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An interesting question came up over at Ask the Kirby Gurus recently. Well, the question itself did not address the matter, but my rambling answer took it this direction. Kirby can copy enemy abilities. He once used these powers as the foe did, in a single application. Later titles allowed these skills to be expanded by introducing means of modification: riding a pet, mixing with another ability, or using specific button sequences.

In the answer I made mention to prior, it was pointed out that Planet Robobot featured both abilities that changed with button presses and alterations with a given ride (the robot armor), which featured their own unique look and (albeit limited) button commands. And, why not? The amount of data that modern titles can handle is far beyond the limitations of the olden day's 8-bit, 16-bit, or even 64-bit game consoles. Kirby can now mix-up a wide breadth of powers with button inputs and mix things up with a secondary modification. So, it got me thinking...

If you could create a Combination Ability, what would it be? Mix up two existing Copy Abilities into something new, using elements of both to create a familiar but wholly novel concept. First introduced in The Crystal Shards with a scant seven abilities, the idea was pseudo-resurrected in Squeak Squad where a scanter two abilities could be mixed with up to three others. In the prior, the combination radically altered the method of the ability while the former did not even change the actual usage but merely added an elemental "typing" to the attack. ... That's stupid, so we're gonna do the first way only.

Currently, there are fifty-plus total copy abilities throughout the Kirby series. Which two do you think would be friends? Mash 'em up, make something new, don't just make it "X but on fire now".

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Last Updated - February 28th, 2017