November 29th, 2008

    Hello, faithful readers!
   What do you mean we're a week late!? Y-you're imagining things.
Joining us today are:
   I wonder what would happen if I lit a match in a room full of nitrogen.
   Since when did we make the opening comments you always do that.
   i dunno lol
   My harem is required KRR Mailbag material.

Aki-Chan ._.
Most of the video games I like already have animes, mostly because I'm a Nintentard and Nintendo makes animes out of everything. Maybe SSBB? Like, Subspace themed? Yeah. And I guess a Touhou anime might be cool too.
As for NK's question, I think I'd pull the parachute. If I'm going to die, might as well be a cool death. Like... like, falling off a plane or something. ...Oh, wait, apparently I AM falling off a plane. Eh. Guess I'll just take my chances then.
Unrelated, but I killed Marx Soul. I feel special now. :3
Alright, now let's get to the interrogation:
1. So, where do you stand on the whole pirates vs ninjas debate? I personally prefer pirates but that's just me.
2. Now that the presidential stuff is over, who do you think should run in 2012? Cirno might be cool, but anybody else?
3. The Great Cave Offensive was, to be honest, just plain mean. Hardest treasure to get? (probably KSSU's Katana in my opinion)
4. If the world was set to blow up in three days for reasons too detailed to get into, what would you take with you on a rocket into space?
That's it for now. Go party now or whatever you do when I'm not around. (which is pretty much always nowadays now that I'm not on KRR anymore)
   1. Zombies
   2. The economy will collapse before that happens, or the world will be dead.
   3. Uh... I haven't beat that completely yet. :(
   4. My laptop, and a battery large enough to last the trip.
   1) Hey, you don't see true ninjas anymore. What does that tell you?
   2) I'd vote Cirno.
   4) The Doctor. He sure knows his space.
   1. i've always went with ninjas on that, but i dunno! aso's a pirate dontchaknow.
   2. Vote Cirno: Storngest President
   3. i never liked GCO.
   4. my ipod, ds, psp, laptop, assorted accessories, and green tea.
   1. Tetra is a Pirate. Tetra is Zelda. Zelda is Sheik. Sheik is a ninja. Thus, PIRATES = NINJAS.
    2. Ffff. I don't care for American Politics. ..or politics in general really.
    3. I .. ..don't remember for some reason.
    4. Oh man. It wouldn't matter what I'd bring. I'd have no electricity to power any of it. I may as well just stay on the planet. D:
   1. ninjas and pirates should definitely join forces. they'd be unstoppable. just look at me and aso!
   2. silly, cirno isn't real!
   3. it's been ages since i played, so idk.
   4. air! wa ha ha ha ha ha.

Corn Frosty
I think Speluenker should have its own anime.
To NK's question: I would go to kirby land if all the kirbys looked like this
1. Do you guys play fightan gaems? Personally I'm looking forward to King of Fighters XII.
2. What is your favorite cereal?
3. Shall I speak about my legend?
To NK: why is she wearing a fedora
   1. Generally, no. I tend to suck at them. The only one I've ever been good at is (suprise!) Smash bros.
    2. I do like them Frosted Flakes. They're great.
   1.) yes! my flavorite is probably samurai showdown 4.
    2.) all other cereals are inferior to the glory that is captain crunch.
   1. I used to, but stopped around Soul Calibur 3
    2. I don't eat cereal. GASP!
    3. Not really, no.
   1) I'm no good at them but I do anyway! SWR is a cool game.
   2) Frosties!
   3) Bakame!!
   1. All the time! I've recently gotten back into SWR, and started Melty Blood and Guilty Gear. I'm most def waiting on Tatsunoko vs Capcom, too.
   2. honey bunches of oats. corn frosty is probably second though!!
   3. yes.
   Not sure! Tenshi has peaches on her hat too. She's a masochist, maybe that has something to do with it!!

RK Joker
Hello mailbaggers. Hello old man, doctor, wild, and Shiro. So! If there were any video game I would like to be made into an anime, it's Chrono Trigger. Just give Chrono a good voice. It'd be like... well, the anime cutscenes for the PSX remake of Chrono Trigger. Those were vicious.
Old Man: I don't wanna go to the land of Kirby. I have a life. A LIFE MAN!!! But seriously, I wouldn't like to be the guy on the sidelines. It sucks when you aren't the hero. And I don't wanna die. I'd pull that string.
Now for the customary questions:
1.) Are any of you planning on getting Chrono Trigger DS?
2.) What is your favorite RPG of all time?
3.) If you could endorse any video game character for President, which would it be?
4.) How are your lives?
5.) Have any of you thought of a way to improve the video game you hate the most? What is said video game? What would you do about it?
   1) Not currently!
   2) Oh gee I can't choose. Paper Mario 2? One of the first two generations of Pokemon?
   3) I'm sure we've already agreed on Cirno.
   4) Perfect.
   1. No.
    2. Chrono Trigger SNES
    3. Doomguy, because he can RIP AND TEAR the competition
    4. Work sucks.
    5. I don't think it's possible to improve a game like Barbie's Horse Adventure short of nuking it from orbit.
   1.) probably not.
    2.) probably Tales of Phantasia.
    3.) probably Robotnik.
    4.) prob-- oh damnit. um. pretty good, thanks for asking.
    5.) not that i hate Prince of Persia (quite the contrary, really) but the games would be a bit better if you didn't die every time you fell more than 3 feet. >:C!
   No. If there is a Chrono Trigger anime Crono must be mute.
    1. Yes. Yes I am.
    2. Oh. This is tough. All the series I like all have very different systems.
    3. Nobody. Video game characters make bad presidents.
    4. Lives?
    5. I don't even remember what game I hate the most, let alone how to improve it.
   1. eventually, yeah.
   2. tough question! too tough, even. not sure what it is!
   3. Vote Cirno: Storngest President
   4. oi its a bit fine ear and ther not too busy poppin in at the ol pub every now an again things are jolly good glad to tell it
   5. superman 64? burn it, it'll be warm in the winter.

Video games that need an anime...
Phoenix Wright, Phoenix Wright, Golden Sun and Phoenix Wright.
Seriously, though, the PW series would make an AMAZING anime and that really needs to be exploited already.
Also, Golden Sun would be fun, too.
To NK's question, I'd pull the freaking chute. Screw the land of the Kirby. No idea when I'd get back, anyway, and that'd be lame.
Also, since you guys asked a question last mailbag after I'd already sent one in, I was Phoenix Wright for hallowe'en.
1) What do you spend the most time doing on the internet? I'm probably mostly on the forums...
2) Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? (My money's on Shiro, though NK may have done it while messing pots and pans)
3) As a turnabout question (I really need to shut up now), What anime do you think should have a video game made out of it?
   1) Probably talking to buddies I met back in high school on MSN.
   2) Probably Diddgery. He is a fat hamster. With a horn.
   3) Yeah the very few anime shows I've seen already have games??
1.) not talking on IRC. ho ho.
2.) it was probably Wildrows cheating on his diet again.
3.) most already have so, uh, i dunno.
   1. KRR Forums, Half Life, 4chan, etc.
    3. I can't think of a specific one that hasn't been already.
   1. Now that I think of it.. I don't really do much on the internet other than hang out on IRC, 4chan, and check a few webcomics.
    2. Shiro lies, it wasn't me. *urp*
    3. I can't really think of one. Sorry.
   1. irc, downloading too many things, 4chan, etc
   2. going with shiro
   3. Jump vs Capcom (vs Sunday)

hello, fellow mailbaggers
before making my own intrusion into your personal lives, i should probably answer your topics, so
*cough*Usually, when games are converted into animes or cartoon, the result is disappointing. Such examples are the megaman (both the old one and the .EXE), sonic, mario, and to a certain point, the Kirby one itself. Now, if I could ask for a video game to have a REALLY decent anime off of it, it would most likely be from Metal Gear, or something awesome like that.
now answering nk's question i would most likely have a tea with Mr. Kurbeh until i woke up
if it wasn't a dream well too bad
1- Who(what) is your favorite mailbagger?
2- Which is your favorite most thing on the world?
3- Who killed SMK?
4- Coffee?
5- Will NK have any other name anytime soon? I miss Kaitou Kid and Cirno
5- Will RMD and Dale ever be back for more than a day (this day being April's fool)?
And just for the sake of it:
6- she said:
   1) Aso!
   2) Aso!
   3) Aso!
   4) Aso?
   5) Aso.
   5) hang on there are two #5s here
   1.) me!
    2.) me!
    3.) me!
    4.) no thanks.
    5.) probably not.
    6.) we can't do it without joshi !! :(
   1. Aso
    2. Strawberries
    4. No thanks.
    5. No idea.
   YOU TAKE THAT BACK! The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Mega Man were awesome cartoons!
    1. If I don't answer Aso, he'll fire me from a cannon.
    2. Um. Hm. Pizza.
    3. NK.
    4. No thanks.
   1. magi!
   2. green tea prob
   3. most recently? i did.
   4. nty
   5a. for my aspiring public? possibly sooner than later!
   yeah joshi is the one who triggers the 'she said', so it doesn't work without him!!

Greetings, hosts of the mailbag!
I shall be coming shortly to take one of your precious treasures. Please look forward to meeting me on that fateful night! And keep a good eye on your famous "Cricecannon" for me, will you...?
Sincerely yours,
   *Several hundred Clay Wilds are dispatched to protect the Cricecannon*
   So glad I installed those plasma rifle batteries when I came in.
   * drnk is know known as KaitouKid
    Not sure I can let you do that.
    I may just steal it first.
   i just lost the game

   *divide by zero*
   *equips a cardboard box and exits stage right, tripping over a rock into a PIME TARADOX*
   H-hey, guys, where did Disk go?
   i have no idea
   He was here a moment ago...
   i totally didn't see a cardboard box walking away just then, nope

Dear Mailbag,
Hmmm I'm not really sure what game would be able to transition to an anime, but I think I'll go with Crystal Shards. They would probably have a bunch of levels into one episode and rework the cut scenes and stuff. What Kirby games do you guys think would be good for the anime?
And as for the NK question: I believe I would choose Kirby to take me to his crazy land. Though I'd never want to be pushed out of an airplane for no reason, that would be interesting.
I don't know how I would actually survive in his world persee, but it'd be a helluva lot more fun than this one. What would you guys do?
   Well, if they had to make another Kirby anime, then have something loosely based on Revenge of Meta Knight.
   As for NK's question, I certainly wouldn't try to go to the land of Kirby, that's for sure.
   KDL3 would be the best Kirby anime. Pitch? In an anime? Friiick yes.
   There's a chance you could fall, though! But that's basically the same thing I'd do. If I didn't land on kirby, I'd be taken to anime world.
   I'll agree with NK. DL3 would be a good one to use.
    I'd pull the chute.

So as I reading that last mailbag, I noticed it wasn't as funny as some other ones (don't take me wrong, I love them all) but that was probably because I was reading it late at night.
However! It got me to thinking; which person out of all of the normal mailbaggers (Aso, Shiro, Wildrows, Disaster, DrNK) is the funniest of you all? I think I know Aso and Shiro's answers, but I'm still curious.
As an answer to DrNK's theme (sorry Aso, but it was so much better than the normal theme :D) I would definately say that I would land on the Kirby, for if I fell to my demise, I would text a friend and have it so that the Kirby was sued.
And then everyone I knew would live in prosperity!
1) Face lifts. Would you get one?
3) If you were suddenly, due to some sort of inheritance, graced with a small fortune (a million, we'll say), would you:
a. Keep it all and indulge yourself.
b. Give some away to charity and then indulge yourself.
or c. adopt an animal/highway/child/etc.
The mailbag is great, keep going at it you guys!
   1.) why would i get one when my face is already perfect?
    2.) didn't we do this already
    3.) d. fund a giant cannon to launch Diddgery into the sun.
Shiro or NK! (i'm funnier in person)
   1) See Shiro's answer
   3) e. Fund and found a singing, dancing, world-saving organisation called the Elite Beat Agents
   NK & Shiro. I can't choose just one.
    1. ..Why?
    2. Uh..?
    3. B.
   Toon Link.
   1. going with shiro
   2. going with shiro
   3. j. when falling from the parachute and going to anime world, i would spend it on various goods.

Secret of Mana would've been an awesome anime. And since the 90s was the Golden Age of media, it would've been an awesome anime. Another game that would've been an awesome anime would be Golden Sun. Golden Sun was also a great game.
About NK's theme, I would personally take the blue pill. I would rather pull the parachute and fall to safety. I'm a bit cowardly when it comes to adventures and I'm not sure how well I'd take the transition into Dream Land. Would I transform? If so, it might not be into the exact form I want. If I didn't transform, the residents of Dream Land would be scared of me and perhaps try to kill me out of fear. I'm not one for finding those things out.
Okay, here are some questions.
1. What kind of idle positions should HAL Lab. give Kirby in a future game?
2. If a future Kirby game was upgrade-based, what kind of upgrades could Kirby get as he adventures?
3. How would you make a fight with Whispy Woods hard?
   His eyes should slowly merge together so he has one Waddle Doo eye. He then looks around and blinks before his eyes split apart. T-totally!
   2) Now you've got Light Speed Shoes. Press and hold the action button to store up power. Once you have enough power, release the button and you can do the Light Speed Dash. The Light Speed Dash lets you race towards rings at light speed. As long as there's a trail of rings you can go just about anywhere.
   3) Give him Cricecannons.
   1. um.
   2. it would be nice to be able to mix abilities again!!
   3. he would open his mouth wide. it's possible to walk inside. if you do, you get eaten, you lose. if you dont, shoots you with beamu. if you avoid beamu, you die. only way to win is is to get hit! you only almost die then. but then he does it again. bad end.
   1. I would say falling asleep, but that's usually an ability. Hm.
    2. Super Dedede Hammer for Hammer Abilty. For Sure.
    3. Is.. Is that even possible?
   1.) he'll change his nickname to Kirby|away. HA HA HA HA HA sorry
    2.) he would become more pink
    3.) give him infinite health i guess (lame answer get)
    4.) FLYING BA-- heyyyyyy.

Mailbag Theme: Ideas Showcase

Michael Byrne
I love this website! It has everything Kirby that I want to see! Except one thing...
There isn't much coverage on the very popular Kirby Super Star Ultra. There are tons of new characters and concept art for them, like updated pics of Dyna Blade, Wham Bam Rock, and Meta Knight.
If the planned coverage on KSSU could be posted as soon as possible.
   Not related to the mailbag theme, but I'm sure someone is working on this section. P-probably.

At first, this is very tricky. There are many Nintendo games I come up with anyway.
I mean, take Pikmin, for example. Captain Olimar will end it up between Distant Planet and Dream Land. (Seriously, not F-Zero! Different Story!) He could help the Pikmins fight monsters or help Kirby and his friends in Cappy Town, but whatever. Pikmin should have an anime made out of them.
Also, how about Earthbound? Ness and his friends must save the world from the Gyigas. However, they will end up meeting a lot of HAL Laboratory characters, especially Kirby. (Poyo! Poyo!) Earthbound should have an anime made out of them.
And Finally, the Ice Climber. Two Eskimo climbers, Popo and Nana, set on an adventure to search the vegetables on the top of the mountain. Fortunately, Meta Knight and Kirby could help them recover their foods and fight enemies as well. Ice Climber should have an anime made out of them.
The second mailbag (NK) is very safe for me.
I can safely pull the chute without getting too close to that giant Kirby. (Go away you big tough cream puff!)

I think Kirby 64 should've been in the anime or something within the similarities, mainly because of the combinable abilities (which kick KSS's gameplay by a long shot any day).
I'm awaiting shiro to mess up my pots 'n pans.
   Hey now, NK is the heron. Shiro may fire your pots and pans out of a cannon, but NK will mess them up pretty good.

A Klonoa anime would be pretty cool. The Klonoa style is already cartoonish as it is; adapting it as an anime would be easy.
As for the "falling off the plane" situation, it depends on how far the giant Kirby is, and the probability of landing on it safely. If it's not too risky, then I might as well try it out and see what happens (besides, even if I miss, I can still release the parachute then, although I'll get a very, very rough landing).
Even then, how would I adapt to the Kirby universe? Maybe if, when entering the Kirby universe, I might suddenly transform into the same species as Fumu; this would make things a whole lot easier. Said transformation would be very probable, since my human form would be forbidden in the Kirby universe.

Hi,you're my favorite super hero!

Here's my answer to NK's question: It depends. Do I get to leave the Kirby world, or am I stuck there forever? Either way, I'd probably pull the chute, since I'm far too tall to be in the Kirby world anyway. How tall is Kirby? Eight inches?

You can, but not right away, or whenever you want to. And that's how tall he's supposed to be, but for the sake of it, let's say he's a foot and a half.

Imperishable Fairy
It doesn't matter if you land on the Kirby or not. It'll absorb you regardless of what you do, and you will wake up on the land of Kirby.
You'd be literally in paradise.
As you'd have died.
And a video game anime... Probably something along the lines of A Link to the Past, extending to the Oracles and Link's Awakening. It'd focus more on NPCs than the games do, obviously, from that one soldier in the castle to Sahasrahla and Zelda. But still it'd follow them closely.
Alternatively, Kirby's Dreamland 2. Becouse of the nature of the game, it'd feel more like an straight-foward anime where the characters travel around. Also becouse the characters have nothing to do at all with each other except joining Kirby on his quest, they'd be forced to portrait him at least knowing what's he doing.
   It does matter, actually! If you don't land on it, you die. Don't try to change the question. You can always pull the chute, too.

Twilight Princess would be an excellent game anime. And GD it if you don't know why it would...
Or Touhou, I don't care. Both would be awesome.
@NK's question: Fall on the giant Kirby with the parachute while falling to your death. >:D

Treco Spossi
Keeping with the question NK asks for this mailbag, I would land on the giant Kirby.

Kid Kirby #1
Personally, I think that if there was a Jak and Daxter anime it would be awesome. As for NK's question, could you pull the parachute and land on the giant Kirby?
-Kid Kirby #1
   no you can not. your aim isnt that good plus the wind, etc

   Closing Statements:
   drnk is now playing: 004. Mami Kawada - [Single #01] Get My Way! -(01:09/02:56)- ?(^-^;)/?
   Do the Koopa!
   NK Answers: To those of you who pulled the chute, you get carried by the wind, and land somewhere in the ocean. Someone notices you, so there's no real issue. You're safe, but wet. To those of you who took the risk, you either fell to your death, or landed on the kirby. If you landed on the kirby, have fun being giant and awkward in kirbyland.
   NK Asks: You decide to travel, so you spin a globe and point at a spot. You land on Japan(if youre zura, you land on europe)! You have always wanted to go there, so you decide to take a trip. Once you land, you decide to check the sights, so you get on a bus. You fall asleep while on it, and when you wake up, you've missed your stop, so you get out of the bus. What you see outside you isn't Japan(europe). You see anime. Everywhere. You have one chance to go back inside the bus. Do you leave, knowing you might never go back? Or do you leave to explore the anime world?
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