April 14th, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a Mailbag. This sack had four little staffers digging through its paper guts mercilessly. The poor thing.

I had Ometon dispose of some "not incriminating evidence" for me, so, as totally not a favor, he's sitting in. Ask no questions else he could be seeing you soon. You'll only see the inside of a duffel bag.

Rainbow Resort's undisputed Big Boss of Art shimmies and pencils his way into another round of Mailbag. If you want to challenge the leader, you must art your way through four levels of drawing to get to Mt. Daimyo before facing him.

Before "quittan", Disko took a poke to the Mailpoke. Then, it woke up, ate him, went back to sleep, and turned out to be a slumbering bear. Here is his final will and testament.

- Bimblesnaff


Hi there!

It’s my time I use a mailbag. I’m sorry, if I do something wrong. I never read a mailbag, which means I can ask a question that already has asked.

Here are my questions:

1. If you could be a Kirby character, who would you like to be? And why?

2. What makes you happy?

3. If you have one day to live, what would you do on that day?

4. Do you have a wise lesson? Would you mind sharing it?

5. If you are an otaku, are you going to the anime convention in Amelo (the Netherlands) in May? I just wondered. (Not like, I’m going.)

6. Do I apologize a lot? If that’s true, I’m sorry… ‘sigh’

7. This one is for Dedede Daimyo! Could you draw a funny character like Gobbo or Ometon (sometimes do in a mailbag)? Like an irritated Dedede or a sad Dedede.

If you don’t have the time, you don't have to draw it. I’m glad if you read my message.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. You guys are cool! \(>O<)/

I just wanted to say that.

P.S.S. I’m sorry I didn’t draw anything special these days. I’m too busy with school! (=_=)’ But I do have the time for writing a message.

End of my interview.

~You and me both, sister ;)

1. Umm, Dedede-Daimyo? Not much to go off of there. Actually, I would like to be one of the many artist-bosses throughout the series, if only to have their “Drawn to Life” skills! …Or the ability to animate. Am I off track yet?

2. Guess. Making art makes me happy. It kind of like a cause and effect scenario, except both the art and resulting joy come from within myself. However, I’m a pretty happy guy, in general.

3. On my last day of life, I would abandon my loved ones and belongings, and go deep into the woods. My family need not be burdened by my loss. There, I would immerse myself in nature’s serenity to become calm and tranquil, ready to meet my end. Whatever becomes of my remains is for the environment to decide.

4. Good actions beget good fortune. Always do what your heart tells you is right.

5. I am not an Otaku, per se, just a lover of Japanese culture and style. On the off-chance I might go to an anime convention, I’m sorry to disappoint, the Netherlands is just too far a distance to travel. I am considering going to the one near where I live this year to sell some of my artwork, though.

6. There is nothing wrong with apologizing in excess—it shows respect for your superiors and the extent of your own manners. Humility is a good quality. Pardon.

7. I intend to draw a lot this session!

8. Drawing can’t be rushed. You have to want it.

Daimyo selling art at a convention? I dunno, I've seen some of those masters that do drawings for dollars at those things... * squiggly flashback wipe effect *

"Hey, look, it's a sheep. A sheep with Bawls. How mature are we?"

... Something tells me he'll do fine.

0) I wonder if your screen name is meant as "Yayz! Bunnies!" cute or "I have a web cam!" cute. My thoughts like this prolly mean I shall not be employed here much longer.

1) I'd be Squishy, and go on a rampage in Japan!...ese schools~! Yeah, I'm surprised I wasn't fired from the Mail Bag mid-answer, too.

2) Preferably, as few as possible. Strong emotions -- including happiness -- cause me to become very nauseous, most likely due to how rare such events are for me. I know it has only happened to me twice in the last fifteen years. Each was trigged by unexpected fortune; one of them had to do with computers. Yup, I'm a nerd.

3) My last day would look a lot like any other day of my life save the frugality. I don't need no money once I'm dead -- just enough for a cremation, a Sharpie, and a Tupperware on which to write "Do Not Eat."

4) Life sucks -- get used to it, or at least stop complaining about it so much, internet!

5) They have plenty of conventions in our own home countries and nearby cities, too. If I'm gonna go to the Netherlands, it'd be for Epica, not animé.

6) Unforgiven~!

8) Shouldn't that be Post-Post-Script not Post-Script-Script? That'd be, like, what was written in the post-script itself, which would be the same thing as a regular post-script.

Can you tell we're brothers? Whaddaya mean I'm not suppose to cross-link with Gurus in this thing? No, you stop arguing with yourself!

1) Cupcakes

What? I drew it already. Who said I can't repeat things?


Shut up, Mailbag Cyprus!

2) I would say, but the feds have been- Whaddaya mean that's Ometon's gimmick? Fine then. Cookies. Ice cream. Candy. I'm gonna be sooo fat.

3) I can't say what I'd do for most of the day, but I know how it'd start: lots of liquor. The rest would be in the police report.

4) A fool knows everything; a shrewd man knows how much he does not know.

5) Otaku really aren't the kinds of people I like to be around as they happen to be a kind.

6) I would have been inclined to say "no", but the apology pair with this item crossed the line. Yes!

I don't see the problem. Ask away!

#1: I guess, probably a Waddledee, except for those employed as the royal guard, they live a relatively peaceful life. I've always wanted that.

#2: This question is a bit vague, but as I see it, in the immediate two days, probably beating the Arena in KSSU. (YES, I STILL HAVEN'T BEATEN IT, RIDICULE ME ALL YOU LIKE GUYS. >:() As for life, I'm still trying to figure that one out.

#3: Visit my family.

#4: Not really, no. ... oh wait, there's one. Look both ways before crossing the street.

#5: Some of us have closer conventions to go to, like New York Comic-con as an example.

#6: Response intentionally left blank.

Shadow Queen

This is my first time writing to the Mailbag, so I'll try my best.

Why is the japenese version of Kirby games and the anime so different to the english version?

Thank you for considering my question.

The original and dubbed animé are different from one another?


You really shouldn't thank us. After all, we consider your question stupid. Try your better for your second letter. The following is a list of characters' outfits you may cosplay as for the photos you send me us:

And yes, me hitting on the lady-type questioners will become quite standard. And yes, I am aware my list was empty.

Don't make me add another page to the restraining orders, Ome'. Really, don't. The stacks so high, if it were to fall over I'd be done for.

Anyhoo, S'queen, the differences between regions largely show up in the animated series. The games, for the most part, only vary on verbage which is practically equivalent. Oo, "lord of darkness" was changed to "ruler of the underworld". That'll throw off the whole canon.

Aside from that, the shifts between the languages are pretty common no matter what show is being dubbed. A lot of it is cultural, and the rest is to "take it down to our level." The average American audience body is considered to be far less intelligent than your equivalent Japanese viewer. Things have to be explained less thoroughly, they can use a bit coarser of language, they don't have kiddie gloves as much stuff. 4Kids pretty much pulled the same treatment on everything they got their grubby hands on.

Of course, I didn't really watch either language of the show, so what do I know?

You could of at least have provided examples as to what differences you were referring. There are a lot, and many can be answered by common knowledge: Different strokes for different folks. In the end, though, I believe that any difference you may have seen, really doesn’t matter in the end.

whispy the 1st

1.you,re walking when you encounter king dedede

heavy lobster meta knight 02 and wham bam jelwl! how do you defeat them?

2. what are some of the wierdest kirby enimes?

3. you,re at a wepon shop you can take 1 melee and projectile wepon what will they be?

1) I'd slyly suggest that one offended the other's mother with a subtle comment and then run like the dickens. They'd defeat themselves and I'd take the princess as a prize. There is a princess, right? There's always a princess.

2) Have you ever seen Benny? That guy gives me nightmares!

3) My melee weapon would be the spiked ball and chain. Can't go wrong with it. While it has some good range to it, the electrified trident is a good cover for those who escape my pointy death dealer. Can ya tell who my favorite knights are?

1. Obviously, King Dedede would team up with me, us being like brothers, and we would totally dominate the rest of the bosses! First, I would leap onto the back of Heavy Lobster and begin to pound his brains to mochi with my kine-mallet while Daio takes to smashing WB Jewel’s fingers with his weapon. Just then, he gets grabbed-up by Jewel’s other hand, but I am quick to act, throwing one of busted-Lobster’s exploding mini-Lobster projectiles at the blue hand. Finally, we both inhail the rubble from a destroyed Jewel, and blast it at Meta Knight, to put him out of commission. And since this response has taken so much room, I will stop here~

02 would totally kill us both!

#1: I'd run, as I never seen to have enough power to kill four bosses at once.

#2: As a little kid, I always thought Scarfy was wierd.

#3: A sledgehammer and a bazooka.


last time its the worst enmey of diggery the cricecorn [not from the mailbag] i give him anmesiona 1. zero 2 must die who,s with me

A Google search of "anmesiona" resulted in "Did you mean: amesiona." Wow, your spelling is so bad that spellchecking it results in words that are just as much non-words.

1) How is "zero" a question?

2) "S" with you? Looks to me like your Yoda talk is answering the question of who quite easily...

2) Yes, you should. Do that now. Die.

Your incompetent writing skills are so poor, and your negligence for anything you ask is so excessive, that I wonder why anyone even bothers to dignify you with a response. Shape up or ship out.

Please, an hero.


My, my. Times sure are a changin' these days.

So, ol' Diddgery is back, eh? Tell me, how does it feel to be shot out of a cannon? Is it painful, or is it worth the time and money?

OK, next:

1. What do you want in Kirby Wii, if it ever comes out?

2. This is not a question about Project R.A.I.N.B.O.W.

3. You guys have any Easter-type stuff planned?

4. ATTENTION DUELISTS!!! My hair is- *maimed*

And I'm out.

-Tarkana (a.k.a. kirby262)

1) My only KWii wish is that the game actually comes out. That's really it. You got green Broom Hatters and blue Doos. What else could you want? ... Kaboola and Heavy Mole!

2) Too bad! That still invokes delays, death, and diabetes! Someone else in the world just got it. I hope you're happy with yourself.

3) Oh, you know, family, dinner, and gaining back all the weight I lost in my Lenten fast in twenty-four hours. Possibly followed by bulimia. Yay?

4) Yugi doesn't have to announce anything to get attention. That freakish do gets all the looks the world's exhibitionists combined desire.

Off topic—the Bob Dylan song, The Times They Are A Changin’, totally made the entire Watchmen movie experience for me. The movie’s intro with an extended version of that song along with a montage of alternate U.S. history filled me with great emotion.

1. I also hope for more references to past Kirby games. Bring back foes and situations from Kirby’s past are wonderful ideas. His history is so rich; it makes some of the new stuff look really bad in comparison. I’m all for nostalgia.

2. It’s one thing to question P.RAINBOW, but a statement about it is inexcusable!

3. Reading this mailbag. (Now while you are preoccupied with this answer, I will be able to craft my new Emaki in secrecy!)

4. Honestly, his hair looks like someone taped a pile of fake vomit and a crushed spider to his head.

#1: Just for it to be out already, the wait is agnozing.

#2: This is not a snide remark in response.

#3: Nope.



W=Where's NK?

And Disaster?

Or even Wildrows?

NK and Wildrows are dregs from the KRR Chat. Fun fact: Kindar Spirit, founder of this web site, detests the chatroom. She feels that it is completely inappropriate for the general age group here (and she feels correctly) and that it should be done away with since Kirby is about the last thing of which they ever talk. It only stays around since it is Debagelbond's baby.

Methinks it is high time for that baby to be exposed...

See, NK and Wildrows have nothing to do with the KRR site. They don't even go to it. Why should they be answering its mail? The old answer is that they were in the IRC where the old mailbag was made; the new mailbag is made right here on KRR -- the very site they never visit, have nothing to do with, and have no business responding to messages pertaining to. I loved it so how the old crew would bask in the praise of letter-senders on how great a job they were doing on this site; those blokes don't do a blutty thing for this site!

Then, you have Disaster. Now, unlike the other two, he is supposed to be a staffer. Project RAINBOW was his baby... so, yeah, if he ever becomes actively involved in the Rainbow Resort again, he'll earn the right to answer some letters.

At least Diddgery participates in the site; he is known to visit the Gallery and Interactive Fandom sections. He would have known what the KRR elections were.

Of course, the normal place to hear from blokes who only have to do with the chat and the forums are the chat and the forums. Why do they need to put their soapbox here? They already exist almost entirely in different communication media! You want Wildrows and NK and Diz and Aso, go to the IRC. It is 'bout the same as their Mailsacks. I think that is where most of their in-jokes and memes come from.

Now, what is really funny is that the good Doctor found the write-up to this letter while poking around the site, as the old crew is want to do thinking that they for some reason would have access to this new system. He was none too please and wrote a very vivid response. Funniest thing, tho', are his claims "I visit the site every other day" and that I was an "$%@hole" (sxahole?) for not knowing what I was talking about. Conveniently left out of the many parts he quoted from the above are mentions of the KRR election. Y'know, that thing that had been going on for weeks on KRR that he conveniently knew nothing about? So, he is either a liar for saying he visits or ignorant for completely overlooking a major event on the site. I guess if it isn't a piece of "news" posted by one of his friends, he just overlooks it. Welcome to KRR, folks! Only three people on the staff know anything about web design, and the rest are just playing webmaster dress-up for the lulz~!

The fact that they are all only noticing my snide remarks now just proves my point; they are now also featured in the 'Bag (which they only care about because their buddies are in it again; by their own admission, they didn't even notice before Aso and Diddge came back). If they had been paying attention, they'd know that the site has been littered with my disapproving comments at the old guard for months, which just proves my allegedly unsubstantiated point all the more.

* cracks open a case of "pep" brew * Yeeep, not much that could be added to that.

It's good to give the voiceless some words. The works of Ometon go on silently and largely unnoticed even by myself. Daimyo pretty much only rolls out notice in his Gallery submissions and comments. A lot of the users on the question end of this and the Ask the Kirby Gurus don't even use the communication means (maybe that's more true with Gurus?). This is how they connect and interact with the site goers and workers.

Wait, that wasn't even the question!

1) The chats.

2) The boards.

3) A hat rack.

It seems like I’ve heard Ometon’s rant of truth somewhere before. Oh yes, that’s right in his new book, A Modest Proposal. A little insight on the plot—it deals with eating babies. Also, let’s not forget about ol’ Text Block Nurikabe!

Thanks for giving me a voice in the matter, Bimblesnaff. The barrier bamboo grows thick and tall at the Rainbow Resort. Communication is difficult, resulting in answers with delayed interaction ^_^*

Wait, is that mailbag “Cypher” Cyprus? Has anyone noticed we have been spelling the name of the tree wrong? It’s totally cypress… or so tree tells me.

From the years I've been with KRR, I've noticed that the irc chat is somewhat disconnected from the rest of the site, though some of us use it, myself included. There needs to be some administrative changes there, though...

As for the forums, as the sole person still trying to maintain it with what little wit he's got and what little understanding of php he's got, I'm doing decent. As an actual administrator? Not so well. ... but hey, thankless job.

Much like Ometon's.

Thankfully, it's not really a problem anymore...


1. If there was to be a live action Kirby movie, would you be scared to death?

2. If Dr. Huber from that German Kirby Comic was in the anime, what ability do you think Kirby would use against him?

3. Are any of you guys Mega Man fans? And if so...

4. Do you think Capcom should make a Game Boy styled Mega Man game (Mega Man 6/Rockman World 6) for the DSi? A female Mega Man Killer would be cool, IMO.

1) That would be some serious freaks in the casting, that for sure. That, or the first film to star an embryo.

2) All of them! It wouldn't be necessary, but, you know, why chance it?

3) I'm down with the robot masters 8-bit style. After that, no real familiarity.

4) They already made Mega Man 9 with such a tribute in mind. It's equally likely that they'd want to either continue the trend or let the decision be more unique and meaningful on the Virtual console.

1. O.o Yes, very much so. It would totally ruin the pink puff’s reputation. Though, it would still be better than the new Dragon Ball movie. Damittohell!

2. Kirby would use his telepathic ability to communicate with the fish. They would come and beat up Dr. Hubur at Kirby’s command. Also, the good Doctor would be reduced to the appearance of a bowling pin with arms—which is the ultimate punishment!

3. Nope, Kirby is the only power-absorbing protagonist for me :)

#1: It'll be like Dragonball Evolution, I'll tell you that right now. It'll be THAT BAD.

#3: Not a hardcore fanboy, but I've played my fair share of them.

#4: We don't need a Rockman World 6. Such a thing would be terrible. Rockman 10 on the otherhand...

Nitro Sparxx (Hypersonic X)

Greetings. I have some Questions for you.

1)Whose your Favorite Kirby Character?

2)Do any of you play a musical instrumet? (If you're curious , I play Alto Sax., Bari. Sax. Bassoon, and a little bit of Keyboard. Yes, I'm an extreme band geek :-D)

3)What kind of things do you look for in a mail-bag? (Yes, I know It's not the stuff I'm asking)

4)What's your favorite kirby song, or genre of song?

Well, that's all I have to ask. Take Care!

1) You gotsa love the bug man Bugzzy. He's positively demented, awesome, and frightening. Plus, when is Backdrop ever not a good thing? The answer is near cliffs.

2) The only keyboard I play is the one I'm hitting up right now. I carry a tune so poorly that I had to do snare drums! Music sheet example: Bum. Bum. Bum-bum-bum. Repeat.

3) Letters, typically, and dropped wallets. Jackpot! I eat tonight.

4) The ending of Revenge of Meta Knight is a timeless classic. Ew. I was gonna say that jokingly until I realized it could have a Bar Mitvah. That's right; the tune is Yiddish.

1) Gotta go with the Doo as the main man... er, blob, flippery thing wearing shoes.

2) Anyone can play an instrument; doing so without anyone puttin' sticks to their drums (of the ear variety) is the key. In my case, start sharpening your foreign wooden objects -- youse gots some stabbin' to do~!

3) I look for a petite, red-headed mailbag who enjoys long walks on the beach and has a good sense of humor. Or a bad one so it thinks I'm funny. Or maybe just scrap all that and put me down for "tolerate my existence." And then send me a copy of that when you're done. I think I can find another use for that...

4) Great Cave's orchestral rendition of the classic Green Greens is my fave song. Symphony orchestras make anything more awesome. Just ask Metallica... like, ten years ago. We're oooooooooold!

1) It’s a tough question, as I try to favor each character equally. I’ll have to say the Kasa-Obake parasol miniboss, Jumpershoot, for his Asian flair and his strong tactics.

2) In middle school, I used to play Alto Sax. That is, if you could really call it playing. In 6th grade, instead of taking art classes like I should have, I decided to mix it up a bit and take band. I literally failed every test and was the worst player in class the whole year. That sax killed my whole middle school experience. If anything, I have learned: Never Again!

3) One metric tonne of fan mails.

4) No matter what game, remixed or original, they can’t go wrong with Mt. Dedede’s Theme. My favorite music is traditional Asian (Far East, China, Japan) with a tendency toward festival music. I love me some Ondo!

#1: No specific favorites, but I'm partial to the miniboss that gives you the mike power in the NES Kirby's Adventure.

#2: Nay.

#3: Intelligence.

#4: Anything that isn't rap or is so horrid that only the likes of Sony would ever publish it.

vent kazemaru hunter

for those of you who play Pokemon:

what do you name your character/rival?

I'm pretty uninspired. I normally name the protagonist "Jack" after the handle I flaunted back in the days of Pokémania, Jackdaw. I normally just stuck with my rival's default name, Blue or whatever it happened to be.

I always name my character something different, and now I cannot remember what they were before. The latest one was my last name backwards, though. As for the rival, I too stick with default, except in the very first game, where I named him an obscenity, as a joke. However, much later, after experiencing the effects of the glitch, Missingno., I was surprised to see my Hall of Fame littered with foul language!

I would name my character as Ben, per my real name. My rival tends to be either something I hate or my sibling's real name.


Re: #62, it's Diskmaster, not Disk Master.

I noticed another typo, too, on both our parts. We've been spelling it with an s!


Oh wait, wrong script.

You are not a nineties alternative album, so if you title is composed of multiple words, there'll be a space and capitalization to each! Thems the rules. That, or be Dutch or somethin'. I think they like running their words together, too...


Dutch Master

We should have known... The windmills were a dead giveaway.

Tell you what: Introduce me to Simone Simons, and I'll call the whole thing off~!

Why do I even bother drawing when Daimyo is sitting in?

“Quittan gamez”? I don’t believe it for a second. Surely, you are just playing more games with the minds of those who follow you. And just look at the ensuing drama! —In vein of 20+ comments baaawing over your leave. I have to go with Ometon on this one…

[Edit] Oh, shoot. You really mean it. Well, sorry then. Now I feel bad >.<


Hey, what the heck is... is... uh... what's-his-face. Ometon? The weirdo that's blue and white. Are you a mollusk? Or some sort of egg with spikes? A spikey jelly bean? Wait, are those white and blue spots in the blue and white sections the eyes? Wtc I thought those were spots and that line was a closed eye and it was some weird... thing. Maybe I should actually, like... pay attention to other stuff around here.

In closing, stop hiding in my closet. It's creepy. I have... [i]things[/i] in there. Er... wait... does bbcode work? And if not, what does? And if not, what doesn't?

What with not being a bulletin board, bbcode does [i]not[/i] work here.

Yes, those are the eyes, and I have no idea what else you thought were the eyes. There aren't enough markings to see it very many other ways...

The Ometon is nothing more that a two-toned, spiked semi-spheroid. It was a species I invented for an online children's game whose spiky exterior meant it could never be hugged, and thus it was always sad. 'Tis no bean or mollusk, but rather a physical manifestation of moonbeams and wishes and the secret ingredient of snow cones. They enjoy skiing and crying when their snowmen melt. That is quite literally everything about the Ometon.

Through some wackiness I'm sure is the result of Bimblesniffer, it came to be my Dream Land avatar. Prior to that, I had nothing.

Hey, why does the blame fall square on my less-pointy-than-yours head? The only contribution I recall making to the situation was asking what it would be. I wanted to include the Super Unknown in the group pictures that I've made. But, I didn't know what to make. A Waddle Blue, a capped fellow in pin stripes, some type of frogger? I don't remember pushing for the 'Ton to be the moonbeam prickly. I remember saying, "What? Really? Okay. And don't forget to give me that, uh, fifty bucks you owe me."

My plan is flawless.

What? He’s not related to one of the blobs from Kirby’s Avalanche?! But, there are just so many slimy similarities! Whaha… wait, no, do not use the ice powers!!! [Freezed]

In closing, he’s not hiding in your closet. He’s hiding in my latest “Essence of” pic.

Ometon's avatar reminds me of a pokemon species, that for the love of me I can't remember the name of.


hello? can anyone read this?

why have i been driven through a wall, and why am i holding this shotgun?

this is horribly uncomfortable and i think my wrists are starting to chafe off.

also, these glasses are incredibly unstylish.


Who put the Shiro mount near a keyboard? I knew it was a bad idea to give that guy a wi-fi twelve gauge~! The salesman even said it was ideal for stuffed and presumed dead predecessors to contact the outside world! How were we to know he was talking about our stuffed and presumed dead predecessor?

What? So that hat rack wasn't Wildrows, and that Shiro mount is just a stocks in the wall. Yeesh, I sure hope Bagel was actually dead. Which, he shoulda been else he'd been screaming a lot more in the oven.

Ah, cannibalism.

こんにちは、シロさん。 私はこれを読むことができません。 あなたが死者~であり、それがとても好きであるように見えます。

What is this, I don't even know.


Heya~! I was just wondering if anyone here likes Earthbound!


Yes, I liked Earthbound. Haven't played it for a number of years, and only that title out of the series. I remember I named my favorite thing to do "Barfin'" which made the Rockin' attack take on a much more hilarious appearance.

Heck yea, EB’s the best! Perhaps my next “Not Kirby” picture will be of Ness and crew? Anticipate the greatness~

Of course! I still need to finish Mother 3.

Shruggin' Rock

1: Who wins in a FREE FOR ALL BATTLE: me or AKAHC?

2: Where'd the whole "do you liek mudkipz" thing come from?

3: What KSSU new subgame's your favorite? Even compared to the original KSS?


1) You, easily, especially since A Kirby and His Cheese got herself banned from the Gallery. Thirteen, folks -- if a website collects personal information, that's how old ya gotta be to sign-up. Not our rule; it is federal law.

I don't even understand why the Gallery even requires an e-mail address at sign up; it doesn't even seem to use it.

2) Mudkips were spawned from the same place as all memes: idiots on-line.

4) Where is the what?

1) However wants it more. But, seeing as you outwardly display "rock" in your name, and she has "cheese", I'd be comfortable wagering on your victory. Unless your lactose intolerant. What a sad condition.

2) Pokémon!

3) The one that I've played. ... oh, right, I haven't got the game yet... or a DS...

4) Eegad! Shruggin' Rock has been assaulted by a masked villain before he could finish the fourth entry to his question! You poor soul. Well, we at RR's Mailbag shall not stop until this injustice has been righted. Mailbag Force, assemble!

... Oh, right. We opted to get a pinball machine in the lounge rather than the communication devices. Welp, you're on yer own~!

1: Since you ask, you win. Now let’s hope no one else comes around asking, or I’ll have to contradict myself and be branded with confusion and shame.

2: From someone who lieked mudkipz. Ya’know, REALLY lieked mudkips. Now, we shall speak no more of this…

3: Revenge of the King was terrific. Expanding on King Dedede’s character, as well as the epic return of Kabula, and revamping old enemies all made it great. Music was great, too. My only complaint is that it felt kind of stale.

4: Masked Dedede

#1: Sadly, COPPA also applies to the forums!

#2: If memory serves, the meme started at a little known imageboard.

#3: Helper to Hero.

anime fan

why did kirby have to be dubed by 4kids? why was it dubbed at all ???? TT_TT


Dubbed so that speakers of all languages could suffer.

Well, unfortunately, most television networks feel it less than suitable to air a show with subtitles. Crazy, isn't it? Thinking that a Saturday morning cartoon aimed at children couldn't float if no-attention-spanned children had to read words at the bottom of the screen? Yeah, that's a shame in deed.

Think about it-- in a way, Hoshi no Kirby had to be dubbed by 4kids Entertainment. Ever since the decline of Dic (who had done the Mario and Zelda cartoon, and I think early Megaman and Sonic the Hedgehog shows) about the only group dubbing videogame-based ‘toons was 4kids. Pokémon, the new Sonic, and other game-to-cartoon versions were in their devious hands.

Do you even think you would be a fan of half the anime you watch out there if it were not for dubs? In a sea of countless fish, who can decide what is good until it is reeled in?


What's this?

There are new rules to the mailbag.






A Kirby and His Cheese

1. When are you guys going to sub "Kirby & Mario masterpiece." I think it would be cool watching a Kirby video the predates the anime!

1) Let's ask the people who do the dubbing around here.

... Oh, right, they're MIA. Besides, I think they'd rather not waste time and translate that horrendous cartoon when there's the more cared about and equally horrendous Kirby of the Stars to translate.

1. Who cares about subtitling Mario and Kirby Masterpiece? I’d be happy if I could just plain see it! I will admit, to the chagrin of my fellow mail sackers, that I have eagerly watched just about every episode of the Kirby Animé, whether it was in English or Japanese, but have only just heard rumors of this mysterious “Masterpiece”. Thought it may not be true to Kirby’s essence or his original games, this animation is part of his (and Dedede’s) history, and I wouldn’t mind taking a look at it.


Yo! I gots a couple of Questions for yah!

1. Would you be emo if someone gave you whatever you want?

2. Where does everything that Kirby eats go?

3. What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you in a Kirby game?

4. @Bimblesnaff and Ometon: Since I just joined recently, if you help out with a kirby website then how come you don't have a Kirby related avatar?

5. Final Question: Does Meta Knight eat tacos?


~ RedMetaKnightess

1) No prize could merit emoism. Ever. Now let's all rock out to Emo Eater by Aussie Cameron.

2) Waste treatment facilities, eventually!

3) Unfortunately, my cartridges behave pretty well, and I don't get any of those famous glitches. However, one time, when I Cap'n N'd into Dream Land 2, Jumpershoot invited me to a tea party.

4) It's technically pseudo-related. "Squeaky Gobbo" was created as a Dream Land character, following the simplistic design and key high points. I'm far too original to just, say, pick a pre-existing character and slap some adjective at the front of it and give it a hat or hair. Besides, Aso and Didge, from my knowledge, don't even have Kirby-esque avatars, Kindo typically uses Schala from Chrono-Trigger, Diskmaster has some form of Yoshi, Mega Warp has some blue, furry thing, and Ivyna J. just has some self portrait. So, really, with exception to Disaster Kirby, the brothers have the most Kirby related avatars outta the present staff, and even dipping back a little (Glod and RMD aren't here anymore for now).

5) Si!

1. “Whatever I want?” There is nothing more that I could want (in a realistic sense) than what I have now. Furthermore, I can basically just make whatever I want with my artistic ability. Emoness won’t get you what you want. You’ve got to strive for it.

2. 1) In the vast space of nothingness in the sky; 2) Spit out on a collision-course with something else.

3. Jumpershoot invited me to a Japanese tea ceremony.

4. I may be unoriginal, but my avatar gets my premise across: an aficionado of Japanese/Asian culture and Dedede Daio. Plus, I guess I make up for it in other areas. I was thinking about dropping the Dedede from my name, but then I wouldn’t fit in with the theme of the site.

5. Not unless he takes his mask off, and he would never do that! He is doomed to starvation!

1) Why would someone be emo if they got whatever they wanted? Oh, right... emos are spoiled teenagers who get whatever they want, so I guess this is a chicken and the egg sorta thing.

2) His mouth, stupid :p

3) Weirdest? Dunno, but funniest was just yesteryester. I just missed a hole-in-one in two player Dream Course (a rarity, for sure), and after knocking me out of the way and sinking the putt, I rolled back into the hole and stole the win!

3) Oh, wait, I already answered this.

4) Stealing a character isn't cool and merits much face-spitting, I believe, especially if such a character has added hair, glasses, wings, or comes from another property. * shifty eyes *

Such avatars are very limiting and unoriginal. Oooooooo, a palette-swap Meta-Knight! It isn't like the small, competent part of the Sonic community chases recolors with torches or anything.

The Kirby components are often dropped as a user matures; how many blokes used to be X Kirby and now just go by X or variations thereof? Glod was Gold Kirby -- evolution at work!


1. What's the hardest part about hacking games?

2. Do any of you guys like gardening?

3. Do any of you guys poke badgers with giant spoons?

4. What do you think Balrog is? Me? A toaster.

5. If KRR accidently got warped back to the 70's and got stuck there, how would you cope?

6. Rejoice in the coming oblivion!

1) Uncompressing alien and oft-obsolete image formats. Why no, we can't use the same one for two different games!

4) Balrog is Vega. And Vega is M. Bison, but M. Bison is Vega! Whoa!

5) Make a sucky TV series? No, I would imagine that it would rule the world with its advanced internet technology twenty years before its revolution.

6) You and your oblivion aren't the boss of me. Unless...

I just realized that I couldn't insert a picture of oblivion wearing glasses and a "Boss" name tag on account of oblivion being undrawable. Now I'm a sad panda.

1) Trying to understand the computer simulated "real person"-ism. Real brains are much easier to shepherd. Oh! You said hacking games, not... Um... Data Drain for you! * bwwwaaaaawww *

2) Gardening is a rip. Do you know how much work and effort it takes to get a decently sized melon? I'll tell ya: more than it costs to by a delicious super market one.

3) Unless this was a giant's spoon, like the Jack and the Bean Stalk variety, it wouldn't be near long enough for my tastes. But, if it was of the previously mentioned classification, then I'd sell that golden ticket and live on easy street. Then, I could pay poor people to poke all the badgers I wanted.

4) Do the toasters you know wear boxing or clawed gloves? In either case, totally not good.

5) Since there wouldn't be much of a video game market back in the '70s, due to the simple fact that the market was practically nonexistent, we'd have to shift gears into the prophecy for profit industry and live like kings for forty years.

6) Oblivion isn't scheduled until 2012. Please consult your Mayan calendar.

1. Hardest part about hacking games: trying to figure out how to work the Game Genie without the codebook. That is what you mean, right?

2. I’ve been trying to grow some decent bottle gourds for four years now, so I cant paint them in traditional Chinese style, but they always seem to die before they produce. Either the cats tear them up, the sun bakes them, or the aphids destroy my efforts. I love gardening, but it’s no easy task.

3. Not only badgers. I also poke mushrooms and a snake with my giant spoon.

4. What do you think Kirby is? I say a vacuum cleaner. You’re all a bunch of junk!

5. Very well, I’d think. I could near-blend in with the hippies, and the art movements of the decade. Overall, I may be a better person for it.

6. The I Ching also supports the 2012 theory. The more you know~


Hey mailbaggers I have just one question.What religion do you follow?

Old-school Catholicism: not that watered-down American variety that is actually just a deviation of Puritanism early settlers imported and somehow converted every stateside religion into. I'm talkin' stuff that is true to the original, untraveled Vatican literature: self-denial, anti-materialism, universal right, seven sin slayin', and fire-and-brimstone vindictiveness!

Roman Catholicism is the coolest religion around. We got it all: Italians (best food!), Irish (best booze!), and Mexicans (best TV!). Other Christianities just have WASPs. Oh, yeah, those guys are always associated with good things. Plus, how often do shows or books use other religions? Pfft, never! They don't have exorcisms or other cool things. They just have a bunch of Renaissance dudes who said "Hey, look at this one passage from the Bible! Let's pay attention to it alone and ignore all the parts that wildly contradict it~! And don't forget to mistranslate your Latin~!" Oh, yeah, they were so rockin' the tilde-bang five centuries ago.

Theology and Kirby: get used to it, RR~!

Jeez, that's a pretty touchy topic for such a light-hearted si- Oh, he just went monkey-ape on it? Well, looks like he didn't leave any flesh on that face for me to gnaw.

... Ew, disturbing and vaguely topical metaphor.

Ometon’s rockin’ the house!

In my few many years, I have found my beliefs to be most in accord with Daoism. Is not really a religion, but neither is Confucianism or (Zen) Buddism, which are more along the lines of philosophy and the way of life. I like to go by the phrase “The three teachings are One” and not limit my belief to just one path. Moreover, I think all the world’s religions have at least some “good” qualities, and should be approached with tolerance.

Currently I am an Atheist. ... What, you need some sort of lengthy text block on that? Sorry, you lose, good day sir. >:O



1. I am not a friend of that 0 guy or whatever

2. Do you ever have nightmares about me, Bogg?


4. KILL 5s!!!! Line up fives, it's daeth time!

55555555555555555555-I'm scared.


7. Hobo Alive, a hobo so real.


0) Yes. This news came out in January. Four months late on noticing. A third of a year. Only two more of those before we can be disappointed once more!

1) Who?

2) My nightmares involve zombie movie scenarios and paralysis. Unless you are a zombie movie scenario, then no.

8) Silly C. King, that hobo is Ometon!

6) Retroactive answering: Your name doubles as the name to another Pokémon. Obviously, you don't love Cubone as much as you consciously believe to.

Hey, youse hobo! Git outta my kitchen! Can't ya see I'm tryin' to eat outta a mystery can in he'e?

A Dokkoi?! Shoot, you got me all excited for nothing. Time for some odd-numbered answers:

1. Are you positive? I’m sure I saw a humongous white, red-eyed sphere and a certain skull-capped critter passing through the park together, in close embrace. On second thought, the latter might have been Gabon. My bad, your majesty.

3. I think I’ve heard about that place from Marvin’s new book To Serve Man. Though he is very angry, very angry indeed, he assures us that it is in no way a cookbook. Everyone knows that human meat makes lousy bratwurst, anyway. (Oh yea, throwing down some Loony Tunes and Twilight Zone references; how old-school!)

5. Fives stand tall and proud! May 5th (5/5/09) is Boy’s Children’s Day, Japan. Don’t forget it. Big mailbag tribute is GO~!

7. I suppose you speak of last sack’s Repulsive Mangy Derelict. Yes, that hobo surprisingly is still alive! I dare not say anymore, lest I incur the wrath of my predededecessor.


1: is this the end of the themes?

2: is this the end of the mailbags?

3: is this a good day for you?

4: is Ometon grouchy?

5: is it okay if I use the number five?

6: is it true that it is now Boggs Rainbow Resort?

7: what was the best question anyone has ever asked you?

8: why do hamsters run on a wheel?

9: when will the world end?

10: how do you use HTML?

1: The new theme is no themes. Therefore, there will still be a theme. And a paradox.

2: Mailbag has been thrown out, in favor of Mailsack. The reason? It’s much manlier~

3: It took me 10 hours nonstop out of this day to respond to questioners like yourself. Do you think it’s been a good day?

4: You could look at it that way. However, to me, he makes more sense that a lot of the other Twizzys and Tookies around here. Whaha! “Do you understand, Mr. Ohira, do you understand?” “…No.”

5: No, redact that five at once!

6: Can’t you read? It should be at the top of this very page. Besides, to whom are you submitting this letter? Not to the old crew, for sure!

7: Such a question I have yet to be asked.

8: For exercise. Were you expecting Diddgery? I believe his reason would be to escape the cannon chasing him. Doesn’t he know he is just running in-place, and that the cannon is stationary?

9: See the last question of fate Fait.

1) No, there's still themes. You just gotta be this cool in order to know about them. So, looks like there's some bad news fer ya!

2) Mailbag won't end so long as some loser out there has nothing better to do. Basically, until I get a life/girlfriend. Any volunteers? Any? Huh?

3) Hm, massive candy consumption and messy candy regurgitation. Ya know, I'll have to get back to you on this one.

4) He's not grouchy. He's bitter, black-hearted, and hate filled. World of difference.

Five) Yeah, you can. ... at your own risk.

6) Technically, we could call the website "McDougall's Magical Macaroni Magnet" and nothing would change. We're not rocking a name URL-wise, so the applied descriptor is pretty moot.

7) "Do you want a thousand dollars?" Oh, right, they'd have had to asked me it actually.

8) They want you to believe it is a display of adorable, fuzzy cuteness, but those wheels turn the gears in the hamster plot to rule the world! I'm on to you, Snowball!

9) Mr. G&P, it already did. Thirty-five minutes ago.

10) By not being a total idiot. Half idiots are a gray area.

1) Themes still go on; Bogg just forgets to post them, especially on the MB Index where people can easily see before asking questions. Why would he want to do that, tho'? 'Twould only be convenient.

2) With Mailbags actually coming out on schedule now, 'tis much less a sign to the end of mailbags as it is the end of the world. Revelations, yo: it is all up ons the amorphous letter container opening twice a bloody moon~!*

* Passages may only appear while intoxicated.

3) It is not good; the day needs saved.

4) I prefer "spiteful." Most of my friends prefer "sadistic." And not to be called "friends" as they hate me and wish not to be around me and for me to stop lurking in bushes. They're funny like that.

V) Nein.

6) 'Tisn't true; it is still a pronoun.

7) All that is coming to mind is "Is that a bad thing?" but out of context and without understanding the hilarious language barrier of a Chinese national, it loses a lot.

My answer to her was "No, it is a very good thing," tho', if that helps. Like when it happened, I was probably only amusing myself.

8) A hamster's first choice is non-applicable to wheels, so they run instead. Although, if they could, you can be sure the hamsters would eat them.

9) Apparently, according to the drunken scripture that exists in my head, the end is nigh as long as we keep on baggin'.

X) I use HTML by typing code words inside of angled brackets. Other methods do not work as well.

MarioLuigi Fan

I heard a couple mailbags ago that someone was playing Mario RPGs again, which got me thinking:

What's your favourite Mario RPG? I like Paper Mario 2, but I also enjoy the Mario and Luigi games.

My favorite Mario role-playing game is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Next, I also really liked the original Paper Mario. Then, my interest pretty much decreases along the exact sequence of following released Mario RPGs. They just can’t beat the originals.

In between this sixty-third and the past sixty-first Mailbags, I've managed to play every Mario RPG out there to prepare for just such a question. I'm also lying through my teeth.

Paper Mario is good, but it doesn't compare to the Seven Stars. There really needs to be a sequel.

Closing Statments: There's a lot of ending going on. It's the end of this Mailbag, Lent, Diskmaster's reign, and soon of my Easter basket candy.

Bunny Bite
My chocolate bunny has raspberry filling~!

Theme Alert! The mighty are falling. Two staffers alone this year so far have put in their two weeks notice. An April Fools' joke is being regarded as a legit page error. Is Rainbow Resort throwing in he towel three years before the global end? What are your thoughts, fears, and/or hopes for this site? Could it be that stops being so serious for a cheery, pastel marshmallow?

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