Powers Combined Finale

I decided to give sufficient time for the event to run its course. Some may say that it was too much time, and those people would be classified as "correct".

  1. Baseball (Ball/Hammer) - Griscuit : 92%
  2. Soda (Bubble/Water) - Griscuit : 92%
  3. Percussion (hammer/mike) - Julune : 88%
  4. Foundry (Metal/Fire) - bubbyboytoo : 85%
  5. Magnet (Metal/Spark) - Plazzap : 85%
  6. Dolphin (Circus/Water) - Plazzap : 85%
  7. Pinwheel (Cutter/Wheel) - Serena Strawberry : 77%
  8. Steam (Fire/Water) - bubbyboytoo : 76%
  9. Anchor (Metal/Water) - mrgameandpie : 76%

Fan Favorite: I normally keep the top five vote counts, and that number somehow ballooned up to nine separate entries due to a tie for first place, a tie for fifth, and a three-way-split for third. That is so amazing, it almost seems like the extra time was used to ensure that it occurred. That's right, I'm placing the blame for this squarely upon you, the voter! This is why you should avoid democracy.

Now, why I agree with the popular vote in this election, I do see a similarity in some other notable vote-casting bonanza in that barely anyone voted. Well, many entries couldn't even crack into double digits while the highs only reached the mid-teens. Overall, what I'm saying is: words. Now, and always. You should try it, too.

But Wait, There's More: I didn't even realize it due to the sorting method that I used, but there was one entry that surpassed all others. "Shouldn't that make it 1st place?" someone may ask? Well, duh, but I already wrote out all the above, and I like the super-ties that occurred. Besides, this one is a special case scenario:

  • Neon (Light/Spark) - Julune : 100%

With just seven votes, the Neon combo powered through to an I.F. first (I think?) to finish with a perfect score. That's such a feather-in-cap moment that I have to put a feather in its cap. With a feather. Notably, this feather will be in the headpiece worn by said receiver.

If I'm going too fast for you all, I can slow down.

But Wait, Where is More?: There should be some sort of tip-off to art or a personal favorite, but I honestly think the whopping nine entries of note already sum-up that stuff pretty well. So there you have it, the Powers Combined wrap-up. We learned, uh, math? Numbers? My obsession with repetition?

Last Updated - February 28th, 2017