Powers Combined Received

  1. Thorn (Needle/Leaf)
  2. Knight (Metal/Sword)
  3. Jewel (Mirror/Stone)
  4. Gong (Bell/Hammer)
  5. Will-O-Wisp (Fire/Ghost)
  6. Zeus (Spark/Throw)
  7. Chimera (Animal/Wing)
  8. Out-of-Body Experience (Sleep/Ghost)
  9. Anchor (Metal/Water)
  10. Steam (Fire/Water)
  11. Halberd (Sword/Spear)
  12. Soda (Bubble/Water)
  13. Baseball (Ball/Hammer)
  14. Imp (Cupid/Fire)
  15. Crashing UFO (UFO/Crash)
  16. Hurricane (Tornado/Water)
  17. Reaper (Sword/Stone)
  18. Welder (Fire/Metal)
  19. Hookshot (Ninja/Whip)
  20. Drill (Animal/Metal)
  21. Demolition (Hammer/Stone)
  22. Pinwheel (Cutter/Wheel)
  23. Sorcerer (Clean/Magic)
  24. Percussion (hammer/mike)
  25. Spectrum (Laser/Paint)
  26. Neon (Light/Spark)
  27. Pickaxe (Cutter/Hammer)
  28. Echo (Light/Mike)
  29. Holiday (Magic/Ice)
  30. Dolphin (Circus/Water)
  31. Magnet (Metal/Spark)
  32. Pool (Circus/Water)
  33. Foundry (Metal/Fire)
  34. Bat (Animal/Wing)

Here are all the currently received submissions. Remember to vote on every entry. If you don't, it means you hate KRR.

IF Entry

Bat (Animal/Wing)

- From Irritated Fern on January 29th, 2017

Fly right in like a bat outta heck! Use your sonar ability to blast your foes away!

This ability grants Kirby a black hat with bat ears and wings.

Sonar BlastRelease AbilityKirby fires off a quick sonar blast, which is weak but has unlimited range. When it hits something, it emits a small shockwave that can be seen even in darkness.
Sonar BurstHold AbilityAfter charging up, Kirby launches out a larger sonar blast. If it hits an enemy it still goes forward, but the foe still emits a shockwave.
Bat SpinCross-Pad Any DirectionRelease AbilityKirby does a quick spin in the specified direction. If he hits a foe, he is knocked back.
Heckfire SpinCross-Pad Any DirectionRapid PressKirby does a continuous spin, coating himself in fire. He plows through foes.
Bat FlightWhile Mid-AirPress JumpKirby flies similiar to when he has Wing, although not as quick.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Foundry (Metal/Fire)

- From bubbyboytoo on January 10th, 2017

Forge ahead through your foes with this metallurgical ability! Launch waves of molten metal to attack, or drop your attacks into water to transform them into heavy metal chunks. Crank up the heat to deal even more damage!

Kirby wears a black metal helmet resembling a crucible filled with molten metal. A vent on the bottom front reveals a red glow, from the furnace within that keeps the metal hot.

Slag LauncherRelease AbilityKirby fires a glob of molten metal in a forwards arc, which leaves a damaging puddle on the ground that remains for several seconds before it cools. If the glob falls into water, it will rapidly cool into a chunk of metal which sinks downwards and can pound down stakes.
Molten WaveDashRelease AbilityKirby releases a wave of molten metal, which travels forwards over the terrain a short distance before cooling into a wall that blocks enemy attacks for a few seconds before disappearing. If the wave hits water, it will cool immediately, and the resulting wall will quickly sink, pounding down any stakes it lands on.
Forge FountainCross-Pad UpHold AbilityKirby faces towards the camera and fires two arcing streams of molten metal from his hat to either side of himself until the button is released.
Slag SprayCross-Pad UpRelease AbilitymidairKirby emits a ring of molten metal from his hat, which expands to about three Kirby-widths across as it falls to the ground. If it falls into water, it will cool into a metal disc that falls faster and can pound down stakes.
OverheatCross-Pad DownRapid PressKirby increases the temperature of the furnace in his hat, temporarily boosting the power of his other attacks. This boost will fade away slowly, and pressing the button more will increase the boost, but cause it to fade quicker. The boost is indicated visually by the glow behind the vent on his hat brightening, turning orange, then yellow and eventually white at maximum boost.
Iron ShellHold GuardKirby creates a dome of molten metal around himself, which quickly cools into a metal shell that makes him completely invulnerable and immovable by enemy attacks. Can be used in midair, creating a sphere that lets him roll down hills and is heavy enough to pound down stakes it lands on.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Pool (Circus/Water)

- From Hantho on January 7th, 2017

Bring your foes some fun in the sun! Cool them off with your Sprinkler, then knock them into the water and have a pool party! But you've got to cap it off with the ultimate party finisher, Cannonball!

Kirby wears a blue swimming cap with vertical green stripes. A green sprinkler with a orange button is on top of that cap.

Balloon ThrowHold AbilityCharge 2Cross-Pad Any DirectionKirby attaches a water balloon to his sprinkler and fills it with water gradually for as long as the button is held, making the balloon bigger. Release the button to throw it in a chosen direction, but the balloon obeys gravity. It will explode on impact, releasing its contents on foes. It goes farther the less it is charged, but deals more damage the more it is charged. No charge is useless, and too much charge pops the balloon before it is thrown.
Paddle SplashRelease Ability (water surface)Kirby puts his hands in the water and brings them out of the water, throwing some water forward. It goes higher and does more damage than the standard Bubble attack, but doesn't go as far. This attack is very quick, so it can be spammed.

SprinkleCross-Pad UpRelease AbilityWater sprays from the sprinkler for a while, hitting above Kirby and to his sides of Kirby with weak damage. (enemies don't flinch) Kirby can move around and even use other attacks during this! It can even be used while on the surface of water!
CannonballWhile Mid-AirCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityKirby drops straight downward, plowing through enemies. A inflatable swimming pool will appear below him if there is no water below him. Once Kirby lands, his cannonball sends water spraying out of the body of water, hurting enemies. If he hit actual water, then the higher he was when he used Cannonball, the higher the water spray goes. The pool disappears if it was sommoned.
Water Slide PlopDashRelease AbilityA inflatable water slide (Think Slip N' Slide) that is 5 Kirbies long appears in front of Kirby, fitting with the ground's shape. Kirby will bellyflop onto it. He slides through it while plowing through enemies. If this attack goes into or onto the surface of water, Kirby will fall into the water and make a splash like Cannonball, hitting to both sides of him.
Water Slide SlipCross-Pad DownPress JumpThe inflatable water slide appears in front of Kirby, fitting with the ground's shape. Kirby will onto it and plow through enemies. Kirby will stay lower down, allowing him to go through tight spaces faster.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Magnet (Metal/Spark)

- From Plazzap on January 3rd, 2017

Why so negative? Walk up walls, scout out enemies with your Magnet Seeker and gather everything up with your Positive Charge to electrocute. Now that's attractive! Due to the nature of this ability, you can connect to walls, ceilings and do everything you normally can while grounded, but jumping will cancel the connection so you can get off. Note that while connected to a surface, controls will alter to match your new angle.

As his main weapons, Kirby equips two red magnets, each white tipped and horseshoe-shaped. To add to the magnetic flavor, Magnet also includes a metallic helmet with another magnet on the front and two batteries towards the sides.

Magnet SeekerRelease AbilityKirby tosses one of his magnets, which immediately pursues the nearest enemy in proximity, the thrown magnet being quickly replaced. Despite not giving up until they contact something, magnets can't curve very fast and sometimes flat out miss their targets, which is why it's best to make sure your target is in range before using. Up to two magnets can be onscreen at a time.
ChargeHold AbilityAssuming a concentrated position comparable to the Spark ability, Kirby amplifies his positive potential. With this, nearby enemies and projectiles will be pulled towards Kirby at a steady pace, but beware, there's no spark shield protecting Kirby this time. Now to avoid the hit, you can either guard, jump out of the stance, or fight back with a...
DischargeCharge 2Release AbilityZZZZZZAP! Kirby counters with a well timed pulse of negative energy! While the shockwave is very powerful and wide in radius, there's actually a brief delay after you release the button. This means that unless you release the button some time before something hits you, the move will outright fail as you get pummeled by everything.
Magnet BashDashRelease AbilityHolding his magnets forward, Kirby bounds headfirst, disconnecting off of any surface he was on. Of course if an enemy is nearby, Kirby's magnets will curve his trajectory towards that enemy and bash them, ending the move. If there happens to be another enemy nearby or Kirby didn't quite defeat his last enemy, you can use it again to charge again, making long chains of bashes very possible.
ElectromagnetCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityKirby connects his magnets to the surface below and surges, sending tiny sparks to the sides of him. These sparks will continue moving to the sides and up walls and ceilings just like Kirby can, making them a great way to clear off any enemies standing on those surfaces.
Magnet HoldRelease AbilityNear FoeWhen an enemy or projectile be within a two-Kirby radius, the hero himself will connect it onto a magnet and hold still until A is pressed again. Upon that happening, Kirby will discharge the enemy and send it hurdling as a magnetic ball of electricity, homing in on enemies just like Magnet Seeker and dealing great damage on contact.

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Image by Plazzap.

IF Entry

Dolphin (Circus/Water)

- From Plazzap on December 28th, 2016

"It's showtime! Astonish them with your Swift Swimming and weave through obstacles with a Surge. Resurface to jump through hoops and finish off with your Balance Bubble!"

Kirby is a porpoise with a purpose: swimming. With the Swift Swimming move, zooming through water fluidly is easy as holding a button! No longer does Kirby need a floatie anymore, wading on water is about as fast as swimming under it. All moves contain the Water element too, so Kirby is able to cool off fire blocks and the like.

Kirby retains his swimming goggles in or out of water, additionally he gains a tight swimmers cap with a dolphin's iconic fin and a small tail. Just like a dolphin, Kirby becomes a silver blue color.

Swift SwimmingPress Jump (underwater)Kirby moves quickly through the water.
Machine Water GunHold Ability (underwater)Like the Water ability, Dolphin also enhances Kirby's Water Gun move. While the move itself is unchanged; Kirby firing a short ranged bubble, this can now be done in quick succession by holding down the input. Kirby can even wade around slowly while firing.
SurgeHold Ability during Swift SwimmingBoosted my his speed, Kirby performs a drill-styled spin, granting him a surge of speed and the ability to pass through obstacles, even the stubborn Gordo. He's left vulnerable afterwards though, so sometimes it's just better to swim smoothly.
Tail SlapRelease AbilityKirby winds up and spins in one fluid motion, slapping his tail forward to attack. If Kirby is floating on the surface of water, he will splash water forward to attack.
Water-Hoop JumpDashRelease AbilityKirby jumps through a hoop of pure water, shrouding himself in water that allows him to pass through obstacles. Although comparable Circus' fiery counterpart, inputting this move again when Kirby touches the ground results in another hoop jump with slightly lowered height, Kirby can do this consecutively until he gets to the point where he's basically flopping and the move is cancelled. This chain of tricks can be done on the surface of water, resembling a dolphin's signature jumping maneuver.
Balance BubbleCross-Pad UpRelease AbilityWith no silly props with him, Kirby creates a makeshift ball with a bubble and balances it above him for a short time. This move can also be used on the surface of water.
Tail FlipRelease AbilityWhile Mid-AirAlways eager to show off Kirby flips in midair with his tail extended, dealing damage in a circular area as visual water droplets scatter around.

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Image by Plazzap.

IF Entry

Holiday (Magic/Ice)

- From bubbyboytoo on December 20th, 2016

Spread the festive joy with this merry ability! Don an iconic holiday headpiece, and set out to deliver to the citizens of Popstar the presents they deserve!

Kirby wears a classic red-and-white Santa hat, and hefts a large beige sack over his shoulder.

Bauble BarrageHold AbilityKirby throws a bauble forwards. Holding the button will allow the throw to be angled up or down, and it can be charged to throw up to three baubles at once. On impact, the baubles explode into a small cloud of snowflakes, allowing them to cool off fire blocks.
Sleigh SlideDashRelease AbilityKirby summons a red sleigh and jumps into it, sliding forwards until it hits a wall, leaving behind an icy trail that lingers for a short time, damaging enemies that touch it. It can be jumped out of at any point, leaving the sleigh to slide away on its own.
Tree SpikeCross-Pad UpRelease AbilityKirby places a tree stand in front of himself, which suddenly sprouts a festively-decorated pine tree, launching hit enemies high into the air.
Chance PresentCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityKirby sets down a wrapped gift in front of himself, which opens shortly after, revealing a random item. Stars are the most common result, but food, enemies, and even 1-Ups and Invincibility Candies are all possible. Generally, the rarer/more valuable an item or enemy is, the less likely it is to appear from the present.
Holiday SpiritRelease AbilityWhile Mid-AirKirby performs an aerial cartwheel, briefly creating a ring of snowflakes around himself.
Sack StuffCross-Pad ForwardRelease AbilityNear FoeKirby grabs the nearby enemy and shoves them into his sack, instantly defeating them.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Echo (Light/Mike)

- From mrgameandpie on December 20th, 2016

Use the power of echolocation to fight through and explore even the darkest of places! Attacks can bounce up to four times!

Kirby wears a hat with two large purple bat ears and wings. He also has two tiny fangs coming from the top of his mouth.

ScreechRelease AbilityCross-Pad Up or DownKirby shouts and three bright purple rings come flying out of his mouth. These rings do decent damage and can bounce off of walls up to four times. This attack can be aimed with the control pad to fire at 45 degree angles, allowing the screeches to bounce off of ceilings and floors too.
ShoutHold AbilityAfter some charging, Kirby shouts towards the screen, releasing three purple sound rings outwards a good distance. This attack is blocked by walls and floors.
FlapRelease JumpWhile Mid-AirKirby flaps his bat wings for minor damage. This allows him to use Screech freely while airborne.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Pickaxe (Cutter/Hammer)

- From Duth Olec on December 18th, 2016

With the sharp curve of Cutter and the heavy smashes of Hammer, Kirby's off to work in the coal mine. The Pickaxe can cut through rope and destroy metal blocks.

Kirby holds a pickaxe, which makes sense, as it's the crux of the ability. He also has a mining helmet with a little spotlight. He does not obtain a dwarf beard, that'll probably be saved for the IF Crossover: Super Combo Ability contest in 2021.

SwingRelease AbilityKirby quickly swings the pickaxe down in front of him. The tip of the pickaxe does more damage and can be swung rapidly by repeatedly tapping the button.
Pickaxe ThrowHold AbilityKirby throws the pickaxe ahead of him. Trajectory and size of the projectile is similar to Cutter's. It moves through enemies and continues on its path. If it passes Kirby on its return, it turns back towards him until it connects back with him. Also like Cutter (sometimes), the pickaxe's trajectory can be moved by pressing up and down. No other move is usable during this one.
Super Pickaxe ThrowHold AbilityCharge 2Kirby hurls the pickaxe ahead of him like Pickaxe Throw, but the range is longer, and when an enemy is hit it is pulled along with the pickaxe, continuing to damage it until it returns to Kirby, at which point the enemy is tossed away. At that point, if you aren't careful, you might get hit by one of them.
Precious StrikeNear FoeHold Ability (after Super Pickaxe Throw)Attacking just as Kirby grabs the pickaxe back at the end of Super Pickaxe Throw while an enemy is caught in it will result in Kirby dashing forward slightly and swinging the pickaxe at the enemy or enemies. This strike does significantly more damage to a boss if they're in the strike zone.
Aerial SpinHold AbilityWhile Mid-AirKirby spins the pickaxe around him in the air, becoming a circle of pickaxe stabbing. Similar to Hammer's Giant Swing or Sword's Sword Spin.

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Image by Duth Olec. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Neon (Light/Spark)

- From Julune on December 17th, 2016

Kirby takes on flashy neon lights as weapons. Whether making little star lights or giant flashy signs, this ability is meant to dazzle the eyes!

Four bands of neon in different colors wrap around Kirby headband-style. The ends turn upwards in the back, and a blue star sits on top. He wields two yellow neon star wands.

Star BrightRelease AbilityA small star-shaped light is created in the air, damaging enemies that come in contact. It immediately starts to fade and is gone after two seconds. Each star is a different color from the last, with seven colors (in rainbow order, of course) in total.
Light WriteHold AbilityCross-Pad Any DirectionKirby sends out a stream of neon light which can be manipulated with the control pad as it goes out to "write" in the air. It continues to grow for about three seconds until Kirby is forced to stop. It hangs in the air for 3 seconds before disappearing. The first one has to disappear before another one can be made.
Starry SpinPress JumpRelease AbilityKirby spins his wands around him, creating a glitzy attack.
Shooting StarDashPress JumpRelease AbilityKirby quickly lunges into the ground at an angle, leaving a stream of star-shaped lights behind him, along with a very small sparky blast when he hits the ground. The star lights fade much more quickly than they do in Star Bright, however.
Flashy SignCross-Pad DownCross-Pad UpRelease AbilityKirby lifts up a giant flashy neon sign just above his head, which soon after explodes in shower of glittery sparks. There are several different signs that could appear in this attack, such as one saying "Kirby", "Dreamland", "Kracko Kola", etc.

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Image by Julune. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Spectrum (Laser/Paint)

- From mrgameandpie on December 17th, 2016

Kirby harnesses the power of the three primary colors to power three different lasers! Switch the color for a totally different effect!

Kirby wears a hat similar to the regular Laser ability, but it has a sleek white design, with three large circles in a triangle pattern above Kirby's head. Each circle is a different color, top being red, right being green, and left being blue. Whichever color is active will glow.

Color swapHold AbilityKirby will switch whatever color is active. The ability starts with Red active, and will follow the order of Red-Green-Blue. After switching the color, the button must be held down again for a second switch.
Red SpreadRelease AbilityThe Red attack is a three-pronged spread shot. One laser fires straight forward, while the other two fire at 45 degree angles. These lasers do not bounce off of walls, but can be used to light fuses, candles, or burn bushes.
Green GuideRelease AbilityThe Green attack fires a glowing ball of energy. While the ball is out, Kirby cannot move, but the player can move the shot around. Use this to navigate it through tight passageways that Kirby himself would not normally be able to traverse, or home in on foes you have a tough time hitting.
Blue BlastRelease AbilityThe Blue attack is a single thick shot which is much more powerful. It can go through walls. It also has some end lag, meaning Kirby cannot move for a moment after it is fired. Finally, if used while in the air, Kirby will be propelled backwards, allowing him to move through an area without looking in the direction he is going.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Percussion (hammer/mike)

- From Julune on December 16th, 2016

Kirby becomes a stellar percussionist! Keep a beat going with the snare drum, or bring the whole house down with an awesome drum solo!

Kirby wears a pink marching band hat with a silver visor, a white plume and a gold star emblem. He uses various percussive instruments for his attacks.

Drum BeatRelease AbilityKirby makes a single beat on his snare drum. The vibration waves do a small amount of damage to enemies right in front of Kirby.
Cymbal CrashRelease AbilityRelease AbilityRelease AbilityKirby makes a second beat on his drum, then ends the measure in a cymbal crash. The second beat does more damage than the first, and likewise the cymbal crash does even more damage than the second beat.
XylophoneCross-Pad UpRelease AbilityKirby runs a mallet up a vertical xylophone.
GongCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityKirby hits a gong. Does a fair amount of damage to nearby enemies.
Tambourine BashDashRelease AbilityAny enemies in front of Kirby are bashed with a tambourine.
Drum SoloCross-Pad DownCross-Pad UpRelease AbilityA bright pink drum set pops up and Kirby plays a fantastic solo. All enemies on screen take massive damage, similar to when Kirby uses the mike ability. However, Kirby will lose his ability after using this move.

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Image by Julune. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Sorcerer (Clean/Magic)

- From trickeybreadrix (Unregistered) on December 14th, 2016

Kirby may have a lot work to do around Popstar, but that doesn't mean he can't have a bit of mischievous fun while he does it! Outshine the competition with your show-stopping abilities, while keeping Dreamland sparkling clean and free of baddies!

Kirby wears a deep blue sorcerer's hat with silver stars scattered across. He carries a transforming thick-bristled witch's broom on his back, powered by stardust and ready to be wielded for a fight or flight!

Light DustRelease AbilityKirby’s magic broom levitates and flicks a small wave of stardust ahead of him. The attack does minimal damage.

Spring CleaningRapid PressKirby pulls out all the stops and summons every tool he can, starting with a Light Dust with his broom, a 360° turn with a feather duster, and finally a large mop that creates a wave of water when it slams to the ground.
Clean SweepDashRelease AbilityKirby performs a dash attack to get the job done fast, knocking any grounded enemies off their feet.

Potion MixCross-Pad UpCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityAlways a surprise to what’s inside! As Kirby stirs his dark blue Cauldron with the end of his broom, the liquid will shoot elemental attacks into the air, ranging from hot steam (fire), soap bubbles (water), or balls of light (spark), in a rotating order.
Cauldron OverflowCross-Pad UpCross-Pad DownRapid PressPressing repeatedly will cause the cauldron to overflow and spread a random elemental liquid over the ground, that may either burn, freeze, or electrocute the enemies/items (in a rotating order). When B is no longer being tapped, the cauldron disappears.
Take Flight!Cross-Pad DownRelease AbilityKirby mounts his broom and takes flight! While in the air, Kirby is vulnerable to any attacks - only the end of the broom, which produces a cloud of stardust, will do damage to the enemy (similar to Chuchu's Clean Attack in Kirby Dreamland 3). For an extra boost of energy, press the button again while in the air for a quick dash attack. To dismount, jump.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Pinwheel (Cutter/Wheel)

- From Serena Strawberry on December 13th, 2016

Kirby's having a blast playing with his new toys. He'll blow the competition away with his Twirlwind!

Kirby wears a hat that resembles a striped propeller cap, but it also has a pinwheel emblem on the front. He uses two pinwheels--one in each hand--to pull off some unique moves.

GustHold AbilityThe pinwheels create wind, blowing about enemies, projectiles, and objects without damaging them. This can be aimed in front or upwards.
Windmill WhirlCross-Pad DownHold AbilitySets down one big, stationary pinwheel that has the same effect as Gust. Meant for multitasking. The first pinwheel disappears if another pinwheel is set down.
PapercutHold AbilityNear FoeSlice enemies at close range using the pinwheels. Useful in a pinch, and can also be used underwater. (Don't ask how the pinwheels stay dry...)
TwirlwindDashHold AbilityA dash attack where Kirby spins for a few seconds, ending with a pose. If the button is held, he rises as he goes along.
Fly-ByePress JumpInstead of floating, use your propeller to hover. If an enemy is hit from above, then it takes damage, but Kirby is also knocked away.

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Image by Serena Strawberry. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Demolition (Hammer/Stone)

- From Pikman (Unregistered) on December 11th, 2016

Don your helmet and get to work! You can demolish a whole team of foes in one swoop with this ability.

Kirby gains a rather thick construction helmet, Complete with a little pink K in the middle. He also gains a sledge hammer, usually attached to his back while running and standing, similar to the sword ability. The sledgehammer is similar in appearance to the ones the hammer bro enemies from the Mario games throw.

Swing!Release AbilityKirby swings his hammer forward to attack enemies. Can be used to hit pegs, similar to the hammer ability.
Hammer ThrowHold AbilityKirby throws a sledgehammer in an arc, hitting anything in it's path. The longer the button is held, the higher kirby throws his hammer. When the hammer lands, it creates a small dust cloud that can damage nearby enemies.
DuckCross-Pad DownHold GuardKirby ducks under his helmet, hiding away from anything that could harm him. During this move, he is invulnerable. Occasionally, Kirby will peek out and look around. This does not affect vulnerability.
CreepCross-Pad Back or Forward during CreepKirby peeks out from under his helmet and crawls along the ground. He is vulnerable during movement, however.
Dual SwingRapid PressKirby grabs a second sledge hammer and swings both infront of him. Anything that comes in contact with them is damaged.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Drill (Animal/Metal)

- From Plazzap on December 11th, 2016

"RIZZZZZZZ First you burrow down... RIZZZZZ Then surprise! You pop back up! RIZZZZZZ Now you can dig everywhere! RIZZZZZZZZ But you can't dig forever..."

By mixing these two bubbles, Kirby can now burrow into solid ground (unlike dirt however you can't just destroy terrain, but you can burrow just below the surface with Drill Dozer). In exchange for inheriting both the abilities to crush dirt and metal blocks, you lose Metal's invincibility. Note that speed is still slowed, but not to a crawl.

Nothing fashionable. A hard hat for safety underground with a practical headlight in the shape of a star, which is attached to a headband with a construction pattern.

Also did I mention that Kirby now heaves around a massive drill? The drill itself is fairy basic; a large silver screw with the base patterned with construction and a silver handle below it.

Drill DozerCross-Pad DownHold AbilityThe most important move; Kirby burrows into the solid ground, avoiding the dangers above and being able to move forwards and backwards at a speed much faster than walking, his location indicated by a dirt trail. Upon releasing the button or after 4 seconds pass, Kirby pops right up out of the ground, striking unsuspecting enemies for high damage. While this move provides Kirby a way to move quick and hit hard, he is also left very vulnerable after this popping attack, so excavate with caution.
Drill RocketCross-Pad Any Direction during Drill DozerWhile burrowed, Kirby begins to jitter around frantically to build up power, the surface above will glow red once he's charged up enough. If successful, upon resurface Kirby will shoot high into the air, his spinning drill held up to deal massive damage before he reaching the apex and plummeting down due to Metal's heaviness. This is a great way to reach those high places that your Metal burdened float renders to be an awkward task.
Drill RevHold AbilityWith a whir, Kirby's drill spins for as long as it's held, dealing many rapid hits. While revving, Kirby is free to slowly press forward, back up and jump once into the air, but until the move is cancelled you won't be able to turn around or float. This is your basic means of combat, it digs through enemies, chips away at bosses and the drill itself is actually able to cancel out most projectiles, then on top of that you can even hold it out while swimming underwater. Sweet!
Drill RunCross-Pad ForwardHold AbilityDriven by Animal instinct, Kirby shoves his drill out before him, dealing decent damage and ignoring hazards completely during the short lunge. While an actually fast way to plow past enemies and bosses, this move only lasts a moment before leaving Kirby completely open to attack, in other words be careful not to abuse it.
Drill DiveCross-Pad DownHold AbilityWhile Mid-AirWhile airborne, Kirby plummets to the ground with his drill out below him and spinning, ignoring any hazards below him and diving straight into the ground. Because of the nature of this move, Kirby will always find himself in Drill Dozer afterwards, making this move a good way to get back to burrowing after a Drill Rocket.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Hookshot (Ninja/Whip)

- From blizterwolf (Unregistered) on December 9th, 2016

Essentially the kunai is attached to the end of the whip and you get a hookshot ala Legend of Zelda. The hookshot allows you to attach yourself to walls and get pulled there, it can also interact with the environment and pull things towards you.

He holds the hookshot and I think it would be funny if he wore an all green link cap ala windwaker (as opposed to the sword ability hat)

HookshootCross-Pad Any DirectionRelease AbilityIt shoots out the hookshot (hence hookshoot) based upon the direction pressed (neutral, aka no direction, would be in the direction Kibry is facing). This is basically ability instantly kills weaker enemies. For stronger enemies it pulls them towards Kirby. It also is how you would latch on and get pulled towards a wall, or latch on and pull an object towards you.
PummelRapid PressIf the enemy is stronger, then this move would follow up the pull towards with a pummeling beatdown. Most likely 2-3 hits. Optionally: The timing of the A presses could dictate how far the combo went.
HookslipRelease Ability after missIf you shoot out the hookshot and it doesn't reach anything, it would simply fall on the floor. While lying there, another tap of the A button would pull it back to Kirby. If an enemy is on top of the rope at the time, they would slip and weaker enemies could be lightly damaged and fall over, while stronger enemies would fall over, leaving them vulnerable. The vulnerability could be part of a new game mechanic, where you can use prone enemies as footstools.
HookpoundWhile Mid-AirCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityThis would cause the hookshot to latch onto the ground/enemy and pull you down with such speed that you created a damaging shockwave upon landing. Directly nailing an enemy would kill it. The shockwave would kill weaker enemies and damage stronger ones causing knock-back as well.
HookdashDashRelease AbilityWhile dashing, tapping A would cause the hookshot to shoot through the enemies and into a nearby wall, as Kirby slams towards the enemies they are piled up until destroyed once pressed against the wall.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Welder (Fire/Metal)

- From ajhb12 on December 9th, 2016

BZZZZZ, things are getting hot! combine the unstoppable power of metal with the destructive nature of fire OR spark, and let loose your inner welder!

Kirby wears a standard use welding helmet, he also brandishes a welding torch

Torch SwingRelease AbilityKirby quickly swings his blowtorch to the right
Molten ComboRapid PressKirby swings his torch left, up, then brings it down, causing a explosion, any enemy caught in the explosion is knocked back considerably
Running BlazeDashRelease AbilityKirby swings his torch in a circle around himself, enemys caught will get knocked behind kirby, then get launched to the front
Torch WaveHold AbilityKirby swings his torch along the ground, creating a wave of fire, enemys hit will be launched skywards
Light's OutNear FoeRelease AbilityKirby creates a small bright explosion in front of him, the enemy in front of him is done for

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Reaper (Sword/Stone)

- From Iko-kun on December 9th, 2016

Mixing the mighty power of the sword with some ancient stones, Kirby unleashed a dark power! It may be scary, but don't worry, the only ones who should be scared are Kirby's enemies!

Kirby now wields a sickle, but that's not all, he can also drop tombstones, dig with a shovel, and summon ghosts!

Kirby is covered with a dark blue hood, that has some star and moon drawings in yellow, and the border has a dark red pattern; the hood has a tiny skull shaped button at the lower part to close it.

Kirby also has a sickle, that is composed by a long wooden stick, a star on the top, and the blade coming out from the star, with a gray and blue pattern.

The hood drops a creepy shadow on Kirby's face, that strangely seems a bit more evil than usual, but it's all right, nothing to worry about.

Wide SlashRelease AbilityIt's a simple slash using the sickle, it covers a big range but it's very slow. (like any of the slashing attacks of this ability, Kirby remains vulnerable all the time, there are no invincibility frames, though with the right timing the sickle can block most projectiles)
Spirit WaveRelease AbilityRelease AbilityAfter a Wide Slash, Kirby can release a wave of energy by hitting the ground with the sickle. The wave goes forward for a while similar to Final Cutter's wave, but it's more powerful (you can also hit the enemies directly with the sickle by performing this move, for even bigger damage); this move, just like Wide Slash, has a wide range but it's slow.

Deadly SpinWhile Mid-AirRelease AbilityKirby spins while slashing with the sickle in a circle, similar to what happens when using the sword or the hammer in air in most Kirby games.

Obviously the damage area is bigger, and since the sickle is heavy, Kirby loses a lot of horizontal speed by doing this move.

After performing this move, on landing Kirby will automatically do a Spirit Wave.

The Deadly Spin can be used underwater as well (though it's a bit slower); this is the only move of this ability that can be performed underwater.

Lost SoulsDashRelease AbilityKirby floats close to the ground for a short time, with the horizontal speed of when he's running. During this move he doesn't deal any damage, and he is vulnerable; though, in the process, he releases 2 small purple clouds, that after the move is finished, transform into 2 ghosts!

Those 2 ghosts will slowly float forwards and when they will be close to an enemy, they will chase him until they crash on him dealing damage.

If they don't hit, after a while the ghosts will simply disappear.

Ancient TombstoneWhile Mid-AirCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityKirby will drop a tombstone from his mouth and make it fall on the ground (max 2, the oldest will be destroyed).

The tombstone does stone damages (it can stomps logs, break metal blocks, etc.).

It will be an 1-block obstacle, you/enemies can walk on it, it slides on slopes, but it can't be inhaled.

It can be destroyed by attacking it, by falling from too high, by time expiration, or by hitting an enemy while falling/sliding.

When destroyed, each tombstone has a 20% chance to release a ghost.

Grave DigCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityKirby's sicke becomes a shovel and Kirby uses it to dig a hole in the ground. Well, he doesn't really dig an hole, he just takes a big rock and throws it forwards. This move is very similar to the attack of those enemies with a shovel in Kirby's Dreamland 3, called Doka.

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Image by Iko-kun. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Hurricane (Tornado/Water)

- From bubbyboytoo on December 8th, 2016

Become a hero of the storm by harnessing one of nature's most destructive forces! Surge through foes with a Hurricane Attack, or fire off Storm Shots to safely fight from afar. Your Water Gun's been upgraded, too!

Wears a silvery blue crown resembling Tornado's hat, with a round deep blue gem embedded in the front and wave-shaped decorations on either side of it. A violently whirling vortex of water extends from the top.

Hurricane AttackRelease AbilityTurns into a hurricane and dashes forwards for several seconds. It moves slower than its Tornado counterpart and can't rise into the air, but deals more damage and can travel over water.
Storm ShotCross-Pad DownRelease AbilitySpits out a small hurricane, which travels along the ground and over water until it hits a wall or enemy.
CycloneCross-Pad UpCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityCreates a large hurricane (about four Kirby-widths across) around himself that whirls for about three seconds, heavily damaging anything caught in the storm.
Typhoon TrapCross-Pad ForwardRelease AbilityNear FoeCreates a small hurricane around a nearby enemy, trapping them in the eye of the storm. If held for too long, the storm will dissipate, allowing the enemy to walk away unharmed.
Typhoon TossCross-Pad Any Direction after Typhoon TrapLaunches the trapped enemy in the direction pressed.
Water Vortex(underwater)Spits a whirlwind of bubbles in the direction faced that deals more damage than the standard Water Gun and pulls hit enemies along with it.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Crashing UFO (UFO/Crash)

- From Duth Olec on December 7th, 2016

With this ability, this powerful UFO rises... and then malfunctions. A steady descent to an inevitable crash begins. Although this ability seems somewhat of a joke, it can be used to bring the equivalent of Crash to certain areas, such as through strong winds.

Kirby sits in the same UFO with the regular ability, but after rising slightly the UFO becomes wracked with explosions. Bits and pieces break off, exposing sparking circuitry within. Also, just for good measure, it's on fire. Kirby's eyes widen in panic, and, yes, little sweat drops appear as the UFO wobbles heavily.

TurnCross-Pad BackThe UFO controls are on the fritz now. It can't ascend, and constantly moves forward. The only control of movement is to tap the control pad in the opposite direction and turn the UFO, but its speed and descent remain unchanged.
BailPress EjectKirby jumps out of the UFO, and the crashing vehicle drops to the ground, resulting in a small explosion with the damage output of a bomb from the Bomb ability.
SpreadRelease AbilityA small fireball drops from the UFO to the ground. Does very slight damage, but can be used to activate a button or light a fuse while passing by.
CrashNear Foe or Near WallOnce the UFO descends far enough to reach the floor, or if it hits a wall or enemy or other object before this point, it explodes with all the power of Crash, destroying all enemies on the screen and doing a high amount of damage against bosses. The ability is lost after this.

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Image by Duth Olec. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Imp (Cupid/Fire)

- From Veech on December 7th, 2016

"I might look mean, but I just want to have a little mischievous fun..."

Take flight and strike at your foes from a distance. Reaches through walls, cuts through ropes, and lights torches or bushes.

The Imp ability grants Kirby tiny bat wings, similar to the wings of Cupid, a purple cap with horns, and a small pitchfork in hand. The pitchfork is black, with a star near the base of the prongs.

Sweeping StabRelease AbilityThrusts the pitchfork forward and up. Smaller enemies, such as Waddle Dee, can be caught on the prongs of the fork.
Cast AwayCross-Pad Back or ForwardRelease AbilityWhile holding a foe, Kirby swings the pitchfork down and tosses them in the direction held.
Burn Up!DashRelease AbilityThe pitchfork ignites, and Kirby throws it forward. It cuts through the air in a slight arc, and leaves behind a pillar of fire where it lands for a few seconds.
Gone BattyPress JumpWhile Mid-AirJump in mid-air to fly freely using your wings, like Cupid. Press jump again to drop out of it.
Burning SpiralCross-Pad Any DirectionHold AbilityWhile Mid-AirThis move can only be used while in free-flight. Kirby thrusts the pitchfork in the direction held and quickly flies ahead while on fire. The distance is controlled by the length of time the button is held, but the move caps at 3 seconds. Hitting a wall, ceiling, or floor causes Kirby to stall there until the move ends.

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Image by Veech. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Baseball (Ball/Hammer)

- From Griscuit on December 5th, 2016

Combine the might of Hammer with the whimsy of Ball, and Kirby becomes one slick slugger!

Atop his head is that familiar baseball cap, though it seems he finally learned how to wear it facing the front. He wields a solid oak bat in his right hand, and a baseball in the other.

Swing Batter, Swing!Release AbilityKirby lets loose with his bat, decking any enemies unfortunate enough to stand in his path! It doesn't deal much damage, but they fly far. Can be used to move enemies from one platform to another without killing them in one blow — also works on certain objects.
Here's the Wind-Up!Cross-Pad UpRelease AbilityKirby tosses the ball a few feet in the air. It comes down, then bounces a few times before vanishing in a poof of stars. Deals piddly damage.
Sa-WINGG!!Release Ability after Wind-UpKirby hits the baseball with a satisfying CRACK! The baseball flies in a straight path, dealing significant damage to any enemies it comes in contact with. Depending on how well-timed the swing is, it may deal even more damage! A perfectly timed hit leaves a fiery trail behind it.
Underwater Swing(underwater)Kirby is able to swing his bat underwater much like he does on land, albeit more slowly. Any water-dwelling baddie who gets slugged gets sent a ways away.

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Image by Griscuit. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Soda (Bubble/Water)

- From Griscuit on December 5th, 2016

Mix a healthy helping of Water with a spritz of Bubble to create this refreshing ability that tickles your taste buds and quenches your thirst. A quick shake of a soda can sends bursts of sugary cola hurtling towards enemies - the more you shake, the more pronounced the effect.

This ability tops Kirby's head with a comically over-sized soda can, which occasionally sprays bits of cola. These sprays only become more pronounced while Kirby's running.

Shake-a-Shake-a-ShakeHold AbilityKirby pulls out a more reasonably-sized soda can and shakes the dickens out of it. Shake it for too long, and it goes flying off on in the direction Kirby is facing, not stopping until it hits a wall.
Flat ColaRelease AbilityKirby chucks the soda can, which lands ineffectually on the ground. Any enemies hit with it take minimal damage.
Diet ColaCharge 1Release AbilityKirby tosses the soda can, but it starts to rumble on its way down... once it lands, it bursts open, sending a geyser of carbonated delight into the air. Any enemies hit by the fizzy beverage take decent damage. After about five seconds, the geyser dies down.
Cola ClassicCharge 3Release AbilityKirby chucks the soda can, which immediately starts spraying in a wide, circular pattern (think Fire+Bomb, but as a projectile.) Once it hits the ground, it functions much like Diet Cola, but with a shorter duration.
Seltzer(underwater)Much like the Water ability, the Soda ability enhances Kirby's underwater attack. Whereas Water increases its range, Soda makes the bubbles significantly larger. After being expelled, they rise to the surface, damaging any enemies they hit along the way.

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Image by Griscuit. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Halberd (Sword/Spear)

- From Irritated Fern on December 4th, 2016

Kirby destroys his foes by transforming into the legendary ship, the halberd! ... Okay, not really. What he really does is take up the polearm known as the halberd.

Naturally, he holds a halberd. The hat is a red armored helmet with a green plume.

SliceRelease AbilityA straight slice, taken from sword. Functions identically.
ThrustCross-Pad Up or ForwardRelease AbilityLike how slice was taken from sword, this move is Kirby's basic spear thrust. Can hit upwards.
Piercing PogoCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityWhile Mid-AirKirby holds the halberd below him, thrusting it into the baddies below, bouncing off them when he hits them.
Ready StanceHold AbilityWhen holding the button, Kirby takes on a stance that leaves him open, but lets him use one of two powerful attacks.
Rising SunCross-Pad Up from StanceKirby jumps up, swinging his weapon, and then slams it down, creating a shock wave. Functions like final cutter, but hits foes behind him in the initial jump.
Moon SlashCross-Pad Forward from StanceKirby dashes forward, cutting everything in his path. He is completely invincible during this dash.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Steam (Fire/Water)

- From bubbyboytoo on December 4th, 2016

Harness the power of steam! Put the pressure on your foes with these hot moves.

Kirby wears a copper-colored crown resembling an antique steam boiler, with a steam whistle attached to the front. Steam constantly billows out of the top.

Steam BillowHold AbilityCross-Pad Up or DownFires a plume of steam forwards for as long as the button is pressed. Can be aimed up and down.
Steam BurstRelease AbilityFires a short-ranged burst of steam forwards.
Steam RocketDashRelease AbilityFlips backwards onto his back and fires a jet of steam from his hat, propelling himself forwards with great force.
Steam GeyserCross-Pad UpRelease Ability Cross-Pad Back or ForwardA torrent of steam erupts upwards from his hat for as long as the button is pressed. Can be aimed slightly left and right.
Pressure VesselCross-Pad DownHold AbilityCharge 3A lid closes on Kirby's hat, trapping the steam inside and building up pressure as he crouches down. Once fully charged, the whistle on his head will begin to blow, and releasing the button causes him to release a highly-damaging burst of steam from his hat.
RaincloudCross-Pad DownCross-Pad UpRelease AbilityReleases a cloud of steam from his hat that hangs in the air for several seconds, raining damaging drops of condensation.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Anchor (Metal/Water)

- From mrgameandpie on December 3rd, 2016

Wield your giant anchor with pride! No currents will push you about with this weapon of choice!

Kirby wears a black pirate hat with a small jawless skull symbol. The main element of this ability though is the large metal anchor he drags across the ground over his shoulder. It makes him move slowly, and flying or swimming are completely impossible with it, but no current, whether water or wind, will be able to move him at all, giving him access to all sorts of new places. Attacks can also break metal blocks and smash stakes giving it incredible exploration ability.

Anchor CrashRelease AbilityKirby slowly lifts the anchor straight up above his head, and then lets it fall forward, doing massive damage to anything hit.
Sturdy SwingHold AbilityKirby spins in place holding the anchor outwards. After two swings the speed of his spinning will increase to reliably protect him from any horizontal damage.
Anchor ThrowDashPress EjectKirby throws his anchor forwards, losing the ability in the process. The anchor drops fast and will stay put for some time, weighing down objects, acting as passive damage for any enemy that would touch it, and allowing Kirby to re-inhale the anchor to get the ability back.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Out-of-Body Experience (Sleep/Ghost)

- From Julune on December 2nd, 2016

Kirby falls asleep and has an out-of-body experience. His soul can walk through walls, obstacles, and enemies. He can't take or do any damage, but his body can still get hurt, so be careful where you leave it! He can stay out for up to ten seconds before being forced to return and wake up.

The sleeping Kirby wears a purple cap, while his soul resembles a pink ghost.

Fall AsleepRelease AbilityKirby falls asleep and his soul leaves his body.
Return/Wake UpRelease Ability (again)Quickly sends his soul back to his body to wake up.

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Image by Julune. Check out the full artwork.

IF Entry

Chimera (Animal/Wing)

- From mrgameandpie on December 1st, 2016

Harness the power of the chimera, many creatures in one! With the claws of a lion, wings of a bat, and tail of a scorpion, swipe, flap and sting your way to victory!

Similar to the regular Animal ability, this ability is a full-on outfit for Kirby to wear. It has a lion's mane extending down to lion claws over Kirby's hands and feet. Dark purple bat wings and a red scorpion tail stick out from behind Kirby as well.

SwipeRelease AbilityKirby swipes forward, claws extend outwards giving it slightly more range than Animal's move. This can cut ropes and grass.
StingerHold AbilityCross-Pad Up or DownKirby primes his stinger tail as he takes a defensive stance. The player can them aim in what direction Kirby will lunge his stinger, with an arrow helpfully pointing precisely where it will go. Upon letting go of the attack button, the tail with stretch forwards, stopping whenever it hits an enemy or reaches its maximum length. This attack will do slight poison damage.
Spinning RushDashRelease AbilityKirby will lunge forward, spinning in a drill-like fashion with claws bared to damage opponents. This move can be highly influenced by the control pad, moving upwards or downwards with ease. Consecutive midair uses will result in a shorter distance traveled each time. This can plow through dirt.
Downward Spinning RushCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityWhile Mid-AirKirby drills downwards. If used while previously walking or at a standstill this will go straight down, but if used while previously running it will go at a 45 degree angle. The control pad can be used to influence left and right movement. This can plow through dirt.
FlapPress JumpWhile Mid-AirKirby flaps his wings to fly. Enemies hit by his wings will take mild damage. This can be used to cut ropes and grass.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Zeus (Spark/Throw)

- From Kirbyfan27 on December 1st, 2016

Kirby gains the ability to throw lightning bolts. He can also ride on clouds instead of normal flight.

Kirby wears a laurel wreath on his head and holds a lightning bolt.

Lightning ThrowRelease AbilityKirby throws a lightning bolt forward that explodes when it hits an enemy.
Aim ThrowHold AbilityCross-Pad Up or DownThe Lightning Throw attack can be aimed while the button is held.
Cloud RidePress JumpSummons a cloud that he sits on.
Lightning BlastDashRelease AbilityThrows a very weak lightning bolt that hits enemies multiple times.
Downward LightningCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityWhile Mid-AirThe cloud that he sits on becomes gray and releases a lightning bolt below it. Unlike other lightning-related attacks, it is not a projectile.
StormPress EjectHold AbilityClouds appear on the top of the screen and release hail and lightning, defeating any enemy on screen. This causes Kirby to lose the ability.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Will-O-Wisp (Fire/Ghost)

- From bubbyboytoo on December 1st, 2016

Summon mystical spirits of flame to haunt your foes. Increase your power by summoning multiple wisps at once!

Kirby wears a twisty silver crown similar to Fire's hat, with a deep purple octagonal gem adorning it. His head is constantly ablaze with a wispy blue flame.

Summon WispCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityEmits a small blue ball of fire from his hat, which begins orbiting around him. He can have up to four wisps active at a time.
Wisp ReleaseRelease AbilitySends one of his wisps out, which begins floating towards a nearby enemy, and can travel through terrain. Once it reaches its chosen enemy, it floats above them, repeatedly lightly damaging them, then disappears a few seconds later.
Wisp LaunchCross-Pad ForwardRelease AbilityLaunches one of his wisps forwards, which rams through any enemies it hits, then disappears once it loses its momentum. Can be charged to launch the wisp farther.
Haunting MistCross-Pad UpHold AbilitySends his wisps outwards, which begin orbiting him in a circle about five Kirby-widths wide. A purple mist fills this circle, causing any enemies within it to rapidly take damage. Deals more damage the more wisps he has active.
Wisp BarrierHold GuardHis wisps create a ring of blue fire around him as he guards, damaging any enemies that get too close. Deals more damage the more wisps he has active.
Ethereal FlamePress JumpWhile Mid-AirTransforms himself into a wisp, which can move around freely in midair. Attacking in this state will cause Kirby to transform back into himself with a burst of flame that damages nearby enemies.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Gong (Bell/Hammer)

- From bubbyboytoo on December 1st, 2016

Summon gongs that emit damaging sound waves which can pass through terrain to safely dispatch enemies. Alternate between slow, powerful moves or quick but weak attacks depending on your situation.

Kirby wears a curved gong in a similar manner to an umbrella hat, supported by a wooden framework that rests on his head, and wields a wooden mallet with a white end in his hand. Summoned gongs are bronze-colored with a raised center, and supported by a dark brown wooden frame just larger than Kirby himself.

Gong StrikeRelease AbilitySummons a gong and hits it with his mallet, sending out a circular wave of damaging sound that can pass through terrain and fades out after a short distance.
Deafening StrikeHold AbilityWinds up for about a second before striking the gong, creating a louder, more damaging sound wave that travels farther before fading.
Hammer WallopCross-Pad ForwardRelease AbilitySimply swings his mallet forwards, quickly striking for low damage.
Gong DashDashRelease AbilitySummons a gong without the wooden frame and holds it in front of himself as he dashes a short distance forwards. Hit enemies will cause the gong to emit a short-ranged sound wave to further damage nearby enemies.
Quick CrashCross-Pad DownRelease AbilitySummons a gong laying on the floor and quickly strikes it with his mallet, sending out a very short-ranged sound wave that fades almost immediately. Has a very short ending lag, allowing it to be used to rapidly damage enemies.
Gong GuardHold GuardSummons a gong without the wooden frame and holds it in front of himself, deflecting attacks from the front.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Jewel (Mirror/Stone)

- From Bimblesnaff on November 30th, 2016

Create faceted wonders that reflect light -- and enemy attacks. Note, the attacks are merely bounced off the gemstones, not the auto-seeking return of the latest Mirror incarnation.

A large, tear-shaped gemstone is set in the band of a pulled-back soft cap with diamond-print fabric.

Summon GemHold AbilityCreate a floating gemstone that hovers a short distance before the player. The gemstone deflects attacks while maintained.
Launch GemRelease AbilitySend forth the gemstone at a leisurely pace (for a projectile). It continues to deflect enemy attacks amidst its travel.
Control AngleCross-Pad Any DirectionThe position of the floating jewel can be repositioned, arched upward, downward, even around to the other side. It is launched at this angle.
CrystalizeCross-Pad DownHold AbilitySurround the player in a protective casing that deflects projectiles. It locks the current position, even if in midair. It crumbles after a few seconds or when released.
Fragment DrillDashRelease AbilityImmediately stop and break into four jewel shards. Each piece zips forward separately in a series of strikes before reforming the player. While invulnerable during the process, there is a short opening after coming back together.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Knight (Metal/Sword)

- From Bimblesnaff on November 30th, 2016

Suit up as heroes of old and charge into battle with a massive blade. Cleave, chop, and deflect enemy blows with heavy steel. While a bit sluggish and clumsy, it packs a wallop!

A metal helmet with a grilled visor is set above the eyes. A puffy, feathered plume emerges from the top and hangs in the back. A thick, towering blade rests in one arm and a large shield in the other.

Shield(No Action)The shield constantly blocks attacks (akin to Parasol) made against the front side when inactive.
Overhead ChopRelease AbilityBring your over-sized sword down in a cleaving blow, starting straight above (90° up) and slamming the floor (30° below). It is strong enough to break metal blocks.
Onward!DashHold AbilityScuttle forward at a sluggish pace with sword pointed forward, plowing through obstacles until the button is released.
Shield RushDashRelease GuardBlast forward a short spurt with the shield raised, immune to any harm in the process.
Cleaving DropCross-Pad DownRelease AbilityImmediately drop downward with the blade drawn straight out, slashing all the way down with the fall.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

IF Entry

Thorn (Needle/Leaf)

- From Bimblesnaff on November 30th, 2016

Create creeping brambles to crawl around corners and choke out your foes.

A bloomed rose sits on the brow with a trail of four spiny branches undulating back.

Crawling BrierRelease AbilityTwisting branches creep forward along the ground for a short distance, moving up and down walls before disappearing.
Thorn LashWhile Mid-AirRelease AbilitySpin about with a spiky tendril emerging from each hand, striking laterally.
Twisted StabDashRelease AbilityImmediately stop in place while launching out two, intertwining brambles that remain a short time, actively causing damage, before vanishing.
Rose GardenCross-Pad DownCross-Pad UpRelease AbilityHurl four seeds into the air, two to each side, which sprout small brier patches where they land.
PricklyHold GuardEncase self in a barbed cage which inflicts a small amount of damage when foes make contact.

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Image by Bimblesnaff.

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