March 7th, 2009

Hey-hey, every-every. It's time to jam out a new Mailbag! Which... has been about a month coming. I think a lot of people didn't really notice that it didn't die... or that they wish it had. In either case, I don't think that the situation is being any better publicized by my department. Which, I probably head that office, so I blame myself.

Today, unlike the last installment and every day of my existence, I will not be talking to myself. The Next Generation has assembled to enlight all the goers of Rainbow Resort with language that many may fail to comprehend. We're a wordy lot.

Bimblesnaff, guy who seems to do every thing around here, at least as of late. He's best known for his current heading of Ask the Kirby Gurus, the Interactive Fandom contests that go oh-so horribly wrong, and refering to himself in the third person.

The Ometon is a guy who does everything, being the invisible hands that apply the glue to the gears around here. Also, he's pretty much solely responsible for shoveling through the smoldering hole known as the Gallery as well as a plethora of other dealings that he never gets credit for. He also eats babies. Just part of them, tho'.

Here's a face many may not know, it's Dedede-Daimyo, super-gifted fan artist extrodinaire. He's done such feats as the Super Star Ultra Emaki which, actually, is probably still on recent memory since its probably still linked to on the front updates despite it being three months since it was brought on-line. He also doesn't act like a nine-years-old child, so that's always a plus.

- Bimblesnaff


Do not adjust your local browser! It's a Bimblesnaff Attack! Bimblesnaff is now invading your Mailbag.

Used to be the little guy who takes your letter to the other side of the screen when you sent a letter in the past, he's dethroned Ivyna J Spyder (who's sweet) and Koiby Warrior as the Kirby Guru. Now that people like Diddgery and Aso are no longer participating, only Bimblesnaff & Ometon can handle the job. Get ready to getchur Bogg on, it's Snaffmail!

OK, now that the Mini Biography's over, it's time for a classic non-typical Kirby question, seeing as how the new Guru's rules no longer apply.


I. If there were to be a Kirby-themed amusement park, what do you think it would be like?

II. This is a question for Ometon (Oh-meh-tawn). Your online persona seems to indicate a blue and light silver ball with spiky hair. It resembles a head of some kind, so, if you could have a body of anything, what would you want?

Behold, my first letter sent in the post-Aso saga. Whee!

0) A miniature and flawed biography. Makes it sound like I just popped onto the Rainbow scene a year ago or something. And I never dethroned anyone. ... I merely slither into dead space...

1) A Kirby themed amusement park would probably play out a lot like any other theme park, only with more pink and a lot more cotton candy. In fact, that might just be the park there.

2) What? I'm not good enough for you anymore? Twin waterfalls...

0) Now I'm the bloke who popped into the scene nigh-on recently! Kirby resource-wise, there is no real choice but to go to Rainbow Resort, but I was never around in any communal fashion. My first accounts here were deleted due to disuse! But I splashed onto the scene last summer to save the ailing Art Gallery.

1) If it were to be a Kirby animé park (note the lack of amusement), there would be plenty of fire and sharp things to simulate the full experience.

2) A question? For me, the Ometon (Om-ə-tawn)?! Nope, no head nor hair. It is just a ball covered in non-follicle, hurty-style spikes, thus making it unhuggable, thus making it chronically depressed. The round mass is its body, but if it could go all Headmasters, the only kind of torso-arm-leg combo that could possibly dangle from it would have to be a spike-covered one. Y'know, to maintain its hugging hazard. I don't have a choice; I must obey the laws of this species that I invented... waitaminute!

0) Thanks for including something about me too, ‘Phal. I mean, I put just about the same amount of work into the site in my own way, as well, but, ya’know, whatever! JK ^_^ Surprise guests are always fun, huh?

1) Creative thinking! Hooray!: There would be a Kirby-suck-and-spit-simulator, where people sit in star-shaped pods, get inhaled by a giant Kirby machine, then get blasted out across the park at insane speeds!. There would be a ball-pit where all the usual plastic balls are replaced by Gordos. There would be a huge water-slide where people go down it by hanging onto inflatable versions of Acro, Sweetstuff, Blipper, and Gobbler. Finally, there would be go-carts ranging from Air-Ride look-a-likes, to Halberd and Kabula shaped carts. ~I’m too much.

2) Ometon reminds me of Tick.


Bowser Toast

Hi!!! I've read some of the mail bags before, but I don't get what's going on???

Also, I thought Diggery was a uni-hampster!!!

<(^-^)> -Kirby

Anyway, I really don't get what's wrong with the ppl that changed metaknight's voice?! (In Brawl for wii) HE WAS A MEXICAN! SERIOUSLY!!!

If you could try a new kinda toast called Bowser Toast, but if you ate it you would suddenly *EXPLODE*, would you try it???

I'm sure I would, i'm gonna die soon anywa-*WACK* <(-_-)>

~Bowser Toast, It's got spice...~

1) You're supposed to get this stuff? Wowzers, you just blew my mind, Penny.

2) A cricecorn, technically, is just what you would identify as a "uni-hamster", even though that means "one hamster". Cricecorn breaks down in the etymo-factor to be "hamster horn". And now, in a fiery ball of rage, a cloaked mage savvy in pig latin will appear and strike me. (That all has meaning, folks.)

3) Meta Knight's voice was never changed. He never had a voice as he never spoke before. The animated series is a distinct and separate body from the games. Besides, he's not Mexican. I'm more Mexican than he is... which should be the case for reasons outside of living on a world with the country of Mexico. Regardless, the masked swordsman has a Spanish accent, not a Mexican one. You know, the European country of Spain? Zorro? All that good stuff? Of course you don't.

4) I think I speak for everyone here when I say, "Yes, you should try it. It'd be a favor to us all."

1) Precisely how I feel. Thanks for beating me to it, lest I further confuse myself @_@

2) See, this is where keen observation skills come into play. Diddgery may have been this mono-horned-hamster you speak of; however, his alter-ego, Diggery is a Capricorn- an aquatic goat. You thought wrong.

3) You should be asking why the animated series changed his voice. IMO, Brawl did a good job of conveying MK’s short, dark, and spherical self through his given voice. All the anime did was forever tarnish him with the Señor Noodle-Arms moniker.

4) ~Bowser Toast, It’s got-*WACK* <(-_-)>

Auto-cannibalization or spontaneous combustion? I likes them odds~!

Maybe cleaning up the Mailbag won't be as hard as I thought...

Sapphire Kirby

The takeover begins! Soon the Rainbow Resort will be completely under Bimblesnarf's control! Can I be the court jester when that happens?

1. Does anyone know what the other 3 letters of the failed project RAINBOW are? (the BOW part).

2. If you were forced to listen to one voice from the Kirby animé dub for 1 hour, who would you listen to and why? I'd listen to Meta Knight's voice and laugh at his accent.

0) If that ever happens, I'll be king and clown. I'll find someone else to fill out the queen role, however. Do not look good in a dress... not that I've every put one on... Moving along.

1) Project RAINBOW had a non-first letter abbreviation system used for its nomenclature. So, really, "what was what letter" had next to zero value. It was more just, "Stuff will happen." Anyhoo, I believe it was Forums, Reviews, and no realy clue on the B.

2) Kine is 100% enjoyable, so to the fish goes the spoils. Anyone else, and I'd probably shoot myself.

1.The three letters, BOW, in P.RAINBOW are not part of any sort of acronym. Rather it is a directive. Yes, you are to bow down to your new overlords! Whaha! Now, you can feel the authority of our new reign!

2.If I had to listen to any one voice from the anime dub for one hour, it would have to be Waddle Dee. Ya’ know, cuz they lack a voice (for the most part). Too bad every other character in the dub series couldn’t have taken a lesson from him!

0) I dunno if it will be completely under 'Snaff's control. Really, he will just be more of a de facto leader -- de fact being that the other staffers are too lazy to move themselves from their potato-chip encrusted La-Z-Boys.

1) Does it really matter what BOW stood for? The only thing you could be certain of is that those three things would not begin with the letters B, O, and W. Seriously, Mailbag was I?

2) I would spend that frightful hour listening to Señor Noodle Arms. But how would I be able to endure Mr. Stuart's Mexican Meta rendition? Simple... I never paid attention! That one was for my fellow Slayers fan. You're welcome, Bimblesnaff~!


Uncle Gobbo, Why do you hate Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year? Each stocking hung with care, a gently reeth beside the door, a warm fireplace burning... so yeah, really, why do you hate christmas?

Bimblesniffer is more of a Nogmas person.

Seriously, tho', he's just bitter that he never gets what he wants for Christmas. Although, to be fair, if Gobbo did, that would make Santa guilty of human trafficking.

Bah, humbug, that fat elf couldn't even get it right. I mean, this doll made in China is just not what- just, just forget it, you know?

I actually don't hate Christmas at all, but it sure is annoying to have to dig through all sorts of The Season garbage well into February. My neighbor may still have their lights up, but that doesn't mean it is X-mas time.


Howdy, new mailbag! I wanna say it's nice to see the mailbag get going again and with everyone's favorite uncle temporarily succeeding our favorite pirate.


1. Who or what do you fight for?

2. Tylenol or Advil?

3. Do we know anything about Kirby's genetic make-up?

4. Who in KRR is good and who is evil?

5. What do you think candy is made out of?

1) I battle endlessly to get stores to accept my competitor's coupons. Granted, that competitor is a scrap of loose leaf with the penciled on text of "My Fake Store", but still! I didn't make them make that lousy policy.

2) Neither, I don't get headaches. I give them! Bogg Chain!

3) If his genes are anything like the rest of that world, it's full of stars!

4) I'm evil; that's given. Kindar Spirit is good. Disaster, just like natural disasters, is a force of nature with no bias in either direction. Bagel is boiled bread. Aso is some type of sheep, I think. What was the question?

5) Candy is made from smaller bits of candy, which, in turn, is made even smaller candy.

1) I gotta fight / for my right / to paaaaaaaartey! Sure, not all that inspired of a response, but I can't pass up the Beastie Boys reference~!

2) Aleve is better than them both. It tastes like candy for some reason.

3) I would say his genetic make-up is inferior to the powder and whale-parts variety.

4) Well, I'm Bogg's evil twin, and keep in mind that he's already evil, so I guess I'm just his twin then. Truthfully, neither of us are evil as that word implies self-centeredness. Check-check out D&D alignments. Malevolent, on the other hand, yes. We're mad heels, yo. Why, I personally hate each and every one of you, especially that one jerk, the Ometon.

Everyone else is just true neutral -- the definition of apathy.

5) Whatever Aleve is made out of.

1. I fight for my friends. Well, maybe not… I fight for the ladies! So many fan-girls, I have to fight to keep them off of me! Whaha! … Ok, not that either. Well, if there is one thing I fight for, it is my art. I have battled many a long night and hand cramps for that beauty :)

2. I do not like medicine- nor do I need it- for my body is always in top shape without it. However, Benadryl is something I hold tight to. Oh Glod, and it’s almost spring! The hey fever!

3. Kirby’s genes are made up of DNA: Devourin’eNemiesforAbilities.(lame)

4. Kirby is good, the Rainbow is pretty neutral, but the Resort is just plain evil!

5. Hyper candy is composed of sugar, corn syrup, diabeetus, and an invincible star-man.


What Music Do They Use When King Dedede Had A Pight Fight With The Cappys????

No. Now send me one metric tonne of fan mails.

Could you be more specific? It seems like the only interaction the Crappies and Dedede have is fighting- which could be any given episode! Most likely, it is the “Dedede Bustle” or “Dedede Passes by…” cuz, the anime sure threw those around every chance it got.

Since I headed up both here and Ask the Kirby Gurus, I know that this guy asked the same question there and here. However, there he bothered to spell "Pie" correction. How does one even misspell a three letter word with one letter as three that aren't even near that key?


Hmm, it's been a while since I've sent in some mail.

So I'm gonna be lazy and ask you guys questions. >:3

1. You guys draw much? Into any type of art?

2. Which browser is superior? It's obviously Firefox, RIGHT?


4. What's your favorite type of science? Biology, Chemistry, Physics? What?

5. You think I'm awesome?

0) How is asking questions the lazy course of action to take? Technically, hitting the "Ask" button was too much effort, let alone typing or turning on a computer~!

1 & 2) Nothing up my sleeves, and now, behold! Both questions answered at once! Vulcan Vulpine vs Aqua Ape!

3) Ugh, PRAINBOW. Why did I have to go and mention that thing again? Well, I think the 'Ton would like a fresh beating on that dead horse. I tire of it. The stick is yours.

4) Science is my favorite science, which I say since all disciplines fall under my umbrella. Bioengineering; gots your biology and physics up front, heavy in the chemistry, and even schools you in computerlies on top. Jack of all trades, but master of none while wearing some horrible two-tone striped abomination. Damn AD&D Player's Handbook Bard...

5) I'll give a coin flip. Want heads or tails?

Per-se-pho-neeeeeeeeeee! In un-der-wooooooooooorld!

1) a) Yes. b) Bad, apparently.

2) Monkeys rule, and foxes drool! Seriously, Firefork is the most over-hyped thing in the history of ever. Perfectly good browsers were being made by Mozilla for years and getting no attention. Once the fox beta started up, every idiot slapped a sticker on their blog and acted as tho' they were cool for using a W3C alternative to IE despite the fact that one existed at that very time made by the very same foundation.

I know it is free, but it was all marketing and public perception. It was the li'l guy to take down the 90% share of the Explorer. They just made people think they were doing something revolutionary and new and cool instead of just using a fraction of an old suite with a more IE-reminiscent GUI.

3) Blutty 'el, PRAINBOW again? That was six months ago and accomplished nothing. Why do you people remember it? Why do you continue to mention it? Every time you do, I put off my KRRenovations for another month. I want to build up a buffer between that disaster and my planned features so that no idiots ask "Der, is this part of RAINBOW?" Although, the few PRAINBOW updates were still us. Gurus: Gobbs. Ability Reviews: Gobbs. RSS: Me. Mailbag: Kept the new format for a month or two, and looky who's pickin' up the slack now? Back full circle, eh?

4) Computer Science -- that's what my degree is in, and what better place to apply that trade than volunteering for a Kirby fan site? ... Hmm, I wonder if Integrated Electronics will take me back....

5) Maybe Hades thinks you're awesome, what with the kidnapping and the pomegranates and all.

1. Jeeze, it’s like you didn’t expect me to show up this session…

2. I think people just like Firefox better than the average Explorer browser, because it has a better design. I mean, look at it: the shortcut image is a fox! And he’s on fire! All you get with explorer is a boring lowercase “e”. Dignity aside, I have never used anything other than “e”.

3. It’s times like this where I really love the newbies to KRR. That they are ignorant of past mistakes and push only toward the future. Project RAINBOW is dead— and loving it!

4. The best science is earth science. Kids, if you are looking for an easy class to fulfill credits and subject-requirements in collage, take Geology! Not only do you get to learn about the Earth’s composition, but the majority of the class is spent just taking notes- leaving ample time to draw, which is why you are really sitting there!

5. Only if you think I am.

uh sum persun

yeah are we all screwed now that u rule KRR

what will u do to the cricecannon

why dont we steal the cricecannon kill u and give KRR back to the republicans

I rarely could understand what the old mailbag crew talked about. Even more-so what you are spurting. Please return to the past so we may progress to the future.

Okay, we'll give control back to the old guard. You won't be able to tell for two months or so since that is how long it will take them to do something, and even then, it will just be a notice that they are too busy to do anything for this site. Worth the wait, tho', as new sessions with the same jokes are entirely better than new faces with fresh and original content! Hamsters! Pirates! Memes! It is entirely different now than it would be just re-reading old mailbags~!

Screw this noise; that was too much for a half-English speaker like yourself to understand. How 'bout this instead: No. Now send us one metric tonne of fan mails. Ah, the status quo...

Back to the Republicans? You callin' me a Democrat, boy? 'Cuz, 'round these parts, them's fightin' words. An' ya don't wanna be causin' trouble with a 'publican. We gots guns.


Hello, faithful readers!



Whoa. This is kinda weird. Me being the one sending in the mail.

How do these things usually go?




I guess the real question is what have you done with my motley crew? They were so good to me. My heron. My cricecorn. My ninja. My anime girl. My... um, Wildrows. Please tell me you at least kept my Wildrows alive. ;_;

And if it isn't Bimblesnaff who is answering this, then hello! I used to run this joint.


Captain Aso



3) PRACTISE!!!11

I... got carried away. * ahem *

I gotta say, it must be weird to be on the other end. Now you know how Diggers felt after he retired from the 'Bag... and came back... and left... and probably back again.

Anyhoo, you're short haired Mötley Crüe is right where you left it, I guess. I didn't know you left your Wildrows here. Only thing I saw around was... uh-oh...

Dead Wild

... I've been using it as a hat rack...

There was no questions or brows raised when I snaked in the post master position, so I took it they didn't want to serve under a landlubber like myself. And I lub my land.

(Daimyo seriously answering some joke questions)

1) Kirby is not always pink; he can be nearly any color of the rainbow with the spray paints found in Squeak Squad. Also, in Super Star, a few of Kirby’s abilities can change his coloration, which also occurs in Adventure, to a smaller degree.

2) My favorite Kirby ability is Suplex. Though, I prefer to go without abilities- simply using the inhail/ exhail to it’s full potential.

3) Step 1: Go to a boxing glove factory. Step 2: Get mangled by the machinery, simultaneously turning you into a boxing glove. Step 3: Get Knuckle Joe to wear you. Step 4: Get a face full of stone slab at the Megaton Punch Competition. Step 5: Profit~.

Hello Asotoku! Thanks for the compliment to my Emaki! It’s good to be here!

It must really be weird for Aso to be sending the mail instead of simply ignoring it.

I am sometimes mischief.


hmmmm it appears you have started taking complete control of krr. From what I see the only thing you DONT control is the forums.

Anyway I can't say much about Kirby fan games, because I don't play them. I tried to play Kirby Warrior RPG, but the game kept messing up and restarting.

So, here are some questions

1: when are you going to take over the forums?

2: as supreme ruler of krr how are you going to change things?

3: are you a dictator?

0) What? Someone acknowledging the theme? I had almost forgotten about it myself.

KWRPG does have that problem. Being that it was made so long ago (in computer terms) and technology keeps rapidly advancing, it buggers on a lot of systems. I think a new "modern" version of the classic is being made to keep it alive... at least for another five years.

1) I'll never take over the Forums. The final list item of Disk won't happen, chiefly as I barely go to them in the first place. It was just included as, really, he's the only big-wig staff member who I haven't taken up a job from under.

2) Technically, I'm not supreme ruler. Kindar Spirit is and always will be holding onto that title. Really, all I'm trying to do is keep the RR community alive. Who knows? Maybe I'll pull a Total Non-stop Acquisition and jump ship to another up-and-coming Kirby site just to mix things up.

3) I think the terms "tyrant" is more accurate myself. It implies a more iron-fisted rule.

KWRPG constantly restarts, eh? Sounds to me like you should consider yourself as having the full fan-game experience. Breaking is what most of 'em do, after all.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to tilt to the side, halfway through the ground, and slowly jitter all the way back to start! I can't wait till I can do this online with friends~!

I could never get that game to work either. It is a shame how most, if not all, fangames seem to turn out bad or never get completed.

2) Yes, Kindar Spirit is the supreme Empress of KRR… though I have never had the honor of meeting her.

3) Bimblesnaff and Ometon are the great Shoguns of KRR, in this new era of chaos!

I am but a lowly Daimyo- Feudal Lord of the Gallery and, recently, the Mail Sack.


Um. Hi buddy.

Uh. Things aren't looking too good for me these days. I really hate to be writing in like this, since I want to try and keep up my sassy independent persona. You know, like nobody's gonna get me down and stuff! But it's hard to when I'm... well, I guess the best way to put it is by saying that I eat out of empty soup cans and sleep under a bench.

There, I've admitted it, I'm stuck on the streets. Turns out that after I left the mailbag I had nowhere else to go to except for some work as a cannonball, but that didn't turn out too well for me, and then I try and come back just to have the group break up, and... well. You know how it is.

I'm really down on my luck, man. Nobody wants to hire a washed-up, dirty old cricecorn like me. I'm last week's news. So I was wondering if you could search deep inside the dark crevices of the black hole in your chest that you call a heart-- oh geez, I probably shouldn't have written that. It's hard to think straight, I have a wicked hangover.

But I was hoping you could perhaps give me my old job back? I don't mind if it means being shot out of cannons and stuff. But it'd be cool if you could give just me a place to spend the night, maybe, or even a couple bucks so I could buy some food or maybe a decent potato sack to wear, I'd really appreciate it.

Currently down on his luck,


Funny fact: I redid the whole Mailbag answering machine to work like a low-level message board. There is no more scheduling a meeting for everyone to go into an IRC room and unorganizedly try to plod everything out in a single go -- a system that somehow fails despite all of the baggers seemingly spending all of their free time on IRC.

So, technically, any of the old bagging staff can be given access to the new system and come on board, answering as much or as little as often as they'd like. I make this offer largely because I know they won't, even with the vastly improved schedule (being none). How else would this feature have fallen into such disuse?

Diddgery: He only loves you fans a little bit~!

Hey! That crevice of a blackhole where by heart should be allowed me to get work as a cannon. Coincidence? ... ew, I sure hope not.

kirby fan (カービィファン)


I want to have more Kirby picture

could you upload more Kirby picture


I want to watch Hoshi no kaabiii episorde

how can I watch it?

If you know that

could you tell me?

thank you for your helping









Sorry, Bimblesniffer, but this thing is Gurus fare. No matter how much you ignore it, the letter won't answer itself, and I won't either!

You'll be Googling simple requests for people until your grave.

1) There are plenty of Kirby pictures in the Multimedia section of the site.

Specifically, in the “Picture Gallery”. Also, look for categories such as “Scans” for Kirby’s Dream Land 3, for example, for even rarer pictures.

2) The site does not house any episodes of the Kirby anime, unfortunately.

I am sure you could find some on, if you were to look; especially in Japanese.

That is, if they have not been removed for copyright violation, which I am sure they have…


1) サイトのマルチメディアセクションに多くのカービー写真があります。

「画像ギャラリー」での特に。 また、カービーの夢土地3例えばいっそうまれな写真のための「走査します」などのカテゴリーを捜してください。

2) サイトはあいにく、カービーアニメの少しのエピソードも収納しません。

もし見ることになっていたならば、私は、いくつかをYoutube.comに見つけることができたと確信しています; 日本語で特に。


See, 'Tonny-Boy? I don't have to any Googling. I just need minions! And that's the history of KRR. Time for me to disappear and pop in every 8 months to a huge fan fare! *pop*


Hello again, foolish mortals! you may have lost one enemy but you have gained another! I am the mysterious enemy of the krr, swearing everlasting revenge!


okay so that sounded cliche. but on the other hand, it's true. also, GIANT DEATH MACHINES. I'm talking about the giant robots over there. although, they don't like me either. huh, maybe I should ask what part of this idea was my plan? instead, I think that a psi emitter and a the horrors of the Zerg would have been a better plan. I guess I'll just have to open the mysterious gateways of horrors.




Temporarily out of order

Yeaaah. Well, how do you expect to accomplish that? With words? If so, I would try a little harder. At least communicate properly, so we can actually understand you. Squeaky Bogg’s Unnamed Arch-Enemy was heads above you in sentence structure and story-layout. It just seems to me, that you are trying way too hard. Until next time, feeble-foe! Daimyo-Dokoisho-sho!

Fo' sho'. Don't be tryin' play it like a playah 'less ya can bring it, home slice-skillet. Know what it's sayin'? Gotta be funky fly to hang it out as my nemesee. Also, you gotta put whiskey in my breakfast.

... I'm my own worst enemy. Daily.


homestar run go!

homestar run, run

homestar run, run

homestar runner, really great

homestar runner, ath-a-late

homestar runner, pom pom too

homestar runner, we love you!

homestar run, run

homestar run, run

homestar runner, do your best

homestar runner, pass the test

homestar runner, mom and dad

look out, homestar! it's strong bad!

homestar run, run

homestar run, run

homestar run!


Dear Strongbad,

How could the Brothers Chap create such an idiotic fanbase with such a great animated series?

With 99% feces,


Would this be considered spam? I don’t know… I guess the Mail Bag will take whatever it can get!

Believe it or not, I have never heard of Homestar Runner before, and after doing some research, I am still not impressed. Their site must be getting so much mail, that it is over-flowing onto KRR. What a shame. Like Kirby isn’t under appreciated enough, the fans of Strong Bad and the like have to detour a Kirby Mail Sack to fit their perversions. …I am still thankful to be included in this session, nevertheless.


Excuse me but if the creator or person who runs this site should only answer this question. Thank You.


I own a wiki or site about video games that has information on them to in a similar fashion to Wikipedia called WikiGames. Anyways I was wondering if Kirby's Rainbow Resort would become a friend of my website and my website become a friend of yours. Please Reply!

The person who owns this site, Kindar Spirit, isn't going to be seein' this, trust me. She's AWOL for the most part, living up to the ghostly nature of her name. For the last long while, even, the people answering these questions in the Mailbag have done, well, just the Mailbag for the site, running nothing else.

... I'll prolly say more later if I can find the site.

It would not be in my hands to decide this, but I would have to say, no. Seeing as your site is not specifically Kirby oriented, and that not even the over-rated KirbyWiki has bothered to befriend us, it would not make much sense. However, I may be mistaken. It is always nice to have friends, huh? ^_^ By the way, it looks to me there are at least two other sites going by the name ‘WikiGames’. Could you maybe have chosen a little more unique name, or at least specified which you were? I take it you are not the one informing of card and board games… Whaha!


hi. do you know that it takes 9 minutes for light to go to earth? where is the star that Kirby lives in? when you eat Kirby, does he fly around in your belly? bhdfgbgfuywgvfygvfgefuygfryugtyeu<<<<<>>

1) No, it doesn't take light nine minutes to reach earth. From the sun, yes, but there are very many other light sources out there, most of which take much much longer than nine minutes.

2) If Kirby lived in a star, he would be crushed by the incredible gravity. Thankfully, he only lives on it. And it is imaginary, too, so this is all moot.

3) He won't be flyin' if I cooked 'im well enough.

4) Why yes, you should repeat the second grade.

And that's why he gets paid the big bucks. Not money, deer. Usually what I find road-killed on the side of the highway. You'd be surprised how much of the rotten taste is masked with a dash of onion powder.

And now the image of the Ometon eating a raw, dead, maggot filled deer carcass can't haunt your dreams. G'night, every-every!

I know I was very surprised to find out how much onion powder masked the taste: Not. At. All. Why did Bimblesnaff deceive me so? And why do I keep eating the carcass?

Deer Carcass

Oh-ho. So… it wasn’t quite venison. Sorry, I thought it would go good with a side of Wasabi, so I stole a bite, as well. *Deep inhail* Weeell. Now I wonder: Is it the green spice or the maggot colony, which is boring its way up to my brain? AH! It’s both!!


ask the gures[i got that wrong]rocks but the mailbag makes me laugth [tpyo] . anyways im am a new unkown bimmblesnaff so answer anways 1.i love keeby why is there a yellow kirby in the series 2.i hate people saying nightmare is nme.3.a person played as jigglypuff and beat kirby i want beat him do you want to and sorrey bimmblesnaff about the beginning and you rock

1) Keeby or Yellow Kirby exists largely to be second player when the game makers don't feel like going through the effort of making Waddle Dee or some other sprite to go through all the poses as the protagonist puff. Palette swaps equal easy! Anyhoo, yellow and pink were the warring colors when Kirby was still played B&W, with Sakurai favoring pink for his creation but Miyamoto thinking the pillow should be yellow, as well as Kirby. Well, the god got to keep his vision for his creation, but, like all gods, he turned on it with a terrible flood. And that's why Kirby games are alllll wet.

2) NME is rightfully called "Holy Nightmare Enterprises", so, yeah, it is Nightmare. That's fact. If facts offend you, well, then, I don't know what chance you have out there.

3) Is... is this a question? I see words, but I'm not sure of their meaning. To the cipher! Hey wait, this is just a tree, a Cyprus. Well, good enough. Let's get the answer from it!


That'll do, tree. That'll do.

You should try to get that tree of yours to send letters to the Mail Bag. It would most certainly have better grammars~!

That, or your cipher will bind with a techno-organic alien's ashes. Yeah, self just busted out a New Mutants reference. Eat it, ya meme lovin' gits! Selfriends roll '80s comics styles up in here!

How do you spell the word “gurus” wrong? Additionally, I am confused as to why that place is still called Ask the Kirby Gurus, seeing as how both Ivy and KW have left, and now there is only one guru. Too lazy to change the title? Whaha! Anyway~

1) Nintendo wanted to copy Namco, thus creating another yellow sphere with a passion for eating. But that would be severe copyright infrengement! So, they went with a cute pink version, which was more appropriate, anyway. Keeby is just yellow~orange (kiiro) +Kirby.

2) Quote:“i hate people” …what a trouper.

3) De’ Cypher enlightens me. It says, “unkown wishes to beat people up.” It also says, “unkown does not know how to capitalize, use proper punctuation, or even spell his own name, that being Unknown!” The trees tell me many things, like how I’m not insane.


Well, since you have asked us, I decided to send some mail.

I haven't played any fan games, so I can't say much. I am looking foward to Kirby Cosmic Chaos.

1) How much longer will it take before you take over Disk's position at the site?

2) Are you a Godzilla fan, by any chance. You know, with you mentioning him in the 118 session.

3) Would you like a Kirby Air Ride Wii?

Masked Dedede's theme is actually a remix of King Dedede's theme from Kirby no Kira Kira Kizzu, which is a remix of King Dedede's theme from Kirby Super Star, which in turn is a remix of Mt. Dedede from Kirby's Dreamland. Awesome, huh?

1) Mwa-ha-hah! The seeds have been planted in the minds of the people. Nah. Really, I'll never do that. It's like the chat rooms, or the animé section. I don't like those sections, so I don't really wanna touch 'em. There's already enough parts that I neglect. * looks off to Kirbypedia or the KSSU section * Oh, right... that.

2) Gotta love any Kaiju. Rubber suits are equal to fifty tiny masked wrestlers fighting bears. In my mind, that math makes sense!

Really, how could one not like Godzilla? He breaths radioactive fire and destroys his poorly CG'd American clone in Final Wars. I ... just wanted to include that fact. As it made me smile. Inside.

3) I would a Wii for starters, or a 'Cube to have even played Air Ride to form an opinion about it. Bah, who am I kidding? Excite Bike is the final evolution of racing games, and that was accomplished on 8-bit.

4) Hm, your right. Why did I think that Mt. Dedede was proto-seeded from the general boss battle anthem? Oh, right, I know why! Gnnnooomes! The Ometon, get your shotgun.

Get? Like I'm ever very far from~!

0) You can play Cosmic Chaos right now, at least in a trial version, so there is no need to wait to play.

1) I think we're one more nervous breakdown away from taking Disk's place at this site. And you don't want that, either, 'cause I know I would just set fire to the forums and laugh. Have we established in this session yet that I'm a heartless bastard?

2) I like Gigan. And ice cream, but Gigan seems the more appropriate thing to mention now.

3) The last thing KRR needs to happen is for another Kirby game to be released. Look how out-of-date those older games' pages are! Me and Bimblesniffer have the will, but not the systems those games are on!

2) Being a thing from Japan, Gojira is a topic I am most interested in! However, I know very little about the actual movies, as I have hardly seen one! My favorite character is Gamera, friend of the children!

3) Though I own KAR for Gamecube, I do not believe that another for Wii would be necessary. The original was horribly flat and repetitious, with lame ‘rides and only three characters. It the sequel could include more variety in all aspects, then maybe we could talk. I am just hoping for Kirby Wii. Period.

4) Yes! I realized this too! I am glad you caught it. Not that I am obsessed with Dedede, or anything, but I do think his theme is catchy.


Hello Mailbag! I wish to express my feelings about this sack’s (overlooked) theme: Kirby Fan Games. I find that many FGs are simply re-made versions of existing Kirby Sub-games/ Side-games. I can understand someone wanting to remake such classic games, such as Kirby’s Block Ball, Gourmet Race, Kirby’s Adventure’s Mini-games, and others (but not many, as everyone seems to do the exact same things), especially since it is not easy to find the original, Nintendo-Licensed versions of these games. The problem with remaking them, though, is that no matter how much effort is put into developing the fan game remake/ remix, it will never turn out anywhere near as good as the original. You know what I mean- physics are all screwed up (and not just in the Kirby fashion), controls are poor, and most importantly- copy abilities are usually left out all together. However, some fan games are not remakes of Kirby games, but are remakes of other classic games and franchises, with Kirby elements added into them. Besides these games not making any sense, they are also usually inferior versions of the non-Kirby games they are based on. Then you have the hoards of Kirby shooting-games. Those make me question why someone would ever waste time on such an abomination. I don’t want to sound like I’m coming down too hard on fan games such as these. I respect that the creators would invest their time and skill to creating and homage to Kirby, which actually has the potential to be pretty fun to play, when you get down to it. It’s just, well, something like this just doesn’t seem like it’s worth it. As an artist, I may spend a few days drawing up a picture, but makers of fan games could spend weeks to months on something that, in the end, results in failure. At least art can be viewed once (albeit briefly for some slackers) and then looked at again later, and something new the viewer may not have seen before has been reviled. Fan games, unlike simple artwork, become stale with age, and often frustrating to the player who has to put up with them. (And this rant in no way has hidden meaning; forgive me for this tangent). Other times, a fan game will require the player to download some strange and complicated program in order to even play the darned thing- and I’m not talking about the run-of-the-mill programs- I mean real game-playing software. That, for many people, is without a doubt a huge turn-off. Still, everything mentioned above is light-years better than the greatest disgrace to fan-gaming: hypothetical fan games. They make unfinished fan games roll over in their graves. Not only do the creators deliberately crank out ideas with no intend of acting on them, but they are praised to the point where real fan games get neglected. If someone has good ideas (and many of them are really great) for new Kirby-game stuff, tell someone who can help you put your plan into action, so that you are not just wasting your time on something that won’t amount to anything but utter confusion. The only Kirby Fan Games worth their weight are those with blood, sweat, and tears put into them. I know all about someone striving for their art, so I would just like to call out two Kirby fan games that everyone reading this should be aware. Kirby: Cosmic Chaos, being developed buy Azurarok Studio, is something I’m sure all of you have heard of. I anticipate its greatness and pray for its success. To a lesser extent, there is the [redacted~!], being developed by those a little closer to home. Major props to both of these Fantastic Games and their creators. The more you know~! Until next time MB (and fan-gamers), Sayonara.

Hey, no switching teams. You're either on this side or that.

And most that ain't a problem with fan games but fans, and people have always been known to be fundamentally flawed and/or filled with falafel.

... Falafel makes flaws, at least that's what the MB Cyprus tells me.

Hmm, this sender seems familiar...

Y'know, everybody saw that you could use the enter key before. What happened here? This letter should be entered into the next IF Miniboss creation as TextBlockTron! Or TextBlockTron-R500 since all robots need numbers after their name, apparently.

Para-graphing calculators not functioning. Entry prohibited. Line down! Line down!

TL;DR version= The giant block of blasphemy and contradictory statements has given birth to a new lovable monstrosity: TBT Nurikabe!

Closing Statments: Well, D3-D already put it out there. This theme sure flopped. Who needs them, tho', right? Yeah! Themes are over-rated and just distract from what's really going on. Let's just skip them all out.

Theme Alert! Nuts, I don't listen to myself. Well, next time (week, month, year?), let's drop the spotlight on Rainbow Resort itself. People often look past the trees and miss the forest, or something like that. That, or Watchmen. I wanted squid action in it, but "they" thought the public couldn't relate. P-shaw!

... I'll be sober next time, too, I swear.

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