Ask Guru Gobbo #23

Today, we learn how to build an artificial heart out of cheese scraped from a burger wrapper. Or, that sometimes there aren't themes.

- August 12th, 2008

  1. Zombom
  2. Scarlett
  3. Sapphire Kirby
  4. Scarlett
  5. Confuzzled Person
  6. Dodongox
  7. Lei
  8. SSBB Fan
  9. Action Replay
  10. Squeaky Bogg Fan

I just have to say one thing: That sonic guy SUCKS. Seriously, Kirby RULES over Sonic. Go Kirby! Go you!

I kind of noticed something. Many of your answers compared to Kirby Warrior's are different. Like, you say Ado and Adeliene are the same person, but KW says they aren't. He also said that Kirby's red things on the bottom of him are feet, not shoes. I don't now really know who is right.

Also, I don't really understand why you think Ness and Kirby look alike. One's a human kid, another is a pink cream puff. Kirby has whites in his eyes, but Ness doesn't. Besides both having a yoyo as an attack, their attacks are different. What makes you think that they're the same creature?

By the way, how do you know all the answers to questions about games that you don't own?

One last thing. Can you use a new Squeaky Bogg image for me? Yeah, I know that you just made the jaw drop one, but it's so awesome, I want more! Thanks.

- Zombom

Squeaky Bogg

I'm thinking about adding a combo box to the side of the question submission that will allow folks to choose their own face. Of course, it would seem, they'd all be "Jaw Drop" and "Angry". Mainly the first one. But that'd entirely ruin their point. It's irking me a little, I'd hate to say. The faces no longer reflect the answers but more people's preferences. Granted, a lot of the time its just a boring smile or such since there is nothing to convey, so I guess I'm going no where with this.

As for Kirby Warrior conflict, this has come up before. Now, I never claimed to have all the answers, but- Wait? That's what the paper I signed stated when I applied for this job? Er, well, then, yes, I do! Really, though, it just comes down to the presentation. From what I've seen in the old Gurus, they shuffle through mail like a line at the grocery store: ring up and check out. I'm not saying they're right or wrong, just how they did it. It's a very black-and-white, take-it-for-face-value manner of handling. I like to present reasons for why I think things.

In court, one can be tried for cold blooded murder. However, the prosecution can't just point the finger and say, "You did it!" The weasely defense will pull out bags of evidence and testimonials to say otherwise. Whether or not the deed was done by the defendant isn't the question but rather can it be plausibly presented one way or the other. These answers, like the feet and Ado, are not plainly expressed by the games or their creators like some others. They reside in a gray area that needs interpreted. I welcome rebuttals when they are presented decently but not when they obviously didn't pay attention the first time.

The Ness bit has be a little puzzled. I normally add a link to what question is being referenced for the reader's sake, but I know I never said that. In fact, I argued just the opposite, complete with the eye differences. I did, however, say that a cropped in profile for the two would have similarities, but this was a comparative issue, meaning that a close up of the two character's faces had more in common with each other than with other character's zoomed in features. I don't know where you got me saying the two are the same species. I looked for any reference of Ness, and that never comes up. I would love to know where it came from because it would mean I forgot to type out "not" in the sentence.

Anyhoo, I acquire details about games that I have never touched let alone played because I research it. A lot of what I do is intuition and the rest is digging through references. The answer to anything is out there, but you better bring a big shovel. I, luckily, am pretty good at drilling down past the garbage to pin point what is desired. Of course, I also get a fair amount of misses in my ways, so I guess that says how well it works.

in kirby nightmare in dream the last part of it what happens

- Scarlett

Squeaky Bogg

Um... okay. Well, since it is the same story as in Kirby's Adventure, here's how it all shakes down at the end:

Kirby brings the reunited Star Rod back to the Fountain of Dreams, much to King Dedede's protest. When the relic is returned to its perch, the evil Nightmare that was sealed within it escapes. It was locked away in the spring since Dedede took the Star Rod off of it and the waters no longer flowed. This also stopped dreams from coming to the people of Pop Star which was why Kirby left to get it back. The King, thinking fast and not wanting to get his hands dirty, sucks up Kirby and the rod and blast the two after the dreadful being. With the power of the Star Rod, Kirby is able to repel the evil, but it flies off to the moon. Kirby follows and battles its true form. Once defeated, Nightmare explodes, knocking out a chunk of the moon to give it a crescent shape. Afterwards, Kirby returns to the once-again peaceful land and returns to the Star Rod to the fountain so that good dreams can be had by all.

The End.

Bimblesnaff, I'm back and with just a question this time rather than comments.

* How come you battle Kracko in the Mirror World of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror? Shouldn't you battle a Mirror Kracko or something?

- Sapphire Kirby

P.S. I love your Facepalm (or Face-floor) Squeaky Bogg on the Guru homepage. Can you use it for my post?

Squeaky Bogg

Yes, Kracko! I've aired my complaints on why they didn't make more "reflected" versions of bosses before. More specifically, I targeted Kracko. Then, I expressed how Mecha Kracko seemed like the apologetic afterthought to a plain ol' Kracko being in Amazing Mirror. By the way, this came way after you asked, so don't worry. I thought it would have been a lot better if all of the bosses were "evil" versions of previous encounters. Instead, we really just had Golem King and Dark Mind. I guess Gobbler could count as an Acro, but, to me, that'd be like saying that Pon & Con are evil versions of Lololo & Lalala. It's just not really there. So, it all comes down to a dropped ball. They had a good gimmick but had no idea where it was heading. It's almost like they only really wanted King Golem, Dark Meta Knight, and Dark Mind. Everything else was just shrugged off.

how many colors can meta knight eyes turn in to?

- Scarlett

Squeaky Bogg

There are five colors his eyes can change to: Yellow is his standard mode of operation, Green is when he is deep in thought or serious, Blue comes about with joy or pride, Red follows rage or impending trouble, and Pink for when he is amused.

This answer is added upon in Session #141./p>

Hey, it's me again! Sorry for asking a second(technically fourth)question, but I have not been sure about the upcoming Kirby Wii game. I have heard rumors that it has been canceled. Is this true, or is the HAL lab just experiencing massive delays(like usual)?

- Confuzzled Person

Squeaky Bogg

Last I heard, it was still scheduled for an '08 release. Hey, how long was it before Air Ride came out? That one was a system spanning game, too, right? But, delays mean they are making it perfect, and Air Ride was... oh, wait, that had poor reviews. Well, you can stack helpers in the Wii one... and have green Hatters, blue Doos, and red balloons! Yeah, okay, that Lucky Charms reference was pretty thin, I'll confess.

What do you think kirby will do or look like in future games?

- Dodongox

Squeaky Bogg

I don't think he'll change much. Just as Mario and Sonic hold their same ol' shapes, Kirby should remain rather unchanged over future years. I know he has changed quite a bit already. He use to be a lot lumpier and his hue of pink has dropped to a darker tone with a varying hint of blue. He'll strongly see influence, I'd imagine, in his copy ability transformations. Maybe instead of just getting a hat, he might begin to change a little himself. Whether or not that happens, you know his headgear will get more involved and polished. His spherical nature can't really be rendered any better but those hats sure can be dolled up nicely.

Will the Daily Comics feature ever return? I liked it, then it slowly went away...!

- Lei

Squeaky Bogg

Yeah, a lot of things went away, like Kindar Spirit for example. I, like many visitors, was checking every morning, sometimes more, to see if the "Daily" Comic was posted. Strangely, I could have been updating with the comics all those times rather than just being disappoint. I think the past while shows that I can maintain a pretty good daily stretch of updates. But, in actually answering your question, no, I don't think they will be coming back. She has promised, however, to get all of those comics posted in some manner or another. I guess, why not, this piece of crud I made for the feature (Yes, I still follow the rules like everyone else and submit) may hold you over?

Daily Comic


Is the music and sound section of KRR going to be updated soon?

And thanks for answering my last 2 questions =D

oh! one last question. Was Kirby originally a puffball? Or was he originally something else?


- SSBB Fan

Squeaky Bogg

Sounds and music are one of the things I have no powers or knowledge over. They get updated when, I'm guessing, new sound files are ripped. I don't know how or anything about that process works. It's not one of those things that someone can just work on to get done. They need to acquire a source to produce the goods. That's a lot of beating around the bush, so I'll just say no. It's more likely true.

As for the origin of the puff ball, Kirby was created, originally, as a place holder for the actual game character who was to be used. He grew on the game makers and wound up usurping the position as star of the game. What he was suppose to be is anyone's guess. Nothing on what he was holding, exactly, is known. Maybe the original star was never even made or planned. One this is known: the intended character was a lot more detailed than Kirby, and that's why a blob with flippers stood in for it and stole the limelight.

How Come in Kirby's dreamland 3 Kirby And Gooey (as a Team) can only get one animal partner instead of two for each of them? Also, What is Your Favorite Animal Partner?

- Action Replay

Squeaky Bogg

Truthfully, I believe it was just programming limitation. I'm sure one could brainstorm up all sorts of reasons why to try to explain it, like the Animal Friends not getting along with one another or them not wanting to help since they weren't chosen first. When it comes down to it, tho', there's just not room for the extra character. Things are already crowded on that Warp Star with three folks. Now, I'm sure they could have allowed Gooey to get one, too, but how often does that really come up? The amount of effort in allowing the rarely used second player to also get a pet, since the computer controlled Gooey certainly wouldn't be getting himself a pet, would just not add up for the worthfulness.

My favorite helper is Rick, despite him being the popular choice which usually turns me away. His fat, adorable, and is the most versatile of the pets. I still love Kine and everything, but he's so hard to maneuver on land. Plus, with the hamster having, essentially, a beam attack in addition to his barrage of fire balls, he's just too much to pass up. All that gets applied before stacking on his wall springing, enemy stomping, and walk-in mouth.

Hi there! I'm just curious, did Squeaky Bogg ever have a girlfriend or a sidekick or something? Or was he the only 'Bogg' you ever made? If not, you should totally make one. The lil' guy should get some more slack.

- Squeaky Bogg Fan

Squeaky Bogg

There's no other "Squeaky" Boggs, but there still is the original family, including true Bimblesnaff Bogg and the original, Lynn Bogg. The latter and Squeaky have been featured in some artwork together and- uh-oh. Um, ... never look that up. Ever.

As for a lackey that matches his Dream Landian being, there is not. While I have a dump of fan characters, most of them are crude modifications created from loose associations to Rainbow Resort forum goers who have long since vanished or are based off the original American Gladiators. Regardless of which, they are mostly bodies with no real personalities or relationships. Just appearances, abilities, and brief origins.

That should be a wrap, should be, but I have more to say. This response was written up to a submitted question I received, but the asker requested its removal once it no longer applied. However, I wrote it up and still would like it to be aired to make folks aware:

"I got this letter (note: no longer featured above) on the 8th. The original question came, oh, on the sixth, I'm going to say? It came honestly right after an identical question. It didn't get posted until the 9th. Now, what day is it? The 12th? Yeah, I'm taking care of these questions daily, throwing out very little, and that's how backed up I am. Now, I'm not posting this in anyway to reflect the questioner in a bad light but just to show how flow goes. I started doing this daily so that the questions could be answered as close to the time they were asked as possible, and they still get this spaced. Yowzers.

"I try not to flood them out, and nine was the magical number set way back on day one for what was to be targeted. I would do more, but folks already complain about the length and rapid release of these. Plus, it's pretty hard on me. So, it took four days for this question to be asked and answered. I just go through the list in sequential order. I never even really look at what comes next. It's a completely unbiased and linear process. I would go back to putting the dates of when things were asked, but that was when things were more compartmentalized. A full day of questions, if not two or more, fit into a single session. Now, they spill over. I also don't want to discourage fans from asking questions by making it seem I'm overburdened as I'm not. Just, you know, be patient. I'll get to you."

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