Ask Guru Gobbo #111

The ones! There's too many of them! Run for your life, people, before it's too late. Something like that. Rargle. ... And that's how I kick things back off after a month of absense. Why was that? Don't you think every question I got asked that very question? The answer is no. I think, like, two didn't. For the sake of brevity, I took out a lot of repeats.

- February 3rd, 2009

  1. Qtie4U
  2. Theorizer
  3. Jare
  4. Capsule J3
  5. Ometon 654
  6. Sharnay
  7. HalberdStopCrashing
  8. A Curious Guy
  9. Sapphire Kirby
  10. Pernilla
  11. Kirby Kid
  12. Shadowtheshekirby
  13. Supercomputer276

Dear Uncle Gobbo,

1. I wanted to ask something before, but I couldn't write anything down, because there was signed: "See you on the flip side, dude-meister." I don't get it. What does it mean?

2. I always played Kirby Super Star Ultra on my brother's DS, because Kirby Super Star Ultra was his, even he didn't play it. But then, he lent his DS to his friend for a while, but his friend lost it! So I can't play Kirby Super Star Ultra anymore! Sigh. I was so far: I've played all 10 main games, I've played with most helpers in Helper To Hero and I had 100% the Cave Offensive. I must play it all over! Aargh!' (@_@)

3. When will Kirby Super Star Ultra come out in Europe? I'm waiting so long. I want that my friends and family play it too! Everybody is waiting for Kirby Wii! Kirby Super Star Ultra is now old!

4. I want to defeat all bosses with Helper to Hero with all helpers, but I'm not so good with cutter, bomb, umbrella, jet, wing, throw and yoyo ability. Could you give me tips or combos?

5. When I play Brawl with my brothers, they say that Meta Knight sucks! I don't agree with them, even I'm better with Kirby and like him more, but still! Could you say something about that?

6. There was a time that I could click on the right corner of the site page, where I could do some kind of game with Uncle Gobbo and with that blue thingy. I didn't play the game till the end and I thought I could play it again tomorrow, but it wasn't there anymore. Where can I play it again?

- Qtie4U

P.S. 1 Thanks for answering my first 2 questions! Thanks to you I'm a member of the Kirby fanart. I was the girl named "I'm not a member!;_;"

P.S. 2 Sorry for the big text. (-_-)' At least I give a description.

P.S. 3 I'm not a Meta Knight fan girl!

Squeaky Bogg

1) The general expression means "see ya later" and was coined by early disc jockeys. They would start up a vinyl record and let the side play all the way through, seeing the audience again when the recorded needed flipped to the other side, hence "flip side".

2) That's... not a question.

3) It hasn't come out there yet? Well, the game was slated at a November 27th release last year, but I can only assume that didn't happen. Austrailia has a Q2 of this year slotted for face time with Ultra, so maybe by then? Actually, it looks like some places are reporting that the two nations had swapped time points, so I'll take it that there's just a ... five month wait? Yeesh, way to strike the hot iron, guys.

Second quarter, or "Q2", is April, May, and June.

4) To Yo-yo and Bomb, I ask if those abilities have been seriously twinked? Those are the two easiest to use and devastating of the powers. Just chuck bombs at a distance as fast as possible by tapping none stop. For the yo, try and pull off as much Gazer Spirals as possible, the down/up thing, since it makes you invincible.

Cutter is another cakewalk, from what I recall about it. Just get close and Endless Cutter to your hearts content. For more mobile foes, try to stay back and just pepper them with hits. Slow and steady may be needed to win the race. The same can hold true with Parasol, only just hold it out at the stationary opponents.

Wing and Jet, which are just horrible to start with, I can't imagine beating all the way through with. Wing would be best with dashing Condor and Bomber Headings. The Feather Gun would probably be too weak and leave you too open, unless the foe is real stupid. With Jet, be patient. Store up, Jet Cracker, and repeat.

Suplex, not Throw, is probably one of the easiest abilities to get through with. I thought so. For the most part, ignore the actual intent of grabbing stuff and just Pin Point Kick to your heart's content. It winds up going pretty fast.

5) Not really, never played it.

6) You are referring to the Story Book and the Ometon.

So what was going on? Why did all the admins leave, briefly?

Vacation? Boredom? Hunger? Thanks.

- Theorizer

Squeaky Bogg

Apathy, with a hint of vacation. A minty hint, if that means anything.

But, all the administrators were not gone. Just two were: the Ometon and myself. There's suppose to be a lot in the Gallery, which is what I assume you are referencing, but they've been gone for probably seven months?

Hi Bimblesnaff,

We all know both Meta Knight and Galacta Knight had wings. Is this because that wings are part of their natural growth cycle, or because they both have magic capes?

- Jare

P.S. The new "Evil" Squeaky Bogg icon looks quite malicious

Squeaky Bogg

Excellent point. Both of these aged knights, or aged puffballs/Kirby-stocks if you would, do possess wings. However, we know for a fact that Meta Knight's are, as you pointed out, artificial. His mystic mantle merely transforms into them, and his cape can come off as it's been shucked in games such as Adventure and KiriKira Kizzu. As for Galacta Knight, too little is known about it to say for certain what is part of it and what is garb. Technically, do we even know if it has the same face under that mask? It's never been off. When Galacta falls, it's just a super NOVA like burst.

Hiya, Squeaky Bogg, and welcome back! Heh, for a moment i thought this place would be abandoned! Well, enough with my jibber jabber and lets get questioning:

1: You know how you put that "Anyone's guess" thing in the If... page? Well, I'm guessing this is going to be a make a ability contest, (because of the poll results) and i was thinking that if you had a ability contest, then maybe you should combine it with 'Make a enemy'. I mean, it's logical because it would be just boring to say, like, 'This is *blank* Kirby' and tell all about him while you don't know the source of the ability.

This is just a idea. Go ahead, cut it off from the whole thing.

OK, the real questions:

2: So what happened with rainbow resort? Did you decide to take a break or something? What's with the delay?

3: Why did Zeban, from Kirby 64, want to help you? I wonder if it was a friendly dark matter, like gooey was?

- Capsule J3

Squeaky Bogg

1) Like I've probably said... somewhere... an Ability Making contest would be greatly divided to try and cut off as much riffraff as possible. Put on into Super Star that wasn't there, make one for an existing enemy, etc. If it were a made-up made-up, then, yeah, it would have to have a foe paired with it.

2) Nothing happened to the Resort at all. Just two people stepped out for a month. Why, there's a plethora of staff workers. Surely, it shouldn't matter if two people abruptly vanished. Things chugged along roughly as normal and certainly didn't fall into a complete standstill. Yep.

3) Zeban, technically first from Dream Land 3, is no type of Dark Matter. That'd be like saying that Popon was made of the stuff, too, since its gooey in nature. Sure, it's both blobby and ball-shaped like Gooey, but still. No, it's just a simple, pacifistic bubble. Maybe he is actually evil, it's not like other foes don't smile, but is just incapable of causing any real harm lacking, well, about everything.

How did marx come back to life in KSSU?

Yo, I want to know when they are releasing the next kirby game. I MUST KNOW!!!!!

- Ometon 654

Squeaky Bogg

1) Marx was spontaneously revived from the left over energies remaining in the space after NOVA's demise. That dude was near god-like in power, so he had a lot of juice. Since Marx was all &uulm;bered up and crashed into the already super-powered machine, bad stuff went on and caused the unpredictable reaction. Also, his spirit probably had a lot of hate, and that stuff is gasoline for haunts and ghost creation.

2) The next Kirby game to be released is Kirby Wii, which is now said to be coming out sometime this year. Jeez, sounds familiar. Weren't we lied to about it's release last year? Yes! Well, buckoes, looks like we have a new twelve months of frustration ahead. Well, eleven now. Unless it actually comes out. Fingers crossed.

Out of all the planets in the galaxy, why does popstar has to suffer nightmares's chaos the most?

Also, how did whispy came to be in the forst place?

In meta knight's revenge in Kirby Super Star Ultra meta knight controled the halbird ship and was destroyed by kirby. So why in that unlockable game meta knightmare ultra he destroyed his own ship?

- Sharnay

Squeaky Bogg

1) Other worlds suffer from Nightmare's evil, too, but they are never shown. Pop Star is the focus of the series, so Pop Star is the only one gotten a glimpse at. Also, he knows that a Star Warrior, two actually, reside there, making it a place of great interest to him.

2) Whispy Woods is in the woods as they are Whispy Woods. He isn't in the forest. He is the forest.

3) Meta Knight destroys his own ship for, mostly, reasons of it being the same game run through but with Meta Knight rather than Kirby, but some excuses were drawn up for why.

1. YAY! More technical difficulties. DL3 (VC)'s data keeps getting corrupted! What could cause it?

2.By the way, I had 98% on that file, and I did beat boss butch. how do I get a 100%?

3. What does HAL and Nintendo have against Turtle-Like Enimies? First, they replace Togezo, then Rolling Turtle with "cute" enemies, and since they want cute enemies, why did they replace Capsule J with J2 if J was cuter that J2 in the first place?

4.Why did they change certain abilites' combinations (Kine stone, Coo Ice) from DL2 to 3?

- HalberdStopCrashing

Squeaky Bogg

1) Shoddy workmanship. It bugs since they didn't thoroughly test it and fix it. That's pretty much all bugs for anything right there.

2) All of the other letters need completed, too. I'm guessing the 99th percent is the jumping game and the 100th is the mini-game slew.

3) Technically, Togezo was replaced since it was, basically, Spiny from Super Mario Bros. Why, they both had the same Japanese and American names, even. I don't think they ditched Rolling Turtle for a "cuter" look. Bonkers is more over the top than Rolly ever was. No, the real answer is obvious: Nintendo is headed by the Shredder! Guess what he dined on for dinner?

4) Abilities were changed to better spread out uses and usefulnesses. The Coo Cutter triple feather was in a field with already great abilities, and the directional ice breath could be used for another pet. So, they snipped and slid down the line. Pitch got the Ice, Cutter's three-way turned frosty, and a new aimable Cutter was given to the owl. And... Kine's Stone didn't change at all. Maybe it got a bit more slippery...

what is the story of Kirby cosmic chaos?

- A Curious Guy

Squeaky Bogg

Kirby Cosmic Chaos, also known as KCCh, is a fan game, for those of you not familiar, which has been in production for years by the crew of Minon, Mamthew42, GBAKirbster, Caat, and other people whose names I forget. The thing is, it's a fan game when all is said and done. It's not a real Kirby game. And, if it was, if anything isn't said on the site for the effort, the very forum topic that's been linked to timelessly has it. 'Cuz, you know, since it's a fan work, they actually give all the answers willingly.

Anyhoo, as it says in the first sentence of its topic, the alien Verdans attack Pop Star and destroy the Cosmic Stone, yet another essential piece to the existence of the world. That place sure has a lot of weak points, ya know? So ensues an epic battle to ward off the attack.

1 month without you and this place almost falls apart. Other than newly found seriousness and Squeaky Bogg found Spray Paint, everything is as it should be. Me, Minon, and Diskmaster were worried about you; tou got your own topic in the forums! Thank you for coming back.

Recently, I saw an episode of the Kirby Animé on comcast. While the plot bores you, I do have a question. I understand that animé Kirby doesn't copy abilities, just properties of the inhaled object (ex: Suck up this torch!) But Kirby inhaled a razor sharp saw blade and obtained the Mirror ability. Logic points to Cutter, as it is a sharp, flying saw he inhaled. The only reason for Mirror is because the blade itself is shiny and the monster has giant mirrors on it. Besides the Animé lacking in logic, what reasons are there for a saw to give Mirror? The only thing I can think of is that some properties are superior to others (Ex: Swords are sharp, but being a sword is superior to being sharp, so we get Sword rather than Cutter).

- Sapphire Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) I never dreamed it would be that hard of a concept to get. Parts of the site, that I mostly had my hands in, were whisked away and Gurus didn't just go without doin' but physically changed with a message. At first I kinda suspected people knew it was a work, but, with that topic comin', kinda made me shake my head.

2) Yep, that get filed under the same drawer of Things That Make Uncle Gobbo Cry Twin Waterfalls with the lightning sword giving sword... despite not being a sword... and being made of electricity... yet giving sword... based on shape.

The reason simply is they wanted to have Mirror. So, they stuck mirrors on the foe, made the blades shiny, and said, "Who's gonna care?" Well, no one should. I know I don't care. Sure, the reasons are different for why, but that's just how it goes.

Hi! I wonder one thing... I really love kirby and for some years ago I register me. But I haven't get a member ship.... and I really want this member ship! I know it stod that it meaby can take some time but I think it shuld take only a few weeks or months... and not 1.5 years... pleas... you have the best kirby fan site and I really LOVE kirby!!!

- Pernilla

Squeaky Bogg

This may be a simple communication error, Pernilla Wafer, as I wrongly assume your full name to be. The error is on part of the Gallery, which is where I found your email address listed on the site. You are registered there as "Musickirby". Why registration confirmations sometimes misfire is anyone's guess. I think Coppermine is just junk, truthfully. So, you're there and can log in, I guess.

at the beeging of spring breeze in super star ultra( and super star i guess)what did it mean by some call him kirby? isn't kirbies name kirby. also whenever i type kirby on my computer it says i spell it wrong why is it doing this thanks

- Kirby Kid

Squeaky Bogg

1) You know, I never really thought about it. I suppose he could have some long, formal name but just go by Kirby in most cases. Very little is explained about his life. He could have, like, a six part name or just a really long one that is a pain to say. Kirbagillot has a ring to it, but not much of one. Maybe an onion one. What is with my food references today?

2) Some spell checks don't register some names as being properly spelled, except for very common names. They go off of dictionaries for the most part, not names.

Ahh~ welcome back. I see you've adjusted your attitude as well hmmm? quesion time!

How many times do you need to find Gooey in KDL2?

Also, Where have you been!?

- Shadowtheshekirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) Gooey himself I do not believe needs to be found. He's just the default "You got this pet already" scenario. Now, his female equivalent, be it Blob or the original little girl in the Japanese version, needs to be found at least once to get the game's last needed percent of completion. Gooey is just a health bonus.

2) Makin' cookies. What? What do you mean that reference isn't applicable yet?

Yo 'Snaff,

First things first, since I've barely a clue, where have you been this past month? I was starting to miss you. My best guess is a trip for the holidays or something along those lines.

Next, the stuff I was going to ask/talk about when you disappeared.

I got Ultra for Christmas and cleared everything except True Arena completely in about three weeks. The rest of the time up until this point has been trying to get through True Arena. So far, I've only gotten to Marx Soul twice, and lost both times.

Anyways, the point: while I was playing through Milky Way Wishes, I started wondering about why Kirby can't copy abilities like normal in that mode. I came up with something, and with any sort of luck, it'll be nothing like the Meta Knight origin theories that cropped up in the past.

Basically, the theory is Kirby cannot copy the abilities of creatures not from Pop Star. Whether this is on the part of Kirby or of the enemies is pretty much moot as I already found the counterargument: Kirby 64, where Kirby travels to other stars and can copy enemies just fine (granted, only basic abilities, but that's irrelevent concerning the theory). This then warrents further study, as there's the question of whether copying only works on the K64 planets in contract to MWW, as well as how TAC and Copy can get the abilities where Kirby's regular inhale fails.

In conclusion, I'm overthinking it and this probably a really lousy way to welcome you back. My bad.

- Supercomputer276

Squeaky Bogg

Quite. As soon as I started reading, Crystal Shards was already popping into thought. No, the real answer just is as simple as they come: game gimmick. They wanted to make it fancy and different, so they threw in that twist. I mean, they could have made some sound explanation like that, even if it would be later countered in 64, or even went with something like the botched day/night cycle had messed with Kirby's beauty sleep and had thrown off his copy game. But, they didn't. There is no reason. It was just something to set Milkyway Wishes apart.

Repeat Response:

  1. Lewa asked is there any episode with Meta Knight unmasked.

And if your asking, "Hey, that didn't explain anything about why you were gone," you're probably right~! Or maybe the answer is coming in an over-the-top spectacle that was only planned a few days ago and thus isn't finished. Which one is it? I'll never say.

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