July 13th, 2008

   Hello, faithful readers!
   Yes, it is that time again. It is a new mailbag, with our regular cast of misfits!
   We are well into summer now, which I hope you are all enjoying, and as I am writing this the sun is blinding me and my skin is beginning to melt. Alas.
   Joining us today will be our guest star drnk, who will sometimes join us on odd ocassions, or will take the place of a mailbagger if he cannot make it.
   drnk is a heron. he ahs a long neck and picks fish out of the water w/ his beak. if you dont read this mailbag he will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans
   Disaster has his sights set on the world, recently becoming a channel operator. He often attempts to backstab Captain Aso, in a bid to take over the mailbag.
   shiro is a ningya. he kild a man. the man was sad :(
   I'm a :|, he's a :|,
   She's a :|, we're a :|,
   Wouldn't you like to be a :| too?

Yes, it's me again! You guys are probably thinking, ":O Matta omae ka?"
I didn't get a response in the last one (too bad since I wanted someone to make fun of me) since there were no questions, so let's take it from the top this time, shall we?
1. Why **can't** Diddgery or Glod appear anymore?
2. (Really, I'm surprised no one's asked this yet.) How come you guys keep saying RMD is dead?? Is he really? Or dead, inactive dead? XDD
3. What exactly is Asotoku's avatar of? Not the one with brown hair and sunglasses (if that's what it even is).
4. Worst song ever heard in the Kirby series? This goes for anime and games (though Air Ride had anime music...). AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT TERRIBLE DUB MUSIC!
As for the theme, Meta and Link would probably break all laws, but would be epic. And with this cute little stuff like Kirby helping a puppy find his mommy in Dedede's castle, in comparison to the radical feel of Brawl. XD Quite a demographic stretch it seems!
Anyway, bye.
   I am actually thinking ":|" Anyway I can't speak for others so I will only answer two of your questions.
   4) That's hard. Really I like pretty much al--LEGENDARY AIR RIDE MACHINE.
   4) FLYING BATTERY Zoh forget it my heart's just not into it anymore
   1. For an honest answer, they got tired of a few points of the community, and... well, quit.
    2. But he hanged himself, right? (No actually he was fired. From a cannon.)
    3. I'm not sure myself! But it does look awesome.
    4. There is no bad Kirby music. End of story.
   Matta omae ka?
   U-um, well, using my superior intellect, I will try and guess what this means.
   Matta.. matta..
   Oh, I get it! "What's the matta with you?" Ha ha ha!
   1) There's no reason they can't come back, they just don't want to. It was their own choice to leave.
   2) We had a suicide party a while back, remember?
   3) It is my own pirate self in Ragnarok Online. Brown hair, sunglasses, and a brown pirate bandana.

4) Are you kidding? I love the 4kids dub theme. KIRBY KIRBY KIRBY'S THE OOOOOOOOOOONE
   what is this
   what the **** is this
   my pots and pans are all messed up
   i went to get a drink and BAM
   why would you do that
   pipipipipipipipi :>

NJ Ninja
Two possibilities: Kirby/Earthbound (Kirby can eat Poo!) or Kirby/Sonic
Now, questions for the mailbag crew.
1. Meta Knight vs Knuckles, who wins?
2. Meta Knight vs Meta Knight, who loses?
3. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it! They were dead when I found them! Can you ever forgive me?
4. Can I do the mailbag fourteen mailbags from now?
   NJ, go home! You're drunk!
   4. No.
   also the answer to every question is no
   you will never be the storngest stop trying
   1. They accept their differences and team up to conquer evil!
    2. Everyone.
    3. Um, no...?
    4. You should take it up with the boss. The Big Boss. SNAKE EATERRRRRRRRRRRR

I love you Aso! those information will be VERY usefull to improove KWRPGracer (as it looks like a mix of mariokart item system and kirby air ride physics)
also this time, let me send some questions back to you.
1. What would be a reasonnable amount of character available?
2. When you play In-race how many player(maybe online who knows)/CPU would there be ?(ex:4 like in KAR or 8 like in MK)
3. Should there be a cup system like MK? If so how many? Any names exemples for the cups?
4. *put a special thing you would like to be in*
   1) I'd say 8 would be a reasonable amount. Not too many, and not little, which would also then make...
   2) ...8 in a race would also be a reasonable amount, as every racer would be in every race.
   3) I'd say 4 would work, like the older Mario Kart games. Maybe even a secret 5th one that has every track from previous cups in it, like Double Dash had.
   Or did Double Dash have 3 cups and then the 4th with every other track? I can't remember.
   4) Yeah, cricecorns fit in cannons surprisingly well.
   1.) umm, 10 or 12.
   2.) a maximum of 8 sounds good
   4.) i'd like some fries with that as well
   1. Anywhere between eight and 32.
   2. Anywhere between eight and 32.
   3. Anywhere between eight and 32.
   4. Anywhere between eight and 32... wait what
   1. Yeah, 12 or so seems good.
   2. Also going with Shiro with 8.
   3. A cup system sounds good, as for suggestions, not so sure.
   4. oh man if you could incorperate DJ_Caterpie and Drank into it somehow you would be god
   what's going on?

The next Kirby crossover game should be a Kirby RPG. It should implement factors from Super Mario RPG and Earthbound with non-random encounters, Nintendo cameos (perhaps vital ones), level-up-able copy abilities, and new rival characters. A lot of the attacks in this Kirby RPG would require timed button pressing.
Here are some questions, yo:
1. How did you become a pirate, Asotoku?
2. What cute critter will replace Didgerry? (I think I majorly spelled that wrong. x.x)
3. When you see the phrase "Easy Person to Make Fun of," who or what group of people do you think of?
4. Why is it raining?
All of you guys are awesome.
   1.) he find a majik spoon and the spoon say I GRANT YOU 3 WISHES and aso say I WISH I WAS PIRAT and he wos!
   2.) Wildrows fits the adorable creature quota pretty well.
   3.) Wow, Wildrows is useful for all sorts of things isn't he?
   1) Why did you become a pirate, Aso?
   2) I have the feeling it's going to be me.
   3) Oh damnit Shiro you suck. :(
   4) It's pretty sunny, actually.
   1. dunno lol
   2. wild is adorable you know
   3.oh god I really shouldn't answer this
   it's not! also thank you, you're awesome too.
   2. Isn't Wild a cat-like Kirby? Does he count?
    3. Um... iunno, I don't want to upset anyone... I have an answer, but I'm not... gonna... say it.
    4. It's summer, is it not? Summer is the season of HURRICANES AND TYPHOONS AAAAA WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE
   1) Shiro is quite correct.
   2) Shiro is quite adorable, once you get past the horrible disfiguring scars and the tendency to hurt you.
   3) Diddgery is a horned hamster that can be fired out of a cannon at high speeds. The fun never stops!

a few questions too you all
1: how would you react if someone said "hubuluhuh" to you
2: if you had 3 wishes what would they be
3: who is your favorite character in brawl
4: diggery is cool
finally for the theme, I would like to see a mother 3 type game but instead of all those human characters they have kirby (main character) game and watch (psi based character) pac-man (smart character) and Q*bert (the fighter) finally have a nice day to all of you
   1.) hubuluhuh
   2.) i wish i was pirat
   3.) GGGGHGFFgghh
   4.) i agree!
   1) I'd probably pillage their village.
   2) I'd wish for a limitless amount of wishes. If I couldn't do that, I'd find a way around it with my cunningness.
   3) Meta Knight.
   4) he is a goatfish
   1) Probably with a ":|"
   2)Wishes, huh? I don't know. Wishes are very circumstantial things.
   3) Unlike Melee I tend not to stay on a single character in Brawl. I play just about half the roster.
   4) I dunno who Diggery is, but Diddgery is certaintly cool.
   Pac-man and Q*bert? Uh...no.
   1. 'yes hello im the storngest how are you'
   2. i'd wish for shiro to have a wii and brawl and also for some olive garden right about now
   3.(v◕◡◕v) TOON LINK
   4. yse
   1: Buh?
    2: I only have one wish, and it's too crazy to be written here.
    3: I play far too many characters to have definite favorite, but my top five are Kirby, Fox, Wario, Pikachu, and Ganondorf.
    4: Sounds like you dig him a lot. Blaaahaahaaaa!
    Also uh your game sounds awfully silly.

   Bad wolf bad wolf bad wolf bad. Wolf bad wolf bad wolf.
   Bad. Bad wolf bad wolf bad wolf BAD.
   (anyone who actually gets that reference wins a prize!)

Hey Mailbag,
There are several games I'd love to see Kirby in:
LEGEND OF ZELDA: Forget all that generic stuff that Link finds on his journies, I want to wield a Kirby! You'd put him in front of you like a shield and he'd suck up all the projectiles and spit them back out at enemies.
POKEMON: I can see it now:
Wild Kirby appears!
Wild Kirby uses Suck!
Charizard is eaten by Kirby!
RESIDENT EVIL: Imagine a zombie Kirby that tries to eat you. No, twenty zombie Kirbies
that eat your weapons and leave you defenseless before eating you! It could work...
What do you guys think about them? Anyway, now for the questions!
1. Do you guys play the Pokemon games?
2. Do you know exactly how Kirby Superstar Ultra will be different from the original Superstar?
3. How many pizzas do you think you've eaten in you life?
4. The cake is a lie.
Thanks for listening!
   1.) yyyyyes
   2.) nnnnno.
   3.) a lot.
   4.) there really was a cake
   1. yeah but I haven't touched diamond in a while, but I've been thinking about going back to it.
   3. most certainly too many to count!
   4. how many times so we have to go over this, the cake was not a lie.
   Kirby's already had a cameo in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, alongside Chain Chomps, Goombas, Bloopers, and Piranha Plants.
   1) Yep.
   2)Uh...New Graphics and Samurai Kirby replaced with Shoot Out? I don't know. e3 starts tomorrow (as of this writing) so we'll hopefully find out.
   3) Lots. God I love Pizza.
   4) But there really was a Cake. I collected it in the Flash Version Map Pack!!
   1. Yes.
    2. Uh, it has better graphics, in-game cutscenes, brand-new modes, and... uh... it's on the DS instead of the SNES?
    3. Over 100
    4. Damn it this stopped being funny after the 100,000th time it was said.
   1) I do, actually. I stopped playing after Gold, but got back into it many years later.
   2) Yes, I do. I can't tell you how, though. It's a secret.
   3) Somewhere between 1 and infinite.
   4) oh, you funny person you

hello there. I think you people at KRR are doing a gret job with the site, And i love going here. I'm a big kirby fan along as a sculptor and animation (clay). I'm just wondering if you guys would like to see any of my kirby sculptures...would you? And for movies, I'll send a link to any kirby claymations I have on the fourms.
Rock on KRR staff!
   Certainly! While we're not the area you'd generally send in your art, we're all for creativity and would be happy to see anything you'd like to send in to us.
   that would be cool, sure
   only if you want to see mine... ;)
   Clay? ClayWild approves.

Personally, I kinda think that a Nintendo Olympics would be fun if they did it right (unlike Sonic & Mario at the Olympics.) Of course, it would be cool if most of the events w粑ren't actual Olympic events. You know, like a fire-breathing contest and things like that. Of course, I don't have all the fine details chisled out because I believe that such a thing might never happen, but one can always hope.
Other than that...
Dunno, I suppose it would be cool if he would cameo in some games *coughcoughANIMALCROSSINGWIIcoughcough*, and maybe some cameos REVERSE of a Kirby cameo. Maybe in Air Ride Wii (IF THEY'RE NOT MAKING A SEQUEL, I WILL BE VERY CROSS,) you could see NIntendo characters in the crowd as you race. Stafy should also have a game that is in English. And Kirby and Wario should face off in it. And Wario will lose. :D
Anyway, on to the questions before I obsess for too long-
1. If they made a Kirby RPG for the DS, what would you want it to be like?
2. Why does Wario have horrible gas problems in Brawl? If I remember correctly, nothing to that effect was mentioned in any of his games...
3. When does the KRR election end? (4.) And why is, last time I checked, Spanish Metaknight in second?
5. If Mario Kart Wii does online racing nearly lag-free, then why is Brawl so SLOW?
6. Why do Squirtle and Pokemon Trainer sound like chain-smokers in Brawl? (7.) Did they take lessons from Ash?
That's it for now.
   1) It'd be made by Bioware and Knuckles would get kidnapped by-- wait, what?
   2) He's just very nervous.
   3&4) the what
   5) It isn't. Me and drnk were playing just before starting the mailbag and it was fine.
   1. Fun! And if possible not turned based.
   2. You might want to ask Sakurai about that. He's right here, so it's not impossible. You know him as Asotoku.
   3.KRR election?
   5. Again, ask Sakurai.
   6. Unless I'm remembering wrong, Squirtle always sounded like that? Pokemon trainer is a normal junkie, though.
   1. A Kirby RPG what no that would be terrible
    2. Wario is the kind of character that is expected to be as rude and disgusting as possible, so why not throw some farting into the mix?
    3. Ask Bimblesnaff, not us.
    (4.) Because people have bad taste.
    5. Mario Kart Wii doesn't try to keep everyone's position on the track loaded perfectly, seeing as how a lot of items have homing devices and it's racing, which doesn't need very precise accuracy in player locations. Brawl needs to know exactly where everyone is at all times, so players don't end up hitting/getting hit by thin air half the time.
    6. Because American voice actors.
    (7.) I thought the voice actor for Pokemon Trainer is Ash? (In both languages, no less!)
   1) Hm. I'm not sure. I don't have much of an imagination.
   2) Wario is just disgusting. That's pretty much the answer to anything regarding him.
   3)KRR Election? What? Spanish Metaknight? What's going on?
   5) It most likely has something to do with Brawl needing to track much more to keep things Synched up.
   6)Uh...? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Well, nobody has seen a company-made Kirby Role-playing game yet, so a cross-over Paper Mario, Dragon Quest, or possibly (Though unlikely) Earthbound/Mother game.
Now for the stupid question of the day:
If you (Yes, you in the corner) could star in your very own game, what would the plot be like, how would it play, and who would you take with you in said game?
   Oh this is easy. I wouldn't star in my own game. It'd be boring as hell.
   1.) SUPER CELTIO BROS. Aso knows what I mean.
   Well, a game about a pirate. Use your imagination on the gameplay. I'd also take these mailbag guys with me.
   And Diddgery.
   To fire out of cannons at enemy ships.
   It would be the best game ever!... Except I'm too lazy to get into the details about it.
   I would star in 'DrNK: The story of the storngest Prosecuting Doctor. It would have cameos by The Doctor and Greg House. And Asotoku and maybe RMD. Cirno would be the final boss and Shiro would be the pet helper.

Kirby\'s fan
I am a Japanese Kirby's fan.
Thank you for the KRR staff's always wonderful work.
I am using the Fan Art gallery well.
It is an event from the other day.
I tried the up-loading of the file to Fan Art gallery.
However, it fails in up-loading no matter how it does.
Then, I send staff the mail of the report though I am English not good.
When the staff can solve it byinvestigating this cause, the gallery user of KRR is very glad.
We are wishing the restoration of the gallery,and rooting for the KRR staff!
   I'm afraid we do not know what the problem is at the moment, but an update will be made on the front page when it is resolved.

Mailbag Theme: Ideas Showcase

Hal L. Aboratory
Kirby Air Ride 2: Air Ride Championships is Kirby's beloved GameCube racing game, but with more for the Wii! (YESH THIS MEANS WI-FI BITCHEZ!)
Hit mach speeds as Kirby is entered in a mysterious challenge against a ruthless gang of Air Riders- The Kirby Clone Gang! These Kirby Clones are masters of trickery, and it's up to Kirby to race through Air Ride City, collecting power-ups in a whole new City Trial! Try new Air Ride Machines, like Swerve Star Mark II, Flare Star, Poo Unicycle, Shooting Star, Reverse Star, Final Flight, Life Star, Cheese Mobile, Camouflage Star, and loads more, including all the classic Air Ride Machines from the first Kirby Air Ride!
There's even a Fiesta Mode, where Kirbys can hop on their machines and duke it out in high-style minigames, like Sneaks on a Warpstar (KO as many Kirby Clone Gang members on a giant WarpStar shaped battlefield,) DDD Revolution (use only Quick Spins to try to KO Dedede in two minutes,) and more!
New mode: Multi-player Madness Mode! (Not to be confused with the above Fiesta Mode)
In this mode, you can play as Kirby, Meta-Knight, King Dedede Spinni, Daroach, or a KCG member. By the way, the KCG members names are Bykir (He rides the Wheelies best,) Briky (He likes to have good offense and weight,) and Ryki B.R. (A master of technology, he loves to ride Swerve Stars, Formula Stars, Slick Stars, Jet Stars, and Heli Stars.) You can play Laser Tag using Plasma ability (Yes, in this game, DDD and MK both can use abilities,) have a good old-fashioned Air Ride Mode race in Beanstalk Park (with the alternate music track from KAR 1 preset!) or Nebula Belt, and have fun with the classic Stadium Mode games here as well.
Here are all the air ride machines in Kirby Air Ride 2
Swerve Star Mark II
Awesome at everything! Same old charge-to-turn ability.
Top speed: An amazing 199 mph!
UFO Star
Great glide and offense make up for weakened defense and speed.
Top Speed: 30 mph
Flare Star
Burns like a wildfire, and speeds like one too!
Top speed: 60 mph
BMX Wheelie
Great jumping ability makes up for not-so-flashy defense and offense.
Top speed: 40 mph
Poo Unicycle
Can't move at all, but..........if you quick spin you can pivot slightly and do a bit of damage to nearby enemies.
Top Speed: None
Future Machine
Model Future-Back-2-D. It can go very fast, but it gets its speed from pressing (A) to boost multiple times.
Top speed: 88 mph
Reverse Star
Feel the blood rush to your head as Kirby rides upside down. This machine has great defense.
Top speed: 50 mph
Shooting Star
Flies to the sky barrier and possibly higher! Can boost very well and has high HP.
Top speed: 88 mph
Aqua Jet
Speeds up when hit by ice, fire or a quick spin. Gets hurt only when hit by Plasma at Level 5 or when attacked by a Wing KIrby.
Top Speed: 70 mph
Atomic Star
Goes faster when hit by Bomb or Plasma. Gets hurt by Fire, Ice, or a quick spin.
Top Speed: 70 mph
Heli Star
Hovers over the ground and flies at anytime. Lands 100% better than other A. R. M.s. Can shoot firecrackers with deadly accuracy.
Top Speed: 75 mph
Life Star
Has the highest HP of all Air Ride Machines. No need to pick up any HP patches, this one's got over 15 preset!
Top Speed: 60 mph
Cheese Mobile
Smells awful (like rotten gouda) and thanks to this strange feature, it has amazing offense!
Top Speed: 30 mph
Camouflage Star
Go undercover in this hi-tech Air Ride Machine. On this Star, you can charge up fast and you'll go zooming away like a pull-back Hot Wheels car!
Top Speed: 50 mph
Death Star
Use the force as Kirby dons a Vader Helmet and a lightsaber as he cruises the galaxy. Only can be used during Air Ride mode if you are playing in Nebula Belt.
Top Speed: 198
Imperial Star
Join the Dark Side as Kirby cruises the galaxy at top speeds of low 80's. It's turning is amazing.
Top Speed: 82 mph
Rebel Star
Much like the Slick Star, only not as pink. It has a lot of individuality and is rather hard to control. Be careful if you ride it during a meteor shower!
Top Speed: 99 mph
Dream Boat
This little boat can hit jumps and go parasailing! It is hard to control on land, though.
Top Speed: 70 mph
Glimmer Star
Glows a vivid red when charging, turns blue while gliding, and turns green while boosting or using items.
Top Speed: 50 mph
(Note: Glimmer Star can only be used during Top Ride)
Final Flight
This is about as close as you can get to breaking the sky barrier; it actually can! It has the best glide in the whole game, but it can't hold a candle to the Swerve Star Mark II.
Top Speed: 177 mph
Slam Kart
This little orange go-kart has amazing offensive abilities, so it can smash anybody in its way! (Hence the name Slam Kart.)
Top Speed: 60 mph
Forest Wheelie
It zooms through the universe at great speeds, has a super speedy charge ability and best of all, it has a cushy grass seat so Kirby is comfy.
Top Speed: 140 mph
Gopher Star
Can use a special ability: it can dig underground and find items! It's speed's not too shabby, either.
Top Speed: 65 mph
Polar Star.
It may be a bit chilly for Kirby, but if White Kirby rides it, the speeds increase dramatically.
Top Speed without White Kirby: 50 mph
Top Speed with White Kirby: 100 mph
Burning Bike:
Speeds increase if Red Kirby rides it.
Top Speed: W/o Red Kirby: 50
Top Speed with Red Kirby: 100
Sea Star
Blue Kirby makes this star go even faster.
Top speed w/o blue Kirby: 50 mph
Top Speed with Blue Kirby: 100 mph
Lightning Bike
Speeds up if Yellow Kirby rides it.
Top speed without Yellow Kirby: 50 mph
Top Speed with Yellow Kirby: 100 mph
Jungle Jet
Speeds up when Green Kirby rides it.
Top speed w/o Green Kirby: 50 mph
Top speed with Green Kirby: 100 mph
Psychotic Star
Speeds up when Purple Kirby is riding it.
Top Speed w/o Purple Kirby: 50 mph
Top speed with Purple Kirby: 100 mph
Goes faster when a Brown Kirby rides it.
Top speed without Brown Kirby: 20 mph
Top speed with Brown Kirby: 75 mph
Warpstar, Mark II
This is what all Kirbys dream about....the ultimate Warpstar.....Pink Kirbys only, however, can ride it......
Top Speed: 199.99 mph
Top Ride is available as well. The themed stages are all new, but the items are the same as KAR 1.
The stages:
Plain Park
Island Beach
Lava Bridge
Lazer Railway
Sand City
Steel Speedway
Dark Valley
Star Highway
Misty Mountains
Aquatic Arena
Legendary Legacy (unlockable if you beat all the previous tracks on Glimmer Star with White Kirby in one day)
Old-Skool Ocean Liner (Unlocked if you unlock Legendary Legacy)
Dragon's Treasure Trove (Unlocked if you unlock Legendary Legacy)
   Yes, this was an answer to last week's theme, but it was lengthy so I had to include it.

A crossover game? Let me see!!
Since Kirby is made by HAL Laboratory, Inc., Kirby can help other heroes in other HAL games as well. (Please, don't give me your comment at this time)
1. Kirby and Ness can fight Gyigas along with Ness's friends in the Earthbound spinoff.
2. Since Kirby met Lolo and Lala in the previous Kirby games, he can help them solve the puzzle and beat King Egger in the Eggerland sequel. (Maybe Not)
3. Kirby and his friends can take pictures of Pokemon in the Pokemon Snap game.
P.S. No questions ask at this point.

I think that Kirby making a cameo in Metroid would粑be pretty cool. Ya know since Kirby is always out flying on his Warpstar? I mean eventually he's got to cross paths with Samus. Or maybe Starfox or something, because now that I think about Kirby, that cute, bald, pink fellow in the hardcore world of Samus is just asking for FAIL. But Starfox is kind of up the same ally as Kirby ...talking frogs, talking trees...

Hello! Nice to write to you guys :)
To say the truth, I haven't really played Air Ride, but that's why I'd like to see it's sequel. But I find that a lot of game characters had games of racing, like that familiar Mario Cart and the Sonic the Hedgehog thing and Pokemon Dash on DS. I don't find that nice. I mean, the rule is the same: win the race! If there was to be a new Air Ride, I wish it would have totally different rules. Maybe like try to be the last on the race or something.
Anyone agree with me?

In a Zelda/Kirby crossover Dark Link battles Metakinight, Dedede teams with Ganondorf but with intent to betray, Kirby inhales the four sword, releasing Vaati, Link ends up using the Galaxia after beating Metaknight (mistaking him for Dark), the Master Sword's location is inside Dedede's hammer, Zelda befriends Dyna blade but upon using her to escape Ganondorf takes control of the giant bird, Zelda is recaptured and Link and the Kirbies eventually find the Star Rod and use it to split the worlds again.

I don't think Kirby would BE in a normal Mario game. It would just be ...awkward. Though I CAN imagine him being in, say, a Paper Mario DS game as a cameo character who joins your party temporarily.
There have been so many nintendo character cameos in Kirby games it would just be right if he popped in somewhere, but I can't see him in Mario Galaxy or something (That should be strictly Mario don't you think?) It would be cool if in some Metroid game there was an enemy who resembled Kirby and I can DEFINATELY see Kirby appearing in a WarioWare title.
Brawl is one of my favorite games and as long as a friend is nearby I will always play it.
In my family I play Dedede, my sister plays Kirby and my brother plays Metaknight, so together we are the Kirby Clan!

I'd definitely like to see meta knight and ike in the same game. I don't know how they'd make a plot for that game but it have to involve a lot of time travel.

Nasa (seriously, this is my name D:)
Hello Mailbag staff! Please to... mail to you all! My second time to send! :D
I actually have a game idea, and I think it sounds pretty good. I'm thinking of making it into some video and post it on Youtube.
WELL, I wish I could tell the story, but since my friend made one of my ideas into a movie and made quite some of money and KEPT THEM ALL... you know
Sorry it got into my personal story there. But my idea is to have a heroine, kinda like Ribbon. Kirby helps her with her whatever business, as Dedede and Meta Knight also gets involved. The girl's trouble actually invovles with Kirby and MK, sort of revealing their secrets and stuff. Dedede also might have secrets uncovered? I think the game should be a REAL story inside. Kinda sounds familar but good, doesn't it?
Thanks! Brownies and cookies ;)
   Not really an answer to the theme, but I thought I'd include it anyway.

   Closing Statements:
   You took two and a half hours of my life and I want them back!!
   Hey, who turned out the lights?
   Asotoku has left the mailbag. Asotoku has been saved.
   Theme for the Next Mailbag: In the upcoming Japanese WiiWare game, Captain Rainbow, the good Captain assists obscure Nintendo characters. Which obscure characters would you like to see, in and outside the Kirby series?
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