March 20th, 2009

Do you know what today is? I don't, but I'm told its the first day of spring or something. Hey, why not? It looks like this 'Bag rolled out faster than the last -- half the time, a month to just two weeks. That's what I call progress.

Hey, it's this jerk again, Uncle Gobbo, resident doer of various things at the Resort. Current things include gurus fill-in and in-shambled fan contests.

The Ometon is made outta snow cones and moonshine. Uh, the one from the moon, sure? He's this joint's resident do-everything else, not that you'll ever know.

Daimyo rocketed back to lay down the hammer-law on these parts. Or, answer things? Sure, why not that one. He's the Resorts' resident advisor. Keep that music down, you darn kids!

He was told about a new, anyone-can-be-in interface, and everyone's favorite cannon fodder cached in on his word. The Didge stopped by to re-live some MB glory days. He's here's Resident Evil 5. Man, those banners don't work when a smilin' Kirby is right next to them.

Asotoku is sometimes Mailbag. He's this site's resident spork.

- Bimblesnaff


What was the last thing you ate, played, saw, drew, wrote, and smelled?.???!???***

Ate: wheat bread cheese 'n' pickle sandwich.

Played: Mark of Kri.

Saw: Watchmen or Legend of the Seeker, depending on the screen you meant.

Drew: I wonder how to explain this... A moon mollusk in the shape of a knight?

Wrote: Rumbl-o-Rama: In Vengeance touch-ups.

Smelled: The "meat" room in my apartment. That room always smells like some new type of meat.

Ate: Expired kielbasa & unexpired-but-still-aged sauerkraut.

Smelled: Generic Peptol-Bismo.

Played: Some stupid Java game.

Wrote: Some extra code for the MB generator.

Drew: You know you love it!

Saw: My leg off. I gotta be more careful 'bout where I leave my bear traps.

Ate: A watermelon-flavored Airhead.

Played: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. I've been replaying a bunch of the Mario RPGs in anticipation for the third Mario & Luigi game.

Saw: Some YouTube video of cute animals.

Drew: You'll see it in due time.

Wrote: This.

Smelled: It's better left unsaid.

Ate: Dates, Walnuts, and Kombucha.

Played: Nazo no Murasamejo (GBA)

Saw: Watchmen- The Complete Motion Comic (oh yea, I’m totally a fan now!)

Drew: So much, I can’t remember. Probably a new knight for the IF thing.

Wrote: Description for Fan Art file upload, and/or this response.

Smelled: The scent of the South. Yep, I’m-a travelin’.

Ate: The souls of a thousand internet users

Played: Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Demo.

Saw: Some amusing Brawl Hack videos on YouTube.

Drew: Some generic logo for a site I was making just to test a template.

Wrote: Yeah, this.

Smelled: The distinct smell of something burning wafting in through the window. Someone must have let Shiro near something flammable.


When was the last time Kindar Spirit showed here face around here- no, let me guess, ummmmmm.......

When Captain Planet was a new show?

Do you like Captain Planet?

When do you think Nintendo will kill or sell the only tough pink puff?

Captain Planet! He's our hero. Gonna take pollution, Down to zero. He's our powers magnified, And it's fighting on the planet's side!

"We're the Planeteers, You can be be one, too. 'Cuz saving our planet is the thing to do. Looting and poluting are not the way. Here's what Captain Planet has to say:"

"You kids suck, and that's coming from someone with a green, white-man flat top~!"

I didn't really watch Captain Planet when it was new and relevant, because I thought it was boring when compared to other shows on at the time. Like Rocko's Modern Life. That show was good times. Maybe you should've asked about that instead of Captain Planet.

Sell Kirby? Nintendo can't do that! They are developing a new game for the guy right now! And, ironically enough, it is scheduled for release the exact same time Kindar will next show her face at the Resort~!

No matter how much you persist, the Halberd will never stop crashing. If it was meant to survive, Dreamland would be overtaken by the oppressive Meta-Knights, instead of the oppressive King. By the way, an answer to all your questions: The Power Is Yours!


Wow! DDD-D a mailbagger? Didn't see that coming!

You said the spotlight would be dropped on the Rainbow Resort this mailbag, but I don't have much to say. I guess off to the questions?

1) Do you like chocolate? With peanut butter? How about with nuts?

2) What do you think Kirby would wish from NOVA if the world wasn't in danger?

3) Any of you guys like Pokemon? I know this is a Kirby site, but they are both Nintendo games.

4) On the topic of Pocket Monsters, which one(s) is/are your favorite?(if you do like them, that is.) Mine are Charizard, Vaporeon, and Pichu.

5) Do you like Brawl in the Family? It is hilarious! (I also have to thank the Rainbow Resort for linking to it, because without it I would probably have never found it.)

I know what to say about the Resort! It has Rainbows and is very soothing. The Noddys seem to like it.

1. Yes. Yes. Depends.

2. Knowing how Kirby doesn't appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed at times, he'd probably wish for a brownie or something food-oriented and silly like that.

3. I am a diehard Pokémaniac and I have no trouble admitting this.

4. Slowbro. Runners-up for the award are Totodile, Spoink, Farfetch'd, Buneary, and Rattata.

5. It's not bad. I wouldn't say it was my favorite webcomic or anything, but it's good for a few laughs.

1) I like peanut butter with chocolate. I'm the other guy from the Reese's commercial.

2) Kirby wouldn't have gone through that ordeal if there was no danger. Meta Knight went through the trouble because he was proving that he could. Kirby's a laid back kinda guy when there's no peril. Also, infinite foods.

3) That doesn't really mean they'll be of the same caliber. The one is GameFreak and the other is HAL Laboratories. That's wholly different than, say, comparing Zelda to Mario. Also, yes.

4) My favorites all have two things in common -- poison type and ol' school! Beedrill, Tentacruel, Vileplume, and Muk. Damn you, unbreakable tie!

5) We'd all have never been exposed to its hilarity if not pointed towards its existence. I mean, how often does the urge strike you to go looking for a Kirby themed fan comic?

1) I like the antipodes of white and dark chocolate quite a bit. Wait, peanut butter and nuts? That is really just the same question with a different amount of time spent in the blender.

2) Kirby would wish for the world to be in danger. In case you didn't know, he's a douchebag.

3) I used to be quite the Poképerson. In fact, I was so out-and-about back in the heyday of research (RBY styles) that not only am I attributed with discovering how Focus Energy didn't work (quartering your critical chance) but I was even getting uncredited work done on sites like TPM! Good thing that kinda stuff doesn't happen any more... oh, wait.

Not much for the franchise today. Too many übers about for my taste. It was bad enough when a handful appeared in every team, but now there are so many Legendaries that entire teams can be made from them with permutations! Sure, there are, like, half a thou' species, but you'll only encounter the same handful again and again.

4) :@ :@ :@

5) I am a consummate reader of BitF.

Whaha! No one ever sees me coming until it is too late—Striking suddenly, but with a blow that endures an epoch!

1) Chocolate is all well and good, but I will not eat it. Nuts and legumes, however, are diet staples.

2) Kirby would not wish for anything, I would think. Doesn’t he know that NOVA will, like, collide with the wisher’s home planet after speaking with him, or something? I was thinking infinite foods too, but, then again, Dreamland kind of already has that, right?

3) I sadly admit that I like Pokemon. I have owned, played, and beaten every one of the portable games, and even was interested in the card game, years ago. “I will never get another Pokemon game, as I am too old for them now!”—I keep saying that, but it has yet to take root.

4) #1. Tangela, #2. Wobbuffet, #3. Shedinja.

5) This is really the only web comic I regularly tune in to. I envy the creator for his ability to produce comics that are entertaining, in a timely manner. FYI, I even emailed him my pic of Dedede’s Grinch parody, because of the coincidence, and he wrote me back!

I'm surprised I didn't think of it.

1) I don't like peanut butter.

2) Something silly like a cake or a hat.

3) Pokémon is cool. New 'main series' games is getting a bit tiring though.

4) Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff. Notice a trend? Yeah, they're all Pokémon! Ha! Ha!

5) I read it now and then if I'm bored. It's certainly better than a lot of the bad comics that are drifting around the internet still trying to leech from the popularity Bob and George got back in the day.


Yo... whoever, not really paying attention.

As the years pass by me, every year, one after the other, seems to get duller and duller. Especially around the holiday season (boy am I a few months late for that). For this I blame tradition. Who cares what the holiday means at this point? Doesn't change the fact that it's the exact same thing every single flippin' year. It gets all predictable and junk after eighteen years or so.

So... yeah.

...That probably would've gone over better if I put it in my blog instead of the KRR Mailbag.

Now to the theme (although I say dropping a spotlight on anything will be very painful for the someone or something on the recieving end).

...Dangit, what was it that pointed me to KRR in the first place? I remembered how I got to one certain Mario fansite, but I can't remember how I got to KRR. Well shoot.

Either way, KRR's cool in my opinion. My Superkirbies comic was originally hosted exclusively on KRR until several months later when I started posting it on my usual channels. And now that channel is ahead of KRR.

Boy and I behind on sending my comics in or what...?

Question, question... um... I'm out of interesting ones. How's this: What's your favorite flavor of chewing gum?

So, um... I'm done.



I wanted to make the spotlight dropping joke originally, but I couldn't think of how to seamlessly integrate it in with what I was saying. Also, it's hard to sew words together without leaving a seam when under the influence of that much Pep Brews. Yes... "Pep".

Chewing gum is good and all, but I feel that original bubble gum flavor is tops. Why, I like other things with the bubble gum flavor in them, like ice cream!

You're just becoming jaded. I suppose we all do at some point. I'm stopping myself right now because those two sentences are enough. Also I don't chew gum, which may be part of the reason why I pull my mouth muscles on occasion when I yawn.


Hi-yo! How are you all doing? I hope you're in high-spirits today. I never really have any Kirby "knowledge"-related questions to ask, moreso trivia, but ah well.

1) Is there seriously any unofficial, unliscenced Kirby doujinshi? I have been searching (in Japanese) for longer than I can remember and I don't think a single book that wasn't an official anthology of some sort turned up. What gives? Now I gotta make my own~!

2) In the name of beauty, this bu--wait a second. Uhm, is Ometon (asking seriously) a separate person from Bimblesnaff, or is it just Bimblesnaff acting in-character? Personally, I've always thought Mints on the KRR Gallery was a little similar to Uncle Gobbo as well...

3) How is Kindar Spirit doin'? Haven't seen her on the site since Brawl's launch, which was almost exactly a year ago as of this writing (dang, I'm gettin' old!).

4) I think it would be interesting if Kirby had family relations. I mean, he didn't have any in the Kirby anime, but I'll be going by game canon, which is separate from anime canon, technically. Wouldn't it be interesting if Kirby really had any siblings, or a mother or father, or even cousins, aunts and uncles for that matter? Really, it could be awesome! Tell me your ideas for a Kirby "family".

...there need to be more (good) Kirby sites on the internet. More, I say, MORE~!

1) There's no unlicensed dou' flying around out there since Nintendo keeps a tight leash on things like that. Also, they had the German Nintendo Club comic, which, really, is close enough. Gumshoe Kirby and Dedede awesome!

2) Brothers Stare

3) Well, seeing as I'm not a teenage loser chained to social networking or a twenty-something who thinks they are a teenage loser, I really can't say I know either. Once you get snared so deep, there's no recovery. But, since I don't like leaving an unsatisfied taste, I'll say that she spontaneously metamorphed into a bag of flour and was used to make a wedding cake for orphans.

4) Kirby should have a family, and probably does, yes. I mean, unless you willed yourself into being, you gotta, right? However, using any other "Kirby" bases in the games cheapens his individuality, apparently, so that right is reserved for folks like Meta Knight and such.

0) If by "high-spirits," you mean "high-proof spirits," then yes~!

1) There probably are unlicensed dojins out there, but knowing nutty Japan, you probably wouldn't want them! (Nyupun X Anyone?)

2a) Why does everyone think Bimblesniffer and I are the same person? We only have identical DNA! Gaw! Hasn't he made it very clear that we are separate-yet-identical entities yet? He dropped enough clues throughout Gurus.

2b) Who? Lady, I run the Gallery, and I never heard of this Mints douchebag.

3) Last time Kindar showed her face 'round these parts was in the secret Staff forum (a forum for the staff which secret, not a forum for me). It had to do with drama. Yes, not even the staff is immune is a deadly attack from Communitydrama. I hear that boss is the brother of Reallife.

4) Kirby has no family; his species reproduces through fission, like an amoeba. Now, this should mean he has duplicates, but his species suffers from the problem of eating any spawn immediately, thus why Meta-Knight tries to hide the fact that he is of the same species and why Batamon keeps a safe distance away. Try to prove me wrong~!

5) Sorry, you only get this one.

1) You know there's a bunch of fan fiction and fan comics on this very website. I mean, that's pretty much the same thing, since it's unofficial, unlicensed fan works..

2) They're kind of like Aso and Shiro, you know? Except one of them isn't Welsh. ...I think...

3) She's climbing mountains and rescuing baby seals from giant owls. Or at least that's what I assume she's doing.

4) He probably has parents, but we'll never see them, since it's not like that matters. Or maybe he just hatched from a weird ol' egg one day.

1) Do make your own! That is, if you really want to… Any Dojinshi you create yourself will surely be better than any other you might find elsewhere. I support this proposition.

2) Look! Up in the sky! It is The Evil Gallery Admin riding on his pteredactyl of doom! Oh, yea… you thought wrong.

3) Well, last I heard of Empress Kindar (which was never), I believe she was being held hostage by Fire Lion.

4) Kirby has a family, for sure, but they are never seen for the same reason superheroes conceal their loved ones—they are a liability! Just think of how horrible a Kirby game would be if you constantly had to save one of his family members from capture; or worse, had to go on “protection missions” to defend Mrs. Kirby from attack as she makes her way to the market. Kirby sets his priorities, at least a little.

5) The Power Is Yours!

Oh, quite excellent, thank you.

2) Wait, who are they? What have I missed? Ometon? Is that a type of Transformer?

4) I'd think if he had any family at all then he'd just have different coloured Kirbies as siblings.


Umm... What ever happened to Proj. RAINBOW? I've been waiting for quite a while and the letters "R.A.I.N.B.O.W." at the top of the main page of KRR are no longer there. What's going on with it?

Wow... is this just bad or just lazy? MB #60 just covered that flop pretty fully, and here someone goes again with the asking of it? If it was a month ago or longer, or buried behind five other updates, I could understand it. This was, as of receiving this letter, yesterday.

Okay, what exactly were you waiting for? The last update from that disaster was in the summertime. Yes, folks, the RSS feed I made came out on July 31st. You people have been bringing it up for longer than it was even accomplishing anything.

If something goes away, there is usually a reason; did the cobwebs that encroached on the thing before its demise mean nothing to you want-wits? I'm thinking it is time for some revenge.

You want to know what happened to the American Dream Proj. RAINBOW?! It came true!!11…It’s all a big joke, you see. Seriously, you are just being annoying now. P.RAINBOW is DEAD~ and loving it!

Project RAINBOW was still under the rule of Bush. Times have changed now. Obama fixed it.


1. Would you rather have 3 get-out-of-jail-free cards or 1 get-out-of-trouble-free card?

2. I suspect Meta Knight off-camera professionally rides mechanical bulls.

3. Didgerry needs to have a tattoo on his bicep! I don't care if he won't appear in a mail bag to display it to his legions of fans, he needs one, darnit!

4. Do any of you guys compose music?

5. Does your HUD have a kill counter?

6. For the Emperor!

1) The What: Three. The Why: Fifteen, fourteen, and thirteen~!

2) Mechanical bullriding isn't MK's profession -- 'tis his passion~!

3) Well, since Diddgery won't appear for you to see said arm art... he got the tattoo. Yup, you'll just have to trust me. And why wouldn't you?

4) No, but I sometimes compost it for my garden. Now send me one metric tonne of fanmails~!

5) Wow, urban development must really be crooked where you're from...

6) Isn't it odd that the penguin Dedede is a King rather than Emperor?

THIS MAN SPEAKS NOTHING BUT LIES. I don't have a tattoo on my arm! See, take a l--

Sweet Ink

... oh my.

Hey, at least that's a tattoo you didn't know about that you can see!

Didge Back Tat

1) That's a poorly stated offer. I'd take the latter and just go on a huge vice spree and, after it was all done, "Uh-oh, no trouble for me!" It'd probably all get tried in one lump sum. Probably.

2) I'd like to know where Mety would get said robo-bull since, last I check, Pop Star has a bovine population of zip.

3) Tattoos on biceps are overrated. It's face tats or nothin'! Now, everyone knows how much I love Royal Crown without me having to say a word.

4) You're asking someone who's only musical ventures included the recorder and the snare drum. I don't got the beat, Gogos.

5) My CHUD has one of those. I have to admit that it probably would have been easier to have just put 'im down rather than get that mechanism set up and calibrated. And less messy.

6) Feats are performed for the Empire, which is extented as the Emperor. All is for the motherland, but since it can nod graciously without causing earthquakes and tsunami, the Emp' does it. At least, that's what MB Cyprus tells me.


1) If we were playing Monopoly, I would take the three get-out-of-jail-free cards; I go to jail so much there, I could have built a five-star hotel in no time! However, if the choice of game was between That and the game Trouble, I’d pick the latter card; ‘cuz Trouble sucks.

2) What grounds do you have for this suspicion? MK shows no signs of being saddle-sore. On the contrary, I am almost certain that mechanical bulls ride him!

3) On his bicep? But why not his prominent crisicorn-horn? There, a tattooed Kabula-esque face would look so killer!

1. I'd dispatch whoever was offering and take them all. Like a true gentleman.

2. Forget Meta Knight, Dedede does interior decorating. Why do you think his castle is so lavish?

3. That's animal cruelty, hamster-horns have feelings too!

4. No, but I've had a piece of music composed for me called Theme of Captain Aso.

5. My kill counter has a HUD, if that counts?




Hey! You guys are pretty funny too. D3-D, if you're there, LOVE your art! LOVE IT. Hey, but wait, if Bimblesnaff is leading the mailbags now, who takes my mail from this screen to that digital post office or whatever? What is it, anyway? Royal Mail or something?

Screw PRAINBOW, I'm not gonna ask about that.

About the website, somebody hurry up and finish the KSSU page! That's what everybody's waiting for!

But you mentioned PRAINBOW; my updates are delayed yet again. No Maxim Tomato soup for you.

Seriously, part of my renovations include getting cans of Maxim Tomato soup.

We're funny? I thought we were educational and informative like a 7am Saturday morning cartoon?

Everytime someone drops the ball, that's another can of MxT in my pantry. Keep it up, squares!

Anyhoo, it actually makes more fake-sense that, if Squeaky Bogg already has the letter, he'll get it to ol' Uncle Gobbo faster. That's right, I forgot which one I'm suppose to be again!

And, mentioning the Super Star Ultra page? Well, you know what that means. Time to delay it~! If 'Tonny can pull it off, then why can't I? Lousy reasoning? Ah, that's always getting in my way.

Maybe we should work on actually finishing the Kirby Super Star page before working on the remake.

I'm just sayin', is all.

I am sometimes mischief :3

Thankyou! I appreciate your compliments! I may one day do an art piece commemorating the mailbag, once a definitive crew is established.

It is my plan not to have a definitive crew. I like the idea of having a rotating support crew. This will prevent that ingrained feeling that people felt at the loss of Aso, which was seen before with the loss of Diddgery, which was seen before with the loss of RMD, and Glod before him.

It just doesn't end. People thought they would never get over the loss of Apple Kid, and since no one mentions AK anymore, I guess they did. With as quickly and violently as the 'Baggers have been dropping off, keeping this fresh may prevent a lot of heartache.

After all, this section should be about the Q 'n' A, not the A'ers.

Blue Kirby

1. What happened to Project Rainbow?

2. What do you think of Mario and Luigi RPG 3? And what do you think the title of it will be - like "Superstar Saga" and "Partners in Time."?

3. What happens when a Kirby enters a bar?

4. What would life be like if Kirby was in World War II?

1) Somebody gonna get murderized...

2) I think nothing of it since I never played any of them. Kirby site, anyone?

3) Either drunkenness, a lewd joke, or interactive story would begin. Those are the rules, folks.

4) Kirby would eat all the Japanese, the ones who created him, thus he would never exist. Paradox~!

1) How do you type with boxing gloves on?

2) I am really hoping the subtitle will be something along the lines of "Fawful Has Fury!!" considering the main villain of the game, but I'm sure it'll be something pertaining to Bowser being a playable character.

3) So a priest, a rabbi, and a Kirby walk into a bar...

4) The same as it is now, since Kirby actually was in World War II. Several Kirbies, in fact. I mean, it's not like Kirby is a severely uncommon name.

1) I refer you to the case of "Kirbyiscool v. Three questions up". Yeah, really, really.

2) The last Mario related game I got was... oh, jeez. Super Mario Land 2? That's not even for Game Boy Color.

3) If Kirby entered a bar, he'd be ejected immediately. He's not twenty-one yet, ya know, and won't be for a few more years yet.

4) You are aware that the war was resolved before video games or even Kirby's creator were born? Well, if he where, his games wouldn't be as "light hearted" as they are now. Jumping into trenches, raining "star bullets" on enemy infantry. Kaboola would be a Nazi. Weird stuff.

1) I believe this question is becoming a meme.

2) I have been loosely keeping up with the game, and it seems kind of interesting. Having played the previous two, I’m sure this new one will be good, as well; though I probably won’t get it. Honestly cant think of any good sub-text to add, besides 3!!!!11

3) Kirby, being the bottomless keg he is, would most likely tap the establishment dry; as well as eat some of the bar-goers, to settle his gullet.

4) It’s just a normal day in Hiroshima, Japan. Then suddenly, a flash! And an immense plume! Could it be… Kirby? Yes, an over-inflated puffball floats into the sky, shimmering in the sun’s light. It was a pleasant day for all.


as for the theme, I think KRR is awesome, and try to present it to people when apply able.

now for you're daily/monthly/yearly dose of questions.

1: is the mailbag officially going to be renamed as the mailsack now?

2: This question is specifically to bimblesnaff: did you just create that youtube account to tell me that you created the lightspeed picture?

Anyway, at this point I would be asking "can I join the mailbag? It has been a dream of mine to be a part of the staff" but I saw that one guru session, and so yeah, I'm not asking it, but if you ever need *slapped*

1) I started using "Mailsack" and another derogatory term that escapes me at the moment against this feature during its months of floundering around worthlessly without the promised, regularly scheduled updates while still maintaining the blind adoration of the masses. Feh!

2) If I wear a mustache, can I pretend to be Bimblesnaff?

Well, it looks like that's one for 'Met and one for me. Sorry, Didd.

2) Don't YouTube accounts have a date of registry publically available? I've had that account for years. I just... don't make videos. Or, really, watch much of them. I'm more a NewGrounds kinda guy. Link not provided for good reason!

I'm just glad to not be sleeping under a bridge anymore.

At least you left by choice and weren't eaten by life.

Also you scared poor Diggery away. You deserved that.

Asking to be in Mail Sack is futile. However, demanding and/or blackmailing by pushing creative masterpieces is apparently permitted. I am sometimes mischief… but am always hard working.


Hello mailbaggers!

So, the theme is Rainbow Resort, eh?

It is definitely the best Kirby site out there, period. It's too bad that Ivyna pretty much left the site, but there are still so many redeeming factors to it and it is still so much better than anything else I've ever found.

Ok, on to the questions. That's what you're here for, right?

1. Have you ever played Okami? I'm practically addicted to it, but unfortunately I think my copy has some kind of flaw or scratch in it, because it has recently started to act really weird without reason.

2. Whatever happened to Disaster Kirby?

3. Dedede-Daimyo is awesome, and this is not a question?

4. If they were to make a compilation of all Mother games for the DS, including Mother 3, would you leap 10,000 leagues under the sea?

5. What do you think a Kirby RPG would be like if it was for DS?

6. ¿Hablan español ustedes?

7. If you inherited a mall that sold only tacos, what would you do with it?

8. If televisions were made out of candeh, would you eat them?

Uh, thanks, bye! *Whoosh!*

2) Know how everyone keeps asking about whatever happened to Project RAINBOW? Yeah... that's what happened to Disaster.

3) It ended with a question mark, thus it must be a question. Stop trying to fry my cybernetic brain.

5) A Kirby RPG would probably utilize the touch screen to be released at no time within the next decade.

6) Yo no hablo español, pero tengo acceso a Google.

7) Uh, buy tacos? Maybe rent out some spots to shops that would offer a bit more of variety.

8) I would watch them in my belleh~!

1) The funny thing is that my brother got Okami for the PS2 not too long after it came out, and I've been intending to play it for a long time now, but I've never gotten to it.



4) No. I'd buy the compilation, though. It probably wouldn't be translated into English, but it'd be nice to have them all the games on one cart.

5) Not very difficult on the surface, but with extras for those who seek more challenge. You know, like most Kirby games.

6) Hablo inglés. También hablo un poco japonés. (Don't fail me now, Babelfish!)

7) Sell it for CASH!

8) No way, I saw what happened to Mike Teevee when he tried to get some television candy.

1) I love how no one really cared about this game before it came out for Wii. And, since I lack such for living on the moon in a cave with Squish Pods, I can't say!

2) He was on my list. Look at that smile. Whadda ya think happened to 'im?

3) I'll tolerate one occurrence of non-questionality, and even delivering a statement in the form of question to trick the judges on Jeopardy, but I'll have no tolerance to trying to marry the two! Unless you're in Boston. I guess anything flies there. *angry mobbed*

4) N... no. I would, consider purchasing said item, and then not get like I always wind up doing.

5) I think a K-nonW-RPG wouldn't have much to gain with the touch screen. I mean, what? Targeting your star bullets? That's barely even utilized in the current platformers.

6) Since all the translating jokes were already used, I'll have to call my lifeline. Hello, ma?

"You are Mexican."

Partly and poorly one at that!

7) Gain much, much weight. Then, with my tacoie infusion, hopefully become a better Mexican. Maybe I'd get one of those stylin' thick mustaches or a sombrero.

8) Televisions are too expensive to each like candy. However, unless my candy dish was properly stocked, I'm sure I'd only be getting half of Supernatural. "Aw, who knew so much happened on the right side of the screen?"

1) I thoroughly played the one for Wii, and all I can say, is that it is one of my favorite games of all time. Of course, everything about the game is relevant to my interests, so what did you expect?

2) I want to say “Dead, and loving it”… but that would perhaps not be in good taste. I’m just glad you didn’t mention a certain project, abandoned by him…

3) It’s not a question, but I’ll take it! Also; more semi-colon use.

4) No. I would leap 20,000 leagues under the sea, have tea with Capt. Nemo, and then bolt back to land to buy the game. Too bad the resulting ‘bends’ from rapid decrease in pressure would totally kill me, preventing me from playing this great compilation.

5) I’m sure the acronym would be something like, “KSSDLU64RPGDS”, making peoples’ heads explode trying to decipher it.

6) Have I learned nothing from 2.5 years of Spanish classes?! I have, but all is forgotten.

7) I’m going to go the nice route, and feed the starving people of the world with my tacos. Then again, empty stomachs + mass produced tacos = probably a worse outcome than starving to death O_o

8) I don’t eat candeh. But then, wouldn’t everyone eat televisions? They would become regular food items, and then what would we all not watch for hours each day? Have fun staring into that loaf of bread to get some boob-tube action!

Dr. Robert Neville

My name is Dr. Robert Neville.

I am a survivor living in New York city.

Nothing went the way it was supposed to.

There were 6 billion people on earth when the infection hit.

I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies.

If there is anyone out there..


You are not alone.

Iteration 17294530: Si qui que ce soit puisse entendre ceci, ils sont morts. Veuillez nous aider. Je vais essayer d'aller jusqu'au Rocher Noir. Il les a tués. Il les a tués tous.

Iteration 17294531: Il est dehors. il est dehors et Brennan a pris les clés. Veuillez nous aider. Ils sont morts. Ils sont tous morts. Aidez-nous. Ils sont morts.

Iteration 17294533: Ils sont tous morts. Aidez-nous. Ils sont morts. Si qui que ce soit puisse entendre ceci

Iteration 17294534: Il est dehors. Veuillez nous aider. Veuillez nous aider.

Iteration 17294535: Si qui que ce soit puisse entendre ceci, je vais essayer d'aller jusqu'au Rocher Noir. Veuillez nous aider. Ils sont tous morts. Ils sont morts. Il les a tués. Ils les a tués tous. Je vais essayer d'aller jusqu'au Rocher Noir.


Gosh, I wish I hadn't missed the last mailbag, since I have a few opinions on Kirby fangames. Eh, I'll write them here anyway; sorry if you don't like it...

One of the reasons why I am so excited about the huge amount of work we're putting into KCCh is that I feel like fangames have a lot more potential than most fangame makers care to tap into.

Every game fan has an idea in their head of the ideal game for their fandom, yet few fans try to make these games, and even fewer actually succeed in creating anything resembling a game a person would actually find enjoyment in playing. Because of this, fangames have a terrible reputation.

The few fangames that are well-made are usually packed into a few franchises: Mario and Sonic get the most, while Metroid and Zelda come close. But what about the other series, that are left behind with few people who care, and none who seem able to make a decent game? I have not seen a good pikmin fangame, or a good Donkey Kong one.

Maybe if more quality fangames are made, with as much work put into them as real gamemakers put into their own works, then those fans who send ideas in to Nintendo would get their letters read. People complain about companies not listening to their fanbases, but then their fanbases are represented by Kirby's Breakout Quest 3 or some such.

In any case, it'll be interesting to see how things play out in the future, with gamemaking software always becoming easier to obtain, games themselves always drifting between stigmatized and promising, and game companies ever becoming more trigger-happy when it comes to shooting down their fanbases with C&Ds. Maybe one of these days, game companies will be in the hands of fangame-makers, but maybe game companies will lose their fanbases after alienating them one too many times.

Anyway, on the subject at hand, Watchmen was a sweet movie; I'll have to read the graphic novel now. I decided to wait on reading it until after I saw the movie, so I could enjoy the movie without having to worry myself about accuracy.

As for a question...what kind of team are you guys thinking of assembling for the mailbags? Or is the final team Bimble, Ometon, and Daimyo?

Game companies will never be in the hands of fangame-makers since they rely on actual programming techniques instead of generators. No matter what, a generic generator will not be able to get the speed and efficiency necessary. And since most programmers can't even program, I highly doubt someone with even fewer such skills would be up for the job.

You also have to remember that even fangame can be made with real programming languages; there is no hard and fast rule that Game and RPGMaker are the be-all and end-all of fangames. I almost miss the days when blokes would at least attempt to scrawl out sucky games in a language -- any language -- rather than having all the work done for them and sucking just as hard.

So crack out your Q-BASIC kiddies -- time to start from square one~!

;_; You don't have to be so cruel.

No, really, the thing about fan games and effort put into them can nicely be summed up with "Kirby - Mind Over Matter". It was a fan project, was, that evolved into an original effort by the name of "Outcast Hero". After three years of working on it, the involved people thought, "Screw this noise. If I'm putting this much work into it, I want to get some credit." They scrap fandom and replace it with originality, which wasn't that hard of a concept since the characters weren't even Kirby-like, just humans with aspects like the characters. Yeah, that's on mark.

Anyhoo, I agree with you. People don't really put up much of a fight when trying to make or finish a fan game. However, once they do put some work into it, they're really better off having one of their own works shine through.

Hell, that's what happened with me and Dream Land Dash. The big difference is that I never went around hocking the never-would-amount-to-anything for a year before abandoning/changing it. It only ever came up since people rooted around for it.

Anyhoo, yes, Watchmen ruled. I'm thinking about seeing it again so that I can go through the two hours without scanning for changes made from the graphic novel. You had the right idea, but there's still little homages made for those that did read it first. Archie refreshments, go!

Wow, I haven't even graced on the question yet. And I won't! *popple*

I don't know if there will really be a "final team" since even when RMD was in charge people were switching in and out at the drop of the hat. But maybe I'll be involved some more even?

Also, what do you think a Pikmin fan game would be like? I can't really think of a way to make one that would play like the actual titles unless a decent-sized team spent a lot of time putting effort into it, and then.. well, then they could've just waited for Pikmin 3.

Congratulations. Through your use of indenting and proper spacing, you have vanquished the TextBlockTron Nurikabe monstrosity. You are Winner! Also, go KCCh!

Thinking of assembling a team? I’m not sure that’s how it goes; it’s more like the “take on all comers” mailbag.

Back in my day there was a near-impossible training schedule and many physical exams before you were accepted onto the mailbag team. Even then you never appeared in any.

I still need to see Watchmen! I read it. It was amazing.

Fangames never really seem to go anywhere. Games with new, simple plots that borrow gameplay from popular franchises seem a lot more commonplace. Maybe due to the legalities involved. Who knows?

Capsule J3

Hya, gang. This is my first mailbag session. =D


1: Judging by my name, what do you think I look like?

2: What would it be like if the Kirby show was made in america (ala Adventures of sonic the hedgehog)

3: Is it because i'm stupid or something that I was often confused what the mailbag was during some of my first few visits to the resort?

4: Remember Diggery, or whoever he was? That capricorn who always shot himself out of a cannon? Well, what if there was a Bimblesnaff cannon?

5: What is your favorite juice?

... Okay, that's it.

Capsule J3, blasting off.-

1) Capsule J3 I'm what they call "witty."

2) An American Kirby 'toon would probably be like Sonic one... soooo still better than the animé.

3) I blame the old crew for your confusion. With all the in-jokes, memes, and poor grammar, it was easy to think you were just reading an IRC log. Oh, wait.

5) Cranberry. I am convinced that juice or can-shaped gels are the only forms that fruit comes in.

3) I blame Omastar for your confusion. Because it was totally not our fault.

4) Diggery was my best friend in the whole world and Diddgery ruined our friendship and was thus sent to eternal cannon-limbo. Until he came back. As for Bramblesniff, perhaps a stungun would be more fitting. Because... because he's.. stunning. (!?)

FOR THE LAST TIME. The name is Diddgery. D-I-D-D-G-E-R-Y. Three D's, one G. It isn't that hard, really! And it's cricecorn, not capricorn, okay? ...And I didn't shoot myself out of the cannons! It was Aso or Shiro or whoever felt like doing it that day. It's not like I climb into cannons because I enjoy it!!

Diggery the capricorn is a whole other entity entirely, but as far as I know he's never even seen a cannon. He has his own blog, incidentally, but it hasn't really updated much for the past two months.

..Oh yeah, there's questions. Uh. Terrible, campy, probably, rage, Jamba.

What's really funny is how they know how to correctly spell my name already. Ha-hah! But, seriously, Didd, sounds like somebody's actin' up. I think you're hankerin' for another visit with your steely, pipe friend, Señor El Canñon.

1) Anyhoo, since Capsule J was awesome, and J2 was less so, I'd take it that the imaginary JIII would be close to a bowl of feces... Yeah, 'Ton had hit it pretty good.

2) Chillidogs!

3) I can see why, really. It confused me. "Wait, isn't this thing suppose to be about Kirby? I see Pokémon and some lawyer game mentioned, what?" That's right, Ace Attorney existed five years ago.

4) A Bimbleblaster wouldn't be any fun. That gimmicks been used. Who wants one that somebody already gummed up?

5) Tomato is rather tasty but harder to come by. Curse you, dominating apple market!

1) I think the shark-shape body, but with an open mouth revealing one green eye would look kinda cool. A hybrid vehicle of sorts.

2) Now that I think about it, the two cartoons are actually amazingly similar to each other. The main difference: much flatter animation. And more pingas.

3) You are not alone. Yet, I am sometimes confused, even at this stage of the mailbag!

4) Well, lookie here! You got your wish. The Bimblesnaff cannon is used every time he fires an answer at the masses. Like a guru-gun.

5) Pineapple- one of the only juices sweet enough to not require the manufacturer add sugar or apple, in most cases.


whoa! i did not know you could ask more then one questions well here is all of them in one go

what is the longest word you know

what is your favorite song from the 80's or 90's

why did the chicken cross the road

do chicken drink milk

have you ever seen monty python and the holy grail

what happened to Kindar Spirit

why is it that i have never heard of this before

who likes pie

annnnnnnd to wrap it all up:

vista/ xp/ windows 7/ linux/ mac/ potato

1) "Nachos" is the longest word I know. I just tape a bunch of paper together and be generous with the graphite.

2) Black Hole Sun / Won't you come / And wash away sucky modern rock~!

3) To make an Atari game I played ad nauseum as a youth.

4) I knew some chick who thought eggs were a dairy product.

5) Who hasn't?

6) Learned ye nothing from my KRR Storybook?

7) Dunno. It is a rather useful demonstrative. Ha-ha! Grammar humor! New crew has their fingers on the pulse of comedy -- and is desperately trying to stop it~!

8) This "pie" question is eerily similar the Holy Grail one...

9) GNU operating systems all the way, although the potato would be a close second.

Ohhh golly. This should be fun.

1) The longest word I know is probably "typewriter." ...No, wait, that's the longest word you can type using only the top row of a keyboard. Nevermind.

2) Almost every potential answer I could think of was related to video games in some way, shape, or form, so I'm just going to not answer this one.

3) For science!

4) Chickens aren't mammals, so no.

5) I'm sticking by what I said back in Mailbag 58: the better question is "have you seen any Monty Python that isn't 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail?'"

6) She's busy with life.

7) The world ends with you, Mr. 888Chilly.

8) Not me.

9) So Windows is represented three times, but other operating systems only show up once? That's just unfair, man.

0) Well, yeah, I guess you can ask more than one question, but that mainly happened since there was, what? A month delay on anything coming through?

1) The longest word I know is lightyear! * cheese Vaudeville fast step *

2) Black H- Dang. ... Okay, okay, Pepper.

3) That's a lie. The chicken never crossed the road. He crossed Theodore Rhodes. What he did to deserve the fowl's wrath, I'll never know.

4) They could, as it's just a liquid. Whether or not they could digest it and whether or not it could kill them, no and yes.

5) Pfft. I've seen so many Monty Python movies, some of them haven't even been made. I also suffer from severe hallucinations.

6) Kindar's greatest wish came true. Unfortunately, it coincided with by devil's soul barter, and I wound up eating that doughnut. Who would want to be a custard filled, anyway?

7) Witty remark.

8) Pie was a riot ten years ago. Ten. Been a while.

9) Windows would be represented thrice. It has the most popular OS. What does Mac have? I dunno the name. It's just their currently used one. Linux? They got OS out the wazzu, and no one bothers to differentiate between them. I think I'm running L3 on this thing. Windows actually has three viable candidate at this point in time. So, yeah, it should get more attention.

1) I am knowledgeable of copious amounts of extensive expressions. I will admit, however, some may be used inappropriately.

2) One thing I am horrible at is naming songs. I’m not too picky, so any song that you were to name from those decades would probably suit me.

3) Suicidal?

4) I would say no, but the green fellow on my box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes says yes…

5) Diddgery is right. It’s the only Monty Python movie I’ve seen.

6) Shouldn’t you be asking her? I really have no clue what’s become of KRR’s great Empress.

7) The internet is text-based. Unless you have ever listened to someone read this page to you, I doubt you have ever heard any of it, ever.

8) Used to like it. Probably fat people.

9) What are you? One of those baka “I’m a Mac/ I’m a PC, dur…” commercials? Whaha. Anyway, I use Vista.

1) Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. I can both spell and pronounce that, unlike the rest of you commonfolk.

2) This one is difficult! But it isn't video game related. I am better than Diddgery by default.

3) no

4) how is babby formed

5) Just, just... Okay, Internet. Do me a favour. Forget the films for five minutes, and go watch every single episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Right now.

6) Oh, a lot of things. I'm sure the majority of them are waking up and brushing her teeth.

7) W-well, if you don't know that, how am I going to?

9) My computer needs no OS, I just stare at it and it knows what I want it to do...


1:What do you think the hardest mini boss? 2:If there was a Kirby cameo you missed what would you do? 3:What the craziest game that happened.

It's like he's trying to ask complete thoughts but falls short... or very short? I'll just fill in the blanks like a Mad Lib!

1) I think the hardest miniboss drinks the blood of sacrificed infants to maintain his high difficulty. We know the truth now, Rolling Turtle!

2) I saw all the Kirby cameos on Who's the Boss, all none of them!

3) The craziest game that happened to feature erasers was played on the black top of St. Vincent Elementary with an assortment of spare change found in my pocket. The only thing I really remember about it was buying a nickel from a disembodied teddy bear head.

The nickel is the widest of all American currency, so you can see how it would be devastating. Not like that stupid dime. I hated the dime! I always wound up hitting whatever penalty-eraser replaced one's penny with it. Maybe the broken sun glasses.

The saddest thing of all? This is a moment of lucidity for us.

And everyone knows the hardest mini-boss is Big Metalum. Dag, yo, this is only my second session, and already I'm putting zero effort into these things. You know what that means! Metric tonne of fanmails time~!

1) I remember Waiyu being pretty tough, but it has been a while since I last played Dream Land 2.

2) Nothing, since I wouldn't even know it existed. Ignorance truly is bliss~!

3) How did you think you came's to seen out when you are wery old?

1) All the minibosses are pretty easy, in my opinion. I’m going to throw Jumpershoot out there because, when lacking an ability, it is sometimes annoying having to wait for the rare geta-toss, along with dealing with his extended invincibility while spinning.

2) Oh nos! If I missed a Kirby cameo, I would just die! Just DIE! Really now, Kirby’s cameos are Ok, but it’s his games that really matter.

3) The craziest game is the most dangerous game, and The Most Dangerous Game is a short story you read in middle school. Beware!


i have 6 qeustions[tpyo] for you today 1. about the beat up thing last time i meant in the game 2. some people on youtube freaked out when zero;s eye came out are you freaked out too 3. what would zero three look like 4.when i ever hear the music when you fight zero two it sounds like zero two must die do you think the same thing you think is stressful for you to work on ask the gurus and the mailbag 6.i like pokemon d you too

So you acknowledge your typo with a typo? That's either creative or idiotic.

1) Oh, that clears it up! ...

2) There's no people on YouTube, just hollow, soulless shells of what pretend to be humanity. Therefore, it is a trick question. The answer is sauerkraut.

3) An 0³ is the most played up fan-version of Zero. In fact, a quick Google could probably churn out a good many concept arts by fans. Normally, it's just 0² with more wings and/or spiky red things. I always thought he should go back full circle and turn into some type of knight form, like Aru drew. She is sometimes rhyme.

4) I don't think I ever heard the 0² tune, so I'll say "no" anyway.

5) I'm sure 'Ton and Didd can answer this better than I could.

6) See SuperYoshi888 v. A Dozen or So Questions Ago. The best cases have little rhymes in them like that.

Oh no we don't, Bimblesniffer! We don't get paid enough (at all) to wade through the sewer that is this sorta letter!

Well, maybe I can scrounge up reply...

1-6) Stop being an idiot.

1) Uh?

2) I remember when I first beat Zero in Kirby's Dream Land 3, I was excited because it had been a long and difficult fight and I finally finished him off. And then his bloody eye exploded out and I went "oh no!!" and then I barely managed to beat him. So while I did freak out, it was more because I wasn't expecting there to be three phases to the fight than being freaked out by the floating bloody eye.

3) A pissed-off giraffe.

4) Sometimes I do like making up my own lyrics for songs while I'm playing video games. I don't think I ever made up lyrics like that, though.

5) Signs point to "YES."

6) my fouvrit gam is pnog

1) Yea, me and Cyprus know what you want to really do—Beat some heads in, you ruffian! Also, spell wrong moar (Unkown=Unknown???).

2) People on YouTube are freaks. I was not surprised at seeing Eye of Zero, but it sure did a good job of killing me.

3) Lurk more.

4) His music evokes feelings of depression, suspence, fear, and thrills. Truly, a great composition.

5) I will admit, it is quite stressing to answer mail sack questions. Coming up with witty remarks and the time to put into them is difficult. My superiors at KRR amaze me with their writings, and I revere them.

6) So, I heard you liek Mudkips

1) Th-the game?

2) Well, I am now!

3) Magnemite.

4) I just hear the disembodied voice of Sakurai whispering "buy more Kirby, buy more Smash" in my ears.

5) I found it stressful enough to just do the mailbag. Then that green guy who is also answering mail made making these things a lot easier

6) buy more pokémon, buy more smash

Yes, and after that green guy made making these things a lot easier, you still didn't do the Mailsack. In fact, there were more delays and quitting than actual bags produced.

So bad was it that I had to step in with Bimblesnaff and rig up the li'l doo-dad everyone is using today -- everyone but Wildrows. He is dead now, if anyone cares. And they don't~!

That's what I was talking about! Pay attention, Omastar.

Also if I hear "Mailsack" one more time I'm going to cause Diddgery to explode into chocolate.

I don't wanna be a chocolate explosion again!!

Ometon Teaches


one question this time yeah i wasnet looking at do thats why i forgot the o do you make tpyos too

One this time, but does it count as a new "time" when you just asked a slew of others within hours of each other?

I don't make many typos, at least they don't get through much to the final product. Mostly, I type them right the first time through. Secondly, I spell check my work before finally posting. Additionally, some browsers have a built in spell checker to the text entry fields to prevent one from looking foolish.

I don't typo, my keyboard just doesn't hit my fingers properly.

Everyone makes mesteaks.

I like mesteaks with A-1. And no, I don't think I'm wildly missing the point.

AIYA! Don’t forget Diamyo! I type everything first in Word, then spell-check! *tumbleweeds* The train has left me. ~~whoosh*


How do you become a member here?

Ugh. My prickly pal needs to swallow his rage of the never-left-to-rest rainbow and get that revamp up so they'll know, "OH! That's how I join!"

Until then, 3-De-D, arm the Guru-Gun! Aaand... Answer away!


i am sorry for my previous email

i thought aso was still doing the mailbag


What gave you that idea? He even made it a point to make an update saying "I'm not doing mailbag anymore" after a month or so of doing just that. Then, you know, there was a bag that was solely done by me in between.

Hello! I'm right here. What was your previous e-mail?

Whatever it was, my answer probably involves firing Diddgery out of a cannon and the name of a Sonic stage.

M-Marble Zone??


Greetins, Mailbags!

1. I've noticed that in the older mailbags with Aso and Crew, despite how many people were often in them, they had shorter messages making them readable. With the new management, there have so far been only 2 guests alongside Bimblesnaff himself but they have significantly longer replies for each question (it varies depending on how much can be gleaned from a question). I can't go much farther than this in my observation, but maybe someone else can?

2. A cow has 5 beans. If she plants one, eats two, and invests in a dog house business with the rest, how much money will she make with compounded interest in 5 years?

3. What would your opposite gender alter ego be like?

4. Ultimate, Entire-Screen-Covering attack?

5. Capture that point, NOW!

1) Quite so. This was heralded back when I had a guest spot back in MB #40-somethin' and is more than apparent in the Ask the Kirby Gurus sessions I run. I'm a wordsmith. Ometon is quite the talker as well. Dedede-Daimyo is pretty pumped in the vocabulary department as well. What you're use to is the single line responses and cut and dry of the question/answer format. That's not how I nor my associates deal with things. It's like going to see a movie. Would you prefer to pay for a sixty-minute feature or the same price for a two hour plus Watchmen? Some people say the former. I say they're stupid.

2) Cows cannot manage money, and beans aren't money. She'd be broke and ground chuck by that time.

3) Very, very ugly. I think I have a gender-bender picture of something to that like when I did the Siege on Rainbow Resort: Plunder of Thunder comics. "Bemmubemmu" is what I believe my Rainbow Rosette persona was called.

4) Akurado Burezaa! All attacks need to be called out in romanized English. Interestingly enough, that same thing is found in Siege on Rainbow Resort, just the regular, original series. I think that one is sitting around in the Fanart Gallery.

5) Take it away, MB Cyprus!


My answers aren't short.


1. It's because we used a channel on IRC to write our answers, and there was a limit on how many words we could type into the message box. Either that or we like being straight and to the point.

2. Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!

3. Exactly the same, except with tertiary sexual characteristics like a big pink bow, or maybe some pronounced eyelashes. You know, so as not to confuse the young viewers at home.

4. Uh... a cannon.. that shoots... bees...? I don't know.


1) The older messages were shorter, true, but readable? Hardly. More quickly read, I shall admit more often than not. There is much you are not considering, however.

For one, former baggers could, if they so wish, put multiple responses -- complete with icon -- in a row. Thus, they could still be long. The former would also use very poor, half-English or just not care much about what they wrote, as it was done in a chatroom and written as such. Thus, it could hardly be considered more readable.

Then, they would only reply questions with simple "yes" or "no" answers -- often multiple in a row -- whereas we try to let you know what the blutty 'el we're answering so you don't have to look back up to the letter. For example, "Yes, I do enjoy Chinese food, and no, I haven't been convicted of murder." The old-school route of "yes, no" could lead to some chaos if the reader remembered the order wrong!

You should also learn your MB history; the early sessions actually gave real answers instead of short-length chat-vomit. We're just kickin' it old school, and the previous crew in the crotch a lot. I really hated those post-RMD days...

Also, any line breaks would not have this indentation automatic spacing like you see here. All these hardly make for more friendly eye consumption, whereas the new format atomizes and allows for immediate entry into the bloodstream through your oculars~!*

* Do not attempt on account of 100% likelihood of burning painful death.

3) I already have one of them alter-gender-egos. It is called Bimblesnaff. Zing!

4) Going back to 'Snaff going back on things said earlier, you gotta really try hard in the Storybook to get Ometon to use his omni-death move. There are possibilities in there that some of youse prolly never even thunk of!

Also, an opposite gender alter-ego would be ridiculously beautiful. Like I am now.

But who needs opposite gender in their alter-egos? Asofaku does fine. That big, lovable, hideous brute.


IM BAACK!!! bimble, u remember me? i was the guy who said VIVA LA UNDERTAKER in #59. anyhoo i have a few questons, seeing that the gurus are obsolete...

1) Ever heard of a game called mugen? if so, have you played it?

2)What are yor favorite bands? (i prefer dargonforce...)



1) Yes and yes!

2) I'm not much of a band person, to be honest.

3) Ah, wrestling. That's something I haven't seen in a good forever. Either way, it'd be a ridiculous business strategy to have the Undertaker lose anyway. That'd be like Nintendo killing off Mario. Or something.

4) Nurse, he's doing it again!

0) Obsolete?

1) Muuugeeen... sounds familiar. I think the ad banner for that one had some ridiculously cliché animé girlié sprawled across it and seemed like another we-try-so-hard-but-fail MMO. Then again, I could be confusing it with a few hundred other games out there that all look the same.

2) They're the worst, The worst in the land. Da-nuhnuh-nuh! Green Jellÿ sucks! ... which... which means they're awesome.

3) Taker remaining undefeated is as certain as Trips winning any match ever!

4) Do you still remember, December's foggy freeze, And the ice that clings to your beard, Screaming agony? As you take your rattling last breath, With deep sea diver sounds, And flowers bloom like madness In the spring.

... I assume that was a song lyric of some kind you rolled out?

0) Just 'cause Bimblesniffer is doing the 'Bag, too, doesn't make Gurus obsolete. In fact, it prolly makes Gurus more Gurus as this place can absorb all of the piddle non-Kirby questions he always seemed to attract.

2) Stone Temple Pilots were awesome, but "Days of the Week" makes me refuse to cite them as a fave. And since I haven't heard the non-dead Elis yet, I'll just go with Sirenia, even tho' their lead chick is too non-static for them to really be considered the same band. But they do have a very high throughput of good songs.

3) 'Taker is only going against Michaels for a Texan vs Texan match in Texas. Strangely, it isn't going to be a Texas Death match or a Texas Tornado. Anyway, back in his bad days, Michaels may have pulled it off, but he is no longer the prima donna that would have walked away from doin' the job. This one isn't going to be so much about the already known destination as it will the four-plus star journey. It'll be awesome to see.

4) American Metal? Has that stuff even been decent in the last decade? To me, the stuff died when Metallica cut their hair.

Wrestling, metal, mugen? Didn't this used to be a Kirby site?

O-oh. Golly. Er. Q-questions...

1. I've heard of Mugen, though I've never played it. I don't like those types of games.

2. my fouvrit badn is pnog


4. I'm going to go hide in my box now and weep.


Where's Shiro?

Shiro Mount

Um... at the store?

Closing Statments: And that's a wrap for this round of baggin'. If you have a funny aftertaste in your mouth, it's better than your left arm going numb. Side effects of Mailbag also included light headedness, stomach bleeding, and renal trauma. And, with all this now outta the way, you know what must be done...

Diddgery Cannon

Theme Alert! The next Mailbag will probably roll out around, oh, March 31st or April 2nd. Maybe in between there? Yeah, I don't think anything special happens around then either. Right?

Last Updated - March 20th, 2009