March 32nd, 2009

Today marks a momumental day in uneventfulness! That's right. Across the world, nothing of value is going on. So, how about we get through this sackery with the usual suspsects.

Bloon is a teal color fiend who once blanketed the forums in a thick layer of replicates that clogged its very gears and nearly caused a massive eruption. Luckily, he is not answering letters today.

Nem, aka Baker, aka Geno, aka Bakes, aka Small Child Chef, aka Midnight Cowboy, aka Bonnie, aka AKA, has a lot of nicknames, many I made up just now. What's she do, the chats or something? Well, she's not with us today.

Ivyna J. Spyder doesn't actually have a "fun" user avatar. She just uses a semi-self portrait. Pfft. I think that ol' Arachno-Vine there is more than fitting! She did, what? The animated series stuff? Yeah, she's not here, either.

Disk Master is probably the last standing of the "old guard", and he's been watching his back ever since my agenda was leaked out... by me. Oh, also, he's not participating in the Mailbag, either.

KindarSpirit is the founder of this very site and has had her hand in more than a few Mailbags. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find her for today's event, which comes as no surprise considering the last six months. Did I crush your hopes?

There's a bum who lives out back that I normally give spare change to. Well, today, my pockets were empty. So, I thought, "Hey, why not offer this roaming, mental drifter a spot on today's Mailbag?" Solid reasoning to me!

- Bimblesnarf


yay! diddgery is back!

Only for the previous and this session; guests have a two-run limit, under the new overlords, and then they have to at least sit one bag out.

Keepin' it fresh. Lettin' some new blood in. How many times do you need to know the same Baggers' favorite of something?

Let's check Ask the Kirby Gurus for how often people need the same information delivered. At least once a week? I wanna know where it even hints that a global site membership exists on this site at this moment.

Why do you people like me so much?!

Did you mean Diggerdy? I love Diggerdy.

Yay! Aso's back!

I'm no guest. I'm the star of this show.




Okay, seriously you guys, I couldn't think of anything better. Does ANYBODY do something cool for April Fool's? I mean, I considered doing some whole long goofy write-up about a Kirby anime sequel, but I get the feeling I would be shunned by the entire Kirby community. Hey, speaking of the community and April Fool's, what was with last years'?? Stafy bashing? I don't understand why, as Stafy is quite similar to Kirby. I imagined fans of Kirby would like Stafy as well...

And, Stafy is coming to AMERICA this summer! It'll be called Starfy! (And I swear, this is serious, I checked Starmen.Net out a month ago and caught the news. Sweet, huh?!)

Anyway, some questions:

1) Who is Bucky Katt? (Sorry for asking)

2) Should I or should I *NOT* make up a whole Kirby fan comic? I don't think I'd be able to do it, but it would at least be fun. :P And if you were asking, it would be hand-drawn, not sprites. Well, anyway, should it be based on the universe of the anime, the games, or be a HUGE MIX? (spartaaa!)

3) Favorite video game (or "gameS") of all time, period. Do you have any?

4) What's so funny about alliteration? Why do dubs CONSTANTLY ABUSE IT? Does it make anyone laugh? Not me. If it ever did, I laughed at how horribly cheesy it is. ._.

5) Which Kirby character do you think you're most like? In ALL of the Kirbyverse. You probably know what I'd pick.


~ The Kirby Drunkard, Leirin

I'm giving blood on April 1st. The joke's on them. It's next to poison. I gots me some Xenomorph sanguine issues.

1) Ya know, I never really cared to find out who/what/waffle Bucky Katt was. I guess he was just some griever.

2) Well of course you'd make it hand drawn. You're not a talentless schmuck. But, asking me whether something should be modeled after the animated or gaming series is like asking someone if they'd like to be shot in the face or in their mortal enemy's face.

3) I'm inclined to say H.E.R.O. for the Atari. Flying helicopter backpack, laser eyed, bomb dropping savior to mine trapped miners with full boxy graphics. I'm terrible at picking favorites of anything and often just go picking the earliest in the listing. That game was tiiight.

4) Alliteration is all amusing and actually an art. Dubs use it for what, names, mostly? That stuff is just the good ol' super hero tradition. Initials are better when they're both the same. Anyhoo, the fact that dubs do anything requiring actual effort is a shock to me.

5) I'm Blopper

Okay, okay, so I'm not Blopper. I mean, I've only done that twice... this week... so far.

Really, I'm like Snooter. I can pack away a lot of stuff with ease and fly off the handle into a violent rage at the slightest pestering. Yay!

Hello a GRANDMA!

April Fool's day is my favorite day of the year, I usually make fake blog updates detailing how great my life is. April Fool's! My life is not great all.

1) Bucky Katt is a fictional character from a comic strip called Get Fuzzy. If I am not using newspapers to make myself a cool hat, I am reading Get Fuzzy.

2) Any fan works in terms of the anime are so limiting as far as what you can work with and will probably be permanently obscure and negligible in a few years if not already.

The shallowness of the video games is actually somewhat superficial since there are always slight hints to things much much greater. I can think of potentials for tons of parallel stories (KDL3 from King Dedede's point of view) or prequels (K64's Shiver Star) just off the top of my head. And Kirby doesn't always have to be the protagonist of the series. There is a lot of opportunity for complete creativity!!

3) Pokémon Gold is the best video game and I wish I hadn't had to ever ever sell it.

4) I think I'm somewhat similar to the final boss of Kirby's Dream Course.

Sup Granny! On April Fool's Day I will probably not do anything interestin-- oh hold the phone, today is April Fool's Day and it's Mailbag day. Nevermind!

1. Get Fuzzy's not bad. To be honest I prefer Pearls Before Swine! It's apparently getting a movie or a television series or something. Who would've guessed?

2. Do what your heart tells you to do! Or.. or something.

3. Geez I don't know, Yoshi's Island for the SNES?

4. Added alliterative appeal. Also are you confusing alliteration with puns? Or do I just not watch enough anime at all?

5. No, I don't know what you'd pick. Stop confusing me!

0) Couldn't you be a teenager and a grandma?... What? You aren't a Adactylidium Mite? How was I to know you weren't born pregnant?

1) Ew, Pearls Before Swine? I have lost my respect for you, Diddgery, and I don't know if I had much to begin with for a guy whose name translates into horn hamster hating being called a hamster. Instead, I think I'll just lose my keys.

... Ultra-curses! My apparent mortal enemy Diddgeridoo has struck again!

2) You should make your comic based strictly on the games. There is enough fan work based on the animé, although some would argue that is just what happens after eating a bunch of bran muffins and drinking a bunch of coffee... in a Mexican restaurant... in Ecuador.

3) Mario Kart prolly logs the most hours of actually playing and not grinding, so I'll go with that as my fave. Good ol' Battle Mode tournaments!

4) I can't think of a dub that uses alliteration, but then again, I haven't watched a dub in a loooo-o-o-ong time, or at least a sucky one. Know your names! Bob Bergen! Wendee Lee! Other talent dubbers usually don't plop down the payments for~!

But on the concept of alliteration (yeah, I'm not busted some out; everyone else already did), I am a big fan. Mostly 'cause I write like the Romans. 'Tis some awesome verbal glue and can really help establish flow and cadence in writing. Y'know, the sorta stuff that no amateur author ever worries about.

5) I am most like Kracko, because I am a spiky cloud with a giant eye. I do, in fact, have two eyes, but only one of them is giant.

Since your name is Leirin or Lei, I'm gonna say your pick is... um... the Potato Chip Daemon from the upcoming Wii title.

Yeah, you prolly were goin' for Adeleine, but how original is that? You know Daimyo gots dibs on it... unfortunately.

Spooky Ghost Wildrows

Hey guys sorry I'm late I had to go to the store with Shiro and ...

Hey that hat rack over there looks familiar.

Wait, if you're there... Then, who did I ... nuts. Back to court for me!

Hello, Maxwell. :|

Some people say that on moonless nights, if you look into the mirror, you can see the face of the ghost of Wild...

and it looks just... like... this...


Someone who Googled "Rainbow Resort"

I've always wanted to ask this about Rainbow Resort: I see you guys have snowboarding, snowmobiling, and skiing, but what about sledding?

Admittedly I haven't looked at every little bit of the site, but it seems kind of odd that you'd have all of those transportation thingies but no sledding.

Also, why no pets between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend? I hate finding a petsitter. :/

Really? You Googled "Rainbow Resort" and those are the most interesting aspects you found to report? I gotta tell you, I stumbled upon much more brow raising activities than those.

... Um. No one Google Rainbow Resort. Really. Should this even be acknowledged?

Don't forget Rainbow Beach Club. RMD wouldn't be very happy if you forgot that.

RMD would be furious!




1.favourite transformers series?

2favourite transformer from that series?

all my best


1) G1, fo' sho'. No stupid add ons, no poor cell shading. Original and true. How could ya not like it best?

2) There's, what? An infinite amount of 'Formers to pick from. It's so hard to choose. I mean, I could be lame and say Starscream (he was awesome), but that'd be the played answer. One thing is certain: "Grimlock king".

I honestly never cared much for Transformers. So instead I'm going to answer what I think RMD would say.

"starscream is my favorite. i am RMD hello"

I'm gonna pull a "Say what?" and say Canada's own Beast Wars as my fave. The history behind that thing is just as entertaining as the series, which, y'know, had an actual plot instead of '80s Japan's usual MO of "crap happens," which is differentiated from modern Japan's MO of "crap happens, usually emo."

It is easy to pick a favorite individual Maximal/Predicon from the series just by going by voice work: Scott freakin' McNeil! Dude was thirty-two flavors of awesome in that series and every other one for which he usually does about the same voices.

"Waspinator have headache in entire body."

1) I watched Beast Wars as a kid but in the back of my mind I always felt like I was somehow getting ripped off by them not being cars and trucks and jet planes. My favorite series so far would probably be Galaxy Force; Starscream gets his crown back from the first movie and gets to KEEP IT, grows to a size taller than a volcano, fights Megatron/Galvatron in a mindblowing Dragon Ball Z seizure explosion, and then becomes the emperor of parallel dimension hell with Soundwave and some other dude as his slaves. It was endless Starscream power trips. I loved it.

2) starscream is my favorite. hello!

Okay I watched the 80's Transformers movie and now my favorite is Wreck-Gar.


I realli love kirby and i want to know if there is any games avalible for kirby for the nintendo wii. I know there is Super Smash Bros. but is there anything else? or is there anything that is going to come out soon? or at all?

There's been talk of the elusive Kirby Wii since it got its start as a Gamecube Kirby platforming title, but as of now the only Kirby games available on the Wii are the titles on the Virtual Console. If you're going to that route, I highly recommend Kirby's Adventure and Kirby's Dream Land 3.

There is one game coming out for the Wii, but it was suppose to come out last year, 2008. And, before that, it was meant for the Game Cube. They've recently, as in this year's January, announced that it should be released sometime this year, which is exactly what they said on the January of last year.

Short version: could be, but don't hold your breath.

You could replay Kirby Air Ride. You know, I wonder if KAR could somehow benefit from a New Play Control upgrade. The principle that went into its creation is similar to the idea behind the Wii controller.


I don't know what the theme is so I'll just go strait to the questions

1: what is the theme?

2: I Diggery dead?

3: Should Diggery be dead?

4: Is Diddgery the most awesome mailbagger ever?

5: What should I ask now?


what is this i don't even

0) By making this statement, you are, in fact, not going straight to the questions.

1) My magic eightball is telling me the theme is about to be "Diddgery."

2) Zombies are technically undead. Oh yeah, he's a zombie now. Happened when you weren't looking. NK bit him. And is a zombie, too now, apparently. He was one before Diddgery. That's how he bit him to turn him into a zombie. It all makes sense... if you squint at it... with your brain.

3) Next session, he sure will be dead. Dead-dead, not just undead. Ometon, multi-class into Cleric~!

4) Mr. A. Awesomeson from Awesome Isle is the most awesome mail bagger ever, although he does only appear in future sessions. And he is only the "most awesome" since his title has the most awesomes in it.

5) Not "DIDDGERY IS AWESOME" because that isn't even a question.

6) Blutty 'el!

1) Wasn't this Bag's theme completely spelled out? Oh, right, one would have to be able to read in order to get allusions. Silly me.

2) Hey, you're not Diggery, and you certainly don't seem to be dead if your referring to yourself with poorly constructed sentences.

3) If you're under that mantle? Affirmative.

4) I'm pretty certain the most awesomest Mail Master went by the moniker of Robo Mecha Dedede. That smelly bum sure seemed to come close, tho'!

5) Suggestion: If you have nothing to say, you could always, oh, not say anything. Silence works and gives more workable letters more value.


I was really stupid the last time and I'm really sorry.Anyway... I've seen a lot of comments on O2 and the jam thing so WHERE DOES HE GET HIS STRAWBERRY JAM!!!!. What do you think was the dumbest boss in a kirby game.(P.S. HOW DO I SET THING APART!!!!)

1) "Smucker's Brand Strawberry Jam" is a joke from Mystery Science Theater 3000. When they riffed on "Pod People", there would be red stuff and possible bleeding. At least, it was when I said it. Do much other people talk about it as such? The answer is yes.

2) The lamest boss had to be that flaming owl from Squeak Squad. What was that thing's deal? It looked awful!

3) You see that return key? Press it and break a new line.

Just did it.

Just did it again.

It's also called the Enter key on some keyboards!

Also the dumbest boss is Dark Nebula. "Hello I am an eyeball star, please end my pitiful existence while I sit around and do nothing."

2) Gabriel! What's the deal with a shark needing a life preserver!


imm back 1.who is cyprus 2.bimmblesnaff,dedede damyio, ometon, and diggery are awsome 3.who would win sonic,kirby,mario,or megaman or zero 2 vs dark matter or dark mind 5. ometon please don;t insult me 6. my name is soposse[tpyo] to be unkown so no one gets confused 7, please people stop theraning[tpyo] diggery the capicorn time to get my jet and bomb

my bomb is dyanmite to move my jet

1) Cyprus was sort of a joke from Bag #60, which is just a non-talking tree... which I guess would just make it a tree.

2) I notice that Aso is missing from that list, and I laugh heartily.

3) Mega Man would explode if he touched Sonic, Kirby could get all spiny by eating Sonic, Mario would the fireball Kirby dead, and Mega Man could easily dispatch Mario as it takes more than one little hit to kill the blue bomber (spikes being the exception). It's like a freakin' ouroboros.

4) Why would Zero fight Dark Matter? They are of similar stock. That is kinda like asking "Who would win? Onix or Steelix?"

5) Semicolons are not apostrophes, ya git.

6) No one would be confused if you just took five seconds to spell-check. You obviously know you spell stuff wrong, but you can't be bothered just to look it up quickly?

7) I very much like how this guy can't even spell typo correctly. It would be funny if it were on purpose, but it is clear such thinking is beyond Unkown.

2) I disagree. Our quality rating would be properly spelled.

3) In a fully logical scenario, you have a hedgehog, a marshmallow, a robot, and a giant man. I mean, we're assuming they have their most basic abilities, and Mario is actually giant most all of the time. We commonly forget this fact. So, he'd just step on the competition. Messy.

4) The paradox created from the four nearly-if-not identical beings would create a black hole and swallow the universe. Hence, we'd all lose.

5) You're asking for 'Ton to take it easy? Man, even I wanna belittle you.

6) Yes, because choosing a handle that is one letter off from a common word is the utmost manner of avoiding confusion.

7) Is... is this even English? Man, I hope you're, like, not a English-first language person or are really five. If you're double digits, then the No Child Left Behind Act is a bigger joke than it already is.

0. Welcome back to the stage of history.

1. Cyrus was Glenn's best friend and mentor, but then Magus killed him and turned Glenn into a frog. Curse you, Magus!!!


Oh, oh wait. You said Cyprus, not Cyrus. My bad.

2. I miss the Almighty Narf. Yes I know that was almost a decade ago, I still miss him!

3. Well, it depends. What game version are we talking about? If we're going by their initial appearances, we have Sonic who can jump and spindash and that's about it, Kirby who can inhale and that's about it, Mario who can jump and that's about it, and Mega Man who has a blaster that fires at most three shots and that's about it. In this case, I'm placing my money on Mega Man, since he has the most vitality of the four.

4. Bowser vs Baby Bowser vs Giga Bowser vs Bowletta. Who would win?

5. Ometon won't just insult you, he'll cut ya! He'll CUT YA!

6. Oh. I never would've guessed.

7. Why do you peoples like Diggery? Is it because he's a pathetic loser that nobody likes?

8. ..D- Dynamite Rave??

2) There have been better mailbag hosts, I'm sure!!

3) Win in what?? Chess? Mega Man is probably the smartest one of all four.

4) I'm pretty sure that at the very least two of those are the exact same character.

5 to 8) Please do not slam the keyboard. It is a device created for coherent communication in a textual format, not... not whatever you just did. If you won't use your keyboard properly, give it to me and I will sell it to someone who will. And I will blow the money on....... education.

i don't think i like omochao very much

you used to be cool man


1.wouid you see my movie kirby revenge of zero 2 but this time zero 3 2. everebody[tpyo] answer this exept diggery if zero attacked you what would you do 3. see my second movie bimmblesnaff and ometon vs dedede damyio and asotuku vs the alimighty diggery ps diggery wins secret.who would win everyone that is good led by the almightey diggery or everyone that is evil led by mcain and sarah palin and mostlety magneto

im a democrat 1.kirby vs repulbcins see it

1 & 2) Walk out of your assuredly sucky movie. I can imagine the dialog now...

Kriby: oh no teh zero attak im save th day
ZERO:i m nt zero i m 0 2
Kibry:oh no zero atakk evovled 2 0 2
ZERO2(or isit?????): i m nt 0 2 anymor i m now zero3
Kirbyy ohno he evolved[tpyo] agin + he haz a pet tiger it is a zombeetigre
polise: did some1 call teh polees

Okay, I can't do anymore. I really shoulda picked up some whiskey for Patty's day or somethin', 'cause Unkown created a desperate need for liquid mind eraser. Apparently, "Kown" means "slightest bit intelligent."

3) If such a movie existed, the four of us would have you charged with slander, and we don't even have much of reputations to maintain, keep in mind. Then again, you'd already be in court for violations of indecent material and attempted mass murder. Releasing movies like that is obviously a ploy to incite wide spread suicide.

And of course Didge would win. He has a cannon!

...Uh. Okay, I honestly have no idea what's going on in this one.

A vote for Obama is a vote for new Kirby copy abilities!!

A Kirby and His Cheese

1) Why does 4kids hate riceballs?

2) Why did 4kds destroy episode 49 of Hoshi No Kaabii?

3) Do you like Cheese

4) How come Brock like Jelly-Filled Doughnuts?

1) 4Kids doesn't hate riceballs. However, most dubbing studios say, "Yeeeah... no one knows what that is. Just call it something else." It's America's cultural/culinary ignorance, not 4Kids. They suck for enough reasons already to add any false claims to the pile.

2) I think they stopped ninety-nine episodes shy of a decent death toll, frankly.

3) Yes, but it doesn't like me. At. All.

4) 'Cuz they're delicious. It's jelly, it's fried dough. How could they get any better? Well, maybe if they were doughnuts and not rice balls. But, depending on the episode, that's the case. Oh, inconsistent Pokémon!

4) How can you not. What the heck. I lived out behind a donut shop a few months back. The dough itself eventually gets tiring, but good heavens if jelly in a donut isn't just the greatest pick-me-up.

3 & 4) Know who likes cheese? Brock. He really likes cheesecake. And being replaced with inferior voice talent. Gourry or bust~!

Slayers was such a difficult choice. Eric Stuart at his non-Mexican prime is an amazing talent, but every other dubbing voice is nails on the chalkboard. I'm sure his Japanese voice is considered hilarious in Japan, but it does nothin' for me. I wish the DVDs had an option just to have Gourry dubbed.


2. 4Kids stopped dubbing anything anymore, why do people still care!

3. Duster loves cheese!

4. Brock has no eyes, therefore he has no sense of taste.


[April Fool's is probably my favorite day of the year.]

In a notion that breaks my usual beratement of all things post-2006(ish?) KRR and my usual self-aggrandizement, I wanted to say props to the new mailbag because it's totally awesome, as well as the people running it, because honestly you will probably save KRR from utter stagnation. Props as well to the other (as of my checking) 16 people who voted in that poll for me! There is a KRR-run firing squad around the corner to shoot you for positively acknowledging my existence, though.

I'm mostly just writing in because of question 1 from Fait in Mailbag 61. I know it's not directly written with RMD in mind, but I feel obligated to explain myself. I think longer answers are indeed more ideal, and had I had the magical system of mailbag answering that the current show runners had, I would've insisted upon it. But as was mentioned, mailbags under my tenure were answered on an IRC chat room, with up to six people answering per letter, and I was the only one meticulously copypasting responses onto an html document (which were coded horribly, by the way). So inherently there was a character limit and while it was fluid and fun to partake in answering of questions, I can understand a sentiment where it wasn't always the most amazing thing to read.


1. who is omoton i dont recognize the name or the avatar, meta warp is that you!!!

2. redundant isn't the right word but i can't think of the right word, so i'll have to use redundant anyways. isn't gurus more or less redundant to mailbag? i actually vaguely recall there being an unmentioned tension between the two when i ran mailbag. now that the same person is in charge of both i'm wondering why both exist!

Wow, props from the master~! Aye, your beratements are well understood, and if the old guard keeps letting their guard down, we can assimilate other areas to such orderly now-what-it-is-now-ness, too!

1) The Ometon and avatar are seen no where else on KRR. I have a different identity I normally use (although it isn't Meta Warp) which I decline to use as a staffer for a variety of reasons. Most of those reasons have to do with my secret identity receiving no retaliation for my vindictive administration. This-a-way, I can exist in what parts of the KRR community I delve in the limited capacity I do without opinions being swayed by my site staff status.

I humbly accept these words, oh robotic, metal destroyer.

2) It is largely true that there's some confusion from the two being here. Even when Gurus was kick-started back up nigh-on nine months ago, there were questions of thunder-stealing and duplication. The explanation offered then is still for the most part true nowadays. Gurus is more for technical and informational inquiries while Mailbag is more of an open forum and fun-fest between site-goers and the staff-at-hand. Of course, really I totally was just trying to make Ask Uncle Gobbo (The "Help Nook" before it was absorbed into Gurus) a Mailbag replacement 'cuz I didn't get your vacated job. What? We all knew it was true. Was this ever in question?

Still, Gurus is a pretty fast way to get answers on questions. Plus, you don't really need four people to tell you the name of the Dream Course enemy that gave all abilities randomly. One suits that means fine. Also, I'm trying to shift the grand spectacle antics over this way. I've actually considered downgrading Gurus to a type of message board system where questions are handled individually and answered ASAP rather than rolling out in batches. That, or stopping it outright. Time will tell, I guess.



I mean. Not as a response. Erm.


What are you on about mailbag hasn't been any good since you left >:(

Remember the time Dale hit Diddgery with a rolled up arabic newspaper? That was amazing.

It wasn't very amazing for me!


Hiya Mailbaggers! Or mailsackers... whichever.

... right. Question time please!

1: Do you enjoy your position as Mailbaggers?

2: Did Meta Knight actually make Heavy Lobster? I mean, there's one running around on Mekkai (or Mecheye, however it's spelled).

3: If a LEGO Kirby game came out, would you play it?

Thanks for looking and answering! Bye!

~ Medalis

1) Most of the time. Sometimes, the chaff gets through the screen, and there's that to handle. We have a "Please write in English" requirement on the submission page, and while that's suppose to apply to non-American site goers, I think we should start having it weigh in with the poorly educated American site goers.

2) Meta Knight didn't actually make anything. His crew does all the labor. But, yes, it is believed that Heavy Lobster was constructed under his orders. The fact that there's another on Mecheye is no different than their being Chameleo Arm and Fatty Whales across the stars, or Kracko or Whispy. Those guys don't say put.

3) They'd have to have Kirby LEGO before making a Kirby LEGO game, and I'd be far more interested in those than a video game about a toy based on a video game. Redundant much?

1. It's the only thing I ever do on this website anymore. But since I've come crawling back twice now I am by law required to state that yes, I do enjoy being a mailbag person!

2. I don't understand the name changes in KSSU. Like, Mekkai just makes me think "Malakai." And seriously, what's up with renaming the Combo Cannon "Main Cannon #2"?! It was just called Combo Cannon in Brawl!! Be consistent, translatorpeoples!

3. I love this image

Mail God Emperors, thanks.

1) I think so. I vaguely remember a time I worked out at a mail depot in... Alabama? Arkanasas? It started with an A, anyways. Maybe Alaska. There were bears. Anyways, I'm out there in Algeria, handling the mail... I vaguely remember a time, anyways.

3) First I thought you meant like LEGO toys of Kirby. Which seems silly. It looks like you're actually asking about a corporate impossibility. I'm all about impossibilities, but not when they are stupid and dumb!!

1) Well, I didn't. Until I made Bimblesnaff thing he had actually killed the great Captain. Which in turn meant he had to do all the hard work while I still hang about and ramble inanely.

2) It's a little known fact that Heavy Lobster actually made Meta Knight. It's true. I read it on the internet.

3) I dunno, a LEGO Kirby just doesn't seem right. I suppose enemies deconstructing into little pieces would be kinda amusing when they're being inhaled though.


1. So, how long's it been? About three months?

2. Show a very random yet amazing picture.

3. What is the current state of the world economy?

4. Who wants bagels for dinner?

With lightning fast reflexes, I am Ducky.

1) You're right. I haven't made any offers for some time. I'm gonna have to get me a pile of livestock and a machete before the next full moon.

2) Bagel Dinner

3) Do you see what I've resorted to eating? Can't be that great.

4) Bagel Dinner

1. NJ Ninja? Is that you??

2 & 3.

4. Doo doo da doo can't wait to get a mouthful!

1) September or October of '07. We're approaching 2 years now.

2) I was gonna put up a picture of you but you said amazing. Boom! Roasted.

3) It stopped getting worse. But it's going to take forever to get better.

4) I had a slice of bread for dinner just yesterday. I was hoping for a bit more variety in today's dinner.


Yeah see, this is why I do sprite comics. Because I can't freedraw with a laptop trackpad worth bull honkey.

But you at least do competent sprite handling. Most people take sprites from the DS cames and mix it with those from Super Star or, worse, Adventure, and make their backgrounds on Paint with flat lines and blank colors, even tho' there are full backgrounds available in sprite form!

m- my old shame...

I did nice sprite comics, once. Anything I do now is hand drawn. On napkins.


Singers: Mailbag Day! Mailbag Day! Hey, everybody, it's Mailbag Day!

Hi Bimblesnaff, Ometon, First Guest, Guest 1, Guest A, and Guest Alpha. How've y'all been? Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Anyway...

Bimblesnaff, you've pretty much been the head of the game since last Summer. Methinks it's time you took over... that's right, a new cubicle, more room, and all the donuts in the world... the webmaster. With the way things are going, this is quite a possibility. What is your say on that? Ometon & Friends can say their opinion on this as well.


I. This question is recommended to those who('ve) play(ed) Persona 4: If you encountered your own Shadow, what would (s)he be like, and what would the boss form look like? I can kinda imagine a scary-sounding Bimblesnaff with yellow, glowing eyes, and I shudder to think...

II. Spring Break has already passed over here. What did you guys do on your Spring Break? Or... if it's coming, what WILL you do?

III. You and the guys over at TheMushroomKingdom dot net share the same idea of answering letters in groups. Have y'all ever thought about doing an April Fools joke where the roles switch? That is, you guys doing a mailbag session on their site and vice versa?

IV. Nightmare Salesguy: How can I help you, DeDeDe-Daimyo?

That's all for now. Please hold in Reset as you turn power off.

Shh, shaddap! You'll blow the siege.

1) Technically, I'm already evil, so my Shadow would be friendly, bubbly, and cute.

2) I don't get a Spring Break anymore. I just worked. I think I may have watched TV at some point in time.

3) If our two sites were more buddy-buddy, I could see that going down. But, since I don't really know anything about the goings on over there or, probably, they know not of here (It's just my guess), that'd lead to some pretty solid confusion. I did have the idea of swapping Gurus and Mailbags formats for the day, but that... wouldn't... really be ... interesting.

4) Oh, flipping allegiances, are you? I see it how it is. Well, now I guess you don't get a Bimblesnaff Super Fun, Glow-In-the-Dark Badge. It's the only thing that will stop my turn-coat RR Firing Squad from gunning down those at the time of the revolution. Nuts! I've said to much! Abort, abort!

1. Originally I was going to draw a cool picture of what I imagined Shadow Diddgery would look like but since I procrastinated too much I'm going to leave most of it to the imagination. But just so you know it would be made of my repressed feelings of worthlessness and also a desire to overthrow Bimblesnaff and Ometon and also probably aggressiveness I dunno

2. I want to say something cool, but to be honest I spent most of it playing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for a second time, and beat it on my last day of the break. I should've done something productive!

3. Who?


1) You mean when you shoot yourself in the head and a demon dude pops up? I suppose it would be an ESPECIALLY angry and overly powerful roboticized member of the Spheniscidae family.

2) I think I pretended to be busy.

3) Someone had this idea where old mailbaggers would answer the new mailbags, but... how boring would that be! The old is old. And dead. Out with the old!! Out with the old!!






KIRBY KIRBY KIRBY'S THE ONE you should know.


1. What ever happened to Diggery? Did someone drain the sea he lived in? Did he die? Is he at Sea World, being forced to perform demeaning tricks in front of sweaty tourists?

2. If you were given a free POW block, where would you throw it?

3. The mail baggers should start their own TV show.

4. Do you think RR will reach 100 Mail Bags?

5. Goth Kirby?

6. Ometon is a Spy!

7. You will be killed by traitors' hands!

1) Wasn't he just in the last Bag? You ain't paying attention, Faity.

2) POW Blocks are not thrown. They are punched on the bottom to create massive tremors throughout the sewer to melt down slow moving glaciers and flip common pests. At least, that's how they'll always be in my world.

3) Oh, I wouldn't know anything about that ... Wait, is this planned? In any way? No. Okay, so it won't be happening. It's just a lot harder to coordinate the many answers in audio format than it is to slap these written responses together. Plus, then there's the whole getting advertisers and stuff.

4) Yeah, I see it reaching the big one-oh-oh, but, at the bi-weekly rate, if maintained, that'll take two years. Happening? Yeah, most likely, but not anytime soon.

5) 50% of Kirby fan characters. Oh, wait, sorry. That's Emo Kirby.

6) How could Ometon be a spy? He doesn't have an orange, pointy face or dress in all black or white. And who is he even spying for?

7) That doesn't make much sense considering that I'm the traitor who'll do the killing. Well, my converted death squad will.

1. No no, Bimbelsnaff, this person's talking about Diggery the capricorn! You know, the sea-goat who couldn't type right. I think he's still alive, at least.

2. Flip over some turtles.

3. Only if we can have an expository cartoon theme song that explains what the heck is going on here!

4. Someday... someday....

5. Emo Kirby?

6. I spy with my little eye, something that is blue and white.

7. I'll keep that in mind.

Emo Kirby is sad because he can't reach to slit his wrists. Also, he has no wrists.

4) With the rate at which we get letters (only days after the previous 'Bag and we already have twenty-one to bank on) and the rate at which the new crew isn't lazy, we technically could go onto a weekly schedule, as the man Bimblesnaff himself suggested.

At this point in time, however, I feel it would be a bad move as it would lessen the special feeling of the sessions and it would dominate the otherwise slow main page. If other things get hoppin' to how they used to be back in the day (i.e. people stop mentioning PRAINBOW, Supercomputer!), this could very well happen. Then, it'd be less than a year to the milestone.

5) Hun Kirby is better. History comedy~! And this is considered a step up from the previous crew?

6) Me, a spy? Please! You act as tho' I am from some enemy site that at one time warred with the Rainbow Resort.

7) Shh, shaddap! You'll blow my siege~!

1) Again, I'm assuming you mean Diggerdy? He's right over there. Eating bees.

2) I'd use it to flip over and then trample on everyone who ever flipped me over and then trampled and destroyed all the years of hard work and dedication that I poured into everything. Such simple common cretins, abusing their power while entirely oblivious to any practical consequences of their biased actions. There would be no mercy...

Oh, wait. POW block. Not nuclear warhead. Uhhhh. Yeah. Flip over some turtles.

3) Only if I'm played by Robin Williams.

6) I think there are other people who you should be more suspicious of. Are raving homeless bums always raving homeless bums? Or are they raving homeless bums looking to rebuild their corrupt totalian empires?

7) This already happened!! You are a bad psychic!

1. Didjery? What, that bear with a hamster horn? I haven't seen him in a while.

2. At another POW block. Chaos ensues.


4. Once I've set fire to the stragglers and the new Aso-Diddgery-RMD empire rises, sure.


Is there any new kirby games you know about that normal gamers don't know?

So you guys know about nintendo power and if any body want to subscrib go to

Is it possible nowadays for the public not to be at the peak of information? All companies do is shill their products, especially on-line. The next Kirby game on the horizon is still the Wii title, and it'll be that way for the rest of the year, I'm afraid.

Who is this? Chris Slate, is that you? Stop advertising your magazine on this website!

My uncle works for Nintendo and he said the next game for the Kirby is for the Nintendo DS and it is called Kirby: Red Diamond and the final boss is O3 and you play as Metal Meta Knight and there are tons of explosions also you fight Shadow Kirby and Robot Marx and everyone is furious.


Hey I just discovered this video of the announcement of Kirby Wii. It looks excellent.

But anyways, here are some questions.

1) Is Dedede Daimyo better than Chuck Norris? RMD?

2) What do you think of the Nintendo DSi?

3) What do you think of the Lion King?

1) At art, yes. Norris tends to just punch holes in the canvas. It's pretty impressive looking but not very.

2) I think the DSi will lower the price of regular DS. I'm cheap; I can't help it.

3) Kimba the While Lion weeps at its blatant plagiarism and spawning of faux-furry identical artwork. Bah! Really, people? This is what you want to be?

1. RMD Vs Dedede-Daimyo in a fight to the Dededeath, eh..?

2. It'll be about as successful as the Game Boy Micro.

3. Scar is a Nazi.

1) Maybe I'm a bit biased, but RMD seems like the sort of guy you just can't beat at anything.

2) I was going to get it but then I became ...residentially challenged. That said, the timing might be bad *given* the economy, but it's clearly a total improvement over the DS/lite.

3) Nothing good.


Hi Mailbaggers!

1. What is your favourite fruit? If I had to choose, it'd probably be apple.

2. And your favourite colour? I think apple green probably.

3. Which is your favourite Kirby game? I haven't played a lot of them, but I really liked Nightmare in Dreamland.

4. Which did you like least?

Oh, and I can't seem to get through a level at Kirby: Power Paintbrush so I can't go on. I believe it was something with lava... or water. Oh well.

1) Straaawberries. Particularly, Smucker's Brand Strawberry preserves!

2) Ya know, it's funny. I have no idea, really. I seem to default to green pretty often, but I don't really like it.

3) Dream Land 2 was where it was at, I'd say. Pets, Dark Matter, and no Chuchu. Win all around.

4) Nightmare in Dream Land just butchered too many aspects of Adventure, including taking the charm out of the Butter Building's rotating walls, Bounder, and decency. That's right. Decency. They, like, slipped unsavory deeds in the game when none were looking.

1) Pomegranates -- definitely pomegranates. It is a fun fruit to eat while playing vidya jaims as the pieces-parts come in li'l breakaway seeds. And they're, like, healthy or somethin'.

2) Fave color is easily blue. 'Bout every article of clothing I own is some shade of it. My wardrobe is like a cartoon character's.

I think Bimblesniffer used to like red when he was little, but our parents had a strange way of overkilling anything in which we demonstrated the slightest interest, and I believe that turned him against it.

3) Dream Course is probably my favorite game, but for standard fare, I'll go with Dream Land 3. Chuchu or not, it makes up for it in a heap of ways.

4) Nightmare -- blutty zero-effort vehicle for the animé. And when Right Back At Ya is involved, it is the worst case for any question.

1. I want to go with something cool and semi-obscure to show off my knowledge of plants but then I would just be lying to myself and everyone else. So the true answer is probably lemons.

2. I like the color of the environment!

3. I'm pretty sure I answered this one before...

4. I want to say NiDL as well because it ruined the best part of the game (Butter Building, as Bimblesnaff mentioned) but for the sake of having a different answer... uh... Tilt 'n Tumble? Though honestly I don't really hate that game, I just am not good at it... ...guess I'm going to have to go with NiDL after all.

1) A Clockwork Clementine.

2) Grey.. silver... the colors of absolute pure steel. Emotionless! Unforgiving! Powerful!!

3) Kirby Super Star Ultra was insanely fun but Kirby's Super Star Stacker / Kira Kira Kizzu is even more insanely fun. Kirby's Dream Land 3 completely outclasses the entire series by almost elevating itself to an art, though.

4) I'm surprised you guys don't like Nightmare. It was the first game I actually played and I guess not playing Adventure ever blocks me from having any nostalgia crushed, but I thought it was solid. If I had to pick a worst, it would probably be Dream Course, but that's only because I am so awful at it, and nothing against the game itself.

1) I'm actually going to have to agree with Ometon Prime on this one. Not that I've tried one while playing video games.

4) I dunno, not having played all of the silly spinoff games I guess I don't really have a least favourite, seeing as I loved all the 'main' games. Even Nightmare.


*Cue lightning* Muahahaha! It's me, CuboneKing!

1. Oompa oompa oompa oompa oompa.

2. Is Astoku still here? Tell him me FAN, but me never ask.

3. How does Kirby fit his long muscular legs in those inch-tall shoes?


6. Moo.

Sorry to leave, but cops chase me.


Cops, psychiatric ward, or villagers with torches? I could buy any.

2) Did you bother reading 'Bag #61?

3) Kirby's shoes, much like his mouth, have an infinite dimensional pocket in them. That, and he doesn't really have long legs; he just grew them for one manga comic.

5) Yes, and I'll provide the rope.

2) Caveman-speak seems appropriate for an old Mailsacker.

4) If hobos had magic, why don't they arcane arts their way outta the boxcars?

6) Gong?


4. Is that a new Sonic level?

5. Another 5-hater, I see! Are you a friend of Conspiracy0?


5) It is a secret board.

2) Astoku? What, you mean Asofaku's postman? Yeah, he's around here somewhere.


How do you unlock Luigi on Super Smash Bros. Melee!!!!!!!!!!

Beat Target Test with all of the original characters.

...Or maybe it was Board the Platforms.

......I don't remember.

.........Wait, that's the N64 SSB. My bad.

Really? It is easier to ask this question (one with uncurled question marks) here and wait a week for the response to be posted up rather than just go to GameFAQs? Twin waterfalls at the internet...

Actually, Paige double-questioned this, and it was resolved already in Gurus days ago. See? So, I'm not really gonna bother saying any more on the matter.


APRIL FO- oh wait. There's supposed to be a joke before that. Uh, the mailbag is a government conspiracy to keep Kirby fans from revolting against the government because if they did Peeps (the candy) would turn into Kirbees. APRIL FOOL'S!

1. Would you buy Kirbees?

2. How about you let an animal answer a question? Like a chicken?

3. Yum... Kirbees...

4. Don't you hate cold toilet seats?

5. If you could create a holiday, what would it be about?

Have a horrible April Fool's Day! APRIL FOOLS!

0) And here I thought you were shouting it out to all the Christian fans out there.

1) You mean Kirby isn't already a marshmallow treat? Uh-oh! That explains the bleeding and why they said, "Hey, I'm alive, not food." Food seems to do that a lot.

2) The language barrier might be a little bit tricky in that case. I mean, chickens speak Russian. I don't know that.

3) Quite makin' me anticipate a bountiful Easter basket even more. Mmm... sugary delights...

4) No, I'm not a wuss. Minor inconveniences don't really bother me.

5) My fabricated day would be Religiosos, the day of religion. It wouldn't actually be anything but a title to enrage those jobless schmucks with nothing better to do than complain about holidays and their religious ties.

1) I have a strange relationship with Peeps. Every year around this time they start showing up in stores, and invariably I buy at least one pack, but then I wind up only eating one or two and then the rest tend to go stale. I think that's because it's nothing but sugar and artificial flavoring, and one time I ate about three and threw up.

2) We let NK answer mails all the time, and he is a heron! I'm assuming Bimblesnaff here kicked him out because he messed up their pots and pans too many times.

5) Clearance Day, Clearance Day, twice the price for half the pay!

Yeah, Diddge, too many times being twice, 'cause that's how much it took to get old! I'm so glad he's a zombie now. Couldn't have happened to anyone more deserving; I mean, Doctor Naruto Kirby? Why are you even friends with a guy who has that kinda name?

1) Does it really matter which shape your sugar-coated semi-solid sugar syrup comes in? The answer to that question is yes~!

2) Well, aside from Cyprus, I think everyone who has answered the new bag has been composed of animal cells. No one has been a fungus or bacterium... although Aso does make me wonder. A pirate amoeba comes to mind right now, and I am scared as to why that is.

3) Don't eat them so fast! You gotta take out their stingers first!

4) I don't "hate" anything; what kind of person do you think I am?

Oh, right, if you've been readin' any of these bags, a very spiteful one. Sure, I'll throw those on my list, too, why not?

5) I would invent the new holiday of Tomorrow Day, the festivity that happens tomorrow! Thus, it could never exist, and the masses would curse me for unleashing such a paradoxical scourge upon the land.

And I would laugh maniacally from an evil tower that I for some reason gain in this hypothetical scenario, eating the correct chick-shaped Peeps that would now be manufactured year 'round for the up-and-never-coming Tomorrow Day, which would have the chicken as an icon for the very purpose of having previously mentioned Peeps.

... too much thought?

5) To go along with Tomorrow Day, mine would be YesterDay. The festivities you always miss! With this combination of holidays that you could never celebrate the population would break down and go insane and it would just be me and Ometon Emmerich left on a desolate planet.

Closing Statments: Boy, it sure was great to invite that rambling, murderous derelict here in the 'Bag. I wish I knew his name, but he claims the aliens took it. Maybe I could make one up for him using, say, the first parts of the words used to describe him! Hey, there's an idea. Hm, let's here... I know! Remedy! The cure to all our problems. Well, thanks for stoppin' by. Maybe we'll see you again sometime.

Theme Alert! You may not mention the events that transpired here today ever again~! Under penalty of death... to this puppy!

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