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- August 17th, 2008

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  16. Squeaky Bogg Fan

Is Javalin Knight and Trident knight robots?

They were not involved in the Revenge of Metaknight scenario of Superstar in any possible way other than accompanying Axe Knight and MACE KNIGHT when they are defending the Halberd from Kirby, so i assumed that they may be robots. Plus Javelin moves in a starnge way. Just Asking.

- Mirror Kirby

P.s. Mind if you use Mace Bogg for this Meta crew question?

Squeaky Bogg

I say yes. They are robots. With Javelin Knight, there really is no question. I mean, its alternate name is Meta Drone. Everything about it seems mechanical, even in its first appearance. It really does look like your typical, hovering machine. Trident Knight has booster jets and an empty helmet, save for the red glow that shines on occasion, so I'd pin him as a robot. Really, however, all of the Knights have this LED effect in their eyes. Its not there all the time, but it does show up. I've actually seen all of them as robots, or at least cyborgs, making it more logical that there are so many of them that come out during the group fights. If they are just assembled in a factory, they can just be poured out. That's the way to build your army.

Now, I think that the two being cut from story scenes doesn't really reflect their mechanical nature. Ax and Mace Knight just have more facial features to be displayed. Plus, their roles are rather insignificant as it is. They sure didn't need four of those people hogging up screen time. That would have been tough to fit in. No, it's more efficient to pick out who would work best and give them more emotion pictures rather than have a blitz of characters with flat, boring faces. There was already Meta Knight, after all. What did he do? Look up and down to show a change of emotion or get a fiery background? He has a dinner plate on his face. It's not interesting to get a close up of that!

What do you think a Paper Mario-style Kirby RPG would be like? I'm just saying this, because Paper Mario retains the classic side-scrolling backgrounds and a few platforming elements, while still being a deep RPG. I think Kirby and his friends could fit into something like that.... seamlessly. What is your opinion on this matter? (Everyone seems to think the same thing)

- Leirin

Squeaky Bogg

Well, I certainly can't disagree with you. A lot of folks try and push the whole Kirby RPG angle, but he really needs the platforming elements, in my opinion. The RPG/Platformer blur created by Paper Mario would be a nice fit, not to mention the graphical style. I'd still wonder how battles may go if Kirby could inhale, however. "Waddle Doo appears. Kirby uses Inhale. Waddle Doo is defeated. Kirby gains Beam!" I still stand by the proposal of a tactical RPG for the puffball. Something like Kartia comes to mind, including the creature creation. The floods of enemies (for fodder and ammo) and 2D gridded maps with various heights would make the perfect landscape for a Kirby battle.

Hi! It's me again. And guess what? I finally got a Wii. I'm very exciting to play Brawl once and for all.

1. I'm just wondering. What happens if Kirby and his friends are in the Olympics with Mario and Sonic? (Great! Another prediction this time.)

2. Mr. Saturns (from the Earthbound series) versus Waddle Dee. Who will win?


- Vinnyboy

Squeaky Bogg

1) Kirby and Co. in the Olympic games with Mario and Sonic would lead to a total disaster for their team. Most events are suited for, well, humanoid. Kirby barely has the size or physical form, let alone ability, to compete in such events. I mean, really, a race when your feet can only stretch a foot or two apart from each other leads to a likely outcome.

2) Both Mr. Saturn and Waddle Dee are pretty worthless. However, I believe that Mr. Saturns have crazy inventions while Dees... screw up a lot. Yeah, they get the edge based on the fact that they can at least do something while Waddles just, well, waddle.

I'm sorry about all the requests, but I only thought one or two would make it in, not all of them.

Anyways, questions!

1)what would happen if Kirby entered the olympics? (my guess? look at the 'Gourmet race' comic on brawl in the family!)

2)what do you think Kirby's DNA looks like?

3)If Kirby lost his inhale, what would he do?

I'm sorry,

- Guest

Squeaky Bogg

1) Amazingly, this was asked immediately before you. Still, I don't think the Olymiads are too keen on consuming contestants. That'd be a definite penalty if not removal from the events all together. Now, if he devoured the competition before the opening ceremonies, then he'd have easy sailing.

2) Technically, we do not know of Kirby has DNA. Being not from Earth, his kind of life may have developed in an entirely different fashion. Rather than deoxyribonucleic acid, he may be sporting a non-error checking, non-helix form of genetic code. For all we know, he's not even a carbon based lifeform. But that's too much theoretical advanced biological speculation. I'd say it looks like tiny, pink balls strung together. Or food.

3) Oddly enough, I've actually been thinking about that a lot. I think it'd be a really neat scenario for a game. I know it would be pretty odd to disable the one, defining, original feature that made Kirby, but I just think that game would be really cool. Maybe something completely cartoony could happen like Dedede stole Kirby's mouth. Anyways, I think that the Super Smash Bros. series has shown us that Kirby is more than capable of taking care of himself even when not spitting critters at one another.

Why do only adult charecters in Kirby Right Back at ya! where gloves?

Can you tell me why metaknight never seemes to show much emotion and how come in kirby right back at ya! kirby is an NME moster but Meta kinght is not? their the same race right??

- Darocoth

Squeaky Bogg

That's not true. Doesn't Knuckle Joe have them on? He could barely be considered an adult. Still, adult characters tend to wear more clothing in general. I guess running around half naked isn't considered inappropriate with youth. Older characters generally have more facts that need revealed with their design details, and so they have more clothing to allow these subtle definitions. When you have some Cappy kid, what do you have to tell about him? "Well, he's young, so he's short. That's about it." Also, it helps go with the motif they established with Kirby being an infant and Meta Knight being more thoroughly aged.

Meta Knight never shows any emotion, or rarely does, since he is stoic. Calm, cool, and level headed, he doesn't let his emotions get the best of him. It's part of his mystique. If he was a brash, hot heading, flailing whiner, he'd be like ... I dunno, Tiff or Tuff? Who wants another one of those.

Kirby is a product of NME while Meta Knight and the rest of those faux Knights are not can be explained by imitation in design. The Demon Beasts created all resembled something, right? Brooms, elephants, storm clouds, sheep, etc. Well, why not use that superior basis for a design. If you start with something better to model the monster after, then the final product should be comparatively better. You don't build a house with rotted wood and expect it to hold up as good as one constructed with treated pine, right?

Q1) I thought of something... Is/has there ever been any say of what Kirby's age may be, outside of the Anime? The Anime portrayed him as a small baby, but the real Kirby... Is he a baby? Is he a small child? Mid 30s? (Or if 'his species' doesn't live that long, or maybe lives longer, whatever the age equivalent would be...)

Q2) Of all the miscellaneous friends Kirby has, which do YOU think Kirby would probubly call his best friend is he had to choose?

Q3) Are you going to get the new Kirby Super Star Ultra when it comes out?

Q4) And although this doesn't really have anything to do with Kirby or the site or anything... What is your favorite game, or Game Series, other than the Kirby titles?

Well, see ya!

Oh yeah btw...

I noticed a LOT of people seem to make so many requests on which picture you should use... I think maybe you should start denying pic requests... I actually like it better when I see a pic that actually pertains to the message, rather than when Squeaky Bogg always has his mouth wide open or is dead on the floor, even when replying to a good, reasonable, and well thought out question...

So, anyway, for my question, use whatever emote you want!


See ya!

- m190049

Squeaky Bogg

1) Kirby's age, and a lot of the character's ages, have come up before. Just about every game manual calls him a young boy, typically of the spry or brave variety.

2) According to Dream Land 3, Gooey is Kirby's bestest buddy in the whole wide dream world. No one else really comes close to filling the role. I guess you might be able to argue Waddle Dee, but Kirby is eating them more then he's playing nice.

3) When it comes out, no. Kirby Super Star Ultra comes out in late September, and I don't even own a Nintendo DS yet. Much like any Kirby game, I want it in my collection eventually. However, unless Revenge of the King is something amazing, I'll just play the original.

4) Jeez, that's a toughie. It's hard to really hammer down and pick one. I'm trying to think which one has clocked the most hours. Well, by titles owned, times played, and hours logged, I would have to put Mario Bros. in that spot. From the classic Atari to Super Mario World, they have always been great.

As for your closer, I agree. I mean, I don't want say, "Hey, stop requesting stuff" outright since I like the fact that folks like Squeaky Bogg that much. I really do wish that the image would fit the message, too. To try and advert the flood for Drops and Deads, which really got pretty bad, I've been trying to flood out a mess of new icons to use. Not only would this, hopefully, spread out the requests a little, but it would offer more situations to be covered and reacted to. I mean, there's still a mess of faces I could make.

Where's NOVA? I need to make another wish.

- Marx

Squeaky Bogg

You blew him up, remember? Marx' badly beaten, mega powered corpse hurtled into the deus machina and made it go boom. Wasn't this already covered? Unless you have a degree in mega-sized mechanics and a wrench the size of the Empire State Building, I don't think the wish granting watchman is being put back together any time soon. Maybe he can wish himself back to life :P

here's an question for you, how come in the anime, Knuckle Joe appears to have legs and feet, and his dad only has feets like the rest of em? Pretty odd...o_o

hope you have time to answer a ridiculous question like mine ^^;

- Julie

Squeaky Bogg

It is odd. Most of the characters do only have arms without actual legs. Of course, I think this also applied to noodly Meta Knight. Arms are needed to make people handle object, interact, and display emotion. You don't really use your legs much for anything but to stand on in most cases. Joe, on the other hand, was a very active character. Much like Meta Knight had his arms lengthened to enable his character to do more, Joe needed legs, which his game design sorta had anyways (buried beneath the fat), for his kicking and fighting and... whatever he did, I dunno.

In Squeak Squad, was the Halberd that Kirby went into the repaired version of the original or a completely new battleship?

Also, do the Animal Buddies' names mean anything (i.e. Kine, Nago)?

One final question: Do you ever feel bad about leaving Animal Buddies behind in Dream Land 3 when they make the sad faces?

- Beezo 'n' Weldar

Squeaky Bogg

1) It was either rebuilt or heavily renovated. That thing was torn apart, piece by piece, when Kirby first sank it into the Orange Ocean. I know that on a scale that massive, the damages far outweigh the costs for rebuilding from scratch. Plus, if you take into consideration the slight changes to its design, which however slight they may be reflect a wholy different structural body, it most likely was rebuilt. *

2) The name of the original Animal Friends did have meaning. Rick's name can also be read "rikku", which means "earth" or "land". Kine ("kai") comes out as "sea". Coo ("kuu") means "sky". These reflected the domains they each served best in. The second wave of pets, however, had no areas of specialty. I know that "chuu" can mean "kiss" (as it certainly doesn't mean "mouse" in Chuchu's case), and maybe Pitch's name could reflect how Kirby lobs him away for about all of the copy abilities, but I don't believe that's the case. The next-gen Animal Friends are simply just named. I think. Then again, I did just stumble upon the whole "Land, sea, sky" thing from seeing a cover to a manga.

3) Of course I feel bad about leaving anyone behind in Dream Land 3. That's why I much choose Rick whenever the choice is possible. I can't stand to leave the room with those big, round eyes. Chuchu, on the other hand, I like to stick it to. Hah! Take that, you indistinguishable blob!


King Dedede doesn't look scary in Brawl. Sure, he can eat babies *coughwaddledeecough*, but just look at him (when he is standing still). His face expression doesn't even look as scary. It shows more expressions of the state of being funny. Especially during the what is now called "the big gay dance".

- Miracle Matter

Squeaky Bogg

Was there a question in there? King Dedede isn't suppose to look scary. he's a big, comical, slap-stick duck/penguin/blue thing. The only times he was remotely scary was when he got fuming (literally!) mad in Dream Land 2 and started going berserk on Kirby since he was possessed by Dark Matter, or, still under the evil influence, when Dedede goes all Poltergeist after his initial defeat in Dream Land 3 and starts floating and splitting in two. Even that's a little funny because of his face. Oh, Dedede, even when revealing a chomping set of black teeth where your stomach should be, you're still loveable!

why cant meta knight just help kirby defeat the bosses instead off trying to keep him away?

- Tripp Best

Squeaky Bogg

I question whether you pay attention to any of the stories in any Kirby game. It's been explained before, but Kirby is generally at fault. In Adventure, Meta Knight fought Kirby to keep him from releasing the imprisoned Nightmare. It was deemed safer to keep that wicked presence locked away than attempt to fight it. I know that's not what you meant, I'm just putting it out there. In Super Star, Meta Knight is the boss and the one to defeat. He's not going to help Kirby foil his plans of liberating Dream Land from its own slothful bondage. In Amazing Mirror, the masked swordsman actually did help Kirby, giving him his own blade to defeat Dark Mind. It was the dark doppelganger of the blue ball that battled against Kirby this time. Moving on, Squeak Squad again had the, "No, you fool!" complex where Meta Knight fought Kirby to keep evil from being unleashed. The chest that Kirby thought had his shortcake actually held Dark Zero (or Nebula if you want to do it 'Merican styles).

So, really, there is about no situation where Meta Knight could even fight with Kirby. In Mirror, he was trapped within said Mirror and thus could only offer services once all the shards were brought back together. Revenge of Meta Knight had him as the villain. All the other times, Kirby could technically be pinned as the bad guy in the battle since he was the one about to unleash certain doom upon Dream Land. And that's why Meta Knight doesn't help Kirby fight bosses in the game: he can't, he is, or it'd be stupid to.

If there was a sequel to Kirby 64 where you could play as Waddle Dee, Ribbon, King DeDeDe, and Adeline, would you buy it?

- Long Time Reader Second Time Poster

PS: Please use Burst the Pufferfish as the picture next to the message

Squeaky Bogg

No fish for you! Why, I made this to mock the rampant Sonic fans that kept coming here. Pulling it out any other time would just serve as a reminder to their sucky testament- Hm, on second thought, okay! I did put up the image. It'd be a shame to use it only once.

As for said sequel, I doubt it would ever come. The general reaction from The Crystal Shards puts enough doubt on it without the whole fact that the director of that entire trend of Kirby went bye-bye. Still, the game sounds interesting, especially with playable Dedede, but I wonder the pink pixie and the brown pudge would attack in this proposed game. Regardless, I plan on getting every Kirby game in my collection, eventually, that isn't a blatant remake, so I probably would buy it. Fictionally, with pretend money, since it will never be.

I can't understand Blade when he talks in the eglish version of kirby right back at ya. Why is that? Is he speaking another language, or is something wrong with him? Thank you for your time.

- Lindsay the Wolf

Squeaky Bogg

He mumbles. That's not another language, it's just a speech characteristic. You see, back in days of old, characters had interesting voices and ways of talking. Rhyming, hyper-fast talking, or the good ol' deep bass, there were lots of options. Today, they just say, "Let's make it ethnic or impossible to understand." Or, as I take it, "Voice actors aren't good anymore, but we still don't want to hire any more to fill out the roles. Can you just talk stupid for this guy? Beautiful!" Okay, so that rant got a little personal. The basics still hold true, however. They don't want everyone to just have that bland, undefined speech that seems ever so present in cartoons as of late, especially ones of Japanese origin. Since everyone remembers (ie: me and other folks my age) the greatness that was the cast in G.I. Joe and Transformers, they try to meet that stunning character definition. They fail, but at least they try. I guess they should try harder.

why does Gooey have his eyes messed up and tongue sticking out?

- Peyton

Squeaky Bogg

Gooey falls under the heading of "cheerfully absent minded". His nature is a little bit aloof and vapid, which can plainly be seen in his googly eyes. He stares out into space, is always smiling, and isn't even aware that his tongue is hanging out. Ignorance is bliss, and he's in paradise.

Yeah, you can call me a regular. Just doing my part to keep the Ask the Gurus section alive, as I want to see what happens in session 38 (see session 11).

*In Kirby Air Ride, there is a flying whale in Frozen Hillside. Why???!!!

*I know you said in session (ha, if you thought this running gag was dead then you were wrong!) 23 that King Golem, Dark MK and Dark Mind were the only mirrored bosses, but I like to think that Wiz is a mirrored version of Paint Roller, as they both make items and enemies to attack Kirby, then hop around the room. The Master and Crazy Hand battle can be seen as mirror to Mr. Bright & Mr. Shine, as they are both tag teams and could get Burning by inhaling their projectiles.

- Sapphire Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Sky whales never need a reason! But, really, that's the part you question in a game series where a marshmallow spits stars at a mallet wielding duck in traditional Japanese warlord garb in a boxing ring? I'm only scratching the surface here, folks. Really, tho', the concept of a soaring whale can be seen in several forms, including theoretical planets on the Discovery Channel, to Dungeons & Dragons, and, um, Legend of Zelda, I guess.

That, or it is the descendant of Fatty Whale. How, you ask? Well, Fatty could fly, too, but didn't get his regular exercise. Plus, he smoked a pipe, much to his doctor's disapproval. Too much deep fried krill led him to an early, massive grave. His children didn't want that same fate so they took the skies for their regular rounds! And that, folks, is total bull.

As for the mirrored versions, I must say that I don't see eye to eye with you. They didn't make the dark reflections in disguise. They were pretty obvious. King Golem was a stationary pole that dropped things from above and spat things out. He looked like Whispy and his behavior was very similar. He smacked of sameness. Wiz, however, doesn't really resemble Paint Roller. I mean, yes, they pull out the same battle plan, but both Nruff & Nelly and Pon & Con were modifications of Lololo & Lalala. It's pretty easy to just reuse something that's already been done.

Back on point, Wiz is a top hat and cape. Paint Roller is, for starters, flesh with a cap and rollerskates. Outside of both wearing stuff on their heads, the similarities end. If Wiz was, instead, some sort of ball with, I dunno, rocket shoes that blasted from corner to corner before manifesting objects, I'd be more incline to agree with your point of view. However, I just don't think there's enough there. You can look at King Golem and say, "Oh, yeah, that's Whispy." You can see Dark Mind and think, "It's like a smushed together Nightmare and Dark Matter." You look at Wiz and think, "Simirror got a pretty big promotion."

As for the Hands, that is a far stretch. For starters, Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright tag team Kirby. The Hands double team him. In tag team, one combatant is out at a time. The gloved duo pulls more of a handicapped match on the puff ball. That's all unrelated, tho'. The complements of left & right really pale in comparison to sun & moon, I would say. The ability granting shot, also, doesn't hold much since all of the stars produced by the hands gave powers. Fire, Stone, and I think Fighting were offered powers. The day/night duo gave Fire and Cutter. I mean, yeah, it's two bosses at once, but it's not much like the classic foes in any other way, I would say. Still, a keen observation.

The asker has additional information in Session #32.

Hi again. I'm really sorry for posting more questions, but I CAN'T HELP IT! I <3 Squeaky Bogg! Here are my questions:

1)In your website 'Lair of the Mad Goblin', it says Squeaky can attack by using a chain, his plentiful(four)teeth, and by using a Backdrop technique. Which one is his preferred form of attack?

2)Since Squeaky Bogg is a Dream Lander, how well does he get along w/Kirby and co? Does his cuteness and ability to attract fans make him as loved as Kirby, or does he turn everyone off?

3)This might seem like a weird question, but what is Squeaky Bogg's favorite food?

- Squeaky Bogg Fan

Squeaky Bogg

1) When Bogg is confronted with combat, his first choice, really, would be to flee. I mean, "tactical maneuvers". Biting stuff is more his equivalent to inhaling, so it doesn't work against a lot of adversaries and, at that, has very limited range. This is more of a when-the-situation-calls-for-it, desperation move. His spiked ball and chain is, by far, his most powerful method of attack, but he keeps it stored in his gut. Coughing that up is a real big pain. And, yes, I'm aware that Spikes from Super Mario Bros. 3 and more do that. It's pretty much what it pays homage to. So, since A and B have been eliminated, his favored mode of attack is brawling, slamming, hard hitting Backdrop.

2) Dream Land is a big place, by my reckoning. He knows of Kirby but doesn't actually know him personally. The pink puff is just the popular local celebrity, and Bogg could care less. Being his cynical, sardonic self, he just sees the hero as someone who steals the scene in their annual tournaments and games (see Rumbl-o-Rama in Dream Land). That being said, the in-character Bogg differs greatly from the cuddly, adored pudge that fan girls swoon over. He's actually bitter and course, spending most of his time away from the other childish residents. And thus I just killed off all of his fandom.

3) His favorite thing to eat, which was received before you asked but not posted, is cookies. In particular, he loves cookie dough. And, really, that's just how things turned out accidently since it was the only thing I ever really mentioned him wanting to eat vaguely. Well, outside of trying to eat a frosting capped Blopper, but he knew that wasn't really cake.

Yes, sixteen whole answered questions. In fact, I think that's a new record. Too bad I can't get any gold medals for it. Oh yeah, contemporary reference, for the win.

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