February 26th, 2011

Did no body notice that the last Mailbag was dated in 2010? I mean, it was posted toward the end part of January -- that is just a little sad that you didn't notice. I, on the other hand, am off the hook. And the chain. And my meds.

Any hoozilydoozle, it looks like we have New Game to contend with, so the MB News Crew was hot on the scene to answer all yer questions, and boy howdy, did you have questions!... for, like, a day, and then you stopped. And I waited patiently for more, but apparently, no body is interested in the new Kirby Wii game anyway. Soooooo here is a Mailbag all about that thing no one is interested in~! (Oh, and a podcast or sitcom or somethin'.)

Glod was first on the scene to report the new Kirby game. Well, not actually, but he was the first to post the news as Ometon was busy doing piddle stuff like get a video on the KRR site itself instead of just off-siting it like a two-bit web log.

What is the pot-and-pans classic Dr. Naruto Kirby (you die by your name, boy~!) doing here? Apparently, he helped translate the original Nintendo story on the new game. Wait, really? Why doesn't he translate more Kirby stuff then?

Leirin is here, too, for someone reason other than just being a good 'Bagger in general. I think it was some sort of blackmail. Granted, she didn't need to in order to get on the crew, but with me, it is just so easy to do!

Topmonhit and switched up screen names for Duth Olec, and apparently, he's traded his icon for a My Nightmares. Yeeeh, remember kiddies: when Ometon asks you what your icon should look like, don't say something like "a cloud", 'cause then you get your head stuck on a Puffy.

- Ometon


Long time no talk! But no time for calm idle chit-chat!! LOOK! LOOK AT THIS!!

See this? Do you see this?! Do you think... I mean...!

...Did the impossible just happen? Did the dead Kirby Wii... reappear??

...Actually, I won't be convinced this is the same Kirby Wii until I see the partner characters return. But you gotta admit, this looks amazing, right?!

...Oh! Right! The theme! You're considering podcasts, right? I suck and don't have an i-anything yet. And also, if you go for just audio, how are we going to witness the greatness that is all of the beautiful artwork by the Mailbag Force? We'd no longer get any of that, and that'd suck! Seriously, I think you should stick with the text format.

I don't see how this could be the same game as what we were shown before. Looks like ground-upping with no stacking to me.

You really don't need an i-anything for a podcast. That is just an unfortunate name that got tagged onto internet audio shows, for some reason. I blame idiots. (I do that a lot.)

Whatever extra media there is, it wouldn't actually be the Mailbag and only share a passing resemblance to it with the question-answer form -- a form best taken by text since that is how most users submit their queries. The art wouldn't be an issue since it would have to be an entirely different crew, most likely. Whatever happens, it would not replace the Mailbag -- only be a comparable feature to it.

... Ideally. Audio projects on KRR have been stirring around for years, but never got anywhere because those things typically rely on rapidly developing news. How much of that does Kirby have?

Oh, right... two new games in the last.

Yessss Kirby Wiiiiii

I'm actually one of the main people behind the podcast idea, so I'll try to answer anything about that that I can!

You don't need an i-thing for a podcast, like Ometon said. And the art would, I assume, be replaced by music or something else that only an audio thing could provide.

Kirby Wii most certainly does look amazing! Co-op seems likely, from the spacing of Kirby's status HUD. Callin' the huge laser upgrade move for Beam. B)

I was also one of the main people behind the podcast; I'd think music or something of the like would parallel the art pretty well. Singing is also an option; perhaps I will sing an Anime Duet with glod (feat. diddgerdy).

Oh man, turn it into a musical and I'd totally listen. Even if you all suck at singing.

I actually completely forgot about the stacking until a while after seeing the news. Too bad, I thought it was an interesting mechanic. I mean sure, riding on a golem would probably be slow and lame, but you also got to ride on a flying rainbow donkey! And heck, who knows, maybe they plan to reuse it for just certain levels or something.

Oh, and technically it was just a pink donkey, not rainbow, but... still.

Kirazy's pipes for the Rainbow Resort musical. It'd break Alexa if this place pulled that off.

Kirby Wii is gonna be amazing. Now if only I could go back in time five or so years and show it to my younger self...

I'm probably not gonna end up involved with the podcast, though. But good luck to Kirazy...since it seems like he won't have any say in the matter, heh.


1) How did you react when you saw this (second one)?

I think it'll be GOTYAY.

2)Kirazy, what was the name of the music in your .swf file last bailmag?

(On the theme, I would be okay with either of the three web-entertainment forms.)

1. Check the main site for a post made by me.


mfw kirby wii

1. I reacted in the same way as to how I react upon mixing me with halogens.

2. I think the song is entitled Kirazy's Theme (The Marshmalla' Fella With a Dark Hat That Matters). ???


Hello hello~!!

It’s been pretty long since I’ve written a letter or drawn a drawing. Well, first a basic question: How do you do? I haven’t seen a few people on KRR chat lately (not that I’m often online, just once or twice a week).


1. Do you do any martial arts? A teacher once asked our class if someone did martial arts and it turned out I was the only one. It was pretty lame. =___=) Here in Holland they don’t do much martial arts. (I do Wing Tsun, I don’t know if anyone knows that. I also tried Aikido for a little while)

2. I had an idea! It’s about web entertainment. What about making your own opening song? I know that Kirazy plays piano. (Writing songs is pretty fun!) If you have an idea about lyrics, please show them. :3 (How creative is everyone with music?)

3. Do you have any favorite dogs? I love dogs! I like corgies the most! They’re so cute! These are corgies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dsg8JccRZCw

4. What do you do besides drawing or working on KRR? (I do Kung Fu, play piano, work, watch anime/read manga. I might take singing lessons in March, when I’m finished with my piano and Kung Fu exams.)

5. What’s your first real name? If you don’t want to say it, it’s fine. I’ll understand. I’m just a curious person. My real name is Charlotte. (Nice to meet you!)

6. Do you have any future plans? I would like to see the whole world! AND DOMINATE IT!!! (Just kidding. :P )

Oh! And just one thing, I think I prefer videos. You can choose to animate, show (funny) drawings or record things. It’s more fun watching things during listening. I hope your project will go well.

- Qtie4U

PS. Thank you for taking care of me. It seems that some people just don’t forget me. (I’m really grateful for that!)

1. No martial arts from me. I've always considered doing something like that but never actually got got around to it.

2. I would love to be able to make music but I don't have any talent in that. I have a really strong appreciation for music and am always listening to it, but I don't have any idea how to make it. I'd really like it if the podcast had its own opening, though, if it were to happen.

3. Corgies are pretty rad. Good call, Qtie!

4. I play games and go to college. I also enjoy giving people advice when they're having trouble.

5. My real first name is Justin.

6. Hopefully in the fall I'll be transferred to a real college! After that I'd like to move out and not have to work too much.

You’re supposed to make a little curtsy when saying “How do you do?”

1. Nopes. Maybe if there was a walrus style. Or a sloth style. Or a walrus-bear-sloth style.

2. I’m not a musically talented person, but I do know a fellow on the internet who is into that and plays guitar. I, uh, don’t know if the podcast should go with a heavy metal opening, though. I can sing, though... BADLY. VERY, VERY, BADLY.

3. I’m sorry, living with a dog that was raised outside for over a decade that now has to live inside has caused me to extremely dislike dogs. Please hang up and try again.

4. I don’t do those first two anyway! What a stellar and totally not-obvious statement, me! Well actually I have done a few sketches lately of my characters. Anyway I've been spending a lot of time revising my novel and playing games I got for Clichemas. Ironically, I finished my second draft a few days before answering this so now I can take some time off and answer mailbag!

5. Everyone now draw Cooky with a spider abdomen and legs. I DEMAND IT. Oh uhh my real name’s a 1973 film, my old internet name’s Top, and my current internet name and pen name is Duth.

6. “I want to see the universe, not rule it.” Anyway my plans are to finish this novel, and DOMINATE THE LITERARY WORLD! …Probably!

1. Did kung fu for a while, it didn't last though and I probably can't recall a single thing I learned from it. Oh yeah. Don't try imitating cool fighting game characters.

2. I play piano too but I'm just...not musically inclined enough to write something. I think showtunes would be more appropriate for the webcast.

3. Something

5. The same as the last name of a certain underappreciated 70's musician...

6. Conquer Pepperland.

1. I'm not sure it counts, but I practiced kung fu a bit in middle school. I suddenly stopped, though. Can't remember why!

2. I make subpar chiptunes ((wink wink shameless plug)), and play a bit of the piano.

3. I have two dogs myself, two pekingese's. corgies own tho def

4. I maintain a fighting game/comiket/otherstuff/videogameses blog in which I write about stuff. I also play a lot of fighting games. I also also go to college, but lately I have been a terrible NEET. Don't be like me, Qtie4U!

5. myreal firts name is cirno wwaht aer yu talkin abut (It's Donny. Don't tell anyone though!)

6. My future plans involve video games, university, work, piano, and a delicious Domino's Pizza Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich®. Not necessarily in that order.

I've been thinking about ways to do a 'streamcast' some time in the future, perhaps after the mainly audio podcast takes off! also i am not quite sure ive taken care of you but ok youre welcome.

Yellow Kirby

So, text, flash, or audio? Hm....alright.

If you were to quickly make a character and put him/her in a flash, what would it look like? Personality? Is he not important enough to appear in a sinlge frame?

Thank You.

I think the options are text, flash, and video. Except… I don’t know where the flash option came from. As for your question first I’d have to actually get Flash and I don’t even know how it works so THIS ANSWER IS NULL AND VOID.

Make a character quickly? It would prolly end up being just like Oshi, who lived long enough to get comet'd.

"Flash" would be better known as "video". Shockwave/Macromedia/Adobe's abomination of a proprietary, binary format is always ranked at the top of web atrocities on pretty much every annual list of such things. I mean, what else could you possibly expect from something that only took off as it is the most assured way to pipe advertising content to users?



To answer your question, I like a text page with some pictures and an optional video.

1. What do you think Kirby eats for breakfast?


3. What Kirby character needs more love?

4. Do you feel like Kirby's Epic Yarn needed the multiplayer opt-out option (pressing A ingame to go into a bubble)that is common on recent Wii games like NSMBWii?

5. Would you want a Kirby game that you can explore freely and not just side-scrolling? How do you think it would effect the gameplay?

Bye. :D

1. Anything and everything.

2. I'm not doing it, maybe someone else will.

3. Kine or Nago.

4. No, not really. It was pretty spectacular as it was.

5. Wasn't that what The Amazing Mirror was all about? Or are you talking about a 3D game, like Warp-Star-less Kirby in Kirby's Air Ride? If it's the latter, I think it'd take some serious work to make it work as smoothly in 3D as it does in 2D, but anything's possible!

1. Losers.

2. dedede

3. I honestly feel like anyone from Dream Land 2 or 3 would fit the bill, sadly.

5. I would love to see them try doing a full 3-D game a la Mario 64, but it's hard to imagine. I would love to see the Kirby series expand in general.

HO-OH!? Oh I can make videos! …Game videos! Just gimme a sec… Here ya go!

1. Mush! No, wait, that’s-a-Bowser…

2. WCGHGL—I thought I was told I wouldn’t have to do any of these! What? I was only told there’s a spider on my neck? Oh.

The Cloud

3. Dark Matter, because then it’d stop being a meany and be more like Gooey! …Or, maybe not.

5. Sure. We need more games like SM64 and Banjo-Kazooie. I mean, there might be some 3rd-party games like that out recently, but pretty much the last game I know of like that was like Super Mario Sunshine. Of course, I actually assume you’re meaning any type of game where you can move in three dimensions in which case no.


2. ┐(’~`;)┌

3. prooobably pitch.

4. Nahh, it definitely could have done without the bumping, though. It was pretty annoying trying to step on your co-op buddies platform just to get bunped right back off.

5. glod literally stole every part to this answer I was going to write. ( ´_ゝ`)



Can someone make Kirby Super Star ULTRA animations? If someone can, thanks to them.

Sure! Anyone could! Step one: steal from TSR!; step two: get Gimp or Photoshop at least I assume Photoshop works too I sure don’t have the funds for it!; step three: place each animation frame in a separate layer and save as a gif animation or better yet set up a video camera and record each sprite separately and then splice it together for super video animations!!; step four: profit; step five: send all profits to me.

Thank you, and good show.

phanpy phan

Of course in this case I not only guessed as to where each sprite went in relation to one another but I had no idea if that’s actually how it goes in-game.


I new to the site so I don't know much about this but here are my questions.

1)how would you react if the site got deleted.

2)Which comics do you prefer? Kirazy's or Bimblesnaff's

3)Who has the best character?

1) I have, like, at least two backups of this joint on separate machines from when we moved hosts... twice. Deletion is not an option.

2) Well, I do very much enjoy it when a web content creator doesn't assume a viewer is using a mega widescreen monitor. (Web Design 101: If it scrolls horizontally, it sucks.)

3) I find Diddgery to be the most upstanding allaround bloke. Wait, whaddaya mean that isn't the type of "character" you meant?

I knew the site, too.

1. In a similar way to what happens when you mix me with any alkaline metals.

2. I’d say Bimblesmurf’s just because his has a touch of insanity. Kirazy’s is crazy, or krazy, or krasy or something, but Uncle Globbo? Deep-rooted insanity found only in the depths of… in-between toes, I think. And Squawking Blaarg doesn’t even have toes, so that’s gotta say something. Hey, Daimyo never came up with a revenge on my name. A'course, now I've changed it. Anyway technically Revolt Reloaded was a picture fiction but hey, that never caught on, did it?

3. It’s no contest!

1. Well I wouldn't exactly get to react would I?

2. That's like asking me to compare cupcakes with muffins. Both so good, but what makes them good is so different. Topmonhit nailed what those differences are.

3. Ometon. <3

DUTH OLEC! *smacked with an orange soda star rod*


Heyo. Even though the next mailbag probably won't be for a few months, and the news of Kirby Wii will be old, and RS was only really a guest anyway, I have to ask...

1.Hey sheep man, are you going to eat a hat now?

2. If so, can I and the rest of KRR watch?

3.If not, what excuse are you going to use to weasel out of it?

Oh crud I just realized that probably every single person is going to make this joke. Ah well.

I want as many people as possible to eat hats as a result of Kirby games being announced. As long as that person isn't me. There are some hats out there I'd eat though. Like this one!

No, you're the first to attempt this joke.

Fortunately, she will have none of that hat-heating as Sheep (Wo?)Man is not in the session (since, y'know, the crew rotates to keep this from being a personal dialogue between people and more of an open one about Kirby and this site).

We'll be sure to film all of the hativoring at a later date for Rainbow Resort Reality, our new web show debuting in Two Thousand and Never~!


Pfft. Hat-eating. It takes true talent to eat one’s appendix!

Therefore, if this game features the return of Dark Matter, I’ll eat my appendix! And I’d sooner dance with a decayed donut than actually follow through with that. Though technicalamity one can live without it, so mayperhapisily we could ask a cannibal how it tastes. At any rat, I plobably wouldn’t eat it anyway. I’m not fond of organs, gaddfern it! Anyhowzit, great, galloping gall bladders, I went too far with this. Oh well, you know what they say!

Unrelated to all that, a KRR Reality Show would be some sort of dating reality show starring Ometon, wouldn't it? The answer, of course, is yeeees.

Internet fun facts: Magi ate a hat already! He made the original Hat Eating Promise For A Kirby Wii Game Being Announced. Me and Joshi made sure of that last year at Otakon. There's even a video, as proof!


I have to say that I very much enjoy listening to people talk, for some strange reason, although I do usually need some sort of visual to keep me entertained. Even if it is just like a picture or something.

Okay on to my actual question! What do you think would happen if Kirby tried to chew gum? Or... whatever he'd... do with it...

1) Human voice creates a connection with people, especially with people who list their favorite book as "Not into those things." This sorta logic is the same driving force behind super heroes always going about unmasked in their movies and people in commercials telling you their name. ("Oh, I know her now. Stephanie's shilling of used cars is now something I shall consider respectfully~!")

I think visuals would help a lot with things like a game review -- be necessitated by, actually. Say opinion, show target, no? There are plenty of (read: infinite) vidya game reviews online, but not a whole lot that focus on Kirby, and fewer -- if any! -- give treatment to the individual games. Stuff I've seen online typically considers Kirby's entire multi-decade run to be a single entity.

2) Kirby doesn't chew. Simple as that.

Hi, LandPhil.

Human voices make me sad.

And finally, wouldn’t that be cannibalism?


hoi guys it's the australian kirby fan,

yesterday I was playing KSSU at the school bus stop and one of my friends was watching, he then said "is kirby a guy or girl", then I replyed "he's a GUY! I can prove it by showing you the real ending to Kirby 64", "it's just that he's pink, a marshmello and has a girly name", then in defence I said "well he's a guy! so don't argue" then I ate maxim tomato in the game and I accidently walked up to my helper waddle dee then...my friend cracked up laughing

Yeah, Kirby is a male name. The fact that you share the food mouth-to-mouth in KSSU has no impact on Kirby's gender. He just wants to make sure his buddies get some food too, you know?

that is fascinating

Also, since when is Kirby a girly name? The only "Kirby"'s I know in real life are dudes!

You're from Australia... and you're speaking Dutch...

Well, I guess I don't know what you speak over there. I had a Physics teacher from New Zealand, but I don't think he spoke Dutch. He spoke science!


(What the carp a drawing from me with no prodding? I must be going all-out. Or I just want to torture myself on that 7-year old computer that takes 20 minutes just to scan one page.)

Oh, right, your question. Uhh... wait, what question?


Back for more. Are you ready? Too bad.

1. What was the worst game you have ever played in your life?

2. If you could have an army of anything, what would that thing be?

3. Your thoughts on the Dsi XL?

4. Best fan character you have ever seen?

5. There is no five. Celebrate.

6. Favorite non Kirby game? What? I can skip a number!

Now I am ACTUALLY done. ACTUALLY celebrate!

1. I'm assuming the universal 'Superman 64' doesn't count here, so I'll say... Bubsy 3D. god what a terrible game (did you see the pause screen? i mean aa;lsfkd it literally said 'PAWS')

2. An army of All Knowing Chefs. I would have them prepare me anything and everything I wished at all times.

3. It's okay? Some people like the larger screens, and it's easy to see why.

4. i'm not quite sure how to answer this, or if there is even a right answer

6. Yoshi's Island for an older game, probably Blazblue for a newer one. It feels like I'm cheating when I usually only use Yoshi's Island for this type of question.

1. Probably Bubsy 3D. I mean, the only reason I played it was because I heard it was really bad. It didn't disappoint in that aspect.

2. Maids or chefs or something. Nothing sinister.

3. I think it's pretty okay. I don't have anything beyond a DS Lite though. I just think it was silly that it was announced so soon after the regular DSi.

4. Kota the Octopus, Sonic Fancharacter.

5. ok

6. Yoshi's Island is pretty much the best game ever, but something I've been playing a ton recently is Tales of Vesperia.

I'm as ready as a Prank pancake! ...I don't get it either.

1. Ughh this is too hard to answer without wanting to say Super Mario Galaxy. The worst game is probably some 3rd-party Game Boy game, though. I mean if you were to say the worst 1st-party game that anyone's heard of, maybe I could give an actual answer, but...

2. I knew someone with a character that had a thousand-goomba army because they hailed him as the onion god. Anyway I did have "waddle dee workers" which weren't an army so much as just a buncha waddle dees in my employment, then I fired them for spindrifts because they're quite possibly one of the greatest things ever. So yeah, to answer your question, spindrifts.

3. What? Oh, everyone ever forgot about that because of the 3DS COMING THIS MONTH IN JAPAN AND LESS THAN TWO IN THE US. Granted, this letter is from before anyone knew anything about it, but... Or is it from the future and the 3DS is already out? Oooh!

4. Spin Rotom. I mean, I haven't seen many other fan characters, although I'dn't be surprised if Banjo-Kazooie has had one.

5. *confetti*

6. Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie. I am appalled I went through the entire first mailbag I was in without mentioning the series once. Or at least I didn't find the word "banjo" in there.

1. It was probably an older impulse-buy (or unwanted Christmas gift) based on a pre-owned property. Powerpuff Girls N64, maybe?

2. An army of Brian Mays.

3. Ehh, it's an ok idea but I'd rather they stick to making new consoles instead of all these variations. That was an issue I had with the GBA. Micro wasn't really worth it, either.

5. We've gotta celebrate like THIS.

6. Hm, any of the MOTHER series, The Wind Waker, Super Mario RPG, Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie...


can you please accept my questions you never seem to

Thanks anyway

1.what is your favorite animal?

2.what are your thoughts on the call of duty franchise? I personally hate it.

goodbye and May StarClan light your path

1. The Albatross!

2. I'm not too into shooters so I can't say I've ever actually played a Call of Duty game. So I don't really feel fair saying stuff about it.

1. i literally searched 'duckgirl anime' in google images to answer this question. unfortunately, i did not find a suitable image

2. It's alright, although personally I prefer the Halo series for the fancy laserguns, jetpacks, and vehicles.


1. For the reference joke, Pfargtl. For the real life, something like a rabbit or a duck or a snake or a crocodile or something. For the more interesting life, Hitmontop or Prank or Squiggler or something with an inexplicable capital letter. I don't think standard non-scientific names use capital letters...

3. I follow the path of darkness! ...And this trail of breadcrumbs someone left behind. Tasty! Or is that the dirt? Whatever!

1) Cluster Lizard. Bimblesnaff knows what I'm talking about. Also, we are far too much alike, even for twins.

2) Just like sports and musical instrument games, isn't there a real life alternative to this sorta thing? Much more hurty, granted, but still.

Wade Barrett and Nexus

KRR mailbag, ut seems thaut yew ah against us, bot we kan fick sat roight nao. ofter yew haf ansurred theyz kwestchunz, yew will reveel wethuh yew ohr oither nexus, or if yor against us.

numbah wun: Woi is that blew little creetcha sittin theh croyin his oyez out? We as a grewp ohr behoind o common purrpos, bu' that lil fing dusnt hav a purrpos at oll

numbah tuu: Con yew tell us woi we haf sow littl membas? If we wont to haf NNNNNNNNN as oor slogun, we need mor peepl that orr nexus.

and foinally, numbah free: Orr yew Nexus? Orr oor yew Against Us?


yea ok bro

Have I ever mentioned that pcfan is my favorite reverse Mailbagger ever?

I have? Well, it deserves repeating.


Eins. Das ist dein Mittagessen nicht; sondern, er verbringt in der Kneipe.

Zwei. Dumm ist dein Chef.

Drei. Ich habe die Nase voll!

(Fun fact, that last part directly translates to "I have the nose full"; it's a phrase much like our "I'm fed up" or "I've had it up to here".)

1, 2, 3) flanders


OK! i have two things i wanna talk to you about...

NUMBER ONE! i just found out that a guy named Neil Armstrong landed on the Mooon!

THE SECOND THING IS: i have an idea of what the next kirby game should be... but im totally scared of writing a letter to Masahiro... wut should I do? By the way... THE CAKE IS A LIE!

1. That happened a long time ago, silly! That's old news.

2. Maybe you should share your idea with us! Or the forums or something! I don't think the big game developers generally take ideas from fans. I don't think it'd hurt to send it in anyways, though.

I once knew a BlackKirby. He was last seen flying somewhere over Final Destination.


2. *reads the letter, formulating my response... until I reach the end* Don't. Just don't.

1. I was there first.


Oh-about my Issue #81 post,sorry if that was asking for an update. Dx


I'm assuming you're talking about a letter that didn't make it in? Anyways, I think it's perfectly okay to "ask for updates". There are lots of sections on the site, so it's hard to keep all of them going at once, and in my mind that makes it perfectly okay to e-mail us and ask us to update! I know a lot of our sections are hurting because of inactivity.

what happened to project ra--*gutted*

But, but... "And in case 'awesome' isn't clear enough, it is defined as never asking for or when a feature will be done on the site."


While playing Kirby Superstar (okay, Ultra, but it's the same mechanics), I noticed that lots of powers had a random "grab" attack (Aside from Suplex, which has grappling as it's whole shtick, I remember Parasol, Ice, and I think Beam & Yo-yo having grab-attacks off the top of my head). At first, I thought this rather useless, but then I remembered: Similar to Smash bros, grabbing goes through shields. But since no enemies use shields (I think), the ability is still useless... unless you were battling another player. This, combined with the fact that many abilities seem similar (as if someone were trying to make them competitivley balanced), and I conclude that Kirby Superstar was originally designed to have players fight against each other, perhaps in a dummied out sub-game. Do you think this theory holds any weight? Also, what do you think about such an idea in general? Because I think, once I take a few more Computer Science Courses and know a bit more about coding, I might try making a Kirby fangame to this effect.

As far as Super Star initially having a versus mode, I don't quite think so. There's plenty of single player/non-competitive multiplayer action games where grabbing is simply an ability you have, and has no semblance to 'competitive multiplayer fighting'. Grabbing is just another way to attack, you know?

A Kirby fighting game would be interesting indeed, and there's even someone on KRR making something of the like (you can check it out in the forums, the Saffron Sandbox subforum in Paint Roller's Canvas to be specific), but as a fighting game enthusiast, I fully support you trying your own hand at making one.

I can also vouch for how cool the fan-made fighting game is so far. It only has three characters so far but it's really fun. But don't let that stop you from making your own if you want to! There are lots of fighting games out there at the same time that all do unique and interesting things, and Kirby fighting games could very easily work the same way.

Those grabs and throws are for the bosses. Don't they do like a thousand times more damage than normal attacks if you hit a boss with it when using it on a regular enemy?

Honestly I always thought there were enough characters in the Mario and definately Pokemon that they could have a Smash Bros. game all their own. Kirby as enough abilities to have one to himself, too. But yeah PokeSmash Bros. is the only way I'm gettin' to play as Hitmontop and Wooper in a Smash Bros. game, isn't it?

Although aren't most fighting games with limited movement and just button combo mashing? I don't like those.

The grab attacks in Super Star deal far too much damage and paralyze the opponent for far too long to be considerable for multiplayer competitive. They also don't create enough distance. You would see things a lot more in the line of the Throw ability instead of dropping the enemy right next to you.

And as someone who, y'know, works for companies chock full o' Computer Science majors, lemme just say a degree doesn't mean squat for game making. Heck, even going to a "Game Making" college don't mean squat for game making. (I also work with some of them, and know what my job is? Not game making!) Granted, understanding things such as 3D modeling and the nitty-gritties of programming helps heaps, but in my experience, it is something that can't be taught easily. You gotta make the games yourself, and don't expect to start off with a marketable masterpiece, either. Don't even expect to put it up online, unless you are very full of yourself. And, above all else, don't use game making software. If you don't code it yourself, you won't learn anything, now will you?

Chaos Kiwi

Hello Hello Hello. It is Kiwi. Anywhosywhatsits, down to questions!

1) What would you look like in Epic Yarn?

2) Quickly! What is the best anime ever!

3) If you got to switch bodies with any other mailbaggers, who would you choose?

4) You just got your own talk show! What is it called?

5) If me, you, and a random third user were turned into giant robots, who would win in a fight and why?

1. Answered that in a previous question! Refer to that.

2. UM. UMMMM. I wouldn't know, because I don't watch the animos often... I did like Fooly Cooly a bunch though.

3. ...If I had to choose, it'd be Diddgery since I'm sure I'm pretty close bros with him.

4. meteoRSmash radio!!! I dunno, I'd name big media things of my own meteoRSmash... Yep.

5. Definitely not me! That's for sure.

1) Refer to question the previous.

2) The Guyver! Bio-booster armor, monstrosities, and no ultimately disappointing finish make it perfect.

3) The Ometon, simply because I just know who he's gonna oft to switch with, and thus I can rob him of his dream. Sucker!

4) Kay-are-are-are-are Radio. I'm still putting too many R's in there!

5) I'm not even joking. I mashed the number pad to get a registration number, and this user name came up. My hands were tied.

1) I would assume "like yarn."

2) I will judge bestness by quotability. "Road Buster! Come out here and play!" Oh, Riding Bean, it is amazing and a little scary how often I apply its lines to real-world situations.

3) Um, Bimblesnaff and I already have the same bodies. After bathing for a few days straight, I would be virtually identical to my former self.

4) Episode Three of Kay-are-are-are-are Radio.

5) Theh third user would not win. Because random is never win.

1) It's been done!

2) I liked FLCL a bunch too :) The universal best, though, are agreed to be either Akira or stuff from Studio Ghibli, and such.

3) Kirazy, so I could forcefully gain his mailbagging abilities. Dei? He also runs the Oekaki?! Baw...

4) I'm much more of a “show”-type person than a “talk”-host. That's why I stick to the gallery.

1. Oh for god sake. No, this time I won't whip out the angry Yarn Kirazy pic. You don't deserve it!

2. I don't really watch anime. Infact, I hate anime. Good day, sir or madam.

3. I think I'd have to go with Dedede-Daimyo so I could steal his art, and make millions selling it on eBay.

4. Hardball with Chris Matthews. What do you mean, that's already a thing!?

5. Nobody. Nobody wins when it comes to violence.

Enlightened Kirazy

Well that was unexpected. Now back to your regularly scheduled Mailbag-type (attempt at) entertainment.


Hey everybody, hi here! (after I'd say, like, a year, maybe.) And Kirazy, me and my brother laughed at your flash animation so much that we exploded from not having enough air. Also, I... HATE... WINTER. I like winter because that we can play in the snow, etc., but there are several bad thingies that, from what I think, is : Hypothermia, cold, flu, frost bite. What do you think is the worst things about winter. (Don't pick anything that is listed above.)

One of the worst things I'd say about winter is the dangerous road conditions. They cause a lot of accidents.

Hey now, I love winter. Sure beats unfathomable heat and bugs everywhere!

The only issue I would have is when there's just a bit too much snow; like glod said, dangerous road conditions occur, and shoveling all of that is just a pain.

You win the award for best use of an English word in a name.

I like the cold, though I don't like cold outside air which causes my nose to run endlessly and I have to breathe through my mouth and the next thing I know my throat is sore and blaaah. >{ Glod makes a good point though (the only car accident I was ever in was on freakin' Christmas day).

I agree with this person above me though, my least favorite thing about Summer is the extreme heat and bugs when you're outside.

My least favorite thing about Spring is the bugs outside.

My least favorite thing about Autumn is... uh... outside.

Come to California, then. The state where it only stays cold for a week. I was sweating to death the other day. Worst thing about winter you say? Christmas rush.

Steve Valor

Good lord. So many months... Luckily, I'm a patient guy. Now, webertainment? Text, I guess. I can't get videos on my phone. 1. This just crossed my mind a while back. There was a flash movie about Kirby turning into a human with blonde hair(yet he's still pink). Do you guys know anything about that (like the title and where i can find it)? 2. I liked Dedede's theme the way it was on the GB. Not to fond of the lower pitched version that appears in every following game. What do you think? 3. Adeline draws an enemy in KotS 64 at the end of her assault that looks censored. What's up with that? 4. Dream Land is Pupupu Land in Japan. Isn't pupupu like a Japanese onomatopea for snoring? Geez. Sorry it's so long.

2. I like most versions of Dedede's theme. They're all pretty good.

4. So far as I know pupupu isn't an onomatopoeia for anything, and I've asked around about it too, so I don't think that's why it's called that.

I can't get anything on my phone. I don't have one. Also I once had a villager on Animal Crossing named Weber.

1. I should hope not.

2. Agree with Glod, except I can't have an opinion on the first one beyond "it's 8-bit, why am I still listening to this".

3. Yeah it does look like there's a blur censor on it but I sort of just assumed her painting skills were deteriorating due to anger from Kirby beating up all her stuff. Maybe not since she still paints the other stuff but it just looked like a messy painting to me. Or, maybe Rareware's not the only company that puts double entendres in their games!

2. I personally like Masked Dedede's theme the best, but also like glod, I think most are good.

1. Ohh. I swear, I know exactly what you're talking about. I go through the site update archives a lot and I remember seeing something like that. Unless it's on Newgrounds, I can't guarantee it's still there though :(

2. I had to look it up just now to see what you mean (it's been a long time, guys). I'm pretty sure it was higher like this in most of the games, just recently they want to make it sound more grand/evil with the sound capabilities of newer consoles. I do prefer it sounding more flutey like this.

3. God only knows, man.

Chaos Kiwi

Yay your back. First, the whole wheel of mailrality was hilarious. ANIMANIACS. So here are my COMMENTS/Questions:

1) A movie would be awesome... but if ometon was the villian, it woud be amazingly awesometastic.

2) Aquaman: Cool or not?

3) What would be on your podcast?

4) How but a tv show, not a movie/podcast.

2) Certain Aquamans are cool. The one from Batman: The Brave and The Bold (voiced by John Dimaggio) is great.

3) We're still not sure yet. It's a work in progress. We'd definitely like to have some music, preferably fan remixes of stuff.

4) Most of the staff here doesn't live near each other so it'd be hard to record a TV show. We could definitely do some video reviews or something, though! Seems like it'd be a good idea to review each game in-depth and highlight what specifically is good or bad about it.

2. Aquaman is okay, but he's certainly not near the top of my list, though I'm sure I just haven't seen enough incarnations of him!

3. What glod said. According to the poll, ability reviews and game reviews are actually tied at the moment, so we'll see what we can do in relation to those I'm sure.

4. I would love to do a TV show, but it is somewhat difficult to get on television! Video reviews sound like a good idea, however. We'll see!

What about my back? (That joke is too old, isn't it?) I TAKE FULL CREDIT for the inspiration.

1. I'd think Ometon and Bimblesnaff would be the protagonist villains, trying to take over the Resort again. Unless he decided to give up on that upon seeing the shape of it after Revolt Resorted.

2. I don't really like superheroes. What one's he? Marvel, or DC, or Disney or Nickelodeon or something?

3. My podcast would have babbling nonsense. A KRR podcast, on the other hand... uh... probably the same.

4. IT'S TIME FOR KRR MAILBA--*smacked with a binder* I don't know, I don't think KRR could get on television. Maybe that G4 station but I don't know anything about that station besides "video games?"

1. We could turn it into some hipster art noir film. I think that would be best.

2. Bleh.

4. The only station that would accept it is Adult Swim...

1) Who exactly would be the protagonist in a KRR movie? We've seen Daimyo take the roll, but only because Kirazy was is nemesis. I think Ometon as The Villian would just be a lot of clips of ol' spikey pressing the dreaded The Button to blow stuff up 'cause no one was around to stop him.

2) Aquaman is chock full of orange awesome.

4) Does Adult Swim even count as a station, Lei? And not because it is only a timeslot on Cartoon Network, but because they have Squidbillies and Lucy: Daughter of the Devil.

Closing Statments: So what did we learn today? People at a Kirby site will enjoy a new classic Kirby game (shock!), and the podcast will be most likely loved even though no one has a clue what will be in it. Queue up an hour of static now, boys!

Theme Alert! Let's try this: we don't want to hear what your ideas are for a new RR feature. You are in charge of the new feature. What is it? Why should be people care? Keep in mind, it is something you actually have to be capable of creating, so the Solid Gold Kirby Giveaway is most likely off the table.

Also, the normal garbage that takes place 'round these parts. Too many specific themes are making our letter queue's stomach all grumbly.

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