums... but not in the forums.... because such antics couldn't just be read there? They couldn't answer any questions about the site since most of 'em did nothing for it. Or even knew what Bimblesnaff was doing on it at the time, apparently.

I am desperately trying to steer this ship back into the direction of people who do non-forum, non-chat stuff for this site (which pretty much gives everyone their answer on how to join). People without a soapbox to stand on can benefit from one the most.

And, y'know, people who can actually answer basic questions about this site. As well as be ramblin' and rantin' mad(wo)men. And now, here are some pictures of things which do not look like the things they are supposed to be...


Halloween! Yay! I don't understand it. Even though I watched ALL of the simpsons treehouse of horrors.

Anyways, how do you celebrate Halloween?

Pie or Cake?(Please say pie)

Do you like to use soap?

Are you annoyed that I am not using much capital letters or numbers for questions?

What am I doing here?

What is your purpose?

0) I'm not surprised you don't get Halloween after watching those rip-off episodes. You'd be better off watching the original movies and series that filth is all based on.

1) Two choices lie before me: I could either stay home and give out treats, to the benefit of my karma, or I could head for the hills and party with the yokai. Halloween is Goblin night, yoi~!

2) Hurhur~ I'll have me some pafu-pafu Pie-Pie AND some delicious Cake, as long as were not talking desserts, Whaha~!

6) I am the Daimyo, with no other purpose than to make art and type words to strangers. And don't you forget it .

1) It depends. Sometimes I just stay at home and watch Halloween specials and scary movies, sometimes I go out and do stuff with my friends. I kind of miss the old days of trick-or-treating.

2) Cake. TAKE THAT!

4) Eh, it's better than arbitrarily assigning some wacky OMG RANDOM word or number instead of using a traditional ordering system.

6) Gotta find out/Don’t wanna wait/Got to make sure that my life will be great/Gotta find my purpose/Before it’s too late

0) What better way to learn how a holiday works than by watching The Simpsons!?

1) I usually go to those festival-thingys where they have rides and stuff where you can win candy. Yeaaaah.

2) Mwahaha, cake! I'm such a rebel.

4) It's a little confusing, but I'll be alright!

6) I wanna be, the very best... that no one ever was...

a radom potato

Why Doe's Biblesnaff The Only One Who Changed His Sprite For Halloween? Really! 2. Do You Read Nintendo Power? 3. POTATO 4. Do You Like Waffles? 5. What Is Your FAVEROTE Kirby Charecter? 6. U Like Kirby T.V Show? 7. Potato. Ever Had One? 7. Do You Think That There Will Be A Sequl To Kirby Airide? 8. Why Is Biblesnaff Green Insted Of Blue? THX

0. You capitalize every first letter of every word, but not your name at all? What the heck's a “radom potato”? One that's been microwaved too long?

1. I don't think it can be called a sprite when it is clearly drawn and not made with computer-pixels.

2. I used to submit letter-art to them before they put an end to the snail-mail. Anyway, now I have the internet, so not only is the magazine inferior, but also I can guarantee my art will be seen, instead of not opening the letter to see the grand artwork that was inside, dummies!

7. Sweet Potatoes are the best! However, Radom Potatoes can't even number seven right.

8. Hum, You think with them being twins and all, their avatars would look a little more alike...

I'll nuke this potato.

...Sorry, that was lame and I should never crack jokes again I am so sorry.

2) I used to be subscribed for like a year, but now it's a little easier to get my news on the 'net. Still, it's nice to sit back and read an issue every now and then.

4) What's with these guys and waffles and cheese and tacos and stuff?? Seriously, go easy. I like the homemade ones better. The toaster stuff tastes weird by comparison.

5) I don't have a "faverote", they're all too good to pin it down to just one; though I am fond of the titular pink puffball himself and Ado.

6) I'm the only one here that does.

7.2) There might be some day, but my focus is more on Kirby Wii (aka Kirby Wii Forever).

1) Bimblesniffer has a lot of costumes in his stash for Gurus, so it is really easy to rotate them. I have, like, three different icons, and everyone else only has one. So, yeah, no extra effort is why.

3) P0tat0!


Since I haven't read every one of the 72 mailbags yet, I'm willing to bet that these have been asked before, but....

1. Now that it's back up, what's your opinion on the Storybook? (EG: Did you enjoy it? Was it too corny to bare? etc.)

2. Where'd you come up with your avatar ideas? (Y'know, like Ometon's Ometon, the mutant hamster, etc.)

3. What's the funniest thing you've ever heard from a hypnotized person? (Y'know, like at one of those hypnotist performances)

4. Since Squeaky Bogg won't let the Old Man on the Mountain tell me the answer, will you? Which is better: "Mailbag" or "Ask the Gurus"?

5. What's your favorite song from a Kirby game?

6. Your opinion on Chuck Norris. (Answer wisely; he's watching you!)

Thanks! ;D

2) From creative series integration and matching to be completely original but distinct from other forms in said series. You know, instead of slapping a toupee on a dyed marshmallow.

4) I don't think the answer was withheld, I think it was unnecessary.

6) Norris only has power when accompanied by a lever.

1) Yikes! Th-that reminds me... I still need to get around to finishing that thing...heh.

2) To be honest, I would've designed my "Kirby persona" as something far more original, but I drew the character one day for old time's sakes and it kind of stuck. It was originally just some girl Kirby wearing the "Throw" headband, though.

5) That's a loaded question... uh, probably Dedede's theme, the Revenge of Meta Knight theme, the Milky Way Wishes credits music, and just about anything from Kirby 64.

1) Every time I do it, I get to Chet and lose. I must be doing things wrong.

2) I wanted a cute animal sidekick character for a story I was writing back when I was 10 or 11, initially conceived as some sort of horrible mishmash of anime cliches- he was horned, winged, snarky, and also somehow very good at fighting despite his size. A few years later I remembered him, realized his initial design was stupid and gave him a much-needed makeover. Then he wound up as my avatar somehow, replacing a recolored shaman from Fire Emblem.

4) Old Man, bless us with your wisdom!

Old Man

And there you have it.

5) I am particularly fond of Iceberg from Kirby's Dream Land 3. Oh, and Dedede's theme, of course.

1. It was genius, unique, and worth-while. I anticipate the sequel.

2. Almost directly adapted from Kirby Super Star's Samurai Kirby minigame, mine get's my point across that I am Orientally-oriented and am as awesome as Dedede himself. Perhaps there are more underlying reasons than that, though...hum.

3. “Dedede: You love Me; Dedede: You trust ME~!” That's right-- my Saimin no Jutsu technique.

4. Isn't that your decision to make, ya' sheep?

5. My new favorite Kirby song is the one that plays during KSSU's “Special-Edition Blooper Reel”. It's an arrangement of the music originally from Gourmet Race's opening, and it's just so great,minus the laugh-track, I think :)


And with this, I have probably topped what I put in mailbag #68 in quantity as well as quality.

Anyway, I was curious: exactly when was it established that Ometon had Ice Powers? I know a blue/white color scheme is typically associated with cold, but aren't you the kind of guys who like to roam away from the typical and cliche? In the 2-3 times I've seen Ometon's conception explained, no kind of ice powers were mentioned.

Well, unless you count the Storybook -- the only real thing in which anything about Ometon is established on RR -- it hasn't been. Of course, as just mentioned, nothing about Ometon has ever been established on RR on account of never appearing in any comics or fictions.

Everything concerning the nameless species now known as Ometon can be traced to the sheet of paper it was originally drawn on as a concept for an online children's game: covered in spikes, can't be hugged, "enjoys" skiing (although still frowns), and its secret ingredient is snowcones. That quite literally is everything.

Shruggin' Rock

Oh hey, I just looked two seconds down Mailbag #67, and I saw AKAHC! And Ometon made me speak! Horray!

Er...umm...Kyrorosuke is a dumb name! Yeah!

Also! The entire reason of me going down to Mailbag #67 is that I wanted to see if my dumb letter was in there with PW in it! Well, after seeing AKAHC'S gem, I decided not to! So yeah! What is your opinion on the AA series! If I've already asked that, what is your opinion on the third generation of Pokemon!

Exclamation mark!

1) Hey, Kyorosuke happens to be a great name, and so is Badtz-maru, who is some-what similar in appearance.

2) AA is for quitters.

3) The third generation of pokemon was when the series stopped being heart-felt and unique and started sucking, like a Remoraid to a Mantine. This can clearly be seen in the change in Sugimori's art-style: in the first two generations, his illustrations were rough, traditionally painted, and full of character; where as the following games had computer-touched artwork and the crisp look of a man who has lost his soul. He lost his soul from looking into the back of Shedinja.

2) I think I've mentioned this before- Ace Attorney is one of my favorite video game series. Sure, every game plays pretty much the same way, but it's the story and characters that really matter!

3) The third generation is probably my least favorite. Not that it's absolutely terrible- several of my favorite Pokémon were introduced in that generation- but... listen, spending the last third of the game just surfing everywhere is not fun. It is tedious and makes finding your way around confusing when all you have to look at is a big expanse of water.


Hello and congratulations for finally re-establishing the Mailbag! I think it might be my favorite feature of the site, and after seeing my friend Topmonhit get in multiple questions here, I thought I'd try my luck myself. So... here goes!

If you're into animé, what shows are your favorite? Currently, mine's One Piece (the original Japanese dub of course). Its unique world combined with its awesome stories make it very awesome. It's also extremelly hilarious too! Another big favorite of mine is Hoshi no Kaabii of course (again, Japanese dub is the only way to go). Will you be able to subtitle all 100 episodes? Last I remember, you've reached episode 65. I hope you haven't stopped there... I really appreciate your work after all!

I wonder if they'll make a Mario animé soon (besides that strange movie of old)... anyways, happy Halloween!

KRR's Kirby anime subtitling project is stuck in perpetual limbo at the moment. From what I understand Ivy's left the site entirely and has no plans on continuing to subtitle the rest of the episodes. I don't know exactly what the reason was- I think I recall reading somewhere that she was "not interested in Kirby anymore" or something like that. On top of that, I don't think she has named anyone a successor to her when it comes to the subtitling business, and I have no idea if anyone else out there has the raw files needed to continue going about translating. Not to mention that it's been well-established that almost every single person on the staff nowadays doesn't care about the anime in the slightest. Either way, Operation HnK is not going anywhere anytime soon. So, uh, sorry about that.

When it comes to my anime tastes... I honestly don't watch much anime. In fact, the only show I can think of that I watched entirely from start to finish was Cowboy Bebop. I've found I prefer reading manga, mostly because it's less time-consuming and easier to afford. I've been reading a lot of Osamu Tezuka's works, such as Black Jack and Buddha. I also enjoy Case Closed (or Detective Conan, whatever you prefer), 20th Century Boys, and One Piece, to name a few.

Also, if it's the original language, it's not a dub. A dub's only when the show's been translated into another language and given new voiceovers. Just wanted to clear that up.

My favorite anime are based on the early works of Akira Toriyama: Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball. Lupin III, Gegege no Kitarou, Fujiko Akatsuka's work, and the first season of YuYu Hakusho are all good ones, too. FLCL is not bad either, but I prefer the classics to more modern animation. The only way a Mario anime could work, as I see it, is by sticking to the series's roots, as many recent games have.

Animes?! Um... I don't watch many, but I enjoy Kirby's (no, really?), Angelic Layer, Snow Fairy Sugar, and possibly more... I ought to watch more of the older stuff.

As for the Mario anime thing, I liked the animated movie, even if it was a tad... strange. Personally, I'm happy with the DiC cartoons, and YOU SHOULD BE TOO.

Kanye West

Yo KRR, I know you guys have an excellent mailbag! I'm going to let you finish letting you guys take care of the rest of the Mailbag, but I'd like to say that Beyonce has the best mailbag of all time!

I knew it! Okay, which one of you is actually Beyonce in disguise?... A disguise you would need for some reason when dealing with people online?

Is this letter even still relevent? Oh well, you'll eat your leftovers and you'll like it, son~!

Lost Hero

Dear Mailsackers,

Wait a second.

Firstly, good day! You guys are awesome! Exclamation point! Thanks from me to you, doods(doodettes).

Now we continue.

Dear Mailsackers,

1. What are your opinions on memes and/or computer speak? I think shot with a PINGAS lol

2. Do you ever wish the Kirby series had more story content? I'm talking Super Mario Galaxy's "Rosalina's Storybook" type here. None of that dead-serious emo garbage that seems to circulate in fan-fiction.

3. How are you going to celebrate Halloween? That's right, tables' been turned all up on yo' face.

Happy Halloween! After that, you have to suffer 54 more days of sad, uneventful blankness. No wait, that's just me. Bye! :D

2. While I agree that the whole of fan fiction should stay out of Kirby, I don't think it would be all too possible to have an in-depth story without it feeling out of place. Just a light-touch of plot is all that is necessary for Kirby. Also, I thought Rosalina's Storybook was irrelevant, to the point of Mario asking what any of this has to do with him and his world.

3. Oh, no! The tables have been turned! Yea, just by you and everyone else. Can't anyone simply adhere to the theme, outright?


i looked at the screenshots for kirby wii and the game looks amazing. i really hope it comes out

1. what would a survial/horror kirby game be like?

2. do you have a kirby vacuum cleaner?

3. if kirby and mario fought against each other who would win?

4.what is your favorite video game chracter besides kirby?

5. what would happen if kirby wii didnt come out? i think the apocalypse would come

0) Wrong. Those were not screen shots for the Wii game. Those were screen shots for the Game Cube game that transitioned into the Wii title. That was the last time anything was seen of it, years ago and on a different system. It just, you know, looks the same, so they just say those are the Wii shots.

5) With how things are, I think that if it did come out, the world would end. Probably why it keeps getting delayed.

"How about May?" "Well, I still have a few weeks vacation left..." "Fine, we'll postpone it."

Cursed Nintendo execs playing god...

3) Okay, better question for you, cloudodom: If you and Gobbo fought against each other, who would win??

4) My favorite video game character beside Kirby would be Gooey. Oh, you said besides Kirby? Then probably Mario.

5) The apocalypse is already here!

3) Find out the answer yourself in Super Smash Bros.!

5) Then we'd have another canceled game to add to the list alongside Air Ride 64 and Tilt 'N' Tumble 2. In fact, I'd say that may very well be the case, considering how little news we've heard of it.

(What? Is it my job to pick up the numbers everyone else ignored?)

1) A Kirby survival/horror would involve Dark Matter turning people into zombies. Other than that, I imagine it would be just like any other Kirby game as there are no guns with which to make it typical of the genre.

2) I don't, but my mum does. Not to great on carpets, but awesome against Waddle Dees! And no, that isn't just my neighbor's cat, and no, I didn't stop taking my medication again!

4) Candy Cane comes to mind pretty easily... Maybe Selphie, Rikku, Lei Fang, or Yoko Kono. Poliwhirl? Why would I say that? That's sick!

1. Oh, thank Glod for Ometon's pick-up ability. Now I don't have to draw/ make something up for this question!

2. I used to, actually, but it would always get clogged-up. It no match for the new 8 lb. Oreck XL~

4. My favorite video game character beside Kirby would be Dedede. Oh, you said besides Kirby? Then probably Goemon. I don't even know who that is, derhur~) <_<*


umm.. i joined the site about a couple of weeks ago and i wont get the email letting me join

what should i do?

At August 8th, I don't think there was the whole actually joining thing yet. Whatever you joined, it wasn't the actual site. Now there is the really-real joining method with the whole Passport system. It's at the top of every page, so it's a little hard to miss.


Yo Triple-Daimyo, have you ever used paints in your artwork? Y'know, like acryllic or oil paints? I tried it out as part of my art class last semester, but I wasn't very good; turns out I can't color-match to save my life. Shame, really; it'd give me a chance to put some variety into my DA account. Oh well, I'm fine with my colored pencils anyways, plus you can't erase paint without a ton of white-out or something. Anyways, I'm rambling. So, you paint?

Hello! Thankyou for inquiring. Yes, I have used both acrylics and oil paints, but as you have said, they are quite messy, so I do not use them in my conventional artwork. Plus, paint can get expensive, and with all the trial-and-error, supplies can diminish quickly. Really, I'm not against this wet-medium, but with all the extra effort and little more pay-off compared to dry-media, there is no need to do anything specifically in paint unless it is called for. Like my sculptures, they are done in acrylic paint. If I get a good request, I may demonstrate my acrylic technique here. You don't have to be able to paint to be a good artist, but if you want to improve, the only way is to practice working that brush~!


I usually don't costume. Too much hassle, too much laziness. I do costume my characters, though. Too bad I lack any good drawing ability. To the sprites! Hey! This is 7-Dew!

ANYWAY, I had something important to say. Except not really. I had somethin', though. Forgot it. Oh well. Let me know how many questions you get of "what is your favorite candy!" "what r yu costumin as!" and "wat ish ur favorite horror flim?" No. I'm going to come up with my own unique and Halloween-related question.


How much do you normally eat on Thanksgiving!

Whoops. Wrong holiday. Ehhh... close enough.

Anyway, I'll end this here and let you guys go with your comedic stylings that I can't be a part of.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to send my 26 other letters. Gotta get the high score!♫


For some reason, no one liked this letter enough to reply to it, but the end alone makes me deem it worthy to be included.

Samurai Penguin

1) Who made/wrote the Interactive Storybook?

Random unintelligent questions:

2) What kind of music to you like? (Genra, Artist...)

3) Who is the smartest person around here?

4) Now draw a picture of your favorite pairing of characters.

When you finally get situated in the new site, you HAVE to post the URL...make it just as tasty as this one! (Though GameSpy ruins the flavor...)

Now that stupidity is done, I'll go back to hiding in the shadows...-_-''

3) My guess is not the guy who spelled genre with an A. He wasn't jokin' about the questions being unintelligent!

4) Don't worry, I've got this one covered. *Tries to weasel his way out of this*...*Looks below*...Drat! Now I have to do something! I dug my own grave...

Just for the record, I think coupling/pairing/shipping is a waste of time and an on-set of dementia. So, please don't take any of it seriously... *I need to restrain myself next time the word "draw" comes up >_<*

1) Doesn't it say all over the Storybook page who made it?

2) And didn't Xandria cameo in the Storybook?

4) Good job, Daimyo. Now I don't need to draw the pairing of my favorite characters... or at least display it publicly.

NegativeChilly2 (previously kirbycrazy)

Hello! Again! Some q for you!

1. What do you think about Scribblenauts?

2. Do you consider yourself an interesting person?

3. Who is your favorite character in the original Gauntlet?

4. Why'd you do it? WHY?!

5. Sitcom you hate most?

6. Ever played Return to Castle Wolfenstien?

7. ffanselbmiB selur!

8. Couldn't think of question?

9. Favorite Bond game?

10. How often do you use your Death Ray? Freeze Ray? Cow Ray?

Thank you for maybe answering my questions!

3) Green Elf shot the FOOD.

4) To defend my Funyuns!

7) oN. Wait, why is the punctuation at the end/start of the sentence instead of the start/end? You failed at your own doings!

10) I slay shot people, bovine beam 'em, and pop the below-zero beacon to keep them fresh until dinner. That's your Uncle Gobbo, kids. Killin' folks, making them cows, and preparing them as meals.

It's almost sick if it wasn't so ingenious.

1, 3, 6) I haven't played any of these games.

9) The only one I've played is the well-known and respected GoldenEye 007, but I only ever played that in multiplayer.

10) With my freeze ray I will stop/the pain/it's not a death ray or an ice beam/that's all Johnny Snow

1) Issh a pretty cool game, bro.

4) Sometimes, sacrifices need to be made....

5) I don't actually hate it (and does it really count as a sitcom?), but, Zack and Cody melts brain cells...

8) Then think of answer.

1. Don't kids have anything better to do than dig through dictionaries? Not bad, really- an interesting concept. But, if it's anything like “Drawn to Life”, it can burn in Jigoku!

2. Notice how nobody answered this question? Yeah...


1. What's the new website going to be? Will the old link redirect to the new one?

2. Do you have any demoralizing taunts that you shout at your enemies?

3. What is your highest RPG stat?

4. What is the weirdest game title you've ever seen?

5. There is a bear behind you.

1) I really don't know why it took/is taking so long to throw that bone out there. I thought it be floating around in cyberspace for a good month before the ax fell, but here we are.

2) I remind them the terrible disgrace of being my twin brother!

3) Stat? You mean like, my level or anything? Um... probably Level 80 or something on Ness for EarthBound.

4) Probably "Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt!", yet at the same time, I know I've seen weirder...

5) Don't mind him, he's just a passer-by.

3) According to a recent GameFAQs poll, most people on the internet would say their highest stat is "intelligence" and their lowest is "charisma." Which really doesn't surprise anyone.

4) PuLiRuLa. I guess the title itself isn't that strange, but the game certainly is seeping with Japanese bizarreness. Particularly the third stage. You'll just have to look it up for yourself.

5) Turns out you were mistaken- the bear is, in fact, behind you.

1. See for yourself~! (This may either work, or not, pending admin's assertion)

2. I don't need to shout taunts-- I let my art speak for itself. C'mon, step it up!; Come back when you can put up a fight!

4. Kira-Kira: Where are Kirby's Kids, and why are the Sparkling?

1) I wonder why moving the RR web site (which was done a couple months back -- this is an old letter) would necessitate changing it any way. Repurpose the initials for Khaki Rhino Rave?... Maybe later.

2) Apparently, everything I say, write, or do doubles as a taunt.

3) (Lei makes me sad.) HP normally defaults to the highest simply because of how most mechanics work, but I'm gonna choose Arcane. What? Non-standard attributes in da house!

5) Turns out, in fact, the bear was you! Suspense~!?


Gobbo frequently puts up links to the rants he's made on KRR, and I very much enjoy them. But I can't find a way to acess these rants without following a link to a particular one. Am I missing something?

No, I just don't have them openly linked to on the site. Mostly because I don't want to wade through the sewage that is a page I didn't generate and fit in clean HTML. Plus, that'd just draw attention to those wallowing, weaker parts of the site.


I found this comment on a youtube video, that's just... horrible. I was going to dismantle it myself, but this just demands that special bashing that only Gobbo can give. QUOTE:

"I prefer to think that when Galacta Knight was `sealed` he was actually split into a good half and a bad half, Kirby and Dark Matter respectively, my faux evidence is that in Kirby`s Dreamland 2 Dark matter is orginally a knight. also I like the idea that Galacta Knight his both Kirby and Dark Matter`s powers, being able to absorb powers from other creatures (Kirby), and put his own powers into other creatures (DM) plus lety`s face it adds new dimension to Meta Knight, Kirby and DM`s characters."

Gobbo, please fire at will.

Squeaky Bogg Squeaky Bogg Squeaky Bogg Squeaky Bogg Squeaky Bogg


What are you guys going to be for Halloween?

Why was there an arguement about Ado's height? I always thought Ado and Kirby were about 4 feet tall.

Why do some issues have decimal points, can't you just give them a full number?

Do you think there should be a kirby game for iphone?

Why does everyone ask about mudkips? This is a kirby site!

2) The idea of a four-foot tall Kirby is horrifying.

3) Well, you see, the decimal point 'bags are special since they aren't really full issues. 33.5 and 33.75 were put together by RMD while he was waiting for Bagel to be done with his personal business and return for another session. Eventually Bagel wasn't able to return, so he just started doing it as normal. 44.6 was put together on the spot so there would be a mailbag on Valentine's Day, and 69.69 consisted of a bunch of old mail that wasn't in the previous session. So you see, whenever a mailbag is put together that isn't quite up to snuff with the others, a decimal point is added and it's just written off as a bonus or whatever. Or.. something like that.

4) No. First off, it's not a Nintendo console, so it's extremely unlikely. Secondly, if Nintendo ever did for whatever reason decide to whore out and put a game up on the iPhone, it'd probably just be Super Mario Bros. again than a Kirby title.

1) Did you really think that, with the theme of "Halloween," you'd be the only one to ask such a simple question as this? No wonder so many of these letters got ignored! Try to put some creativity in your questions, like "How can I stage a crime scene to look as tho' a reanimated mummy committed the crimes?"

5) Mudkips because this place is still on the internet. And the internet is full of gits.


Straight to da Q's:

1. What's your favorite peice of art in the entire fanart gallery? Of all time, what is your absolute favorite peice?

2. What's your favorite comic in the Fan comics section?

3. What was your favorite IF contest so far?

4. What's your LEAST favorite thing about this website?

0) Know what works just like saying that? Skipping it and just doing it.

1) Imakuni's Broom Hatter. I just love the stylization spunk? put into it. And, while trying to find Ima's work, I found out that the first, oh, twenty pages of top rated pieces are pretty much Daimyo's and anything submitted from when the Gallery actually had recent steam behind it ('cuz those are the only ones with ratings).

2) Kirazy's comic. Pretty much for the reason that it is a comic.

3) The Recall. Pretty much for large amount of failed grasp on the idea.

4) Mailbag... Forums... Mailbag... Forums... Mailbag? Foooruuums...

1) Wooow. That leaves me with far too many options. Normally there'd be like a million tie breaker 'ere, but I'll just leave it at Pączek w Rózy by SoraMito.

2) Haha! Another vote for Kirazy's. There really ought to be more of that stuff... perhaps I can help?

4) Don't hurt me for this, but maybe some of the more pessimistic attitude that goes about during certain times... I think we should all keep in high spirits!

1) Oh. Geez. I don't know. Uhhhh... well, I do like Battle with Marx Soul by Demi. To tell the truth, I have not looked through every single piece of artwork in the gallery, so I'm probably not qualified to pick an absolute favorite.

2) Again, I have not looked through every fan comic, but from what I have seen I'm also going to have to say Kirazy's comic. I mean, it's Dream Land 3 themed. What's not to love?

3) Least favorite? The Recall. To be honest, I didn't quite get it.

Wait, that says favorite. Uh, the Mini-Boss one.

4) The unfinished game pages. Kirby Super Star's page is still under construction, and it's been more than a year since the remake came out!

1. Aww, thanks guys. I know you're just down-playing my greatness for my own sake. I only have bothered to Favorite two pictures, and they are “Bonodori Festival on DreamLand” by Gerugeon and “Samurai Neo” by Aru. Kind of shows my bias, don't you think?

2. Both Kirazy's Komic and Torkirby's Adventure of Kirby are the best in my opinion. Of course, Bimblesnaff's are great on occasion,as well.

3. My favorite IF contest so far was the first, Create an Animal Friend, because, let's face it, Rolly is awesome =D

4. The pressure to keep it going *>_>

1) Sometimes mischief; always awesome.

3) Why did everyone read that as least favorite IF 'cept Daimyo? What a negative crowd...

4) An infinite roster of staffers with no one able or willing or around to work on the site. NB: Saying you will do something and making excuses for never freakin' doin' it doesn't count as work!


Hey there peoples! A few minor questions here...

1: What is the most disturbing or eerie thing in the Kirby series in your opinion?

2: What is your favorite Dark or Halloweenish kind of Kirby enemy?

3: Anything you are hoping for in November?

1) Dedede's hungry stomach from DLIII. Or Lovely, who has always just given me the heebiejeebies.

2) Mumbies, followed closely by Mr. P. Umpkin. Probably after the former got too close to the latter.

1) When I first fought Zero in Dream Land 3, I was terrified when his eyeball suddenly exploded and started chasing me around, spewing blood all over the place. Nowadays, though, I'd say the most disturbing thing is the manga.

2) I really didn't want to dip into the DL3 well again, but Mariel is probably my favorite.

1: I don't know! Now that I think about it, nothing in the games really shock or disturb me; maybe because I'm familiar with the flow of things... I hope I can say differently when a new game is released. But, if you want to go for disturbing, probably any given episode of the anime.

2: Nidoo. He's as dark as they come.

3: I hope to get my latest Emaki finished and released.

1) Well that one episode of ye olde cartoon where the house is haunted

and yadda yadda fake blood all over. Stuff like that used to scare me.

2) Mariel, or most of the final bosses, to tell the truth... Dark Matter in DL3 is a good one because of his color scheme.

3) Up DVD Up DVD Up DVD... Good word, I am a loser.

Also maybe to get my website running again.

Closing Statments: Might as well stop here. No way we're following that manga strip. Happy Hallo-freakin'-ween everybody! Now drown your fears in heaps o' white gold -- Texas Tea... Sweetener!

Yeeeee, I packed in a full house in this session's crew because of the one week's notice since the last release, but this thing got way too big. Gotta cut down on the number of seats, fo' sho'.

Theme Alert! Whaddayamean we're gonna be out too soon for Thanksgiving and I gotta think up a real theme? You suck, imaginary voice in my head! That's right, I'm imagining something that is entirely mental in the first place.

Oh, yeah, and the theme is "Other Uses for Cornucopia." Try it!

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