May 1st, 2009

It's crazy birds in crazy land time, also known as "sackery" or a more appropriate and cooler sounding term. This round, quickly turned fan favorite Dedede-Daimyo was off in the far east battling the forces of evil, good, and Zen the Intergalactic Ninja. Blue dude had it comin'.

The unhuggable blob tries to remind people just why he shouldn't be allowed near small children, older adults, and everyone in between, and it has nothing to do with the puncture hazards!

As it was fortold many moons ago in an ancient prophecy, the three forces unit for not-a-storybook. Rather, Lei is a Kirby super-fan. She even runs her own fan site, Kirby Dream. She got a URL. What's your excuse, Rainbow Resort?

- Bimblesnaff



this goes with my question in mailbag #60.

I'M IN THE GRADE AFTER 2ND GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should go back to second since ya don't seem to know the ordinal that follows it. Whacka whacka!

I could tell. =0

Bag Fulla Ice

Hey sackers(heh heh pun on suckers and sack don't kill me). Well, I called myself Spud a few sacks ago and asked about the last things you drew, ate, blahh... remember me? Erm, anyways, I don't really get the theme, so:

1. Few bags late, but check out my Kirby Fan Game:

If you want proof that I made it, tell me something and I'll type it in the description.

2.Shouldn't it be CriceUnicorn, because Cricecorn means "Hamster Horn", but Criceunicorn means "Hamster One Horn"

3. Wait, Diddgery and Diggery are the same person, just different users?

4. No reallys, are Wildrow and the gang coming back?

5. My pots and pans were made a mess of. Who was it?!

6. Kirby Cosmic Chaos doesn't work on my computer. Please describe each level in detail.

Hope my mess of words was wurth wile. Bye!

0) Know what works better than informing the population of your past alias? Keeping the same one over a sensible course of time! And, yes, I can talk. My handle only morphed over the course of years when it was already established that said second name was used in reference to my being.

1) I'm surprised there was that much to it. Inhaling, spitting, copying, sliding, flying; you'd think those would all be taken for granted, but you'd be surprised with some fan games out there. "Jump on foes to defeat them." ... What? But, like was commented in the video, the controls looked shaky at times and a big unwieldy. Still, for what's out there especially, it looks pretty surprising.

2) And a centaur is properly known as hippocentaur, that way you know that it's half is horse. Centaur works just fine. You don't have to squeeze out every detail in a naming structure, just the high spots. Otherwise, why not include that it's brown and has larger-than-normal ears? Nay, it's a horned hamster, hence hamster horn.

3) Same persons, different personas. That "a" makes all the difference. How could the same person being different users? What is Didge, schizo or something? Well, he is, but the medication really scaled back his freak-outs. I just hope he doesn't learn that those pills are Skittles. I can't help if his medication is tasty. Mmm... trippy.

Hey, kids, eat medication not prescribed to you for fun!</horrible lesson not to follow>

4) :| Satisfied?

5) Just when the number five was getting its self-respect back, you had to go and do that to it. I hope you can sleep at night.

6) There isn't levels that I've seen, just the opening one. It's just a long path that goes up and around some logs and then winds up a tree. It's populated with some common enemies. The demonstration videos really paint a better picture than I can. Of course, they leave out the part where you get stuck in the floor and jitter back to the start of the level...

1. Looks like you put some real work into it! Not bad.

3. Diddgery is the impostor. ...Or maybe I got that wrong.

4. *stares at the hat rack* I-it doesn't look like so...

5. Oh gosh, were those YOUR pots and pans?! I... I am so sorry.

6. You should go and dig up the KCCh site and find the videos there. ;)

Princess Tetra

Hiya mailbaggers~! So, whatcha all been up to lately? I'm trying to deal with my Wii being repaired by Nintendo themselves, and it's estimated to take TEN DAYS. Ten days. ;~;

Shiro needs a Wii.

1. Anyone hear about that new Zelda game, the Spirit Tracks one for DS? If so, yay or nay? I think it looks good. I was hoping for something a little different, but in any case it'll probably turn out to be fun.

2. Does anyone here read Awkward Zombie comics? They need to stop doing so much World of Warcraft lately, but they still have some great stuff, especially the Smash Brothers/Zelda ones.

3. What is man?

4. Which of the Kirby anime theme songs (opening and endings, Japanese, English, Italian, German, whatever) did you like best? I like the first opening, second closing, and Italian theme.

5. All-time favorite video game soundtrack? Or if you can't decide, soundtrackS?

6. Have you ever been Rickrolled before? If so, how many times? I Rickrolled my own sister once. I remember being so bewildered the first time I got Rickrolled. @_@

7. Best episode of the anime, worst episode of the anime. Please don't give me any cynical responses (by saying this, I know you will), like "Worst? All of 'em." Seriously, the anime bashing needs to stop. TT_TT

8. You just got Genown'd!

I feel stupid for only JUST realizing Bimblesnaff was Mad Goblin a few days ago, when I was like, "hey... Mad Goblin draws a lot like Bimblesnaff... wait a second... IT IS BIMBLESNAFF!" Augh, I need to keep up with the Ask's. =P

1. Link. In uniform. DO WANT.

Awkward Zombie what I mean to say.

3. A miserable pile of... wait, I don't even know how this one goes.

4. I like the German one.* I mean, just listen for a second. Get reaaal close to your speakers, full blast. That's what I did, at least.

5. Oh gee, that gives me like, waaay too many things to choose from... um... MOTHER3?

6. I still remember the first time I was Rickrolled. I didn't even get it. I was just... bewildered.

7. I like the anime ;-; Uh, anyway, episode 60 was pretty epic, worst was the one that came right after it. *Shudders at the thought*

...Then again, Hoshi no Fumu-Tan kinda takes the cake...

8. ...But why?

9. Indeed you should. You'll understand things a whole lot better once you do.

*Leirin does not actually like the German theme song.

2) I can certainly assure you that I can read. ... What? Obviously, I can. I'm typing words right now. Did you think this was the lead in to some witty remark? Well, it should have been.

3) Man is a spongy bag of mostly water that smells of various foul things. It is sometimes bear food.

4) The only thing I liked about the American version of the animated series was the opening theme. Sue me, it's catchy.

5) I was first Rickrolled as part of a website's April Fools Day joke. Every member got a "conduct notification" which had the devilish YouTube embed. Of course, I don't follow memes, so I thought it was just some off-the-wall wackery. It wasn't until about a week later that someone at work explained to me. To make matters worse, I just opened the message in a new tab and entirely had no idea what was going on. Over all, the experience left me with a blood thirst that has yet to be quenched. And so, I spend my nights hunting the most dangerous game: lycanthrope ursula, the bear-wolf!

7) The unaired pilot episode that got everything right. The aired pilot that spit in the face of Kirbydom. Nevermind~!

unknown [really unkown]

lets kick diggdery the capicorn ;s butt haha i splet [typo] his name wrong 1.ometon here ;s a scene from my movie kirby.oh nuts it's zero 3 okay guys lets show that loser the power of sonic just kidding let's kick his eyeball

I'd like to kick some capicorn ;s butt too.

...wait what's a capicorn

Also, what's with all this Zero 3 I keep hearing about lately? I've heard like at least five mentionings of it.

A Capricorn is a constellation made from the goat/backup wet nurse of head Greek god Zeus. In addition to being glorified for its divine duties by being turned into night-lights for every-every, it's skin was turned into Aegis, the thunderer's and later Athena's shield, and its horns the Cornucopia, the horn o' plenty from which endless foodstuffs and Thanksgivings, apparently, come.

What's up with storm gods and killing the goats they love?

"Oh, thanks for pulling Thor around, guys. As repayment, how about we eat you now? Don't worry, 'cause you'll only experience the pains of slaughter before we revive you and do it again at a future date~!"

"That's not cruel at all!" Prometheus said.

Wait, where was I going with this? Oh, right, a capricorn. Wait, a capicorn? No R? Then that's just a heapin' helpin' of stupidity right theres.

Wait, why did we bother answering this question again? Methinks Daimyo must make another awesome comic to combat the attacking crank file! He's on leave? Well folks, you know what that means...

Prometheus? Like Prometheus Leirin? The... camp? Awright!


my questions are:

1. how many planets were there when Kirby's star formed?

2.are there any planets orbiting Kirby's star right now?

now, solve this sentence.

d oyo uli kema rio andl uigi ?

Kirby's home is a tricky number. It's treated as both a planet and a star. Technically, it has its own satellites, but one of those is the sun. A little backwards. Then, the neighboring "stars" are changed from smaller, planet like worlds to entirely equivalently sized "Star" worlds.

So, technically, it's an impossible question to answer, both of them, since the entire layout of the Kirby cosmos is chaotic and ever changing. If Pop Star was a real star, then it's orbiting worlds would be tinier than could be noticed, which would mean that the Dream Landers would be more like eight miles tall rather than eight inches.

Then, you also have to remember that real world property-isms don't apply to Kirby. You can't live on a real star. Pop Star is not a scientifically classed star; those don't even have the five points. It's a cartoonish, video game world and universe. Check your astrology books at the door.

But, Pop Star has always been known to have a moon, even in Dream Land 1, which rightfully makes it more planet than star, so both answers are "Zero". The boss. He's the planets :O

My response is a bit muddled, but in Japanese, the planets are referred to as 星 (hoshi); which usually means star, but can also mean planet, so it's a bit ambiguous...


1:Whats the boss that gives you nightmares?2:Do you ever think of making a Kirby flash game?3:Were can I find WADDLE DEES!!!:):):)

1) Organic Heavy Mole in drag is fairly frightful.

2) No, I've never considered making a Kirby fan game that sucks. In my opinion, Flash is for movies and piddle distractions -- mostly puzzle games. Action games cannot be made with the appropriate speed or complexity to pull off a full Kirby game. The start of one has been floating about the internet forever; just the start, however, and for good reason.

3) You can find what's left of Waddle Dees at the Hormel factory.

1) Boh. Is that his name? Bloody tanuki owl gives me the jibbies on top of my hibbies.

2) I've heavily considered making a table top version of Dream Land before digging down to that media of gaming revenue. Like the icy pin cushion said, not what flash was designed fer.

3) I, uh... have all the Waddle Dees. Just, uh... send me fifty bucks and I'll have some sent your way. Really.

1. Nothing. I doesn't afraid of anything.

2. Yes. A Kirby dating sim called Swoon.exe*

3. Waddle Dees see you when you're sleeping. They know when you're awake.

*Leirin does not actually plan on making this.

She's new here; she does not yet know fear. Isn't that right, my dating sim?

Dating Sim

I'd play that.

Dating Sim

Maybe Lei should actually wait to see what horrors are implied by my artwork first before replying to them...

*picks up her bags and gets the heck outta here*

squeaky boggs taste good

Ok, bimblesnaff, why did they change kirbys color from white to pink?

When KSSU be updated, im mean come on astoku.

How do ya beat the KRR storybook... my best grade was a c. (sigh)

1) Technically, Kirby never was white, just black & white.Since his color wasn't solidified at the time of the American release (or at least the creation of the game box cover art), he was left a non-descript white. That's about what the players saw, anyways.

2) When you complete the gauntlet!

First, you must survive a day of battery from the Guru Gun. I barely make it through. Next, you must prepare a large pancake breakfast. Yes, I am abusing my power. Thirdly, I'll take a nap. Them flappies make me sleepies. After that, figure out the secret formula for Coca-Cola. I must know! Fifthly, um, think up what the final challenge in the Gauntlet may be. Make sure it's hard. Then, do that!

3) Be awesome. Don't be not awesome.

2. Near the start of the year, I'm pretty sure they mentioned getting to work on the KSSU and Brawl sections at some point... don't worry, it'll come. Until then, GameFAQs should be of service...


Don't. Stop. Please? I've always enjoyed this website, and a lot of other people as well! :)

(...I can't really think of any questions...) Well--Which (Kirby) game(s) have you been playing recently?

1) You wish me to cease an unspecified action and stop? Very well, then, I'll stop. *poof!*

2) I recently acquired a third party produced system to replace my misbehavin' SNES. It was great to get to play Dream Land 3 for the first time in years, but then Super Star wouldn't operate on the thing. Boo. I expected more from a shady, non-supported, unofficial product.

What, KRR's incoming doom? I don't believe in such a thing! I believe in songs and laughter and the wonders love can do...

Anyway, I have a story to tell similar to that of Uncle Gobbo's. Me and my sister tried hooking up our old N64 system a few days ago, and it's working! And therefore I have been playing lots of Kirby 64, trying to collect all of those blasted Enemy Info cards. Just 24 more to go~!


I think this is my first mailbal... Curse my bad memory! Anyway, here I go!

1) Why are so many staff members leaving us?! WHY?! WHY I SAY?!

2) How'd you guys pick your screen names?

3) Can I be on the mailbag? This is a sort of serious question and I hope to not be yelled at by somebody.

Well, I'm just about sdone here. So bye!

1) People grow up and get lives. It's a sad truth. Thank goodness I have a sad life, and that's the truth. Oh, I'm slowly dyin' alone.

2) I realized that if I wanted to have zero possibility of crossing with someone else's screen name ever and to be 100% unique, it'd have to be something wholly made up. So, I took a gnomish bard's name I used in Dungeons & Dragons that was later given to a goblin fiend, and it snowballed from there.

3) What do you think? We just let anyone walk on in? No, there's a very thorough screening process... done on your wallets! Cha-ching!

1. Sadly enough, what Bimblesnaff has said is true. =( People just move on after a while. I'm a lifeless hobo living in my mom's basement, so I'll stick around for as long as I can.

2. OK, I've explained this a number of times, so I'll just copy+pasta from a forum post I made a few months ago:

The true origin of my name, comes from before I was even five years old. I had drawn a Kirby version of myself and needed a name for her, other than just my first name. Me and my sister sat around trying to think of a name, and we ate some Lay's Chips while doing so. For that reason, Lay was used (and later changed in spelling to Lei), although interestingly, we didn't even know at the time that we are distantly related to the guy who created Lay's Chips.

What's more awesome than being related to someone who has proudly made American children fatter throughout the years? Classic!


KRR will live on in the dust of the cosmic explosion as atoms and eves of houses find their internet genes and search to find the skeletal remnants of this little oasis. The higher powers will not let this site fail.

Am I nuts?

Which higher powers are those? The site founder who hasn't been seen 'round these parts for months, the senior staffers who have went AWOL, or the big wigs hanging up said oversized hair pieces?

Feel safe about the future, folks~!

Th-this is depressing me. ;_;


Hey everyone! I'm luvkirby4ever, and I found the mailbag topic interesting so I'm joining in on this one! I'll post questions and comments along the way, so please bear with me ;D

1. Why does everyone (not literally) say that 2012 is the year the world will end? I thought it was some joke at school because 2012 is the year I'm graduating.

I would hate to see KRR go. But I feel too... well... NEW here. I've been here for a year, but I feel like I've missed some sort of glory. In the forums I found the diddgerywithcannon topic funny and interesting, but I did not know diddgery. And in the Masterpiece Theater forum, the main big RP topic is the Great Cave Offensive. But that topic is ****ing old! I feel like there's nothing good for the future generation of KRR to enjoy.

Eventually a new generation of Kirby lovers will (hopefully) rise. They will discover the tricks that others have found in the video games (like how Meta Knight is a blue puffball) and others will find joy in the anime. I hope that people will be able to show some mercy and not run them off by saying "Don't waste a (forum) topic by stating the obvious. Now go run along and try not to let the door hit you on the way out."

I guess I sound stupid but I really do think that welcoming new people would help keep this site fresher and possible thrive again. So here's another question:

2. Do you think that a new generation to care for KRR will ever come, or do you think that this place will slowly die until the sands of time blow over this place?

3. Has there been past sites similar to KRR that used to thrive but died out? History tends to repeat itself, so maybe by looking at old and dead sites we can figure out how to avoid the same fate. And if KRR ever does die out, do you think that the same thing will happen to people in the future? There will certainly one day be the rise of another fan site dedicated to something as KRR is dedicated to Kirby.

4. Do I sound too opinionated, unrealistic, or biased about this?

Okay I'm going to close up by asking something rather critical and it may or may not apply to some of you.

5. WhyWhyWhyWhy... to an infinate extent... do you keep smacking down the HNK anime. I don't care at the moment if you love it to death or if you hate it. Just QUIT BEATING A DEAD HORSE!!! It has very much been made clear that some of you hate it (points at references/GURU Bimblesnaff) but you don't have to be harsh about it. Try comparing HNK to the Mario and Zelda shows. Yes... I know that video games and anime shouldn't mix, but you know what? It happened. And HNK is now a part of Kirby's history, so quit killing it and get over it. So do like it says in the forums and stop posting if you don't have anything to input into the topic other than SPAM.

And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels offended by it. I don't want to start a flame war or something, I just wanted to share my opinion.

Besides, if it were for the anime, I would have never found KRR. Ironic, isn't it ;D

1) Then, for you, it'll be true no matter what. Trust me, graduating is the end of your life. But, anyhoo, 2012 is a big crossing of time points marked as the last by a lot of fancy civilizations, like the Mayans. If they say that's the end, I'd buy it. Of course, I also buy all generic products from the grocer, so how good is my stock?

2) Thanks to the advent of "blogs" and face-space, the "newer generation" is completely incapable of basic HTML work and general, real web practices. Way to go, endumbening society! You've doomed us all. Thank goodness we only have three more years to maintain appearances. After that, lights out!

3) Rainbow Resort was birthed ten years ago, which was when I and many others started up their websites. It was pretty much the "boom" of the internet and web pages. I don't believe much, if any, places like it predated this point in time. I mean, yeah, there were websites out there, but not like it.

Most websites fade away due to those managing them getting too much off-line life to feud with their on-line life, like a job, school, or girlfriend. Luckily, there's two folks here who have the prior two scratched off and the latter in deep left field. We suffer for you~!

There's already plenty of websites out there dedicated to all sorts of fandoms. Ol' RR just happens to be the largest conglomeration of Kirby related media and information in English. Yippee!

4) At this current point, no, but we'll see...

5) There's a difference between repeated put downs and kicking while already down. I never go out of my way to make mention of the animated series. I go out of my way, really, to pretend it doesn't exist. However, when someone brings up the topic, especially one that can have a negative spin applied to it, I bring out the ol' horse club and wallop away.

If someone says, "What was this in the animé?", I merely explain it. If they say, "Why did this stupid thing happen in the show?" I explain, fully, how it is ripe with inaccuracies, flaws, and poor writing. Then, when one says, "Why ya gotta be a Hoshii no hater?", I go and pull out my bag of ruin to remind them why it is so wrong. I also like how right there I use the same horse metaphor 'cuz I am sick of it.

It's not like I enjoy doin' it. They ask. I answer. Comes with the territory I accidentally got. What cha gonna do?

4) So... yes. Told ya it'd be back.

1. Really? What determines that? I've always thought of the world ending in, at the least, a few hundred more years, but... who are we to say?

...Discussing the end of the world makes me want to go and finish Majora's Mask.

2. I think a sparkling bit of hope still lies out there and will strike KRR like the mochi-pounding New Years hammer to my hand. I don't think this place will die. It will... forever live on as a legend!

3. STARMEN.NET has a passionate love for what it does and is about the same age as the Resort as well. And look how strong its community is--again, believe!

4. No, you don't. I tend to do that more than anyone else I know.

5. The anime is just another part of the Kirby series. It was not the best anime adaption ever, and it did have a few poor moments, but I would not consider it really bad at all. I think I would have liked it more if it had more game characters/game settings/or even the general style of the Kirby series, but it wasn't the worst attempt. Funny, as I think I found KRR because of the anime too, back in 2003 or so...


Sorry to come back so soon, but I was wondering.....

1- Do any of you guys play "The Battle of Wesnoth"? It is a really good game, it takes awhile to download, but that's probably just my computer. Anyways, it's a great game, real fun.

2- How many of you guys draw? I'm obsessed with drawing, and I was just wondering. If you guys do, any tips? (I draw people)

3- How old is Kirby? I have been wondering, like FOREVER, I heard 3 for the Anime, but I dunno...


Okay, that last one wasn't serious, but yeah, I just felt like throwin' that one in! xDDD


2) Dude, really? Every MB session features every MBer drawing somethin' or the other. Well, not Asotoku. Everybody made their own avatar except that bloke. He just ripped a sprite from some game. Yeah, way to slay effort and originality in one fell swoop: Bonus points for taking it from perhaps the least Dream Land-like genre possible.

1) I have never heard of this. I'll have to look it up. And I did. Seems to be a lot of foundation in that game. A lot. It's almost too much, had to believe. I found myself flooded with information, all except that which gave a nice and quick, up front wave into the game itself. If I had more time, it seems like something I'd look into, especially seeing how hungry they are for creators. On the other hand, it's the utmost of generic fantasy mired in a complete misunderstanding of biological explanation. "Orcs give birth to orcs, half-orcs, and goblins in the same litter." What a complete misnomer and misuse of "runts", respectively.

3) The age old age question has been a thorn in my side for some time. Because of this, I got my Guru Gun and shot the sucker dead in my Guru Gobbo FAQ.

4) Waffles like me!

... no they don't. I eat them.

Wow! Hi again Sky! Not that you guys really care, but she's one of my best friends in real life.

1. No, I have yet to play any sort of MMORPG, although I have looked into it. It doesn't help my computer is a 1,000-year-old hungry dinosaur. =(

2. I draw like crazy. Art is my fodder. Here's a hint: go with the flow of the picture and really think about what the concept behind the piece is. Once you can visualize it, BE the pen--and let your creativity run wild! If you're still young, your imagination is like a wide and open garden. Utilize this opportunity to go beyond the reaches of the real world.

3. Oh gee I dunno. This is just what I think, but he's a baby or toddler in the anime, and a "kid" in the games, as established back in the early 90's--so that leads me to think he'd be about 6-12.

4. I'm tempted to say bagels are better. And look, I just did!

Not Topmonhit

*puts on a Spike Sheild Badge* Just in case.

A. In my quest to come up with a question that probably hasn't been asked 27 times before, if Cleaning Kirby and Bubble Kirby were combined like in Kirby 64, what do you think it would make?

S. How often do you decide to answer mail that makes so little sense it might as well be in English... er, Greek?

D. Banjo-Kazooie. Have you played it?


--oh, carp, I ran out of letters. Um...

Q. What is your favorite Fawful? I HAVE FURY!

(the end)

A) They wouldn't be, as Bubble isn't that mixable of an ability. Water, maybe, but then the two would probably make something like Bubble. So there's your answer: Bubble!

S) If those letters were in simple English, then they might be answered. "lets kick diggdery the capicorn ;s butt haha i splet [typo] his name wrong" Yeah... golden.

D) Nnno.

Q) Um... Nnno.

A. You'd get watered-down soap bubbles.

D. Heh, I love the old Nintendo 64 Banjo games. When are they coming to VC again? ...Never? Don't give me that Live Arcade junk!



1. Can I be answering the next mailbag? If Dayimo got to do it, I should be able to! Dayimo does ART. I RUIN PEOPLE'S LIVES. They're the same thing!

2. What kind of hobo do you prefer? Regular, magical, musical, or Chinese?

3. You die tonight, Ometon...

4. What's your opinion on narwhals?

6. There is no question 6

7. But there is a question 7! Pie?

1) What is it? Beg to be in the Bag season or something? What's with all this asking to be in it all the sudden? "Scatch that, unfounded asking to be in it. Does Daimyo's contributions to the site seem like a feat even legitly hired staffers have been keeping up with as of late? He's a mega-fan with great devotion. Come back when at least rating a super-fan. Or a fan on the "high" setting. It'll probably be warmer then, and I could use the cooling.

2) Musical ones at least offer something other than a possible stabbing.

4) They taste a bit fishy to me. I prefer the dolphins that get caught in those tuna nets. Too much?

5) This is exactly why you will never be on the other side of the bag.

1. I refuse to agree that art and ruining people's lives are the same thing. Why, it's the very opposite! Though I suppose it depends on what you draw...

2. The Ometon variety.

4. Narwhals are okay.

6. Then, is this a question or not? Mysteries abound...

7. One! Two! Three! Pie!


Me? I personally prefer not to think about endings. I never knew Diskmaster much, but Aso was the bomb, so I'll miss him, I guess...I miss Didgerry too! T_T

1. Problem Sleuth, much?

2. A Kirby game with a little more dialogue would be cool. What kind of dialogue do you imagine being in a future game?

3. What do you guys do for a living?

4. Black beans or pinto beans?

5. I think today's mainstream music is lame. And so are the supposedly underground music scenes. It's all about game music for me!

6. Death to the false Emperor!

2. Kirby games lacking dialogue is part of their charm: it leaves it all to your imagination! That's in part how I managed to think up all sorts of strange things when I played Dream Land 2. I had something simple to base my thoughts on.

3. I crunch chips and draw. Wait, for a living, as in, making money? Well... shoot.

4. Black beans.

5. I'm not extremely fond of today's music (for the sake of not offending anyone, I shan't discuss the evil that is Hannah Montanna...), I prefer the retro stuff. And I always seem to enjoy video game music. Or just instrumentals, for that matter: who needs a voice when you have an instrument?

0) Miss Aso all you want. Dude said he came back, didn't he? Then where is he? Is the new system too convenient for him so he can't be bothered to put a hundred words into a bag, 'cause Glod knows it wasn't more than that!

2) "I like food!"

"Food is tasty."

"We needed extra features for this?"

That's right -- I imagine fourth-wall breaking would be included and self-defeating in future games.

4) Pinto all the way; that isn't even a contest. When you get it refried, "beans" always means "pinto."

5) This is something that pisses me off to no end; you insult mainstream and underground music, but profess to love something that is just as arbitrary and pathetic. Saying that you like game music is like saying you like movie sound tracks. Or games, for that matter. There is no tying thread, no genre or unifying similarities.

What exactly do you mean by game music? Electronica? Japanese orchestral? There must be some underlying concept to love -- otherwise, you are loving an idea and not the sound.

2) There really shouldn't be dialog in a Kirby game. I loved my other brother's commentary when playing Dream Land 3. "What are you doing?" "We need to shape the blocks in this room like that guy to make him happy." "How do you know that?" "You... just... do?" That's the magic of Kirby. It doesn't need words to communicate. Some intro in the beginning, maybe, and a finishing wrap-up, but that's it. Why mess with a working formula?

3) Bioenergy biomass high throughput screening research and development. Try fittin' that sucker on a business card.

4) What a borin' bean battle you've set up. Really, it's no contest.

5) Game music. Yeah, that's not really anything. Unless you mean the 8-bit style bleeps and bloops, it's like the 'Ton said. It's not really anything definable, just where it appears.


Apparently I made it up to being as cool as needed. yay. Anyway I just hope that this site keeps on going. Because if this place leaves all I have is youtube, and if that place changes so that it's for major sponsors like Disney as I hear rumors of... it won't be pretty.

Well enough of that lets have some questions

1: Dark matter vs Galactus, who wins?

2: Dark mind vs mirror Kirby, who wins?

3: Bogg vs Ometon, who wins?

4: Hamster vs Mouse, who wins?

1) Neither -- they become friends after discovering their common love of Twinkies. How sad is it that such a scenario is based on both's canon?

2) I'd imagine reflection would come in use quite a bit against him, so the answer depends on whether or not it would work against Mind's shots.

3) Ometon.

4) Hamsters are cuter and more cuddlier.

1) Galactus eats worlds, and Dark Matter can take them over. So... Galactus would just eat the dark covered planet like a yogurt covered raisin.

2) Didn't the mirror Kirby not cut it in the reflected world and thus needed the intervention of regular Kirby to defeat Dark Mind? So, this is like saying, "Who would win? David or Goliath". It's already posted results.

3) ... Ometon...

4) Since mouse is capitalized, I can only assume it is of the 12oz variety and thus could defeat all in an intoxicated hail of exploding gunfire.

2. Dark Matter would probably prevail, being a giant, dark orb that can consume the wo--wait, with the help of the player, you mean? Oh, if that's the case, Mirror Kirby wins!

3. Right as Bogg comes to lay the smack-down on Ometon, he hits a spike and deflates cartoon-style. So, Ometon wins, I guess?

4. That's like... Hamtaro versus the Squeak Squad. I don't know!


(Envelope sent with the familiar feather icon imprinted on it.)

Hey, Mailbaggers, I'm writing from my retirement home deep in the back woods conviently located miles from the Dream Spring. It's really peaceful here, the birds chir-- HEY, YOU, THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. GET OUT. DON'T MAKE ME GET THE SHOTGUN.

Erm, I'll write again later, I need to deal with an errant Waddle Dee flock that somehow wandered around here.

Retirement home. Pfft! Disk, we all know where you've really been.

That's right, Ometon and I discuss spend our lunch breaks around the water cooler talking about our bran diets. Apparently, his is working better.



Hmm, something seems amiss here.



Thar we go~!

Wow, this has got to be the most original and hilarious letter ever received. I'm sure no other scores of people have sent this in, especially not with other questions as to give some sort of merit.

Memes have no intrinsic value; puttin' stake into essentially worthless things is how the economy got ruined. That's right -- I'm blaming you for the current financial crisis. Numbers don't lie.

The least you could do is pull up a video game quote that has less mileage online...

Mandarin Feel my power!

Fawful, you better watch out for Ometon: he is sometimes mischief!


Hey again, Mailbaggers, the waddle dee flock has subsided, and I'm starting to get moved into my home. Everything is so different here. The sky is red, the ground is grayish, the locals are nice...

It's almost like a bad acid trip.

In any case, expect to hear more from me in the future. Retirement is going to be long and fruitful...

[[ feather emblem? ]]

Why is it that Rainbow Resort staff members seem to be around more often after they quit?

Heya Disk! =) Glad to see you're still writin'. Well, I'll miss you, but enjoy your time off duty. While it lasts, anyway...

Was someone suppose to find and/or make that feather emblem? You act like it should be theres or somethings. Ss.


*snatches towel out of Rainbow Resort's hands before it can be thrown* Naw. As long as the Kirby series exists, so will this site.

Also the world will most definitely not end in 2012 don't even pretend

I think the Kirby series will last a while, likely for many years to come. Granted, it may not be all the same, what with different directors and whatnot (pray it doesn't end up like the Sonic franchise)...

...And I thought the world would end on the third day.

Third days are reserved for rising and parting the waters from the land.

Speaking of the wet, Rainbow Resort was using said towel to dry off. Now it's all cold and nek-ked. What have you exposed our young readers to? No, really, what? I'm not sure if it could be considered anything bad or not.

Closing Statments: Hey, that's something. I swear, we're either gonna have to start doing 'Bags more frequently or of a larger size, 'cuz it's hard to cram the limited amount of material so far apart.

Theme Alert! Doom and destruction aside, what about this places future in a positive light? Any such thing? What's happening around here as of late that has your hopes up?

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